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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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from there, take that to u.s. one southbound and take -- that is your alternate. once you get to eau g allie boulevard, take that to i-95 southbound. good morning, amy. amy: we have sunrise happening today at 7:26. once that happens we will have mainly clear skies with lots of sunshine. if you clouds will building today. that is the one difference compared to yesterday and the day before. we will also be warmer. we are headed to the upper 70' s around 80 degrees. not all of us will hit 80 but there will be a couple spots that do hit 80 degrees. we are a little bit warmer than yesterday morning. 52 sanford, 54 in orlando. 59 degrees in melbourne. we have a couple clouds mainly offshore. our inland spots are clear.
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we will make it to 80 in ocala and the villages and 80 today in eustis. 79 in longwood, 80 in winter garden and kissimmee. a little cooler at the coast with that southeast breeze, 70 six in new smyrna beach and 78 in palm bay. brett: bombers have been identified as belgian brothers. tracie potts has more information on this investigation. >> there is an urgent manhunt in europe for this man, authorities believe he is the third attacker at the brussels airport. the others they said blew themselves up. in a new communique, isis is reporting black days across europe. >> i don' t feel secure. i don' t want to go all now. >> one of the last flights out of brussels before the attack had landed in the u.s. amid increased security at airports and mass transit.
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planned, they didn' t know where or when. >> we will stand as a nation with our allies and our friends and people all over this world. >> the brussels attacked have created a political risk. donald trump says close the borders. ted cruz wants police to patrol vulnerable communities. >> where there is an expanding presence of radical islamic terrorism, we did law enforcement resources directed there. >> what donald trump, ted cruz and others are suggesting is not only wrong, it is dangerous. >> john kasich and bernie sanders also disagree. there is concern for four american missionaries wounded and there is also concern about an american couple still missing. brett: also overnight, the department of homeland security said there is no known plot against the u.s..
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here at home are taking aggressive caution. jazmin walker joins us now with what you can expect if you' re traveling through their today. jazmin: moore police, that' s probably the biggest change travelers will see going through oia. michelle: there' s a little problem with your microphone. hours after the attack, our crew spotted several k-9 units. police cruisers lined the curb at the airport to prevent their -- people from parking their cars. it did not look at there were especially long lines. some passengers are glad they are not headed to europe. >> i am hoping nothing is going to happen here. >> i' m glad i wouldn' t be going over there right now. i was there in february for the course -- records the netherlands. i' m glad i' m not there right
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michelle: homeland security says there is no known plot against the united states. however security officials are reviewing whether additional screening may be necessary for traveling -- travel is coming from belgium. belgium is one of 38 countries where you don' t need a visit -- states. brett: the screen there, the coverage on the terror attacks. in brussels on with matt lauer. he will have emotional eyewitness accounts. plus much more on the investigation and the attackers. that starts at 7:00. overnight, the search is on for a shooting suspect in maitland. michelle: a helicopter spent the night circling the area off of maitland boulevard. police say the shooting happened at a hotel and the victim ended up down the road at gas station. alex villareal is there today. what can you tell us? alex: police say the victim was
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extended stay that you see behind us across maitland boulevard when he was shot twice in the leg and torso. police say he thinks he knows who did it. but they say he was not entirely cooperative with the investigation. the victim was rushed into surgery for his injuries. police said last night that they are hoping they would be able to get more out of him once he got out of surgery. the shots rang out before 11:00 last night. police say someone drove the victim to the 7-eleven near -- for help. they will release is 911 calls to us today. they are also looking into any surveillance cameras that may have captured what happened. as for the suspect in the shooting, police say whoever shot this man was believed to have run away and that this may have stemmed from an argument. but perhaps the most unusual thing about this is where it happened because maitland is just not a place for you typically here about violent crimes like this.
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this investigation for you and if you do have any information about what happened, you are asked to contact the mail and police department. live in maitland, alex villareal. michelle: new results are in overnight from the latest round of primaries. almost all the candidates picked up another win in arizona, hit -- voters favored hillary clinton. donald trump on the republican side. in idaho, donald -- bernie sanders won by a landslide. a similar story in utah, sanders dominated clinton and for the republicans, an easy win for ted cruz with him a 70% of the vote. john kasich is the only candidate who did not pick up a win. trending online this morning, a twitter feud between the two gop front-runners. this time, the candidates wives were dragged him. take a look at this tweet from trump.
