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tv   Today  NBC  March 11, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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even when life isn't. the spring home event. from classic to contemporary, havertys. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it's thirsty thursday. jen ma jenna bush hager filling in for kathie lee. this is "stressed out" by 21
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which is what you should not be. because at least in new york, it's springtime. it's the 70s, we can feel it. it's like knocking on the door. >> and it's thursday. >> and it's thursday. and friday eve. friday eve. one more wake-up. a great show today. tori spelling is here. she had her hands full, juggling four kids, a couple tv specials and she's going to take us on a picnic. we're going to tell you about that. >> perfect weather for a picnic. speaking of picnics, we'll show you some fun new gadgets to bring with you the next time you actually head to the park that will make your life a little easier in the kitchen. what is she holding? >> don't ask. >> okay. >> and two ladies in new york for a basketball tournament are getting ambushed, baby! we've got some young kids and some moms and things who are here. we're going to discover their new looks in just a little bit. >> my favorite thing you just said is some mom and things. >> a mom and daughter. maybe it's not mom. >> a mom and a thing. >> i want to say, we have some cute girls of our own here. the girls from the skim are in studio 1a.
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>> we just want to point out, if you've never -- we both subscribe to, which is a quick way to get bite-size bits of news and great for people on the go. and they're just so cute! >> and we love them. >> so cleverly -- >> i want to point out something, carley, we talked about the skim here first and then oprah talked about it. is that true? >> that is 100% true. >> okay! so we want to take a little credit for all of their success. thanks for coming to see us, gang. so here's something interesting. so as you guys know, stephen colbert has this show, helen mirren went on his show and things got a little hot and heavy. so helen mirren, who we love. hot firecracker. 70 years old and gorgeous. walked up to see stephen. hugged him. and then -- did you see that? it was sultry and left him speechless. >> do you think that was spontaneous? >> yes, it was. wait. >> the music is perfect for the moment. >> i want to see it again. can we? >> don't you love the music? >> let's see if they can
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i just want to see how she approached and if he looks as shocked as we think he is. >> i guess we're not going to see it again. >> some people do -- wait, here it is. >> hi, nice to meet you. >> oh. >> grabbed the neck. >> okay. wait a minute. now -- now. not to be outdone, sally field was on. she watched, i guess, that moment, and she wanted her own moment. let's take a look. >> what is happening? >> i figured helen did it, why can't i? >> you won't get an argument from me. [ laughter ] i think it goes without saying, i had a crush on you when i was a child. and -- and that hasn't gone away. >> how about now? >> it's just been revived. and i'm pretty sure my wife is
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hi, honey. >> oh, my gosh! there is something interesting about it, because you can kind of get away with it, because it's kind of jokey but kind of not jokey. >> that was a lot of hands on the back of the head. that was a pull-in. who would you smooch? >> i would smooch -- from our show. i would probably have to smooch blake. because -- >> well, yes. >> because you know, what i want to know what everyone else already knows. a lot of people already know what that feels like. obvi. just watch him talk and like he's babbling on and on. that's how your mind -- if you >> in your mind, what would it feel like -- >> who would be your one? strange, although i think he's colin firth. >> oh, he's hot. >> right? i've loved him since i was like a young kid which is maybe inappropriate. >> i have -- there are certain people are mouth kissers. i have a news director who i ago. his name is joe duke. and some guys in the south do this. they walk right up to you and i
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hey, how are you doing? just a quick peck on the lips and i was like, okay, and i wasn't sure if that was inappropriate or not. apparently it's not because a lot of people do that. >> yeah. i don't know if henry would love someone kissing me on the lips. >> what if someone kissed henry on the lips? >> i wouldn't love that. there's other places on the face. >> lots of real estate. >> henry's cheeks are large. okay. speak -- i mean, in a good way. speaking of kisses, so is it inappropriate or appropriate to kiss your children on the lips? >> there was an article out in the "daily mail" and asked about mouth-to-mouth kissing between people of the same family. mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, fathers and sons. you know, mothers and sons. anyway, at least one child psychologist says it's wrong at any age. we've talked about this on the show, because one of the things that sparked a discussion -- this is obviously an older child kiss. but bill belichick and his daughter. and we saw that after the super bowl and it was just -- >> i actually thought it was his wife. >> no, no. that's the daughter. >> okay.
