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tv   To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbe  PBS  November 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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( theme music playing ) what are you doing? looking at you. - what for? - because i like it. you nearly gave me a heart attack. makes us even then, doesn't it? 'cause you almost gave me one last night. you're in a weird mood.
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no, i'm in a really good mood. so while it lasts, why don't you get up, go and buy some clobber, get your hair done and i'll take you somewhere nice for lunch later? what is all this? to tell you the truth i don't really know what it is. i just woke up... i looked around... then i looked at you... and i felt really good. simple as that. oh, jake, have you met danny's new friend? what's your game? - don't follow ya, bruv. - then again, i don't really need to ask, do i? 'cause that's all you do these days-- play stupid games. no. still don't follow ya. - danny, you walked away from the club again last night. - so? have you completely lost the plot? johnny's going to go ape. a few hours after getting your job back, you lose it again. - ruby was being mugged. - you think that'll impress johnny?
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this knight in shining armor stuff? - well, normally he wouldn't give a monkey's, but... - yeah? seeing as though it's his daughter we're talking about. i think my job's pretty safe, don't you? i've changed my mind. - do what? - about seeing dad. it was a crazy idea, me just turning up like this, surprising him. - yeah, but... - so i'm gonna get my stuff together and go. don't say nothing to him, yeah? don't let him know i was here. - ( sighs ) - maybe adi knows where she is. you can't go bothering adi now. - this is business we're talking about. - yeah, but... three of johnny's cars haven't come back from the garage. he'll want to know why. look, sash is gonna have it all in hand. it'll be fine. we're on borrowed time with johnny already. i'm sorry, man, but i need answers. there you go, love. oh, it's all right, don't worry, don't rush. - all the time in the world. - ( cellphone ringing ) there you go, you take care. hello, ash.
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er, yes, mate, i'm just on my way back now. yeah. no, no, i haven't seen sasha. - sasha: well. - billy: yeah. sasha: thanks for letting me stay. at one point i thought i was gonna be kicked out on the street. well, it's nothing personal. nothing that happened in there last night was personal, billy. that's what makes it so sad, wouldn't you say? yeah, well, i'll, er, i'll see you around, yeah? i don't think so, do you? no. no, possibly not. what's he saying? i don't know. he just ain't talking. ok. yeah, that's great. um, all right, then. bye. who was that on the phone? - just college stuff. - i thought it was your day off.
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it is... it was a mate... checking on an assignment. - it's been on her mind all night. - something's been on your mind. you were tossing and turning all night. here, you two, have you seen this article? it's about a high-interest-rate savings account. just the thing for a young couple on a limited income. you ought to have a look at that... and think of the future. i'll take it with me, read it in the caf. all right for some, eh? i've had to call dot in this morning 'cause we're rushed off our feet. yeah. ( dialing ) - just have a bit of toast. - no, mom. i'm not hungry. - you gotta have something, love. - why? just 'cause you and kareena had a misunderstanding. this weren't a misunderstanding. this is it-- it's over. - that's what this is. - she ain't said that, has she? actions speak louder than words. i followed her down the club, you know, to patch things up,
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sort things out. and you know what she does? she pukes up everywhere! 'nuff said i reckon, don't you? ( dog barks ) oi! have you lot been listening to what i've been saying? - course not. - demi: we were just coming in. but if you want some advice... no, darren, i don't want your advice! when the sight of you makes a girl puke up, - well, it's hopeless, isn't it? - that's it, i'm going! - get out of my way! - oh, mickey! ( demi laughs ) look, why don't you let me look after the stall for you today? - what for? - well, i don't think it's such a clever idea, do you? you and that juley, cheek-to-cheek all day, after everything. what if you end up chinning him? - that's not a bad idea, mom. - oh, mickey! i hate this. - i know. - no, i really, really hate this. well, just talk to her, love. - i've already tried, i've told ya. - try again. yeah, look where that got me.
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that wasn't no college mate you were talking to, was it? - what? - on the phone just now. i pressed redial. i got through to that paper-- the one with the report in it. - i just wanted to find out a few more details, that's all. - sonia! this is my daughter we're talking about. you don't know that for sure. - so i want to find out. - but neil and sue are common names, sonia. if you throw a stone, how many of them are you gonna hit round here? - none. - you know what i mean. what if it is them. what happens now? who's looking after chloe? how is she going to cope? she's four years old. - i was there, remember? - so it's playing on your mind too. the papers ain't gonna be able to tell you much, are they? they might be able to tell you about the crash but they won't tell you if four years ago this neil and sue adopted a little girl! no. so what's the point in calling them? they know when the funeral is. i've told them i want to send some flowers. it's today.
