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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 17, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> one of the three main insurgent groups told the bbc a ceasefire is possible. a rare interview across the border in afghanistan. billy at the cal. the average insist no rescue is needed. security measures step up again. the government is talking of clear indications attacks are imminent. welcome to "bbc news". later, how the kidneys could hold the key from saving people from high blood pressure and strokes.
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one of the three main insurgent groups in afghanistan said the cease-fire is possible. they spelled out their terms for a truce in a rare interview. where is allege the key groups have centuries. -- it is alleged that the key groups have sanctuaries. >> under pakistani military escort, we followed. this is the cover past -- khyber pass, the way to afghanistan. there is chaos and conflict on both sides of this border. people here blame one thing. >> there are foreign troops in afghanistan.
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there will be no peace there or here. >> the fate of these nations are intertwined. a pullout of foreign forces from afghanistan cannot come soon enough. they believe it would have a calming effect here and reduce the blood shed on this side of the border. peace will pass along through here. insurgents come and go here in the border area and tribal belt. pakistan's isi has backed them in the past. and allegedly still does. it is here in pakistan that we managed to contact one of the three main insurgent groups fighting across the border. we met a man whose father
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has been branded a global terrorist. his group is talking of a cease- fire. >> talks can be held on the timetable for foreign forces to leave afghanistan. if they agree to be confined to their bases and give us a time for leaving, there can be a cease-fire. >> whatever the future for its neighbor, pakistan is still battling its own taliban. this was their latest attack, a massive blast aimed at the anti- terrorist police. experts warned that in the long term, militants are the biggest threat to the west. >> they represent an enormous threat. it does not mean that the groups are [unintelligible] >> back of the border, a parade.
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new recruits pledged to defend their country with their lives. pakistan has paid a high price for supporting nato in afghanistan. if it is ignored, it could jeopardize the deal. >> they would ignore pakistan at their own peril. there may be implications for afghanistan that no one would want. >> pakistan is eager for the endgame. its forces know that if nato goes too soon, there could be greater instability. >> the republic of ireland is insisting it will work with european authorities to overcome its huge budget deficit.
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so far, it is resisting a bailout. remarks suggest it is more, not less likely. officials from the u.s. and imf are to spend 10 days in dublin preparing the case. hear, the chancellor george osborn has offered british money to help. >> the crash in ireland's economy is summed up by 30,000 empty homes. gathering dust. after the irish property bubble burst in the money ran out. the caltech boom may have -- irish boom made them a problem child. it is making borrowing more expensive for some parts of the eurozone. >> ireland is our closest neighbor and it is in britain's national interest that the economy is successful and we
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have a banking system. britain stands ready to support ireland to bring about that stability. >> it is the fifth largest export market. the u.k. could help by giving the country a direct loan. for contributing to a rescue fund. although the irish government says it does not want a bailout, some believe that is a tactic. >> the irish are probably trying to get what they can out of this negotiating process so that ultimately, when the decision is announced, it may be unsightly favorable terms for ireland. there is again going on here. -- a game going on here. >> anne marie is leaving this weekend. one of thousands immigrating. >> it is heartbreaking to having to leave my family and friends behind in my boyfriend.
