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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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breeding program is ending and once those whales are gone, there will be no more killer whale' s in seaworld. if you' re a fan of the killer whale shows at shamu stadium, enjoy them now, because by 2019, they will come to an end. also starting immediately, the park will no longer breed killer whales. the massive change comes after years of criticism from animal right groups. the debate was heightened by the documentary "blackfish," which told the story of tilicum, the whale that killed trainer dawn brancheau. just weeks ago, seaworld announced tilicum is ill and expected to die soon. today in a conference call with reporters the ceo of seaworld , acknowleged the role the decision. joel manby: we needed to remove barriers between our story and our audience, and i really think that the
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questions about it, whether people are right or wrong, there are different facts out there, it was not worth fighting that. we need to move where society narrative. amanda: as for the 29 whales already in captivity at seaworld parks, including seven in orlando, seaworld is building new habitats. they will be called orca encounters where guests can watch the whales swim and play. fans of the shows at shamu stadium seemed resigned to the fact that the change is necessary. >> i think seeing more a conservationist side of things and how they help to protect and all the research they do to help marine life, and i think that to me is more interesting. amanda: siewert says it will in the future focus more on rescue and rehabilitation programs.
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release the whales to a sanctuary, but they think that could be too risky for whales were lived in captivity. -- who have lived in captivity. jim: just a short time ago, the car crashed into a retention pond. chopper 2 was over the scene moments after it happened. this is that kirkman and i-4, one of the exits for universal orlando. everyone got out safely. they are wet, but none of them have serious injury. angela: a local man has been arrested after leading an orlando police officer on a chase. it happened this morning. the officer says he was headed to a report of a man shot in the arm on deerock drive. on the way, he heard a description of the car that officers already on the scene were looking for. moments later, the officer spotted it. he followed and eventually the car stopped and a man got out and took off running. he was arrested and later identified as 24-year-old bakari mccant.
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connection to the shooting. however, he is accused of resisting arrest. if you were on state road 436 this morning, and anywhere near the airport, you may have spotted this accident. chopper 2 was over this scene just before noon today. a crash forced the closure of the southbound lanes at frontage road. one person was taken to the hospital. so far, no word what caused the crash or how serious the injuries were. jim: a pep rally in a south florida high school takes a horrific turn this morning. several students and a fire-breathing performer have to be rushed to the hospital. a student from atlantic community high school in delray beach sent us this video. it is amazing. the performer was in the middle of the act when they caught fire. after the flames were put out, several students complained of breathing problems, because of the fumes from the fire extinguishers. the performer did suffer serious burns and had to be flown to the hospital. today an orange county judge deals a blow to the man convicted in the isleworth mansion murder case, who was
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angela: bob ward, who was previously found guilty of killing his wife, learned he' d get a re-trial weeks ago. today, he tried to get out on bond, but was denied. wesh 2' s bob kealing joins us live outside the courthouse. bob, you spoke with ward' s daughter. what did she have to say? bob: she was disappointed. she could' ve taken her father home, and that did not happen. the judges sided with prosecutors and said that if someone was convicted of such a serious crime did not have any property getting bond. bob ward tried to make eye contact with his daughters who were in the courtroom as he asked for bond while awaiting retrial. after hearing both sides, judge heather higbee sided with the state. judge higbee: the court finds it has jurisdiction to consider the bond, but finds the defendant is not eligible for bond under the applicable law. bob: that ruling means ward will remain incarcerated while the state appeals the trial judge' s february finding that ward deserved a new trial due to
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counsel. ward was convicted in the 2009 murder of his wife diane. and has been serving a 30 year sentence. today ward' s daughter sarah told wesh 2 she is disappointed. >> i want my dad home. bob: his attorneys say their quest for ward' s release is not over. craig gillen: today, the issue on bond, that will be appealed. bob: wesh 2 legal analyst richard hornsby says it' s not surprising the judge sided with the prosecution in this case. just because ward got the green light for a new trial, it doesn' t mean he deserves the presumption of innocence while the state is appealing the new trial ruling. richard hornsby: from a practical standpoint to let it be. bob: so at this point there is no date set for any bob ward retrial. the state is the fighting that. and a spokeswoman for state attorney general aston says even if they lose and they have to try ward a second time of second-degree mother -- murder,
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jim: thanks. the volusia county sheriff' s department says its deputies will soon start wearing body cameras. some will switch them on as early as next month, after county leaders agreed to buy more than 200 of them. cameras will eventually become standard equipment for each patrol deputy. the cameras will cost $2.5 million but taxpayers will not footing the bill. the money will instead come from cash seized during criminal investigations. angela: we are seeing sunny skies in the orlando area, but it daytona beach, a lot of rain. jim: there is a line of demarcation. tony: let me show you the sky and the camera at daytona beach. several waves of rain have come through, anywhere from half an inch to an inch in volusia county. currently 75 degrees. you can see the steady rain beginning to move offshore, but we still have decent rain unsure.
