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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  September 18, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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local, latebreaking -- this is 11 news tonight at 11:00 p.m. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the search continues for a driver who hit a teen over the weekend and kept driving. i'm rod daniels. he was critically injured in the accident. kai reed joins us live downtown with more on the story. >> michael hatfield was airlifted here to shock trauma. he is in a coma and is being treated for a brain injury. investigators and family members know there's somebody out there with information that can help them with the investigation. they are pleading with them to speak up. >> saturday night, 18-year-old michael hatfield was walking home from a 7-eleven@liberty road and ridge road in taylorsville, just like he has many times before, according to his aunt. this time, things went wrong. >> i received a call at about 3:30 in the morning from michael's father saying that he has been struck by a car and was in critical condition.
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>> a car traveling westbound on liberty struck michael as he was trying to cross the street. patrons from in your by bar heard the impact and ran out to help. police say the teen's body was found about 20 feet west of the traffic light. >> his right leg is broken in four places. his left leg was totally shattered. on monday, he had a very extensive surgery, inserting rods and begins to piece the like together. -- the leg together. >> surveillance video shows the car traveling through the intersection, slowing down slightly after the crash, and then taking off. the video is in black and white so invested they -- so investigators cannot make up the type or color of the car. one witness describes it as a compact four-door, and another, as a blue or 10 car or station wagon. police officials say lack of evidence has made the investigation evidence. >> there was no debris left behind. there were no skid marks, no signs of any breaking. >> betty colson has spent the
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day since the crash passing out flyers and pleading with anyone with information to come forward. >> anyone could have had this accident, hit someone in the dark i'm a wearing a dark jacket, but when you pulled away and left him, that was something you did intentionally. you had the opportunity to do the right thing. we are begging you to do the right thing. >> maryland state police say they are not clear if the traffic light was red or green or exactly where michael was crossing when he was hit. investigators point out that the car should have significant damage. reporting live >>, kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> i'm nine-year-old boys on the mend after police say he was shot during a home invasion in south baltimore. it happened shortly before midnight last night in cherry hill. police say the child's mother tried to stop 37-year-old kenneth graham from getting
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inside, but he pushed his way in. a struggle ensued, and the boy was shot in the stomach. >> the family is nice, you know. shot, he isat got an artist. he goes to school. he has a good mother. i'm pretty sure she is terrified, and i am scared. >> the boys expected to be ok. >> deputies in terrell county are searching for a woman who strolled into the new interstate bank around 1:00 this afternoon i'm a handed the teller a note demanding money, and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. here is a picture of the suspect. she is a white female, approximately 35 years old, five foot eight, somewhere between 230-2 hundred 50 pounds. she was last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt -- 230-250 pounds. she was last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. >> there they were. wingtips to cowboy boots. marilyn governor martin o'malley
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face-to-face with texas governor rick perry, talking jobs, business, and health care. while the two politicians who both the presidential aspirations mixed it up, they kept things pretty civil. >> george lettis was there. debate hass ongoing been billed as to state leaders to sit green about taxes and asng business friendly, -- to state leaders disagreeing about taxes and being business friendly. >> it sounded like a presidential debate on cnn's "crossfire." both men defended their turf and their record. it did not take long for the political shots to fire across the small table in the cnn studio in washington tonight between texas governor rick perry and governor o'malley. >> i'm trying to say that texas and maryland are the same, -- >> they are very different. >> governor perry orchestrated a preemptive strike by appearing
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in ads now airing in maryland meant to convince businesses to move to texas. >> when you grow tired of maryland taxes squeezing every dime out of your business, think texas. great businesses, marriott, under armour, and they are great companies. >> we are! >> for the post -- for the first time since the ads began running, the two potential 2016 presidential candidates battled face to face alongside moderators newt gingrich and former obama campaign official stephanie cutter to debate which state is doing better. >> you lead the nation in the creation of government jobs. >> not true. >> yes you did. it is the private sector. >> i agree. 90% of our jobs have come from the private sector since the bush recession hit. >> your job growth has been abysmal compared to states like texas. >> the back and forth evolved into topics like health care and education. >> we have had almost half a million young hispanics access
