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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> mission accomplished as she lay celebrates a flawless rescue. good they say the survival has -- as she lay -- as chile celebrates a flawless rescue. >> it has been an inspiring example for the whole world. >> president ahmadinejad gets a hero's welcome from supporters just north of the border with israel. a very warm welcome from bbc news. coming up later, gauging the election mood ahead of america's midterms, in nevada, unemployment hits record highs. after the controversy, the curtain falls on kelly's commonwealth games in
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spectacular style. -- fall from the commonwealth games in spectacular style. chile's president is promising new laws to prevent similar occurrences to the miners trapped underground. they were brought half a mile to the surface on wednesday with a dramatic and unprecedented rescue. >> welcome. this is where the 33 miners are still being looked after tonight, their first day of freedom, and they are going to begin living the rest of their lives from now on. the president of chile says this country will never be the same again. he says the ordeal has made the
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more united and respected around the world, but he also says new legislation has to be introduced to prevent such accidents from happening again. the last of the miners was rescued during the night. they have had their first square meals since coming out of the ground -- chicken, rice, and a bit of yogurt. a look at the images and the recovery. now >> they certainly look relaxed, and it is not just protect of sunglasses. posing with the president or the team manager, the rescued miners seem to be brushing off the ordeal, helped by the solidarity they developed underground. this has not hurt his ratings or his country's. a miracle took place under brown says president kenyatta -- says
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-- underground says the president. this is how it ended. under the mountain, the last minor waiting his turn. could this impossibly complicated rescue mission really be amended so smoothly? the answer arrived with the leading man in this dazzling trauma of a. -- this dazzling drama. then the president leads the national anthem.
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he has earned it. he was in charge when the mine collapsed. his leadership kept the team alive for those first 17 bleak days. when rescuers finally broke through, it was him and told the world they survived. there are no words to describe the first phase, but we were strong and brave enough to fight for our lives and for our family's. a wonderful theme as the celebration gets started. until the last minor was out, people were holding back in case there was a problem. the last man was brought out safely, and the place erupted into wild cheers. it is happening faster than anyone expected. it has taken less than 24 hours.
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7-year-old rosa had to wait until almost the end, trying hard to be brave for her father. reunion no. 31. each as precious as the last. then on the hillside, the families gathered. phase has played a big role in the past two months. -- faith has played a big role in the past two months. he has two sons. >> after the celebration, i suppose normal life will resume. it surprises me how brave my boys were. i did not know i had such strong funds. >> the rescue team marks their
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own achievements. mission accomplished, it says. then they went to safety. here is the entrance to the rescue tunnel, and beside it, a very well-worn escape capsules. what a souvenir that is going to make. the camp is being closed down. the families are heading home. the media is packing their bags. there is talk of building a bigger hole, of turning this into an open mind, but perhaps the desert will simply reclaim this briefly famous catch -- patch of baron hillside. >> he told us earlier he thought it was a miracle the miners were in such good health. the deputy director spoke to
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reporters a few minutes ago. >> with regards to the cases that seemed to be more complicated, the station will also be discharged. the progress has been very positive. the second patient, who have long problems -- had lung problems is also in the generic good health. they have responded to antibiotics, and the message we would like to give to everybody is that he has made very good progress. three miners will be discharged today and tomorrow. many more will be discharged.