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heavy stuff is about to move offshore from marineland. you can see the heavy rain band right over port orange just north of points and let -- ponce inlet. that extends off to the south. we' ve a bit of an outflow boundary, that will go with the east grows to may see new showers developed nor the kalamazoo. things are fairly quiet cut in orange county, and i think he will stay that way. look at north pennell, two inches of rain. palm coast 1.37. more rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. ll take you hour-by-hour straight ahead. angela: a local teen died in a house fire, and investigators caused it. it happened in lake county at a minneola home. we have just learned the name of years old. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel spent the
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dave: the home was fully engulfed in flames when the crews got here just after 9:00 wednesday night. they were able to get the teenager out of the site -- house, but his life could not be saved. principal call: it deeply saddens me to tell you we lost one of our students yesterday in a house fire. dave: lake minneola high' s principal sent out this message. principal call: all of our students were given the news of the death today by their teacher and by myself this morning. dave: the teen is being identified as 17-year-old trevor ross. state fire investigators say the fire started in the rear of the historic home. they' re not sure about the cause, but say nothing appears suspicious. jeremy stone: i heard glass breaking, and i run out and i seen panic, i heard panic. and i heard, a glow in the sky. so i knew it was a fire. dave: minneola' s fire chief it was heroic, just getting to the teen. there' s immense sadness that his life could not be saved. >> it breaks my heart that such a great kid, anything could happen to him.
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donations at minneola city hall. pat leone: we heard about it last night and we were heartbroken for the family. dave: the boy' s parents and two younger brothers are living in temporary shelter. the city manager posted on its website, "now is the time to come for us to come together and pour out our love to this family." the home had smoke detectors but the chief says it' s not clear if they were working properly. he asks one and all to check all smoke detectors and put in fresh batteries. reporting in minneola, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. angela: such a tragic story. a rockledge woman is defying city law by keeping up to 30 found out there' s not much the city can do about it. 16 of the cats were taken from the home less than a month ago. city law forbids more than four cats in a home at a time. but after the homeowner the animals' care, she got them a county attorney said there' s no legal grounds to take away the cats permanently.