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picture of maloney a from a gq shoot in his ad. be careful, ted or i will spill the beans on your wife. ted cruz responded by saying the picture was not from his camp saying donald, if you try to attack heidi, you are more of a coward than i thought. it is not known what beans trump was referring -- the running to spill about ted cruz his wife. after a historic trip to cuba, president obama is in argentina where he has a full day planned. he will start the day meeting with the president and when the two will hold a press conference. the president plans to lay a wreath at the metro cathedral in point assad us, meet with u.s. embassy staff and hold a town meeting before a formal state dinner. brett: deputies say a man in flagler county posed as a target employee to steal $31,000 worth of cell phones. investigators say this video shows the suspect walking into
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they say he left with 41 phones and a duffel bag. he allegedly had the typical target employee outfit and was able to get someone to keys of the cabinet with the did you look at the suspect, investigators identify him as 26-year-old jamaal brown. he is not yet been caught. deputies arrested a man they say shot another guy over a tax refund. 19-year-old is in jail $6,000 bond for aggravated assault. deputies say he shot a man because he believed the victim odie 28 hundred dollar tax refund to his girlfriend. the victim was also arrested for a minor warrant. michelle: a man with local ties who killed two shares deputies in maryland may of been plotting to hurt his ex-wife and family. the sheriff talk about the case last night. david evans died in that shootout. the sheriff says evans was stalking his ex-wife on the
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social media account to monitor family members. evans is wanted on a series of traffic violations. brett: only one local county is at high risk for fire. seminole county in -- and orange. that indicates fires -- in orange. it earlier in the wiki was listed as very high. michelle: we will check your local weather and see if we have any rain in the forecast. first we want to get to ted noah who is following breaking traffic news on i-95. what the situation? ted: 95 southbound is closed. road 404 is blocked off due to a crash with injuries. we know that one of them was a with this. we have crews set up there. we have reports that this was involved a semi truck that was transporting potato chips. here'
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highway patrol -- use u.s. one is your ultimate. give yourself a few extra minutes because you will have to head out of your way and use a roadway that at stop lights. construction on the five to eight beachline expressway. eastbound and westbound have a lane taken out. amy: we are going to be hitting 80 today get -- today in a few spark -- today in a few parts of the area. lots of sunshine early in the day. a couple of clouds this afternoon and temperatures will climb to the upper 70' s near 80. it is this we are 46 at him' s. yesterday we dropped to the upper 30' s and most spots. 54 in orlando and 59 degrees in melbourne. lots of sun today, couple of clouds today. it' s 74 by noon and keep
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there is some rain back in our 80' temperatures. minutes. brett: recovering from a shooting and now another blow. next at 5:00, the charges recommended for a woman whose four-year-old son accident we shot her. a murder that happened on must a
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. brett: we continue to follow breaking news on the brussels attack. belgian media is identifying two suicide bombers as brother. one of them rented an apartment raided last week in the search for the paris attacks suspect. a third suspect remains on the run. michelle: i-95 southbound is shut down in brevard county for a major crash. you are looking live at the scene right now. traffic is being detoured onto
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brett: maitland police are on the lookout for a suspect in overnight shooting. the victim was hit outside the extended stay america hotel on pembroke drive. he told police he thinks he knows who shot them. happening today, daytona beach police are calling on the public to help solve a murder mystery. michelle: jazmin walker is here with the new very visible at efforts. jazmin: a new billboard will go up with this woman' s picture in daytona beach. faith jenkins was killed in april of last year. daytona beach police and crime stoppers have partnered to sponsor this till board you will see. it will go up at the intersection of congress and ridgewood avenue. her body was found behind an abandoned house in daytona beach along kingston avenue. she was partially nude at the time and wearing only a pink sweater. police say she died from trauma. jenkins moved from daytona beach
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her family says she struggled with drug addiction and since moving, she is been arrested in daytona beach for prostitution. now that nearly a year has passed since her death, police say they are looking for answers. that is why police chief mike chitwood and crime stoppers are unveiling this billboard. there a $10,000 award leading -- with information leading to an arrest. brett: depth -- michelle: deputies or recommending a misdemeanor charge to the woman who is actually shot by her son. jamie gilt is still recovering from her injury. they are recommending a charge of allowing access to -- allowing a child access to a firearm. the gun was underneath the front of her truck but slid to the back where the brett: toy got a hold of it. brett:prescription painkillers will soon carry the fda' s strongest warning label.
