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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  October 31, 2013 9:30pm-10:30pm EDT

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i'm alan cumming, and this is masterpiece mystery! dispatcher (on phone): emergency. which service, please? woman (on phone): there's something burning above marebo lake. wallander: we got an id on the phone number? system's crashed. they can't access the recordings. i'm doing this in the name of him who was dead and who rose again. anna, is that you? new beginnings, okay? okay. wallander: he wasn't alone. somebody else was filming him. they took the tape out of the camera.
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they leave it for me at the school. linda! cumming: kenneth branagh stars as swedish detective kurt wallander. tonight on masterpiece mystery! captioning sponsored by viewers like you (thunder) (woman wailing) funding for masterpiece is provided by... paris, budapest, st. petersburg, beijing. for 15 years, viking river cruises has transported travelers to another world, a world of dramatic landscapes, majestic castles and remarkable characters, all brought to life onboard a modern river cruise vessel, so travelers can spend less time getting there and more time being there.
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(swans honking) man: hey, come on. there you go, beautiful. come on. come on. (softly): there. (swans squealing)
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(swans squealing) (shrieking) ♪ tram wires cross northern skies ♪ ♪ cut my blue heart in two ♪ my knuckles bleed down the tattered street ♪ ♪ on a door that shouldn't be in front of me. ♪ (boat horn blows) lindeman: j-w-f-5-5-3.
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no. w-o-b-0-1-2-4-8. wallander: um... no. lindeman: that one's german. yeah, they're not on our list. kristina: hi. oh, thanks. there you go. was there anything? um, not much. had a 1-1-2 call about something in the sky above marebo lake. something burning. it'll be a halloween thing. there is usually something. and there's a possible missing grandma. she didn't turn up to babysit this morning. and how late is she? about four hours. we'll keep in regular contact with the family. if she doesn't come back, then we'll go first thing in the morning. kristina: okay. all right, thanks. lindeman: m-l-b-9-7-5. kristina: no. (woman straining) therapist: just hold on here. therapist: good-- very good. just hold on, hold on here.
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great, can you move your leg for me? wallander: you decided anything about what you're going to do to... ann-britt: work-wise? well, i don't mean just... it's not going to be what i used to do, is it? and it's okay, really. 'cause... i could have died. kurt... you don't need to keep on coming. i've got henrik and sanna. sure, yeah, yeah, yeah, i mean... it's time for everybody to get on with life. okay? yeah, yeah. new beginnings.
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do you need any help getting... no. okay, i'll just, uh... yeah. i'll see you. thanks, kurt. yeah. (dog whining)
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wallander: yes, yes, yes. i'm coming, coming, coming. good boy, good boy, you are. good boy. mr. smelly-smelly. oh, yes, yes. let me put the lights on, put the lights on. yeah. how are you? how are you? have you behaved yourself? no, you haven't behaved yourself. look at all this. did you knock this water bottle over again? what's all that about, eh? what's all that about? you're a big mess maker, you are. you're a big mess maker. come here.
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anna? anna, is that you? you okay? come in. come in. (breath trembling) are you sure you're all right? i hope that dog didn't scare you. can i get you some water or something or...? are you looking for linda? because she got married actually. i know. i just wanted to see you. yeah? you came round to our house after dad died. you were linda's dad. i couldn't understand what you were doing there. you were my friend's dad. i always trusted you.
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what's up? i had always loved him. yeah, i know you did. why... why would he want to kill himself? why would he want to kill himself when he had me? maybe we should call your mum, eh? is she still... she's still out at valleberga, isn't she? i know i have the number somewhere here. i know how tough it can be, anna. i know, um, these things, sometimes you just... sometimes you just have to let the...
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anna? (door banging in the wind) anna? anna! (ring tone)
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(ring tone) linda (on phone): hello? linda, uh, hi, it's dad. it's your dad. i know. it's late. what's up? anna westin was here. woman: she's a cultural geographer. she makes maps of old pathways. so the last time you saw her was sunday morning? yeah. and she seemed okay? kristina: is your mum married? divorced. actually, she's widowed. my stepfather died last christmas. martin. was she coping okay with that? mum wouldn't.