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enforce its own law. the county spokesman says the animals were not considered criminally neglected, and so had to be given back. jim: the centers for disease control spends part of the day on the phone with florida health leaders. together, they' re working on a plan to fight the zika virus. the call was arranged by governor rick scott, who wanted more information on a local case which was diagnosed last week in polk county. it was sexually transmitted. it' s just one of several local cases, but unlike the others, it wasn' t travel-related. right now there are 66 cases of zika confirmed in florida. a new patient was diagnosed just today in brevard county. we have an update on the i-4 ultimate project. where work has been underway for almost a year now. construction crews can be spotted for more than 20 miles from longwood all the way down to the attractions. but now there' s one area specifically that could add some extra hassle to your commute. the orange avenue on-ramp to the 408 in downtown orlando is set to close tonight. wesh 2' s gail paschall-brown is live downtown. gail, the new entrance ramp is expected to be ready just in
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commuters. gail: absolutely, i am here on division avenue right near the temporary ramp is. the florida department of transportation has been passing out flyers and signs letting folks know. this is a temporary ramp, but you will be using it until temporary -- 2019. 5400 vehicles use this westbound on ramp daily at state road 408 in orlando, but listen up: things are about change in a big way. jessica ottaviano: this is the first major thing that motorists are really seeing happen, and there much to come, at this interchange. its a very intricate complex , interchange. gail: tonight, this wb 408 entrance ramp from orange avenue avenue. why? state highway planners need room to build a new ramp for the future 1-4/408 interchange. jessica ottaviano: you' re in the middle of downtown, you have tons of venues and buildings around, so there is not much is based to work. gail: it' s a short detour. though the new ramp is temporary motorists will be using it for
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will be ready for friday morning commuters. however this motorist tried to use it today. the new 408 westbound entrance ramp will be located about 4 blocks west of the current one. if you' orange, you' ll take gore street to get to the new ramp off of if you' re heading south on orange avenue you' , to division and the new ramp location, which is just south of the amway center. jessica ottaviano: we did some re-striping on orange avenue near the gore intersection with orange avenue to add additional left turn lanes to accommodate extra traffic in the area. gail: the next major project will be down the road where workers will set steel beams for the kirkman road interchange. expect rolling road blocks to begin this sunday march 20 with a test run from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. then, four nights of actual operation from march 21 to 24. that' s weather and schedule permitting. the florida department of transportation urges you to stay alert. put down the cell phone or any other distraction and allow
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accommodate the construction. i am gail paschall-brown, live in orlando wesh 2 news. ,jim: coming up, spring break gets a bit too wild. angela: wesh 2 is talking to daytona beach officers who are now requesting help from the sheriff' s office to control the crowds. plus, new information on the death of frank sinatra jr. who passed away right here in
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angela: it has been a wild two weeks and daytona beach. jim: spring breakers have crowded into town, and over 100 wesh 2' s claire metz reports beach patrol is actually asking the sheriff' s office for help controlling the crowds. claire: in march and april of last year, the spring break months, beach safety made a total of 94 arrests. in just the first two weeks of march this year, we' re up to 120 and counting. >> this is kind of ground zero for us right now. claire: college students are dominating in daytona beach. a spring break crowd the city hasn' t seen the likes of in two decades, and there' s just not enough beach safety officers to go around. so they' re bringing in a dozen sheriff'
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the biggest issue, >> they' re bringing it down here on the beach. they didn' didn' beach, so we' re giving them that claire: but some aren' t willing to give up the suds. 20-year-old jayme gordon was arrested yesterday after a beach safety officer dislocated his shoulder in a confrontation with gordon. earlier in the week, a spring breaker was arrested for battering a life guard. >> we actually came here, because we heard that pcb was way more strict. claire: panama city? >> yes. claire: there is no doubt daytona beach' s big spring break is influenced by a crackdown in panama city beach, but booze on the beach is just as illegal here. along with littering, which officials have seen a lot of. students took note of the beefed up patrols in the core area around ocean walk and the band shell. >> we' re trying to have a good time and not cause any problems , but this seems to be a lot more law enforcement just to deal with the problems. claire: as busy as last week and
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beach, safety officials are expecting an even larger crowd next week, college students and local high schools because , they' re on spring break too. in daytona beach, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. jim: i have is sneaking suspicion that there got that story done earlier. it is running now. tony: right now it is beautiful. no, i' m kidding. [laughter] tony: that is tremendous, a good-looking sky. temperatures in the 80' s look at daytona beach. and mrs. claire, if you are in brevard county, it is 75 degrees, clouds, light showers. severe thunderstorm watch right there. . this piece of energy will drift our way, especially by saturday
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ll give all the florida the rain. today was just bogus rain for my 10 -- from i 10. with the intensity, we did have freight in the northern locales. this is good news. we needed the break. some folks nearly two inches of rain in the northern locales. marion county getting a breather , but there is more rain coming in in the next half hour. palm coast, flagler beach, steady for you, and the heaviest is pulling offshore. nearly two inches of rain in flagler county. moderate to heavy rain once again in atlantic high school, ponce inlet. good news for portions of volusia county. we have not seen a lot of rain. we' ve been talking about this with brushfires of late, and the little outflow boundary from the
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we have the east coast seabreeze , and when they collide, we get the lift. that can produce especially in the summer, some additional thunderstorms and more beneficial rain. so bring it. melbourne 1.87 inches of rain. flagler county doing well. we see the storms getting more aggressive with rain and some of studios. not sure if it is going to build this far south, but it will be close, especially if the outflow boundary can collide with the east coast seabreeze. that would give us the opportunity for much-needed rain. and now where it has been raining up north, we are in the 60' s and low 70' s areas where it has not been raining, still mid 80' s. 22 degrees cooler than this time yesterday up and comcast, compliments of today' s rain and near it epcot. rain will be north of you, so you are looking good.
