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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  August 22, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> you are watching wbal, tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. a shocking statement from bradley manning just one day after he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for giving classified documents to
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wikileaks. let's get right to daniel lee in with the story. >> bradley manning announced a on identity this morning he today show." >> i am chelsea manning. i am a female. >> the army private was sentenced to 35 years in prison yesterday for leaking thousands of documents to wikileaks. gender identity played a role in the trial. the defense showed pictures of manning in a blonde wig and lipstick and suggested being a gayprivate was a factor -- private was a factor. decided to pursue hormone therapy as soon as possible, something the army does not provide. >> i am hoping fort leavenworth will do the right thing and
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provide that. if fort leavenworth does not, i will do everything in my power to force them to do so. >> the soldier now begins a very public fight to be accepted as a female. >> here, a family is remembering their daughter, murdered over a $10 debt. she was shot tuesday morning. two other women inside the home were also shot, one of them critically. a 25-year-old is charged in the shooting and remains in police custody this afternoon after a judge denied failed. update, asws suspected gunman is in custody today. 27-year-old antoine jordan is said to have shot two bouncers for -- after being turned away for not having id
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another man behind bars charged with a shooting last wednesday. police say he is one of the people responsible for shooting a man who was helping a friend to the car as -- to his car. was seriously wounded. police have made an arrest in the murder of a property manager two months after she was stabbed inside her leasing office. meet man'sect is a man at the complex. while he has not confessed -- maintenance man at the complex. while he has not confessed to the crime, investigators say a change of clothing he made the morning of the murder was enough to convince them he was connected to it erie it in the end, investigators did not have ,o look far -- in the end investigators did not have to look far. >> when police arrived at the scene, we found evidence of an extremely violent confrontation.
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>> pice say schaeffer fought for her life. there was light all over the walls and lines. the office was in ship -- blood all over the walls and lines. the office was in shambles. now charged in the case, m -- a maintenance man. neighbors are shocked. >> i have seen him walking up and down the street. men goingintenance around. >> police charged williams after saying inconsistencies appeared in his story. williams told investigators he went to buy batteries at a nearby dollar general. surveillance video shows him wearing a black jacket and cargo pants during the visit. later, williams allegedly told detectives he went back to the leasing office to meet with schaeffer. 30 minutes later, surveillance video shows him at this home
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depot wearing a different outfit, a polo shirt and khaki pants with no cargo pockets and no jacket. >> we have asked this defendant to produce the clothing he was wearing in the dollar general video. he has been unable to do that. >> 11 news spoke to schaeffer's father after he learned of the arrest. >> i want this guy to be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law. i pray to god he goes away for the rest of his life. >> while investigators do believe they have their man, they are still trying to answer one main question, a motive for the killing. williams is now being held without bond. >> in anne arundel county, police have released the name of the woman killed in a hit-and- run crash in pasadena. 20-year-old amanda crook l was pelling on tuesday -- cra
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was walking on tuesday evening when she was hit. believe this vehicle may have sustained some damage to the front right or shannon of the light area. also the hood. or thet right portion light area. also the hood. >> police say the mercedes is a 300, 400 or 500 series. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. more lawmakers are demanding the resignation of don dwyer following his dui arrest. police arrested the anne arundel county republican tuesday morning after he was pulled over for driving erratically. he performed poorly on several field sobriety test. >> i think delegate dwyer should consider resigning from the legislature and get the help he needs to get his life back on track. >> dwyer already faces in october for
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operating a boat under the incident -- under the influence last summer and injuring several people. >> as we get into the heat of the afternoon, we do expect some showers and thunderstorms to develop. it is 86 at the airport. the dew point is in the 70's. it has a tropical feel to it. we could run into a shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon or this evening. if you are going to the ravens game, keep in mind that there could be a passing storm during the game. i know there is not much you can do. you cannot take umbrellas, but keep that in mind. we will check the seven-day a few >> still ahead on 11 news at noon -- >> they don't really know the story so they kind of have their own opinion on what they hear. herannah anderson makes first public appearance this
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morning on "the today show." what she has to say about her kidnapping, next. plus, world leaders are reacting to serial's alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians.
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>> are those trees moving?
