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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  September 4, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions arena, i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy rude wuf we have. welcome you to the live coverage of the 2012 democratic national convention. so we begin the democratic party turns to make its case to the american voters. tonight's program will emphasize the major themes of president obama's reselection campaign captured by firstç lady michele
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obamaç and we'll bailiff you tt with -- bring you that with other speeds. >san antonio mayor julio castro plus other major speeches tonight. on-line you can find our 24 hour live stream coverage events inside and outside the hall. >> ifill: let's get started right down to the floor to ray suarez who will be with us tonight and the rest of the conventions. ray suare. >> suarez: we will hear from senate majority leader harry reid of november and house minority leader nancy pelosi of california. later on there will be video tributes, the first to fermenter president jimmy carter and one to the late senator edward kennedy of massachusetts. and of course much later tonight as judy mentioned, the keynote from the 37 year old mayor of san antonio texas, hoolian julit
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trocastroand michelle obama, tht lady of the united states. >> woodruff: mark shields and draifd brooks were with us last weak in tampa and they are here with us in charlotte. what does this line up tonight say to you what the democrats, what barack obama wants to accomplish. >> michelle obama isç obviously the mostç interesting one. just as romney needed to be, still president obama needs to be humanized a little. he's a bit ensue her. motivation behind healthcare and the turmoil to do a lot of things; even though the overall rates is high and has been phenomenally favorable, the favorable or unfavorable rated has shifted quite significantly. an abc pofl has obama's unfavorability among women going up by 11 poifnts while romney's
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favorability was going up by seven. it shifted in a republican direction even if the overall number is not. >> ifill: which are the faces we're going to see on the stain tonight. >> that's right gwen. michelle obama is most important. the two most popular figures in the democratic party are michelle obama and bill clinton. it's no cept the surprise one id tonight and one is tomorrow night. i think it's important to communicate. it's been an advantage the president has and it's had over governor romney throughout this campaign, even inspite of the abc poll, until i see further evidence will consider a bit of anouan outlier and the presidens better liked than governor romney. and romney's own people, they will never be competitive at that level with president obama. if they're going to win this race, they have to win it onç other issues,ç the economy and his perceived confidence in business. >> woodruff: what about the
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most of the mayor of san antonio, not a national name, chosen to give the keynote address. >> there was a state governor from illinois more strings than castro just eight years ago. i think it highlights not the importance over sang tony or even the great state of texas of latinos and hispanic voters in this election. i think there's a rising star in that community that's important. remember this, the democrats ranks in congress were depleted in 2010 to a great degree. so they are reaching to the mayors and the governors, the featured roles at this convention. >> ifill: four years ago -- i hate when i do that. >> i love it when you do that you've you'v.>> ifill: four yee was the keynote speaker and hardly anyone remembers that.
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>> barack obama is a bit of an outlier. most key notes come and going. the republican was a once future stars, they are always future stars. they're never present stars. but you know, this is important in the latino vote. we talked about this a little in tampa. republicans are probably going to get about 60% of the whites. to counteract that, democrats are hoping to get significant,ç maybeç 70-80% of the rising population, the rising democrat demographic of which latinos are. >> woodruff: the white vote is and we're waiting for the senate majority leader harry reid. the white vote is not something the democrats can rely on. >> not at all. white male vote is important. i mean, you can't have a convention where you just speak to everybody but white males. i mean, the democrats only get 40% or 38% of the white male votes. they need that 38 or 40%. i mean it's just like the romney
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campaign is striving to get into the 30's or upper 30's in the latino votes hoping to make a dent. so the other side of that judy, the white male vote which the democrats have to get a percentage of. they can't write it off or somehow disregard it. >> ifill: we just heard just leaving the statement right now is the mayor of charlotte, anthony quinn of the host city but now we're going to go to the floor and listen to senate majority leader, harry reid of nevada.çç [crowd cheering]
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>> my name is harry reid. [crowd cheering] >> majority leader of the united states senate. i'm the senator from sensual --h light, nevada it's my pleasure to speak about barack obama a man who has brought character to the presidency. his strength of character leads him to do the right thing even when it isn't the easy thing. some studies shouldn't save detroit but president obama made the stuff and right call to save more than a million american jobs in an important iconic industry. [crowd cheering] some studies should move heaven and earth to get bin laden but
