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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  August 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." vermont, and honolulu, and union bank. >> at union bank, our
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relationship managers work hard specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. solutions for small businesses ancomar jorporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> egypt strikes back against islamists in sinai. could this volatile region be heading to even greater instability? of political scandal in china start withe court laundering of british businessmen -- moved to the court. guitarist with laundering of british businessman. -- charged with laundering a
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british businessman. welcome to our viewers on pbs america and around the globe. he has only been in office for a month, but egypt's new president faces a major security crisis. after a weekend attack on order please the left 16 guards dead -- a weekend attack the last 16 guards dead. we have more on the high stakes of this volatile situation. >> -- second field army has moved in. the president said he will increase pressure.
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the army said they killed 20, all of them terrorists. syenite is demilitarized under the terms of the peace treaty. israel has control of the appointment of the army and air force in the area. this followed an attack by gunmen who broke through the wire into israel, using a hijacked armored vehicles destroyed by an israeli jet. sinai is strategically important, especially on the border. the lawlessness worries all sides. israel wants action against an jihadists it says are acting close to its territory and planning attacks. tunnel operators have a stake in sinai saying all this. increasing violence in sinai could threaten a peace treaty between israel and egypt.
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that is why israel has told the dip to put its house in order rather than take action -- has told egypt to put its house in order rather than take action itself. >> they have no problem with taking action against those who stood between. this has been a recruiting ground for extremists. jihadists are a great challenge for the egyptian president hu, mohammed mursi. they face criticism in sinai, an ar. a funeral for the soldiers killed in the attack. what is happening is another part of the many layers crisis. the new president is also struggling with the economy, sectarian tension, and faces a power struggle with the army about who runs the country.
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alleviating poverty could be the long term solution. it will not be easy for a government with so many preoccupations to control the growing insurgents. >> for more on the rising tensions and the fallout, i am joined by the director of the middle east center. thank you for coming in. how much of a threat are these jihadists in the peninsula? >> they have become a large threat, and this has been building for some time. it predates the egyptian revolution. this problem has been building for years, but it has become worse, partly because internal security forces in egypt who used to run syenite lee withdrew at the time of the revolution and -- who used to run sinai really which grew at the time of
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the revolution, and jihadist have started taking over entire towns. >> it is not just the death that is threatened, but there are regional implications -- it is not just egypt that is threatened, but there are regional implications as well. >> the gaza strip and israel itself. there is a very long border, so there have been several attacks already, and what happened sunday was another attempt. israeli forces started this armored carrier before they were able to do anything inside of israel. >> what do you read into this reaction? it is unprecedented to have helicopter strikes. is he trying to show he is asserting his authority? >> i would say the helicopter strikes, if they have taken place, because i witnessed attack -- because eye witness
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accounts do not necessarily confirm. this in a way is a response of the egyptian military. they did employ force immediately, and i would see the sackings as the response of president mursi, that he is taking out a house cleaning. he sacked several officials and the appointing governor of sinai and has already put new people in their places. >> he may not have done military actions, but he is showing he has clout with political and repercussions. -- implications. >> they seem to be acting together to provide some kind of response, but this is a long- term problem. it is taking a long time developing, and it is not going to be solved, even by vigorous
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security responses within weeks. >> this comes against a backdrop of a country that has numerous problems. and the military's plate is so full that trying to deal with cyanide -- sinai is one of the priorities. good >> is one that the government neglected for many years, but it is something the government cannot ignore, because if there were another terrorist attack in israel and the israelis responded -- this has already happened in a small way and killed the egyptian soldiers, so this becomes an international incident, and we also see islam as saying they are creating an islamic republic, so this is turning into a sovereignty issue as well as a security issue. >> if israel does retaliate,
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that does cause complications. thank you for coming in. in syria there are reports from both sides of an attack. they say government forces have taken control of the country's largest city. the rebels deny losing control of their stronghold, which has been heavily pounded for weeks. in a rush of the lead singer of the punk band accused of in -- in russia, the lead singer of the punk band accused of hooliganism has complained. their case has drawn international attention, and now madonna has come not in support of the women -- come out in support of the women. >> this was the last day that the three women could make their final plea to the judge. they have been awaiting tr ial for five months, accused of
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hooliganism. the women have become symbols of the battle going on between the ruling a late and its supporters and those who want to see a more democratic russia, and those were political speeches they made. they compared these trials to the trials of the stalin era. she said of the whole political system is fighting three girls who sang in a church, it is afraid of the truth. the women are standing trial because they saying this to protest song mocking vladimir putin in moscow's main cathedral. the court said they decimated the church -- the court was told they decimated the church. their fate has caused international attention. last night madonna, who was
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singing in moscow, joined a growing chorus of music stars supporting plessy riots -- pussy riot. >> [unintelligible] i pray for their freedom. >> the prosecution had asked for the women to be sent to prison for three years. the judge will give her verdict on friday next week. >> now to china, where on thursday a court case with huge political fallout will get under way. the wife stands accused of murdering a british businessman neil hayward indicates that has led to headlines and caused her husband to fall from his rank.