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-- 65 bill the you. a pretty quiet day, a few showers in the afternoon up north, but bay hill looking good . another shot of rain saturday afternoon as the next wave of energy comes in off of the gulf of mexico. let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. the temperature trends are going down. sunday forecast looking better for the fourth and final round of bay hill. i will have that forecast for you coming up. checking out monday and tuesday lows, middle and upper 40' s. angela: that is head of chilly. the son of legendary entertainer frank sinatra died in daytona beach last night. frank sinatra jr. was to perform at the peabody last night but suffered a heart attack. he was in his hotel room when it happened. his life seemed like a movie and not only because of his famous father. when he was 19 years old, he was kidnapped and held for ransom, only to be released. he would later become his father'
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conductor. still ahead, a nasty bus crash in the middle east leaves several dead. jim: plus, a deadly disease pops up in a hospital operating room. and a road collapse in california causes a big problem for first responders. you'
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5:00. jim: more than a dozen passengers who are headed to saudi arabia for a religious pilgrimage are killed when their bus overturns. 16 palestinian pilgrims died in the bus accident in jordan near the saudi arabian border. 36 were injured. jordanian media is reporting the bus driver lost control before flipping over. the u.s. now says isis is commiting genocide in iraq and syria. secretary of state john kerry officially using the term yesterday at the state department. kerry says genocide best describes isis attacks against christian groups and other ethnic minorities in the region. the last time our government declared a genocide was in darfur back in 2004. the house of representatives unanimously passed a resolution to use the term genocide to describe isis attacks. angela: a patient is diagnosed with a potentially life ending disease, which prompts all operating rooms to be closed at an arkansas hospital. the patient was diagnosed with creutzfeld-jakob disease. it' s a brain disease that
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infected neurological tissue. a doctor says the risk of extremely low. reopening the hospital. a university researcher is the lab that she was working in. it happened yesterday in the basement of a university of hawaii science building. the 29-year-old is suffering from serious injuries to her arms and face. no one else was hurt. compressed gas canister for this incident is still under investigation. jim: a 40-foot stretch of highway is gone after collapsing under heavy rain in northern california. now the missing piece of highway is causing children to miss school, and the town of trinity center to become almost completely isolated. the only way to get to the closest town of weaverville is a 200-mile detour that takes five hours to drive. it could take another eight weeks before cars are allowed back on this section of road. angela: that is not good.
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angela: wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us now with a look what' s coming up in our next half hour. stewart: jim, angela, coming up on wesh 2 news at 5:30, a wesh 2 news investigation.
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a prescription pain medicatin announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. stewart: we kick things off tonight, with a wesh 2 news investigation. patients being denied legitimate prescription medication by pharmacists. good evening, i' m stewart moore. angela: i' m angela taylor. today wesh 2' s matt grant continued his work on this issue. he spoke with one woman who said her prescription for painkillers was not filled and was shocked to learn why. matt: without medication angela barrett would not be on her feet. >> i wake up sometimes and my feet will be numb, and i literally cannot feel them to walk. if i got out of bed, i would actually fall. her back. after surgery failed she says her doctor prescribed percocet and morphine are the only things that help her live a normal life. >> i wouldn' t be able to function. matt: after going to the same apopka walgreens for four years, her prescription was denied wednesday. for a reason that shocked her. >> he said he was not comfortable filling this prescription matt:.
