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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  September 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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for a temporary restraining order, but this doesn't settle the issue. but advocates are likely to seek a preliminary injunction. clubs and those seeking to purchase firearms contend the state police compromise gun owners personal information. earlier this month, the state police recruited employees from five state agencies to input information on gun applications into a police database. the move is designed to help alleviate a tremendous backlog of the 5732 applications. gun buyers wanted to get ahead of the october 1 start of implementing tighter gun control legislation signed by the governor. the complaint seeks a court order to stop police from using nonpolice personnel. it cites several privacy concerns, including social security numbers and mental health information being shared with data processors and placed on a nonsecure website. the complaint alleges the website fails to use any encryption and that all the users are provided with the same name and password to get access.
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the complaint contends that using nonpolice employees violates state law. this section states that polic rim -- may request assistance only from the baltimore city police commissioner. share in any county that does not maintain a police force. the state attorney general's office issued an opinion, stating using employees from other agencies is ok. taste in part on the steps police have taken to ensure confidentiality of applicants and their personal information. the ag's office countered with details of steps state police have taken to alleviate concerns. they stopped using employees from all but one other agency. all usernames and passwords used by outside agencies have been terminated. the website removed. next week, 24 workers with the state department of corrections will help knock down a backlog of 10,000 applications. data entry has been moved to an internal network, and access is encrypted, and each employee
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will get a unique login and password. police havete resolved each and every single issue, but it still does not a race with his already been done. if gun advocates want to pursue this case by an open hearing, took place -- it could take place one week from friday. >> the deadline is moving closer for congress to pass a stopgap spending bill that will avert a government shutdown at the end of the month. the house votes on a bill tomorrow that ties the government funding to the d funding of obamacare. sally kidd is in washington with details. both sides are saying they do not want the government shutdown , but they are nowhere close to agreeing on how to avoid it. vote isore the first cast, house speaker john boehner was declaring victory with a bill that would keep the government running while defunding obamacare. >> we will win the fight over here. it is time for them to pick up the mantle and get the job done. >> any bill that defines
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obamacare is dead. dead. >> even so, some senate republicans are prepared for a fight. >> i will do everything necessary and anything possible to defund obamacare. >> he says that includes the filibuster. >> we will not blink! don't get it into your heads that we will. we want. >> the president has pledged to veto any legislation that guts obamacare. on another looming fiscal showdown, the white house says raising the debt limit is nonnegotiable. >> i have been discussing this with president putin and for some time now. >> that prompted this web video from speaker boehner's office. >> meaningful negotiations -- >> negotiations. >> while the president is happy to negotiate with vladimir putin, he will not engage with the congress on a plan that deals with the deficits that
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threaten our economy. >> the video, i thought, demonstrated putin and the. -- putin envy. >> the debt limit measure is expected to hit the house floor as early as next week. in washington, sally kidd, wbal- tv 11 news. baltimore county fire captain is facing charges of sexual abuse of a minor tonight. besides working for the county, he is also a man known for being a ravens fan. live fromtis joins us baltimore county with the arrest of the baltimore birdman. >> gregory hudnet was once described as a hero firefighter, but now police say he's a sex offender. police say the 64-year-old is charged with sexually abusing a minor on a number of occasions from 2005-2008 when that minor was 12-14 years old. in 2007, he was given a firefighter of the year award for his work as a member of the golden ring fire station number 16. at the time, the vfw told he was
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recommended because the decorated fire captain rescue someone from a burning vehicle. he is also a decorated ravens fan, literally. he is the baltimore birdman who at every home game would dress up and very outlandish and colorful hats and outfits. meanwhile, police say these abuse allegations against him were reported to a detective by the victim last month. against children unit conducted a full investigation and found that the victim's claims were valid, and subsequently, an arrest warrant was obtained yesterday. >> yesterday is when police say gregory hudnet turned himself in, posted $750,000 bail, and was released. however, according to charging documents, when detectives began their investigation last month, gregory hudnet denied sexually abusing the victim saying, "personally, i feel the victim tried to seduce me. now the victim is trying to destroy me.
