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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  September 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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court has a zero- tolerance policy for sexual harassment. we wanted to know how other cases were handled and if action was taken against ronnie ferguson junior. the court administrative clerk's office at the wabash court house is empty and cleaned out. however the maryland court system says he is still employed and has not been reassigned. also its policy is not to comment on personal and legal matters. last friday we told you about this that her lawsuit against the maryland judiciary, claiming ferguson engaged in sexual harassment against a female employee. we attempted to talk to him last week. >> i'm not sure what you are talking about. >> you're not sure what i am talking about? kim sumner?-
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if you're looking for information, you need to contact the courthouse. >> we spoke to an attorney who says the expectation is the court system will be more vigilant. ofthey are the enforcers this law, ultimately. what ever they do has some impact on how people perceive whether or not they are going to get a fair remedy. judiciary about other complaints after learning a maryland judge was moved to a different court after calling a female clerk and name we cannot describe on tv and making other graphic sexual comments. investigated 11 complaints against judges and administrative court personnel since 2009. the issues -- appropriate -- inappropriate language, touching, and conduct. 11 news also obtain copies of e-
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mails sent just three days ago -- one to the courthouse in brooklyn, telling them the judiciary office of fair practices engaged in an inquiry courthouse.ove the message to wabash employees? they received an anonymous complaint concerning working conditions in the wabash court house. they recommended employees speak to hr about their concerns. we contacted the maryland commission of civil rights. it is very aware allegations have been made concerning the courts of maryland. it running urges anyone with a complaint to file it with the commission. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> breaking news right now in baltimore city. let's go live to captain roy taylor in sky team 11 for the latest. roy? >> we are in the courtyard marriott just to the west of
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central. attack the cap has crushed into the wall of the courtyard a taxicab has crashed into the wall of the courtyard marriott. as you can see, the cap remains in front of the hotel. reporting live, i'm captain roy taylor. >> a strong rebuke of governor martin o'malley from one of his strongest reporters. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake takes exception to his arm checked -- armchair order backing. david collins is following the development. he joins us from central booking. these two politicians have been very close. of his she is one biggest supporters. when o'malley was mayor, there were lines at central booking waiting to get in. -- mayor have stephanie a lake will have none
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of that strategy -- mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will have none of that strategy. governor martin o'malley is wondering out loud whether there is a connection between fewer arrests and a rise in murders, all the while a trend in nonviolent crime is down. >> there is pretty downward movement for some time now. where there is more violent crime, murder and shootings, kicked up -- kicked up at certain points -- ticked up over several months. >> mayor o'malley employed zero- tolerance policing. skyrocketed. but a third of those wrongful arrest cases were so weak prosecutors dismissed charges. the naacp and the a.c.l. eight
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-- aclu filed a lawsuit. >> i think the governor is seriously out of touch with what makes an effective police force and that is trust between the police and the community. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake agrees. she spent a significant amount of time talking with community leaders about trust and partnerships. she has a strong reaction to the governor's comments. the mayor says "it is simply inaccurate to suggest more arrest lead to less crime. mass arrest only lead to distrust and local communities, which actually makes it harder for police to do their job. my administration is focused on more targeted arrest of the most violent and repeat offenders." to peopletgeted doing harm in our community. in some cases, we can do more harm than good.
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respondovernor did not to our question, why is he taking such an interest in the crime-fighting strategy? david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> earlier the republican-led wouldapproved a bill that stop a government shutdown, but there are major strings attached. the president is not too happy about that. >> president obama respond to the boat accusing house republicans of holding the congress and the country hostage. -- >> the joint resolution is passed. >> per house republicans it was a victory. >> the american people do not want the government shutdown and they do not want obamacare. celebratedakers keeping the government open -- >> it is absolutely necessary to keep the lights on. >> lets the fund this law on now and protect the american old from me economic -- the american
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people from the economic calamity we know obamacare will create. >> in kansas city, the president this mask -- dismissed the vote. >> if they would rather not have health insurance, i am happy to have that debate with them. but you do not have to blow the whole thing up just because you do not get your way. right? >> the stage is set for another shutdown showdown. >> what was brought to the floor today was without a doubt a measure designed to shut down government. >> democrats say the bill will go nowhere. >> it is a blatant act of hostagetaking. >> while republicans called on the senate to act. inwe rely on our colleagues the senate, our allies on the outside, and the american people to have this important debate. >> the senate majority leader
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has said the house bill is dead on arrival. that means the house leaders have a little over a week to reach a compromise. otherwise, the government could shut down. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> pope francis made it clear again today that he is a different kind of leader in a new era for the catholic church. he was quoted as saying the church is obsessed with small minded rules driving the fateful way. he offered and all of ranch to -- an olive branch to conservatives. kate amara has the story. what did he say today? >> the pope issued a strong antiabortion message as he met with catholic gynecologist syndrome. catholic doctors not to perform abortions. it was like he did a 180. it is a startling contrast to the
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interview released yesterday. in the interview, the pope says that the church is driving away the faithful by narrowly focusing on polarizing topics like abortion and gay marriage. he also said "i can't talk about these things all the time." he also said "i have never been a right winger." the reaction -- surprise. but many are praising pope francis for his leadership. >> perhaps coming to his ministry with the new style, to toe us years to hear -- ears hear what the gospel is fundamentally all about and for those who are searching, it is an invitation. searchh with us. --come with us. >> will it change doctrine? are we on the verge of reform here? experts say no.
