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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 30, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. ♪ >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> the president of ecuador -- a state of emergency is declared as police and the military joint anti-government protests. a religious site should be divided between hindus.
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and a massive bailout for ireland's a banks. the country is forced to act again just off of banking meltdown. welcome to "bbc world news." the newly discovered planet that could support life. and how would you get to be this old? the recipe for a long life according to france's oldest living twins. a state of emergency has been declared in ecuador after the president accused the opposition and security forces of an attempted president rafael corr coup. tear gas was fired.
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they forced the main airport to close. peru and colombia close their borders. >> tear gas and sit-in protests. they were not civilian protests. furious at austerity measures, dozens of national police officers chanted slogans and refused to patrol the streets. at the countries main airport, members of the military joined the protest by shutting off the runway and grinding international air traffic to a halt. as tensions began to rise, the countries president correa gave a defiant speech. >> if you want to kill the president, here i am. kill me if you are not happy, but we will continue with one
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policy, one justice -- dignity, and we will not take one step backward. if you want to take over and exert pressure go for it. >> few expects the protests will come to that. protests were held and other major cities. the president is considering the option of dissolving parliament and ruling by decree. these are uncomfortable times for the administration, that is said to be deeply divided. the senior military high command will do much to reassure his supporters that the presidency is not under threat for now. >> and will joins me from caracas. events are moving by the hour. what is the latest information you have for us? >> you mentioned it pretty much as much as we know so far, that
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first peru and colombia have closed their borders. a state of emergency has been declared by the government of president rafael correa. here in venezuela, chavez gave his soul back into his close ally, correa. so has the organization of american states and the u.s. embassy. while things are quickly moving on the ground in the cities in ecuador, they are also moving in the international forums as well. >> how confident does he feel in his position? if you have this bubbling, tense situation, is it is advisable to stand on the balcony and say, if you want me godgone, kill me. >> mr. correa is a very combat ative figure.
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chavez and he shared political visions. it is true to say that probably was not the most well advised step, but what he was trying to do is talk to the people holding a protest -- policemen -- and tried to reason with them. it went badly wrong. teargas was fired and he ended up in a military hospital. as in terms of whether he has control of the country, what is -- there are 150 military personnel that took over the airport. but their commanders, the head of the armed forces, are still by the president's side. that will be crucial in the coming hours. >> the indian prime minister has after ad for cfaaolm court ruling.
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whether the site of a mosque belongs to the majority hindus or the minority muslims. the decision is that it will be divided between the two groups. judges is set the site where hindu activist tore down the mosque in 1992 should be split three ways. >> it is the verdict that has had india on a knife's edge. when the lawyers emerged from the high court, they had to fight their way through a media scrum to announce the judgment -- control of the disputed site going to the hindus. the dispute over the holy site has divided hindus and muslims for decades and cause serious unrest. hindus believe the barbary mosque was built on top of the temple that marked the firs
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birthplace of one of their gods. in 1992, in the riots that followed, or around 3000 people were killed. news of the court ruling was greeted quietly. most people stayed off the streets as the police kept a tight vigil. heavy security is still in place after the verdict is delivered. police are asking people to stay indoors, not to react to the verdict. beyond the barricade, this lane leads to the disputed site and has been divided into three parts. it is quite clear that this ancient dispute has still not been completely resolved. the case now will most certainly go into appeal. most people want an end to the uncertainty. >> people become more knowledgeable about. the temple versus mosque issue
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is not important. what we want is development. >> we are extremely happy that the courts acknowledge that this is lord rahm's birthday. >> but many believe india has moved on and that the issue is no longer emotive. in this town, the feeling is that while their faith should be respected, peace should prevail. >> now look at some of the other top stories. officials in pakistan have stopped all native supply trucks crossing at the border checkpoint into afghanistan, after an data check. -- after n/a note helicopter killed -- a nato helicopter killed three soldiers. kim jong-un has taken his public place in line to succeed his
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father kim jong-il. he was seen at north korea's ruling workers party. isme like ialberto contador fighting to save his career after testing positive for a banned substance, clenbuterol. he says it is a clear case of contamination caused by eating uncooked meat. the irish economy was hailed as a european success story. but today, it may take the debt crisis to new depths. ireland has endured one round of austerity measures and there is more pain to come. >> for ireland, it was the big, unsettling unknown -- what would be the final total bill to fix their banks. today they got the answer -- 39 billion pounds.