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>> that was from the hospital behind me. if there is a medical worry, it is about the psychological state, about posttraumatic stress, and they have been offering help to deal with this. my colleague went to see the family of the youngsters minor, who was just 19 years old. >> she looks a lot like her father, but he has not been around for half of her short life, and the mother says she knows it. >> he is to put her to bed. he is to sink her. he used to walk around the house with her. >> he is the youngest of the rescued minors. today he saw his girlfriend and daughter for the first time since his rescue. has he changed, i asked 17-year- old helen. >> he went in a boy and came up
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unman. >> -- out a man. >> there are news crews squeeze between patients. this must be the most public visiting time in the world. authorities are allowing minors to see their family members in slow groups so they can slowly get to know each other or one again. they have not explain how they plan to cope with all this. all 33 miners and their families will get psychiatric support for six months. is it enough? >> i think the experience was very hard. i do not know if they all have the elements to face the fame and the oblivion. >> make no mistake. fame is coming. he had been working in the minds of five days when it collapsed. his brother told me they have not spoken about the ordeal. it is prohibited for their
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mental state. >> it is prohibited by who? the doctors, he said. she is lucky daddy is coming home soon, but the future for this family will be different from the one they imagined. >> crowds and reporters have been gathering outside this regional hospital all day long. these miners have become local heroes and international celebrities. it will be interesting to see how they cope with that and also how chile changes. this country will never be the same again. >> many thanks indeed. let's bring you up-to-date with some of the other news. the iranian president ahmadinejad is going to rally
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supporters in lebanon, sell for kilometers from the israeli border. he told the rally the world should know zionists will perish. the united states and israel have called the visit provocative. jeremy reports from lebanon. >> thousands came to see the man the israelis consider their most dangerous enemy just a few miles from the border. to the cheers of the crowd, he turned to israel and said, but the world know the zionists are fated to go. they will have to return to their original homeland. bringing president ahmadinejad here was designed to play on israeli fears and hugely symbolic for his hosts, hezbollah, the group backed by
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iran. they were never beaten in the 2006 war, despite repeated israeli attacks. in the south or here in a rout, president ahmadinejad was a reassuring -- in bay roots region beir -- io -- in beirut, president ahmadinejad was a reassuring sight. there are plenty who think his association with hezbollah could drag the country into another war with israel. one prominent group of critics have complained he is like a general visiting his front line. the problems are not just connected to president ahmadinejad's face-off with israel. sectarian tension is rising between the syrian -- sunnis and
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shiite. members of the civil war are always close. >> they want hope. we have not been able to build up a national conscience. we have not been able to get rid of this horrible regime. >> israel says the visit proves lebanon has become an iranian protectorate. the lebanese would not agree, but as he leaves, the growing conflict in the middle east is a little sharper than it was when he arrived. >> good to have you with us. stay with us. still to come, pressure at the pumps. the french government is urging calm but bracing for a fuel crisis. the nato secretary general says he is optimistic. the alliance will invest in a missile defense system to
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protect europe and america from hostile states. he was speaking at a rare joint meeting of nato foreign and defense ministers in brussels to discuss the strategy. we caught up with our correspondent, nick child. >> this is what is concentrating nato minds, iran's missile program. it is one piece of the backdrop to trying to modernize its strategy. this was the one chance for them to consider the new mission statement ahead of the next summit. the top official believes the meeting has changed the organization to adopting a shield as part of its strategy when the leaders meet, even in an age of budget cuts. >> the threat is clear. the capability exists, and the costs are manageable. i believe we can and should make
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missile defense for europe and nato capability, because the fans of our nation's is what nato is all about. >> the previous bush administration planned to build bases in poland and the czech republic. president obama change the focus. some members are still thought to be unsure how missile defense fits into other alliance policies on disarmament, but the nato secretary general wants to offer russia a share of the new plan. the mood music has changed dramatically in the last couple years, but then so, too, has the desire for reform, to remain relevant as the alliance tries to look beyond afghanistan. >> the latest headlines for you this hour. chile is celebrating the rescue
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of all 33 miners. the president says never again will people be able to work in such in humane conditions. president ahmadinejad had a hero's welcome from hezbollah supporters in lebanon just north of the border with israel. the french government has appealed for calm amid concerns next week the country faces a fuel crisis. dockers have joined a protest against tension -- pension reform. work stopped at nine of the country's 12 places. >> if there is one thing that has the power to bring the french economy to a standstill, it is oil. they have been protesting plans to privatize the oil terminals. suddenly, they find themselves of the front of a much bigger national disputes over pension