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president obama made the tough and right call to bring the worst terrorist in the world to justice. some even said he couldn't take on the big banks that brought our economy to its knees. but president obama made the tough and right call so taxpayers will never again been on the hook for wall street's risky bets.çç some study couldn't take on the insurance companies that were ripping us off. but president obama made the tough and right call to save lives, save medicare and ensure that no one goes broke just because they get sick. [crowd cheering] his whole life, there have been so many who told them what he
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shouldn't or couldn't do. but america has a president who knows what we must do. president obama has also faced down another group of naysayers. in addition to the crowds of the couldn'ted and shouldn'ts, the republican party has become the party of the woods and th woulde won'ts. they pledged on day one, they wouldn't lift a finger to help and they haven't. in the departments of the great recession, as millions of americans we're struggling to find work, the republican leader of the senate, mitch mcconnell said, republicans number one goal was to make barack obama a one-term president. they wouldn't cooperate to great jobs. they wouldn't try to turn around
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the economy. they wouldn't do anything but stand in the way of presidentç obama. now i had a front rowç seat to watch the tea party take over the republican party. for three and-a-half years, they wouldn't govern, they couldn't lead, and we shouldn't let them take over the senate from the whitehouse. [crowd cheering] we must stop the tea party before the united states senate falls into the hands of extremists and idealogs who levees no room for reason or compromise who don't recognize common ground even when they're standing on it. and if they won't stand up to rush limbaugh or grover norquist, what would make anyone think they would stand up for
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you. [crowd cheering] you see, today's republican party believes in two sets of rules. one for millionaires and billionaires and another for the middle class. and this year, they've nominated the strongest proponent and beer es beneficiary of this rigged gain, mitt romney. never in modern american history has a presidential candidate tried so hard to hide himself from the people heç hopes toç serve. when you look at the one tax return he has released, it's obvious why. it's obvious why there's only been one. we learned that he pays a lower tax rate than middle class families. we learned he chose swiss bank accounts and came cayman islandx shelters over american
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institutions. and we can only image what new secrets would be revealed if he showed the american people a dozen years of tax returns, like his father did. [crowd cheering] mitt romney says we should take his word that he paid his fair share. his word, his word? trust comes from transparency, and mitt romney comes up short on both. [crowd cheering] you see, this is about more than just a piece of paper. it isn't personal. this is about leveling with the american people and creating a level playing field for them. if we don't know how mitt romney would benefit from the policies he proposes, how can we know if he's looking out for us or just himself. the american people are stillç
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asking, whoç is mitt romney. but the american people know barack obama. [crowd cheering] he's the leader who says we should, we can, we will. you see, he's the leader who doesn't search for the easy path for himself, but takes the right one for us. this nation has been through hard times, but those hard times have hardened our resolve. i'm ready to do the difficult work that's ahead. but i want to do that work with barack obama and not a tea party idealog. [crowd cheering] we can move america forward but we can only do it together. we can move america forward with
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a strong middle class. we can move america forward with a strong democratic majority in the senate, and together we can move america forward with barack obama in the whitehouse. [cheers and applause] >> harry reid of nevada. we're now joined by the reverend jesse jackson who.ç >> good to be with you in north carolina. the new south. >> we heard a lot last week from the republicans very critical of barack obama and we just heard from senator reid very critical of mitt romney. is that going to be enough from this democratic convention. >> we now barack obama inherited a loss of 4 million jobs.
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a war that was the wrong war and now a 4 million jobs, swinging in the right direction. very extensive war in iraq has now come to an end. a step in the right direction. the automobile industry was gone, it's number one again. working in ohio it's in the right direction. >> woodruff: my point is what we heard from senator reid is criticism of mitt romney. is that going to be enough. >> no. they are benefiting from it. the americans whose health was covered now, the message is more healthcare and the message that an unnecessary war has ended. i think if we do that andç remn positive andç remain call throh the count attack, you're not american, you're not born,
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you're not one of us it comes down to that level of k35eu7bing. >> ifill: we'll listen to some members of the house. when you look at the face on the party how has it changed since us ran for president in 1988. >> in equality, you see more women in different roles now. i think -- used to see blacks and latinos and whites and browns in south carolina. the act pulled down the walls and built bridges. you can have the carolina in that -- we have made a new america and we're not going back, we're going forward. >> ifill: is it the kind of forward that will take all the people who got into your rainbow coalition with them. >> it will. the unfinished america is positive and 53 secure and 45 million on food stamps. i hope in the campaign's last
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days are in appalachia. this is a time to sit -- >> ifill: let's go back to the floor. you can see minority leader nancy pelosi is at the podium. [crowd cheering]çç >> good evening. [crowd cheering] good evening. i'm nancy pelosi from my ... my grand children call me mimi.
