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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 22, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington. bring on the second revolution. in egypt, the calls for change and the violence are back. >> now they are saying that they have to fight all over again. this has been brewing for months. >> in libya, the excitement of capturing gaddafi's son saif raises a question of justice. the jungles of eastern congo might not be your obvious holiday spot. for those that make the trek, be
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view is truly explosive the -- the view is truly explosive. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. tens of thousands of protesters are in tahrir square calling for the military government to step down. the leader of the military council said that he will hand over power to the next government in july. this was not met with approval by the protesters. >> they used to drum on offenses as an alarm when mubarak's men were coming. -- they used to draw on fences. the funeral of one of the dead
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came through the square this morning. the young men fighting the right police would like to finish the job. many egyptians do not like the street violence. they don't like the military and police trampling over human- rights either. the man that they hate the most is the head of the ruling council. >> today or tomorrow, he should go. >> the field marshal appealed on egyptian television defending the military and talking elections. >> i am committed to holding elections. >> before he spoke, they had hanged his effigy from the traffic lights. bringing this forward a year will satisfy some egyptians but it did not change many minds in
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the square. among the families of the dead. see, he says, film. there are people in all of the fridges. february's euphoria was gone by the summer. they are interested in finishing the revolution, not and promises they no longer trust. >> nothing has changed. these are a sham. this is not a change. >> this man is a candidate. >> there is no appetite for talking about elections because people are getting killed. >> the riots went on. the casualties were rushed away for treatment. they believe that they won the
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rights for the citizens and this is the place to defend them. they are furious about not getting decent jobs. >> before, they had to be in the old regime back in february. now, they said they have to fight it all over again. this has been brewing for months. >> the gas tears at the skin and eyes and makes it hard to breathe. the protesters come back for more. egypt is a deep crisis. when it got dark, there was no let up. egypt's revolution in february inspired uprisings in libya, syria, bahrain, and yemen. now the egyptians are leading the way again showing how the middle east will be. >> it does look and sound so similar to what we saw back in
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february. i spoke to our correspondent interior square and she describes the scene. >> at this late hour, you can see and taste they hit -- the tear-gas. there has been the constant sound of ambulance sirens. many are asking why is this causing some much harm? there has been a steady stream of people going into the makeshift field clinics that have been going in the square. we know that these are continuing in major cities in alexandria. they are calling for urgent medical supplies. the people are complaining about the tear gas that is used in the clashes between protesters and
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the police. alexandria, cairo ,suez, there have been protests across egypt. there has been four days of these protests. the people say that they will not leave until they are sure that their demands will be met. the egyptian stock-market suspended activity after there was a plunge on the share prices. tour operators are canceling trips to egypt. the egyptian military is trying to respond to the demand of the protesters but they are not sure that the military is committed to the transition to democracy that they promised earlier this year.
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this is the beginning of what is sure to be a long process. >> as the egyptians take to the streets and demand more revolution, in the libyan -- in libya, these are celebrated as a welcome dilemma. the country's new leaders have unveiled their new cabinet. saif islam was captured over the weekend. now he is in custody. the question is where to try him. he is currently being held in a western town and it is from there that we got this report. >> the man who was a rule of this country is now a prisoner. a major prize for the militiamen who found him. they promise you will get a fair
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trial. he replies he does not know where he will be held prisoner, in libya and outside of the country. in libya, he is told. they show the supplies that he had with him after his father's regime was tackled. he also carried with him a warning, that the country would see new divisions and that the former rebels still in charge would bring no good to libya. >> regarding the people of misrata, bin qazi, you consider them your brothers. go-ahead, give them a couple of months or maximum a year, you will see. >> he has been a doctor for his injured right hand which he said was heard in a bombing raid. we spoke to the surgeon who saw him.
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>> i found him in good condition physically and mentally. maybe he was a little scared about the situation and i saw a one to two fingers on his right hand. >> he is held somewhere here in the mountain town where he was brought after his capture. his whereabouts have remained a closely guarded secret. and this man had wanted to see him in court in the hague but he now seems to have accepted a message from the libyans, that saif islam will be tried in the country that he committed his crimes. >> we will discuss how they do
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this. they have to understand and then they can do it. the system this national advocacy. >> he is likely to face a long wait before libya is willing to give him a proper trial. >> from libya to syria now with the deadly crackdown on protesters continues. a committee voted overwhelmingly to condemn the human-rights violations of the assad regime. and some of the strongest language yet, the turkish prime minister has called on president bashar all this ought to step down -- president and sought to step down. >> the u.n. human rights commissioner said that this is a very serious evolution and this
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puts very real pressure on the assad regime. >> in the absence of any military action, we will see more and more of this chipping away from the regime. we have seen the arab league come up with the condemnation and the suspension of syria from the constitution. we have seen more sanctions but in the end, it will take more. i do think that the regime of syria is over. unfortunately, it will take a lot more blood and time before this happens but i think that the regime has lost its legitimacy not just among the syrian public but also the world at large. >> also the role that turkey has played. we heard from mr. erdogan say
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that president assad could possibly be the next adolf hitler. when you have lost friends like that, that suggests that time is running out. >> it is indeed. the turkish position is important to what is more important is the arab league. they rarely take any position against one of their members. the arab league does that because after about 4000 people killed, there is little appetite for any kind of support for the syrian regime. >> there have been 20 people reported killed in syria just today. at the same time, we have seen the reports and the demands for a second revolution.
