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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  August 23, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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dollars from heaven. the mad dash for cash raining down from the sky. wait until you hear who's behind it. then, shotgun george zimmerman. >> is he really shopping for a $1200 high-tech shotgun? and the embattled mayor of san diego. now even his ex fiance is denouncing him. >> why? why did you do this? >> and what this business woman says happened when she stood next to the mayor in this
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photo. >> he inappropriately placed his hand on my buttocks. then, when cops wear cameras. every chase, and every arrest caught on tape. but es it help or hurt law enforcement? and -- >> i have a dream! >> 50 years later, return to washington. plus, first photo. kim and kanye's baby. northwest. >> how cute is that gorgeous baby! now, "inside edition" in high definition with deborah norville. >> diane: hello and thanks for joining us. i'm diane mcinerney in for deborah norville. what would you think if money started raining down on you? we mean lots of money, thousands of dollars literally floating out of the sky. who was behind it? les trent has the exclusive story. >> talk about dollars from heaven, that's real money.
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thousands of bucks just raining down out of the sky. stunned residents, young and old alike, scrambled to grab the cash. $5, $10, $20, $50, all of it thrown out by a helicopter pilot. >> i would just take a handful of money and throw it out. >> just look at all that loot. $10,000 in total. so what on earth is going on? believe it or not the money is a bequest from a businessman who owned a bait shop at this marina in delaware. he had a reputation as a bit of a grouch, but he secretly had a heart of gold. he put a clause in his will. >> i'd like to have $10,000 cash thrown out of an airplane when i die, down at the marina where i grew up and had a lot of friends. it's a place that brought me a lot of joy. >> becky lived with leonard for 30 years. >> leonard was very emotional,
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very sensitive, very caring. >> leonard died last year, and on the first anniversary of his passing he got his wish. nobody on the ground knows what's about to happen so the chopper comes in low to get everyone's attention. then the ten grand starts to fly. diners and workers at the irish eyes restaurant couldn't believe their luck. >> i just kind of stood there with my mouth open, like this isn't happening. then you just saw people swarming to the parking lot. >> coming down, 50, another 50. >> i came away with $170. >> after the first pass, he did a sir kl and threw another handful out. days after the big money drop, residents were still fishing cash out of the water and hunting for stray bills in the undergrowth. no doubt leonard had a smile on his face's looked down on the lucky locals who were looking.
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>> if he were there, he would be proud. he made a lot of people happy and did a very good thing. >> and how about this? a five-year-old scooped up $500. neighborhood watchman george zimmerman who was found not guilty in the death of trayvon martin ising back in the headlines. this time you'll never believe what he's reportedly shopping for. a high-tech shotgun. new outrage as george zimmerman comes out of hiding to shop for a new gun. this is the high-tech shotgun that zimmerman reportedly took an interest in while shopping this week. it holds up to 15 shells and is devastating at closing range. it costs about $200. and get this. he was shopping at the same gun manufacturer that made the 9- millimeter pistol he used to kill trayvon martin. the pistol was displayed in court at his trial.
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zimmerman landfallly had a gun in his car when he was pulled over recently in texas. on-line reaction has been swift. "disgusting. no remorse whatsoever," one woman writes. "speechless. he is a trigger happy idiot." but one person had this to say, "if you were zimmerman, would you not bay a gun?" zimmerman's lawyer would not say whether he actually bought the weapon. meanwhile zimmerman's brother is linking the death of a jogger to the case. one of the alleged murderers openly professed to hate white people. he also told fox news he believes one of the shooter wassing angry at white people because of his brother's verdict. >> that's a black young person saying that they are not happy with the verdict and that they are directing violence, hostility towards people who
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are white. >> zimmerman's lawyer said there's even more reason now for his client to carry a weapon because there are a lot more people out there who actually hate him. more women are coming forward who say they were manhandled by temperature battled mayor of san diego. now even his ex fiance is speaking out, and she's saying she's glad she's out of the relationship before they got married. >> of course it feels awful. it feels horrible. >> this woman was once engaged to embattled san diego mayor bob filner. now she's speaking out about the scandal that is forcing him out of office. >> i don't think it has anything to do with sex or love. i think it has to do with power and control. >> 18. yes, 18 women have come forward claiming the mayor touched or groped or sexually harassed them. >> i would find it hard to believe that they were all fabricating those stories. >> this 4-year-old acted as filner's first lady when they
