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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  September 18, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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not be more opposite, but it is early. what these guys hope to accomplish as keeping their names and faces in the national spotlight. when you grow tired of maryland taxes squeezing every dime out of your business, think texas. >> texas governor rick perry picking a fight over the airwaves with another aspiring presidential candidate. what is this really about? >> is about rick perry getting his name out there for publicity purposes so that he can maybe run for the presidential election. >> by attacking governor o'malley, another potential presidential candidate, he puts himself in the same league or thinks he does. >> now the war of words has escalated into boots on the ground. rick perry is in maryland. >> we pray for rain in texas. they tax it in maryland. >> detoured a gun factory which had considered to move to texas after the governor signed a sweeping gun-control measure. >> they have been a great manufacturer in maryland. they feel not only
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underappreciated, they feel under attack. >> rick perry lunched privately in bethesda. he will debate governor o'malley on cnn's "crossfire." >> i'm looking forward to a spirited discussion about the better choices we need to make in our states in order to strengthen and grow our middle class. >> you get to states headed in opposite directions. time, over-n taxation, over-litigation is going to catch up with you. >> experts consider this a run- up to the run-up in a race -- in the race for president. o'malley will be traveling to four states next month. >> he has been preparing for a national race for some time. that is the worst kept secret in maryland. >> rick perry is taking aim at o'malley's clinical achilles' heel. the perception of maryland as business unfriendly has worsened under his watch. the perry ad is considered a new partisan low. remember in my 40 plus years of following politics closely of a governor from one state, from a distant part of
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the country, going to another state to put his finger in that governor's eye. >> o'malley fired back with an op-ed piece in the "washington post," with a scathing comparison of maryland and texas. >> the governor of texas has followed an economic model that has based -- that is based on very low-paying and apparently ever lower paying minimum wage jobs. >> according to maryland a chairman called on governor o'malley to create a blue ribbon commission to improve what they say is the state's negative business climate. as we mentioned, the governor and rick perry square off on cnn's "crossfire." david, good evening. in less than 30 minutes from now, governor rick perry and governor martin o'malley will be face-to-face as they appear on cnn's "crossfire," the famous debate show that return to the
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airwaves last week. moments ago, we shot video of the studio where o'malley and rick perry will face-off across a small table. is he the first time the two governors will debate one-on-one since rick perry began airing those ads. tonight's show is about jobs and the economy. the show's producer tells me rick perry and o'malley will discuss their prescriptions for a healthy economy and how they think a state should carry that out. governor o'malley will first field questions from newt gingrich. this is a free-flowing debate format. i'm told there will eventually be a chance for o'malley and rick perry to go one-on-one with each other. the show hopes to dig deeper into the issues governor perry has highlighted in north maryland, and this will be a 30 minute show, just for o'malley and rick perry. we will be live at 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. to show you the highlights of this debate. meanwhile, governor o'malley is naming the newest member of the state senate tonight.
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delegate stephen hershey. the republican is replacing former senator eiji penton who resigned last month. the governor was bearing gifts for a number of local school district today. he announced a $5.5 million grant for school technology in college prep. baltimore county really cashed in. the school system is getting $800,000 to create a technology program at three of the elementary schools. some of the money is also in place to help more high school students earn early college credits. they are achieving the skills that allow them to earn a living at a decent wage when they come out of school. that is so much to keep kids in the classroom and getting through their high school experience. >> a half school systems will get money to spend. we have a complete list on our website for you, click on education alert. >> the search for answers
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continues after monday's terrible shooting rampage at the washington navy yard. the pentagon has ordered sweeping security reviews of u.s. military facilities all around the world, and today, any emotional apology from the mother of aaron alexis. sally kidd is in washington. alexis would not talk on camera, but she did allow reporters to record a statement. the mother of suspected navy yard shooter aaron alexis says she doesn't know why her son went on a shooting rampage, killing 12 people. >> aaron is now in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone, and for that, i am glad. to the families of the victims, i am so, so very sorry that this has happened. i heart is broken. -- my heart is broken. >> the fbi continues its investigation. >> right now, police confirm five people shot. there could be others. >> newly released tapes show a
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dramatic scene unfolding. >> to have an officer down. >> a key question -- how did alexis retain a secret -- a security clearance while undergoing treatment for mental health problems? >> there were a lot of red flags. >> those red flags will be part of a sweeping review. >> where there are gaps, we will close them. where there are inadequacies, we will address them. of the jointan chiefs of staff says service members with mental health challenges should be allowed to undergo treatment without being stigmatized. >> he committed murder. i'm not sure that any particular question or lack of question on a security clearance would probably have revealed that. >> in the meantime -- >> today is our time of transition. >> the navy yard began allowing employees back on the base to retrieve vehicles they left behind. asef counselors are on hand the long process of healing
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begins. i will be a memorial system at the navy yard -- there will be a memorial at the navy yard on sunday. in washington, sally kidd, wbal tv 11 news. >> one man remains in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle on saturday night. authorities are looking for the driver responsible. 18-year-old michael fuller harfield was trying to cross liberty road just before midnight when he was hit in witnesses was hit. witnesses have only given vague descriptions of the car. please are having a difficult time investigating because there was no debris or tire marks at the scene. anyone with information are urged to contact investigators at this number -- a nine-year-old boy is recovering tonight after he was shot during a late-night home invasion. it happened just before midnight in cherry hill. police say the child's mother try to prevent the suspect 37- year-old kenneth graham from getting into the home, but he
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pushed his way in. a struggle ensued, and the boy was unfortunately shot in the stomach. citye tracked graham with cameras in the neighborhood and took him into custody. the little boy is expected to recover. tubers's are praying for a quick recovery. -- neighbors are praying for a quick recovery. >> the family is nice. son that got shot, he is an artist. he goes to school. they have a good mother. i'm pretty sure she is terrified. >> kenneth graham was arrested and faces numerous charges, included -- including attempted first of second degree murder. >> do police officers need a pay raise? the mayor says all options on the table. the issue came up this week when the police commissioner spoke with the 11 news i.t.. jayne miller is live in the newsroom with the latest on that story. >> the mayor cut a deal with city firefighters that allowed a pay raise and change the way the fire department operates.
