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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  August 21, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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constellation energy group] >> an arrest has been made in the murder of a property manager. >> and maintenance worker is being held without bond charged in that attack. the suspect has not confessed. george lettis has the details. isthe former maintenance man charged with the brutal martyr of the property manager. it happened june 14 inside of the leasing office of the towns of harvest you complex. >> we found evidence of a violent confrontation. >> police say she fought for her life. it was blood all over the walls. the office was in shambles. detectives responded to a call from a cleaning lady. charged is rochon williams. >> i can't believe it. i have seen him a lot of times. you see him going around.
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>> police charged williams after they say there were inconsistencies in his story. charging documents show 951 that died before morning. before, williams told police he bought batteries at a nearby dollar general. surveillance video shows him wearing a black jacket and cargo pants. he tells police he goes back to the leasing office to meet with schaeffer. 30 minutes later, surveillance video shows williams at the home depot wearing a different outfit ,no cargo pockets and jacket.>> we have asked him to produce the clothing he was wearing in the dollar general video. has been unable to do that. >> we spoke to schaeffer's father in california after he learned of the arrest. >> i want this guy to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
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i hope to god and pray that he goes away for the rest of his life. that was george lettis reporting. williams cannot explain the discrepancy in what the surveillance video shows. they do not have a motive in the case. >> that date for you to a story we brought you. 22-year-old man shot a number of times. he was taken to an area hospital. we are told he is expected to survive at police continue investigating. >> family and friends gathered will making sure again and -- police say it was a $10 debt. authorities say carrigan was holding her baby when she was gunned down. the child was not injured. two other women were shot. the other is in serious condition. the man charged is in police
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custody. >> a woman was hit by a car and her body was left on the side of the road. anne arundel police of a race -- released description of the car. it happened at the intersection of bayside beach road and belle haven avenue. the car is distinctive. investigators believe someone will recognize it. kai reed has the update. >> the family is grieving. ,> clutching a broken car light near the place a woman's body was found. he told us he is related to the victim. the entire family is devastated. >> i could not imagine. i would never do some thing like this. i cannot tell you that. i cannot know. to leave somebody? >> the person walking across the street down the woman's body
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5:00 tuesday. investors believe she was standing on the northbound side of bayside beach road when a car hit her and kept going. they are looking for an older model mercedes similar to the one in the picture. it may have visible damage on the hood and the right headlight area. >> you have to remain on the scene of an accident. you have to report to authorities. that is our focus right now. have this vehicle. >> police blew the woman was hit a short time before body was discovered. >> the parents are grieving incredibly. forward, if you're the one that hits this girl, come for. it could help our family. >> that was kai reed reporting. the car in the picture is dark blue. police are not sure what color
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the suspect's car is. if you miss the car, call them at this number -- 14, 222, 8573. >> state lawmakers are calling for resignation of don dwyer following his latest dui. the anne arundel republican was arrested early tuesday morning after he was pulled over for running erratically. he performed poorly on multiple field sobriety tests. members of his party say the time has come for him to step aside. consider resigning from the leglature. get the help they desperately needs. get his life back on track. >> he is already facing sentencing and october for operating a boat under the influence about all a connection with a collision with another vessel. that incident happened last
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summer. several people were injured. was sentencedning to 34 years in a military prison. after looking documents, he was convicted on 20 charges, including espionage for leaking secret government documents to wikileaks. manning faced 90 years in prison. he received half the time prosecutors asked for. the 25 real have to serve at least a third of the sentence before he is eligible for parole. he was dishonorably just charge. several lawyers are skeptical today sentence will be deterrent for others looking to leak classified information. in another case, the obama ministration declassified three secret court opinions today showing how each year for three years the government collected as many as 56,000 e-mails and other communications by americans not connected to terrorism. -- the document
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shows the global surveillance operation. >> the number of sexual souls continues to plague the military. the u.s. cable academy says that if -- it is taking further steps to combat the problem. previously, education on the topic would come outside of the classroom as part of seminars and briefings. now it will get prevention lessons early and often. a hearing to determine whether football players will face a court-martial in the sexual assault case is expected to begin this month. >> extra lane seven added to the baltimore county information superhighway. the technology upgrade will fit students there. they will help keep schools safe. tim tooten explains.