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but there's an age where -- >> oh, my gosh. you should not ask me this question, because i basically make out with my children. i'm still at the age -- anybody who has babies. they'll be like do you have any pictures of you kissing your kids? i'm like kissing, kissing, kissing, kissing. >> but on the lips. >> oh, yeah. when babies are babies, they open their mouths. yeah. >> so like we french. i mean, i don't put my tongue in there but we -- mmmwa. and mila has this thing kiss me like mommy likes. which sounds dirty. >> how does mommy like it? ready? mouth. >> not on the mouth. not on the mouth. i promise you i won't -- >> no frenching. don't kiss me on the mouth. >> i will tell you. >> i don't want to know! >> i like a good strong -- it's not going to be on the lips. >> are you sure? >> i promise you. a big strong grab.
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mwah! >> that's okay. >> i like to turn it. >> like a little -- >> oh. okay. but i don't mind kissing my daughters on the lips. i like to kiss them a lot. >> is it any different with fathers? >> henry probably wouldn't make out with poppy the way i do. at some point, i know i'm going to have to give it up. i know. and people are probably judging me. but the thing is, look, there it is. kiss, kiss, kiss. >> that's normal. >> yeah. and i don't take pictures when i'm frenching her. >> so weird. there's a level of weirdness in you. >> if y'all don't agree with me out there -- >> most won't. >> don't you love kissing your babes? >> i think everyone loves kissing their babes. the question of how long and the lingering and the rest of it. and also, what age does that stop? >> well, sadly, mila won't open-mouth kiss me anymore. babies open their mouths -- babies open their mouths when they kiss you. mila doesn't do that. it's mainly on the cheek. >> i think we should move on before child protective services shows up at your house. so we want to see congrats to
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she got engaged yesterday. she was a guest on our show the day before. apparently she didn't know her boyfriend was going to do it. her boyfriend kevin proposed after 19 years. here's how it happened on howard stern's radio show. >> it reminds me how much i do love you. and although i said that this isn't a proposal, i want to ask you something, maria. would you make me the happiest man on earth and would you marry me? >> are you kidding me right now? >> look at the ring. >> so maria, will you marry me? yes! of course! this is happening. >> by the way, is this ring big enough? >> kevin said he wanted to pop the question on howard stern's show because it was the first thing they ever listened to together. before this proposal, they have years. >> she's 37, i think. 19. her first boyfriends. >> yeah. that would be too long for me. >> that's a long time. >> that would be too -- i mean,
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why did henry decide? i'm like henry didn't decide. i was like you're asking me to marry you, right? this is no choice. he's like i had no choice, man. never let go. >> i do think the whole surprise -- you think in life, especially when you get to a certain age, you're discussing things. >> yeah. >> but it's not -- i think they were happy with the way things are. >> yeah. married. her mom's makeup bag and what kid hasn't. blue ivy dunked into mommy's makeup bag and got this adorable picture of her. >> she didn't put that makeup on herself, right? >> no, she couldn't have. >> otherwise, she's very talented. >> she needs to go to art school, stat. she looks adorable. >> do you know who she kind of looks like? >> who? my ella. >> oh. >> she's got the same curly hair. i've got to tell you, they've got very similar hair, blue ivy and ella. >> beautiful. >> i've been waiting all week for today.
