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nicole kidman. mowed down. the exclusive video. and the knucklehead who ran into her. and another "inside edition" exclusive. >> the son who wrote the obituary attacking his own mother breaks his silence. >> ding dong the witch is dead. then --they were married just eight days. did the bride push her husband off this cliff? on their honeymoon? exclusive video of their wedding. eight days later, off this cliff. and -- lindsay lohan's mother, under arrest. plus -- ♪ who wears short
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shorts? ♪ he does! daisy dukes' dad. he put on short shorts after his daughter became a miley cyrus lookalike. >> i was like -- oh gosh. now "inside edition" in high definition with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody and thank you for joining us. actress nicole kidman will leave it to new york city police to decide what to do with the photographer who mowed her down on his bicycle. as paul boyd reports the oscar winner was about to enter her hotel when she was knocked to the ground. >> a terrifying moment for nicole kidman on the streets of new york. watch as the star is knocked to the ground by a photographer riding a bicycle. it happened just as kidman was walking into the swanky carlyle hotel. kidman let out a scream and grabbed her ankle in pain.
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>> the accident happened as kidman was returning to her hotel after attending a calvin klein fashion show. that's when the photographer lost control of his bike and wham, barrels right into her. the 46-year-old oscar winner was helped up wearing only one shoe and then managed to hobble into the hotel lobby. witnesses say kidman looked more shaken up than hurt. she sounded understandably furious. >> the 19-year-old photographer was identified as carl wu, his fellow paparazzi seemed stunned by what they were witnessing. the photographer was taken to the police precinct and issued summonses for riding a bike on the sidewalk and reckless wu released a statement saying -- driving. flush flush >> later in the evening, kidman hit the red carpet looking elegant as always. she told the associated press --
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you'd never know she just had a frightening run-in with a photographer. . >> deborah: we're now hearing from the children who posted that obituary celebrating the death of their mother. and one of the sons tells us he actually sang ding dong the is dead when he learned that his mother had passed away. >> she made her own hell here and she's going to hell in the next life. >> he wrote the scathing obituary of his mom that's being read with horror all over the world. she neglected and abused her small children and when they became adults she stalked and tortured anyone they dared to love it says. we celebrate her passing from this earth. >> typically, the beatings were two or three times a day. every time she'd go off. >> 58-year-old patrick reddick is now speaking exclusively with jim moret. he doesn't regret writing the obituary. in fact he was overjoyed saying it was just like the wicked witch's death in the "wizard of oz."
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♪ ding dong the witch is dead ♪ >> how did you feel when you found out your mom was dead? >> i really did break into the song "ding dong the witch is dead" and it was over. it was over. >> patrick says he has good reason to hate his mom. he says she beat and abused him and his seven siblings and ran a brothel out of their home in reno, nevada. this is one of the few photos of her. age 19 on her wedding day in 1954. >> i can remember my sisters and i all taking everything in the medicine cabinet when we were kids trying to end it. >> their 78-year-old mother was found dying in this ramshackle trailer in a reno trailer park. she lived with 13 cats and she passed away in a hospice last month. patrick revealed he made a secret visit to make sure she was dying. >> i have anxiety still from all this. and i just couldn't hardly
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breathe. i was so relieved this was really her and she's not coming out. >> he and his sister katherine penned this scathing obituary together which ran in the reno "gazette journal" -- -- it reads. despite their horrible childhoods, both ended up big successes in life. he's a business executive. katherine is an assistant principal in texas. patrick has finally found happiness with his wife gail who he met when they were both being raised in an orphanage. did you fear for your life from this woman? >> i did. >> why -- it sounds incredible. >> because i have been around her enough to know she was not stable. >> they have a daughter jennifer. >> i know the reasons that he must feel having her out of -- having in might mare -- nightmare gone. >> now his mother is dead and they say good riddance to her.
