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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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live across from the ucf campus and bob, those same friends , rescued her? bob: yeah, that is right. this all started at this nightclub -- nights club. they were separating her birthday, then she got separated and met with strangers. they ended up, according to police, sexually assaulting her, taking pictures and posting them. orange county detectives say this man 23-year-old eric guzman and an accomplice 23-year-old sean noel, posted images of , themselves sexually assaulting a woman they had just met earlier that night. >> you' re charged with sexual battery on the physically helpless. bob: it was december 18 , according to investigators. according to invetigators the victim had gone to the knight' s pub across from the ucf campus to celebrate her 21st birthday. after a night of drinking, she became separated from her
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a stranger who answered her her. the woman told investigators she blacked out at the bar, and the next thing she knew, two men were having sex with her in a motel. according to the arrest papers the victim' s friends were able , to use a gps app on their phone to locate her at a nearby the two suspects attacking her got away. detectives arrested the suspects last night at noel' s east orange county home. edward verin, who has a college aged daughter himself, lives across the street. >> wow. it' s so disgusting, you know? bob: noel posted $10,000 bond today and was released. a woman at his home told us he was not there. is there anything you want us to know? the judge revoked guzman' s bond from a previous case and increased it on the new sexual assault charge. brewer: i' m gonna increase the
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bob: one big break but investigators got in this case was early on. witnesses saw the vehicle as it was taking off from the motel parking lot, and they got a partial tag number. that led them to the men, who they say are the suspects. bob kealing, wesh 2 news. jim: thanks a lot. on. islands, two people have been hit by a vehicle near north courtenay parkway and roof boulevard. this is right on front of the merritt island high school. two medical choppers were called here. there is a bicycle right in front of that silver pickup truck. you can see the cameras during in on. the people in the crosswalk, that is a good 20 feet away . you can see debris. two people airlifted to the hospital. about two minutes ago one of
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we have a crew on the scene, and we will bring you more information as it becomes available. an orange county worker was it happened on the 6500 block of east colonial near goldenrod road. investigators tell wesh 2 the man was working in a bucket truck near a billboard, when he ground. it is believed he or his a powerline. the man was rushed to the hospital and died. so far his name or the company he worked for has not been made public. angela: to osceola county, david damus has been sentenced to life, without the possibility of parole. he was convicted for his part in the 2013 killing of eric roopnarine. police say he and three other people broke into roopnarine' s home where they shot and stabbed him. tonight we are getting a look at new video showing a child with special needs left behind on a school bus. we' re told this happened not once, but twice. check it out. two people are now charged. they' re accused of leaving him in their after dropping off other children at the our children' s academy. that' s in lake wales. in each case, the 13-year-old
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unnoticed. the bus driver, 51-year-old gale brown, along with the bus attendant, 57-year-old gwendolyn simmons, are both charged with two counts of negligent child abuse. jim: a man is accused of taking video underneath the skirts of young girls, all while they shopped at a local publix. he' s now facing charges of video voyeurism. wesh 2' s michelle meredith is live at the jail. michelle? michelle: police tell us when the suspect was caught, he did confess. we tease the desk we see that scott irwin is about to bond out of jail. presumably he is tried to wait for his ride. more than a police say this is surveillance video of scott park. -- in the publix in erwin park. he had a shopping basket with what appeared to be a box of
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the witness said he saw durant put his cell phone on top of the crackers, lower the basket under a girl wearing cutoff jean and look at it. >> he is observing, he was the and say something. michelle: the witness saw him do that again to a young girl about six or seven who is wearing a skirt. arm and left the publix in a hurry, but the witness try to catch him but could not. about 20 days later at the same publix, the witness saw or when a again, wants to 15 years old. this signed the staff got his tag number. police were able to track him down and arrest scott erwin. >> it gives me the creeps, because i shop year. i have alone right now shopping. if i' m with family or friends, it is disgusting that someone
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michelle: back alive again, this is scott erwin in the lobby of the jail waiting to bond out. back on the phone. they tell us the charge of the video voyeurism is considered a felony. michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. angela: the woman who said she was the victim of an attempted robbery in deltona last friday is now under arrest. deputies say magalys mejias lied to them last friday. at the time she told them she and a friend were approached by a man with a gun in the parking lot of a winn-dixie on howland boulevard. she said the chased him off with their car and stopped him a few miles away. now police say that was actually a drug deal. they say the men they arrested on suspicion of robbery told them they went to the winn dixie to buy pills from mejias. they even had her cellphone number. six new cases of the zika virus have been diagnosed in florida. two of them are right here in osceola county. the other cases were found in miami dade and broward counties. in four of these new cases, the