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>> the county executive was a long -- among the showing of the technology. or the six schools with a new fiber-optic line. >> we are here of a certain generation. we knew what it was like not to have technology in the way we now know what. the fact that we have today is just amazing. likes -- >> they will find in many cases that faster is better. >> if kids have access to information, they need us to facilitate critical thinking around the information. >> we are talking about access. you often hear about thinking out of the box. we have blown the box wide-open. >> the county has installed hundred 60 miles of fiber-optic lines. it will help please keep a watch what is happening inside of all of the county only three school buildings. like second exit roll up to a
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site, hook onto the network, extreme the camera videos in the parking lot. they are able to see with the situation as before they enter. >> parents welcome the upgrade. >> any opportunity this goal gets to move along the technology into the future is leaps and bounds for the school system. >> both in the classroom and the committee. baltimore county only has two foot part of the bill. the rest came from the federal government. reporting from the 11 news rank him a tim tooten. >> a quick note to pass along. in an nbc news exclusive, connecng victim and anderson will speak public for the first time tomorrow morning on the today show. >> in the beginning, i was a victim. consider myself a survivor. my mom raised me to be strong.
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>> the 16-year-old was abducted in san diego after police say james dimaggio killed her mother and young brother. she was rescued in the idaho wilderness. inspiring speeches are usually save for college graduations. likes of next, freshman got the inspiration. >> and honest with the visitor at a family's home. a possible reason why the gator popped up. >> a peak of the special delivery who made his grand entrance inside of a car on a busy highway. >> showing showers and thunderstorms headed this way. we will see there's more on tap for tomorrow.
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>> a surprise for a family after
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their dog had a standoff with a 2.5 foot alligator in their backyard. it happened in a home in cherry tree lane. according to witnesses, the gator was quite calm. neighborhood kids were patting the reptile. it was picked up and taken to a sanctuary in howard county. despite its stature, experts say the they are glad the gator isn't roaming free. >> it was 2.5 feet long. if he is that much, he is probably two years old. we think he is a male. he is doing good. he is eating very well. >> how they would he get? >> they can get 12-15 feet. >> wildlife specialists fill the gator was probably up at the became too large to keep them a set free. it will be taken in a couple of months to south carolina. it is against the law for most people to possess exotic animals. >> we told to by dennis pitta
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the delivery on a howard county highway. a 911 dispatcher coached a a 911 good birth -- dispatcher coached a couple through the birth of their child on a highway. an operator told him to pull over when it came clear that there'll be no time to get into the hospital safely. >> i worry to place the palm of your hand against, and by pressure. is this her first delivery? >> this is our third child. a dispatcherbeen for four years. parents and baby and dispatcher are all doing well. >> at seven he was laughing. -- heading back to school is an exciting time for millions of students.
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a georgia tech, freshman got quite the pep talk from nick selby. tradition is excellent. it is not to fall on the those steps of astronauts, prize laureates, but to exceed their footsteps, crush the shoulders upon whom we stand. we are innovative people. you, if you want to change the world, your at georgia tech. you can do that. if you want to build the ironman suit, you are at georgia tech, you can do that. if you want to play music during your [indiscernible] we are at georgia tech, you can do that. i am joking at -- i am doing that. >> if we want to show that on tv, we can do that.
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no surprise the video has got a couple. -- no surprise the video has gone viral. >> hopefully he would hope [indiscernible] [laughter] 89 degrees. 85 is the normal height. 97 degrees the record high going back to 1899. over 100 years. it is on the books for another year. it survives as one of the records out in baltimore. 75 in hagerstown. they have had storms roll through this time. these thunderstorms drop the
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temperatures and little bit. we have lightning strikes coming out of reaching in the same areas. heavy showers and storms down that way right now. baltimore, south of even overnight, possibility of hearing thunder along with heavier downpours. a muggy night tonight rita southwest breeze. -- a muggy night tonight. a southwest breeze. that will probably be gone by morning. the front that is trailing behind it will have to come through here tomorrow into friday morning. one batch of showers to get down into the morning. the next one will develop as the front comes through. that air gets here in time for the weekend. there goes the showers in the morning. that triggers an afternoon thunderstorm. we may catch ourselves in
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between systems. the storms faded bits. the thunder is still out in western is living in. -- in western pennsylvania. we will not give the all clear until the sun can get past baltimore friday morning. the doors open to high pressure coming in and spectacular summer weather for the weekend. a woman that he day tomorrow. a chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. i think that may be just late enough in the evening to get us past the afternoon storms. west to southwest winds. storms cominghave through tomorrow. showers made legal -- may linger in tomorrow night. on the eastern shore, a muggy day tomorrow. a 30% chance. the raised in by friday.