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adding boxed warnings about the serious risk of misuse. those include misuse -- abuse, addiction, overdose, and even death. michelle: it may look like xanax, but a powerful new pill in the state -- st. petersburg area is packing a deadly punch. nine people have died from taking the so-called super pill. deputies say it is xanax mixed with the painkiller fentanyl. no one know who is making it -- no one knows who is making it. >> it is 8200 times as strong as morphine and about 40 to 50 times strong as heroine. >> the sheriff is worried about spring breakers buying those pills without realizing what is in them. brett: biologists in brevard county think they know what' s causing that huge fish kill we have been telling you about all week. they believe in algae called brown tide is turning the water
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the indian river lagoon. biologists have yet to scientifically confirm that. they say of brown tide is the culprit, they are powerless to stop it. michelle: if you are just waking up, there is a big problem out an i-95 southbound. brett: ted noah has the latest. ted: we have arrived on scene here at 5:18 you can see the cleanup effort underway. what we do know so far since was involving a frito-lay' s truck they' the roadway. is closed. i will show you the location. the crash scene is a little bit past a road 404. what you want to do is follow this as fhp is set it up. the i-95 southbound d2 r, getting onto state road 404,
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take that to eau gal lie back to i-95. add some time to your commute. let' s take a look at some construction that' s happening right now on the roadway. there we have it on the five to eight east and west bound by i-drive. about a mile worth of construction. amy: we are in the low to mid 80' s today we are back to the 80 degrees today. we are definitely going to continue to climb in central florida in the next few days. we will be in the mid-80' s tomorrow. we are going up a little bit every day. today, we will get back to normal today. a little cooler at the coast with a southeast breeze. our inland areas will be at 79 or 80 degrees later this afternoon. getting the kids to school, i know many of you are still enjoying spring break. if your kids are headed to school, sunrises that 7:26. we are mainly clear and
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we have 40' s and 50' s instead of 30' s. 45 in ocala, 46 and palm coast. 52 in sanford and melbourne is at 59 degrees. ridge of high pressure slowly slides to the east. wind comes out of the south and southeast withdraws in the warm air and a little bit more moisture which means those clouds will return. i don' t unexpected a lot of clouds, we will select plenty of sunshine. everything will be a little bit of cloud cover this afternoon compared to what we are dealing with the last few days which was so crystal clear. 80 in ocala and the villages. 79 longwood and oviedo. 80 orlando and kissimmee and 80 degrees today and st. cloud. most of our inland spots will be at 79 or 80 and along the coast we will be a few degrees cooler in the upper 70' s because of that southeast wind coming off the water.
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s. if you' re headed to the beach, keep that in mind. we will pick up a bit of a brisas afternoon off the ocean and the rip current risk is at a moderate level. a little bit higher than yesterday. high tide happens late morning through early afternoon. once the tight heads out, that is when the rip currents are the strongest. tomorrow, as the moisture continues to build in the south wind keeps bringing in the warm air, temperatures will be warmer but we may see if you isolated showers and storms. i don' t expect much rain tomorrow. i think friday will be a better chance and even then we will have scattered showers and storms of the front to our north starts to move in and it doesn' t sweep through quickly. it stalls out and be anderson back-and-forth into the holiday weekend. that' s why we will see scattered showers and storms all the way through early next week with our temperatures remaining warm in the middle 80' s. michelle: a global show of
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landmarks around the world led up for belgium. brett: an incredible eyewitness account from an american
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michelle: symbols of solidarity after the terror attacks in brussels. take a look at the landmarks lit up in the colors of the belgium flag. brett: the eiffel tower, the trevi fountain in rome and the orlando eye in black, yellow and red. an american survivor is recovering after experiencing his third terrorist attack in three years. michelle: the teenager was in boston, and paris during the terror attacks there and he was among the mormon missionaries hurt yesterday during the airport bombing. he had surgery to test surgery to her paradigm is to his foot. >> he was very close to the bomb when it exploded. it' s a miracle he made it through as easily as he did with
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shrapnel and burns. michelle: while another man was -- had similar injuries, the medically induced,. brett: the temple woman caught up in the scandal involving david trias says he called his -- david petraeus says he called his affair and regret. kelly' s 2012 complaint about harassment e-mails from the fbi expose the affair between the trias and a balaguer for. michelle: new in our next half hour, the message a muslim leaders want to do here. brett: we have breaking news from brussels. how they are connected the paris terror attacks.
