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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  December 22, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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. a verdict in a landmark bullying lawsuit and what the jury decided. we are here with more on what people are talking about. we have breaking news, that decision on a bullying lawsuit. two parents took on the baltimore school system. did two principals do what they could to prevent bullying? the jury thought they could. >> the jury returned the verdict after deliberating about an hour and a half this morning and sided with the baltimore city schools and said there was not enough evidence to show that the child was
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bullied. not enough to show that the principals could have done more, but the parents said tear tormentd and that the school system failed. >> i feel like -- i feel betrayed, i feel betrayed that the school system could do this and get away with it. it is really sad. >> the parents said that the system failed them twice. >> obviously i am upset. i will have to tell him that the system failed him. we failed him as parents, that we were not able to protect him. >> in a landmark case, they sued, a special need's student was hit, choked until he passed out and stabbed with a fork. they said that the two principals knew about the attacks and did nothing to stop
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them, but the jury found that the two principals were not negligent. both were emotional leaving the courthouse. >> i felt like it was a story that was put together and putting it together to make it against the school and not so much the harm done to the child. he is a kid and things happen as far as kids. >> in your heart you don't believe it? >> this attorneys said that in maryland, there is no precedent and rarely does it make it to the courtroom anywhere in the country. still, the parents said they were glad to tell their story. >> thank you. still no word on what caused a fire above a restaurant in north baltimore. the fire broke out overnight in
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the 3000 block of holmes street near john hopkins university. it was over a restaurant and two people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. they are expected to be okay. practicedly manning is said to have leaked hundreds of thousands of government secrets on the internet. we have more on the case. >> both sides are making closing arguments before the sphear decides if they need to go to a full trial. will he be court martiald for the biggest national security leak in united states history? he is said to have handed over classified documents to the web site wikileaks. he said he wanted people to see the truth. at the center of the hearing is if there are reasonalbe grounds to say he committed the alleged offenses. >> the presiding officer has
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until january 16th to recommend if manning should go to trial for helping the enemy and 20 other charges. the murder of a teen that was visiting family in north baltimore when she went missing a year ago has no new information. the police need help to find two men that could have been involve understand a barber shop shooting. they think that these two men fired the shots a that left a local man fighting for his life. if you have information, call the metro crime stoppers. the congressional stalemate over a popular tax credit is continuing. the senate republican leader is calling on the house colleagues
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to pass the proposal -- the halls here are pretty much empty, just a few republicans, they are calling on the senators to come back to washington and renegotiate a deal to extend the popular tax cut. >> it is time for us to sit down and have a serious negotiating and that people will not have a tax hike in january. >> the unemployment benefits and tax credits will expire in nine days. the senate passed a deal to extend both until february, to give the democrats the way to work on something in another proposal. >> to make sure that bad things don't have to good people in ten days -- the house republicans disagreed and rejected the two-month re jokes and said that senator --
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rejected the senators need to come back to washington to work on a proposal. >> no one will come in safe in november. >> if congress does not act by the end of the month, about 2 million americans will lose their unemployment and the average worker will take home about $20 less each week, starting january 1st. the plan will have information and cut about 25% that doctors get from the medicaid program. the public works will spend $168 million to bring slot machines to the state opening up in june.
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systems out west, a serious winter storm and a cold temperatures. here is a look at denver. the snow is not expected to stop for hours. there is nothing like the weather here. a live look outside, a mild day considering it is the first day of winter. it is a winter in our future. marty has the answer from the weather center. let's start and work our way backwards. now back to you. (laughs). no. it is a first day of winter, here is a look at the graphics and here is a look at yesterday. no warnings issued, we had a partly sunny day, it
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has been a bright mid-day. we will have about an inch and a quarter of rain starting about 6:00 this evening. we will have some more rain in the atlantic. no advisories out, no ponding and that is a good thing. back more for a minute, once we get the rain out, we are going to set up for a pretty good weekend and we will talk about sunday's weather. we had concerns about that yesterday, but it is not a big issue now. we got a christmas present from mother nature. back to you. if you are considering heading down to the harbor this new year's eve, there will be a metal fence put up up like they
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use at the grand prickets. thinks after violence with the fourth of july fireworks show. >> watch the new year eve's coverage of the fireworks live from the harbor. watch it right here on wjz starting at 11:00 next saturdaytroketroke sat -- saturday night. the baltimore orioles are looking for a person with that great voice. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen -- >> one lucky person will replace david mcgowen. he held the position for 14 years. they will accept tapes in the 25th. for more on how to apply, log onto wjz point point com. the other team, the ravens, they are back in town and they will be here on wjz 13.