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headed for ocean city, some clouds and scattered thunderstorms. the weekend gets here and humidity levels drop. ink at the surf temperature the mid-70s. it will be a nice summer weekends at the beach. 84 on friday. clearing skies in the afternoon. a beautiful weather pattern. lows could be in the 50s again. monday looks nice. scattered storms pop up again on tuesday and wednesday. , you you want to stay up can do that. you can watch jay leno and jimmy fallon. kristen bell tonight. jack johnson is here. a beautiful show. the beautiful jimmy fallon coming up next.
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-- is hered only tonight [indiscernible] >> chris davis took a swing at the sports illustrated cover. drama coming up next.
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>> so much has gone wrong, it is easy to expect the worst. the orioles victory causes it relation. -- causes elation. fans witnessed some monster homeruns. , the bottom five for chris davis. a bit of history on the cover of sports illustrated. his 46 this season.
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they take a 4-2 lead. the orioles defense against -- top nine, jim johnson did not close. , what a tag. ended -- i have evertag seen. it was textbook. he starts in the front. he catches the ball. >> i think he could do that.
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the red sox were in san francisco. the top two unloaded. two run shot. then it is 2-0. the pop-up. it is a gift run-scoring double. oh my. the is a 3-1 shot. the orioles keep pace. the ravens made a move on wednesday. they traded david reed to the colts. it made sense for ozzie newsome. the selection -- it looks great. he also has [indiscernible]
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>> on the field, off the field, make sure you e good. there.been you follow in your area. whatever you need. game dress for her so tomorrow. we will get you started with the countdown at 7:00 featuring interviews. that is the latest. highlighting our show. the drivers mason of ohio, a one vehicle accident this past spring while driving 127 miles per hour. monday he was caught doing 81 in a 60. with expired tags. drive --osh gordon
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america runs on dunkin'. >> thunderstorms even tonight moving through. that'll linger overnight about. we have a window of opportunity for ravens game. it will be warm and muggy. showers go through friday morning and clears up. after that, beautiful weekend. comfortable temperatures. the summer weekends are becoming fewer. you get we can like that. -- you get a weekend like that. wax thank you for joining us. >> see you back tomorrow night.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- actress kristen bell. from "new girl," jake johnson.
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the music of phillip phillips. and "headlines." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." thank you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] hey folks --
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did you hear this story? hear about this? man here in california, actually, not far from here, about 20 miles, went bankrupt collecting beanie babies. [ laughter ] this guy spent $100,000. his life savings, collecting beanie babies because he thought one day his collection would become so valuable it would pay for his children's college education. [ laughter ] i think it's safe to say nobody ever paid for this guy's college education. okay. [ applause ] speaking of -- speaking of morons we have a a new nominee for idiot criminal of the month. beaverton, oregon. guy tried to rob a gun store with a baseball bat. [ laughter ] guy goes into a gun store, "it's a robbery." they're calling it the most ineffective use of a bat since the miami marlins. that's how bad.
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[ rim shot ] [ cheers and applause ] hey, here's a story i read today. sometimes at the san diego zoo they will bring in animals from other zoos to mate with the animals that are already in there. yeah. in fact, i understand now in san diego they are thinking of doing the same thing with the mayor. you know, bringing others for him so he can -- yeah. [ cheers and applause ] well, it looks like america's creepiest mayor, this guy -- there you go. there you go. that's the guy. san diego mayor bob filner now has seven women charging him with sexual harassment. [ audience oohs ] oh, it gets worse. today a dolphin at sea world came forward -- [ laughter ] said that filner once put his finger in her blow hole. okay, that's how bad. [ rim shot ] [ applause ] i'm just -- yeah. not looking good for the san diego mayor. well, here's the story. take a look at what happened today.