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alex: a man is in the hospital after he was shot outside a maitland hotel. i will tell you why this -- why police say this investigation is daunting. ted: breaking news and one of our a busy interstates. i-95 a shut down. amy: temperatures not quite as cold as yesterday. we still have a bit of a chill in the air. i will tell you how warm it will be later today. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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announcer: local, live, late breaking. high definition. breaking news out of belgium, the names of the terror suspects released will you were asleep overnight. the connection to the attacks in paris months ago. michelle: local muslims hoping to dispel any stereotypes after the bombings in brussels. amy: we are back to 80 degrees today. who will be the warmest in your first alert forecast. brett: police converging on a quiet area of maitland overnight after a shooting. what they know that the suspects on the run. it is great to have you with us on a wednesday, march 23. i'
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michelle: on michelle imperato. let' s get to ted noah with the latest traffic news. ted: this is i-95 southbound near state road 404. the creche the little bit south of that. the roadways being detoured of the 404. we know this was involving a budweiser truck. let' s show you a map here exactly where the incident is. that is right around the 404 area. traffic is slow approaching that. you' re going to take the 404 until u.s. one. take u.s. one southbound to eau gallie boulevard. take that to i-95. amy: good morning. we are going to see sunshine to start the day once we get to it. sunrise happens at 7:26 and there is a little more cloud cover today compared to yesterday. not a lot, we will still have
5:32 am
a couple of clouds as the moisture slowly begins to build that into the area and the warm air comes in as well. our temperatures today will be back to normal. upper 70' s near 80 for highs is afternoon. our low so far, look at how much warmer it is this morning that yesterday when we had dropped into the 30' s and lower 40' s. 24 hours ago, that puts us anywhere from five to almost 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. you may still want a jacket this morning but we are still in the mid 40' s off to the north and 52 in sanford. 54 in orlando and 59 in melbourne. we will hit 80 today in bellevue and leesburg and 80 -- we will -- our inland spots will be anywhere from 78 to 81. our coast will be a little cooler thanks to southeast breeze coming off the ocean. michelle: breaking news on the brussels terror attacks, belgian media says two brothers were the
5:33 am
brett: they identified them -- and brahim bakraoui. the brothers run the left and is still on the run. nikole killion is in washington us. >> michelle and brett, according suspects have been identified. belgian broadcasters site police bakraoui. they are two of the suicide bombers without take out -- cara -- carry out the suicide attack . the third is on the loose as isis claimed responsibility. >> i' m convinced we will win. >> police carried out raids across the country. u.s. officials >> pledged to help the investigation. we will do what is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice
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>> president obama cuba expressing solid area -- solidarity. president obama has ordered flags here in the u.s. to be found at half staff through saturday out of respect for the brussels victims. in washington, nikole killion. brett: because of the bombings, the state department has issued a travel alert for all of europe . the agency is alerting u.s. citizens to be -- the potential risk of traveling into europe in the week -- upcoming week of yesterday' s attack. this a terrorist group continue to plan attacks on europe, targeting sporting events, tourist sites and transportation. that alert will expire on june 20. michelle: local muslim leaders need to strike -- say that isis does not represent muslims. jazmin: islamic leaders and central florida say they will publicly condemn these acts today.
5:35 am
down with any mom -- the executive director of the american muslim leadership council. he said the moment isis took responsibility for the terrorist acts in brussels, he felt he had to do something to show that the local muslim american community stands in solidarity with the people of brussels. >> i want to send out our prayers to the families of the victims of the attacks in brussels, turkey a few days ago. the muslim community condemn such acts and islam does not condone such violence. jazmin: he also says political candidate the train muslim americans as the problems is both harmful and hurtful. it leaders of the islamic center of orlando will speak to the media today, condemning what they call heinous attacks on innocent people, not just in brussels but also in on kara, syria -- and syria.