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were engaged. she campaigned with him. but she says when she discovered graphic text messages he sent to other women she called off their wedding. >> like any woman would feel, if the person she thought she had an exclusive relationship with isn't behaving the same way it's very hurtful. >> filner is expected to resign as mayor of america's 8th largest city today. he was spotted leaving his office in an suv packed with boxes. this woman says she has one question for the man she once loved. >> why? why did you do this? >> meanwhile this wealthy san diego business woman says she was groped by filner at the very moment this photo was taken. >> it was highly inappropriate, and i feel very, very violated because of it. >> she says this photo shows filner's hand on her waist, but the other, taken seconds later -- >> the mayor came over to pose
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with me. as he came over he inappropriately placed his hand on my buttocks, which startled me. >> it echoes the story of this marilyn monroe impersonator. >> he slides his filner fingers down my back and grabbed my derrier. >> when bob filner was elected he became the first democratic mayor of san day good in more than 20 years. there's a lot of reaction to actor ben affleck being tapped to play the new bat man. and some of the comments are really nasty. >> holy casting news, ben affleck is the choice to be the new cape crusader. he takes over from christian bales. warner brothers reportedly offered him $50 million to reprise the role but he declined. and now it's gone to ben
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affleck. affleck has been down the super hero path before with luke warm results in 2003's "daredevil." he even won a razzie award for that film. in a roundabout way affleck even played superman before. in hollywood land he was george reeves, television superman from the 1950's. some batman fans are not pleased. they've even started a petition on ben affleck will destroy the legacy of batman, wrote one person on the site. another said this is gonna be worse than daredevil. actor chris rock tweeting, i want to congratulate ben affleck. it was some battle but you won fair and square. >> when ben affleck makes his debut he will be teamed up with superman, but don't start waiting for tickets yet. the movie won't be released for another two years.
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next, when cops wear cameras. every chase. and every arrest caught on tape. but does it help or hurt law enforcement? and -- >> i have a dream. >> 50 years later, return to washington. ♪ we shall overcome plus, first photo. kim ankanye's baby, north west. "inside edition" will be right back. ♪
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with live tv. her before and after photos. were they used to sell a diet pill that she didn't even use? next "inside edition." imagine your photo is out there for the world to see. >> they were actually using my photo to market the product. >> one big problem. she never used the pills. then, on the red carpet and behind the scenes at the video music awards. watch the next "inside
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edition." >> diane: it's your first look at baby north. kim kardashian's baby girl is making her world debut. and she's a real cutie pie. it's the first look at baby girl north. kanye showed the picture on kim's mom's new talk show. >> i pray that she looks like her mother when she's ordinarily. >> chris also tweeted the photo, meet north west. no question, she is one adorable child. she's the hero bookkeeper being praised for talk an armed madman into surrendering. and antoinette tuft got a big thank you from at the present time. >> i appreciate you, too, but i learned from the best, the best president in the world. the heart felt moment was seen
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on cnn. it's pandemonium as more than 18,000 fans of the boy band one direction flood the streets around rockefeller plaza in new york city. screaming teenagers packed two city blocks on the today show. the pop group didn't disappoint. [ music ] and can you really get a body like this by eating pete sacks, bread sticks, and chocolate mousse? >> i just weighed in this morning. i've lost 16 pounds. >> we found mary chowing down in west l.a. she's on a diet where you eat mostly italian comfort food. the foods were developed by an italian nutritionist. mary, who is a paid spokesperson is glad she's finally shedding the pounds. >> it feels good as a woman to be slim.
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there's nothing sexier to me than when i feel like i'm sexy and slim and i'm dancing. 50 years ago it was the march on washington when dr. martin luther king jr. delivered his iconic "i have a dream" speech. now five decades later americans are heading back to the nation's capitol to remember that day. ♪ we shall overcome >> the people aboard this bus are traveling to washington for the 50th anniversary of one of the most important events in american history. ♪ we shall overcome >> they traveled the same way back on august 28th, 1963. more than a quarter of a million americans from all over the nation gathering for the march on washington. >> i have a dream! >> highlighted by dr. martin luther king's i am mortal "i have a dream" speech. >> free at last, free at last,
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thank god almighty we are free at last! >> the country then heard from a 23-year-old john lewis who stirred the crowd. >> we do not want our freedom gradually. we want to be free now. >> i looked up, and i came to the podium and saw hundreds and thousands of people, black and white. >> this is georgia congressman john lewis today. 50 years older, but no less dedicated. >> it was very pleasing to see that whole group come in from hollywood, the entertainers, the musicians. >> charlton heston, james garner, harry belafonte, and marlon brando were front and center whenning young john lewis spoke. >> my friends, let us not forget that we're involved in a serious social revolution. >> when i had finished speaking, dr. king said, "you did a good job, john."