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>> after it --there's a hell. do you believe your mother -- >> she's there. she's there. >> deborah: the woman's body remained unclaimed for weeks but now one of her sons has signed to have the remains cremated. over the years we have shown you an awful lot of lindsay lohan mug shots. well now her mom has a picture to add to the collection. after she was arrested and charged with dui. >> just when it seems lindsay lohan is getting her life in order, now it's her mom who's in trouble with the law. dina lohan was busted in new york for allegedly driving drunk and speeding. this is the mug shot from her arrest on long island. police say she had twice the legal limit of alcohol. ex-husband michael lohan told us he is not surprised. >> when people drink often they do have an alcohol problem. >> in fact just two days ago, the battling exes appeared together on the new syndicated show "the test." >> she drank every day. she was abusing herself by drinking and doing cocaine. with my daughter. >> you do -- i do cocaine?
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>> yes. >> you're -- disgusting and a liar. >> as did --the show you know, depicted, i took the test for drugs and alcohol. and dina didn't. >> many people thought dina was under the influence when she taped an interview with dr. phil. last september. >> you're like in your little tie and your little shoes. >> i'm in my little tie and my little shoes? what the hell does that mean? >> she even flipped the bird at tv's number one talk show host. dina claims she was sober during the interview. michael lohan has an arrest record going back to the '90s and we're all familiar with the parade of mug shots starring lindsay herself. now it's dina's turn to join the family tradition. >> in a way it could be a good thing. >> maybe this will put her in a better place to all get help. look at lindsay and me. it worked in treatment. >> deborah: lindsay lohan ended her court mandated stint in he ab at the end -- rehab at the end of july. how do you encourage a teenager to dress a little more appropriately? well one father decided the
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best way to get his daughter out of her daisy dukes was to put some on himself. >> this dad wears short shorts! scott mackintosh is the talk of the nation for the novel way he's chosen to teach his daughter a lesson about dressing appropriately. >> i love my daughter. and i cared enough about her that i would make a fool of myself. >> this is scott's 19-year-old daughter myley. yep, her name's miley just like you know who. ♪ this myley like her idol likes to push the envelope by wearing sexy outfits. here's some examples she's posted online. last week, as the family headed out to dinner, myley mackintosh was wearing her favorite pair of short shorts. >> my mom -- was like oh you need to change your shorts. and i said no. >> that's when dad got creative. >> i thought i'm going to try something different. i'm going to try a different approach.
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>> so he cut up some old jeans and made his own pair of skimpy shorts. he topped off the look with a t- shirt that said "best dad ever." and in this outfit, they all went to dinner. >> i was just like oh my gosh. >> everybody was gawking and people were pointing, there was -- people taking pictures. it was just funny. >> the pictures went viral. and now scott is being applauded across the nation. >> that was awesome. that was good. good dad. >> he seems like a fun dad. >> most of the reaction online is positive. you go dad and now this is a real dad. but some are critical -- to publicly disgrace and embarrass your daughter for all time? i don't think so. did the lesson work? well, sort of. >> it means a lot to me. it has affected me but not affected my wardrobe as much as he would have liked. >> she's keeping her short shorts but dad says he made his point. ♪ >> deborah: and while she is keeping chose short shorts the dad tells us that in his words
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the daughter has dressed a little bit better. prosecutors are asking a judge to reconsider the decision to free a woman who's charged with pushing her husband of obviously eight days off a cliff. that bride is now out on bail which has outraged the victim's family as well as prosecutors. >> they look like happy newlyweds. but now this 22-year-old bride is charged with murder after police say she confessed to pushing her husband of eight days, yes eight days, off a steep cliff. it happened at breathtaking glacier national park in montana. newlyweds cody johnson and jordan graham were hiking on this mountain trail when they began arguing. cops say jordan told them her husband grabbed her arm and then she pushed johnson with both hands in the back and as a result, he fell face first off the cliff. the bride first reported her husband missing saying he had disappeared after going on a joyride. cameron fredrickson was frnds with the couple. and told us that the bride
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didn't seem happy. even though they danced together lovingly in this wedding home video. >> the wedding was awkward because during the time that they exchanged vows, jordan never looked at cody. when she said the vows she actually was looking down. >> another friend levi blasdel said he warned cody not to marry jordan saying she was not the woman of his dreams. >> cody was putting everything in the relationship. he put like 110% all the time and really weren't quite sure if she felt the same way. >> the bride admitted she was having second thoughts about the marriage. just before the hike, she texted a friend -- friends are outraged that a judge has just freed her on bail. they can't understand how a newlywed could push her husband off a cliff. >> she should feel the same pain that everyone else is feeling. >> deborah: we'll be back with
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more "inside edition" right after this. next -- singer linda ronstadt breaks her silence. her bat billion parkinson's -- battle with parkinson's disease. >> i can walk can talk it's a good day. the epic boardwalk fair. and biblical floods. a tale of two disasters. >> plus -- >> what started as an innocent prank went horribly wrong. >> there's blood all down the stairs. >> the teen accidentally shot to death when she jumped out of the closet to surprise her best friend. >> and -- "friday night lights" blade runner. [ cheering and applause ] "inside edition" in high definition will be right back.
