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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> local, live, late-breaking. high definition. brett: we begin this afternoon in brevard county, where a man is killed overnight in a bike ride -- while on a bike ride. i' m brett connolly. michelle: and i' m michelle imperato. the victim was run over in merritt island last night at courtenay parkway, south of a1a. troopers are asking for your help to find the driver who did it. wesh 2' s dan billow is live in merritt island where it happened. dan? dan: we have the name now,
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according to troopers, he was riding his bike last night along courtenay parkway. he had stopped, fallen off of on when he was hit. we have some video from last night, showing the scene of where it happened. just talking to his sister in law a few minutes ago, she told me that he was homeless. he lived in a homeless camp. wherever he is going. island. he spent a lot of his time to help other homeless people. troopers say that the vehicle that hit him was a small pickup truck. it was around a 2000 vintage, chevy. they are looking for the dark-colored pickup truck, and any information.
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person had stopped stephen terry' s life might have been saved. they are looking for the owner of the pickup truck. later on, we will hear from the sister-in-law of the deceased man. we would hear a little bit about him, and his life. live on merritt island, dan billow, wesh 2 news. michelle: a palm coast man is accused of shooting another man in the leg saturday night, in a dispute over loud music. 38-year-old antoine young was arrested in daytona beach. witnesses told police, young was arguing with the victim, 27-year-old danny campbell of belleview, because campbell was playing music too loud. they say young pulled out a gun and shot the victim. police say they found a sawed off shotgun in a backpack young was carrying, along with
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brett: covering seminole county, a young girl was grabbed by a man, while she was on a run on friday night. he grabbed her arm, causing her to bruise. the girl ran away, but her mother was nearby. she chased down the suspect. the man posted a $45,000 bond, on charges of battery and false imprisonment. michelle: i think we got a little bit used to the warm mornings and hot afternoons. brett: it has been a big jump. last week, we hit temperatures in the 90' s. today, we are seeing the 50' s. if you go outside for lunch, you might want the jacket. amy sweezey is outside. amy, how are you feeling? amy: it is cool. especially when the wind picks up. that is the big thing. when you factor in the breezy
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if you are in the shade, or doing with some clouds, you will feel it. look at these numbers. 55 at the palm coast. cool winds coming out of the northwest art breezy, 10 up to 20 miles per hour. that will continue through the afternoon. our temperatures today are in the mid to upper 60' s. that is all we will see for our highs. that is much cooler than are averages, which are the mid to upper 70' s. we have had a little bit of rain. way. i will talk about that more, when we get back inside. brett: a local scooter store is hurting today, after bur broke in last night to scooter maxed. alex villareal spoke with the
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alex: scooter max in pine castle, burglarized overnight, already has four security cameras, and now the owner says he plans to get more. >> i' ve had this happen years ago to me, so it' s devastating every time. alex: for alfredo hernandez, these three guys breaking into deja vu. faced armed robbers in their home. >> you work very hard to have something, provide for your family, and then people just that they don' t want to work for. alarm going off, just before 3:00 a.m. he says, whoever did it has been in the store before. >> they knew the layout of the place. they exactly knew what they were going to come get, and we have our suspicions. alex: the burglars made off with a $2,000 scooter and two dirt bikes, leaving hernandez with a >> it' s expensive to replace those doors.
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s going to be expensive, because now my premiums are going to go up. alex: in orlando, alex villareal, wesh 2 news. brett: president obama is continuing his historic visit to cuba today. jay: j gray has more. -- michelle: jay gray has more. jay: president obama visited a memorial, following -- that was followed by talks with president raul castro. about resuming diplomatic ties, but the two nations. travel restrictions had been eased.