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>> the march was a turning point for america, leading to the 1964 civil rights accident. >> we must continue to come together. >> good morning, everybody. >> which is why these people boarded that bus bound for the 50th anniversary commemoration. this woman was just a baby in 1963. >> i was born two days before the march. >> i was there. >> but this man was there in 1963, and he's returning now, half a century later. >> we have accomplished 10,000 things, but we have 10,000 things that need to be done. ♪ we shall overcome >> president obama will speak at the lincoln memorial next wednesday closing out the week- long commemoration festivities. still to come, when cops wear cameras. every chase. and every arrest caught on
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tape. but does it help or hurt law enforcement?
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it's a growing but controversial trend. police officers carrying cameras wherever they go, recording every stop, arrest, and chase. but do they make for effective law enforcement, or do they stop police from doing their job? here's jim moret. >> a suspected gang member is in handcuffs after flipping off a cop on patrol. >> shut up. >> i didn't do anything. >> you called him a pig. >> the officers found a sawed off shotgun in the trunk of his mother's car but police say he will have a hard time complaining about how they treat him because all the bust is caught on tape. they videotape every traffic stop, every chase, and every arrest. >> if i didn't have it, i would have a lot more explaining to do. >> sergeant chris showed us how the high-tech digital cameras work. they can be mounted on the shoulder or even on a pair of sunglasses. here, he's recording our cameraman. >> it's actually blew toothing right to my phone exactly what
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>> the sergeant took "inside edition" on patrol in the suburbs of los angeles. one of his biggest problems, drivers who run stop signs. >> what i normally do, the blatant, people who make no attempt to stop, like him. >> the sergeant pulls the guy over and gives him warning. back on patrol the sergeant sees that young man who allegedly gave him the finger and called him a pig. >> hey. what's your problem? >> after frisking him, the sergeant finds a knife. then the suspect's mother tells him her son has more than just a knife. >> i have a shotgun in my car that he put in my car. >> okay. >> it's in the trunk of my car. >> the sergeant says the mother gives him permission to search the car where they find a sawed off shotgun that's fully loaded. her son isn't very happy about that. he is taken to the station for questioning. the sergeant says eggs glad the
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camera is rolling. >> later on if mom decides to say she never told me that after i write it in my report, it's on video. it happened. it's real. >> and that's exactly why rialto has armed their officers. >> when you know you're being watched, whether you're an officer or a citizen, you would just tend to behave agent better. >> obviously this gay didn't get the message. now a story people are talking about. >> meet a pooch with one of the worst overbites you will ever see. tuna the dog was born with the face that only a mother could love. incredibly the clay would would has more than 400,000 followers on instagram. >> a lot of people find him absolutely endearing, while a lot of other people think that he's the ugliest dog they've seen. >> but the owner wants people to know her hollywood pooch is more than just a dog with a
7:24 pm
goofy grin. >> i love his personality. he's really charming. >> her dog's cartoonist look actually inspired his name, tuna. every day she posts a new photo for his growing legion of fans. >> people will say he has the ability to turn a bad day into a great day, they say he puts a smile on their face. >> his popularity has even inspired a line of iphone covers and t-shirts. he is gaining fans every week who, like courtney, see this dog's true inner beauty. still to come, a goat tries to ram itself in the head. see it in just a minute.
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up next, what happens when a baby goat sees itself in the mirror. it's all caught on tape. closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by: >> stay tuned, there's more "inside edition" to come
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finally for you the goat that tries to ram itself in the head. >> watch what happens when this baby goat catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. no way she's backing down. and while we're on the subject of horns, an angry bull takes aim at a karen spain. thankfully no one was hurt. >> and that's "inside edition" for today. i'm diane mcinerney in today for deborah norville. thanks for watching. we'll see you next time. why tho
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longer sponsored by under armour. tonight at 11. [504]11p longer sponsored by under armour. tonight at 11. [504]11p about baby north. [applause] i pray that she looks like her mother. >> north west. finally. revealed by her father on kris finale. i'm billy bush with
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how kanye new role as dad has him reflecting on the taylor swift take down. >> last thing would i want to have happen to my daughter is -- make some noise. ♪ . >> they are hot. >> morning show boy band battle unleashed. >> i'm michelle. our camera with the wanted versus one direction on one island. >> simple kind of very clean. >> simple and lady gaga in the same sentence? way to leave them guessing. gaga concrete cat walk domination. >> andrew in the building in the dice. >> how woody allen helped reinvent the dice man. my interview with humble comic who proves he still has it. proves he still has it. >> that's meet baby north. if she could speck she would say leave my cheeks alone. everybody squeezing them. get ready for this softer side of kanye. welcome to "access hollywood".