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keep watching. this is what happened when a sinkhole opened up in louisiana, swallowing a group of trees. the sinkhole originally appeared in the waterway last year, prompting an evacuation. state and federal agencies have been monitoring the situation. the 16-year-old who was kidnapped by a family friend is speaking out for the first time. hannah anderson said she wanted to clarify some things, like the text with her 40-year-old abductor the day she was taken. joe dimaggio killed hannah upon smother an eight-year-old brother in san diego before taking hannah -- hannah's mother and eight-year-old brother before taking hannah captive earlier this month. he was killed in a shootout with the fbi. wanted to thank the amber alert and the sheriffs and the , everyone that put in their time to find me. >> hannah's mother and brother
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will be buried this weekend. covering the world, leaders are now reacting to the allegations of chemical weapon use on civilians near syria's capital. germany's foreign minister called on the u.n. -- called on those serious government to give u.n. inspectors full access to --called on the theory and give u.n.ernment to instructors full access to investigate. >> if there is a regime anywhere in the world using debacle weapons on people, we have entered a new -- using chemical weapons on people, we have entered a new level of barbarism. >> france raise the possibility of using force if the claims
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were true. foreign ministers from turkey and south korea also expressed concern. still ahead, we will take your pet questions. plus, debit cards. they can be useful, but they can cost you enormous fees. >> it is a warm and muggy day today, but we have better news in the forecast.
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>> it is a dress rehearsal of sorts for the ravens as they
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face-off against the carolina panthers tonight. we expect first string layers to play most of the games in week three. this is all in preparation for the season opener against denver. you can catch the matchup tonight right here on wbal. the broadcast team will bring you interviews with your .avorite players that brings us to our ravens question of the day. most lookinge you forward to? a for denver. the for the steelers. see for the rematch against the -- b for the steelers. rematch against the patriots. in our consumer alert, if you are searching for a new job,
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start polishing your negotiating skills. experts say new jobs are always negotiable to get a higher salary, but potential employees are not taking advantage of it. according to a survey, 40 nine percent of workers do not negotiate for a higher salary -- 49% of workers do not negotiate for a higher salary when offered a job. the federal reserve says it plans to appeal a court ruling so it can charge more fees when you swipe your debit card. that is after a judge struck down a rule on the 21 sent fees fees bankse -- $.21 charge retailers during a transaction. attorneys for the federal reserve are asking that the current cap stay in place until an appeals court weighs in.
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fees aren't only for regular cards. debit cards can be useful for purchases, but fees can rack up to $350 a year unless you do direct deposit. still, there are benefits. a prepaid card puts boundaries spending and eliminates worries about overdraft. here in maryland, we have it pretty good. a new survey by finds georgette is the most expensive state in which to is the mosteorgette expensive state in which to operate a motor vehicle, followed by california. maryland comes in at number 29. >> now, your 11 insta weather plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> it is another warm and muggy
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day. the temperature is going to change. the humidity is going to go down. we are watching a dip in the jetstream. you can see cooler temperatures behind that it. that is going to slide over to the next 24-40 eight hours. there is a chance of thunderstorms today or tomorrow. right now, 86 at the airport. 83 in easton. intoould be able to get the mid-upper 80's in most locations by the afternoon. look at the dew point. you are certainly going to feel the humidity when you step out. the atmosphere is going to use that heat and humidity to create a few showers and thunderstorms by 2:00 in the afternoon. post of the rain and heavy stuff is north of philadelphia, toward new york. right now, there is nothing the rest ofbut for the day, there is a better chance of rain. if you are going to the ravens
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game this evening, there could be a passing shower or thunderstorm. it will not last very long. but nothing showing up on the close view here on hd doppler. that is good for outdoor activities for the next hour or two coup. the forecast a mix of sun and clouds. high temperatures in the 80's. heat index likely in the low 90 's.ts seven-day forecast going into the weekend, 30% chance of showers on friday. the humidity will start to go down late in the day. 84 high temperature. you'd a full day saturday and sunday. morning -- beautiful day saturday and sunday. the next chance of rain will hold off until tuesday next week. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> dr. kim hammond is here to
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answer your pet questions. he is joined by ollie. >> this is a tibetan terrier. look how cute he is. these are great dogs. >> he doesn't even look real. >> the israel. they are great dogs. you do not fun -- he is real. they are great dogs. >> my cat is losing hair around his hind legs and belly. he is an indoor cat who eats well and is active. what could be causing this? >> it could be an allergy, particularly in the areas affected. he isld be something lying on. or it could be an eating disorder. see your veterinarian. it is easy to treat. >> my pet blew out his acl. then he blew out his other
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a.c.l.. we are hoping to avoid surgery. any advice? >> you can avoid surgery if you diagnosis.per the best guy in town is at the falls road animal hospital. get the knee analyzed properly. treatmentan analyze options. , call dr. al legs and. he is the best orthopod around. my pet has to walk around with one eye partially closed. what is this? >> the cornea might be scratched. maybe the cat is rubbing it. the group in the eye is the result of the liquids being extruded. if you have a cat squinting, see your veterinarian.