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because -- visas being issued. they will also discuss the trade embargo. it is expected to go on for hours. once they are finished speaking, there will be a state dinner tonight. then, president obama will make a historic event to the people of cuba, and that will come before visiting a baseball game for the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays. i am jay gray, back to you. brett: police are looking for a man that tried to the were a child into his vehicle. this is a composite sketch of what the suspect looks like. the 14-year-old victim was on hillcrest drive, just before 8:00 p.m. friday night. the victim says, the man stopped and told her, "if you don' t come to me, i' ll come to you." the victim screamed, and the suspect drove off in a blue jaguar. michelle: daytona beach continues to be party central
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beach patrol reports big crowds and more problems on sunday. officers say they issued numerous alcohol violations. more than 130 people have been arrested on the beach over the past couple of weeks, mostly for alcohol related violations. nearly 200 arrests have been made at local bars, most for underage drinking. and some of those spring breakers chose daytona, now that panama city is cracking down. business leaders now say, that it has hurt their bottom line by as much as 50% to 80% from last year. a house party shooting and alleged rape on the beach last year prompted new rules in city leaders plan to review them, once spring break is over. brett: just into the newsroom today, orlando police gave us new information about the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl. destiny bargman died saturday in apopka. >> oh, my baby lord. brett: dozens of people honored
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sheeler heights. officers have charged a 16-year-old she was dating with second degree murder. wesh 2 is not identifying him, because the courts haven' t decided whether he' ll be charged as an adult. this morning, police told us the boy and a group of friends were shooting a gun in the backyard of that home, then playing with it inside the home when destiny was shot. in orange county, the investigation is underway into a deadly house fire. flames ripped through the home on pineway drive, near texas avenue, late sunday afternoon. a neighbor and his son tried to save the man inside, but the flames were too much. the victim has not been identified. neighbors believe the man suffered a disability that may have made it difficult for him to escape. michelle: today, a local woman goes to court, battling to see her grandchildren. missing woman michelle parker' s mother is fighting for visitation rights. yvonne stewart says, she hasn' t seen those children since michelle disappeared, more than four years ago. today, she' ll argue that she should be able to see the kids,
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bill she helped pass last year. the childrens' father, dale smith, has custody of the kids, -- of the kids. he' s the only suspect ever named in parker' s disappearance, but he was never arrested. stewart is also suing smith for wrongful death. brett: new at noon, two deer are safe after a kayaker saw them running off the beach and into the water on panama city beach. michelle: they were already a thousand yards into the gulf, before fwc got to the scene. the deer were already tired from fighting those waves. the fwc agents was able to gently guide the deer back toward the beach. when they got to shore, the doe and her yearling took off toward a state park. brett: i have never seen them is stuck out that far on the beach. michelle: it is a lot of energy to swim out.
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candidate is missing out on a chance to win some american is really supporters. -- america n-israli supporters. ted: rolling roadblocks. if you are not familiar with the term, that is when a large piece of construction is transported across all lanes of traffic, or there is a significant slowdown highway. tonight, it is going to be on par street, all the way down to kirkman. that will be affected. it will affect all westbound lanes, and they will be moving very slow. fhp will close all of the on-ramp while this is happening. between 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., you will see significant delays on i-4 westbound.
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mobile app michelle: the only jewish presidential candidate to win a
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lobby group. campaign schedule conflicts with the american-israel public brett: every other candidate will speak at the event today, donald trump, who has repeatedly s biggest supporter. the republicans spend a lot of time arguing about who keeps israel safe, and who can repair the strained releations between president barack obama and the a prime minister. -- and the prime minister. however, the latest poll, from israel-based panels politics institution, shows israelis favor clinton. a 2015 survey, from the american jewish congress, found only 7% of american jewish voters said israel was their deciding issue for voting. newly released video showing the capture of the main terror suspect from the deadly paris attacks. a french tv station says this video was shot on friday, by a witness from a window in brussels. salam abdelsalam was arrested and charged with involvement in terrorist murder. he' s a top suspect in the november 13th attacks in paris that left 130 people dead.