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for me politics is an extension of my role as a mother and as a grandmother. for the democratic women of the house, our work is not about the next election, but rather the next generation. working with president obama, we are committed to reigniting the american dream, the ideal if you're willing to work hard, play by the rules and take responsibility, you will have the opportunity to climb the ladder of success. the democratic women of the house are ready to join president obama to move americaç forward. [crowd cheering]ç congress woman rosa delaura of connecticut. and we have work to do. america's women still make just
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$.77 for every dollar men earn, and it is even tougher for women of color. those pennies add up to a real difference to middle class families who are trying to pay their bills, trying to get ahead and trying to achieve the american dream. and we are making progress. the lily ledbetter fair pay act, yes, yes. [crowd cheering] the fair pay act, to give victims paid discrimination their day in court was the first bill that president obama signed into law. [crowd cheering] now, we want to pass the paycheck fairness act. [crowd cheering] real protection to ensure equal
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pay for equal wo$=. the democratic women of theç house are committed to closing the wage gap for america's families, and to move america forward. [crowd cheering] >> i'm congress woman carolyn maloney from the great great state of new york. [crowd cheering] when president obama made healthcare a right, not a privilege for all americans, that was change that brought hope to millions. now women are beginning to get the preventive services that they deserve, including birth control. [crowd cheering] if they get sick or become
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pregnant, they will not lose their health insurance. and soon for the very first time, no longer will being a woman be a preexisting medical condition. [crowd cheering]ç healthy moms meanç healthy families. when my republican colleague held a hearing about birth control and refused, refused to include one single woman on the first panel as a witness to speak for the concerns of women, i asked where are the women. where are the women? [crowd cheering] where are the women? [crowd cheering] where are they?
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[crowd cheering] we're here. now the women of america are here. and we, we are on our way to re-elect our president, president obama. he is our president. [crowd cheering] the democratic women of the house are committed to women's health and to moving america forward with president obama. thank you. [applause] >> i'm congress woman allyson schwartz from the great town of pennsylvania.ç
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moving america forward means never going backward on america's great promise of healthcare for our seniors, medicare. as a daughter who cared for an elderly parent, i know medical care is not optional for our seniors. and we will not let the republicans and the girnit guarf medicare that costs seniors thousands of dollars and endangers health and retirement security of millions of americans. americans have worked for their medicare, they've paid for their medicare. and whether you are 65 or 55 or 45 or 35, you have earned your medicare. [applause] americans deserve the security medicare provides. president obama will strengthen and protect medicare. he already has.
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and democrats will make the tough choices, the right choices to reduce the deficit and preserve medicare for this generation and for the next. the democratic women of the house know that a secure retirement moves america forward.çç [crowd cheering] >> just about 30 women democratic members of the house of representatives coming together on the stage in force, just the sheer number of themselves a lot about this party. the reverend jesse jackson. >> those congress women who have legitimate position of power, giving them a chance to perform. olympiads and congress people. >> we saw the olympic last week. >> and title 9, by the way.
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>> let me ask you a trouble making question. i remember the scene of you four years ago on election night, tears in your eyes. none of the wall street people were responsible for the financial crises has been arrested or prosecuted. there's relatively little focus on poverty. have you had some things you think the president could have done better on some of these issues. >> two things. one, i think that the beengs had to bhad -- banks had to be baild out. there was lengthing and reinvestment, so they got bailed out but homeowners remained locked out. even the act should be revived -- on the other hand as i'm going to see pick up and go right back to ohio and focus on pufferrity. as he seeks to build ohio, ohio is kind of the appea appalachia.
