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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 10, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angele fuing for this presentation is made possiblby the feman foundation of new yo, stowe, vermont, andonolulu.
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the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macahur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has putts financial rength to work for a wi range of companies, fr small busisses to major corporations. what cane do for you? >> a now "bbc rld news." >> general motors sells its europeanperation. good ns for thousands o german caorkers, a worry for more i the u >> clear and cvincing evidence of fraud forces e afghan
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elecon watdog to cncel results from doze of polling statns. rivals and rigion. a special report o the growing influencef rabbis ithe once secular israeli ay. welcome to "c world news." i am mike embley cong up later 40 -- hree months after the election, abandoning efforts to build a government in lebanon. what happened wi a pigeon took on south africa's internet. hello to you. the german chancellohad staked her polital fortunes. looks like gd news. 20,000 car workers in german.
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in europe, car workers are worrying about jobs at their plans. general motors has aged to sell a majority stake of its european subsidiary opel to ma gna. we have more from berl. >>angela merkel had not -- could not wait to aounce the deal. this s our chance to take all he glory. >> good day, ladiesnd gentlemen. i inform y a short time ago the chancellor's officeas informed that gm' governing boardvoted to sell opelo gna. i am very happy out this decision which is along the lines of what theovernment and themployees of opel had hoped for. >> by the time general motors made its announcement, it was already old ns.
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thank you togne -- angela. >> we're coident this represen the best solution. as many of you know, unr the magna proposed law, the companies will split a 55% share in opel. emoyees will draw a 10% ske, which think 's a great idea. >> after months of uncertainty and difficult negotiations, general motors has ted to sell off elnd vauxhall. it is the deal anla merkel and the gern government had bee pushi for 04 months. in germany, opel emoyees and 20,000orkers at four plas.
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the ws was greeted with relie at the opel car plant. >> it will be fantasti if this plant is ke open. maybe they will expandt. >> thi is the best thing that could happen to us. >> is a very different sto thgh in the uk. many of these vauxhall kerr's were hoping genel motors wod not sell. they are hopingmagna will nt allow the ax to fall on british jobs. >> is not good for us? >> is bad news. we wil be unemplod. where does that leave us? >> general moto tried to allay fears. >> we e working hard t continue with magna.
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>> but the le of gm is not just about cars and jobs. itis about politics, too. with gerny's general election two weeksaway, angela merkel has given herself a mar boost by garnering a deal she want. bbc news, brlin. >> a rert to beublished 9 in uk torrow criticesive executives to pay themselves and $70 million from the last brith-owdolume car maker before 00 workers lost their jobs. inspectors do not accuse the businessmen of breaking the law. more of the main news the first images of the self- procimed mastermind of the 91ttacks has emerg on the internet. kalisheik mohammed has been held in guantanamo bay. it is reported his family reased these photographs taken by the recross. at least 20eople have been
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killed in two sarate bomb atcks in iraq. a lorry had with explosives detoted in a kurdish village in the north. a bomb killed e perso and wounded five. vezuela will recogze the reakaway georgian regions o south ossetia. is will be theourth issue to recognize eir independence >> thefghan electoral mplete organization has invalidated some ballots from the presidentl election because of fraud they all were cast favor of hamas kaai. they are iestigating hundreds more complain. as we ha the repor from kabul the arguments could take monthsto settle. >> the days up to th
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anniversary of 9/11 are always marked iafghanistan with mmemoration of the leader killed by al-qaeda tw days beore the twin tower attacks in 2001. hey gather again to remembe this year, theyave a new hero -- drbdullah, but he es know what to fight with the d afgh weapons. he wants to when an elecon. on the songest attack on president karzaio date, he claimed that he control the election commission. >> it has been corrupt. is is now wispread. ihink it is not for the good of the country that someone comms massive fraud > do you thi th election has en stolen from you? >>t habeen stolen from the
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nation. i think it is a great disservice to the peoe. >> e u.s. envoy to afghanistan would not be drawn into criticism of this ection yet. >> noall the peoplof afghanistan we able to vote. as i sai many times will for this election, very imperfect elections througho the wests well. holding them tthese coitions -- this is great thing to do. let's see wh happens before we jump tconclusions. >> president kaai has denied the claims. his spokean derides them as the last ga of bad loser. b his victory is benning to look in doubt with the third disqlification of votes ordered by the internaonal body overseeing electns. the soldierwho fout the russians still wait for peace. >> th is not help democra was a poster turnout in fghanistan, but it's ha to
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see whatthe international community can do. may leave in place a weakened president, tainted b corrtion. its harder to explaito the yog soldiersighting and dyin to ensure stabily in helmand. >> movg on, russia'foreign minist has refed to confirm or deny that israel's prime minister made a secret visit to scow on monday. e also refused to comment on reports th the visit might make -- link is really concerns -- israeli concerns to the mysterious case of the arctic sea. it was allegedly hijacked by pirates. nine women have been eed from a turkish viage where they spent two months cked up, beeving it were pa of a reality tv show. their relates raise the alarm when they were prevted from contacting them.