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the boys mean too much to her. sure, of course. i'll get the keys. yes, thank you. (whispering): let's start the hospital search. thank you. we'll be in touch. (door squeaks open)
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♪ ♪
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(birds chirping) that's not yours. leave it. police. do you know whose it is? yeah, she makes maps. her name's birta. you seen her around today? no, what's up? woman: sorry. let's just get that planted, niklas. you couldn't tell me where this trail is, could you? yeah, that's the old pilgrim trail. runs about 6 or 7k by the lake. right. over there. okay, thanks.
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(wings suddenly flapping, birds squawking) (birds twittering) ♪
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(leaves rustling) (grunts)
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(exhales) wallander: so we need statements from those community service workers. and what about that 1-1-2 call, things burning? lindeman: they can't access the recordings. the system's crashed. all we know is the call was logged 17:52 monday night. but have we got an id on the phone number? no, they need to reboot the system. right, okay, as soon as you can. officer: over here, sir. all right, thanks. nyberg: it was in the grave. but it's not been burned.
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it's been annotated in danish. mostly the book of revelation. at the back. danish. she burned to death. that's what killed her. then she was buried. watched her burn to death, then buried her. (office phone ringing) kurt, i've managed to identify the prints on the bible. really? jannek langås. danish, been missing from a secure unit in odense since november 2009.
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odense? he's an arsonist. yeah, it's a psychiatric unit. and a paranoid schizophrenic. okay, let's get uniform to go to the hostels, the campsites and holiday lets. lennart'll... lennart'll organize the press conference... would you get the descriptions and photos set up for that, please. right. wallander: kristina, thanks. well done. kristina: sure. hi. hi. this is a... what you doing down here? you scared me last night, dad. sorry, i didn't mean to. what was the matter with anna? it's just, it's the same... you know, it's her dad. i've not been able to get hold of her. look, i'm sure she'll be fine. why did you call me if you thought she was fine? i thought you... you know how she used to be. i'm going to stay at her place tonight. i've still got keys. see if she turns up.
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okay, um... can i give you a lift? anna (on voicemail): this is anna westin. please leave your message. (tone) linda: hi, anna, it's linda again. i've got to ystad now, so i'm just going to let myself in, okay? give me a call. wallander: maybe you should try calling her mum. they don't speak. look, come and stay at mine. please. it's silly. i'll call you tomorrow. linda... i'll come out and see you when she gets back, okay?
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lennart: jannek langås. he has distinctive scarring on the right side of his face. we have reason to believe he was in the marebo lake area on monday evening. we believe he has the potential to be very dangerous. i'd ask anybody who might have vacant properties around that area, summer houses, garages, just to check if there might have been anyone sleeping rough there. but obviously if you do see him, don't make contact, don't approach him. please contact ystad police immediately. now i'm happy to take any questions, but please remember that there may be some details i'll be unable to discuss.
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(phone vibrating) male reporter: does he already have a criminal record? wallander? this is louise åkerblom, the estate agent. i hope you don't mind me calling you, but i know that man. wallander no, that's all right. let me come and see you right now, if i may. thank you. female reporter: ...previous convictions? lennart: i'm afraid i am not able to discuss that at this time. that is all we have time for today. thank you all for coming. (whispering): got to go talk to someone. lennart: we'll keep you informed. åkerblom: i recognized him as soon as i saw him on the news. it's that scar. it wasn't that name, but it was definitely him. right-- so what name did he use? jan sundberg. he was in here in february. what? he was buying a house? yeah, in the woods at marebo lake. have you still got the brochures for that? yeah. you liking your new place? it was always one of my favorites, that one. amazing views over the östersjön.
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it's very nice, yes. how did he pay for this? cash. five hundred and eighty thousand. we went to sfb in the square, and he transferred the money. lennart: kurt? jannek langås bought a house on marebo lake in february, so i'm going to head out there now. don't go out there on your own. i'll call lindeman and see who's available for support. wallander: i don't think that's necessary. just let me have a look first, yeah?