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it's a great time to raise that issue again. >> i heard the presidential candidate talk about the people getting up and taking the early bus they raise people's children, they work and changing the hotel beds. -- the people who are sick -- can't lie in those beds and that's why america's a better nation than that. i heard the presidential -- i hear more about contraception than about food stamps. i hear about middle class, not about 52 million americans living in poverty. the democratic party now become the party of the -- >> well that message must be revised. i share that message with the nation and it is a real delight as it was then. yesterday middle class is today's poverty stricken. those who lost their homes and went intoç poverty, those whoç lost their jobs went into poverty. the renewed focus must be on poverty as well as urban reconstruction. give you an example in
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chicago -- addressing the chicago crises urban as well as poverty. >> i don't really hear people talking about that on the floor at the convention. >> that's for the brothers to raise the issue because the voice must be put out -- i hope in the coming days that that gap, that moral gap that people gap are those in poverty are those feeling the impacts of poverty right on them. >> what does the president need to say about that thursday night? >> the fact is he has the issue of healthcare for all americans, he'll address the poor. working for women. i think more specifically this is a moment to look at -- which is medicare, which is medicaid, which is in fact social security. that's the democrat's main call and needs to be played again. >> ifill: you were in grant
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park as mentioned four years ago, we all watched that night and there was a lot of emotion awe talked to the election of this president. but things have faded at least or at least people feel they've had theirç first. the whole part of this convention isç about reenergizg that. they're asking you your advice what would you tell them. >> there's a difference between crusading and governing. you see what president obama has done and what the alternative is. i think somewhere in there you're going to -- not just in terms of commitment to him -- he's going to turn out the maximum numbers and that's why the focus is on you. the other people on credit card debt for example -- i think focuses on youth is the right focus. >> and the depression -- >> those who work -- purged in ohio and a million in pennsylvania and 500,000 in
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florida. you have to take the election -- voter suppression on america -- because we could lose or lose but win and protect the count of the vote. >> how does it play the role of president obama the last for years. >> he has been drawn enough not to wallow in it. this is tackling him-thi -- most poor people are not black, they're white, they're female and young or the food stamps. it's an honor to be a food stamps by the personç whoç nes food stamps or those who grow food or sell food -- it's also a stereotype that we deserve better. it's like quote/unquote, it's not right. >> woodruff: how has at hand. in this country, he is the
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president, why hasn't he been able to dominate that conversation more than he has. >> well because the tea party acknowledge it -- jefferson davis democrats became the reagan -- they didn't vote for him in 2008 and -- they have in fact been stood ye uses in to e common people. >> you don't think it's beufs any failing on his part that he hasn't been able to stay on top of that? >> i'm not sure he has the power to overcome a -- why is he leadg the drive on medicaid and medicare. >> reverend jesse jackson, stay
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with you. we see the women members of congress standing there and waving. i guess it's 30 of them, we haven't counted. that's what we're told. coming up is a video, a video speech from former president jimmy carter. he's not going to be here inçç person, gwen. >> ifill: we will see bill clinton but before that the previous democratic president jimmy carter. he talked a lot about these issues of poverty and concerned. >> woodruff: mark any thoughts about why jimmy cart he couldn't come to speak in person. >> it seems there are three categories. they never mentioned gerald forward, richard nixon, dwight eisenhower at the republican convention. to get a video of the bushes or a personal appearance, bill clinton. that's it. american former president apparently -- >> they genuflectefore ronald
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reagan's name at least one every ten minutes at a republican gathering. >> abe lyn lincoln -- he was a pathetic boy, this underpinning -- >> ifill: here's jimmy carter. >> i accepted your nomination as president of the united states. i said then america needed a president who shares your dreamentz and takes the strength and wisdom from you, the american people. ladies and gentlemen, both now and for the next four years, we have just such a leader in the whitehouse. something you realize quickly in the oval office the easy decisions are not the onesç tht make their way to ymu$ desk. whether they are issues of war and peace or grave economic matters, popular or unpopular, only a president can make those most difficult choices. in those moments, it takes more than a grasp of policy, it takes integrity and an understanding of why and whom you serve.