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the irish government warned that if the banks were not spelled out, it would bring down the country and the prime minister made this appeal on television tonight. >> we have to confront the challenges that face us and let's do this as intelligently as possible, knowing that there are no soft options available and that we will be making sacrifices. >> on the streets of dublin, they were calling as black thursday. >> i do not know what we can do about it. >> my daughter is in college you're in school has not even begun. >> in the worst-case scenario, it will cost 39 billion pounds to bail out the banks. by far the biggest amount will go to anglo irish bank, up to 29 billion pounds. the total cost of this rescue amounts to a staggering 32% of ireland's gdp, the value of everything the country produces in the year. >> ireland is in desperate
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situation at the moment. unless something changes, i think a couple of years down the road, you are looking at the extreme likelihood of a bad crisis. >> so how did this crisis began? it began with the easy credit, easy borrowing and speculation, in the property market until the bubble burst. ireland has is a ghost towns, and in housing estates where no one can afford to buy. it is a country where the economy is shrinking, wages and benefits have been cut, and where the local pawnbrokers cents a hardship. >> things are definitely getting worse. christmas is coming up. mothers, fathers, children are coming in trying to buy second- hand gives to give to their parents because they cannot afford to buy new. >> yesterday, a protester blocked the entrances of parliament with a cement truck. there have been two years of austerity and public-sector
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workers know that after today they face a new round of cuts. >> it is not fair. the banks are being bailed out when other people -- it is not fair. >> the government said today the cost of the bailout was horrible but manageable. but it is not clear how our land will generate the income to service this level of debt -- how ireland will generate the income to service this level of debt. >> turning our attention to chile. the pictures showed that 33 checktrapped chilean miners. they are using heavy equipment. >> deep underground, the miners can see and hear the progress is being made. a hole that could be wide enough for our rescue capsule in days
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or weeks. working as a team, eight weeks in, they clear the debris with a heavy machinery trapped alongside them. mario, checking his watch as he talks to the engineers. the 39 year-old looks in remarkably good health. as he says, the men want people to know they are working well. the more debris that comes down shows a better progress of the drilling above. we show these pictures to the father of the miner who had filmed them. "very good," he said. the broken drill bits and tell the story of how difficult the rescue has been. the pound at the granite and other rock separating the 33 men from the outside world. with the rest today getting closer by the day, the families
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are thinking of their financial future. the majority are traveling to court seeking damages of at least $1 million each. tim wilcox at the san jose mine, chile. >> still to come -- >> you might say we had a passion for shells. >> one of the last surviving stars of hollywood's golden age, tony curtis, dies at the age of 85. a global survey of the world river systems concluded that nearly 80% of the world's population with near rivers under threat. the survey also accuses developed countries of failing to arrest the underlying offense to sources of fresh water. -- effects to sources of fresh water. >> many of us have clean water
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flowing into our homes on tab. there is no signs of this inequity abating. it concludes that 80% of humans are exposed to potential threats from the rivers they live near. while that leaves 3.4 billion people in poor nations vulnerable. the acquisition is that major western cities like london engineered their way out of danger without sufficient regard for by our diversity and sustainability. this is the latest engineering project to safeguard human health in london. soon there will be starting work on a 7 kilometer title which will act as an overflow pipe, ensuring that human excrement does not fit into the water source. -- does not get into the water source. >> a london has a troubled in
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size since it was built. there is nothing that we can do -- we are going to the cause. we will stop the overflows from where they happen and build the tunnel. >> engineering works have a long track record in safely separated humans from the waste. if developing nations have the funds, millions of lives could be saved. the report says more attention it needs to be paid it to the problems we may be storing up upstream and down. >> this is "bbc world news." a state of emergency is declared in ecuador after the president, correa, accuses security forces of a coup. a court in india has ruled that a religious site will be divided between hindus and muslims.
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the hollywood legend and tony curtis died of heart attack in america at the age of 85. in a career spanning 60 years he appeared in well over 100 films, including "some like it hot" and "spartacus." his life off screen it was as colorful as his life on screen. >> it is for this world that many will remember tony curtis. >> why is everyone staring? >> with those legs, are you crazy? >> giving up, at performance alongside jack lemmon and marilyn monroe. >> spoofing cary grant, his idol. >> born in the bronx, into a family of impoverished town during immigrants, he said he felt trapped by new york city. his good looks proved to be his passport.