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i think he's long gone. yeah. okay, stay here. kurt, let these guys do it. it's okay, i've got it covered. (gun cocks) just wait. just a sec. (swans honk, wings flap)
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(snap) wallander: hey, stop! stop! stop it! stop! stop firing! stop! hold fire! move! (wallander groans) okay, watch it. that's it. now click that thing. you got it. all right? yeah, it's not, um... officer: all clear! thank you. take these. thanks. ta. he's got a bank account, sfb, in the name of jan sundberg.
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that's the clearing number and the account number. okay. how we doing on that 1-1-2 call? kurt, i'm on it. "as i said to their children in the wilderness, "'do not walk in the statutes of your fathers, "'nor keep their rules, nor defile yourselves with their idols.'" so... do you recognize this? do you know where this church is? no.
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(slow, wheezy breathing) (phone rings) yeah, linda. linda: anna's not been back. all her stuff's here, but i don't think she's been here. i think she's gone, dad. properly. right, why don't i go and, um... well, i'll come over later, all right? we'll find out where she is. okay. all right?
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(several people wailing and sobbing) (people crying) (crying stops abruptly) kurt. you okay, monika?
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it's a symphony of crying people. 44 different crying... "voices" isn't the word. i leave them a little recorder. they switch it on when they're upset. really? yeah. they're easier to get hold of than you think. anna came to see me the other night. oh. how was she? she was upset. right. i haven't seen her around... i think last... around christmas. she doesn't really speak to me anymore. it's just she's... i mean linda's at her place. but i don't think she has been there for a while. she's not picking up her phone. she was studying in lund. she had some digs there, i think. right-- ah, yeah. she might be there. you still in mariagatan? no, actually, i bought a place in svarte. it's near where my dad used to live. how was it in the end? not so great, but, um...
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do you get nervous out here on your own? i always carry a hunting knife. don't tell me that. you're okay; you've got a gun. look, if anna's gone off somewhere, she's done it before. you know she's done it before. she used to go off looking for erik before he died. well, i don't know what she looks for now. ghosts, i suppose. i'm sure she'll be fine, kurt. well, i'll, um... thanks for that. i'll get back. i'll tell linda, and i'm sure the... do you ever get the feeling you've failed your child? will you let me know if you hear from her? linda got married, didn't she? yeah.
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you didn't. no, i didn't. nice to see you. bye. bye-bye. (phone rings) wallander. lindeman: kurt, langås had 620,000 in his account. opened on may the 9th last year with a cash deposit of 70k here in ystad. six more big cash deposits, the withdrawal for the house. then he took out the rest and the account was closed. when were the other deposits made? lindeman: june 7, and then about every six weeks until january 26 this year. he was traveling around, covering his tracks.
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where's he getting all this cash from? (buzzer) get hold of all the bank's paperwork please, and look into cash robberies at around the time of the deposits, yeah? sure. (buzzer) thanks, stefan. hi. hi. i've just been to see monika. she thinks that anna's okay. she does this, so she will turn up. i'm not sure monika would necessarily know. how is she, monika? she seems okay, yeah. mum always thought you and her had an affair. well, we don't talk about who had an affair and who didn't, linda. i don't know if you want to, but we can. monika was saying that anna's studying at lund university. really? so she might have digs there. but has she taken things from here? no. contacts, toothbrush.
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it's all there. mobile phone charger. i remember she couldn't stop crying at the funeral. she just screamed and screamed. i think monika's right. anna's going to be fine. it hasn't even been... hasn't even been 48 hours. dad? i just, um... what? i just have to, uh... what is it? the, um... is anna pregnant? she's not pregnant, is she? not as far as i know. so what has she got a book on pregnancy for if she's not pregnant? i'm pregnant. (key unlocking door)
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anna? langås? linda! you okay? yeah. go! stay here, i'll get lindeman to come pick you up. you're okay, yeah? yeah. you're okay. i've called an ambulance. all right, just lie still. is she okay? yeah, i think so. stop!