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taxes in this court building china hopes it can put an end to the vague -- >> it is in this court building china hopes to put an end to the scandal. the case being heard is simple. a 53-year-old chinese lawyer is charged with murdering her british business partner in a dispute over money, but lurking in the background is her powerful husband who gives it such a political significance. as party chief of the city, he was already one of china's 25 most senior politicians. he won wide popular support for his crackdown on corruption as well as his campaign aimed at promoting old communist values, so when neil hayward's body was found in this hotel, few suspicions were aroused despite his association with the powerful family.
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the death was recorded as a heart attack, but four months later, this u.s. consulate was the scene of a dramatic twist. fleeing, apparently in fear of his life, the former chief of police allege did murder and a massive cover-up. -- a wedgewood -- alleged murder and a massive cover-up. the case need careful handling, so while she goes to trial, her husband's fate hangs in the balance. the justice dispensed how justice is always tailored to the needs of the communist party. experts we spoke to said the trial will be open quickly, witnesses are unlikely to be called, and she will be unable to appoint her own lawyers. not far from the court, few people are aware of the trial is taking place.
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that is the way the authorities will wanted to stay, and a carefully choreographed region will want it to stay, and a carefully choreographed outcome is expected. neil hayward's family may be left wondering what kind of just been given.e >> a lot of questions in china. over 1 million people have been affected by torrential rains in manila. at least 16 people have died. more than half the city is under water. police are using rubber boats to help people trapped in their homes, but many fear losing. mervyn king says growth will not be as high as last year. he blames the eurozone crisis, saying the crisis still has a long way to go.
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mr. king says to look to the olympic team for inspiration. colombian police have arrested one of the main drug lords. he was ahead of an underground organization authorities say has killed more people in the last decade. now to the london olympics, day 12 brought even more action. for the latest, she is overlooking the park, and i bet now you can see this guy -- the smile on felix's face. >> you can see her beaming. third time is lucky for felix. she finally got her hand on olympic gold on wednesday. the three-time champion was
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level, but she powered home to take the victory tonight in the 100 meter and 200 meter double perio. veronica brown finished in fourth. the usa enjoyed a 01-2 in the hurdles. eric the of the metal. he storm to victory, the fastest time in the world. japan got the bronze, but the defending record holder was injured midway through the race. while completing a night to remember for the u.s., three new res one gold -- britney reese won gold in the long jump.