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after 6:00 in fort lauderdale. the man who was shot died at the hospital. the broward county sheriff' s office is not releasing any details. detectives say the suspected shooter remained at the scene and was questioned by authorities. it' s now a little cheaper to hitch a ride from uber in altamonte springs. we told you about this unique new partnership earlier this month. the city will pay 20% of all your uber trips that start and end within city limits. you can get 25% off if one of those stops is at the altamonte springs sunrail station. the deal launching today will last for one year. brett: a man from the tampa area is reunited with his beloved pet parrot, stolen during bike week. this is one of the most-watched videos on our website, mike mularz left spyke on his
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went in to a nearby bar, but when he came back out she was gone. witnesses say they tried to chase after the thief, but t catch him. but saturday, everything changed. >> i got a call from alan from rescue and sanctuary in a geneva. she had me identify the bird. she said that a gentleman had just dropped off the bird, and a phone number. he asked to be anonymous. brett: mike is giving thanks to everyone who played a role in finding spyke. seaworld says the killer whale, profiled in blackfish, is doing better now. last week, the company announced tilikum' s health was failing , because of a lung infection. now, seaworld says he' s getting his appetite back and interacting with trainers and other whales. in a statement, they said, " we understand that he is very ill and will have good days and bad,
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optimistic about his response to treatment thus far." that? people are screaming. this wesh 2 viewer video shows what appears to be a fin breaking through the waves. while a shark sighting would not be unusual, that viewer says it was actually a 10 foot to 12 foot manta ray. you can view more pictures and videos by going to the u-local section of brett: even if you are a veteran beachgoers, it is still rather startling. how will the beach look this week? a little colder, but i assume not too bad? amy: if the water is cold enough, you can hardly tell. morning. if you are visiting from up
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degrees asked week. it was very hot. this morning, we have dropped s. 48 was are low in daytona beach. 50 this morning in orlando. 53 in melbourne. over the last five hours, it has been a very slow climb. normally, we shoot up about 15 or 20 degrees from 8:00 until noon time. degrees. orlando. 55 in ocala and the broncos. palm coast. it is cool outside. partly because of the wind, and partly because of the clouds outside. today. it will be breezy as well.
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some high thing clouds in the metro area. depending on where you are, you will see some more cloud cover. the wind speed, coming out of the northwest, it is around 10, 15, even 20 miles per hour. that a sustained wind, staying breezy all this afternoon. very cool and right air. -- dry air. we will do the same thing tomorrow. temperatures will climb, but not by much. we' ll stay below are average of 79 degrees. most of us will stay in the 60' s. if you are beach-bo und, this afternoon, it will be windy and we have a high risk for rip cur rents. it is choppy out there for the
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tomorrow, we will be sunny and dry again. the weight should calm down a little bit, as this ridge of high pressure built in. by the middle of the week, we will see moisture building back in. that means an increase in class and rising humidity levels. our temperatures should climb as well. by the end of the week , we will see a front approach, stall out, and that will lead to some showers and storms for the holiday weekend. michelle: two comets will pass by earth this week. nasa says the first comet, which you see on the right, may have broken off the bigger one on the left. that larger comet will pass by today, and the smaller one will pass by tomorrow. both will be a safe, two million miles away. but it will still be the third closest fly-by in recorded
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brett: two 11-year-old boys were pulled out of a 30-foot deep hole over the weekend. michelle: officials say the boys were jumping on a soft spot on the ground, when it collapsed beneath them. one of the boys was able to climb out, but the other fell the 30-feet and suffered serious injuries. >> five years ago a dog fell in. not covering it. my brother could have died. michelle: it took crews about 45 minutes to get him out of the hole. he is expected to be ok. the other boy was also taken to the hospital as a precaution. an 11-year-old boy takes a concrete truck on a joy ride in minnesota, and it was all caught on camera. you have to see this. police say the child swiped the truck from a contractor. he led a chase for about an hour, reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour, and damaging two police cars. he was eventually taken to the juvenile detention center. no one was hurt. brett: that is a long time for him to be behind the wheel.
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women threw powder in the air today, celebrating the hindu festival of colors. brett: a few years ago, this joyful celebration was forbidden to widowed women. they are usually expected to live out their days in quiet worship, dressed only in white and even kept away from all , religious festivities. in one city in india all that changed about three years ago. one zoo just welcomed five little ones to its clan. michelle: what' the way these baby cheetah'
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were born. brett: we' re continuing to follow president obama' s historic visit to cuba. continuing coverage continues this afternoon, on wesh 2 at 4:00. michelle: and emergency crews are asking for help, as they try to figure out what caused a cocoa beach mansion to go up in flames. what they' re asking the public for that could play a key role in the investigation. brett: and it' s the day some tech fans look forward to. apple is expected to unveil three new devices. we' ll bring you the update when we get it, today on wesh 2 news. get ready, we' re about to turn up the cute factor. michelle: i love that you said that. get a load of these baby cheetahs. these five cubs were brought into the world via c-section, which is very rare. they'
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now by vets at the cincinnati zoo and botanical garden. they' re getting round the clock medical care and feedings. visitors may be able to catch a glimpse of these cuties through the nursery windows. they are so cute. adorable. amy: as long as they stay that little. it is cold out there. at noon time in central florida, it is still in the 50' s. we' ll be in the 60' s this
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