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higher education in the state of texas. >> you have the second to worst dropout rate in your high schools. >> our graduation rates are 86% in the state of texas. do you know what yours are? 83%. >> they are improving. versusay have been perry o'malley tonight, but newt gingrich saw the bigger picture. >> what people should take away from this is, we are in the middle of the national conversation about how we solve our problems, and that there are dramatically different options ahead for us. that governorsign o'malley may be running for president, today he told supporters that he is going to be the keynote speaker at a major democratic already dinner this fall in new hampshire. we are live in washington, george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an interesting evening. before his showdown with governor perry, governor o'malley announced several state schools will receive part of a
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five .5 million-dollar education grant. baltimore county will get $800,000 to create a technology program at three the elementary schools. some of the grant money will also go towards early college innovation programs which could mean more students earning college credits while they are still in high school. for his part, texas governor rick perry to word of the -- toured a gun factory in terrell county, which has considered moving to texas. he then traveled to bethesda for a lunch meeting with business leaders, continuing to tout texas as a good place to do business. >> today, families of gun violence victims, including from sandy hook elementary school, rallied on capitol hill, calling for expanded background ecks. >> we are all different colors and classes. but we all have the same thing in common. we lost someone. someone that did not deserve to die. extendeed congress to the background checks to every gun sale in america. >> but gun reform remains
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unlikely in congress as leaders in both the house and senate say they do not have enough votes to pass a bill. today's lobbying effort comes on the same day as the mother of navy guard gunmen -- navy yard gunman aaron alexis apologized for his actions. >> he is in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone, and for that, i am glad. to the families of the victims, i'm so sorry that this has happened. my heart is broken. the fbir as investigation, a motive has yet to emerge. the da says aaron alexis visited two hospitals in weeks before the rampage, complaining of insomnia. defense secretary chuck hagel has ordered a worldwide review of security at u.s. military installations. exclusive, inews ran posner president said he is ready to make a deal with the western world. iran's president said he is ready to make a deal with the
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western world. >> are you ready to say that iran will not build a nuclear weapon under any circumstances whatsoever? >> the answer to this question is quite obvious. we have time and again said that under no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass distraction, including nuclear weapons. nor will we ever. >> iran president hassan rowhani spoke with ann curry earlier today. his comments may signal that his country is open to thawing relations with united states. he added that he and president obama had exchanged letters in which they have traded views on some issues. you can see much more of exclusive interview with the iranian president tomorrow morning on "the today show." >> in a surprise move, the feds reduced -- decided against reducing stimulus for the u.s. economy. ben bernanke cited the looming debt ceiling debate and said that the economy needs to do better. the fed also noted that the rising mortgage rates and government spending cuts are restraining growth. on that unexpected announcement, stocks surged today.
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the dow responded by ending the day up 147 points. the nasdaq and s&p also saw gains. >> maybe you do not own any stock, but perhaps you are one who wants to fork over a few bucks for a powerball ticket tonight. you may know, no one matched all five numbers plus the powerball after saturday's drawing. that sent the jackpot to a whopping $400 million. that is the nation's fifth largest jackpot ever. odds ofs of winning, my winning, one in one hundred 75 million. how would you spend that kind of money? >> i would probably buy a house for my mother. i would buy a new car and i would fix up my mustang. >> that sounds good. the wait is also over. you can watch the drawing right here in just a few minutes. >> coming up on 11 news, the fashion police at a popular department store are hot on some shoppers' tails. the way this retailer is tracking -- -- is cracking down on sheets. the mactory behind
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order of a century. >> another idea about the location a special shore for was taking ingrid. the abrupt but short-lived escape caught on camera. >> fall doesn't officially begin until sunday, but it feels like it outside. we will see how long it sticks around when we check out the seven-day forecast. temperatures are falling quickly right now. ew died -- bwi marshall is down
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>> in tonight's medical alert, the latest a company to send their employees out shopping for health care rather than provide it is drug store chain walgreen's. the company says it will give workers a contribution towards the cost of coverage. the employee can pick from 25 plans on the private health insurance exange. walgreens' contribution will not change. a speaking of options, can juror be kicked off the case solely because of his or her sexual orientation? that remains to be seen. a panel of three circuit court judges in san francisco heard an hour of arguments about whether to grant gays the same protection that race and gender have injury selection, basically saying a juror cannot be removed on that basis. the question of whether a juror was wrongfully removed rose out of an antitrust case. the court is expected to rule at a later date.
