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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  October 31, 2013 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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cleared his savings on the 23rd. same day, the same amount enters the langås account. henrik jacobssen. erika bredfeldt. klas hallgren. all emptied their accounts, left home, sent their cash to langås. they're all involved with fundamentalist churches. "cultural" christians. anti-gay, pro-life, anti-islam. wallander: they're members of a cult. now there are seven deposits. so these names account for five, plus anna's. so who made the last one? this guy you met at anna's church, where is he-- svensson. he's a cultural christian, right? he's been in prison. these people could be in danger if they are part of it. right. anna, i know you're alive. i know you're with other people. i know who those people are. i am going to find you. please contact me first. if you can.
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svensson: we were talking about social tourists as a direct reflection of eu policy. immigration from islamic countries is essentially undermining... wallander: excuse me. what is it? we know anna westin met jannek langås at this church. he burned himself to death last night. were you involved with a group that supports him? did you give him money? i run an outreach group. i help people like jannek, i don't finance them. when did you last see anna westin? when? she came back here a couple of months ago. i hadn't seen her for a while. why did she come back? she wanted me to join a group. they had a retreat somewhere in the forest. join them and do what? make a stand. what does that mean, make some sort of stand? i don't know.
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she just left. look... nobody joins a cult. nobody joins something that they think is going to hurt them, or anyone else. you join something with people that you really like. people you believe in. (phone rings) don't you? anna? anna: kurt? will you come and see me... please? where are you? (door squeaking) anna?
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are you okay? yeah. where are the others? it's just me now. i met jannek at the outreach group. he'd just come down here. he was a schizophrenic and he was afraid he was getting ill again. i tried to help him. i tried to get him off his medication. i tried to look after him. anna, you don't have to do this. you don't have to do what these people tell you to do. i'm not. it's just me. can we have a couple of coffees, please? we're all sinners. we all need to make atonement for our own sins and for the sins of other people. there is so much that's wrong.
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and we've moved away from the spiritual side of things entirely in this country. you can't force religion on people, anna. why not? it's not part of society. it's not part of our society. it happens all over the rest of the world. anyway, the government forces social democracy and liberalism on us all. did you help jannek langås kill himself? i just need to be left. i just need to get on with things in my own way. lennart: i'm afraid that's not going to happen. why did you come out to see me, anna? i was... about what jannek did. yeah, and you were upset, and you wanted to talk to me. talk to us now. talk to us, anna.
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stay here. kurt? she's failed to report a crime. she's harbored a criminal. she possibly assisted him. we can charge her. look, she's a victim in all of this. look, i don't think we're going to get anywhere by keeping her here. why don't we let her go? wallander: why don't we watch her? why don't we watch the house? i'm sure that she'll lead us to the others. (shuts off engine) you spoke about your dad when you came out to me the other night.
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i don't need to know about my dad. i think your father was a very misguided man. stop it. you're not honoring him by living like this. what do you believe in? do you actually believe in anything? linda's pregnant. "your grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers." you can come away. come back. see you.
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(car door closes) wallander: you end up talking to yourself on these walks. linda: do you? wallander: well, i do. actually, i have different trees for different people. front one's my mum. and this is svedberg. the one at the back is your granddad. (laughs lightly) i remember the first time i came home in uniform, i thought he was going to have a heart attack. he hated you being a policeman. well, i don't think he did. i think it just suited him
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to keep me on my toes. i understood granddad. yeah, well, i understood him a bit, i think. he was just, you know, he was different with me. he didn't talk to me about souls. he just whinged about me being a policeman and never coming over to play cards with him. do you want me to go and talk to anna? this is an investigation, linda, you can't be... look, i've known her my whole life. i know, but... i can help. i can talk to her. it's not safe. dad, if she's in danger... maybe she'd talk to me. at least she'd listen. (phone rings) dad. yeah, wallander. lennart: kurt, there's a church on fire at grimsberg. what, there's a church burning? lennart: in grimsberg, and we're getting reports of more fires. well, can you sort out how many others there are? lennart: i'll get back to you.
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(shouting, commotion) stefan? there's a dead woman inside. she's been hanged. late 60s. it's julia hassleberg. there's another church on fire at lennarp. there's no sign of anna westin so far. there is also a medical center, dead bodies in both places. what's going on, dad? i'm going to get someone to take you home. is it anna? no, darling, it's not. you need to go home. i'll stay in touch, all right? michael, take my daughter home, please. sir. all right, i'll see you later. see you. bye. bye.
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soderberg says he's sinned against the word of god. he died in the church at lennarp, which is multi-faith, pro-integration. jacobssen sinned against human life. the place he died uses stem cell research. julia hassleberg-- same-sex relationship. grimsberg church authorizes gay weddings. so this leaves erika bredfeldt, klas hallgren and anna. okay, so we go over their medical files, social security reports, everything we have again. get any kind of idea where they're likely to target next. we know that they're not killing themselves, that they're getting some kind of help. someone at least is making these videos. why would it be anybody outside the group? i think it's... i think it's the last one.