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go a call to his attorney this afternoon has not been returned. we are live at baltimore county police headquarters, george lettis. >> the alleged gunman accused in the shooting of a child this week is being held without bail. 37-year-old kenneth graham force his way into a home tuesday night. we are told at some point he opened fire, shooting a nine- year-old in the stomach. the boys expected to recover. graham now faces attempted murder charges. crash shutdown i-83 during this morning commute. this was the scene from our traffic cam around 6:00 around 83 south in parkton. the chain reaction accident started when the vehicle slowed down for traffic and ended with a tractor-trailer overturning in the middle of the road. werest check, all lanes back open. three people were taken to the hospital, no word on their condition. it won't be too long until a new express lane is open in the white marsh area of i-95. the question is, how much will motorists pay if they want to
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use them? maryland transportation authority officials announced the proposal. lowell melser has been following that story. he joins us live from white marsh just off i-95. how much is it going to cost for us to brees on through? -- breeze on through? >> it really depends on what the public thinks. we were talking earlier -- this stretch right here in white marsh along i-95 can be a downright nightmare. when it comes to rush hour, and folks may even notice that construction has even picked up on these proposed toll lanes that should be completed within the next year and a half or so. it really comes down to -- how much are you willing to pay to travel traffic-free on i-95? there is no doubt if you live in the baltimore area and you've passed through white marsh on i- 95, you sat in traffic. thursday, the maryland transportation authority
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announced plans to change all of that, but there is a catch -- it is going to cost you. >> the project is one that the authorities had underway for some time now. we are looking forward to this next step in the process and hearing comments from the public. >> as part of a more than $1 billion improvement project that includes areas where other interstates meet i-95, the mta will install two new express toll lanes or etl's in each direction of i-95. this animation shows the about seven mile stretch going from - 895 to the route 40 through -- 895 to the route 43 interchange. >> the project is something that will really go a long way in anti--- in alleviating traffic congestion. >> aaa mid-atlantic is calling the new lanes a good idea that
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should help relieve some of the traffic in the regular lanes, which it hopes will benefit those who do not want to pay or cannot afford the tolls. speaking of the tolls, much like the icc in montgomery county, only, withe ez-pass extra fees for those who do not use ez-pass. >> i personally would not. i go against traffic. i live in baltimore city. i drive to white marsh. i never hit traffic. traffic, iid hit probably wouldn't. >> the lanes are not receiving good reviews from drivers, at least the ones we spoke with. some thinking that they form some sort of class system on the roads. >> i have seen it in california. it works ok, but it is kind of elitist in my opinion. so, i think it is better for all just to make more infrastructure for everybody. >> others justin upton it was
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worth it to spend their hard- earned cash for less traffic. -- just did not think it was worth it to spend their hard- earned cash for less traffic. will take a little money that i have. i would not do it. >> three public hearings will take place in mid-october with a final decision on these tolls coming down on december 12 of this year. the project is expected to be completed in december of 2014. if you would like more information on how you can weigh in and all the details on this project, you can go to we are live in white marsh tonight, i'm lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> stay with us, much more ahead on 11 news at 6:00. >> it is a whole lot warmer than doing the polar bear plunge. why this weekend you're stopped into an area dunkin' donuts could help maryland special olympics. >> the o's have a chance tonight to move from the outside to the inside of the playoff picture. the latest on their september surge, coming up in sports. >> all this beautiful weather has led to a big need for rain.
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>> there is a lot going on in carroll county. >> the maryland wine festival is on saturday and sunday. it is another event that will have you looking up if you stop by the dunkin' donuts in westminster. jennifer franciotti has more on the cops on rooftops. >> it has become a tradition in the westminster dunkin' donuts, and this weekend, city police chief jeff spaulding will once again campout on the roof along with some of his colleagues from the maryland state police, all
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to raise money for the special olympics of maryland. >> we have had people who have seen this on the roof at 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning and driven into see what is going on. , or two yearsyear after you did your piece on the rooftop, we had people who got out of bed at 11:30, came here to make a contribution, and go back on. >> from 6:00 a.m. on saturday to noon on sunday, the chief along with others will move from inside the donut shop to on top, all to raise money for the athletes and their families. >> we bring every creature comfort we can find out there. it never seems to work. but, it is a blast. it is for the right cause. >> we will have a number of athletes and their families here on saturday and sunday to greet those people who come in and contribute. >> last year, cops and rooftops raised $40,000 at seven maryland locations. this year, they only have i've locations.
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-- five locations. maryland law enforcement adopted special olympics as their charity of choice back in 1986. this is a warmer way to give back in january plunge. the kids the smile on faces, the athletes faces, it is an amazing feeling. i'm looking forward to it, spending time on the roof with these guys. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now your 11 instaweather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> near perfect late summer weather has drive things up severely. we could use the rain. it looks like maybe we will get some of that. it looks like it will come in over the weekend. it will be kind of tricky to get some weekend activities in. i'm not complaining too much, because we need the rain. 77 degrees at bwi marshall. 47 was little cooler than normal. typically, we are only bottoming out in the mid-50s. those 40s made it feel like fall again this morning.