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in tonight's consumer alert, only 97 shopping days left until christmas, and that is exactly what we all want to think about. right? the folks at toys "r" us say they already know what your kids are going to be begging santa for this year. according to the company's annual list of hot toys, the top pleasers include a toy that makes you let -- that lets you make rubber bracelets, the big hugs, was also a must bright, along with the doll featuring the characters of "despicable me 2." also, robotic dog is sure to be a hit. >> one man who is likely to be on santa's naughty list, suspected burglar, who attended an unusual escape from police. watch this. police and they can say that the 42-year-old was a suspect in the burglary. he jumped out of the car while it was rolling.
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officers responded immediately to detain simmons. i say he struggled to get away. simmons only suffered minor scrapes with the police when he attempted to get away. they put him back in the car. when they did, he had glistening wrists. he was cuffed. >> you may need to cross bloomingdale's off your list if you secretly take part in wardrobe in. wardrobing. the department store will not be tag thatg attack -- a once removed cannot be detached. new tag is removed, the dresses will be considered non-returnable. no more wardrobing. your eating a few of these, may not fit into any bloomingdale's attire. hungry for a mac-everything? this monstrosity is not on the menu, but a wisconsin man decided to order every sandwich at the golden arches.
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you pilot all 43 sandwiches, and you get a three foot tall tower of cheese, meat, sausage, bacon, chicken, egg, and fish. are you feeling sick or hungry now? listen to this. the creation packed more than 200,000 calories. a slam. got to be check out a moment of the 2013 u.s. sumo open in l.a. the three time world champ goes into beast mode with a belly to belly shot over his challenger. that is 340 pounds curling a 400 pound man to the ground. that match lasted a whopping five seconds. he went on to win the entire event. oh man. 11 insta weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist on tasselmyer. -- tom tasselmyer. guy a mac-ve that
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everything. temperatures today were comfortable, cooler than normal. it was the chilies morning we have had around here -- the chili is to morning we have had around here since the 15th of may. temperatures are feeling like spring or fall. that there is a full harvest moon of september. it is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. that occurs the sunday. the full moon closest to that is the harvest moon. you get a good shot at it this evening. looking pretty nice out there for sure. i temperatures today were cooler than normal. at bwine degrees marshall. six degrees below the average. 51 degrees at bwi marshall. six degrees below the average. very high, thin clouds. the moon is able to shine through these thin clouds. a couple struggles on radar coming out of west virginia over towards richmond falling apart now. we do not anticipate any rain until maybe the weekend. right now, down to 49 at stewart's time. 54 at which later it
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westminster, 55 degrees. -- 55 at richmond. westminster, 55 degrees. high-pressure that is producing this gorgeous weather will drift a little further away, but still supply us with decent weather for thursday and friday. then the front over the upper midwest approaches. there is a lot of moisture to our south. there is a hurricane in the gulf of california. the 25 miles an hour winds with hurricane manuel. a possible tropical system developing in the far southern part of the gulf of mexico. it looks like some of this moisture will feed north as the front is approaching us. and it gets here, it might bring some beneficial rain to parts of a very dry maryland. here come the showers, sprinkles in the western maryland mark -- maryland mountains. east of the mountains, we stay dry through friday. then the front crosses on saturday. that brings us a chance for showers rolling through here, especially saturday afternoon
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and saturday evening. there's a possibility some of the wet weather lingers into the first half of sunday, but it looks like the wettest part of the weekend will be saturday night. amaro, sunny skies, mild temperatures, light winds. skies, mild sunny temperatures, light winds. light winds on the day. western maryland gets a chance for sparkle tomorrow, and then the showers pop up on friday. eastern shore, two more days of fantastic end of summer weather. that would include the lower eastern shore around ocean city as well with sunny skies and highs in the 70s. in the atlantic, the only thing we have is the last little bits of humberto. it is now a tropical depression winds. mile an hour no problems in the atlantic just yet. borges weather thursday and friday. shower start popping up saturday afternoon. in 10 you into sunday night -- saturday night. the showers begin -- continuing into saturday night. the showers begin on sunday.