11:38 pm
>> allegations of sexual misconduct against san diego mayor bob filner continue to grow. this morning, gloria allred, who represents one of the accusers encouraged other women who have been harassed by filner to come forward, and they did. [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> jay: just a lot of them. just a lot of them. [ cheers and appuse ] but filner is defiant. he said he is not resigning. he said he will take a two-week break where he'll to go to new york and help campaign for anthony weiner. so there you go. so there you go. good for him. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. more -- and more problems for anthony weiner. his campaign manager quit. yeah. guess, he felt anthony was becoming overexposed. that was the problem. [ laughter ] but it's not all bad. today, weiner's former campaign manager got a new job -- spokesperson for ballpark franks. [ laughter and applause ] so that's good. so that's good for him. yeah. [ applause ]
11:39 pm
well, listen to this. according to a new poll in new york city, 80% of women have an unfavorable opinion of anthony weiner. buy to be fair, a lot of those women surveys, they hadn't even seen his penis yet. okay, so let's wait -- [ laughter ] let's wait til the photos come out, i think, before we prejudge. you know, i'm starting -- this whole thing with anthony weiner, it's been going on for quite some time. in fact today, some footage of anthony weiner in high school surfaced. [ audience no's ] yes! apparently he's been doing this -- show that footage from anthony weiner's high school. [ laughter ] >> has anyone seen tony? >> no, weiner you're safe. >> oh, good. >> has anyone seen my clothes? >> oh, weiner. [ applause ] >> jay: and more men behaving badly. stories -- the former head of the international monetary fund, you know that big intentional
11:40 pm
banking deal? dominique strauss-kahn -- remember that name? that's the guy, who was accused of attacking a hotel maid in new york a while back. well, he's -- he's now being tried by french officials on charges of pimping. [ audience oohs ] they said he consorted with whores. well, of course, he consorted with whores. he was working with other bankers. duh. duh. of course. [ applause ] well -- rapper dmx has been arrested again. this time in south carolina for dui. you know, he's been arrested so many times he thinking of changing his name from dmx to nfl. [ audience oohs ] [ applause ] well the -- [ applause ] the nfl training camps are now under way. and because of the recent arrests it's really changed the way they play the game. like a lot of quarterbacks now are refusing to call out their signals unless their attorneys are present. you know -- [ light laughter ] thank you for the mercy
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applause. [ laughter ] things are not looking good for former new england patriot aaron hernandez. looks like he may spend the rest of his life in jail. [ audience oohs ] . well, on the plus said hernandez says he's looking forward to playing on the prison football team under coach whitey bulger. that will be -- that will be good. [ applause ] speaking of prison, o.j. simpson is supposedly up to something like 300 pounds. [ cheers ] in fact, o.j. is now the leading cause of prison overcrowding. did you know that? ♪ [ laughter and applause ] did you see him in "people" magazine? the orange jumpsuit? he looked like the great pumpkin. that's how fat. ♪ [ laughter and applause ] in fact, o.j. is so fat, his parole hearing, his only two character witnesses were ben and jerry. okay, that's how fat. ♪ [ laughter and applae ] in fact, o.j. is so fat, he's
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asking f the death penalty just so he can get the last meal. that's how fat. ♪ [ laughter and applause ] hey, have you seen this new black and white wetsuit they have come out with? it's designed to deter sharks? that's what these scientists -- well, here's the story. >> let's hoped that a new type of wetsuit technology can help us stop shark attacks. a team of marine biologists in australia claim a black and white pattern is perceived as danger to sharks. although it's safe to wear to the beach, we do not recommend it on the serengeti. [ lion roaring ] [ laughter ] [ screaming ] [ applause ] >> jay: you have to -- be careful. [ cheers and applause ] well -- according to a new study by the harvard school of public health, drinking coffee can lowers your risk of suicide by 50%. the study reports when you drink all that coffee your
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handare too jittery to hold the pistol. you can't really -- shoot yourself. [ laughter and applause ] that's what it said. it said -- it said -- coffee drinkers are 50% less likely to kill themselves. bad news? if they run out of coffee, they're 50% more likely to kill you. okay. always keep that in mind. hey, what do you think of this? [ applause ] according to the "new york times" more than 6% of butt enhancement surgeries are performed on men looking for a a fuller rear end. how pathetic is that? we even taking the lazy way to get a fat ass now, too? huh? what happened to beer, and pizza, and doughnuts? do the work, people. do the work! that's right. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ do the work. that's right. wayne is doing the work. thank you, wayne. >> i'm trying. >> jay: let's pick it up,