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symptoms. yesterday, two cases popped up in polk county. one of them was transmitted through sex. jim: a bomb threat causes an evacuation at the justice center in daytona beach this morning. it happened around 9:00. police say someone found in the threat. the building but no threat was found. right now four men are facing charges of first degree murder. deputies say these men murdered 31-year-old robert banks of lakeland. his body was found in the richloam wildlife management area in sumter county. an arrest report says the men beat banks to death, believing he raped one of their girlfriends. angela: fire destroyed a home in marion county this morning. these images were given to us to use by the county' s fire rescue service. it happened in ocklawaha. right now, it' s unclear if anyone was inside when it happened or what caused the fire to spark. marion county investigators have turned the investigation into the death of a florida man over to putnam county deputies. the remains of thomas lombardo were found in the ocala national
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he was reported missing back in january. police say fingerprints taken forest match with lombardo' so far, there' s no word how he died, but putnam county investigators think he was killed there and his body brought here. jim: tonight, a local woman is hoping to persuade governor rick scott to sign a bill that would help families of first responders that died on the job. orange county deputy scott pine was killed in the line of duty two years ago. his wife bridget and his three children received almost nothing when he died, because pine was enrolled in the state' s 401-k plan. this week lawmakers passed a bill that would allow families to opt into the state pension after a death. in bridget' s case, that would mean she would get scott' s full benefits. bridget pine: for me, it' s about helping those families that give up everything so that you can be safe. and feel safe in your environment. jim: a spokeswoman for governor rick scott says he is reviewing
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if he signs it into law, it would take effect in july. hillary clinton: join with me in this primary campaign, get everybody you know out to vote. join with me, and i will fight for you every day through this campaign, and most importantly, if i' m so honored as to be your president. angela: hillary clinton speaking to supporters at a rally in tampa this afternoon. the democratic front-runner is expected to appear in florida several times, all in advance of next tuesday' s florida primary, but she' s not alone. vermont senator bernie sanders is also campaigning in central florida. he spoke to a massive crowd in kissimmee at osceola heritage park. that event wrapped up just moments ago. right now clinton is dominating the polls in the sunshine state in a winner take all delegate contest. jim: that isn' t stopping sanders from bringing his message to the
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before he took the stage at today' s rally, he spoke one-on-one with wesh 2' s amanda ober, about his path to the nomination. she joins us live from kissimmee with more on that interview. amanda. michelle: jim, senator sanders is focusing some of his time and energy on florida, a crucial swing state. as you just mentioned, even though hillary clinton has been leading in the polls in florida, his supporters, senator sanders and supporters, are very passionate, and they formed a line almost a quarter-mile long today to get into osceola heritage park for his rally. bernie sanders: we are gonna win here in florida. amanda: he' s an unapologetic liberal who promises to lead a revolution if elected president, and this week, with 246 delegates at stake, senator bernie sanders is finally focusing on florida. prior to his rally in kissimmee thursday sanders sat down with wesh two news for a brief
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many families in central florida. we have the second largest university in country here in orlando, the university of central florida. student debt at all time high, how is it going to be possible that you can actually finance free college education? bernie sanders: we are richest country in the world. you don' t know that because almost all the income is going to the top 1%. that is an issue we have to deal with. when we deal with that and we impose a tax on wall street speculation we will bring in , more than enough revenue to do two important things. may college tuition free, and substantially reduces student debt. amanda: another group of central florida voters who will have a big say in the i-4 corridor are baby boomers and retirees. so we moved on to the topic of social security. what if any plan to you have to say that social security, and
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bernie sanders: i would never raise retirement age. not when people are working so hard. they deserve not to have to continue working when they are too old to be working. we have very specific plan. that is, we list the cap on taxable income. we lift that cap, we can extend social security for 58 years, and we can substantially increase the benefits. amanda: from here, senator sanders headed on to another rally, his third of the day in florida. he is in tampa now. his campaign claims even though hillary clinton is leading by a wide margin in the delegate count nationally, he still has a chance at winning the nomination. jim: amanda, thanks. we have a lot more commitment 2016 coverage coming up. angela: wesh 2' s brett connolly is in miami right now. he' ll join us live a bit later with the latest from the marco rubio campaign, who' s prepping hard for tonight' s debate.