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♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ [ female announcer ] fresh take from kraft. every flavor is amazing. ♪ could this psychic actually be the real deal? next "inside edition." >> i saw a victim of him under a tree. >> her vision was bringing her closer to the gruesome discovery. >> even the cops say she really
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did it. could this be the first murder case ever solved thanks to a psychic? then the hero parakeet who stopped a burglary. watch the next "inside edition." >> deborah: it's linda ronstadt's first interview about battling parkinson's disease and her focus is on living not the inevitable decline to come. >> singer linda ronstadt is opening up about her battle with parkinson's disease. >> when i wake up in the morning i think i can walk and i can talk. there'll probably come a day when i can't do those things. >> the 67-year-old told diane sawyer she can no longer sing her long string of hits that have made her a legend. ♪ it's so easy to fall in love ♪ >> somebody said to me, another parkinson's person, said life after death isn't the question. it's life before death. so what are you going to live and how are you going to do it? >> linda was diagnosed with the disease in january. she writes about her remarkable life in her new autobiography "simple dreams."
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>> my dreams are kind of crowded now. i feel like all of them out in a crowd when i'm in many my dreams -- in my dreams. but you know that will change too i'm surement i'm just glad i have them. >> the interview airs friday on abc's world news. talk about distracted driving. kim kardashian's little sister 17-year-old kendall posted video of herself making faces into her camera phone. and she was driving the entire time. that's a big no-no kendall. our advice? keep your eyes peeled to the road. >> deborah: here's a word for today. triskaidekaphobia. the fear of the number 13. and given the disasters making headlines on this day, fires on the jersey shore as they rebuild from superstorm sandy, and floods in colorado, you could be forgiven for being a little bit weirded out. >> how much more can one community take? it's a question that's being asked in new jersey where the boardwalk is in ruins again in seaside park. 50 businesses gone. >> store's on fire. >> this is the moment the fire
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erupted in an iconic ice cream shop, kohr's frozen custard. propelled by strong winds the fire quickly engulfed businesses nearby. >> the fire just got such a head start and it just kept pushing it north with the wind. >> the historic funtown pier one of the boardwalk landmarks collapsed. this was three brothers' pizza ready to reopen for the summer in may. and here's how it looks today. here's les trent. >> see that sign right there? it says boardwalk open. that was put up as a reminder to folks that these seaside towns had reopened after hurricane sandy. and now, a devastating blow that will take months to rebuild. >> business owners had made a heroic effort to recover from the ravages of hurricane sandy and reopened in may for the summer season. that effort gave rise to the slogan stronger than the storm. and ads featuring governor chris christie. >> we're stronger than the storm. >> britain's prince harry walked this stretch of the boardwalk with the governor in july amid a wave of optimism
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for the future. now clouds of doubt hang over the future of the boardwalk once again. and in colorado, it's even worse. flood waters of biblical proportions continue to ravage the state. rain continues to fall and the flood waters keep rising. a tale of two communities, separated by 1800 miles. now dealing with epic destruction that nobody deserves. >> deborah: this next story may make people think twice about pulling a prank. a young woman is dead after a joke she tried to pull on her best friend went horribly wrong leading to her being accidentally shot. lisa guerrero with more on the tragedy.
