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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 1, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> bc world news" is presented kcet, los angeles. funding for this preseation is made possible by e frman foundation of new rk, stow
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rmont, and honolulu. the newman's own fountion. the jo d. and catherine t. marthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has pu its financial strengtho work for a wide range of companies, from small businesseso major corporations. what can we dfor you? >>nd now "bbc world news." >> [audible] >> and the people's republic at 60. just how much has ina changed
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since ma, and wre is it headg now? helo. 1100 dead and couing. that is the latest figures from the humanitarian chief of the united nations as emergency crews worked for th nht through thrain trying to fi survivors from the two us? of thendonesian island of sumatra. hospital offices, schools reduced to rule, and the emgency team spir hundreds may still be trapped. from sumatra, alice reports. >> it is a despera race to pull the survorsut from under tons of rube. no one s any idea just how ma people are trped. many are withireach, by as
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yet, beyond lp. the macnery that is available rescuing people, but the are so many bldings that hav come down. so many people trapped, desperely waiting for help to come. this ishere the injured uld normal -- [inaudible] many of those pulled fromhe rubble are badlyurt. thecale of this disaster is overwhelng everyone. it is diicult to asp the extent of the damage from th quake tt had been predicte but at no one expected. the airport here has opened,nd flights carrng eight have stted to come in. internatnal organizations have sent urgt supplies and search
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teams. at the airport waiting to be lifted out was deletion franciscoeletionfelicia francesca >> t more you run, the more pac youecame, and the more drowsy you fell. >> aid workers are starting to arrive at the main airpt. it has bn pretty chaotic thughout the day since they allow the aircraft to co in. sulies are coming year, medicine, as well food and help and t search teams who are going to tryo getpeople out. these people areaiting for relatives to comeere. there so little knowledgef what exactly is going on on the ound. further down the road here, the search and rescuefforts are underway and wl go on through the night. >> thsands of kiloters away
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the south pacifi rescue rkers on te islan samoa, amican samoa, andonga are still searching areas wrecd by the tsunami ich structhere on tuesday. recovery workers complicated by the reteness of the isla -- recovery work is colicated by the remoteness of the isla. >> te people of this remote part of the south pacific wonder if lives will ever be the same again. an oce that has sustained th for so long has not inflicted untold misery. the search for survivors an more victims continues. there are fears thatroups of islanders have bee swept out to se amid the loss of lives and immense damage to coaal areas, there are the who somehow managed to defy nature i onslaught. charlie pierce, a schoolteacher from new zealand, was on a tck packed wi schoolchildren. e vehicle pulled over swamp.
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. pierce survive. >> it just pt coming in and coming in. [inaudible] because whe i got my wits abou me, i uldeel them touing . i knethat this was my time to come home. [inaudible] >> therere similar stors of surval elsewhere. those who cheated death. while e lives of many otrs, including a yog brish chi, were destroyed by a freak event. theseacific islands will never forget. >> staying in thesia-pacific
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region, the country is badly hit by a typhoon, still working to t aid to its victim in the phippines, there are villages in the north still bmerged. fficials say the hes o two ana half million people have en swamped by the worst flooding in four decades. the death toll is nearing 30 but doze are still miing. the news from vietnams grim, too. at least00 peopleead. it istimated the homes of abou 1.5 million have been affected. there are wnings of more flash floods and landslisn mountainous areas and high water in low-lying areas. in neighborin cambodi rescuers are picking through the remains of houses blown down or buried in lanlides. ma villagesre still cut off by mud-clogged roads. at lst 14 people havedied, but that number is expected to rise. ow, there are warningshat anothemajor storm will be rolling through thregion.