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a nasty brush fire which damaged homes in palm bay yesterday keeps sparking up again. jim: tony: fire danger continues to go up.
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you can't deal with something, but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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jim: we are staying on top of breaking news in brevard county. chopper 2 is over an accident near merrick garland high school -- merritt island high school. you can see investigators checking out what appears to be a bicycle that is jammed underneath. two people were apparently crossing the street. witnesses are telling us it is likely they are young people. both were airlifted to the hospital, indicating very serious industries -- injuries. dan billow is about at the scene. we will bring it to you live when he gets there. the trouble started yesterday but still burns tonight. hot spots are still flaring up in parts of brevard county, after this 10-acre brush fire flared up yesterday afternoon, damaging some homes nearby.
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cleaning up damage tonight. and as a precaution, some of those homes had to be evacuated. angela: this all happened in the area of san fillipo and cogan drives. wesh 2' s dan billow reports the fire risk remains high. dan: i have just yards from where the fire was burning because a few will like this, heavy and dry. drying out in the springtime heat. how bad with this wildfire season be? a clear consensus is taking shape. >> this could be another big year like in 1998. bob: in that el nio year, dozens of homes were destroyed. in 2016, the year of the strongest el nio since 1998, it is shaping up in similar fashion. >> the fire came in from the trees and hit the house. dan: it exploded so fast that firefighters could not prevent damage to four homes, although they saved many more.
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yards and their hoses in back with bulldozers arriving in time to win the battle for now. anxious residents watched from driveways. >> if i see it come this way, i will soak the grass down to keep the embers from starting. >> i was right across the street. 100 yards or less. dan: the fire is suspicious, as is yesterday. if someone is setting fire, conditions are ripe for disaster. >> high think they are fantastic. they do a great job. dan: firefighters say they can only do so much. what they need is rain, which usually begins around june 1. the el nio of 1998 delayed the rainy season for weeks. jim: downright hot all across central florida. when you step outside and found the wind, it was a hot breeze. angela: and the allergens are horrible.
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tony: will it be enough to help move this offshore? let me take you outside and brevard county, and over at the coast we have a gorgeous afternoon. for those of you lucky enough to be on the water. 76 degrees, around 80 on the coast for the first time this week. notice the index running very high in seminole county as well. we are highlighting brevard, a couple brushfires over at osceola county. one to the south of kenansville. that is a bigger one, and then south and east of poinciana. also a smoke plume lifting to the northwest because of the southeasterly wind flow today. latest wind speed in brevard county with the brush fire, in and around palm bay anywhere from 10 to 15 sustained. we had a wind gust at 25 miles per hour at the top of the hour.
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ll have a breeze, but we do think it will be as windy as today. high pressure to the east, it will drift off to the east and low pressure to the west, it looks weaker tomorrow. 84 currently in the villages, cooler along the coast. ocala in the upper 60' s,,"' s not bad. 66 degrees on the eastern side of that city. 10:00, around 70 degrees. no jackets required. 59 in ocala, 62 titusville. the setup for tomorrow, as a big will be warm again. it will blow pollen all over the place tomorrow afternoon. look at the afternoon highs. 10 degrees above the norm. normal high should be 77, we are 87 in orlando, 82 in melbourne.