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i love my last week's. "sax" by fleurise. >> every week you say -- >> no, this one is sick. if you go to a club, and there's a guy hitting on you or you're out and you don't want anything to do with him, this is the song you need to play. it's called "no," by meghan trainor. you're going to memorize it in five seconds. okay, let's go. get ready. so good. i think it's so cute >> this is the beginning part. and i think it's so sweet how you let your friends encourage you to try and talk to me >> we're getting there. >> here it comes. but let me stop you there >> get ready. you're welcome. before you speak no, no, no my name is no my sign is no my number is no you need to let it go you need to let it go, you need to let it go
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my name is no my sign is no my number is no you need to let it go, you need to let it go, you need to let it go >> come on! >> this has nfr happened to me. call me beautiful, so original girls >> here we go. i was in my zone before you came along now i'm thinking maybe you should go >> we're going to do it again. remember, my name, my sign, my number. everyone. all my ladies listen up if that boy ain't giving up lick your lips and swing your hips >> everybody. my name is no my sign is no my number is no you need to let it go you need it let to go you need to let it go >> name, sign, number. my name is no my sign is no my number is no >> so easy! >> let's go. >> come on, girls from the skim. i mean, are we in? are we in?
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are we in? "no" by meghan trainor, it's a hit. >> that's really fun, actually. has that ever happened to you, where you had to say my name is no? any sign is no -- >> the guy walks up, what's your name? no. what's your sign? no. what's your number? >> i haven't had that happen too much. >> sirius xm, channel 108. >> hoda is there every monday and wednesday at 2:00. it's fun. >> all right. we're going to give it away on tuesday. so remember, you have to register once a week to get the prize. so go to punch on the connect button and prize. it's worth it. spring is in the air so why not go for a picnic? >> you're invited, right after this. . 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us.
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all right. we know tori spelling best as an actress and reality tv star, but she's also a wife, a mother of four kids, a producer, a best-selling author, a diy
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>> i mean, how do you have have time? and somehow in the middle of all that she's found time to create vintage inspired outdoor family meals. and her ideas and recipes are featured in the upcoming cooking channel special "tori and dean's spring picnic." >> girl. >> hi! >> thank you. i truly am a jill of all trades. why shouldn't we all be nowadays? because women we know do it all. here we are having a picnic. >> i like the idea of a -- kind of a vintage picnic. but first of all, can i ask about the show? because part of the reasons your shows work, all of your shows work, is because there's conflict. something between you and your husband, something between you and the kids -- whatever. what kind of conflict -- >> it's life. >> it's life. what conflict do we see in this? >> oh, my gosh. you know what? i don't know if you're going to see much conflict here. you know. it's the cooking channel, we cook, we craft. >> everyone gets along? >> we're a big family. i never knew i would have four kids. i have a stepson who lives with me.
2:24 am
the house. it's loud and chaotic. it's fun. no, everyone does not get along. >> all right. >> what are some tips that everyday moms out there can do with their kids? what are some things? and vintage-inspired? what does that even mean? >> i'm all about bringing things back. i believe, like decades ago, if you look back, we're more about family, more about community. nowadays everyone's on their phones. all of us, we're going different directions. bring things back from the past that modernize them for now. i call it modage, vintage modern. so the picnic is one of those things you can do in the back yard. if you don't have a back yard, do it in your living room. >> indoor picnics are so fun. >> you build forts. >> so cute. >> this is so easy. picnics bring you together. here we have a table runner. if you don't have a table runner, you don't have to buy one. you can do scarves, you can put down some fabric that, you know -- just folds, tape under. here we have fruit, mason jars. things can be eclectic. >> by the way, it seems easy. it's an easy thing you can do. >> you can bring store-bought in, you can mix the two. >> yeah. >> everything. >> how is everything with you
2:25 am
is life okay? because if you dipped in and out together? are they not together? but everything's all right? >> well, you said people want conflict. so what should i say? >> you're like, i can't win. >> things are really great right now. but you know what, we had to deconstruct our relationship. we really did. and i feel like we're kind of turning monogamy on its head and flipping it, and being like, well, in society we are told what life should be, what marriage should be. growing up. i wanted the fairytale, i thought it should be that way. and when it wasn't, what do i do? i dover my husband? i have four kids? and i was like, you know what, i love this man. i'm going to make this work. and you know what, we started at ground zero and built it back up. >> sometimes you do have to break something to rebuild it. you really do. >> like a muscle. >> amazing. may, it's going to be ten years. >> what? >> ten years. >> what are you going to do to celebrate? >> i don't know yet. >> something secret. >> maybe an indoor bedroom picnic. you know what i'm saying? just kidding. >> that might mean a fifth child.