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we are back to beautiful weather on monday and tuesday. >> as you watch these teases coming up, you can vote at home to see whether you think jay leno or jimmy fallon is more enthusiastic and attentive when they talk about what they're going to present to us during late-night. here they are. >> folks, fun show tonight. christina aguilera on the program. music from valerie june. you will love this song. an amazing new invention. here's what is happening on jimmy fallon. >> i have chris hemsley from the studio. plus, tony danza. after jay leno. [applause] >> fallon wins on wardrobe. no shortage of drama. extra innings tonight. we will show you next in sports.
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>> the evening, america. welcome from the florida powerball studios. tonight estimated jackpot is up to $399.4 million. get out those tickets, folks, and let's play powerball. your first number is 7, followed by the number 10 -- remember, you can watch powerball drawings on your smartphone. go to itunes or google play and download the free lottery hubcap. the remaining numbers are 35, 32, and 22. remember, if you match this powerball number, you are a winner. the number is 19. let's take one more look at our
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winning numbers this evening -- thank you so much for joining us
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ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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[ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. lease this cadillac ats for around $299 per month with premium care maintenance included. >> now 11 sports with 11 sports director jerry sandusky. >> it feels like the playoffs
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have started for the o's. they took the red sox to extra innings and come through with the second big win. things moving the right direction for the wild-card race with a 5-3 win. david ortiz to advantage of one of the few mistakes. first inning, a two run home run. boston up 2-0. the o's tie it in the fifth. ryan roberts took a pitch on the outside corner of the plate, found the cap. matt wieters comes in on the double. 2-2. the orioles grabbed the lead in the sixth. matt wieters to right field. it hops into the stands. an automatic double. nick markakis scores. 3-2, orioles. bottom of the sixth, mike napoli gets a hold of another mistake. this one into the center. 3-3. we went to extra innings. top of the 12th, chris davis didn't need a homer to get the job done. aces loaded, squeezes a single
11:27 pm
dash bases-loaded, squeezes a single up the middle. brian roberts to score. the orioles win 5-3. does continue to move closer. -- the o's continue to move closer. they will finish the night one game out because texas is playing tampa right now. they are tied 3-3 in the 12th. one of those teams has to win and the other has to lose. that means the o's will be a game out starring tamara. cleveland lost, so the indians will not move into one of the top two spots in the wild-card race, and the o's are still right there with only 11 games left to play. read had only limited participation in the texans practice today. -- doubiak did not can not commit to read playing. darius webb summed up with -- summed up what everybody knows. joe flacco has plenty of experience playing against ed reed. flacco also understands the fans perspective of how strange it
11:28 pm
will feel seeing ed reed in a texans uniform. after all, flacco used to see read from a fans perspective himself. -- see reed from a fans perspective himself. >> i think it is strange, because everybody views him as a raven. it is strange for me too. it is the same inc. -- same as playing against an old teammate. knew ed reed as a baltimore raven before i started playing with the baltimore ravens. it makes it a little bit different. it kind of makes him a little bit more than a teammate of mine. and one point, i was a fan of his. that is what makes it a little different. they know him as a baltimore raven. >> the ravens win over the cleveland browns last week apparently did more than keep cleveland in last place. it also helped convince the browns organization to unload its top draft pick from last year. cleveland traded running back
11:29 pm
trent richardson to indianapolis for the colts first pick in next years draft. it doesn't bode well for cleveland's other first-round pick from last year. they will likely look for an upgrade for quarterback in next years draft is all. stay with us. tom has a last look at the weather right after this. -- an upgrade for quarterback in next yea