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i think it's number 7. yeah. (on video): my name is julia hassleberg. i confess to a physical relationship with a person of the same sex. (fast-forwarding) my name is henrik jacobssen. i have sinned against human life. i am doing this to atone for my sins and for the sins of others. i am doing this in the name of him who was dead and who rose again. (button clicks) i am doing this to atone for my own sins and for the sins of others. i am doing this in the name of him who was dead and who rose again. woman: i am doing this in the name of him who was dead
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and who rose again. ...and who rose again. ...and who rose again. i am doing this in the name of him who was dead and who rose again. erik's alive, isn't he? isn't he? i thought it was him at first. they found the body with his things. what did you think you were doing? you declared a body dead, you know it's not him? you bury him? it was better for anna. what, that she thought her father was dead? i had to stop it, kurt.
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she'd been so damaged. it had to stop. well, he's back now. he's back from the dead and she's with him. they're with a group that are burning themselves to death every night, in places that somehow have some connection to sins that they believe they've committed. so what was anna's sin? she hasn't committed any sin. what would she think her sin was? oh god. you mentioned that a man attacked her on one of these trips. so what happened to her? was she raped, monika? yes. did she get pregnant? she had an abortion. (crying): i made her have an abortion.
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she was 15, kurt. where's the clinic? rannesholm. wallander (on phone): yeah, rannesholm clinic. anna had an abortion there. erika bredfeldt, too, same place. lindeman and kristina are on their way. right. any sign? no, nothing. what is he doing here? he came to the station. i saw the fires on the news. i thought i could help. they might listen to me.
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at least more than they might listen to a policeman. wallander: right, that's them. stefan, kristina, weapons raised, visible. this is a reaction. if you push people and push people, eventually they push back. wallander: svensson? let me try. wait, no! stay back. hands on the window! now! in you go. anna? kristina: it's erika bredfeldt and klas hallgren. anna! anna! no. (phone rings) wallander. (on phone): kurt, it's monika. they're here. right, don't let them in.
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(sirens wailing) wallander: anna? monika? there's petrol here, hold back. nobody moves, nobody fires. monika: kurt! kurt, we're in here! (gasoline pouring) erik, it's kurt wallander. (flips open lighter)
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wallander: erik, please! i'm unarmed, i'm putting my weapon down. erik, i understand the point that you're trying to make. a lot of people have heard what you want to say. they appreciate that you chose times and places where people didn't get hurt. so let's just make sure nobody does get hurt, yeah? we're washing things clean. i understand. but do you want to hurt your daughter? do you want to hurt monika? anna. monika lied. i am so sorry. darling, i'm so sorry. you lied. wallander: okay. (lighter clicks shut) erik, you're a man of faith; i know that. that must mean that you're a man of forgiveness, yes?
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if i stay here, will you please let monika go? i'm not leaving this room without my daughter. erik, will you let anna go? anna's here because she wishes to be. of course she's not here because she wishes to be. wallander: monika! she'd follow you to the ends of the earth, erik. monika! that's all she's ever done, whether you were dead or alive. i came back to atone for my sins. for what i did in abandoning my wife and my daughter. then stay here and be a proper father. (whispering): erik, you don't want to harm your daughter. anna and i will always be together. put the knife on the table, monika. wallander: anna, listen to me. when you came out to see me the other night, anna, do you remember that? you weren't certain.
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you weren't certain, you were upset. you were full of doubt then, you're full of doubt now. i'm sorry that i couldn't help you the other night. i'm sorry, but i can help you now. no dad wishes harm for his daughter. no father wants this. god gave his own child for the sake of the world. you're not god, erik. monika killed your child. my grandchild. i did it for her. i've only ever wanted to make her safe. anna, i can atone for you. please, just walk out. please. (crying): please just walk away, please go with kurt. daddy? (flips lighter open) daddy, don't. no! erik!
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(erik groaning in pain) hey! in you come! come on! it's okay. you're okay. you're okay. you are. (breathes deeply) let's get them out quickly and calmly. follow me.
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(baby crying) technician: linda? yeah. thank you. can you bring up your top a little bit? loosen your trousers? there we are. sit down, then. right. okay. it's cold. are you the dad? yeah. dad, you're my dad. no, no, sorry, yeah-- i'm her dad.
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come on. there's not as much room as there was. see if we can... there we are. (heartbeat) there's a couple of legs. arms... (linda gasps in awe) technician: okay, all looking good. all right? yeah.
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(sighs) what do you want to be? sorry? what do you want to be? granddad? gramps? mother-father? i think we should get you moving. yeah. granddad'll be fine. i'll get it, i'll get it. go... get in the car. (laughs)
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(car starts up) ♪ oh, whisper me words in the shape of a bay ♪ ♪ shelter my love from the wind and the waves... ♪
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