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jake... er, remind me. - look, mr. allen. - didn't you used to work for me? - let me explain. - save me the speeches and pathetic excuses, danny, i've heard them all before. i really do not want you spoiling my good mood on this beautiful day, so please, do us all a favor and get lost. it's not what you think, mr. allen, not this time. tell me, danny... how does one brother end up like you, eh? you know, if i'd just met you, i'd say blame the parents, the dad in particular, probably. he's most likely some weak little nobody who let his kid run riot and now look at him, a boy in a man's body, a man with a boy's brain. but jake here, now jake's proper, he's ok. so what ever happened to you, eh, danny?
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and you're a fine one to talk about dads, aren't you? what's that supposed to mean? oh, you look like i feel. - that good a night, was it? - i wish i knew. i just remember saying one more drink, just one. then i'll go find mickey and we can sort this mess out. and then, there he was, in front of me, - standing there talking to me. - and? then it all goes a bit blank. all i know is that i screwed up... again! - well, join the club. - hey. sash, look, i know that you and adi have split up and i'm sorry for him and you, but... well, these things happen, don't they? just 'cause things didn't work out, doesn't mean the rest of us have to take sides, ok? - it might not be as simple as all that. - course it is. - we're still friends. - you're a right piece of work, aren't you? adi, i was just saying to sash, we've all... - billy mitchell? - what? - how long's that been going on? - nothing's going on. i saw you come out of his flat half an hour ago.
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- you're still wearing the same clothes from last night. - you and billy?! - it was just... - what? a one-night stand? a way to celebrate your freedom? what's it to do with you, me and you are finished, remember? - only just. - what difference does it make how long? you can't just hop from adi's bed into someone else's. - it wasn't just like that. - i want you out. i want you out of the house, out of the business and out of our lives! can't blame him for being upset. whatever happened to not taking sides, kareena? - billy mitchell happened! - here, sash. - you gonna have a go at me as well? - what? save your breath. i got the message loud and clear! - um, johnny's three motors. - what about them? i thought they must have been booked in for a service, but they're not there. so what's going on, eh? if you're trying to pull off one of your sneaky little scams. i don't know what you're talking about. those motors were serviced last week. why would they go again? - where are they? - they should be in the square - where adi parked them last night. - adi? what's this got to do with me anyway? why should i be bothered? i'm out of here, right?
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ooh, can i make you a sandwich or something, darling? - i'm not going far. - you haven't said where you're going, sweetheart. - i just need to... - oh, i understand. you just need to get your head round it, don't you? that's what my spencer always used to say when he was in trouble. ruby? it's you i'm thinking of, you know. - what about chloe? - her name's rebecca. shouldn't someone be thinking of her? look, someone will be thinking about her! come on, sonia, you've said it yourself a million times, they're a caring family. it weren't just neil and sue, there was aunties, uncles, grandparents. all right, if what we think has happened, has happened,
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then that's terrible, i know. and how about how she feels, eh? like her whole world's fallen apart. ok, but she'll be well looked after, she's not going to be on her own. i know but i just feel that... like you want to be there for her? that's natural enough, isn't it? she's my daughter, she might be in trouble. that's why you found out about the funeral. now you've got it in your head that you've gotta try and get over there, try and see her. i just want to make sure my own daughter's ok. and then what? then nothing. - all right... what do you say to her? - well, i don't know really! what do you say to her family? - i am her family. - no, the ones who've got to look after her now. the ones that have got to deal with her, answer her questions. they're gonna love this, you turning up and all of a sudden there's something else to deal with-- a whole load of new questions on top of everything else! well, i'm sorry. i-- i just can't stop thinking about her. i know.
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and i understand. do ya? look, i know i wasn't ever much of a dad... but she's still my kid too. and i know what's best for her, and i know what's best for you. this isn't about me. sonia, she's like a drug to you. the more you see her the more you'll want to, you're never gonna be able to leave her alone. i just wanted to surprise you, that's all. well, you certainly managed that. what's that on your head? oh, nothing... just a scratch. - ( cellphone beeps ) - i thought you were going on some school trip over easter. i just wanted to see you. you don't even finish school till the end of the week, do you? we finished early. they said we could phone our parents and let them know, only i couldn't get a reply so i thought i'd just... - turn up. - at the house?