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from president obama's first day in office, i watched him because i know you have. they face tough decisions and always put the edge on middle class americans above those with larger wallets haven't ever loud their voice. i admire him for that. because president obama sits behind that desk, every day people from planes, georgia to pittsburgh have someone on their side, thinking about them, working to give them an equal chance in life. in just four short years he's worked to an economic to bring an end to the ill conceived war in iraq and signed into law historic healthcare reform, a dream that was already decadesovedecadesover do and cas convention 30 years ago. it's called in the bitter unyielding and unpress department partisan opposition. overseas president obama has restored the reputation of the
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united states within the rural community. dialogue and collaboration are once again possible with return of a spirit of trust and goodwill to our foreign policy. of course there remains much to do. in communities across america and in countries around the world, life is too hard for too many people. we see their struggles and our hearts go out to them. in the coming years our hands must continue toç reach out toç them. yet all that remains to be done at home and abroad, the evidence is overwhelming. president obama is a leader for america to replace the onslaught of some of the most calculated domestic and international challenges to confront any u.s. president in modern times. it's up to all of us to make sure the american people understand exactly what is at stake and at risk in this election. if president obama in the oval office, we can make good progress toward becoming a
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fairer, stronger, more process pression and inclusive america, a nation adjusted to changing and challenging times by holding true to unchanging principles. a leader among the community of nations. next month, god willing, i will enter the 88th year of my life, and one month later, rose lynn and i will enter a voting booth in our home town of plains and cast another vote for barack obama and joe biden. we will do so with the confidence and conviction that they understand the challenges and difficult choices that face our nation and our people. in fact all peoples of the world in the years ahead. one thing i have learned over my lifetime as a submarine officer, as president and as leader of the quarter center is that biggest challenges and problems we face, are don't lend themselves to quiek figures. go to the snappy rhetoric of a television commercial.
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solutions are complex and difficult requiring the judgment, skill and patience to pursue the right policies for the right reasons. voters this november and i am confident when the facts and policies have been examined and record and performances have been reviewed, barack obama and joe biden will once again be elected to lead our beloved country to a better future. thank you. [crowd cheering] >> ifill: that's jimmy carter, the former president of the united states giving a full-throatd endorsement of barack obama and joe biden. now we're going to go stay on the floor and go to interior secretary ken salazar, former senator from colorado. >> 87 years old president carter international travel all the time. >> good evening. i'm ken salazar, former united states senator and attorney general for the great state of
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colorado. [crowd cheering] i'm proud that colorado delivered a victory to probe in 2008 -- to barack obama in 2008 and we will do so in 2012. [crowd cheering] my support for barack obama is deeply rooted in the americançç dream. we have both been blessed by this great nation. i'm a 12th generation mexican-american. [crowd cheering] my family have farmed the lands of the soil along the rio grande in colorado and new mexico for more than 400 years. i grew up on a ranch without electricity or telephone. my parents were civil servants and soldiers, part of world war ii's greatest generation. and though we were poor, my parents so believed in the american dream, that all eight
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of their children became first generation college graduates. [crowd cheering] likewise, barack obama's grandparents were from the neighboring state, the great planes of the state of kansas. his grandfather marched for the cause of freedom in patton's army and his grandmother worked in the fract trees durin factor. he was raised by those grandparents and a courageous mother who instilled values in him and taught him there were no limits to what he could achieve. barack obama was not born into wealth or privilege, yet today he is president of these united states of america. american dream. he has walked in our shoes. until just a few years ago,
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brocheand his wife lived like w. paying off steufnt loans, picking up kids and balancing the checkbook. these experiences are why rho president obama has -- why president obama has fought hard for all of us. he believes the american dream belongs to every single american, every single american. now on the other side, mitt romney, he just doesn't get it. he hasn't walked in the shoes of most americans. and he doesn't understand that we should focus on helping those around america's kitchen tables. not just those around the bored- board rooms of america. [crowd cheering] we need a president who is on our side.