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two degrees shy in orlando. nowhere near the 90. brazen phillies at 1:05, 84 degrees. best rain chances late sunday afternoon and the first half of monday. if you are looking for a big cool down behind the rainmaker this weekend, you are going to have to lift north and west of town. in the next half hour, we are talking soccer and soccer forecast areas. jim: now in custody. run isis. angela: plus, a collection of we' ll tell you why. and the new test one state is using which helps them determine
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who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early
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at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. jim: five people are dead, and two others critically injured following a shooting at a backyard party in a pittsburgh, pennsylvania neighborhood. we brought this to you as breaking news on wesh 2 news sunrise. police are still searching for two gunmen, who they say fired from an alley behind the home. the five dead are between the ages of 25 and 37; three of them
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t know a motive for the shooting yet but say it was an ambush-style attack. nine people are out of their homes after a house collapses. the couple inside at the time somehow made it out unharmed. the couple says they heard several booms around 1:00 then a.m. the ceiling started coming down on them. by the time firefighters got here, the philadelphia house was a mound of rubble. the red cross is helping the two residents, and seven others in a neighboring house including five children. the cause of the collapse is under investigation. angela: another name has been taken off of consideration in the search to fill a vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. miami-based federal judge adalberto jordan recently withdrew his name for consideration. florida senator bill nelson says jordan withdrew due a personal family situation involving his mother. on tuesday, a spokeswoman said attorney general loretta lynch would also not consider the post. while some are saying the next president should choose a replacement for antonin scalia, president obama says he intends to name one.
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detainee is giving key information on the terror group' s chemical weapons. we have learned that isis had used mustard gas to attack civilians in iraq and syria 12 times. officials say the detainee has provided enough information for warplanes to conduct limited airstrikes in iraq. officials also say isis can create mustard agent anytime and anyplace. jim: uber drivers in texas are filing a class-action lawsuit against the ride share company. some claim they' re getting shorted on tips by the california based company. a lawsuit filed on behalf of one driver claims uber has advertised to customers on its website and in marketing materials that gratuity is included in the cost of its car but some drivers say they' getting what they' re due. the mobile app gives a total payment to customers and no specific line for tipping. angela: new in texas there is now a quicker way for residents to learn if someone has the zika virus. the houston health department laboratory is doing zika testing that offers results in just one day.
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be shipped to the centers for disease control and prevention to be checked. houston' s health department says there have been six confirmed zika cases so far in the city. wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us now with a look what' s coming up in our next half hour. stewart: jim, angela, coming up, under arrest. a local man, charged with indecent exposure at a nearby publix. plus, under fire. wesh 2 is talking to a local muslim leader, who is speaking out after comments this morning from governor rick scott, on national tv. a wrong way driver crashes into a florida sheriff' s deputy. and the end of the road for marco rubio. it could be, unless the senator s florida primary. tonight' s debate in miami. wesh 2 is there, for all the
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5:30 is next. announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. angela: police say a man exposed himself inside a publix. stewart: this happened on the store at 434 and wekiva springs in longwood. detectives have made an arrest. matt: they have made an arrest,
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closer look at the publix. it is really at the intersection of 434 and montgomery. they have made an arrest, and he just bonded out of jail. detectives say they have evidence on the store surveillance to back-up the girl' s story. >> a customer pulled out his privates and they are saying , that i have to call you to report, and they are going to look at it on camera. greg: that 911 call was made by the mother of the 15-year-old girl, who claims a man exposed himself in one of the aisles of this longwood publix. he -- >> he is out in the store with this walking out in the aisle, and then he told me, and then i told the manager, and i asked if they could catch that on tape, and he said they probably caught it on tape. greg: the man quickly left the store, but a manager got a license tag number and detectives with the sheriff' s office arrested 21-year-old melick hurley cook of altamonte springs. the victim stepfather told me
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the episode, and so is he. >> lucky i wasn' t here, or the people have been coming for me instead of coming to question her. >> there was no touching involved in this incident. he was far enough away because after that she could see what she saw. greg: because there was no contact, cook is only facing a misdemeanor charge. kristen bentsen: we don' t have any indication that he has a history of doing this in seminole county, but we want to make sure we take this very seriously, because this kind of behavior can escalate. greg: wieters court records in seminole county, lake county, and orange county, and we have no indication of any prior record on cook, no hint on wiki -- on why he may have did this behavior in supermarket last month. angela: thank you. we have breaking news in brevard county right now.