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the tyoon is hded for the north of e philippines with winds gusting over 200 lometers per hour. a constctive beginning, says president obam but it must be followed by constructi action. thatis his verdict o today's tas in geneva between membs of the united natio security counciand iran's nuclear negotiators. it ialso the first time the american governmenhas engaged face-to-face with them. president obama is insisting, too, on a rapid inspection of e iranians nuclear facili in qom. it was onlyevealed last week. >> the talks were held a long way from thworld ofrouble ira's nuclear ambitns could create. the most powerful countries on th planet went into the negotiations wanting evidence
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before the leaves are ten the mysters that iran is not trying to get nuclear weapons -- before the leaves e offf geneva'trees. president obama kept uthe pressure. >> we are committ to serious and meaningful engement, but we areot interested in talking for the sake ofalking. if iran does not ke steps in the near future to liv up to its obgations, en the uned states will not continue to negotiate indefinely, and we are prepared to move towards increased pressure. >> the meetingneneva for the rstime including america diplomats would tter than expect. the two sidesave madan agreent in pinciple, wch, if implemend, could low the nuclear tenons considerably. iran has enriched enough uranium, many believe, to he the basis for nuclear bomb,
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but the proposed deawould take most of it to russia and france d return it as fuel, which cannot be made to a weapon. and iran has agreed to let ited nations inspectors and to the supposedly sret nuclear facity near qom. it is too early to say wether 7.5 urs of talks in a quiet swiss village will to see ia growing crisis, which could lead toar. difficult negotiatio are [no audio] t end of the ye, iran will face more sanctionseither from the security council or om a consortiuat the united states, brita, france, and their allies. beyond that are the veiled and not veiled threat of military action. >> the insurgency in afghanian is growing, anthe success of
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th wesrn mission cannot be takenor granted. that is what the commander o u.s.nd nato fces in afghanistan said in london today. it is easy to see why genal stanley mcchrystal s concerned. they face almost dailgun battles wi the taliban. the bbc went to one of the marines' mos rete combat outpos. >> marching to war, taliban positions, just a coupl hundred meters over in that direcon. things have been acquired over the last few weeks, but the fe was th thealiban were regroung. so fr, that seems to be bei borne out. they need cover anda volley of mortgages as fire in. -- a volley of mortars isired
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in >> we got one marinehot. >> oneof the marines is st through the chest. he is able to talk but needs urgent medical care. the talibanad the troops in eir sights. watch as the rounds land close by. >> we are going to try to shoot thbirds down. >> as the emergency medical team rives, the taliban agai opened fire. o days later, another member the platoon wahot and this time killed. they have lost 13 men in the la three months, and although ty had driven the taliban backthey are stretched. >> the reaty is w should be able to share tangle progress with a year because of we cannot, all the nations tt are participating a going to write
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to go back andook and say,is it worth our e blood and treasure?" >> withhat, an alrnate ship. many want thousandsore afghan soldiers, but that will take years. another iea iso pull back and fos on al qaeda inead. what is clear is thathis coflict is at a cticaltage, and the window of opportunity to win this war is radly closing. >> stay wth us if you can "bbc world news." ill to ce, we are rembering gondi. we will hear from one of theew men sll alive wh really knew the indian icon. first, thou, europe's biggest defense contraor is facing the bgest corporate corruption osecution in british history thompany is acced o paying hundreds of llions of dollar in bribes to secure contracts
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from africa, the mile ea, and eastereurope. it is no the first time they have face sh allegations. three years ago, tony bla called o a separate invtigation with saudi arabia, citing the ri for national serity. bae deni any wrongdoing. >> your biggest defense company any jor player in the u.s ecomy is now facing t possibility ofrosecution. bae systems is alled to have id cash to gain foreign contracts. thesinclude a deal to sl the czech republic the griffon fighterircraft. in romania, there was deal overor goods. in south afri, it was an estimated 1.5 billion poun contract. in tzania, and military air trfic control system. clare short was international development secretarwhen the tanzaniadeal was agreed. she opposed it the >> riping off a ve poor