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will we have overreached? >> i think that the optimism came from the notion that change will come instantaneously. moving from autocratic regimes to democracy is unrealistic. no one should expect the army to be the protector of democracy. they will have to come up with a different plan. >> thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> this is moving right across the middle east.
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pakistan's ambassador to washington, has resigned. this follows disputed evidence that he asked the u.s. for help in reining in the power of pakistan's military. silvio berlusconi has appeared in court on tax evasion charges. he denies managing a deal in such a way that he could reduce his firm's tax liabilities. there has been chaotic scenes in the south korean parliament during voting on a free trade agreement. as the government party would try to push through the agreement, an opposition mp let off a tear-gas canister. it is believed that this favors american workers over south koreans and that is how they responded. if you were charged with genocide, what would be your defense? in cambodia, the deputy leader
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of the khmer rouge said that he signed off on the murder of 2 million people for their safety. more than a quarter of the population was killed during the revolution. now the number 2 is standing trial. >> from across cambodia, memory converges on the capital. on the motorbike taxi, a mother who lost four children and her husband. >> i feel pain and anger. it is up to the court now to decide what happens. >> in this public bus, survivors and former khmer rouge travel together. all hope that this might help reconciliation including this man, who ordered the death of a couple who fell in love without the party's permission. sitting around them are those
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who knew nothing of the past and those who can never forget it. >> one of the things that your order is the killing of two people. why did you do that? >> it was the wrong thing to do but the decision was made by those above me. if he had debated them, he would have been killed. >> these are images of some of the lives destroyed. even children could be declared enemies of the people. this is the second member of the khmer rouge hierarchy. now, he is listening to the prosecutors annunciation. >> they murdered, tortured, and terrorized their own people. the even a band love between human beings. -- they even banned love. >> they heard the voice of the
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man once called brother number eight key and it was defiant. -- brother number two and it was defined. he served the people and he wanted to serve the country. there are only three defendants. killedman's parents were after being brought to this temple. >> 3 is not enough, three for the lives of 2 million cambodians. this is not enough. there is no magical number but i know three is not enough. >> going back to nuremberg, and no war crimes trial has achieve absolute justice. in cambodia, there will not be any grand accounting.
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people looking to the fact of what happened so that this might be a warning. >> a country so beautiful and so scarred. gold has been the sole of columbia for centuries, now it is illegal mining that is helping to fuel the drug trade. we have a report on what is being done to stop it. three astronauts inside of a russian capsule parachuted safely back to earth landing in central kazakhstan after nearly six months in the space station. russian spaceships are the only way to ferry goods and crew to and from the space station. >> a rare few streaking towards
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a pre-dawn landing. >> a russian space capsule returning to earth. on board, three astronauts from russia, america, and japan coming back from the space station. after more than five months of weightlessness, their limbs were used too low gravity. this is very basic atmosphere of re-entering the atmosphere and this has changed little since the 1960 cost. >> the physical representation. >> it had an dr last than four hours earlier. >> having fired the imagination of a generation. >> it was the end of an era but nasa did not have alternative way of getting man into space.
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they intended to use commercial operators for the flight in the future but they will not be ready for a least five years. in the meantime, the russian technology is over 40 years old and this is the only way into space for man. the launch looks exactly the same as it did in 1969. >> now to the second of our special report from columbia. the government is trying to crack down on the drug traffickers. tonight, we look at the illegal practice that is fueling that narcotics trade. >> for centuries, gold has been
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the heart of columbia. for the future wealth and stability, it depends on mining this and other precious minerals. high and the mountains were decades of war and a violent revolutionaries have been filled by drug trafficking, gold has become the new cocaine. this is almost investor but it is illegal. this can collect 1000 worth of gold in a day. a week ago, there was five machines here and the government is confiscating them. the drug smugglers muscle in on the business. >> we have been very successful and we have diverted to other sources and one is illegal
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mining, especially gold mining. the drug trafficking has an enormous consequence and so does the mining. >> there has been traditional mining here for centuries the high price of gold has drawn over 100,000 people into illegal mining. we used to live off of coca, he told me. not anymore, it is finished. what we live on? they suspect that they want a big mining companies to replace them to make more wealth. the local mafia has a powerful hand. there is a lot of money to be made.
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this is worth nearly 50,000 u.s. dollars. for nearly 30 years, columbia has been torn apart by revolutionary groups and the armed militias all funded by the illegal drug trade. unless they act quickly and effectively against illegal gold mining, the violence to spark again. >> from the gold of columbia to an explosive natural wonder in the democratic republic of congo. this is usually associate with years of warfare so you might be shocked to learn that some are going to a different destination. once you look at the volcano, you might decide it is worth it. >> in the jungles of eastern congo, and unlikely sight, thousands of tourists venturing to a park that is still teeming
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with militias and rebel armies. visitors are well guarded. they are urged to keep quiet just to be safe. here is what has brought them, a brand new hole in the earth's crust and a new mountain growing by the hour. >> absolutely incredible. this is difficult to explain but definitely worth coming to see. >> this is definitely worth the risk. >> worth the risk and worth the walk. the guerrillas are just up there in the mountain. pretty amazing. >> it is quite a skeptical and also remarkable that tourists are daring to come here. this is encouraging news in a country that has been plagued by
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conflict and chaos. nine years ago, another volcano swept through a nearby town. today, it has been tidied up. they're looking to struck off their reputation for danger. >> there is change. for most people, this is considered a war zone. >> for good reason? >> yes. >> for the adventuress then. fireworks and the chance to watch a mountain rise. >> that brings us to the end of today's show. you can get updates on our website at any time. from all of us, thank you so much for watching. i will see you back here
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