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>> ainal check with tom. >> hopefully you it had a chance to gaze at the moon out there. it is very nice. you don't even need a jacket tonight. not as much as last night. 76 degrees on thursday. 80 on friday. showers on saturday, maybe lingering on sunday. as the game goes on, the rain will be moving out. skies will clear up. next week, highs in the 70s. >> speaking of the harvest moon, we leave you with video tonight of the two sumo wrestlers doing a harvest moon of their own. >> oh! >> guess who the winner is? captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- christina aguilera.
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joy behar. the music of valerie june. and amazing inventions from and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! thank you. welcome to "the tonight show." thank you very much. nice to have you all here.
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hey, you hear about this story? according to the "orlando sentinel," there was a rally to get tim tebow as quarterback for the jacksonville jaguars. but the bad news is, only 12 guys showed up. the good news for tebow, those 12 guys -- matthew, luke, mark, john, peter. [ laughter ] bartholomew. oh, even judas was there, but he had to leave early. had to get back to coaching the jets. but he was there. he was there also. see in the paper today, the face value of tickets to this year's super bowl will be as high as $2,600. [ audience ohs ] $2,600. that's what it will cost the jacksonville jaguars if they wanna go to the super bowl. $2,600. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] let me ask you this. any baseball fans here? [ cheers and applause ] this is one of these baseball -- which do you think is better, sliding head first or sliding in feet first? see, i think feet first.
11:37 pm
a lot of guys like to slide in head first, very dramatic. this is why i would be against that. take a look. >> and villar, who had his nine game hitting streak ended last night. gets the hit. he's gonna try to go for a -- and he is out. [ laughter ] >> jay: oh, and here we go again, folks. here we go again. the white house has now directed federal agencies to prepare for a government shutdown if democrats and republicans fail to find a a budget compromise by the end of september. like, october 1st. you know, i say shut the government down. let these people go out in the real world and try to find a a job. see how they like it. they will never find a job. exactly. go ahead, go out there. yeah, yeah. yeah, go ahead. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] go out there. let me know how that works out for you. and memorabilia once owned by former congressman jesse jackson, jr. is being auctioned off by u.s. marshalls after his guilty plea. remember, he had that corruption case? he was found guilty. one of the items they're auctioning off is a fur cape. [ light laughter ] that's what he has.
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a fur cape. an odd way for a congressman to dress. a fur cape? politicians aren't pimps, they're whores. that's totally different. [ cheers and applause ] see, that's totally different. the pimps, oh sure. no. you'd think the leopard skin with a halter top. the leopard halter top with the leather -- yeah, whatever. well, the state of california may change the way it tests its students. have you heard about this? the standardized tests. they want to do away with it. well, here's the story. >> the state senate has approved a bill to end traditional standardized testing of students in reading, math, and social science. critics, however, say the new test is just another example of the dumbing down of our educational system. [ laughter and applause ] >> jay: and the california state legislature wants to grant driver's licenses to undocumented workers. that makes sense to me. hey, if they can have the governor's baby, they should be
11:39 pm
able to legally drive to the hospital. [ laughter and applause ] if you can have the governor's baby, you should be able to drive to the hospital. exactly. exactly. and the new iphone 5s and 5c will be coming out very soon. you know why it's called the iphone 5? anybody know? because that's the average age of the kids who make it. it's the iphone 5. [ audience ohs ] yeah, you're gonna throw yours away now, sure. yeah, i'm sure you are. [ laughter ] yeah, right, right. hey, kudos to cher. how about cher. cher has turned down an invitation to sing at the 2014 olympic games in russia because of russia's anti-gay law. she's refusing to go there. so a nice hand for cher. [ cheers and applause ] in fact, listen to this. their anti-gay laws are so strict, men could be arrested just for showing up at a cher concert. that's how bad it is. [ laughter ] well, the new season of "dancing with the stars" premiered the other night. you know, that show is broadcast all over the world. and i think our version is best. well, here, show our version.