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police,ntion turns to the biggest spenders in baltimore of taxpayer dollars. payn rookie police officers in the city is just over $43,000 a year. competitive with department and the surrounding counties. the problem the police union says comes as city cops gain experience and tenure. >> on average, our lieutenants, our sergeants and police officers, even at their mid- level, they are making anywhere from $80,000, $82,000, -- 80%, 82% of the average between prince georges, state police, and baltimore county. >> city police commissioner anthony that's pushed a pay raise to stem the flow of those who jump to other departments to make more money. a mayor doesn't argue. >> we have to have competitive salaries. it is, how do we get there in a fiscally responsible way? >> how big of a raise? >> just to break even, you would need at least an 18% pay raise. does the mayor have that?
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no. >> about to head to the bargaining table, the union wants to talk about its own reform plan to make the department smaller and more nimble with better police pay. it would require big changes to the way city police are deployed. hasf your population shifted in the last 20-30 years, but the officers are based on population numbers from 30-40 years ago, we've got to make a change. >> damir is cautious but agrees it may be time to consider shrinking the size of the police department. >> we certainly know that crime trends have changed. populations have shifted. we have to be responsive to that. you have to take a look at the model for him the amount of officers needed -- for the amount of officers needed. >> nearly 400 city cops are what the commissioner calls out of the game, due to some form of suspension. that, everyone agrees, needs to change.
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expect a big political fight among the city council over any realignment of police districts and deployment. reporting live, jayne miller. years ago this week, hurricane isabel hit maryland, putting many areas underwater. he will take a look back. >> we will also check in on colorado where flooding seems to have let out a bit, but the devastation remains. >> joe flacco returned to practice today and talked about ray lewis's return on sunday. that is later in sports. >> some cold temperatures hanging around here. we will see if that will last as we head into the middle part of the week. the instaweather plus seven day forecast is straight ahead.
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>> tonight's powerball jackpot is the nation's fifth-largest ever. estimated at $400 million. tickets had been churning out a maryland lottery machines since sunday after saturday's drawing ended with no one claiming the jackpot. there have been 11 drawings to august 10 without a winner. you will see the results tonight at 11:00. right here on wbal tv 11. >> it was 10 years ago today when hurricane isabel made landfall in the mid-atlantic, flooding many parts of maryland. while isabel was a strong storm, by the time it hit land, the winds came down, but the storm surge pounded certain voice. residents down there still
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remember the devastation like it was last week >> it was sad to see all the piles of debris coming out of people's houses. their furniture, all sorts of things. unbelievable. hurricane isabel did about $1 billion worth of damage in the d.c. and baltimore area. the emergency response to the flood disaster in colorado is slowing a little bit tonight. officials say that crews are going door-to-door, looking through piles of debris and vehicles for victims and damage. the number of those unaccounted for is slowly of this morning, it was just over 300. so far, there are six confirmed deaths, but in some areas, the damage is so severe that it will be months before there is a way in or out on the ground. of course, they are asking all those people to leave. when the weather sets in, if they have no way to get down -- >> that is just unbelievable. >> we are fortunate. >> we are enjoying some very quiet and pleasant weather.