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my father used to tell me [speaking spanish] tell me who you are, who you walk with and i'll tell you who you are. barack obama walks with us. i watched president obama protect america's land, water and wildlife. to honor all our cultures, to uphold ourç commitments to tril nations and to secure energy future. in an era when america's working so hard to achieve energy independence, the president's mission has never been more important. it was president nixon who first talked about the term energy independence. yet, until president obama took charge, no president had been so successful in helping make real strides towards a secure and
7:41 pm
independent energy future. what did the old drill of the last republican's administration get us? and now would the same drill baby drill take us? four years ago america imported nearly 60% of its oil. president obama recognized that that path was unsustainable and dangerous. under president obama's leadership, the united states move forward with an all of the above energy strategy. oil and gas, nuclear, hydro, biofuels, wind, geo thermal, solar, all of it, all of it. and today for the first time in american a decade, for the first time in american a decade, we thanç half our oil. u.s. natural gas production is
7:42 pm
at an all time high. and oil production at a 14-year high. renewable energy from solar and wind have more than doubled under the president's leadership. [crowd cheering] and not on public lands alone. the largest solar wind and geo thermal plants in the world are sprouting up across our public lands. enough electricity to power more than three million american homes. and we are creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, good middle class jobs as we move forward with the clean energy economy. thanks to president obama's leadership, the auto industry is making cars that americans want to buy. they get better gas mileage, that save money at the pumps and reduce emissions. [applause] today's america's dependence on foreign oil is at its lowest
7:43 pm
point in two decades. [crowd cheering] the romney ryan plan calls this success imaginary. they say renewable energy is a fad. they even had the gall last week as the hurricane blast our coast to mock our sacred responsibility as stewardsç of god's earth. their attitude is'] just sad it's reckless and it's backwards. and yes they are still lodged in ideological embraced with the failed policies of the past. president obama's energy program is the real deal. it moves us forward, not backward. forward to fuel emission cars, a healthy auto industry and good middle class jobs. forward to a healthier planet, and forward to the new energy frontier in american energy independence. on november 6th, america faces a choice. return to the romney-ryan ticket of failed policies of the past
7:44 pm
or move ahead with a smart focus and determined president who understands that america always does best when the winds of innovation and change, for the sake of every american family. for the sake of american energy and independence for the sake of america's future, let's go forward not backward. let's walk with the president who walks with us, who walks with us, our great president, barack obama. [crowd cheering]çç >> ifill: interior secretary ken salazar, former senator from colorado. and he was building up to this, building up to a video which you're about to watch. a tribute to the late senator ted kennedy and the kennedy legacy. here to introduce is joe kennedy iii the grandson of bobby kennedy and the senator of congress from massachusetts. >> thank you.
7:45 pm
good evening delegates. this is the first convention since 1956 that we meet without senator kennedy. but make no mistake, he is here with us this evening. [crowd cheering] [applause] i see him in the passion of our delegates, the character of her candidates and the causes that unite us. from my uncle teddy, politics was always about people. he was from a big family. and he understood that lives are measured not by line items on a budget but by first days of school, last days of summer. by promotions won and jobs lost. new homes, broken hearts, baptisms, 2350u7 funerals, and y precious moment in between. i remember chaining with him once in texas -- chaining with him once in phoenix with then
7:46 pm
senator barack obama. we showed up in a hall with a small border town with only a handful of voters to greet us. he didn't care. they were working folks who come out to support our candidate. uncle teddy got up, raised his hands and belted outçç [speakg spanish] in a strong boston accent. the crowd went crazy for the old raranchero song and a mariachi o sang it. it was uncle teddy as his best and he gave his best to everyone he met, whether a sick child, an injured soldier, an unemployed worker. that idea guided him through the bigger battle. to guarantee the right to organize, to end apartheid, bring peace to northern ireland and healthcare to all.
7:47 pm
[crowd cheering] it guides us and it guides us in a tough campaign ahead. as we fight for our middle class in a economy that's built to last. defend a woman's right to choose. keep a college education affordable. protect our seniors' retirement security and ask every american to do their part, to safeguard the promise of this country. four years ago, uncle teddy mar veled at a senator that our country sorely needed. as we pause today to remember senator kennedy, we recommit ourselves to the leadery entrusts to carry on our cause. thank you very much. [cheers and applause]çç >> for all those whose cares have been our concern, the work
7:48 pm
goes on, the cause indures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die. çç
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>> no matter who writes the history books, when people look back on this century, they will say that edward kennedy was one of the ablest and most pructiod, mveost compassionate and most effective man who served in the united states senate in the entire history of the country. [applause] >> we show you live coverage of the debate between democratic incumbent edward kennedy and his republican challenger mitt romney. >> i believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. i believe that since row v wade has been the law for 20 years, we should sustain and support it, and i sustain and support that law and the right of a woman to make that choice. >> on the question of the choice issue, i have supported the roe v wade, i am pro choice, my