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he moved from being eye candy to and admired character actor. >> i am hosting my favorite new perfume -- success. >> this performance of one him an academy nomination but not the oscar -- won him an academy nomination but not the oscar. he lived the hollywood dream -- a film star wife, the list friends -- the "a" list friends. feeling rejected, he left for england where his talent was appreciate it. >> i think he will be remembered as a very good actor when people start reflecting on the amount of work he did, both in drama and comedy. he certainly was a wonderful in "some like it hot" and the fils ones."id "the defiant >> back in america, the living
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was not so easy. he battled with a drink, drugs and wives, of which he had six. when the studios stopped calling, he started to make his own pictures. tony curtis would do almost anything for attention. >> i'm spartacus. >> an approach that led to a career spanning six decades. >> he really deserved to be a legend. he did not just do one thing and he survived way beyond the 1930's of hollywood where stars were made, but he was a star that was really born. >> from now, the best of everything will be from a. >> he was a clever, indiscrete reckon term that could light up any party -- raconteur that could light up any party. tony curtis was one of the greatest actors of hollywood's golden age, and that is how he will be remembered. >> tony curtis, who died last
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night. president obama's envoy to the middle east has held crucial talks with the palestinian president abbas. the palestinians have threatened to quit the talks unless the israeli prime minister extends the partial freeze on settlement building. we have been to the west bank settlement. >> israel never froze settlements in occupied east jerusalem. this has gone on since march. no construction can resume in the west bank. from the beginning, when israel captured the land in 1967, settlement was about creating a new reality the idea was that if jews were settled, it would become politically impossible ever to return it to arab control. more than 40 years on, it is looking like a pretty successful strategy. so history begins with
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george mitchell. the palestinian president abbas is unhappy about israel not extending its settlement freeze, so he is threatening to pull out. >> we are determined to continue, and we are continuing our efforts to find common ground between the parties. >> on the way to his olive groves, a farmer says it would be nothing left to talk about if israel continued to build on the occupied west bank. his trees are just below the jewish settlement. he says sewage from it has killed them. these are dead olive trees. >> yes. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7 ,8 9. from here, i cannot count. 9 treses died. >> all killed by sewage?
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he cannot get to the trees and close by the sentiment. they had been dealing -- digging foundations since the freeze ended. under international law, such plans by an occupier are illegal. -- settlements by an occupier are illegal. >> the areas around here contain the holiest places. i do not see it going anywhere. >> so a biblical right, a land given by god to the jews? >> absolutely. >> in jerusalem, israelis are celebrating a jewish holiday, part of the rhythm of life in the holy city. so is conflict and so is diplomatic failure. the americans still hope they can change that.
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>> now, it is 120 trillion miles away, according a -- orbitting a sar. tar. it is a new planet. >> or around the distant stars and the night sky are other planets. so far, astronomers have discovered 500 worlds. none of them are capable of supporting life. but now they have found one that may possibly unite our own. >> it is the first time we found a planet that has the right man is in is the right distance to have a liquid water and a substantial atmosphere. >> they have the flag up. >> people are fascinated by the idea of traveling to other world and maybe even finding life. but they did not find any when they traveled to the moon. apart from the earth, the other
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planets in our solar system are on likely to harbor life. so what kind of planet can support life? if it is too close to the son of like mercury it will be too hot. if it is too far away like neptune, it will be to call. but if it is somewhere in the middle like earth and our new planet, it will be just right. that is the story of goldilocks and her courage. it is called exactly that -- the goldilocks zone. >> if you have planets and the goldilocks the zone where the temperature is right and there are millions of these kinds of objects, then it seems unlikely that we are the only place in the universe where there is life. >> this raises the possibility that planets like earth may be common in our galaxy may be teeming with life. >> now, whisky and pastis combined with exercise seems to be the ideal recipe for long life, according to two french
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sisters who have been confirmed as the oldest living twins. >> identical twins, 98 years apiece, are not looking at day over 75. born in 1912, their first memory is their father leaving for the first world war. today, they share a house near the sea in southwest france, still bent on living life to the full. >> the joie the vivre. >> we love dancing, cards, and we have huge numbers of friends. that is the marvelous thing. buttoday it's tarot cards, they still go dancing. and until a few years ago, they swam in the sea. age 70, 's daughter, says her mother and autnt always
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played sports. her mother played basketball until her late 60's. they have no officially been recognized by the guinness book of world records as the world's oldest twins. what is the secret potion? >> for raymond, the answer is pastis. she has always had a thirst and hurt and it is the only thing to satisfy. as for her sister -- >> whisky. >> so now you know. bbc world news from london. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and
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>> tom: a surprise announcement from hewlett packard. the tech giant chose an outsider, leo apotheker, as its chief executive.


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