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>> a chilling 911 call describes the bloody scene inside this suburban denver house. 18-year-old premila lal wanted to surprise her best friend by sneaking into his house and jumping out of a closet. the lal family granted us exclusive access to this home where what was an innocent prank went horribly wrong. her 12-year-old cousin aidan was hiding inside the closet with her. he describes what happened. so you were in here in this closet waiting to surprise him. >> yeah we were just waiting to surprise him and scare him. >> downstairs, 21-year-old nerrek galley heard strange noises, thinking intruders were in the house he grabbed a gun and went upstairs to confront them. that's when premila jumped out of the closet. her brother pranil says that's when he opened fire. she was able to walk from that closet to this part of the hallway? >> yeah. >> and then what happened here? >> then she passed out and fell do the stairs. >> amazingly, her grief- stricken parents actually forgive the shooter. you forgive narrek for what happened to your daughter? >> for my daughter's sake. we will forgive him.
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>> because he is hindu, pranil's father is shaving his head and beard. it's a hindu custom. the father is purified to participate in the funeral. a young life lost because of a prank gone horribly wrong. >> deborah: we'll be back with more after this. still to come -- "friday night lights" blade runner. [ cheering and applause ]
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>> deborah: on fields around the country, football is in full swing. but there is only one player that fans can call the blade runner. >> it's homecoming game. and number 7 koni dole glows with pride escorting the homecoming queen onto the field. but look closely at koni's leg. believe it or not this star football player is a blade runner. he is thought to be the only blade running football player at any american high school. >> it took a while to get used to now it's like home. it's just like it just feels right when i put that leg on. >> 17-year-old koni shattered the bones of his leg during a football game last year and doctors had to amputate. >> the doctors told me that
7:24 pm
there's no chance i would ever play football again. >> but koni had other ideas. he stunned the experts when he was walking on an artificial leg just three weeks after surgery. now, just nine months after losing his leg, he's back with the red devils at huntley project high school in montana. >> come on koni. >> just look at him play. you'd never believe he lost a leg. >> i first came back just an indescribable feeling just to be back out there with my teammates. >> as friday night high school football games are plays around the country, we doubt there's anyone on the field with more guts than koni. >> we love you koni! >> deborah: he is being scouted by montana state's football team. we really hope he makes the cut. when we come back a rough landing for a human cannon ball.
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>> deborah: a very rough landing, next. closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by:
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stay tuned, there's more
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>> deborah: finally, these guys need a stronger net. >> three, two, one! >> talk about a crash landing. if you're ever shot out of a cannon, it's probably a good idea to make sure the safety net can hold you. luckily, this guy was one tough human cannon ball. [ cheering and applause ] [ cheering and applause ] >> debor
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>> bad. >> arrested for driving while intoxicated. did michael actually make sense this time around. i'm billy bush as
7:30 pm
nicole kidman goes down hard. oh. turns out the guy who hit her has quite a reputation. and now alec opens up about own paparrazi confrontation. >> seems like almost daily don't it. >> welcome to "access hollywood". we begin with another lohan arrest. this time not lindsay. mom. dina. and lack on her faces she knows what is to come. mug shot. dina arrested for drunk driving after being observed speeding swerving her blood alcohol level a point 20. nearly double the legal limit. while being processed she alleged she was injured in the arrest after evaluated by medic determined no injuries. sheree can'ted her claim. >> last night i called you and you said you were out having dinner. i heard a lot of
7:31 pm
noise. i heard you were half under the bag already. >> that's not true. >> after years of denying daughter lindsay had problems, dina used the same denial tactic for herself during this shot in may about but aired yesterday where he alleged dina is an alcoholic. >> i i think you have serious problem. you need to be in a rehab as much as your daughter. you need to be in rehab deen a.everyone knows it. >> your little shoe. >> what the heck does that mea mean. >> do the math. on video. go back to that. >> supporting michael claim this appearance on dr. phil. and this picture taken of dina partying on the labor day weekend. >> never went without her. >>reporter: while lindsay true to her so bright in new york on wednesday night at fashion dinner mom is out promoting the movie the canyon. the. we
7:32 pm
told you dina is planning a tell all memoir coming out in december where she will address the misconceptions and the live media about her and lindsay, lies something to that effect. lindsay got out of rehab for the seventh time. she's taking it seriously too. open are believing that. she needs her mom. and mom you should address your own denial from all the years p.happy ending join her in so bright -- so pwrooit and win. >> michelle joins me and guess who had a run in with the paparrazi. nicole kidman. >> that's right. now imagine getting out of the car. just having a great day walking into your hotel. boom. get slammed into by a paparrazi on a bike. that is exactly what happened to nicole kidman. the whoa.