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reform, and it is their industrial action fed raises the specter of a crippling fuel crisis. >> 1 refinery closed, the other closing. by thursday evening the entire plant will be shut down. >> in the port of marseille, they are now stranded at sea. the president of the oil association says the blockade and the strikes are serious, very serious. >> as we finally come to a halt, we will have problems of inventory, and that will start in an issue next week. >> despite the warning that only panic-buying will bring about a crisis, there have been
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sporadic use forming around the country. there will be problems -- sporadic queues around the country. there will be problems at airports. there may well be cancellations. the government could get into the oil reserve, but that would require a decision at the highest level, and there could be a problem with news that one distribution center is already being blocked. elsewhere, there are strikes in transport and the energy sector, but so far, they have had a less serious impact. president sarkozy says there is no choice but to push through the pension reform, but they are refusing to back down. the french unions like to do nothing more than to show that they can flex their muscles when they choose. can they sustain the pressure, or will the strike sizzle out once the bill is passed through
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congress. the big concern is that the support they have so far will disappear from households around the country. >> some other top stories for you. record numbers of homes are being repossessed in the united states. the debate rages about the way lenders are managing foreclosures. one person said they took more than 100,000 properties last month. that is the highest number since the crisis began two years ago. the politically sensitive trade gap with china has reached an all-time high. the u.s. deficit widened sharply in august, pushed by imports that outweighed exports. washington accuses beijing of keeping its currency artificially low, giving it an unfair advantage. japanese prime minister naoto kan has told parliament station release from jail the human
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rights activist who won the nobel peace prize. his remarks may raise tensions between asia's to biggest economies as a territorial dispute guys down. on november 2, the united states goes to the polls to elect all members of the house of representatives, a third of the senate, and many governors. it will be a crucial test. his increasing unpopularity is expected to mean heavy losses for the democrats. we have traveled to nevada to gauge the political move. reports from the state with the highest unemployment rate. >> on the road you can see the sprawling desert that makes nv of the driest place in the u.s.. it's a distinction is having the worst economy in america, the
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highest unemployment. we know what made it rich with gambling is on the losing streak. i came here to see how people feel about their president after that election. >> i think it is terrible. he is the worst president i know of. >> i think he is a good man. i think he is doing the best he can, but he has a lot going on now. >> it is home to one of the main allies, but now he is vulnerable to the vibrant movie -- vibrant movement called the tea party. the tea party favored triumph over mainstream candidates to
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become the party's candidate. senate leader harry reid is painting a very far to the right. >> she is too extreme. >> to some of her supporters busy stuffing envelopes, this is not just about winning elections. it is about saving america. >> we either stand up for the constitution or we a except socialism aa -- accept socialism tainted with marxism. >> across the country, that anchor has seen t party radicals replacing long-term -- moderates.
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we meet up with another man. the republican chairman tells us he embraces the party. >> we are the conservative party. the democrats are the liberal party. >> vegas is trying hard to shed its image as sin city. the tea party wants to be of movement that does not focus on cultural issues. the gun store owner held a rally of gun owners and said the focus on economics is right. >> i am sure you remember this from a couple years ago. how do you think you have done? >> there was a set like this, and now the word is you hope you have some change left, because everybody is out of work. >> after 11 days, the
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competition's of the commonwealth games have come to a close in delhi. >> the color, the spectacle. this moves the most naked -- host nation ahead of england. it is nothing compared to the sheer scale of a challenge of bringing the commonwealth games to india for the first time. a few weeks ago there was a question if the games would even be able to take place at all. next up, it is class go, -- glasgow, and it is going to have
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a different field. 350 performers gave del he of feeling of what to expect in 2014. -- delhi a feeling of what to expect in 2014. does the minister believe this will be money well spent? >> the attitude to winning a sport to winning as a country. these are enormous legacy is common and i think it is suitable to the climate. it is well-justified. >> the games have ended by surpassing most expectations. >> you will find more online at you can see what is coming up, too, on facebook. thanks very much for watching.
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