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yeah, i need lindeman to pick up my daughter. she's at valborgatan 4, flat 6. langås was there. i'm following him now. he is in a dark blue volvo. it is o-u... it's o-u-t-0-4-0.
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(horn honks, tires screeching) (crossing bell dinging) (train blowing horn)
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(tires screeching) operator: emergency, which service, please? anna (on recording): there's something burning above marebo lake. there's something burning. operator: sorry, do you need the fire service? anna: please, there's something burning! operator: which service... (switch shuts off) yeah, it's anna westin. she's a school friend of my daughter's. she came out to see me on tuesday night. lennart: why? i don't know exactly. i thought she... she used to come to me and linda when she was upset. i thought it was something old. langås was also driving anna's car.
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he had keys to her flat. i guess she didn't give them to him willingly. has anyone seen her since tuesday night? wallander: i don't know. it looks like she hasn't gone back to her flat. her mother hasn't seen her. excuse me. come on, that's it. good boy. this is jussi, by the way. jussi, hello! oh, he's lovely. he's smelly is what he is. come on you. come on this way. linda: beautiful house. thank you. i'm sure that, uh... i'm sure anna'll be okay, darling. um... we'll find her. we're going to lund in the morning. she's probably there.
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i'll come with you. i'd like to help. yeah, maybe leave it for now. i mean you are probably... you look a bit tired. yeah. we'll get you settled in here and get a good night's sleep, eh? what do you think, dad? about? the baby. i'm delighted. i'm totally delighted. come on, let's... you are over here.
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hi. yeah? police. i'm looking for a student called anna westin. this used to be her room. her? she dropped out ages ago. you know why she dropped out? no idea. did you ever see her here with a man? an older man. anna? no. she's saving herself for jesus. you could be a bit less sarcastic about it. she's a god-freak. i hate god-freaks. i tried to discuss abortion with her once and she went ballistic. did she leave anything behind? yeah.
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actually, there's a box of her crap under the bed. do you mind if i have a look at it, please? thank you. okay, i'll take this, if i may. thanks for your help.
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can i help you? ah yes, kurt wallander. ystad police. i'm looking for a woman called anna westin. what for? so you know her? she used to help with the outreach group. i run a mission for homeless people, drugs, alcohol, psychiatric problems. was she a member of your church as well? sometimes. she mostly just sat at the back. well, we think she might be missing. it's been a couple of days now. i've not seen her for ages. months. right. do you know... do you know this man?
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did he come to that group? hi name is jannek langås. yeah, maybe. so she could have met him? she might have met him at this group? do you think she did? i don't know. maybe. i'm not really minded to help the police. your colleagues in stockholm sent me to prison. i stood in my pulpit, in my church, and i preached against homosexuality. i was prosecuted and sent to prison for one month, for "hate crimes." my conviction was overturned. there are no "hate crimes" when christians are on the receiving end. are there? do you...
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you get a big audience for this? well, people don't really go to the church of sweden anymore. they find it immoral. do they? please let us know if you see her. thank you. hi. anna hasn't been studying at lund university since the beginning of the year. she dropped out. really? yes, she's been a volunteer with an outreach group. this was a group that was attached
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to an evangelical church. she's doing just what her father did. so when you last saw her, did she mention any of this? no. so what did you talk about? she wanted to know why i hadn't done... certain things differently. like what? she wanted to know whether erik had ever been in touch before he killed himself. when he was in the states. had he? monika? yes. not long before he... not long before he died, he asked me to bring her... for all of us to go with him. i told him never to contact us again.