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fall will officially begin at 4:44 on sunday afternoon. it is beginning to feel a little bit like fall. the morning low at the airport was 44 degrees. that is the chili is temperature we have had so far going into fall. many areas were chillier than that. lots of 30s showing up on thermometers this morning from middletown in frederick county. 36 degrees. fredericktown, the southern section of cecil county, 37 degrees on the upper eastern shore. southern carroll county, 38. woodstock in howard county, 39. it felt like fall this morning for sure. it will stay pleasant tonight into tomorrow. western maryland, still in the 50s for afternoon high temperatures. some of that comes with cool air. even some struggles of rain. hard to believe parts of maryland dealing with a few showers on the radar, compared to all the sunshine we have seen run baltimore. as cloud cover will click past baltimore tonight, especially south of the city. rain showers will dry up in the western virginia mountains.
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no threat of rain with this. they be a bit of cloud cover to obstruct our view of the full harvest moon. i think we will be able to see a pretty good look at it tonight. it is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. that happens on sunday. tonight's full moon is the harvest moon and 45 in the suburbs. if the five for loews downtown. -- 55 for lows downtown. this front should hold until the next front approaches. we are not expecting that to get here until sometime over the weekend. our temperatures will come up a little bit. it will be a nice, bright, sunny day tomorrow. a few sparkles in the mountains of thursday and friday. lots of sunshine east of the mountains until the front pushes in our direction on sunday. a chance for some showers. that will probably last until the first half of sunday. the weekend gets a little unsettled. hopefully, you can enjoy the beautiful weather before then. sunny skies, 72-77 tomorrow.
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inside of the south at less than 10 miles per hour. waves running less than one foot. mountain areas have that risk of a shower tonight, tomorrow, and into friday. right chances will go up in the mountains friday and saturday. sunny to partly cloudy conditions on the eastern shore. skies, areas, sunny comfortable temperatures. 72-75 degrees. tropical atlantic, we are in the heart of the hurricane season, but still, nothing going on in the far eastern atlantic. one very weak tropical storm humberto, barely a tropical storm. it should headed to the cool waters of the north atlantic the next couple of days. so far, so good. not a whole lot of big committee to concern ourselves with in the tropics. 76 and sunny tomorrow, partly cloudy and 80 on friday. showers are likely saturday afternoon. a chance for a shower on sunday. back to the dry, cool weather on monday and tuesday. >> now 11 sports with 11 sports
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director jerry sandusky. suspension --'s chris davis bodes well for the record. when robinson's record was broken in 1976, the o's went into the postseason. davis's historical moment came in the sixth last night at fenway. to thehis 51st home run, furthest point of the ballpark. the home meant as much to the team as to his season. the tie helped put the orioles in position to win the night. now that davis has no one to chase in the home run race, he wants all attention and all swings focused on the playoff race. >> i was obviously glad to help him there. it us to get a run there, was something we have struggled to do. i'm proud of the way everybody played. the last couple of balls, i hit them very high.
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every time i see it all go out there, i swing underneath it. i didn't know if it was gone. i know i hit it hard. their orioles continue series in boston tonight. 12 games left a plated. two games out of the wild-card race. they are guaranteed to move closer with a win tonight since texas and tempe, the two teams tied for the lead, play each other. cleveland is poised to move into the second wild-card spot tonight if the indians win. that is a guarantee is located yankees and orioles, not done either. both are three and a half games out. card living up to the wild name. it didn't take long for the ravens injury list grow. six guys cannot practice today. -- could not practice today. ray rice remains a late week and gametime decision to play on sunday against houston. joe flacco returned to practice today after taking monday off to spend with his wife and newborn son. joe flacco has taken on an expanded leadership role following the retirement of ray
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lewis. this week, the ravens will honor ray lewis, inducting him into the team's ring of honor. joe flacco will not see the ceremony. joe flacco odyssey looks forward to seeing ray lewis at the stadium on sunday. -- obviously looks forward to seeing ray lewis at the stadium on sunday. >> the ring of honor? that was quick. [laughter] ray is already a corporate man. he is already giving the company line about whatever they wanted to say. he's probably off the raven bandwagon already. whatever. he will be on it this week, of course. it will be good to see ray. >> you can tell there is a lot of love. quick score -- joe flacco in a mcdonald's commercial. ray has gone corporate? tom has the seven-day forecast coming up right after this.
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>> here is a look at what we are working on tonight. no debris, no tire, no skid marks. state police say a car hit 18 year shopping center. more on the hunt for the person responsible. first the campaign style ad blitz, and now a visit to maryland. a debate with our state's top leader. why governor rick perry is
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trying to court businesses here and why he is putting a full- court press on governor martin o'malley. the story is much more on 11 news following "america's got talent."
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>> we are warming up little bit. thebout 80 degrees before week is over. showers coming over the weekend. it might impact the ravens game. it is back to the dry, comfortable whether early next week. the full harvest moon tonight -- >> it looks pretty.
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>> enjoy it. >> we will take some pictures for you. thanks for joining us. >> we will see tonight at 11:00. captioned by the national captioning institute --ww
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