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>> thank you, dr. kim. and thanks, ali. coming up next, your maryland lottery numb
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>> in japan, a good samaritan has become a subway station's very own superhero. he is helping people navigate
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in tokyo. he keeps his identity hidden because he says people feel obligated to reciprocate when they receive help. he has been to three months doing good deeds. he says his time there is limited because he has a day job at a grocery store. tonight at 5:00, we are learning more about a series of home invasions targeting people in baltimore county. what investigators say the suspects are wearing, and what to do to avoid falling prey. a vicious dog attack involving a pit bull and a golden retriever. this time, investigators are not blaming the dog. investigators have the owner behind bars. now, your maryland lottery pick three and pick four numbers. click the maryland lottery, let yourself clay. maryland lottery, let
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yourself play. >> here are your pick three numbers. 7, 6, 1. that makes your pick three numbers 7, 6, one. introducing champions graeme's -- champion scratch offs from the maryland lottery. win $20,000 instantly or season tickets. zero,ick four numbers are three, three. lottery, let yourself lay. play. >> is a going to be raining over the stadium tonight? >> hard to say. there is a chance.
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you cannot do anything. you cannot bring a number à la. just know that it can rain. cannot bring an
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>> lights, camera, action! >> now, i know. i feel good about it. i am proud to be a dad. >> the father to be's first word. simon shares if it is a boy or girl. his former boss chiming in. what kind of father will be simon cowell be? >> is the in sync region uniin doubt. what lance is and isn't revealing? >> i took a picture on my instagraph. ♪ maybe it's in your nature >> she knows every line. of course she is robin thicke's mom.
12:31 pm
and, soap star gloria lauren makes a great point about the controversy. >> the video degrade women -- i said, no, no, no. those things are not good for him. >> stepmom shirley jones was too right. david cassidy arrested. i'm sean robinson. who is the star lucky that this wasn't worse? [ bleep ]. >> lights, camera, action! >> father to be simon, makes it official. welcome to "access hollywood." it has taken him three weeks to come clean. simon says it. we can say with 100% certainty, there will be a little cowell coming into the world. >> a lot of things are changing my life right now the i am proud to be a dad. you know something i hadn't thought of before. now i know -- i feel good about it. >> do you know if you are having a boy or girl? >> i can't say.
12:32 pm
>> embracing his father to be status with exfriend's ex-wife, lauren silverman, simon confirmed the news, at the red carpet for one direction. one direction missions us. >> to be a pop star, it's exciting, yes. because i look after them. >> today silverman starting to show was photographed arriving in france. it is reported she will reunite with simon for the first time since settling her divorce in new york. interesting to note, simon's ex-fiance was spotted leaving his house this morning. after attending last night's premiere. at the premiere, simon said he feels look a father to one direction boys. the fans turned out in the thousand at lester square. ♪ ♪ there were ecstatic tears unleashed by fans. harry styles rushed the camera gave the a kiss. simon felt the love and signed autographs. and a confident display of chest
12:33 pm
hair as he unleashed his glory in a white shirt. >> some one said that he had nipples like pepper mill grinders. >> is that good or i think bad. simon's old producer, joined access hollywood live. >> what do you think what kind of father will simon cowell be, nigel. >> probably tell the kid off. >> he was just as stunned as everyone else he heard the father new. >> i seriously was. thought he was a confirmed bachelor. >> he thought he was too. >> yeah. >> i don't really think he thought this relationship was going to be going anywhere in truth. it was his best friend's wife. so, i think it came as the a surprise to everybody, really. >> best friend's wife. i think we can change that to former friend's wife. much more with nigel tomorrow the a lot to say on what a disaster britney spears was on
12:34 pm
the x factor. brad shelton and adam levine, on "the voice" and adam and nicky. they like each other. and an update on ast sta story covered last week. tomorrow she will be laid to rest in new york. shawn with new info. >> i have to warn everybody. what you are about to hear is unsettling. the daily news, gia use aid vacuum cord to hang herself in her nba boyfriend ryan anderson's apartment. and that same night, she was on the phone with her mother. just awful. >> michelle joins us right now from new york with news on david cassidy who was arrest foed whi
12:35 pm
int int intoxicated. >> a sobriety test. david drew a .1. taken to jail. now facing felony drunk driving charges. he did have that dui in florida in 2010. here is what she told us about her troubled stepson, who battled alcoholism. >> david is getting a divorce not very happy. things are not good for him. but, i see, there is much of him, that si is the problem. >> billy none of that is funny at all. this is funny. the officer who arrested david, was named tom jones. when david and tom were leaving the jail, he asked his name. when he said tom jones. david said --
12:36 pm
