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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  August 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the time, but it appeared he was the only person in the trench when it collapsed. 45 rescue workers from anne arundel and the other counties responded to the desperate calls from the witnesses. >> due to the time investment rescuing the individual who was in the seven-foot collapsed trench, who knew almost immediately it would be recovery effort. >> they have not released the worker's name, pending family notification. occupation safety health officials are investigating. to an 11 news update on the bridge accident that sent a car plunging into the chesapeake bay last month. a preliminary report released today revealed the driver of the tractor-trailer involved was on his first solo trip on july 19. woman was able to get out of
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the car and was rescued. the ntsb said the truck driver, pulled by a canadian carrier, told investigators he had looked at the sights and sounds behind him and when you look back at the road, a traffic had stopped and he was unable to avoid hitting the car. the investigation continues. in the meantime, the maryland authorities said it expects to release its -- it expects to release its report in a matter of weeks. >> the man convicted of a cabalistic killing will not go to prison. continue undergoing treatment at a psychiatric hospital. the judge ruled incompetent to stand trial now. he was ruled not criminally responsible at the time of the offense. >> there was a great sense of
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emptiness. >> the harford county state's attorney speaking on behalf of a family of a young man from gadahn. he came to the u.s. to further raise education, but was brutally murdered. the man who committed the crime is now committed to psychiatric hospital. >> there is conceivably a time found able to be released back into society. i don't think it will be any time soon, but that is always one of the concerns with a disposition like this. >> he admitted to attacking the man with an axe while he was sleeping, dismembered the body, and he is hard. and he ate his heart. police located the remaining body parts inside a dumpster in the church parking lot. the prosecutor is not only disturbed by the crime, but also what happened before and
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after the murder. planning that went into the commission and the planning that went into disposal of the evidence and the cleaning up, aside from what you all heard about the disposal of the body parts in the dumpster, and the room had been painted. >> a family friend of the victim told a judge he was a got the young man with a strong family background. -- was a godly young man with a strong family background. the victim's uncle said two lives are lost, the victim and the predator. the victim'stold family his heart breaks for them. just days before that attack,
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josh with caesar was hit in the head with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. in that case he was also considered not criminally responsible. baltimore city says a 16- year-old employe a rec center allegedly abused two kids. he has been charged as a juvenile. investigators say the crimes to place on august 6. ofmore on the perjury trial anthony saada, a baltimore officer. prosecutors say he shot himself to try to get compensation benefits. >> it is an unusual case and may be difficult to decide. the jury received testimony from experts and even went on a field trip to the crime scene. but there is on at least one critical version of the shooting the jury did not get to hear.
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the baltimore city detective declined his opportunity to tell the jury how, while on duty, he got shot inside in a downtown -- shot in the side in a downtown parking garage. prosecutors contend he shot himself to get workman's comp benefits. others -- the defense has argued, why go to the trouble? the city state's attorney said that is not necessarily the conclusion they have come to. the prosecutors did not charge him with lying to police. he said he was retreating running shoes from the trunk of his car, when he read -- when he spotted an african-american man in a running suit. shot him andunmen he returned fire. found casings from a
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police weapon, but not another weapon the grazing who wound chambermaid damour trajectory. damage from a to concrete wall to be linked to any weapon. saidtive jonathon jones shot atctive had been before, but this time he looked very frightened and introspective, like someone who had almost died. conviction carries an almost 10- year sentence. >> the father of a teenager who was shot and killed by a hertford county sheriff's deputies began is speaking out about a bizarre sequence of events. he says at this point, he's not angry at the deputy. he just wants more information.
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george is live in bellaire with the latest. >> the father says he believes his son was on some pretty powerful drug saturday night. it is part of the reason right now, he's not passing judgment on the sheriff's deputy who fired the shots. 19-year-old's alleged rampage was way out of character, according to his father. he believes his son was high on some type of powerful drug at the time. [indiscernible] >> about 10:30 p.m. saturday night, a hartford county sheriff's deputy shot him. authorities say he had broken into a snowball stand. minutes before, he was inside the bp and a nearby 711. he trashed both places and
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punched a man. stand, ahe snowball sheriff's office spokesman said he charged the deputy from a short distance and it was unclear if he was armed. >> when the suspects came out of the building, what did the deputy see and proceed? at this point, we believe that deputy was in fear and fired. >> i have to give the benefit of the doubt to police at this time. but i want to know all the details of why the threshold was crossed. >> he said he was bating depression and five months ago checked himself into a psychiatric facility. his father believes that on saturday night he was hanging out with some friends and that is how he got access to the drugs. he took something that all to let the killed him. -- ultimately killed him. and now i have no son.