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we will host the post game show from the stadium and then we will have it going in the field house in can ton. a full day of raven's football right here. coming up next, at noon, a shocking story from philadelphia. a new born baby was found in a cardboard box alive. hear what happens coming up. walmart pulling a formula from shelves after a recall is issued. >> we will have more on the store's decision. we will have the cold weather forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. shocking find on a sidewalk, a baby girl in a cardboard box alive. she was placed outside a
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daycare center. as mitt ramallah and newt gingrich are getting ready for the caucus in idaho, ron paul has him leading in that state. that will take place in two weeks. a formula pulled from walmart after a baby died. the company that made that product said that the tests came back negative for the bacteria, but they pulled the new batch of formula. coming up next, eyewitness news at noon, what is happening for the holiday weekend? more on the forecast in 2 1/2 minutes. first, a look at the mid-day stocks and last night's winning
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. with winter at 12:30 this morning, that is coordinated universally. you would mostly use that coordinated time, not a
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regional time zone. the winter at the shortest day of the year. i mentioned this on line, in alaska this morning, the sunrise will be at 10:30 48 with the sun 4 1/2 degrees off the horizon. here is the first day of winter, mild, the normal is 44 and 51% humidity. it is a warm and humid and very still noon hour. 56 and 60 in washington d.c. and these numbers will automatically update from the time i turn on the computer to know. we are seeing them together. 55 in bellaire and 61 in columbia and it is 55
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essentially on ken island. there is the moisture moving our way and it is not a surprise. this cloud chill will be the first thing you notice. it will get overcast and then about 7:00, a steady rain will move in. the concern yesterday was that these two lows would be pumped on christmas. news, i'm telling you. a concern about bringing that up. around the area, we may get to the low mid 60s. we are going to have more
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in the tore cast -- forecast coming up shortly. >> we have a yule log burning 24 hours per day and don't forget to listen to the moving. still to come at noon, the teens and talking back, 13 and hear why that is a good thing. more on the new finding and we are always on, wjz, for updates on the morning news, log ,,,,,,,
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. kids that are good at arguing with mom and dad are independent and hold their own on money and household rules and stay away from drugs. we will have more on the breaking news and the verdict in a first of its kind lawsuit, bullying in baltimore. can there be ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. let's look at the skies, 53 on saturday. the ravens game on christmas eve, down to 30 christmas eve and we could have some showers and clearing out, sunshine and 48 and 52 as we move towards new year's eve.
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the first five days of winter are mild. don't get used that, we know better. watch the cbs line up this man: i remember the moment. -i'll never forget that moment. man: that moment. woman: it was a moment that changed my life. i'd been training with my team for months and, now, we had been called up for the first time -- the real deal. wildfires were getting dangerously close to homes. at that moment, i got my first taste of just how important the guard is to my community. announcer: see how the guard can be an important part of your life, at
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>> kevin: no. >> michael: oh, come on. >> kevin: not a chance. >> michael: who doesn't love santa hats? >> kevin: (sighs) if you are trying to calm my nerves, michael, it is an epic, epic fail. >> michael: it's a santa hat. everybody loves santa hats. what are you gonna-- >> angelo: well, the man of the hour. >> kevin: look, angelina is-- is-- she's at the studio with devon, but i am keeping tabs on her. >> angelo: would you relax? i know she's there. we need you to come too. >> kevin: i'm-- i'm getting married. >> angelo: it'll be quick. >> kevin: i'm getting married! no! >> angelo: now, hmm? >> kevin: you have five minutes. it's fine. i'll be back. >> michael: you're-- you're getting married. >> kevin: i'll be back in a little bit. >> angelo: all right, of course, of course. >> kevin: (groans) >> esther: deedee, guess what? pinkerton told me she wants to play with you. there you go. okay, let's see-- hankies. oh, my gosh.