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actively developing. more the 24 hours after the attack, look for instant updates newsroom. brett: in commitment 2016, it was western primary night and the four leading candidates for president are all celebrating wins this morning. in the just raise, the arizona primary, donald trump at hillary clinton swept the big victories. bernie winners. sanders beat clinton in idaho. he is two wins only give me a few more delegates than the arizona. attacks, senator cruz is asked about his statement calling on law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. ted cruz compares it to a tactic used to combat gangs. in this case is called to stop
5:37 am
>> so it is standard good police -- policing to direct your resources to where the thread is coming from. we should do the same thing with radical islamic terrorism. brett: ted cruz' s statement was a medially criticized by john kasich and bernie sanders are called the idea unconstitutional and wrong. michelle: maitland police are on the lookout for a shooting suspect who was shot -- the victim was shot outside of the extended stay in. alex villareal is live in maitland. alex, are there any leads on the shooter? alex: there are some very slim details here in this case. i will tell you why that is. this man says he was shot while he was sitting in his car in the parking lot of this extended stay you see across from us across maitland boulevard. he says he thinks he knows who did it, but he would not say much more than that. police say that makes this
5:38 am
this all happened around 10:30 last night. police say somebody else drove the victim to the 7-eleven nearby for help. he was rushed into surgery with ormc with a total of three gunshot wounds to his torso and like. police say the man -- the victim -- the man who shot the victim ran from the scene. >> it was an argument, possibly over another acquaintance. we are trying to get more information. pretty uncooperative on scene while being transported, we got a little more information. alex: police are saying that this victim was uncooperative, not giving them all the information that they need it. perhaps the most unusual thing happened. this is an extremely quiet area in -- and maitland is just not a place where you typically hear about violent crimes like this.
5:39 am
that if you have any information, they are in need of that. so please contact the maitland police department if you know anything about what happened here last night. life in maitland, alex villareal. brett: fire investigators don' t know why a vacant home burned in brevard county. firefighters sending us this picture from harlequin road in melbourne. you can see flames going through the roof. firefighters say partly collapsed. michelle: covering seminole county, a local man who admitted downloading child pornography will be sentences afternoon. alexander carlton pleaded guilty last fall to one count of possession of child pornography. investigators say he used his computer to download the main -- download the material. he also submitted to having a sexual interest in my little pony figurines.
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brett: let' s turn to her morning commute. a major backup expected a i-95. ted noah is tracking this big accident. what' s the latest? ted: live pictures coming in on i-95 southbound in brevard county. this is by the pineda causeway extension state road 40 -- 404. while this cleanup is underway near mile marker 187, i-95 southbound is complete we closed. if you travel in southern brevard, you have to get up at state road 404. you will take that into you get to u.s.1 southbound. take that to eau gallie boulevard. the delays are not too severe right now. expect slowdowns. 95 in volusia county south on mile marker 244, rightly taken out for overnight roadwork. amy: we are mainly clear this morning.
5:41 am
of sunshine and art temperatures are warmer than yesterday. in some spots even up to 15 degrees warmer. we will stay sunny with a few scattered classes afternoon. our temperatures will make it to the upper 70' s, even 80 in a couple of spots. we won' t all hit 80 but there will be lots of places in our inland area that do. 45 ocala, 47 broncos. 52 sanford, 54 orlando and 59 degrees in melbourne. as you plan your day, take a look at these temperatures climbing very quickly. s, we keep on going into the upper 70' 80. s returning and of course some rain back in our forecast in just a few minutes. brett: amy, thank you. big changes coming to the nfl this fall. in the sun sunrise, what will be different on and off the field. michelle: could he be the slamdunk ucf is looking for?
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news -- views of the atlas five rocket
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brett: we have latebreaking sports news. michelle: we wanted to you but a major crash that shutting down i-95 southbound in brevard county. you are looking live at the scene. one of the cars involved is a frito-lay truck. traffic is being detour around the pie need a causeway and this is reported -- pined a causeway. ted noah will be back in a few minutes to help you get around that. brett: big news out of ucf. michelle: a few weeks after firing it basketball coach, ucf has named its successor. jazmin walker' s join -- jazmin walker is joining us. jazmin: ucf announced former stanford basketball coach johnny dawkins will be the replacement. fans of the game right river dawkins from his days playing
5:46 am
dawkins is now 52 years old. he was just released from his coaching job at sanford last week after a disappointing 15-15 season. dawkins was the cardinals head coach for eight seasons. he steps in the ucf for the departing donnie jones. jones was let go by the nights after another disappointing season. in six years with ucf, jones 188 games with 100 losses. dawkins will be ucf' s seventh head coaching program history. he night said they were looking for someone would bring championships to the school at stanford -- stanford, dawkins led them to to temperatures and tournament once. brett: jasmine, thank you. the nfl has seven new rules that kick in the next season and one of them outlaws chop blocks. that' s when an --
5:47 am
on radios to players. and the horse collar rule has been expanded. players cannot -- michelle: the international space station next delivery is well on its way. take a look at you at the atlas five rocket. that rocket blasted off with a ucf experiment on board. scientists are trying to simulate an asteroid landing and its challenges. >> we are trying to understand what it' s like on the surface of very small asteroid. where the gravity is so weak that it would take minutes for something to fall to the ground. michelle: asteroids are a gold mine of information on other planets and the creation of the universe. the space capsule is center dot
5:48 am
brett: i-95 going to be a problem as people have the door this morning. where specifically of a talking about. it' s a little bit south of the pineda causeway extension. the live picture that we are seeing is from the scene. this is involving a frito-lay truck. you can see and the right set of your screen. florida highway patrol is on scene to clean this up. if you' re getting ready to drive to the melbourne area on i-95 southbound. you will have to use the detour that is happening which is taking folks on state road 404 the pie need a causeway. take that east to u.s. one southbound. take that to eau gal lie boulevard and then take that to 95 southbound. on u.s. one, you will have to do with red lights and things like that.