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? >> i said, would you care to share with me why? and he said because you had your birth control pills filled at a different walgreens last month and i won' t fill any of these . matt: it' s at the pharmacists discretion whether to fill a prescription or not. for more than a year, we' ve reported on patients being denied prescriptions sometimes not even being told why. in the past, pharmacists have said one red flag to them is when they see patients shop at multiple pharmacies, far from home. but in this case, barrett stayed local, stayed within the walgreens chain when she bought her birth control last month at branch just over 11 miles away from her usual pharmacy. in a statement, walgreens tells us for patient safety, we , encourage patients to choose one pharmacy or pharmacy chain to have all of their prescriptions filled. we believe it is important for patients to use a single pharmacy so that pharmacists can monitor their medications, avoid potential drug interactions, and work with patients on their overall wellness. barrett says another walgreens up the road filled it no problem, which she says is even
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walgreens says generally speaking, buying birth control at one location should not prevent you from buying medication at another. in apopka, matt grant, wesh 2 news. angela: we reached out to the pharmacy on rock springs road, they referred us to the corporate office. only contacted them, waldron said they could not comment on this specific case due to privacy reasons. donald trump is once again nabbing headlines for the wrong reason. he issued what some are calling a warning to the republican party. in an interview with cnn, trump said if he doesn' t get the nomination, there could be riots. he said this after being asked about the possibility of a brokered convention. he says his supporters would turn quickly if a candidate with fewer delegates than him gets the nomination. meanwhile, five sheriff' s deputies in north carolina are being disciplined for events that went down at a trump rally last week. two deputies were suspended and three demoted for failure to carry out their duties. the sheriff says the deputies didn' t follow protocol when protestors were carried out of the rally. one of them was struck in the
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at one point, prosecutors were looking into whether trump himself was guilty of inciting a riot. stewart: a 26-year-old man was killed last night in orlando. it happened just before 10:00 at that' s near holden avenue and orange blossom trail. police arrived on scene but so far no arrests have been made. a man was taken in for no word whether or not he' suspect. right now the suspect in a carjacking remains hospitalized. deputies say he crashed the car he' d just stolen. this happened wednesday in deland. police say 18-year-old andre pomerleau stole a woman' s suv, with her dog inside. he then crashed it into a power pole. the dog was fine, and returned to its owner. angela: a bill which would put restrictions on florida' s planned parenthood clinics is sitting on governor scott' s desk. a group of opponents to the measure appeared in tallahassee today, hoping to persuade him not to sign it. they presented a petition of more than 12,000 signatures. one advocate says the bill says
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>> i am worried about the future of women. i have heard many stories of women that i have spoken to who lived before roe v. wade, and had to live in a world where abortion was not legal. they had friends and family members who died in back alley abortions. angela: governor scott is expected to sign it. we are following some late breaking news from seminole county. the former ceo of harbor house is suing the organization after wesh 2' s michelle meredith heard from the attorney behind the suit just a short time ago. she joins us live with more. michelle? michelle: carol away to did not attend this news conference, you could say she let her attorney do all the talking. in a packed news conference, mark nation, attorney for carol wyche, announced that wyche is suing harbor house, the domestic abuse shelter she was used as cbo. -- ceo.