7:50 pm
opponent is multiple choice. >> when mr. romney, are you going to tell the people of massachusetts which health program you favor. >> have i a plan, i have a position on healthcare. i'm happy to show it to you senator, any time you'd like. >> mr. romney it isn't a question of showing me your paper it's a question of showing all of the people new here that are watching this program the paper. they ought to have an opportunittogh piece by piece. >> that's what you have to do as a legislator. that's exactly what you have to do. [crowd cheering]çç these poor family, now he looks like he's for minimum wage, now he's for education reform. if we give him two more weeks he may even vote for me because those are things i am fore. mr. ri romney called me to congratulate me being re-elected
7:51 pm
to the united states senate. >> it's what the party does is what it has done. we're the ones that brought higher education, the medica c programs, the medicaid programs, knocked down the walls of discrimination. we brought us down to economy, a sensible foreign policy. those are the essential values of the democratic party, aren't they. >> love this country. i believe in the bright light of hope and possibility. i always have, even in the darkest hours. i know what america can achieve. i've seen it. i've lived it, and with barack obama, we can do it again. [crowd cheering] >> thank you very much. thank you. this is the cause of my life, new hope, that we will break the old grid lock and guarantee that
7:52 pm
every american north, south, east, west,ç young, old, willç have decent, quality healthcare as a fundamental right and not a privilege. [crowd cheering] >> today's decision was a victory for people all over this country whose lives will be more secure because of this law and the supreme court's decision to uphold it. >> if teddy were here, he would tell us now it's time to roll up our sleeves, get to work, fully implement the law and move on with the business of our country. >> thie oimme coming and it's oneco that i knw my husband would have loved to
7:53 pm
have seen. and he did about the future. it was about going forward. it was about pattin passing theh to a new generation. >> for those of us who knew teddy and worked with himç her, peopleç of both parties, know that what drove him was something more. ted kennedy's passion was borne not of some rigid ideology but of his own experience. that large heartedness, that concern and regard for the plight of others, is not a
7:54 pm
partisan. it's not a republican or democratic, it too is part of the american character. >> i never shied away from being called a liberal. but what i have done is stand up for my beliefs. >> the work, the new, the hope rises again. and the dream lives on. [crowd cheering] >> that certainly roused the crowd. four years ago we were all here with ted kennedy when he gave his alaskan vention speak. >> woodruff: probably the closest thing there is to an
7:55 pm
icon in the democratic party, teddy kennedy who died a few years ago. with that video you saw not only what he championed as a legislator but also you saw the campaign that he ran against mitt romney in 1994 when mitt romney as a youngd5an challengç ted kennedy and that was quite an exchange. and it was a point when mitt romney held a different view. >> ifill: we're joined now by mayor cory booker of new jersey. she's the cochair of the democratic -- joy. >democratic -- -- >> it just got very very loud. that was a movying video we just watched and it reminded me where you were lifted and inspired with great figures like that, young people like me in those days which made a stream about getting in politics. >> while is the means of a
7:56 pm
party, yes it important to video a video. >> on both sides of the political aisle where these figures didn't get rapid in the cynical edge of today. you really felt the authenticity, both sides were going wild. something like that is getting lost and locked up in our politics because there's different type of media we live in and the typical world that's emerging. so a guy like him is really an icon where there was a noble fight in america and one that calls to the conscious of our country. for me as a democrat coming up looking as the kennedys, they lifted me and inspired me and gave me hope for america and he embodies that. >> i neverç saw anybody delivea htform speech that got the kind of
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
17%. pilot programs in there, they're working on ways to cut costs. >> we have a great guy working in new jersey, talking about hospital emergency rooms. you see the republican platform is going to take us where we're going to start paying more. let me give you an example. hospital emergency room care is incredibly expensive. we found out a small percentage
7:59 pm
drive costs because we teeth them and send them out. they go back to doing their behavior, come right back with the same emergency problem. we found if you wrap services around that person, follow their home make sure they're taking their medication, you drive down costs for the taxpayers. this is the enlightened way the democratic party wants to go about it. reentry programs are lower costs for taxpayer. the right kind of healthcare lowers cost for tax pairs. planned parent lowers the incidence of abortion. we believe on the same ends of you lora boric, lower taxes, lower government spending but we have a more enlightened way of getting it. >> woodruff: mark, do you have a question. >> you were talking about those issues you took a few shots at governor christie. we don't know if the state's big enough for two of you and the question really becomes how is it that governor crist christy in these turbulent times three out of five of the citizens of new jersey give them a favorable rating. >> number one, i don't know if you saw the poll that came


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