2:26 am
with parties and party planning. >> party planning. >> yeah. and tell me about that one. i watched a couple clips and noticed there was some conflict there. >> well, i teamed up with my party guru, my god of planning, david tutera, who i have been a fan of forever. and you know, i call myself a diy-er. i'm an at-home party planner. i have kids. he does it all. so on "celebrations," which is on we, and -- you know, this season i'm on, it premieres on friday, march 11th. we're here. we kind of partner up. i'm kind of the lucy to his ricky. we don't get along. he sees it one way, big and over the top. i see it as like let's bring a glue gun and make everything by hand. he gets mad. >> he doesn't like the detail. >> can i ask you about that? my cousin gave me advice. i have a 2-year-old and she said don't throw big parties because they'll start to expect that. what do you think about that? >> i'm not one to talk to about that. >> what do you think about that with your kids? how do you keep them grounded? >> grounded? i'm also not the one. you know what it is, i do throw big parties, but we do it all by hand.
2:27 am
i work like crazy. i get them in. stella is baking, she tells me she wants things and i tell her, let's figure out how to do it on a budget and let's figure out how to do it ourselves. so she knows. she knows the drill. >> tori, good luck with everything. >> you know i've been saying donna martin graduation since i was a fourth grader. i love you. >> now donna martin party planner. >> party planner! >> tori and dean's spring picnic, sunday, march 20th on the cooking channel. you can catch tori tomorrow night on we tv. >> next, the doggone cutest webtastic video that is going to make everybody very hoppy. >> plus the big reveal from our ambush makeovers coming up in a few minutes.
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all right. if you are not in a good mood yet today, you will be once you see this wonderful webtastic video. >> okay. a yellow lab named meg was playing in her backyard in canada, when she met a tiny new friend. take a look. >> okay. >> oh! that was so cute. we heard that our voices were distracting from the moment. >> we didn't mean to. to ruin that video with our voices. >> anyway, they became fast friends and we're so happy to
2:32 am
coming up next, what about your weekend guests?
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r is that ice cream? t no, it's, uh, breyers gelato indulgences. p you really wouldn't like it. it's got caramel and crunchy stuff. i like caramel and crunchy stuff. breyers gelato indulgences...
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it's way beyond ice cream. we're back on this thirsty jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee. jenna, tell us what time it is. >> ambush makeover time! >> two ladies were swept off the plaza given gorgeous head to toe looks courtesy of our dynamic
2:35 am
celebrity hair stylist to the stars, everybody now -- louis licari, la, la, la, la, la >> thank you. >> and the lovely "today" contributor author and fashionista jill martin. hi, guys. >> hi. >> we had some young folks out on the plaza today. >> it was incredible. it was a completely different group. it was all college kids. it was so much fun to pick. >> well, our first lucky lady is libby acker. 19 years old from colorado springs, colorado. libby is a sophomore, pre-med, smart student at xavier university. she is here on spring break, with just 92 of her fellow musketeers to cheer on the basketball team. she hasn't cut her hair since she was 14. hello! and she doesn't wear makeup. so let's take a listen to her story. >> here on spring break! >> whoo! >> okay. very exciting. so this is a little twist for you. >> yes. >> tell me what you think about this. >> i'm pretty excited, honestly. i haven't cut my hair in a while, so -- i'll be excited to see what it looks like. >> and i know your mom is watching. so what do you have to say to