5:49 am
amy: we are headed back to 80 degrees today. not everywhere, but some of us in our inland areas will hit 80. back closer to where we are supposed to be after a couple of cool days in central florida. as we get into the holiday weekend, we will climb even more. we will be in the mid 80' s despite the fact that we have more clouds and even some rain in the forecast. we will have scattered showers and a few thunderstorms each day. not as much tomorrow. i think friday, saturday and sunday, we are going to see these areas of rain thanks to this front that is going to set up and meander. 45 in ocala , it is much warmer than yesterday morning. 54 and a landing, 59 melbourne. we have mainly clear skies now. as we have through the day, a little bit of moisture coming out of the southeast. develop. they will be warmer as well with those temperatures back to
5:50 am
sunshine and also the southeast wind. inlet spots will be the warmest. the closer you are to the coast, the cooler you will be. 80 ocala and the villages. 80 in mount dor and clermont. we will climb to 81 in winter haven. 80 in kissimmee and st. cloud. most of the metro area -- we will top out at 79. notice closer to the coast we -- with the southeast breeze coming off the water, we will be cooler. we will top out at 75 in flagler beach. 76 cocoa beach, 78 melbourne and 78 will be behind palm bay. tomorrow enough moisture builds back in that we could see just a few isolated showers in the afternoon. it will be more like evening time frame. not a lot of rain tomorrow but some. fridays when this front makes its way through. it is not sweep through and
5:51 am
it stalls out here as we head into saturday and sunday. depending on exactly how far south that front gets, that is what most of the rain will be. some of us will get a lot of rain. some of us will get very little rain. we will get a little bit of cloud cover and low temperatures. even with the rain expected. we will keep our temperatures warmer than average. a lot of you have plans to be outside this weekend. just kind of keep the app with you, stay tuned. we will continue to keep you posted on the timing of all this as we get a little bit closer. in the meantime, be prepared that it will be some rain through the weekend. brett, michelle. michelle: i-4 rush hours and of to test anyone' s patience. next on sunrise, they' re apparently some cities have it even worse. brett: also ahead, two iconic superheroes are preparing for an epic showdown. why fans will see more batman versus superman after the new
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brett: we are following breaking news, a crash involving two of i-95.
5:55 am
the southbound side near the causeway extension out there near mile marker 187. loses 95 south. ted noah will join us in a moment. you can see that frito-lay struck off to the side. that in connection with a budweiser truck causing all of this. before you start the morning commute, just think about the traffic in orlando and how it could get worse. michelle: the city beautiful does even crack the top 10 in a new survey. traffic tends in los angeles with the worsening country for the second in the row. san francisco in new york round of the top three. miami is the first florida thing coming in at number seven. brett:, but fans are counting down until friday when batman and superman face-off for the first time in theaters. " batman versus superman: dawn
5:56 am
ben affleck will play batman and henry kabul will play the man of steel. the industry expecting a huge opening. wesh 2 news is local, live, latebreaking. michelle: here' s what we are working on for 6:00. ted: i-95 blocked due to a deadly crash -- due to a crash. michelle: it is almost 5:57. an all-new hour of wesh 2
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: in the attack on brussels, the terror suspects named. the new overnight threat from isis and what is next. michelle: we want to start with some breaking news on the roadways. ted: i-95 southbound, remains closed. it is at state road 404. you can see live pictures.
6:00 am
you are going to take i-95 southbound to state road 404, 404 two u.s. one southbound, and u.s. one southbound to oak alley boulevard. that is your way around. amy: we will have sunshine as we get through sunrise. look what happens as we had through the day. s by noon, we keep climbing. some hit 80 degrees today. 51 daytona beach and 43 ocala. it is cool this morning but it is warmer than yesterday. some of us warmer than we were 24 hours ago. lower 80' inland areas the coast. few minutes.


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