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very comfortable this evening. a little more human today. dew points are coming up a bit. littlemid 70s feels a warmer. 73 around gettysburg. into the mountains, we have had some clouds today. to midtures in the low 60s. no rain associated with the clouds. showers generated out to our west are tracking from western ohio down to west virginia and into far southwestern virginia. all of this developing ahead of a warm front which will push the temperatures to near 80 tomorrow and make it feel aleve -- make it feel more humid tomorrow. enjoy the evening. 52-59 late tonight. not as chilly. the wins column. sunset at 7:08. more clouds and showers. a strong cold front over the upper midwest. inperatures drop to 90 kansas city. that is a front that brings us the chance for rain. we think maybe it will be more than a few scattered light sprinkles. tropical storm menu well is down in mexico now -- tropical storm and well is down in mexico now. that tropical moisture will be
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feeding up in the front as it tracks east. maybe the front will have little more punch than the past few that have moved through here. tomorrow, a beautiful day east of the mountains. a few showers out west. oc sonny from the mountains to the coast. saturday, the clouds are up. showers are likely in the afternoon and evening. topical moisture in this frontal boundary, maybe a few heavier downpours saturday evening. good news for the ravens, this front moves off the coast early sunday morning. we should have some sunshine for kickoff sunday afternoon in downtown baltimore. tomorrow, 77-82. a sunny day. a light south breeze. the bay forecast calls for wind out of the south at 5-10 knots. waves averaging about one foot. the mountains have shower chances for the next several days, but over the weekend, while saturday looks kind of wet, said ash sunday should be beautiful. wet, sunday should be beautiful. up to 80 degrees and comfortable
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tomorrow. showers are likely late saturday. ocean city picks up rain saturday evening into sunday morning. the tropical atlantic, some activity down to the south. there is some activity south of bermuda. o has nowert dissipated. not much going on in the tropical atlantic at this hour. that is very good news is we continue a relatively quiet hurricane season so far. 80 tomorrow and sunny. 77 saturday with rain likely in the afternoon. showers and early sunday. sunshine returns for the afternoon. the beginning of next week looks pretty nice. with 11 sportss director jerry sandusky. >> it has all started to go the orioles' way. the o's have pulled within striking distance of the playoffs, one game out of the wild-card race with a chance to sweep the red sox tonight in boston. davis,series for chris had his record 51st home run on tuesday. last night, the go-ahead single in the 12th inning bringing in
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brian roberts in the 5-3 win. austin may have the division wrapped up, but the o's have all the momentum going their way. a realistic shot at the two wild-card spot in the american league. texas and tampa rep up their series tonight in tampa bay. somebody is getting pumped. that is before the o's headed to tampa for a weekend series starting tomorrow. cleveland, half a game out. the yankees in kansas city very much alive at two and a half games out each. ray rice remains sidelined in practice today while recovering from a strained hip. the ravens have not decided whether rice will play on sunday against the houston texans. for if he can play, look the ravens to avoid an offense of shootout. last year, houston rolled over the raiders, 43-14. texas has one of the most balanced offenses in the nfl. johnson created big problems in the passing game. the defensive coordinator knows
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his players need a tight focus against such an explosive opponents. -- an explosive opponents. >> they are a very talented football team. when you play a team like this, it is almost like every week, maybe even more with the team like this that is so balance and has so many weapons -- you have to pick your poison and say, ok, this is what we have to try to defend. >> the tipoff of the college fastball season in about a month and a half. two coaches with the last name smith will start rookie campaigns. gg smith will continue the family business as head coach at loyola. they joined the loyalist ball team as -- the loyola basketball team as vip's. gg has to follow basketball royalty in the family. he sees it as more of a blessing than a burden. , you have to embrace
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it. i decided to get into coaching when i was in college really. i embrace my dad, embrace everything he stands for. i hope to have half the career he had. >> gg, he will do a good job. he's very conscientious. very serious-minded. >> tom tasselmyer is a serious- minded young man. he has the seven-day forecast straight ahead.
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>> here is a look at what we are working on tonight. is a self-proclaimed raven super fan and a former baltimore county fire captain, but tonight he's also accused of sexually abusing a child. with a high-ranking lawyer the maryland attorneys general office was shot during an attempted robbery this week. we will have the details in the case. those stories and much more on 11 news following meredith vieira's
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>> the moon was amazing last night. 2013e full harvest moon of , not quite full tonight, but you can still get it. tonight, 80 degrees. sunny skies tomorrow. then we have to pick up showers on saturday. rain that we desperately need comes through in the afternoon and evening. it is out of here before kickoff on sunday for the ravens. it will work out. 73 degrees on sunday. dryden beautiful weather on monday and tuesday. >> you've got a make everybody happy. >> thank you for joining us, everybody. >> nbc nightly news with brian
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williams is up next. we will see you back here tonight 11:00. captioned by the national captioning institute
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