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i have to go to the u.k. to find a permanent job in nursing. there is no job opportunities for me. i do not want to leave these people behind, but it is not a choice i have. >> the focus of the debt crisis is switching from brussels to dublin. ireland, it is decision time. bailout or no bailout? the rest of europe is waiting for an answer. >> china is taking measures to curb rising inflation. officials believe it could cause social unrest. food is 10% more expensive than a year ago. there will be food subsidies. italian police have arrested one of the country's most wanted mafia bosses. he was caught near naples and
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tried to escape by leaping from a balcony. he was convicted for murder and extortion. the suspected russian arms dealer has appeared in american courts. pleading not guilty. it will be held in custody without bail. russia is asked -- criticizing the extradition. >> scientists have for the first time trapped atoms of the entire matter. it has been the stuff of science fiction. -- atoms of anti-matter. it has been the stuff of science fiction. securities being stepped up on germany on indications that a terrorist attack may be imminent. interior ministers suggesting a possible attack before the end of this month, and evidence that
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together, these women missed out
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on an education. they are making the arts and crafts. it is a rare chance to make a living. mary could for the soldiers during the war. mistrust of the old enemy runs deep. she tells me she hopes the referendum will allow the south to finally break free from the arab north. every sign of investor confidence. -- a rare sign of investor confidence. a brewery. they are dependent on each other. the march towards independence is in full swing. there are hurdles to overcome. the message here is the birth of a new nation is now unstoppable. >> researchers have discovered a new technique which could help millions struggling to keep their blood pressure under control. blood pressure can be produced by a short blast of radio waves to the kidneys. our medical correspondent explains. >> hybla pressure is often
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called the silent killer -- high blood pressure is often called the silent killer. monemany are not aware they hav. achieve goodn control. this device offers a new approach by zapping the kidney with radio waves. in a troubled 100 patients, half -- in a trial of 100 patients, a burst of energy which knocked out the nerves that stop the nerves from sending signals to the brain. they achieved substantial reductions in high blood pressure. cutting their risk of cardiovascular disease. those involved believe it has
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the potential to save thousands of lives. >> we expected some big drops in blood pressure. more than 10 degrees of mercury. being able to drop someone's blood pressure is a quick procedure -- through this quick procedure is of groundbreaking importance. >> he could not keep his blood pressure under control. after having the procedure, it is lower. he dreams of one day coming off medication. >> i went through the operation which for may has worked wonders. -- through the operation, which for me has worked wonders. >> much bigger trials are needed to show whether [no audio] it could become a tool in
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fighting cardiovascular disease. >> planning for the royal wedding has begun in earnest. the will be mindful of the economic situation when organizing their happy day. no word on when or where it will happen. this report from our role correspondent. it does contain flash photography. >> emerging into public life. the amounts -- the announcement made and the organizing can begin. >> it is sort of more wracking. i do not know the ropes. -- it is sort of nervewracking. >> which then you will they choose? the obvious choice.
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the grandeur of his parents' unhappy manage or westminster abbey and a painful reminder of his mother's funeral? the planning of the royal wedding is complex. it will be led by the lord chamberlain's office. for a wedding day, possibly as early as march. the diary for the senior royals will have to be looked at and government events and other schedules. expect worldwide attention. >> it is going gangbusters in america. americans love a role wedding. americans love celebrity. familytory of the worlworld and the pomp and circumstance. it is the rules. >> what kind of event will be in
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these difficult economic times? the wedding came in the post-war austerity years. perhaps an example to her grandson and his fiancee. >> kate middleton was photographed today at westminster abbey, if that is a clue. 30 years of conflict have left women carrying much of the burden. under the taliban, they were left largely unseen and unheard. for a minority, that is changing. >> you're watching something special. really special. it is not about the skills that are on display. it is about the players. they are members of the afghan national women's football team.
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what do you think of when you come through these gates? >> like billion, she was inspired by one of the game's superstars. >> i have been watching him. >> playing football in public was out of the question for women. one of the return? >> i do not know what i will do. >> do you worry? >> i do. we cannot play football again. >> it was the place where the taliban imposed their extreme interposition of sharia law. the hope that one day she will represent her country. that dream is a far cry from the days when this was the place of execution.
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it symbolizes the changes that are under way here in afghanistan. for many more, life has not changed at all. for fatima, she is one of the million and a half for windows. she said she had been selling on the streets for 10 years, ever since her husband was killed in a battle against soviet troops. she has seven children to provide for. every month, she falls short. the conflict now is the latest about in a 30-year cycle of violence. now for each one, women like her find themselves abandoned by of relatives and forgotten by the state. >> ending his week in afghanistan. you will find that and more on you can see what is coming up on
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