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at least two people, possibly students, were hit by a silver truck. if we could take the super down, the truck that was involved, it is being towed away. opportunities on the scene. both of those injured were airlifted to the hospital. we are working to get more information, but it looks like roland avenue and courtney highway has reopened. we have a crew headed to the scene. we will bring you more information. stewart: we also want to talk about commitment 2016, and is do or die for marco rubio. angela: he is hours away from a debate in florida. the last before next week' s florida primary which he has to win. stewart: wesh 2' s brett connolly is live in miami tonight with more from the rubio campaign. brett? brett: good evening. many were wondering what to expect for marco rubio. last debate was nasty and
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we can expect to see a much different marco rubio. he is expressing regret for trading insults with donald trump. appearing in a town hall discussion last night, discussing his attacks on donald trump and claims even his kids were embarrassed. you know what they say about guys with small hands, here' s what he has to say about that. marco rubio: i don' t want to be that. if that is what it takes to be president, that i don' t want to be that. i know that is not what it takes. it is not what we want with our next president. i would have done it differently , but not the seven about his record on business, it is legitimate and people need to know what they are electing is not who he says he is. brett: rubio does need a big night. if he does not win florida, he is going to drop out of this race, analysts believe. three
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in florida go in on tuesday. coming up at 6:00, how a former candidate could have a big impact on the four that are on stage this evening. brett connolly, wesh 2 news. angela: it will be interesting to see what happens. right now a suspected bank robber is behind bars in brevard county. palm bay police say they busted him just hours after his crime. charged is 46-year-old john bertrand. police say he demanded cash from a clerk at a td bank yesterday. officers quickly started their search and it didn' t take them long. they wound up catching him a few miles away at a gas station. according to a police report, bertrand admitted to robbing a bank in vero beach. stewart: right now some extra precautions are being taken at a local elementary school. this after a 9-year-old boy says a man tried to abduct him. the boy says he was riding his bike to his edgewater school in volusia county, when a man approached him and asked him to come to his house. the boy ran home and told his parents. police say they'
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another attempt won' s scary, and it' s crazy don' s going to happen next. there are so many kids that are abducted, and they don' t get to go home safe. stewart: police brought up their database of registered sex matched the boy' s description. -- governor rick scott is under fire after a national televised interview. not all muslims hate america. angela: the governor would in -- not answer the question. that upset and angered local muslim leaders. greg: after donald trump said this -- donald trump: i think islam hates us. greg: governor rick scott was asked to respond on the nbc morning joe. even when asked four separate times by his former friend joe
5:37 pm
>> do you personally think that islam is a religion that hates america? governor scott: joe, what i can tell you in our state we have a lot of muslims that live in our state. >> wrap it. governor scott: we' ve got a lot of latin americans in our state , and we all get along. >> can you answer the question or should we scoot? governor scott: i can tell you that i' m glad everybody' s in florida. we are doing well here. the debate is going to be fun tonight. >> he threw muslims of florida under the bus today. matt: atif fareed is chairman of the american muslim community center in longwood. wearing an american flag tie, fareed, a commercial airline pilot, says he feels betrayed by the governor. >> we wanted him to come out strongly and say muslims of florida are part of florida. let him come and meet us and see how much we love florida and how much we love the united states of america. matt: to push back against anti-muslim sentiment, fareed recently paid for radio ads like
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>> we stand for peace and >> we stand for peace and reiterate our our pledge of allegiance to our constitution and our beloved country. if you go to arlington cemetery, there are crosses and there are crescents. matt: wesh 2 political analyst eddie fernandez says he thinks the governor didn' t want to be seen criticizing trump, who is a friend, days before florida' s primary. eddie fernandez: i think he didn' t want to hurt donald trump and didn' t want to favor any of the other candidates. stewart: the governor' s office would not comment, but he will likely make a comment or addressing this before the republican debate in miami. people want him to recant the remarks. the defending champion of the daytona 200 has been suspended. he was suspended mother night -- monday night. he shoved a woman and assaulted an officer. it was determined his officers -- accident were detrimental to the sport.