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he rarely talks about personal life but when kris his almost kind of mother-in-law needed a big guest for the finale of her talk show test run, kanye delivered. >> he delivered and delivered big. okay talking about his love for kim and proudly showing off their adorable baby girl, next. >> what's up? [applause] how cute is that gorgeous baby? north west revealed more than two months and kim kardashian delivered the little girl kanye beamed as he showed off his little girl to the world. this reveal done on his own terms solidifying the fact that he didn't pay for the baby photo never an option. >> who do you think she looks like. >> i pray that she looks like her mother when she's older. >> it was a candid kanye on the couch opening up to his future mother-in-law about father hoo
7:32 pm
hood. >> what does that mean to you? it has to be quite something in your life right now. >> you know like when my daughter was first born people asked me how do you feel? is everything different? it's like no not really that different. it takes time to understand and, you know, you met a brand new person. >> he was articulate. thought provoking. he really laid himself out there both as an artist and as a man and as a father now. >> guessing paid off for both but incorporating to ian her big interview for the last show of the test run may a tough sell. >> she has a hard time proving to the executives that she can do a kanye level interview every single time and every single show. nonetheless kanye open up quite a bit even admitting his one short fall and nightmare about being a new dad. >> i really captain work the car seat that well. and i'm
7:33 pm
embarrassed just even in front of my girl when i captain work the car seat. >> don't feel bad neither can prince william. i don't know what it business those darn things. >> so i think okay what if i'm not working the car seat. let's add on top of that 20 grown men screaming at me while in front of my child and my girl and then takes photos and them taking it and putting it on 20 media outlets. >> nights secret that kanye has a very tenuous relationship with paparrazi. as we saw with his scuffle with the paparrazi last month. now with the baby he is even more determined shield his daughter. >> at certain point there is just boundaries that need to be set and lake i'm going to talk to the mayor of l.a. i'm going to talk to the mayor of new york about zoning that i should be able to drive my daughter to school without 20 people putting other people in danger. [applause].
7:34 pm
>> big thing that plagues us is this idea of paparrazi chasing a five year old around. screaming at them. >> father hood seems to have made him more compassionate this weekend he will sit just 3 seats away from taylor swift at the mtv video music award. 4 years ago the same award show he famous liam burned the stage interrupting taylor acceptance speech. it's one of the many regret especially now as a father. >> last thing would i want to have happen to my daughter is some crazy drunk black guy in a leather shirt to come up and cut her off at an award show. right. last thing would i want. [applause]. >> wow! but you look at stuff like that so much differently today because you have a daughter. >> yes. definitely. definitely. >> different perspective things that have happened in your life. >> yes. i was just like a crazy rock star, you know. >> confusing. kind of feel
7:35 pm
sweet is that the real can yaichlt billy i remember saying years ago when i interviewed kanye and his mother at a fundraising event that they had i told him that the interview i said you really have a sensitive side. the exterior hardiness it's just for show. people think that kris jenner helped herself book him. i think he helped himself more than he helped her. >> probably. probably. >> let's talk about the big story billy that is blowing up social media. may have heard. ben affleck the new batman co-starring alongside henry superman in a batman and superman movie due out summer 2015. >> twitter reaction is very negative to this and i'm shocked. people are calling for on line petition to have him removed. >> where does it dprom? ben was just a hero. the superman of the oscars with argo. >> so true. short attention spaichbility i no. >> i love hate you. >> i know. okay. but ben joins a long list who played batman and of course he has put
7:36 pm
on the tight twice before. >> he would come out and slide down and you captain leave the froopt door wearing your crime fighting suchlt you know what i mean. the neighbors you know how it is. >> ben affleck at the super hero experience in 2003 daredevil. movie wasn't a hit but where he worked with future wife jennifer garner and 2006 hollywood land and received a golden globe nomination playing george reid who portray man of steel on tv in the 50's. >> here's our mock-up of how ben might look when he don the batman suit and eighth actor to play batman joining adam west, christian and george clooney who admits he didn't fare very well as the contained crusader. >> i wept to the blockbuster i just tanked when i did. ben has work cut out for him after win ago second oscar still not getting any respect from the ah nation with 78 percent really not liking the idea of him as
7:37 pm
batman. perhaps change their mind if matt damon was rob i hope. once again we had fun with that one. >> bat machine and superman? one heavy duty matc up. in the here and now a battle of boy band proportion wage entered new york this morning. over in central park the wanted performance on gma and plaza packed on today show for one direction. we were in the middle of that madness. >> they are hot. ♪ where we dance all night ♪ . >> one direction belting out in the new single best song ever and the fans packed the plaza a with a record of 18,000. >> i love them so much. i was like screaming. >>reporter: fans began lining up 5 days ago enduring bouts of rain and summer heat just to get a prime spot. they came from far and wide with no short acknowledge of tears and cheers of joy. >> oh. l.