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cameras were producing live images for painnternet users. one suspect has be arrested. workhorses for haulg cargo to the internaonal space station. for next year, e stion will no longebe serviced by the american eet. as international attention focuses on the exnsion of jewish settlements in e west bank, much of the internal debateithin israel ccerns e makeup of its army --a right wing religious groups are growin in influce in what used to be a sular and today. have this report from jerusam. >> isra's army is chging. one secular, the combat units e now filled wit those who believ israel's walls are god's lls. the're becoming more powerful. they train here at officer's
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school to become part of the miliry elite. during iael's invasion of gaza earlier this year, religionnd religious rhetoric seemed to play a b role. >> the religiouintervention was so innse inside the base -- you are goin to a battle. you are looking, you know, at a painting. nex u.s., -- next to us, there was a civilian rab. the rabbi was also an officer. it was likee were going to a holy war. >> rabbis hunt -- hand out hundreds of these pamphlets, calling it t palestiniasons of darkness. the viims -- palestinian civians, not just militants
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anthe enemy. israel has distanced themselves from the leaflets. this is one of therowing mber o orthodox jewish schools that encouragesaking ofibles to the balefield. this is becoming increasingly prominent in israel's army. less iologically-driven israelis are avoiding them. this has made headle newsn israel. >> award to prect the stateof israel is a rigious obligation. -- a war t protect the state of rael is a religious obligation. these are theettlers in the west bank. theyre part of the rit wg like a majity of military rabbis and e new wave of israeli soldiers. what about theest bank? ifresident obamagets his way, israel will evacuate most
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settlements like this one from the west bk. they are illegal under international law. paleinians call the west bank their future state. but not forget -- the west bank isart of the holy land given to them god. wi they bewilling to obey government orders too ainst their relious convictions? many in the army thk not. but is really likes militar leers songly disagree. >> the moral cde is vy clear. we demand soldiers t behave under this cod anydy can sa or ceate another co. not a religis one. > all the commanders arin charge of their soldiers. >> day tod, is really going military maly operates in civilian areas -- za, the west
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bank, in east jusalem. the influence on israeli soldiers attitudes is key. this is likely to affect the way they use their power and their weapons. >> still to come for you on "bbc world news." the speech had urgency, passion, determination, but did hit home wit the viers? we will be iwashington with eaction to presiden obama's bigpeech to congress. first though, five girls have been killed, 24 others injured ata stampede in new delhi. a staircase that turned into a tragedy. we have this reports at state authorities have orred an inquiry in the incident. >> emotial scenes outsidehe hospil wherehe victims were taken. thiwoman distraught.
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anxious to find out if their loved ones ar ok. the lucky ones who got away, th reve t teifying moments. >> we were trapped byther students. several girls were trapped badly cause they cannot find any wa to get out. there were not able to bathe. we h no hope we could be saved. some died and many others fated. >> the girls were here- inhe upper foor of the school, takin ems, when they went down. this narrow staircase was the only way out. it became a virtual death trap. many are claiminthe school authorities -- many arelaming the school authorities fo not controlling thesituation. angry relatives vented their anger, pelting sones aus. poce are called in to rei in the protesters. there are no comications.
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the government ordered an inquiry determine what wrong. will take a lot more satisfy people here. >> one thing that this incident has done is focus attention on the gernmental hool i india. ey are poorly euipped and are overcrowded and derstaffed. in an emergency like today, the response is far from adequate. bbc news, delhi. >> the latest headlines for you on "bbc world ne." general motors is selling its european operation to a canadn-russian consortium. good news for thounds of gean car works and a worry for other in europe. the afghan electionatchdo has invalidated rults from dozens of plingtations because fraud. rack obama has accepted an
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apology from a republican politicianho heckled his spee onealth careeform on wednesy. this is the moment, as the present was speaking, when joe wilson made his presence felt. >> the reformi am proposing would not apply to those whoare here illally. >> a lie. >> president obama acceed the rapid and unambiguous apogy. our special coespondent has more fm washington. >> thateckling, that just does not ppen on these occasions. it was our real ock. here to consider the reactio and others to the speech, the senior political producert the bet. thatas quite a shock >> politically, it was a time bomb. has been all over the cty today.