7:33 pm
smichlt i'm sorry i tried to brake. spichlt concrete wipe out on the streets of new york. nicole thrown out of stiletto because of this paparrazi 19-year-old karl rue and shock on the welcome mat in front of the carlisle hotel? maintaining composure before preceding inside paramedic called to the scene. it appeared nicole didn't suffer any serious injuries. later that evening she was back posing on the red carpet on the calvin klein fashion week after party. as for the paparrazi in question karl rue not arrested. he was cited by nypd for riding his bike on a sidewalk. he had in comment when we spoke to him on the phone this morning. predictably he was ready to go open camera to tell his side of the story. for a dollar amount of 20,000 dollar dollars. stlt ruiz a new
7:34 pm
paparrazi. kid man crash not the first incident of him getting too close to a star. he had a page dedicated him to the this incident in 2010 where he got into a scuffle with lady gaga body guard in boston after trying to snap a photo of her on private property in a parking garage. >> at the time of the lady gaga incident he was 16 years old. one of the parents grounded him for it. now it's time to get drugged in the rest of hollywood beginning with alec quality time with the paparrazi. >> see you staring with the photographer. >> seems like almost l daily doesn't it. >> in the beginning i was worried but now i kind of find it entertaining. >> that was my goal all along. >> who did you miss the most. >> are you kidding? all 4 of us were a family. forever. >>reporter: will and grace celebrate 15th anniversary on tv for all day marathon emmy sunday and deborah stopped by
7:35 pm
cameo on upcoming shawn saves the world. >> about there i am. have a little fling. >> had you sex with jay leno. >> if yes. i brought you a little gift from sharon. >> sharon gave me a hard on. >> new parents prince william and duchess of cambridge out and about last night attending a charity event in london for conservation society. kate always looking stunning in a.p. designer gown. >> first time pl and if you see us nervously glance at our phones, it's to check that all is well back home. >>reporter: no. 3 is the baby sirt. he will be fine. more from prince william in exclusive interview new dad take us behind the palace wall and reveal how life has changed since arrival of prince george.
7:36 pm
>> pa lot of things have been different now. >>reporter: expectation wise. surprise or was it pretty much what you thought? >> as soon as i saw him in the palace i was completely relaxed. so relaxed. keen to didn't need to know everything i was going to ask and happy to talk about whatever i wanted to talk to him about. >>reporter: relaxed in pair of jean and polo shirt prince william sat down in the wall of the garden of the palace and interviewed not for over two years and the subject of the conservation but the conversation finally happened it was weeks after george was born. did he come across as sleep deprived or punchy or anything in particular? >> sfm he gets quite almost, quite quiet cry but almost tearful and this is when you watch a video about a rhino and
7:37 pm
i asked him about it afterward. you care deeply about this cause. it's because i'm really tired. i'm emotional right no now. if cover and. >> william mother diana famou famously made charitable trip to africa and cnn prince william passion new father new hope william hopes this pass on his fervor to george. >> at the moment pick -- >> what he really appreciates if you go there and you see himself he's treated as a normal person. >>reporter: not only is he under the spotlight but the love of his life katie couric under the spotlight. he speak about his her sacrifice what does he spwai kate. >> one part of the interview where i asked him how kaivt was doing. fine. pl very well.