7:38 pm
>>reporter: this fan traveled from egypt. what do you like so much about one direction? >>verything. oh, my god. i have been liking them the past few years now and i'm so obsessed with them. >>reporter: one direction has been publicly feuding with the want who had took the stage this morning across town in central park. with the today show rival good morningmeric america. ♪ i'm glad you came. >> oh, my god i love it. no where just dropping sexy. >>reporter: crowd with substantial much smaller 2000 strong but they were passionate when this fan wanted over one direction the answer was simpl simple. >> because wanted are the best. hands down. can't even stand next to them. fichlt both with jill came down with two 50. hochl. >> never figure out what happened on the top of that
7:39 pm
hill where jill would come down with all the money. look it wasn't easy finding annan drew dice clay joke suitable for aivrment he may not have been everyone cup of tea back in the day but his story is worth hearing. during the 80's dice was the elvis of comedy and now he's back after laying low for 12 years and he's back in a very unexpected way. in a woody allen film blue jasmine and dice get rave review. oscar buzz. on "access hollywood live", dice revealed to kit and me how the accolade never entered his mind. >> they showed up. going it's a job. you are working great actors. working with brilliant guy, don't mess this up. >>reporter: modest even humble not exactly the words would you expect to be used about the guy who stand up comedy is too raw for broadcast tv for the most part. [applause] but when he showed up to audition for wady allen he was nowhere to be found the dice maichbility i said i want to you know andrew is in the
7:40 pm
building not dice. because i didn't want him to think i was so that guy. could have been said that was our chance in life. >>reporter: until blue jasmine where he play as man would loses everything andrew was known for characters pretty much the same as his dice persona. didn't deter woody from having him audition for a role that would see him playing opposite the life of alec baldwin, kate. >> read a couple pages and i didn't know much about the film at off. he doesn't give you much to go on and i have a ready said if you want me to adjust something. he goes well, you know, you had the essence. it's perfect. and i'm like what do i say guess i'll see you on the set. >> what is next, what is next. >> he's getting nominated. stop it. >> the phone is ringing off the hook. >> mess was my mind. i appreciate you saiingt but it really mess was me. >> sensitivity is understandable after all he's a
7:41 pm
guy who went from selling out madison square garden in 1990. >> i was the first to silt out for 2 nights. >>reporter: basically to stayg home. helping to raise his 2 sons max 21 and 18-year-old dillon. >> i haven't done a fill numb 12 years. i really wasn't doing anything for 12 years. would i do clubs and. >>reporter: you said i have had millions lost millions giant homes money come and go. have you lost everything. >> answer to that question coming up. >> brutal. i went in to a gambling frenzy for about three years. >>reporter: plus gaga week long style evolution. >> simple shape and color. >> our style expert picks her best and worst look of the wee week. >> but first. >> beautiful-tonight. >> stallion on the dance floor. seat rare video of 6-year-old seat rare video of 6-year-old derek hough cut ago rug next.