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♪ [ cheers ] >> jay: okay. now show the bulgarian version. show the bulgarian version. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: see, i like the -- i like the jeans with the white belt. the white belt. [ laughter ] and according to "men's health" magazine, touching a houseplant for two minutes can relieve stress. but listen to this -- smoking a plant for five minutes can really, really reduce stress. [ cheers and applause ] and starbucks has a new policy. if you have a gun, they're asking you to leave your gun at
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home. thus making it easier for them to rob you. [ laughter ] and in chigwell, england, a a 30-year-old teacher gave birth right in the classroom. gave birth in the classroom. so, well, it's nice when the father can be there for the delivery too. [ audience ohs ] so, i think that's -- i mean, the kid didn't want to miss class. [ applause ] well, according to "in touch" magazine, they're reporting madonna is engaged to a a 25-year-old. [ audience oohs ] i guess they met a few years ago when he got a merit badge for helping her across the street. [ laughter ] okay, here we go. it is time -- it's time for a new bit we call, "here's what you get for inviting a penguin to your wedding." ♪ here's what you get when you invite a penguin to your wedding ♪ >> okay, i took a bunch of pictures. >> thank you so much.
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[ screams ] >> oh, no. ♪ >> jay: we'll be right back with and christina aguilera. say hello to rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ even when you don't now yhave time for a break break
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: all righty. welcome back, we have a big show for you tonight. she's a big time music and tv star coming back for the fifth season of "the voice." christina aguilera here tonight, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] also, one of the funniest people i know. the one, the only, joy behar will join us. joy behar is here. [ cheers and applause ] she has just wrapped up 16 seasons on "the view," so, we'll see how life's treating her. and later, music from valerie june. terrific singer, valerie june. you will like her. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night, our friend tim allen will be here, and from the world champion miami heat dwyane wade will stop by as well. and coming on friday, my youngest boy from a previous marriage, the host of "late night with jimmy fallon," jimmy fallon will be here.
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jimmy fallon will be here, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] folks, there's been talk in the news recently about whether or not america is exceptional. and i think we are because nobody innovates like we do. from thomas edison to steven jobs, it is in our national dna to dream up new ways to solve old problems. and now there's a website called that lets ordinary people become successful inventors. we thought we'd take a look at some these latest inventions. please welcome founder and ceo, ben kaufman. ben, come on out here, buddy. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: again, these are real ideas from real people that what, you finance and put them on the market? >> yeah, it's amazing. quirky's a website where all you need to do is have a great idea. >> jay: okay. >> and if enough people vote for it, on our website, then we do everything. manufacturing, design, engineering. even marketing. >> jay: okay, and some people have become quite wealthy, correct? >> absolutely. we make millionaires. >> jay: all right -- you make millionaires?