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dorian. >> i'm sorry. >> jay: it's now time for a a segment we call "which is smarter cats or dogs?" let's take a look. ♪ >> jay: okay. watch the cat. look at that. that's pretty high. watch this. look at him concentrate. whoa, got it. got it! watch the dog. same concentration. concentration. [ laughter ] [ bell ringing ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hey, we'll be right back with "headlines." so just come back. say hello to rickey minor. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: welcome back, everybody. we've got a fun show for you tonight. she is a wonderful actress, a a brand new mom. you know her from the showtime series "house of lies," the lovely kristen bell. kristen bell is here. [ cheers and applause ] also from the hit tv series "new girl," actor and comedian
11:49 pm
jake johnson will join us as well. [ cheers and applause ] later, music from a very popular singer who just happened to win season 11 of "american idol." phillip phillips will perform as well. [ cheers and applause ] coming this week kate hudson, casey affleck, kristin chenoweth and meredith vieira are all stopping by. it should be a fun week. it's monday night, time for "headlines." ♪ headlines they're coming from you headlines ♪ >> jay: all righty. postal chief says faster mail delivery to take at least a a year. [ light laughter ] class of 2013 reunion august 21st -- you have only been out of school two months, really? [ laughter ] really? you miss everybody that much? hey, what have you been doing for the last six weeks? i have always believed this. crack, the secret to a perfect appetite. [ laughter ] nothing more heartwarming than
11:50 pm
a father and daughter team. look at this. the father-daughter fishing team strikes again. what a beautiful young lady she is. [ laughter and applause ] good, honest police work. body in duffel bag may be homicide. [ laughter and applause ] okay, this seems a little creepy. there you go. explore -- expose yourself to a a world of adventure. really? [ laughter and applause ] kenosha news, mrs. scissorhands. pleasant prairie woman trims bush into teapot topiary.
11:51 pm
hey, if you like animals. free to a loving home. two adorable kittens, mother siamese, father very successful. [ laughter ] okay, here's the era we live in. midwest nerves get shake -- get good shake by quake. "i thought it was another meth lab blowing up," said 13-year-old tracy. mcfarland students protest. look at the quote. "they are taking everything away. all we are going to end up going here for is an education." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] how many times did you wonder this, huh? is your dog gay? [ laughter ] it's a dog eat dog world.
11:52 pm
[ audience oohs ] this is the most horrible thing i have ever seen. kroger brown and serve rolls. okay. i don't want any brown and serve rolls. i'm going to pass on the brown and serve rolls. pet therapy aids seniors. a lot of seniors have pets. it helps them cope. i don't know if this is the correct pet for this woman. gee, that seems -- [ laughter ] i don't even understand what's happening. the villa at riverwood -- it's a retirement community. all residents are treated like family.
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[ laughter ] cookware set with the convenience of a nonstick surface. [ laughter and applause ] colonoscopy can earn a gas card. well, yeah. gun safety. [ audience ohs ] farm cancels pig wrestling. sam dobowski said that while last saturday's event was a a great turnout, he got numerous threatening calls and complaints from animal rights activists who disagree with the practice of pig wrestling. instead he's offering a a community pig roast on october 18th. [ laughter ] you know, if i was the pig, i think i would go for the wrestling.
11:54 pm
you know, if you're in the window business, learn how to spell. no more "shudders." [ light laughter ] now this is a group of pepsi employees. see, it says front, left to right, gretchen. middle, left to right. not pictured, left to right. mark, sam. pet vaccines offered saturday at ukillem. [ audience oohs ] now these are weddings. these are people that met each other, have unusual names and just happened to fall in love. there's the little-moody wedding. there's the houser-mohle wedding.
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[ audience ohs ] there's the baker-balls wedding. there's the daly-leake wedding. [ audience ohs ] how about the cropper-beaver wedding? [ audience ohs ] it's the reimer-harder wedding. [ audience oohs ] it's the greathead-critchley. it's the moredick-craig wedding. [ audience ohs ] and finally, the johnson-muncher wedding. there you go! if you have a headline, send it to -- or go to our website --, we'll be right back with the lovely kristen bell. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ didn't phone it in.
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