7:38 pm
this is courtesy thing comes in because he really protects her privacy. you never get him talk at great length about her. not in a personal way and i think confirm george coming along he will be even more protective of himed. >>reporter: he has been through the maximum to get the paparrazi to cooperate but they seem to. up next. hugh jackman shares scary story of his so that day at the beach and. >> then the battle of the sections show down that made history. now billy jean addressing rumors about her pictures. talk it was this. >> arsenio and magic. unbreakable bond between the 2 fathers. >> something i have never told anybody. anybody. >> this you want to hear.
7:39 pm
>> celebrate blue ray release >> celebrate blue ray release for star trek into darkness
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>> we went exclusive for valerie harper dance rehearsal preparing for monday night season premier of "dancing with the stars". today it is double day. funny man versus this. >> i knew it was sad standing in the airport at lax getting ready to go to new york i was waiting in line with my tickets and i caught myself going about -- and i go. no. no. the this is not good. >>reporter: sure sign bill is all in for this "dancing with the stars"gig. at 56. no dancing experience about the fox trot and partner. >> i told them in the interview i said you guys may have hired me just for the fun of it. i'll try to win this thing and we are in a good position. nobody expects anything from u us. >> nobody expects anything. >> bring it on. watch out for
7:42 pm
that guy, though. right? because he's acting like he doesn't know but watch out. >>reporter: battle of the bill rages on. bill nye the science guy 57 years old at 6 foot 1 he has this but nothing like what his partner has in store as they rehears. self dubbed as hot knowledge nye no dumpy for the competent tix tition. >> i can talk smabling but >> i can talk smabling but everyone was trouble. p.m. >> this make you think long after. >> hue jack man on latest thriller premiering show star jake and terence howard and prisoner go into a patient worst nightmare. >> as a child is missing. >> wonder why i'm not there. >> jackman reveals his real life ordeal when he lost his son on a beach in australia and he got unusual help.
7:43 pm
>> really panic. i'm almost running away with my daughter losing my sochbility hue hue. not now. hue. they are yelling. run hue he's in the tree. i was what? he's in the tree man. i thought it was paparrazi foowing me. >> a lot of people an opportunity i found in that last year that they made an effort to come together. >>reporter: no. 1 "new york times"best selling biographer christopher anderson a side of jfk and jackie a side you have never seen. the final days of jack and jackie he offers rare behind the scene account of the kennedy and the final year together. the they tell about the rumor of marriage and relative. >> jackie had a relationship with jack. looked the other way. one woman who was really
7:44 pm
above therd and that woman was marilyn monroe. she was the only woman to think jack would leaf jackie for her. l. >> straight ahead. alec not done with dave. his explaining the finer points in new york from l.a. >> am i right. >> then the fact that l he was brave enough to come out. >> magic johnson on the sdoytion hide the secret. >> the it was so bad i want to do this. >> but first actually more than 3 decades earlier how secret of billy jean sexuality came out. >> if i had to tell the truth. >>reporter: next.