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>> we do. we make millionaires. >> jay: now what is this first invention? it looks like just a rake to me. >> so fall is coming along. this is from michael in connecticut where a lot of leaves fall on the ground this time of year. this is a rake and as you start raking and putting your leaves in your garbage, there winds up being a lot of air and you have to sort of put your foot in, and sort of tamp it down. well, this rake is and tamp. so it slides shut, and then all you need to do is push your leaves down. and it has another hidden feature that's absolutely amazing. it's the only rake in the world that stands itself up. i can do that there. there you go. >> jay: well, yeah. [ laughter ] okay. still some problems being worked out. >> yeah, we use it. >> jay: this is great for like -- for like, mob guys? you know, when you put a guy in a wood chipper, hey, you get your hand caught, "hey, come on, morelli get down there. yeah! [ laughter ] [ applause ] next time pay what you owe." >> and then it'll stand itself -- there you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hey! all right. what's next? >> a lot of people like eating strawberries, but the hardest part is getting all these leaves off and getting the core out. >> jay: oh, it's such a chore!
11:49 pm
[ laughter ] >> it is. it's such a chore. this is -- this is called a a wholeberry. all you do is you push this thing through the strawberry. >> jay: a wholeberry? >> a wholeberry. and then pop, all the leaves and the core come out, so you have a nice clean strawberry that's ready to eat. >> jay: oh, that's cool. look at that. >> this is a brand new product we just launched. >> jay: okay. >> there we go. i had to. [ light laughter ] >> jay: and the nice thing is you can use a rake to clean up all of those. [ laughter ] i can use this to shoot broccoli off my plate, this would be fantastic. [ light laughter ] that's actually pretty cool. what do we have here? this looks like an egg tray. >> we do. we have the world's smartest egg tray. we did this with our friends at g.e. >> jay: okay? >> and let's say you're at the market, and you're wondering, "honey, do i need to go and buy eggs?" all you do is you open your app on your phone, and it tells you exactly how many eggs you have in which cup. it gets better. okay? see these little blinking l.e.d. here? >> jay: yeah? >> that tells you that's the oldest egg. >> jay: that's your oldest egg. >> if you're about to make an omelet in the morning, you want to use the oldest eggs to make sure you always have fresh inventory. fresh omelets, right?
11:50 pm
there's another l.e.d. that went on, that's the next oldest egg, and so on, and so forth. >> jay: and with halloween coming this is perfect. 'cause the old eggs you wanna throw at your neighbor's house. you don't wanna throw the newest eggs. [ laughter ] so, any old eggs would be better. [ applause ] [ talking over each other ] >> you gotta get that one older. >> jay: wow. >> now, this product is gonna be available at every home depot. and the inventor's gonna make over $150,000 just this year. >> jay: wow. okay. [ applause ] well, that -- okay! that sounds -- >> people buy this kind of stuff. >> jay: it's interesting. now, i'd imagine all of these are winners. not every invention makes it all the way, does it? >> we see a lot of crazy stuff at quirky. this was an idea that was submitted for squeamish babies. feeding them is a little tough. so the inventor said, well, if you just put the spoon right in their mouth, and then you just sort of trigger away -- [ laughter ] >> jay: oh, yeah. that doesn't look messy at all. >> no. nope. it's practical. >> jay: oh, i see. if you squeeze it gently. actually, this is what they use to feed senator john mccain. [ laughter and applause ]
11:51 pm
>> that one didn't make it, we didn't make that. >> jay: what is this? >> food storage is important, you always want to store your food in your cupboard. but the problem is, as you start using things, let's say you're making yourself a little bowl of cereal in the morning, you wind up storing a lot of air. and air takes up a lot of room in your cabinet. so, you just squish this down and you're never storing any air. >> jay: wow! that's a -- wow, look at that. [ applause ] that is actually very good. man, that collapsed faster than the new york yankees. look at that, that was amazing. [ laughter ] that's actually a very good idea. how much did the inventor of this one make? >> that just came out, but this inventor has done 10 products on quirky. 10 products we've commercialized for renee. >> jay: okay, very good. >> okay, so, a lot of people move, right? and, these large odd-sized boxes are hard to get a grip on. these are nice, simple, cheap things, that all you do is put it on the side of the box and then you keep these wheels in your drawer, and you can just clip them right on. >> jay: isn't that amazing?