2:36 am
>> mom, don't freak out. >> don't freak out. all right. she's here with her friends, halle, rose, kay lynn. chloe and liz. make the x for xavier. yeah! keep the blindfolds on for one second. here is libby before. all right. let's see the new libby. keep your blindfolds on. >> whoo! >> oh, libby! >> all right, guys. ready? take off your blindfolds! >> oh, my god! >> all right. wait. libby, libby, libby. turn around. right here. >> oh! oh, my gosh! that's insane! >> oh, libby! >> oh, my god, you look -- look right here. look at camera 12, just so we can admire. >> all right. louis, tell us about the hair. >> okay, first of all, you know, libby is 19. she wanted to keep her hair
2:37 am
she's got a rather new boyfriend, two months. i'm sure she's going to have many more. this shows you can have long hair and shape. i lightened it, softened it, added a few highlights, and of course enid oh did the makeup. >> oh, my gosh. >> and that -- by the way, the outfit, smokin' hot. >> it was so much fun, wasn't it? trying on clothing? so i love a white leather jacket. andrew mark. and the skirt is clara sun woo. >> she can wear that jacket with jeans. >> everything. >> that's a clara sun woo skirt? that's new. >> on three, say exactly what you think. 1, 2, 3! [ everyone talking at once ] >> big round of applause! good job, libby. >> oh, guys! so fun. okay. next up, we have to move to the next one. okay. next up, we have natalie. natalie is a postpartum nurse. she's also here for the same basketball tournament. but she came to the plaza this morning just to try to get ambushed. and she says her sons constantly
2:38 am
let's see. >> so garrett, you really want this for mom, huh? >> yes, ma'am. she really needs it. she's got super long gray hair while. >> right. yes, ma'am. >> and so what do you think about all this? >> yes. i have to be a cool mom for these two boys. >> all right, guys. they're also from richmond, virginia, where my in-laws live, which makes them extra cool. >> come on out -- >> i can never get ambush right. >> okay, the before picture. natalie, come on out! tell me i'm worth it >> oh, natalie, natalie! natalie! >> okay, guys. the main men in your life, are you ready to see natalie? ready? go for it! >> what do you all think? >> oh, my -- >> what do you think? >> beautiful. >> all right, mom, you've got to see yourself. >> are you ready? >> yeah.
2:39 am
>> oh, my gosh! >> oh, my gosh. >> natalie, you look beautiful! >> okay. let's look at the before and after. what did you guys do? >> the first thing i have to say is that the most important thing and arsene grig ov ov is so great. the proportion of the length. the right length with the right proportions of your body. he did this perfectly here. made her hair a little softer. notice the highlight around the front. and again, it was all brought together with the makeup by enid oh. >> oh, my gosh, jill, what about the outfit? >> clara sun woo and i love the faux sleeves. and just a big statement necklace on blast. >> what do you think, boys? beautiful. >> wow -- >> let's bring libby out too. big round of applause. you guys, awesome job. coming up, you're going to be swept away with the coolest products for your home. right after this. >> beautiful.
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boy: this is the story of a boy to lights and sounds. so he built secret hiding places where nothing could get in. the boy didn't like looking people in the eye. it made him feel uncomfortable. one day, he found out he had something called autism. his family got him help. and slowly he learned how to live with it better. announcer: early intervention can make a lifetime of difference.