>> yesterday, we learned that you were a huge fan when word cam of possible reunion with the group at the vmas sunday. now that you have info. it might actually not be happening. say this is not so. >> a lot of mights. despite that, getting out all the old free t-shirts. he is cutting them up. lance bass addressed the rumors on the xm radio show, "30 pop with lance bass" he didn't confirm the reunion only where he thought the boy band was starting. >> we want to see justin's last show with jay-z at the stadium. i think that's what started the rumor there is going to be a big reunion. >> michelle, a letdown, sound like it is not happening. >> it doesn't sound look it is not for sure happening. there is still a chance. still a chance. >> setting up mtv for an
12:37 pm
anticlimax. they need to know. they scramble to put something together. presenting together is not reuniting. michelle earlier this week, olivia martin tweeted a video of when she dislocate herd sod her shoulder. not so much what you see but what you hear. check it out. [ indiscernible ] [ bleep ]. >> oh, oh, oh, oh. ouch. >> no. >> dislocated her sold shoulder. slammed down on her hip. i e-mailed olivia. she was at a friend's apartment, in prague, and ha-ha, bananas, i'm healed. bruised up. sensitive in certain areas. i laughed and realized, that it hurt too much. but it was all worth it once i realized it was caught on video. that's the world we live in. crazy. looked like taken down by a sniper. perfect depiction. >> it -- it did. you know what once you have
12:38 pm
video it makes all that pain go away. like magic. >> the upside of viral. josh and fergie are expecting a buy any day now. on access hollywood live, he asked for parenting advice. >> is there any truth to peepee teepees. >> a cap. babies tinkle. i read you are excited about this? >> i actually am. i am excited about, they always tell me that boys when they're infants on the changing table that they feel the cold air on them and they just pee straighten the air. >> josh shared this information. there was only one thing to do. we went to his premiere, for "scenic route" gave him one. >> you got me a peepee teepee. >> options? >> christmas tree, camping. >> got this? >> one more. >> from what i understand these
12:39 pm
comen hand ye in handy with a be exposed to the elements. they're knack naked, they pee. >> the dad and fergie, in leather and due any moment. hit the premiere of "scenic route." and josh cradling fergie's belly is savoring every last moment of her pregnancy. >> i am going to miss walking aroundment house pregnant. >> just two stars, josh and dan fogler who plays an old friend who sabotages their road trip to rekindle the friendship. intense scenes and long hoursen the desert was daunting, but rewarding. >> it was really scary. knew a ton of rehearsal. this is the kind of movie. i got in the business for. >> next up, meet lisa marie presley's girls. >> why heidi klum is singing that classic beegee tune.
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>> i can't mess up. >> some very sharp perspective on blurred lines straight from robin thick speche's mom. on blurred lines straight from robin t[ female announcer ] birdhouse plans. nacho pans.
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oh yeah! i put my pants on one leg at a time except my pants are 22 different flavors. but other than that, i'm completely normal. [ male announcer ] now introducing new kool-aid liquid. smile, it's kool-aid. lisa marie pressly adorable child and dad elvis.
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lisa marie has two adult children, one a model, and a mom of twin girls who joined the rank of hollywood's cutest kids. you just have to think of everything, no matter what right off the bat >> it is double the work. double the fun for lisa marie with her 4-year-old paternal twins. and at 45. lisas is loving it. >> it is a blessing. i will never complain about it ever. >> "people" magazine, special doubler to, william, kate, baby george on the cover hits newsstands friday. with 21 pages dedicated to llywood's cutest kids. lisa marie says the girls show scenes of taking after mom and their famous granddad. >> definitely, they love music, very, very, very much. they're very artistically inclined both of them. >> the magazine, and sarah jessica parker's twins, best dressed. and mel b may be raising a
12:44 pm
second generation spice girl group with her girls in ages 2 to 14. sticking with music scene. check out singer, songwriter, and her adorable 7 month son, greyson. he doesn't care for the beatles or led zeppelin but stops when he hears blurred lines. wait till he is old enough to see the video. ♪ good girls >> that was really -- for frz. >> when it comes to 8-year-old twins, kelly ripa co-host, michael strahan is a pushever that would do anything for his girls. >> tiaras, and they try to put lip gloss on me. and i've done it all. you have to. you have to do it. [ indiscernible ] >> the season finale of vh-1s couple therapy. featuring girls gone wild joe
12:45 pm
francis. francis unleashed on twitter calling it a fake. dr. jen berman, the therapist let us in on their relationship. >> my hope he has seen the footage it will be a wake-up call. he will say i had no idea that i was so hurtful to people. ♪ when i'm gone when i'm gone ♪ >> anna kendrick's song cups from pitch perfect now shedding the image by slapping on stilettos inside the pages of "gq." >> really nice. >> the star of drinking buddies, swapped her look for black studded, and convinced a co-star to get drunk with her so they could quickly get to know each other. >> he was really resistant to that. he wanted some predrinks. we didn't go that route. we went some with the shots. and it was great.