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crashed head-on with the hillsboro county to be cruiser. this was earlier this week. several people called in saying they spotted a truck barreling north in the southbound lanes at u.s. 301. stop sticks were laid down, but it kept going. a 20-year-old man was arrested with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. stewart: frustration and concern for local debary parents tonight. a student bus stop has been forced to move because of construction, and no children have to walk miles just to get there. gail paschall-brown joins us live with the parents reaction. gail: and the real frustration, they have time it to get answers around. here and then walking all the way down here, this long dusty road to get home. happy that her children' s bus
5:40 pm
away. parker and brady and delicate either. >> it is hot out, we live in florida so we have to walk on a long road to get to our house, and there is usually cars and dirt flying everywhere. >> it is so inconvenient. gail: why? there' s work going on to expand the riveria bella subdivision in debary. the city closed parts of fort florida road for construction unbeknownst to school leaders and school parents. >> the day that they closed the road was the day they called me and told my kids were going to a different bus stop. gail: the next bus stop is nearly three miles away at the entrance of riveria bella. parents say that' s too far to walk. >> it is too far for them to walk. unfortunately, we did not get notice about the closure of the road, so we were not able to notify our families. we were not able to make plans. gail: the change affects eight elementary, middle, and high school students and four families.
5:41 pm
the dirt and through the road that has no sidewalks anyways, so now there' s road construction. >> the way that the road is situated we cannot turn around our buses, and we don' t back up buses with children on board. so there is no other option but for us to have the students go to the next established the bus stop. gail: construction is expected to run until the end of the school year. volusia county schools is trying to work with debary to see if there is a resolution, but right now they can' t see how to move the bus stop any closer. meanwhile, it is just a long walk home. we did contact the city of debary and left a message with the planning administrator to see if there' s has been a solution. so far no word yet. live in volusia county, gail paschall-brown, wesh 2 news. angela: two local children had your help finding them. stewart: a georgia woman being s death county. southwest.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. wesh 2 news at 5:00 continues. angela: tonight brevard county sheriff' s deputies need your help finding two children. these are 2-year-old paris scott and 4-year-old patrick scott iii. deputies say both were last seen this morning, when their mother dropped them off at a hotel. it' s believed both are with their father, patrick scott junior. this is being called a custodial the motel where they were seen was the econolodge on the merritt island causeway in melbourne. they could be driving to texas, in a gold ford fusion with texas tags. right now a georgia mother is locked up in marion county. she' s a person of interest in the death of her youngest daughter. stewart: as wesh 2' s jazmin walker explains, she' s also accused of leading police on a day-long search, and she' s refusing to go back to georgia. judge: do you have any questions? garrison: no.
5:46 pm
little emotion in her first court appearance in marion county. the mother of four telling the judge she' d request a lawyer once she gets back to georgia. that' s where an investigation is underway into her youngest child' s death. wednesday, police in albany, georgia found the 2-year-old s body hidden inside garrison' s apartment. detectives say the child had been dead for at least two days. morning. district attorney: so we' ll have more information about things that are important, such as how the child actually died and then , we can go further into this investigation. jazmin: investigators say garrison drove all the way to ocala with her other children,to escape police. that decision triggered an amber alert for 7-year-old amyelle, 6-year-old jaleel, and 4-year-old kamella garrison. police later found them with garrison at a family members home. while garrison is a person of interest in her daughter' s death, investigators in georgia say there were other people living in the apartment.
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are now in dcf custody. she will be held without bond here in florida until the state of georgia gets a governors warrant requiring her to be sent back. i' m jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. stewart: hurricane force winds hit the oregon coast this week, and caused some damage. the gusts were clocked at 88 miles an hour. trees were toppled and high surf warnings were issued. some waves were measured at 30 feet high. a tweet from the national weather service put the matter bluntly, quote, stay off the beach, stay out of the ocean, seriously. the good news, no one was hurt. angela: no one listens, either. look. more severe weather, this time just to our north-west. louisiana is facing some devastating flooding. look at that. this is new drone footage taken of the aftermath. rescue operations at about 100 homes are underway right now, as rising flood waters have made certain areas virtual lakes. this is all in the shreveport area. is that a raft in the middle? another foot of rain is expected to his the area by the end of
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stewart: another foot of rain. that is a lot of rain. and in central florida, we have dried out significantly. tony: we need some of that reign. they had 20 inches of rain in portions of louisiana. weekend. i will show you outside, a great shot at lake eola. a few clouds,: all over the place. i washed my car two times this week. we have went at 14 miles per hour. the look at the warmest temperatures of the year today for ocala and orlando. we will be even more than that tomorrow. we will be seeing 87 degrees. it will not be until the we get the weekend. the moisture will eventually work best. we up is area of high pressure.