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all right. there's no better feeling when shopping than finding something new that will change your life and make it a whole lot easier. >> our friend sissy bigger searched through more than 2,000 products at the international home and housewares show in chicago, and she's here with her favorites for the kitchen and beyond. hi, sissy. >> good to see you. i'm so glad jen is here, because i've got some kiddy stuff. >> good. i like your attire. >> this is the couture apron, made by gavin new york. at guess what, machine washable. >> i was going to say, wouldn't work for us because we would
2:44 am
>> the mompreneurs, who get the ideas, like when the kid's home sick, this gal said i want to boil eggs but they always crack and everything oozes out. so she made the perfect egg -- silicone basket. >> you know what that's good for? >> what else? >> easter. dying eggs. >> totally. and then you can -- you can start it on the counter and start peeling. so -- and you can peel right in this. they're easy to get out. and you can turn inside out. get rid of all the shells. >> genius. >> one of the big daddies of the show is our friends at ham beach. this is a spiralizer, now electric. the first electric ever. because you know, spiralizers are the rage. >> they're in. >> but kind of zucchini and -- >> see? little ribbons -- >> is it easy to put this thing in there? >> easy. a little pressure. $49.99. >> good deal. >> and healthy eating and gets your kids to eat veggies. >> exactly. >> there was a frenchman, over 100 countries there. he created this. he's from chantal illychantilly, france, where they made whipped cream,
2:45 am
vigorous shaking. 20 seconds to a minute. you have perfect whipped cream. this was the biggest seller in france. >> how do the balls make that happen? >> he said they're magic balls. this was a huge hit in france. okay. i can only bring one product for cleaning. it's the wally broom, okay? here's why it's so awesome. it rests on -- right on the dust pan, okay? it's got eight different angles. so underneath. >> no. >> the crib. underneath the tv or refrigerator. but the beauty is it's got bristles and it's got silicone. all right? here's my demo. >> okay, go. >> no. >> i've got a cracked egg on the floor. now you can do wet messes. >> it's like a squeegee. >> oh, my gosh! a windshield wiper. >> boom. and done. >> brilliant. >> wally broom. you can preorder now. $29.95. >> too bad we didn't invent that ourselves. >> every time i say why didn't i think of that? also from belgium, it's the foodie friends.
2:46 am
>> what is that? >> so you can pack -- >> without smushing it up. >> oh, my gosh! >> hard plastic or neoprene. the apples. a belgian guy who was trying to get his kids to eat fruit. and it becomes a collectible. they're all wearing them on their backpacks. the auto dog mug, okay? you're in the car -- >> blake! >> the dog needs a drink. >> freeze it up, you hold it. >> i want that. >> the dog gets the water. and look, when you're done, you release, hoda. the water goes back in the chamber. and then it doesn't leak. >> oh, my gosh. no. >> one-handed when you're hiking. okay. do you have a pocket earator for wine? >> no. >> now you do. it's got three different settings. by epare. >> by the way, i've never used an aerator ever. >> as a gentleman explained to me, sissy, it's a great way to open up a lesser expensive wine. >> makes it taste better. >> how long do you have to do that for? >> it's a party trick, too. >> right? a couple seconds. >> does it make it sparkling? >> no, it won't make it sparkling.
2:47 am
it more of a bouquet. it's the box for grilling out. >> hmmm? >> you're going to the park. you have your weber. no longer do you have to take those big half empty bags of charcoal charcoal. >> what do you have? >> it's got the paper. it's got the charcoal. you put it underneath. just like the old-fashioned metal chimneys you use on a grill. you light it. you walk away. you crack a beer. you come back. 40 ounces of perfect charcoal. >> no. >> $6. >> you always rock and roll. >> at the beach? >> it's so easy peasy. >> all right. now that we've got the tools, we're headed to the kitchen to do a little cooking! >> food network's katie lee is here with one-pot meals that you can make this weekend. >> we like, that katie lee. >> all right.
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all right. if you're looking for something different and delicious to make for your family this weekend, our "today" food team has whipped up just the right thing. >> it's a taste of spain with a classic dish. paella. here to show us how it's done is katie lee from the food
2:52 am
>> how is "the kitchen?" by the way. are you having fun on that show? >> we are having so much fun. we just had our 100th episode. yeah. we are having a great time. >> kathie lee was on with you and she loved it. >> what did you make? do you remember? >> i don't remember, because i think we drank a lot of chardonnay. >> all right. so what are we making today? >> we're making skillet paella. this is like the easy version. >> so this is all -- there's a lot in the paella, right? >> there's a lot going on. but this is really simple and we're just using a skillet. we have chorizo, rice, onions, red bell pepper, tomato, chicken thighs, shrimp. and this is also a way to stretch your meat. it's only three chicken thighs and this is going to serve four people and only a half pound of shrimp. okay. so i've got my chorizo going here and you want to cook for five minutes. >> do you put oil in there or does chorizo make enough oil on its own? >> the chorizo makes a lot of oil on its own. and you take it out and drain it, and you keep all of the fat in the skillet to cook your -- >> so you use the same pan.