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7:43 pm
>> the chosen one in the city of love and comedy the world is of love and comedy the world is in and forest
7:44 pm
>> ♪ deep beneath you are beautiful tonight sfot ♪. >> oh. it goes further. it's amazing. leaning tower of pizazz. that was move the lean with kelly that cemented the fourth mirror ball trophy dance with the stars but before he returns to the dance floor for season 17, he's hosting sunday abc family show, family dance off. >> with the whole family or family competing against each other. >> yes. the answer to the question i get asked a lot which is when is it my time. i want to dance i'm not a celebrity and i want to good out there and dance. >>reporter: think of it as family feud in the world of dance. during the special derek is not only host but mentor too. even unleashes unstoppable 6-year-old move. ♪
7:45 pm
♪ during the appearance on "access hollywood live", derek documented his every move by taking over our show instagram k.check out slash "access hollywood live", to see all the antic. and before he left derek demonstrated how to do the perfect leg sweep as well. >> go. go. ready? >> go. go. ready? shoulder back billy. oh, yes. >> michael lie detector result results. >>reporter: on tv talk show host trisha gets to the bottom of the paternity dispute over courtney kardashian son nathan when she puts model michael to lie detector test. >> polygraph determined that michael is not being truth fichlt even though dna test proved that scott is mason father the male model insist he and courtney had unprotected sex making him the baby daddy
7:46 pm
sex making him the baby daddy many.
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
♪one second i'm ♪. >>reporter: pushing the envelope again and we love it. lady gaga new music video is a big style week for her and joining me right now to break it all down celeb stylist. >> i love her style this week. she's completely changed for me. i found her a little too try harding it was all political and this week fashion. i see a woman. so sexy bring it on. >> those are great look at the dress. fichlt matching. i love this. hot. hot. hot. >> that thigh is muscular. exercising. cycling or searching. her body is looking amazing. so structured and sexy very gaga but very fashio fashion. >> let's go 80's with this look. >> this is pl gorgeous. if she
7:49 pm
wore a lot of this that week. it's blocky and fashion and vogue. >> this must be a chest plate underneath there. he borrowed it from an umpire. >> this is my favorite one. i love the one hear. it's so chic black and white huge trend this season bringing it with i it. >> shoulder pad don't see those very often. >> mom they are coming back. a lot open the runway. >> little black drichlts i love this. really classic and simple and see any number of celeb wear it. >>reporter: i thought this was shakira it's not. it's gaga. >> this is my least favorite looked a little bit kind of dump by but the body make her hair look great. >> maybe this look like a scuba suit. so much going on. >> just doesn't fit very well for me. >> here's a really sexy style. >> amazing are the pants and
7:50 pm
belt. think bit. the hair again i love it. >> that's a belt. >> it's a belt. >> oh, >> the look and big hair like a really nice lift up position. >> guess what she would wear at the gma. wasted time. that's what is fun about her. >> lady gaga opening act at the vma this sunday. fichlt what is she doing in town. >> come to live with me for awhile until she gets back on her feet. having a bad time. >> when she had all the money she wanted nothing to do with you now she's broke all of a sudden she is moving in. andrew dice clay. new film blue jasmine what a way to come back for dice. he spent his time away not alwaysn the best of circumstances. fortune he accumulated gone. now in part 2 of our interview dice reveals how he lost it all. >> i haven't done a film in 12 years. i really wasn't doing anything for 12 years. i would do clubs and. >> you said i have had millions
7:51 pm
lost millions had giant homes moncomes and goes. have you lost everything wasn't earning what i used to earn as a comic. money could come or go no big daily. i'm successful because i have money and successful now because i have reached certain goals that i have been wanting to reach. >> him if was the lull hard. >> it was beruit a.i. went in to a gambling friends yv for about 3 years trying to earn and doing show and i wanted pi lost millions doing that too. it has been a pretty crazy roller coaster ride >> you must have had at that point millions and millions of dollars. >> about too much when you don't have to add it up. >> you know i don't quote povrment do i what i am to do. what's important to me what
7:52 pm
kind of sons i brought up and who they are and. >> working on own personal dream doing these kind of movie and performing again and that's where life is being married. never giving up on love. never going well i was divorced i'll not ever love again so i'm optimistic in life. >> you have to keep limber. 80 years old and up open stage you have to be able to get around. >> never not get around. here we go. >> boom. boom. >> boom. boom. >> boom. i'm over him now
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>> final 45 time. let me draw your attention to this for a second. wearing very special pin today. recreation of the new u.s. postal stamp oning 50th anniversary of the historic march on washington for jobs and freedom. now to the emmy award which are a month away. sneak peek at the
7:56 pm
same governor balance the first part to start after the show. veteran planner is creating enchanted future forthwith huge trees. >> i have a tough part two it's really literally going out on a limb. >> real housewives of beverly hills lee promises fabulous flowers. >> never enough flowers to create this fabulous emmy every year. >> drink cocktail with edible silver take home bottle of wine and graze at candy bar. many and graze at candy bar. many don't win. it's a consolation. at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today.
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imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.


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