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michelle: mark nation says the law came after she was abruptly fired on february 18. with is alleging breach of contract. she is seeking unpaid wages, severance pay, customization for health care, which nation says could be around $200,000. what was wicked fired? >> they told her they had gotten an anonymous complaint from an employee that she had been mean to them. michelle: patient says he is representing her at no charge, but if it is not resolved soon, he will ask her attorney' s fee, which runs $600 an hour. >> but who in here would want an organization who terminates a woman who has led it from where they were to where they are, terminated because of anonymous complaint? michelle: she will go through
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cell phone and computer e-mails to be turned over. >> we' ve got a single mom who has an income, and it was immediately cut off, and given time to pay, they refused to do that. michelle: i asked mark nation why he is representing carol, and he says she feels that she is being bullied. stewart: all right, thanks. on i-95, the roadways are soaking wet after heavy showers. angela: let' s check in with tony mainolfi. very different in central florida versus along the coast. tony: i can say that hd cam on the halifax river and the atlantic ocean. we have had several rounds of rain come through, and the temperatures are much cooler up north than where we are here in downtown orlando where we are
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here is the reason why. we' ve had several bands of rain come through, and another one getting ready to move back into marion county. we' ll see in this redevelopment while we moved north and east. steady rains have moved out of flagler county, but not before early 1.5 inches of rain have fallen. heavy rain in south daytona or the ponce inlet. we have a little bit of outflow boundary coming down. this will go down to geneva, and as it mixes with the east coast seabreeze, we will watch the redevelopment of showers and the shower before sunset. that is what models are picking up on tonight. we will go hour-by-hour in a couple of minutes. there is more rain in the forecast tomorrow for the cooldown coming our way. angela: sounds good. a cocoa beach robber is on the run and they need your help to catch him. police say this man was caught on camera breaking in mamasan'
5:38 pm
vietnamese cafe on cocoa boulevard last month. he stole cash from the register and a pair of shoes. if you have any information you' re asked to call crimeline , at 1-800-423-tips. five local teens have been arrested and charged in connection with a multi-county crime spree. the group was caught in a stolen car at the publix in lake wales wednesday night. police say the car they were in was used in a string of burglaries and robberies across hillsborough, manatee, and polk counties. now investigators from those agencies have been called in to see if these teens are connected to the crimes. stewart: we are learning new information tonight about a shooting during an egg hunt. this happened in palm bay. wesh 2' s dan billow is looking over the newest evidence, just released by investigators. dan: it was saturday afternoon in palm bay. >> there' s somebody shooting a gun. we' re at liberty park, and two guys are running, so there' s somebody shooting a gun. >> we have a function here with a bunch of kids. >> ok. >> right now we have like 200
5:39 pm
dispatcher: about how many shots did you hear? caller: i heard like three and then it sounded like they came back around, and i heard like three more, maybe. dan: police say some teens decided to shoot it out at the park, where, coincidentally, an easter egg hunt was underway. mario augello: young males. we have multiple individuals engaged in an altercation that evening. we just don' t know what the motive fashion, -- motivation, mindset behind taking it to the park, where kids are there, it' s an easter egg hunt. dan: the egg hunters were here in the grass. the shooters were in the parking lot. when the shooting broke out, it was way too close for comfort for the egg hunters. caller: i need to know, like, is this a situation that i can continue to do the egg hunt, or not? dispatcher: i would not, because they do not have the suspects in custody. caller: ok, so what do you want me to do with all these people? dan: no egg hunters were hurt, but two people involved in the altercation were wounded. >> it' s alarming for us as an agency, and more so as well with our citizens. we' re trying to get to the
5:40 pm
dan: police have interviewed the two wounded people, and are confident they' ll be able to make arrests. in palm bay, dan billow, wesh 2 news. stewart: right now operations have returned to normal at a marion county school. this, after police say a teen nearly brought a gun onto campus. this concerned the howard middle school in ocala. it happened on wednesday. deputies tell wesh 2 a family member spotted the teen tried to leave his house with an ar-15 rifle with ammo. the teen was taken to the hospital. the gun was never on campus and no one was ever in immediate danger. angela: charges as an adult for -- a 15-year-old is now facing charges as an adult for allegedly running over an orange county sheriff' s deputy with his car. jancarlos ortiz learned yesterday his charges were upgraded. he was arrested last month. investigators say ortiz intentionally ran over sergeant marcy pearce when she tried to arrest him on burglary charges. he was on the run for a few days before being arrested. he' s now charged with attempted second-degree murder of a law enforcement officer. a big bust for drug agents at orlando international airport.