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russia claims silver, with the u.s. taking the bronze. team usa won the gold and silver in women's beach volleyball. they won their third consecutive gold medals. they could both sets by a score of 21 points-16. wu jing yu has reclaim her title in thai kwan gdo. thailand took the bronze. that is all for now. i will be back later with more of the top of the hour. >> i cannot wait for that final in the 200-meter sprint. i wonder if usain bolt can pull
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it through. we will have a preview of the women's football final. can the u.s. to win gold, or will the japanese rivals and wind picks -- win pitc? the story shows team spirit. we have been looking back on those moments, and tonight we focus on barcelona. it was there all helped make the olympics something special. , looks back to 1992, when the games came to spain. >> the barraso loan of games, which opened at the stadium, -- they barcelona games, which opened at the stadium, mark the end of the cold war. south africa was also back after the end of apartheid, and no nation boycotted the games, so for the first time in years, the olympic spirit was not
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dampened by world politics. one of the stars and now dominated men's gymnastics like no one else has at the olympics. he won six of the possible eighth gold medals. only michael phelps and marks its have won more gold after simple games -- single games. it may be the best moments happened right here -- the most memorable moment happen right here on the track, and it had nothing to do with winning medals. pulleditish runner his hamstring during the race, but he picked himself up and live the rest of the way, helped by his dad. the ovation he received when he crossed the line was a true olympic moment. >> the 1992 barcelona games, and in one piece of history in
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our research became the first woman to represent saudi arabia in -- a racer became the first woman to represent saudi arabia. it was an achievement. now to one of the most anticipated events yet to come in. tomorrow the u.s. women's football team will play japan for the gold medal. it comes after a grueling semifinal against canada, and increasing the drama, the final will be a rematch of last year's world cup, which japan one. is a senior writer for "sports illustrated." i read today this is not just about the gold medal. it is about redemption. >> it is. the united states was a surprising loser in the women's
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world cup final last year to the same japan team. the u.s. led within three minutes of winning the world cup, and jap we nt went on to win in penalties, so there is a lot of motivation from the united states seemed to get some revenge and win a gold medal. >> does that give the u.s. women a little bit of an edge, that they perhaps have more to lose? >> potentially. i think on paper the u.s. is the better team. aside from last year they have not lost for 24 games against the japanese. japan is a very improved team, and by making it to the final they backed up the last year's run-up to the championship was not a fluke. the japanese seemed very confident, as did the americans. >> of look like the japanese team were pretty loose -- it
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looked like the japanese team were pretty loose. who is more likely to win? >> when i have seen japan go to penalties, they have done quite well. the u.s. team has a lot of variability in the quarter final against brazil. they made all five penalties, but they only made one in the final perio. the u.s. has the best goalkeeper in the world, so that is one thing in their favor. >> let's talk about the men's final, mexico and brazil. what are you looking for in that one? >> mexico has made its first final ever in the olympics. this is one of the most improved teams in the world. great development going on. brazil has never won an olympic gold medal. that is why they said the star- studded team that is probably
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worth a quarter of a billion dollars on the world transfer market. if he can win an olympic gold medal, that would have resilience feeling very good about their chances in the world cup in 2014 and when they are the host. >> one more question. do you think footballers had a higher profile at this olympics than previous olympi ? >> i will say football is getting pretty good crowds when you look at the stadium having 70,000 for a women's football game in which great britain the brazil, and also for a lot of the men's games being sold. the women's final is expected to have a crowd of more than 80,000. it may be sold out. when you look at new council, glasgow, cardiff, and coventry -- when you looked at newcastle,
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glasgow, cardiff, and coventry, they drew a pretty big crowd. >> there is no doubt as for taking place in london is top- notch, but the outfits always received the same glowing reviews. the team clothing provided a field game for armchair fashion these shows, but that is nothing like you will see in the park. -- for armchair fashionistas, but that is nothing like you will see in the park. >> london fancies itself one of the most sartorial cities in the world, but here the focus is far more on fun, national pride, and color than a strict sense of fashion. ♪
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>> ♪ all around the world we can make time ♪ ♪ i am down with the state of pennsylvania ♪ i must warn you i am from california ♪ sure ♪w, i know for ♪ they like them beautiful around the world ♪ ♪i know, i know it is you ♪ you thank the lord, and i say i do ♪ ♪ i like to say i have been around the world, back from bombay ♪ living from a big fat suitcase
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♪ ♪ >> do knows? designers may be taking some tips from the olympic park here in 2012? >> it has certainly been a very colorful olympics. from all of us here, thank you for watching. we will see you back here tomorrow. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our
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