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untry is a very ancie -- with some very engine equipment it s 20illion pounds in e case of tanzania. that they would go so r over whafor them is a sll amount of money says to me they douch things on a biggescale elsewhere. >> at headquarters, the messa is thewant to drop a line under this affair and move . sources say they are ready to each aettlement, which could run to tens of millions of pounds, but they e contesting th idea that palties could be as high as the 1 billion figure, which some he speculated. they're criticid for haltg inquiry. nowthey want toake a tougher ne on similar deal >> the latest headlines f you on "bbc world news." the united nations now believ at least 1100 peoe haveied in the earthquakes in ionesia,
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two quick twoqua -- quakes in 24 hours. this week marks 140 years since mahatma gandhi was born in the indian state of gujarat. e made aameor himself fighng injustice in south africa but returned home to india in 1915, dermined to secure its indendence from britn. he also had a social mission he set about estabshing a religious community. >> gandhi'quest to shake up the british raj began in s home state of gujara e decided to found ashram or religioucommunitythat would be at e heart of his polical
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work and an inspiration to indian society, but he had few followers and not much money. this wa not to be a community said in aow a dull. he chose a lation here in o of india's most industrialized cities. its many textile mills have given it the nickname "the mancster of ndf -- of iia." ashmwas built on the ways owns on the banks o a river and on grew into organized community of aut 300 people. gandhi wante it to rurn to the virtues of simple village life, especially the spiing andeaving of cloth that he believed could make indians self-sufficient. i have brought back to the asam and and who ew appear in the920's with gandhi as a
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friend and spiration. his faer was gandhi's seetary and trusteddviser for over 25 years today, he is one of t few remainingeople who can claim to have ge up -- no mahatma gandhi -- claim to have known matma gandhi. he had his own views on his philosophies. >> that gave me a oppornity to write a letter to gandhi, saying, "is is what is happeninin your ashram, and you talk aut non-violence." >> even before e ashram opened, gandhi had awn up rules for the community to follow. they are fascinating, encapsulate a lo of the that would guide him for the rest of
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his life their busine. one cannot foll truth orow so long as what is subject to fear. sot was really iortant that people shld not be afraid of anything. >> yes, that was the most important part. >> at the heart ofhe ashram, is gandhi's ro, place full ofemories. do you rememr him sitting here? >> i more remember my father siingver there taking dictation, setimes shing him thapers, etc. hodo you feel when you e in this room? >> ieel as if iave come back to my old hoe. th is like mywn place.
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he was 56ears older than me, but there was no distincon of age between him and me. you felt as ife entered your hearthen he spoke. >> a verspecial ot in gujat. tanks and heavy weaponry from will through beijing today behind thsands of tops as ina celeated 60 years of communist rule. the presint made a speech in the ry spot where chairman mao declaredhe founding of the pele's republic. then ca folk dancing and fireworks. our world news editor wathere. >> it all felt distinctly retro. president hu for his jacket. china couldave emphasized how capitast it now is. shows north rea and stead.
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"we haveorked hard," she shouts, "and we serve e people." the iron rose,rmy volunteers not really maoist but defitely think. the ouds have been chas away china's whether changing technology -- weather-changing technology. the latest miiles are wheeled out. these coul hit washingt or london, but none of thiis really intend to scare the outside world. is to make china el good about itself at difficult time. the learship waall lined up, past, present, d future. the latest political bz word is harmony. ly socialism can save china, says thepresident, and only reform can ensure the
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development ofhina. another cmmunist tradition -- rading the leadership portraits. theres the last presidt, who established capitalism in the party oppose the cstitution. he thehanded oveto hu jintao, who seems more conservative. in a way, we are right back whe we ud to be in the old days with china watchers examining every ny little tail to seef they can get se clue as to whatis really ppening behind t scenesn the chinese leadership. while interpretationf what we haveeen today is that aa time of high unemployment an anger agains corruption, the government wants to get back to basics. the basics being eld communistay. toght, it turned into a unningly staged party, though nordinary peoe were invited. he chinese are hugely proud of their count.