5:49 pm
the second half of the upcoming weekend. we are watching reprints, breezes three and not as breezy, but something to watch with new brushfires out there today. south of can fill, and south of -- south of kenansville and poinciana. you can see wind speeds in brevard county anywhere from 12 to 21 miles an hour. and gus around 25 miles per hour in brevard county. after sunset we will be in better shape areas dangerous surf continuing for spring breakers. moderate the writ -- high rip current risk. what are chilly for those of you in town. chilly by our standards. current water temperature is 69 at cocoa beach. the temperature is 76 in the air. still a degree at orlando,
5:50 pm
kissimmee, 84. the flower and garden festival well underway, gorgeous weather tonight. 73, 71 by 9:00 by the park closing time. disney. 61 palm coast, 61 in melbourne. tomorrow, more of the same. high-pressure still there, so strong is today. at least a few miles per hour today. tomorrow the wind gusts will be about 25, maybe 27. also heating up the peninsula. 86 the villages, 86 kissimmee. and in plant city we are in good shape, 85. the pollen is all over the place. something we are watching over the course of the next couple of days. we need some rain. some of that will arrive by the
5:51 pm
levels. we have weather on tap for the orlando city soccer, 84 degrees as we start that game. 78 by 11:00. as look updated seven-day forecast. weekend rain sprung. the weather is not going down.
5:54 pm
cooking oil in short sup s angela: -- stewart: a giant pothole at the laguardia airport in new york forced a closure of one of its runways. workers tried for hours to repair the hole that was measured about 8 feet long and 2 feet wide. several flights were backed up this evening, as the closure left only one runway open. port authority officials are investigating the cause but suspect another plane may have damaged the ground while landing. that is a hard landing. if you are planning on buying any gift cards soon, listen up. angela: you might want to think about purchasing them with cash or buying small denominations. that' s because retailers are now responsible for fraudulent purchases. the rule began in october, but
5:55 pm
chip-enabled readers that are an extra layer of protection against fraud. to combat theft, stores without this chip-enabled debit and credit card readers are asking for cash or limiting how many gift cards can be purchased within 24 hours. stewart: your favorite italian dressing is getting more expensive. the cost of olive oil spiked last year. it' s now up by 20%. the jump in price is being blamed on the drought and disease that devastated a big part of europe' s olive crop. farmers in spain say a bad summer in 2014 caused the worst harvest in nearly 20 years. while millions of olive trees in italy have been attacked by a deadly disease. angela: my apologies for copping in your story. stewart: there are so many allergies out there. wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. angela: meredith mcdonough joins us now with what' s coming up next half hour. meredith: breaking news in brevard county, two teens have been rushed to the hospital after they were hit by a pickup truck. cap or two is over the scene, and we have new details.
5:56 pm
another brush fire in the same place where a fire burned yesterday.
5:58 pm
those stories and mores announcer: you' re watching wesh 2.
5:59 pm
a local college student is now the victim of a horrific crime. meredith: the men accused of raping her now under arrest. >> you' re charged with sexual battery on the physically helpless. jim: tonight, investigators reveal what they say happened on the victim' s 21st birthday. >> that' s sick. that' s sick. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. meredith: right now at 6:00, we' re following breaking news in brevard county. two students on bikes have been hit by a pickup truck. good evening, i' m meredith mcdonough. jim: and i' m jim payne. less than an hour ago chopper 2 was up over the scene on merritt island, near north courtney parkway and grove boulevard. that is right by merritt island high school. meredith: that' s where we find wesh 2' s dan billow live. dan, both teens were flown to the hospital? dan: meredith, they were, alerts, they were badly injured in a that they needed to be flown to the hospital. we are it. island high school, this is
6:00 pm
you can see the popping lot -- parking lot. just beyond that van is the where this happened. let' chopper 2. there were apparently students, too young people whose bikes wound up under a pickup truck on courtenay parkway. according to the highway patrol, one of the pedal long bone fracture, broken leg. the other one we are not sure what the injuries were. this happened right around 4:00 this afternoon, roughly the time school was getting out. the xina channing taylor of the florida highway patrol told us what happened. >> a vehicle which was coming out of the school was traveling west on grove, made a left turn on courtenay, struck the juveniles in the crosswalk.


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