12:31 pm
everyone's gonna need hankies. >> jill: oh, esther, for god sake. >> victoria: i know that pinkerton and mcruff are gonna love it that you're keeping them company, too. >> billy: yeah, and who wants to sit in a drafty old church, anyway? >> kay: when your mother and kevin come home from their honeymoon, you can wear your lovely flower girl dress for all of us. >> chloe: (crying) (sighs) here. >> jill: what's the matter? >> victoria: is it kevin? >> billy: this is billy abbott. what's going on? okay, thank you. (laughs) that was delia's doctor. her latest blood test results are back, and her white blood count is high enough to fight infection. >> jill: (gasps) >> billy: she's doing great. she's doing better than great. guess who's going to a wedding? >> delia: (screams) >> all: (laughing) >> chloe: yay! are we so excited? (giggles) >> billy: mwah! >> chloe: mwah! >> kay: and that, my friend, is a christmas miracle. >> jill: (laughs) >> chloe: let's do your hair. yay! >> all: (laughing)
12:32 pm
♪ >> deacon: you looking for someone? >> nikki: i'm meeting michael. get out of my personal space before i use my knee. >> deacon: you know, i don't think michael's gonna be coming. >> nikki: oh, really? well, i have a phone call that says he is. >> deacon: from the--
12:33 pm
from the hostess, yeah. she owed me a favor. >> nikki: you're disgusting. excuse me. >> deacon: come on, nikki, stop. come on, it's christmas eve, and yeah, okay, maybe i crossed a line, but damn it, i miss you. >> nikki: you know, there is something wrong with you. you are deranged to think that i would ever look at you with anything but loathing. >> deacon: give it a shot. >> nikki: (scoffs) >> deacon: what have you got to lose, right? i mean, hell, nikk, we both know if you walk away, you got no one to go to. >> sharon: merry christmas, victor. ♪
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additional sponsorship provided by...3q if you have high blood pressure, like me... need powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin hbp for cold and flu won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. >> victor: it's very beautiful. thank you, but now... i want you to go home, okay? >> sharon: i've already told you, you can't chase me off. >> victor: sharon, this is no place to spend christmas eve. not after the year you have had, okay? >> sharon: what about the year you've had? >> victor: it's a mistake for you to be here, so please go home. >> deacon: what do you say we go hit a meeting? we can drink some stale coffee, eat some bad doughnuts. come on.