7:45 pm
7:46 pm
>> it was an emotional interes interest. >> billy. >> howard could sell on the call as billy jean king make an arrival in 1973 for what was dubbed the battle of the sections. the her against
7:47 pm
bobby. the historic match and billy jean document it on american masters. if you missed it kaicht on this site. michelle sat down with bill j jean 40 years ago if, her thoughts. >> so much written a lot here but did she deliberately lose to pay off. >> if media thought that it was rigged. that rigs rigged it. >> some mafia debt and all that. >> it's not true. >> billy jean king and bobby rig for all the male guy for all over the world. >>reporter: year 1973. event in the astrodome bill j jean already a champion squared off against 55-year-old male say that nightcast and 100,000 dollar winner take all match. subpoena bill j jean defeated
7:48 pm
the loud mouth rigs a former champion himself in straight sets. had he won he would make much more money. >> had he a lot of money medical riding on it. he was good to go against all women players and a plan. >>reporter: the idea that he threw the match made no sense to her. >> what was your first reaction when you heard it. >> in the true i was there i saw him. played against him. he was not if giving n.he wanted to win the match. no different. >>reporter: match against rigs was a movement in women movement but it began at age 12 that tennis was white only sport. >> i decide the i was going to if if do this in. 1981 she was thrust into the gay rights movement and first celebrity outed by a woman she had an affair with. fichlt freedom of
7:49 pm
being outed as she was which was extremely painful and horrible. did her a favor in the end. she was outed but she turned that the into the opposite. >>reporter: husband of 16 years attorney king was by her side as she faced the press. >> if actually wonderful. i'm the one that had to keep pushing on that. for my lawyer and publicist didn't want me to do the press conference. i just fou fought for 48 hours saying i had to tell the truth. paparazzi. >>reporter: billy jean coming out gay, courage to the others. magic johnson tl struggled with his own sexuality since son of mba eye kochbility i sat down with my friend when people returns to the couch 22 years after the brave admission he was hive positive. clearly the
7:50 pm
biggest supporter is his dai dad. he was brave to come out has he changed you at all. >> something about it. pi want to do this. i want to do this. the rush? are you going to be okay? because i can handle anything. if you don't know if your kid can handle things. >>reporter: proud protective of very candid major job son on the conversation he had with his 20-year-old son before ej made the decision to come out as gay. >> i said if it's 80 percent but don't with 20 percent bad. about waiting for people to criticize you because lad will love you. and our friend there will be a lot of people who love you. but i'm there. >>reporter: magic guest on good friend arsenio hall talk show this week. 2 so close that magic and his 25 show
7:51 pm
arson why is chosen as god father. >> i have never told this to anybody. i don't know i have a child. i have the desire to have a child. because of dj. >>reporter: he said the pivotal moment came when taking care of their baby during one of magic basketball games. >> started trying to get away from me and jump out of my arm and kicked him on the lip and handed him back to me. at that moment i felt a kind of love that i had never seen before. at that moment i wanted to have that kind of love in my life because i leave the it. >>reporter: took long break to raise his son. his boy is now friend and amazed his friends the transformation. >> he changed so much and great change. you know how you mature, grow, and you have your
7:52 pm
son with you everywhere. about you watch them. the changes are made. it explains life in a very interesting way and it explains your purpose on the earth. make you a smarter and less selfish person. i needed a lot is to check out of this body and less concerned about me. >>reporter: and coming up. more from this hilarious alec baldwin. best comparison between new york and l.a. i have ever heard. final 45 is have ever heard. final 45 is next
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subpoena. >> final 45 time. earlier alec baldwin spoke to david letterman about his daily run-in with the new york paparrazi. why not move the baldwin band wagon to the private confine of l.a. alec has own reasons why. he's staying put. goodbye.
7:56 pm
>> decide to move to los angeles so everything hyped a gate. you are in a car. feet never touch public land. leave your house am i right. you are in los angeles you get out of the house. you go in your car in your garage and drive in town an bank around the veteran building and century city and pull into a parking lot. go pick up a huge check and back down in the valley lay parking drive to westwood you never interact with the public. and in new york as they say you are walking right there. millionaire and whores shoulder to shoulder. to shoulder. [applause] matt davis from 98 rock here with your pick three numbers for this purple friday: , , . making your pick three numbers: , . and . now for five card cash-- queen
7:57 pm
of clubs, ace of clubs, two of clubs, king of diamonds and ace of diamonds. again that's -- queen of clubs, ace of clubs, two of clubs, king of diamonds and ace of diamonds. moving right to the pick four game: , , , and . drawing official lou cerrato is set. that makes your pick four numbers: , , and . go ravens and let yourself play! , , and . go ravens and let yourself play!
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