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a person who they say was planning on bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of heroin it into the u.s. from mexico city. six pounds of the drug was seized. it was all stuffed in a suitcase. stewart: right now in rockledge, police say they' re looking for a woman who' s going around town, buying things with fake cash. officers tell wesh 2 the woman in this security image gave a cvs clerk a counterfeit $100 bill at the store on fiske boulevard. she ran away when the worker questioned her about the bill. she was seen carrying a large gray purse with tassels and it' s the big day. right now, the pros have hit the links for the very first day of at bay hill. the first competitors teed off at 7:35 this morning. matt every is the two-time defending champion of the tournament. the annual pga event at bay hill benefits the arnold palmer medical center. you can watch third and fourth round action right here on wesh 2 this weekend. coming up, a birds-eye view of some of the worst flooding louisiana has seen in decades. angela: plus, michigan' s governor in the hot seat.
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they try to figure out who' s to blame for flint' s water crisis. and five people hurt in a nasty house fire.
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angela: tragic news to report from connecticut tonight. five people, some of them firefighters were hurt in a house fire this morning in stonington. so far there' s no word how the fire started, but the two people inside at the time were rushed to the hospital. three firefighters were injured when parts of the house started collapsing. all are expected to make a full recovery. we turn now to the ongoing water crisis in flint, michigan. stewart: the big question, who is to blame for what' s going on there? michigan' s governor appeared on capitol hill today to help lawmakers answer it. wesh 2' s sally kidd explains.
5:46 pm
michigan governor rick snyder has testified before congress on the crisis and things got heated. jason chaffetz: you need to take some responsibility because you screwed up. and you messed up 100,000 people' s lives. gina mccarthy: there is no way that my agency created this problem. sally: an oversight hearing on the flint water crisis devolved into a finger pointing match. elijah cummings: governor snyder' s administration caused this horrific disaster and poisoned the children of flint. sally: michigan' s governor pointed blame at the epa. rick snyder: unaccountable bureaucrats at the epa allow this disaster to continue unnecessarily. sally: the epa pointed back at governor snyder. gina mccarthy: we begged to provide them technical assistance beginning in march. we begged them beginning in april to do corrosion control. sally: flint switched its water source in a cost-saving move. in 2014, the state discovered dangerous levels of lead in the water supply. governor snyder says he didn' t become aware of it until a year later. rick snyder: i'
5:47 pm
questions could i have asked, ve done. matt cartwright: plausible s plausible. m asking you s any problem in the state of new york. sally: lawmakers raising concerns about water in their own states. brendan boyle: 18 cities in my exposure than flint does. >> even in the state of new jersey we have issues. sally: mccarthy says she' s asked every state to take action. gina mccarthy: relook and confirmed to us that they are implementing the law as intended. sally: lawmakers called on the epa administrator and michigan' s governor to resign. both say they will not be stepping down. sally kidd, wesh 2 news. angela: -- stewart: tonight we are getting a birds-eye view of the flooding situation in louisiana. this is drone footage, taken over the town of slidell. days of heavy rain led to severe flooding, washed out roads, and damaged homes. a major interstate in the area
5:48 pm
higher ground, until the weather finally moves on. the flooding is considered to be some of the worst the area has ever seen. angela: they are not getting a break. this is ongoing. we are finally getting some rain, which is good for central florida. not here in orlando. tony: it is coming. the rain up north is great news. and the pollen getting many and many of you out there. it is warm and ball me, and weird to switch over to daytona degrees. when does call, a couple rounds of rain coming in. 88 was the high temperature in sanford. and now behind the sea breeze, it is not just warm here today, it is warm from dallas -- look at boston. 53 degrees in the middle of march, that is a bargain. there is a next slug of rain
5:49 pm
more rain coming your way. this will shoot eastward as we go over the next couple of hours. flagler, palm coast, everly beach, we have nice rain. we picked up an inch and a half, almost two inches of rain according to some of the weather watchers here. bunnell, i-95 getting another round of steady rain. south daytona, daytona beach, a few more showers ongoing. and then pressing on to the south, we get a quick thunder showers with outflow boundary. that is redeveloping some showers in oak hill, geneva and the eastern terminal county. as this outflow boundary continues to sag south and the breeze drive to work back in the interior, we will watch this area writing here to see if we get redevelopment committee thunderstorms, because -- maybe