12:38 pm
>> nikki: you are a filthy liar. you convinced me that victor and victoria were at the park with diane, when i know that you didn't leave this bar that night at all. >> deacon: you know, a guy might get bored at work, might take a break and not tell anyone, might wander into the park and see something he wishes like hell he'd never seen. >> nikki: i was so drunk i believed you, but that's over. like i said, this annulment will happen. now stay out of my life! >> deacon: listen to me. the best thing that ever happened to me was being able to call you my wife, and i'm not ready to let that go. >> nikki: oh, you're not? well, it's pathetic that you think you even have a choice. >> michael: oh, hey, you know what's great with new faceplace profile pics? come here, my boy. >> gloria: yes, because we have
12:39 pm
to show the entire world what holiday chic is all about. >> michael: (laughs) >> lauren: aw. and where's the groom? >> michael: what, he's not back yet? >> daniel: where'd he go? >> michael: angelo took him to the studio. >> daniel: what could be more important than this? >> gloria: well, angelo's a little old-school. maybe he thought kevin needed a little father/son chat. >> lauren: (laughs) >> jack: hello there. >> gloria: oh, look who's here! >> michael: hey, kyle. what, no skates tonight? >> kyle: (chuckles) well, actually, i'm gonna be doing a lot of skating soon. >> jack: kyle has just been recruited by one of the premier hockey programs in the country. >> gloria: (gasps) >> jack: after the holidays, he's going to be going to school in lake placid, new york, trying to become the next wayne gretzky. >> daniel: that's awesome. >> michael: congratulations. >> daniel: i expect rink-side tickets when you get drafted in the nhl, all right? >> gloria: yes, and you stay in touch with your dance partner on faceplace. >> kyle: oh, trust me, dad's already given me that lecture. >> lauren: aw. >> genevieve: we're gonna miss him so much. >> kyle: yeah, i'm gonna miss you guys, too, but, i mean, hardly anybody gets this chance, so... >> jack: and an abbott
12:40 pm
always knows when to grab an opportunity. >> gloria: they certainly do. >> lauren: oh, really? >> gloria: (chuckles) >> lauren: what else is going on? >> jack: i think your mother-in-law is referring to the fact that genevieve and i are engaged. >> lauren: (chuckles) oh, wow. i'm so happy for you. congratulations. >> jack: thank you. >> michael: congratulations. >> phyllis: hey. >> michael: phyllis. >> phyllis: how's everyone? >> michael: happy holidays. >> phyllis: hi. oh! (sighs) >> lauren: hi, honey. >> phyllis: hi. >> lauren: where are your sugarplum fairies? >> phyllis: oh, with the nanny. they spent the whole day at the mall. they were exhausted. oh, but you know, summer has the sniffles, and she's been spending time with faith. have you seen nick? >> michael: hmm. >> phyllis: oh, i just wanted to warn him. >> daniel: actually-- >> michael: oh. >> lauren: (clears throat) >> genevieve: aw. >> esther: oh, oh, my. we're gonna need emergency hair spray and bobby pins. i'll be right back. >> jill: well, i'll say one thing for her-- if her head spins off and flies across the room, she'll at least
12:41 pm
match the color scheme. >> murphy: (laughs) >> billy: okay, the estrogen meter has just flown off the charts. >> murphy: whoa. well, maybe we should wait for you ladies at the church. >> delia: daddy, wait! >> billy: okay. >> delia: close your eyes. >> billy: closed. who turned out the lights? >> jill: (laughs) >> kay: okay, open up. >> jill: (gasps) aw. >> kay: aw. >> billy: ooh, yeah! >> jill: oh, wow. oh! (laughing) >> murphy: pretty little-- >> billy: baby girl, you are just the prettiest flower girl in the history of history. >> victoria: but wait, there's more! >> kay: oh, no, no. >> murphy: hubba hubba! >> jill: oh, you look lovely, victoria. >> victoria: you like? >> billy: it's okay. >> delia: okay?! >> billy: okay! okay in that victoria looks as beautiful as the day she did when i married her. >> jill: ohh. >> kay: ohh. >> chloe: hi. (chuckles) >> jill: (gasps) >> esther: oh, my baby. >> kay: you look stunning, my dear. >> murphy: that kevin fisher is one lucky guy.
12:42 pm
>> kevin: well, this is fascinating. way more interesting than being at, say, my wedding. >> devon: kevin, i really need you to be here, man. all right, i've been doing takes with angelina all day, and they are not-- they are not up to her abilities. >> angelo: we need your face. >> devon: that's right. you were here yesterday. you know she's-- she just gets one look at you, and her voice turns to gold. >> kevin: fine. fine, you can have my face, you can use my face, after the wedding. >> angelo: but you'll be on your honeymoon. >> kevin: then after the honeymoon. >> devon: we would miss the deadline for the singing competition. >> kevin: devon, have you met my fiancée? the one who--who loves delays, never gets mad at me for anything, and is really understanding? >> devon: i hear you. i do. just one more tweak. we'll be good to go. all i'm asking-- just stay for one take. please. >> kevin: that's it, one. >> devon: that's it. thank you. >> angelina: i knew you'd come.