11:52 pm
[ light laughter ] >> turn your box over and all of a sudden every cardboard box that you need to use is good to go, and you wheel it right away. >> jay: every box is good to go! [ applause ] wow, look at that! boy, i bet -- nbc would be giving me a bunch of these to get me out of here faster. wow, look at that! [ laughter ] makes hundreds of julienne fries! that's amazing. >> do i sound like an infomercial guy? >> jay: no, but i love infomercial people. now this is a what? a sink filled with dirty water? >> it is. anwhen you clean dishes the sink gets dirty. it might be hot water, and you don't wanna stick your hand in there to get the sink stopper out. this is a product called raft. it floats. and so, all you do is you lift it out -- >> jay: oh, that's really clever! >> -- floating right in the top of the bowl, and you're good to go. >> jay: boy, you know where this would really be good? the person that has to clean charlie sheen's hot tub. [ laughter ] you don't want to put your hand in there. so you just reach over, and you pull this out, and -- [ applause ] >> no germs. >> jay: that's actually -- now, how much would the inventor of this make?
11:53 pm
>> so this is available at every single target store. we've sold hundreds of thousands of them. >> jay: yeah? >> and the inventor is gonna make probably $75,000 this year. >> jay: wow. well, that's amazing. just a floating -- that's very good, cool. >> it's amazing. >> jay: and what is this next one? this one did not make the cut? >> this one didn't make it. sometimes people take the name of our company a little too literally. we see crazy, quirky ideas. this was invented by someone who wanted to be able to send a a signal to their partner that they were ready for love. >> jay: ready for love? >> this is called the love mat. >> jay: the love mat? >> that's it, you just unroll it, you put it right on your bed. and that sends to your special person that it's time. >> jay: it's time, really? >> it's time. [ light laughter ] >> jay: and women, what woman wouldn't be -- oh, that would turn you on, wouldn't it, really? [ light laughter ] "honey, i'm gonna put this on the carpet so you don't foul the carpeting. >> i could use this, wait. i could use this. [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: oh, there you go. there you go. ♪ there you go. >> maybe we should make it after all. >> jay: we found somebody who can use it. all right, find out more at
11:54 pm or my facebook page at be right back with christina aguilera. ben, thank you very much, my friend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ cats are smart. maybe smarter than we know. ♪ so they deserve new fresh step scoopable litter. it eliminates odors better than ever. thanks to carbon and added plant extracts. it's the smart litter your smart cat deserves. and try new fresh step triple action odor control.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: all right, my first guest. a five-time grammy-winning singer and songwriter. one of the most popular performers in the world. starting on monday, she's back as one of the coaches on nbc's wildly successful show, "the voice." please welcome, christina aguilera. [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: wow! look at you. is that the little black dress women are always talking about? [ cheers ] >> i guess it is. >> jay: i always hear that phrase and now i know what it means.
11:59 pm
>> today it is, yes. >> jay: and you look fantastic in that dress. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: and look at this, she's on the -- on the cover of maxim magazine. that's pretty cool. [ cheers and applause ] >> now why do you go like this? >> i don't know, cause all of a a sudden i feel like -- i don't know, my dad's seeing it or something. >> jay: a creepy old guy is holding my magazine? >> no! it's just, you know -- no. >> jay: let's see some of the pictures in here, lets see. >> oh, god. >> show that -- [ cheers and applause ] there you go. now the pictures -- the quote is what interests me. it says, the one place i don't need to be in control is in the bedroom. now what does that mean? >> that is true. i'm a big micro manager, i'm a a stickler about organization and everything needs a place and a purpose. micro managing myself, even when i'm in the studio. so i think every woman should just relax and allow herself to be pleased in the bedroom. [ cheers and applause ] it's the one place i can let go.


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