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they ll soon be the world's number 2 economy. they still have not sorted out their tr direction. >> moment of truth is almost upon those citsompeting to host the 2016 olympic gam. friday is decision day, and th race has been close. chicago, madrid, rio de janeiro, d tokyo have been battling it out, each is passing -- eh dispatcng superstars to penhagen to pihn their behalf. most of the action has been away from public view. >> we can all see thofficial news conferences but what is going onehind t scenes? soone whonows is amy rosewater, editor of the u.s. olympiweb site. the amnt of travelingust be intense. >> it absolutely is. as a five-ng circus rig n with all of these cities and bod members tryingo wheel anddeal and get these last boats so that they can ge their
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citynd olympic games. >> it is not against any re. itsed to be, but it has changed. >> it has. afr the salt lake city scandal where there is briby going o they are no longer allowed to vit those cits, so inste, the stars are coming to them. no there's thisarade of peop who are coming. obama is ing to come. the esident of brazil is going to make it. then it comes a gam in a diffent sort of way. >> do you think it was wise for barack obama to decide to be there personally tonight? >> i think i is. i thinkttakes the splight off of t domestic issues and the internatiol affairs, but if chicago doe not win, this could be brutal for him beuse people will say, her "you were off trying to win an ympic games when you had more pressing issues" or what some people think are more pressing >>ou have actually seen him in action.
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>> i waswith him on the ite house lawn earlier this month, and he was talking about strategy. he could haveust done a nice photo op, t he really talked to them aboutheir sports. he is a really avid sports n. >> there isa gap beeen voting re as one city ocks up, there is fresh ggling. you nd a real presence there. >> absolutely because the kid and reay tense scdule. as soon as one cy is eliminated, ey have three cits to vote on, so all te allegiances that these members have wit each other changes, and it is like a fre game. its really ahole interesting ball game. it is not oventil it is over. >> doestiterally of of ople running up and down corridors? >> it is going to be incredible. think the motion and the chaos behi the scenes, the things
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th people never see behindhe actual announcements -- there is going to be a l of tension. >> weill find out in just a few urs. thank u so much for joining us >> we' be broadcasting the announcement of who will be hostg the 2016 olympi from copenhagen. it is due to hpenomorrow at 16: 50 gmt. you can ao get theackground on allhe international news on any tim that is the gateway. clk through theito the new site. thanks foreing with us on "bbc world news." if you are staying wh us,t is hard court next. wasp to one of theost inflntial economist. u.s. andsia can see asia business reports liverom singape. the weather first and headlines.
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>> well it is not the newthat anybody in the philipnes wants to hear, but there is another phoon heading in your direion. auper typhoon set to make landfall in the north the country on saturday, but even friday, we e beginning toget some outbreaks coming in, and we still have some flding after the tropical sto last week. on now to ina, showers developing in delhi. the wettest places -for the middle east, a od deal of sunsne, but the gulf of aden, jt a few showers are around here, so th may get some of those. south america is try in rio. shall is by sunday. buenos aires r the moment holding on to sunshine. just in time for the weekd in new york, some showers are arriving here. the freeman foundation o new honolulu. e newman's own foundati. the john d. d catherine. macarthur fountion. and union bank.
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>> union nk has put its financial strength twork for a wide range of companie from small businesses to major coorations. what c we do for you? >> i'm lia stiles. >> i'm kevin bacon. >> i'm kim cattll. >>i, i'm ken burns. >> i'm lili taylor. >> i'm henry louis gate jr., and public broadcastinis my source for news out the world. >> for intellige conversation. >> for eleion coverage you can count on. >> for conveations beyondhe sound bites. >> a commitment to journism. >> for decidi who to vote for. >> i'm kerry washington, an publicroadcasting is my source f intelligent conntions to my community. >> "bbcorld news" wa
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