5:50 pm
the rain in bunnell, 1.87. that is great news. palm coast 1.37. look at the change in temperature from daytona beach to orlando. 75 to 86, rain and cool. we are following from 7874 up north. -- 78 to 74 up north. overnight lows should be around 56. everyone is around five to 10 degrees normal above. for tomorrow, the front is still up north. this rigell -- best rainfall chances in the northern counties , marion, sumter, lake, volusia. for bay hill round two, we are in good shape. and spring training, first pitch we have angela, stewart and tony during that one out. stewart has been working on the
5:51 pm
last couple of days. bay hill the highest on saturday. it is quickly clearing skies behind that frontal system as we get into sunday afternoon. the fourth and pivotal round of bay hill. great weather monday and tuesday. substantially cooler. we could see upper 30' s in marion county. stewart: thanks. i am warming up my arm for the baseball tomorrow. coming up, a look at a state of the art, germ zapping robot. angela: plus, a national landmark gets into the st. patty'
5:52 pm
if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more
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5:54 pm
stewart: a three alarm fire got into this plastics building. all eight employees were effective -- evacuated safely. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. the hospital is teaming up with thor to help kill germs. angela: to be more specific, thor is a germ zapping robot that uses light to destroy micro-organisms. and now 300 more hospitals nursing homes, and surgery , centers and are using similar machines. they reduce deadly infections
5:55 pm
they blast rooms with pulses of intense uv light that can reach into places that can be missed by the human hand. light is 500 more times intense than the sun. stewart: and the fountain on the south lawn is dyed green for the irish holiday. president obama hosted irish prime minister enda kenny at the white house earlier today. first lady michelle obama started the tradition of dying the white house fountain green in 2009. angela: i like it. it looks good. wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. stewart: meredith mcdonough joins us now. meredith: major chances coming to see world. when you can expect after the announcement that the killer whale show is going away. and trouble at the polls and bounced checks. it has been a rough week for the
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. jim: seaworld bombshell. the theme park announces it will no longer breed orcas. tonight wesh 2 news gets reaction as we learn what this means for the killer whales living at the park now. meredith: bond denied.
5:59 pm
convicted of murdering his wife was denied bond while he waits for a new trial. wesh 2 news was in the courtroom. jim: commute hassle. >> this is the first major thing that motorists are really seeing happen. jim: tonight the i-4 ultimate , project is moving a major on-ramp affecting more than 5000 drivers every day. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. meredith: first at 6:00, we start with the stunning announcement from seaworld. the shows featuring killer whales are coming to an end. good evening i' m meredith , mcdonough. jim: and i' m jim payne. the theme park is also doing away with its orca breeding programs. this comes after years of scrutiny over seaworld use of killer whale' s. meredith: wesh 2' s amanda ober has more on the decision and how it will impact seaworld orlando. amanda: they are the hallmark of seaworld, but in 2019, the killer whale shows at seaworld orlando will come to a close. and starting immediately, seaworld will no longer breed
6:00 pm
the massive shift in direction comes after years of targeting by animal right' s activists. the debate peaked after the documentary "blackfish" which told the story of tilicum, the whale that killed trainer dawn brancheau. just this month, seaworld announced tilicum is ill and expected to die soon. and today, the ceo of seaworld acknowleged the pressure that has lead to these massive changes. joel manby: society' s attitude towards these very, very large very majestic animals being , under human care has shifted and it' s a variety of reasons, whether it' s a film legislation, people' s comments on internet. it was just clear to me that we needed to remove this barrier. amanda: the 29 whales already in captivity at seaworld parks, includes seven in orlando, and they will live the remaining lives at the parks. they will eventually be moved to habitats called orca encounters where guests can watch them swim and play.


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