12:43 pm
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>> michael: oh, there's nothing. he better be on his way back. (sighs) all right. >> phyllis: uh, i just wanted to tell you that, um... summer has the sniffles, and she's been hanging out a lot with faith. >> nick: okay, i'll keep an eye on faith. >> phyllis: okay, good. can you also do this? um, can you also make sure you keep an eye on summer? see, she doesn't need her around during your daddy/summer days. you understand that? can you do that for me? she needs your full attention. >> billy: look at you. nice date. look at you, cutie. >> nick: (laughs) >> billy: you got two. >> nick: yeah, that's how i roll, you know. >> billy: yeah. sure. >> nick: i'm spoiled. >> billy: gonna introduce me, "spoiled"?
12:47 pm
>> nick: uh, yeah. avery clark, billy abbott. >> billy: hi, heard a lot about you. >> avery: and i, you. >> billy: mm-hmm. (making tickle sounds) >> nick: yeah, all right. shall we go, uh, sit down? >> avery: yeah, let's. >> billy: see you, then. >> nick: see you, my man. >> billy: hey, man. >> jack: (laughs) hey. >> billy: genevieve. >> genevieve: hi. >> jack: i take it delia's doctor didn't clear her to be here today? >> billy: you take wrong. the flower girl of the century is on her way. >> genevieve: (sighs) >> jack: oh, that is fantastic. >> billy: i know. i know. >> jack: great. >> billy: (chuckles) >> murphy: well, it's all tears and dresses and beautiful girls back at the house. >> jack: (chuckles) >> murphy: and they'll be here any second. >> jack: great. >> genevieve: well, it will be lovely to see, uh, some of them. >> billy: hmm. well, what about you guys? any plans for your big day? >> jack: well, we have lots to plan, but then you and victoria should be thinking about, uh, planning the-- well, victoria and billy number three. >> billy: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. slow down. take it easy. it'll happen when it happens, when the time's right, you know?
12:48 pm
>> victoria: okay, this is yours. i put your lipstick in it. >> chloe: oh, good. thank you. (exhales slowly) >> victoria: wow, i can't believe i'm actually standing up for you. >> chloe: hey, you can't back out now, 'cause daniel does not look good in red. >> jill: (laughs) >> victoria: we're actually friends. we're, like-- we're, like, good friends. >> chloe: oh, my god, don't get mushy on me. don't do it. >> victoria: (laughs) >> kay: i feel vindicated. i knew that you and kevin were right for each other ages ago. >> jill: oh, and katherine knows everything. don't ever forget that. >> kay: love is crucial. we need our friends, our family, our mates. we need love to help get us through all the other stuff life throws at us. >> esther: and, honey, after the year you've had, you and my little princess-- you deserve the best night ever, both of you. >> chloe: hey, you know, you can't do this to me right now. don't do it. (exhales slowly) i can't cry, right? (laughs) >> victoria: no, don't cry. >> delia: don't cry, mommy. >> victoria: don't cry. >> chloe: ohh. (laughs) come on.
12:49 pm
>> esther: aw. >> victoria: aw. >> chloe: oh, group hug. >> victoria: (laughs) >> chloe: don't mess up my hair. >> victoria: oh, i'm so sorry. >> all: (laughing) >> esther: i love you. mwah! >> angelina: (singing tunefully) ♪ running with you ♪ don't leave me behind ♪ ♪ take me away ♪ i'll be by your side ♪ ♪ running with you ♪ out of the light ♪ living your secrets ♪ let's burn through the night ♪ ♪ running with you... >> angelo: you did good, kevin. now if you'll excuse me, i gotta get to the church. >> kevin: whoa, you have to get to the church without me? >> angelo: when devon says it's a take or it's a wrap or whatever, consider yourself free to go. >> angelina: ♪ i'll be ♪ ♪ all you desire (buttons clicking) >> devon: yes. >> devon: that was awesome. wasn't that awesome? >> kevin: actually, yes, it was great. i can't wait to hear it at my wedding, so come on, let's go. >> devon: well, hey, i'm sorry
12:50 pm
i'm not gonna be able to be there in person. i have to get this mixed, but first, i need to get coffee 'cause it's gonna be a long night. thank you for being here, and congratulations. i really am happy for you, man. >> kevin: thank you, thank you. >> devon: yeah, absolutely. >> kevin: all right. >> devon: great. >> kevin: come on. it's your live performance. aren't you excited? let's go, and, you know, it's also my wedding. no big deal. >> angelina: did you really like the song? >> kevin: i will flatter you in the car. come on, come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. >> angelina: (shrieks) (gasping) >> kevin: whoa, whoa, whoa. angie. angie? >> angelina: oh. >> sharon: i'm not leaving. i'm not staying away. on a night like this, we're both alone, victor. i don't want to go home and... think about what i'm missing. if you care about me, victor, let me stay. (door opens) >> nikki: (quietly) thank you.