12:46 pm
>> straight ahead. robin thicke has one very cool mom. ♪ sunset i know you want it good girls ♪ >> those who take issue with the individually should hear the very valid point the mom makes. >> the video degrade women -- no, no, no. excuse me. >> heidi has a message for those who can't handle her revealing selfie. plus -- ♪ being away from you >> gaga as you have never seen her. i can say that because her head is on a black swavenn. you have never seen it. next. ♪
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♪ maybe i'm going maybe i'm going maybe i'm out of my mind ♪ ♪ mind >> hardest part. >> and the rapping part. >> without question the song of the summer. robin thicke's blurred lines. >> robin has show biz in his dna, dad alan thicke, mom soap star gloria lawrence. she joined us on access hollywood live. she put blurred lines into focus. ♪ i know you want it >> not before singing and rocking in her seat. proves robin's mom is at ease at her son's racy song and video. >> somebody sent me an e-mail sag you should have jumped into the video. should have been in the video to embarrass robin. i said, you know as far as i'm concerned there is nothing to be embarrassed about. first of all the girls are going excuse me.
12:50 pm
walking past. ing nor thignoring them. i don't care how old they are, a beautiful young girl es by, they strip them done to see-through plastic. and they go, hey, hey, hey. robin. hysterical, the three of you guys are, like aren't i cool. and three happily married men. >> the women have the power in the video. >> and the reaction when this took off, this song. >> he tauld called me, mom, nume in 56 countries. this is my dream. i hit it. selling record. >> you think of the young robin. describe him. >> oh. scally. playful. he loved to take care of people. >> and mom in true fashion takes carry of her son. told us about coming to his defense over hearing a criticism of blurred lines. someone said, it degrade women.
12:51 pm
no, no, no. this woman is the same woman for 20 years. they met when they were 16 years old. paula patton. you don't live with patton, if you don't respect women. >> do you know, when he first met paula, she was the one for him. who knows. they were kids. i love her. so sweet. very caring about people around her. she is his muse. and vice versa. they play off each other so beautifully. >> gloria is hoping to influence the masses with her album turn the page and her book, coincidence is god's way of remaining anonymous. >> titled by albert einstein. that's what fascinated me. i have an experience of coincidences, a memoir with a message. i give people the opportunity to see how they can use coincidence for their own benefit. we are participants in how we
12:52 pm
attract coincidences. >> tomorrow on access hollywood. >> my exclusive with today show co-host savannah guthrie. here it comes. matt lauer is up. don't cry. >> her relationship with matt and comparisons to katie. >> tomorrow on "access hollywood." >> that was disco 70s. who could forget jordache. heidi klum is sporting the jeans. and heidi shot a new commercial, and there she took on critics who take issue with her twitter selfie shot. >> i always think everyone who can't handle the photos should unfollow me right now. >> there is no stoppingingi nak it photos. heidi who just turned 40, is in
12:53 pm
the genes, which she shows off to perfection. ♪ you can tell by the way i use my walk ♪ >> we were exclusively behind the scenes with heidi on the warner brothers lot as she shot her fourth jordache commercial. biggest production to date. sexy in just the jeans and black tank. >> singing and dancing to staying alive by the beegees. i prerecorded two days ago. today just lip-syncing. i am in this kind of, suburbia neighborhood here. and, marching band is joining me. little children. and, a lot going on. ♪ staying alive >> important thing is to not mess up. it is a one-shot commercial. from the very beginning. it goes all the way to the end. there are no cuts in this commercial. i can't mess up. ♪ oh oh oh
12:54 pm
i hope that my fellow judges from america's got talent. and they would not -- buzz me. >> coming up. lady gaga. final 45. her latest and maybe greatest. next. [ male announcer ] what if there was a help line for dinner ideas? [ superfan ] helper help line. we're on our way. you have got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken! crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? there's 40 different flavors?
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final 45. katy perry's "roar" set the record for song sales for 2013. roar the first single off the album, out september 22nd. perform this sunday at vmas. lady gaga's song, applause off
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her album, art pop, out november 11th. does not case point. applause music video gets a standing o. proving the lady visual master. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ applause applause applause applause ♪
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