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mediately, most of his republican collgues -- representative wils is from south calina -- heas asked to do an apology. he issued one immediate. he spoke to e president. but he was alsosked his colleagues to gon to the hous floor and apologize, and declines tdo that. what does ts means well for lino voters, for african erican voters when ty are heari that sort of reaction? >> this was a doub whammy annsult from the publican party, to go through lge blocks o minority voters. this came when the predent was addressing immigration. excuse me n addressing immigration but whether not migrants would be able to recee health care. he said they woul not ifhey were in the country illelly. everyone knows that was a direct rerence to --everyone knows they are going on about illegal immigrants, primarily latino
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immigrants w bore the bruntf that the second thingas the total disrespect of the president'. it was an sult to the african- amican community. thihas never happened before on the house floor. this type of bavior was unseem. the ticket as a slight of the commander in chief and they obably thought it was acceptable because of his race. >> is the any chance of bipartisan refm? is tre anyhance, do you thk, that he canwin over moderate repuicans? >> i think there's a chce he can win some modere reblicans that were already with him. i do not kw. that is probably a libya snow in the senate and susan collins, but the home are from the northeast. -- that is probably at olyia snowe in e senate. it i going to ba battle. i think there are still stalwarts in the republican party including senator jn
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mccainnd orrin hatch. they will get together toigure out what they can comfortably fer the president. >> thank you for your insit. we will be watching this debate it carries on, as it will til christmas and beyond. >> thank you. obama hasalled the britis prime minister gdon brown to expreshis disappoinent at the release of the manonvicted of the lockerbie bomng. wning street sd the discussion of al-megrahi ftured only briefly in the discussion betwe the two men. writing has bron out in the ugdan capal. security forces -- te late reports say least seven eople are dead. the stted during protest against officia efforts to stop peeking fromisiting an
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ea whe it -- to stop fr visiting a area wherehis presence was thought to cause unrest. >> ones in one directio teargas in thether. but t vience took aturn for the woe. ugandan security fors began sing teargas and live bullets, causing six fatalities. police in armored carriers confronted scores writers in the business district where they work- and rioters in the business district where they were throwing ston. the king wanted to visithe northeasof the city. the government tri to stop the visit forear of violence, leading his own supporters to ake to the streets in protest
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ey are the largest ethnic group in ugan. the ugandanaine is expected to travel on the -- kaine is expected to travel on satury -- king is pected to trel on saturday. >> he leader of the collision in lebanon has givenphis efforts to put together a unity government. he was given narrow majority in parliament anwas asked to form a new administration. it looks like he h failed. he blames the oppositio backed by iran and lby hezbollah. >> he gave it to in the half months of effor but he is iving up. the two sides did reach an agreement on the overa balance of power with the new cabinet, but not on who suld havehat post. he accused e opposition, l byezbollah, as trying to
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impose unacceptable conditns at every turn. >> my effort to rm anational unity government was facedith problems that e now we known,o i announced to the lebanese day that i had to tell the president i could not form a governmen whathappens nw -- >> what happens w is at he will ask paramentary leaders to form a negovernment. it h to be sunni. he may be asked to try agn. >> he should make another effort to form a government. he does notthings will not work out in th country. >> he came out of e general election i earlyune with a small, asignificant majority of hezbollah and its coalitn. they accuse him trying to impose a fai accoli over who gets wh portfolio. there is no assunce of
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success. the deadlock between the two sides led to violent class in beirut andelsewhere last year. soar, butarty seem determined to avoid a repetition of that,he there areo guarantees. bbc news, a rich. >> n badband promise to unitehe world, t in south africa, the weather is no faster th the humble carrier pigeon. an information tecology firm grew so fstrated with intern speed that they mnted an unusl challenge. >> the inrmation superhighway -- fast,efficient, and an essential tool of modern siness. ut it may not be quite afast as it seems. at least not in some partof africa. trying to prove their point, frustrated at the port service offer from the leading internet servi provider, they
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release their sect weapon -- winstonhe carer pigeon. 11onths old andearing to go. no cats are aowed to disrupt his progress. then, when the mory stick strapped to his tiny legs, winon took off. the saminformation was being ailed. ousands followed his progress on social networking site, and hours later he aived. the data wasemoted, and two hour after he lft, eth ta was ready to be used. as for the e-ma version -- 4% of the data had reached its destination. proof, the cmpany says, that their idea had a serious ed to it. >> we areaving a lot fun as well doi something like this.
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but solutio like this -- we needo think outside the box. anythi is possibl >> and what now for winston? accorng to the websi, he is celebrating s victory by chilling with his fries. bbc news. >> winston's share price h gone up a bit, i would say. general motors has a agreed to sell a mority stake ol stake to a consortium led magna. good news forar workers in germany, but it does leave european car woers worried about jobs that their plans thank you for beg with us on "bbc world news." >> fding was made possible by the freeman foundaon of new york, owe, vermont, an honolulu. the john d. ancatherine t. macarthur foundation. and unn bank.
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