12:51 pm
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>> nikki: on christmas eve, sharon? why aren't you with the kids? >> sharon: well, noah stayed in new york for work, faith is with nick, and since there's not much christmas cheer in jail, i thought i'd bring some. >> nikki: oh, thoughtful. >> victor: nikki, what are you doing here? >> nikki: well, i came to see you, of course. >> victor: i don't think so. >> nikki: i thought we could finish our conversation. >> victor: for what reason? >> nikki: it's christmas eve. you're all alone. >> victor: well, obviously, i'm not. >> nikki: i see. wow. i don't know why i would even be... surprised that you would pick tonight, of all nights, to hurt me.
12:57 pm
actually, i should have seen it coming. you two have a great christmas. (knock on door) >> sharon: that's right. shut everyone out. brilliant. >> victor: (sighs) she shouldn't be here. neither should you. >> sharon: stop it, victor. it's time you let someone in. >> kay: (laughs) >> murphy: well, hello. >> kay: everything looks so lovely. >> genevieve: it sets the bar rather high, doesn't it? >> jack: oh, we are planning our own wedding here next month. >> jill: (gasps) >> kay: (gasps) >> jill: lord,
12:58 pm
"bridezilla" lives. oh, jack, please, you do realize she is going to chew jabot up into tiny little pieces, don't you? and please tell me you've given her her own office as a wedding gift. >> genevieve: but i love our little cozy office for two! now why would i want to give that up, when annoying you gives me so much joy? >> kay: this is beginning to sound very, very familiar. >> jack: i think we'll leave the office arrangement as it is. >> jill: excuse me while i go rage at god. >> lauren: hey, sis. >> jill: don't ask. >> lauren: what? >> daniel: i don't know. watch it, watch it-- >> eden: ha! oh, no. >> lauren: hey, what's this? >> eden: (laughs) >> daniel: it's a movie. >> lauren: very funny. i mean this. what's going on? >> eden: um, two people in close proximity? >> lauren: uh-huh. >> eden: mm-hmm. >> lauren: mm-hmm. does your brother know? >> eden: um, that we're people? yeah, i'm pretty sure he suspects. >> daniel: (clears throat) >> eden: pretty sure. >> lauren: okay, fine.
12:59 pm
(whispers) don't want to know. >> daniel: (laughs) >> phyllis: mm, staring at your phone all the time isn't going to make kevin call. >> michael: staring at nick and avery isn't gonna make them spontaneously combust. >> phyllis: i don't want them to spontaneously combust. >> michael: hmm. >> phyllis: not in front of faith. >> michael: oh, merry christmas. >> phyllis: (laughs) >> michael: oh. where's my brother? >> angelo: he'll be here any minute. >> michael: (clicks lips) i will wait outside. >> angelo: yeah. >> chloe: okay. (sighs) >> lauren: you look so beautiful. >> chloe: is it good? >> victoria: gorgeous. >> michael: oh, no. mm. >> chloe: "oh, no"? what? >> michael: "oh, no"... the best man's not supposed to see the bride. (laughs) >> gloria: (laughs)


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