2:53 am
>> it's a one-pot wonder. no need to clean. >> all the flavors hang in there. >> oh, there is so much flavor in that chorizo and you add your spices. thyme, bay leaf and paprika and garlic. so really nothing fancy in this. it looks like a lot going on. a lot of ingredients. >> it's intimidating. >> but it's all stuff you already have. so that's going to toast the spices. and then put in the rice. >> dry rice, right? >> dry rice. >> dry, wow. >> you want to toast the rice. that's going to give it more flavor. toss it around. >> can you do brown or should you not? >> you can do brown rice. i like to use arboreo rice. the same rice you make risotto with. and i think it has a nice texture. and add canned tomatoes. >> and canned! >> yeah, canned tomatoes. let them get totally absorbed. we've got one down here. >> how long does the rice have to cook? >> so the rice is going to cook for 20 minutes. if you'll put that back in there. that's our chicken. we brown the chicken, too. i forgot to brown this. >> we get it.
2:54 am
>> so the chicken you browned and the chorizo. is all right. so now you put in your stock. and we've got salt and pepper. >> yum. >> it does look simple as you're doing it. >> so easy, right? >> you cover it up for 20 >> wait, look at this. look. >> you add the shrimp. >> you add the shrimp at the very end. right? >> yeah, it takes about three minutes to cook with that. >> have you always loved cooking, katie lee? >> i've always loved cooking. i grew up in the kitchen. it just makes me so happy. >> who taught you? >> my grandma. my grandma's a great cook. happy birthday to my mom too. >> happy birthday, mom! >> kim becker. happy birthday. >> happy birthday, mom! >> good. >> you know what, kids would like this. >> yes. >> because of the rice. this is a very scallions. >> yeah. delicious. >> lemons. >> we're back in a moment on
2:55 am
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where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at
2:58 am
it's time for okay not okay. and whether it's the oscars, vmas or other award shows, sometimes the winners don't know when to stop talking when on stage. >> celebrities like matthew mcconaughey, kanye west, and bob dylan have all given speeches ranging from four minutes to 30 minutes. >> no kidding. so kathie lee and i were asked long acceptance speeches. >> it's understandable, hoda, time. >> i like your answer. i say no, it's not okay. if you want to be memorable,
2:59 am
just don't forget to thank your mom. >> good idea. >> we are a little sad today, because we're going to say goodbye to wrangler. oh my -- look, he doesn't want to go. he's laying down. he's not -- so he's going to -- where's he heading off to? >> he is heading off to formal guide dog training at the guiding eyes training school. >> so he's going to do good work. we'll miss you -- >> are you going to miss us too? >> i will. i will miss everybody. the morning, the early mornings, i won't miss so much. but i will definitely miss all of you. >> and you're going to keep us up to date, i guess on what happens with wrangler. because he has to pass some tests and all that stuff. >> yes. i will definitely keep everybody updated on his progress. >> you know who is really going to miss him? our producer. >> kate cook. >> i'm really worried about kate. >> there she is. she has tears in her eyes. >> kate. >> come here. >> if by chance -- and only slim chance, but if by chance he doesn't pass the test, kate is dying to cozy up with him. >> will adopt him. >> i'm ready.
3:00 am
grammer is here, and sacha baron cohen will stop by. will it be him or his latest creation navi butcher? >> also clown conturing, a trend to make you look flawless. >> plus gadgets springing up just in time for -- >> bye wrangler! >> happy thursday. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level of playing field. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm crepe other. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and to teach you. so call some at 1-800-743-cnbc. it happened again


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