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it ultimately, my son made that decision. >> the deputy who fired the shot has been on the job for two years and is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >> city police are still making links between a group of robbery suspects and a recent rash of street robberies targeting smart phones. one adult and three teenagers are in custody, charged with charting early-morning weekday chargers -- joggers. one woman had to fend off her attackers twice. police said they have linked this group to at least 18 attacks. militaryutors want a judge to sentence army private bradley manning to 16 years in prison. he has been convicted on 20 charges, including espionage,
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for leaking a treasure trove of documents to the wikileaks web site. the defense says any prison term should not exceed 25 years. bit of aften need a pep talk before the school year. on how, an update prettyboy -- how teachers are preparing to welcome back the students. >> an important part of the passing game returns to the practice field. fall-like cool, temperatures are just about over. get set for more high temperatures, more typical southern private -- summer patterns. so i'm checking out the jetta. 34 hwy mpg. check.
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>> and some not so rosy news on the economic front tonight. 9200 jobsost a record in july, pushing our state record of to 7.1%. it was at 7% in june. maryland is one of the state gets the job losses across last month. the national unemployment rate fell to 7.4% from 7.6%. it is at the lowest in four and a half years.
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is preparing its educators as students head back to class as next week. more than 1500 educators from across maryland and other for the annual event. it includes a mass, speakers, and teachers events. it helps teachers get ready to head back to the classroom. >> this is a day of encouragement, a day when we invoke the holy spirit and when we get the new school year off to a great start. >> officials say the archdiocese will focus on expanding some of the existing programs this year, like programs with students fort -- for students with learning disabilities. august 26 is the first day of classes. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> six consecutive days where
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temperatures have not even been close to the normal high for this time of year. it seems like fall has started a month early. nine degrees below average today. a record high of 97. the morning at 61 degrees was not as chilly as the previous morning, but still well below normal for this time of year. more feeling a little bit humid in spots. is going toy breeze continue. feelinly, starting to warmer as we go through the mid week. obverse 70's in downtown baltimore. cover todaye cloud and even some rain. we are seeing a dewpoint of 68 right now. that means as there is more moisture in the atmosphere, it
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feels muggy again. quiet here through the evening. a little more cloud cover with some fog after midnight. at 7:56 p.m., going down before 8:00 now tomorrow, high pressure will be building over the region. as we get more sunshine, temperatures warm up. now.go, 81 right b.w.i. marshall, only 75. this is the warmth that is coming our way in the middle of the week. the insta-weather plus futurecast shows the morning fog burning off. maybe an isolated thunderstorms in a few spots. the same thing on wednesday. a good deal of sunshine and
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minimal thunderstorm activity. but then things changed. numerous showers and thunderstorms in the area for thursday. not much of a breeze on the day tomorrow. in the western maryland mountains, storms arrive a day earlier than we will see them. on the eastern shore, some dense fog in spots early tomorrow morning, but then a nice afternoon and partly cloudy on wednesday. area skies return for our on tuesday and wednesday. the seven-day forecast, 86 tomorrow, 88 and she made when state. -- 88 and he made on wednesday.
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maybe thunderstorms in the area on thursday. nicee day friday and a weekend with these guys on saturday and sunday. >> veteran quarterback chris johnson released by the team. he admits much of this camp he was bothered by migraine headaches. he was taken off of the roster. back on thed dixon practice field, a very good omen for a passing game that is still developing with the regular season just a couple of weeks away. you will not see him on the field because he's not sure he will play at all this preseason. tight end dallas clark
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is starting to look more comfortable with the offense. and a big roster ship is coming from the corner. they will be cutting down by the first preseason game -- the fourth preseason game to 53. the wide receiving corps is very different than a year ago. i just want to remind you to join as thursday evening. we will be live at the stadium as we get you set for the ravens and the carolina panthers. a one-hour pregame special begins at 7:00. the ravens season opener is coming on september 5.
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originally suspended four games for violating the proformance anti-drug policy. considerings now extending his suspension to six games. miller has maintained his innocence. to theo head homestretch, and the coming in pretty good position. in in pretty good position. the o's open a three-game series with tampa bay tonight. here is the good news. the orioles have 39 games left
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never get their season. 29 of those have -- will come against a al east teams. have the chance to control their own destiny.
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>> here is what is coming up tonight. did you really get the pink slip in maryland? you are not alone why more bad financial news may be coming from our state. and a home improvement project where a man died after a fence collapsed and buried him.
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>> back this summer weather. >> back to school and back this summer weather. we will get some comfortable weather toward the end of the week. tomorrow, warm and humid. wednesday into thursday, scattered thunderstorms. cooling off a little bit for friday into the weekend. temperatures are below normal. that should carry into next week as well.
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us,hanks for joining everybody. >> we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the
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