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but it does offer a new tone and vision for the catholic church and catholics around the world do take their cues from the pope. i'm kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> stay with us. much more ahead on 11 news at 6:00. >> a strong warning for baltimore city dog owners tonight. i'm lowell melser. i have that story after the break. dowhat the orioles need to against the rays this weekend, coming up in sports. >> or is rain in the forecast, but not a complete washout. ready?
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>> representatives from the baltimore animal rescue and care shelter are starting to see what they are calling an alarming number of parvovirus cases in puppies and adult dogs. >> the canine arvo virus has a high mortality -- parvovirus is a high mortality rate. lowell melser joins us from baltimore -- south baltimore with the story. >> a disturbing story. folks here at barcs say from the start of the month, they have seen 16 cases, seven of those in the past week or so. what is basically happening is folks are bringing their dog here, confused about what is happening, only to learn the heartbreaking news there dogs have the parvovirus. >> it is pretty heartbreaking.
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owners are coming in with sick puppies, not sure what is going on. lots of times, it is something they cannot afford to treat and we cannot treat at the shelter. >> her organization is very concerned about a recent jump and parvovirus cases, 16 so far this month. >> it is unusual to see that many cases in this short time. to the aspca, parvovirus is very contagious. it is a life-threatening disease that attacks cells in a dog's body, most severely affecting the intestinal tract. a vaccine is available and highly recommended. symptoms include vomiting and bloody diarrhea, signals you should get your. medical attention immediately. however you should know treatment is long-term and often expensive. >> often they can be saved, but if not, it is pretty deadly.
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and it is deadly pretty quickly. >> to spread, all that is needed is on deck with the ground where an infected dog has been. the most common place to get it is the dog park. >> there are strays or people not getting there dogs vaccinated. there is still a chance even if you get the vaccine, there is always that off chance something can happen. part, dog owners told 11 news -- at canton dog park, dog owners told 11 news they are all-too-familiar with parvovirus. >> that is when the discussion vo and things like that came up, so we had her vaccinated against it. tell usolks at barcs the majority of cases have shown up in western and southern baltimore. you can get the vaccinations done here at barcs pretty cheap the first saturday of every month or you can obviously go to
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your own veterinarian. i'm lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasslemyer. >> after a couple days of fall like cool air, we had temperatures above normal today. 73 degrees bob iger web marshall at bwi marshall. the normal height is 76. comfortable outside right now, the little more humid. 70's around parkton, edgewood. upper 70's in downtown baltimore. 60's in the mountains with some showers we have been tracking in contrast to the sunshine and we enjoy today, western maryland dealing with clouds and even rain showers. that stuff is not headed this tonight. the beautiful weather continues for friday evening, folks. 65 down town. calmwins overnight --
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winds overnight. the stuff in garrett county is on the leading-edge of a tropical weather pattern. as this front arrives tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, i do think it gives us the chance for some decent rain. bone dry out there. half the weekend you may have to deal with this, but keep in mind we do need the rain. high pressure will come in and finish out the weekend with nice weather. look for showers to pop up during me afternoon tomorrow. uplook for showers to pop during the afternoon tomorrow. heavy downpours are possible with this. early sunday morning, skies clearing. the first day of fall, the sundayng of fall at 4:44 afternoon, it will feel like fall again. the forecast not as nice at is a been -- as it has been.
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clouds and showers. the southwest wind at 10 miles per hour. wins out of the bay, five to 10 knots. the mountains. a beautiful finish to be weekend -- to the weekend. sunny skies continue sunday. on the lower eastern shore including ocean city, showers lingering into sunday morning the atlantic,p. tropical atlantic, very quiet, which is good news. not the same out in the pacific ocean. a super typhoon -- this is super typhoon usagi. this was a category five typhoon. it will be a category one when it makes landfall somewhere near hong kong.
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usagi, which i think means "rabbit" in japanese. monday and tuesday, highs in the 70's. >> now 11 sports with steve goldberg. >> if the orioles match their play from the last series, i.e. the winning series, they will surely i'm themselves in a great spot. if not, if they lose against tampa, the playoffs almost certainly will go on without the orioles. so, big weekend. they tried to reverse the season-long fortunes against the rays. four-run -- to that that is one of those few bang your head against the wall moments this season. back-to-back series this season, and we will see tonight. jason price. the american league wildcard standards. the rays are in now.
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semester senior with enough credits to graduate, but o's, there they are. enshrinement for ray lewis as he gets the ring of honor for the game against the texans. questionable, but we know he is going to play though. week three with a lot of offense. about joe flacco -- of course, he is ready to go. joe has never missed a start. that is what gives head coach not harbaugh pause -- or pause about their fortunes for the ravens going forward. >> you know, joel accomplished something that was really unmatched in post -- joel accomplished something that was really unmatched in post season
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history. i think joe will be one of the premier quarterbacks in the history of the national football league. i have said that many, many times. in the end of that statement will prove to be correct. and all the naysayers out there will be wrong. >> that is a confident head coach right there. won theods fedexcup. no major titles for the fifth straight year. championship, second round, woods, great start. he was rolling, and then it all fell apart. lets you know where it is going. a triple bogey. tiger at 26. 14 shots back of henrik stenson. the suite is dominating outside of atlanta. 10 under for the tourney.
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that is it for sports. stay with us. one more check of the forecast with tom coming up. it's going to rain tomorrow at m&t bank stadium or the terps.
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>> here is a look at what we are
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working on for 11 news tonight. a call for peace. a baltimore city official calls for a stop to the violence as the mayor and governor debate crime-fighting strategies. what a new report reveals about maryland's growing casino
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>> ball is coming quickly. -- fall istomorrow, coming quickly. >> showers tomorrow. great weather for the ravens.
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not so much for the terps. >> things for joining us, everybody. >> nightly news is next. we will se
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