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and you didn't tell anna? she used to run away, you know that. any chance at all, she would run away, looking for him. you don't think you should have told her? anna was attacked. when she went off on one of her trips looking for him, she was attacked by some man. i just wanted her to be safe. right. you can't compete with a dead person. she would have preferred it if it was me. i'm sure that's not true, monika. (glass breaking) (more glass breaking)
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hey, hey there, rabbit. was anna religious when you were kids? linda: yeah. even after her dad? made her worse. thanks. her mum wouldn't let her go to church, so she used to sneak off. you brought erik back, didn't you? you and svedberg? no, we just received the coffin at the airport. and we did help with the paperwork. just anything to make it easier for monika and anna. that was all. you want some wine? no. sorry. that's okay.
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we've got some strange-looking tea that vanja left. i'll have some strange-looking tea. linda: i liked vanja. wallander: me too. so, what does "hans von enke" think? he's excited. he's very sweet. i'd love to meet him one day. won't have to wear a tie, will i? he's not that posh. i'd love to have been there when you got married, linda. i would have really liked that. (wheezing)
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you haven't been here at all since granddad died. yeah, and you haven't been to stockholm. and you haven't called. yeah, because you met someone and you got married, and you didn't ask me to go! do you know what i was doing that weekend? i went to a bloody autopsy and then... and then i cleaned the gutters at mariagatan and then your mum rang me. she tells me my daughter just got married. why did she get to go? she was just there. it just happened. let me tell you something else that happens. you get a few years of learning to walk and birthdays and father christmas. and then you'll get years of teenage and you know what i was looking forward to? like as the last proud thing? walking my daughter down the aisle. i would really have liked that. we didn't want anyone else there. his parents weren't there. we were just on holiday, with mum, just did it. i'm sorry. and then you were so horrible about it.
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let's not do this, dad. not anymore, okay? we're here because of anna. (clock ticking) (phone rings) (dog whining) (phone ringing) yeah? (police radio chatter, child crying)
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(siren wailing) is it langås? we'll know in a couple of hours. it's the same accelerant that killed medberg. same petrol can. right. i'll see you back at the station. i need to speak to the headmistress, please. this is a faith school? a christian school? headmistress: not anymore. i came here, i didn't want that. the problem recently is that we implemented the ban on teaching creationism. there has been some... criticism. creationism would be part of biology? not in my book.
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oh, excuse me. sorry. yeah. headmistress: anything else, or can i...? uh, no, that's all. thanks very much. thank you. we will be in touch. "two of them were thrown alive "into the fiery lake of burning sulphur. "the rest of them were killed by the sword "that came out of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on the flesh." i confess to murder. (exhales deeply) i am sacrificing myself for the sins of others. i'm doing this in the name of him who was dead and rose again. play it again.
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we have to focus on where he'd been before this. maybe that'll lead us to whatever happened to anna westin. take it back just before the end-- yeah, there. i'm doing this in the name of him who was dead and rose again. see, he doesn't switch that off. he doesn't lean forward. he doesn't switch it off-- somebody else does. wallander: he wasn't alone. somebody else was filming him. they took the tape out of the camera. they leave it for me at the school. excuse me, uh, sorry. i'm just, um... i know we spoke the other day. could you help me with one more thing? yes, of course. the red house here that's set back from the lake, sort of group of outbuildings around it. the end of the pilgrim trail. did you see anybody there recently?
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yeah, a few people, fixing it up. how many, would you say? i don't know. six or seven. and what did you make of them? i don't know, they seemed normal enough. an alternative health group. like a commune or something.
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♪ (dog barking in distance) ♪
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lindeman (on phone): kurt. get langås's bank account details in front of you, please. okay. wallander: right. 26th of january. 80,000 kronor. lindeman: that's the final deposit. yeah, that money came from anna westin. how many other deposits were there? um... six. check banks in the same towns for cash withdrawals-- not deposits, withdrawals. same amounts, from other bank accounts around the same time. the money wasn't stolen, he was given it. lindeman: julia hassleberg. she's from luleå. went missing in june last year. she emptied her accounts and left. 100,000 kronor. the same day, 100,000 shows up in the langås account, deposited in the same town. yeah, well, she's not up north now. she was at the press conference. lindeman: jon soderberg. he was at the school this morning. hasn't been seen since august last year.


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