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yeah. i just thought we both needed a fresh start. i-i-i didn't mean for you to find out like this. i just wanted to get things sorted out here first, make things nice, the way i wanted it to be. i've made you both some tea... and some madeira cake! there you go. thank you. so how did you end up here, for heaven's sake? the neighbors at home. they told me... - so i got on a train. - why didn't you phone me? - you've got my mobile? - i tried. when? i never got any message? when i got to the club last night. scarlet. - oh, ruby. - and that danny bloke, he saw me... looked after me,
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and brought me back here. and i know i shouldn't have let him but it's like i said, it had just been such a weird day and i weren't thinking straight. - well, you're here now's great. - ( phone plays tune ) look, um, i've got a few things i need to arrange, um, i'll be back for you later, ok? - can't i come with you? - no, i got things to sort out. - dad, there's things that i need to talk to you about. - i'll be back, i promise! thanks. i dread to think where she could have ended up. - it's not a problem. - just stay with her a bit longer - while i sort a few things out. - i thought i wasn't working for you no longer. this is me apologizing, danny. this is me saying "ok, i was wrong." - but if you wanna be some clever --. - look, fine. - it's fine. - just get her stuff over to the house and stick with her till i get back.
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and make sure she doesn't get into any more trouble, ok? you...looking after someone, well, that'd be a first. sheer class, my love! elegance-- suit you down to a "t"! - i don't think so! - yeah, neither do i! you got no class! - full of it today, juley? - yeah, i am! nice of you to put in an appearance. yeah, nice of you to nick me girlfriend. there was no theft involved. it was two-way traffic. you took advantage, you know that! you know the score, all's fair in love and war. - i really liked her. - plenty more rings on the bling. you knew that and you didn't care. why is this coming back to me all the time?! like i said, your missus i did not make do anything that she didn't want done. - she was vulnerable! you took advantage! - why was that? - yeah, it was my fault. - it was! and i could have put things right. but, you know what? i would have put things right. but my business partner, my best pal, he had other ideas, didn't he? but you know what they say... it's all fair in love and war, isn't it? - juley: you mug! - ( people shouting ) - leave it. - look what he's doing to him!
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- leave it. - rosie: pack it in! ( onlookers shouting ) rosie: do something, will you? leave it, leave it! that's enough, man! that's enough! all right. all right! all right! - truce, man, truce, man! - mickey? yeah, go on, i'm all right. behave, men. ( shouting ) - what's wrong with you? - what's wrong with me? ask your brother! what's he going after my bird for? - adi, you've got to think. - i can't remember. but you've got to. - what's going on? - johnny's motors have gone missing. missing? what does that mean? all i remember is i brought them all home yesterday. just after me and sash... did you lock 'em up? did you alarm them? - i think so. - what? didn't you check? i had other things on my mind, kareena. - so that's a "no" then, is it? - you mean they've been nicked?
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( laughs ) - oh, finding this funny, ronny? - think about it, man, what sort of nutter is gonna nick johnny allen's motors? - talk about a death wish. - that's the point. - yeah, but we didn't nick them. - no, we were looking after them! yeah, but... he can't blame us? oh, maybe he can. taxi! - hello there! need a ride? - what, in that thing? you can practically eat your dinner off the back seat. but why would you want to? i think i'll wait for a black cab, thanks. this is a proper cab, i'm licensed, everything. one that doesn't tout off the street? i've just dropped off one of my regulars-- i'm on my way back! look, everybody knows us round here-- we do all the local accounts. - do you know johnny allen? - yeah, i've heard of him, yeah. a pretty successful businessman and i do all of his local work... please. well, if you're good enough for mr. allen.
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kareena on radio: tariq, we need you back here now. ah, look, see i told ya! always in demand! but, like i say, the fare comes first always! listen, um, i'm tariq, by the way. i guess i'd better rock on, isn't it? - just drive, yeah? - yeah. - i didn't dob you in. - so how did my dad find me here, then? ok, maybe i did, but if i hadn't i'd have lost my job and besides... what? i was actually thinking of you too! - how did ya work that one out? - you do seem a bit, well... accident prone. i'm not accident prone. - things just happen to me sometimes, that's all! - tina: hey, hey, you! are you all right? - oi, what's that all about, then? - no idea. oi, oi, not so fast. we're here. home, sweet home. so come on.
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i'll put the kettle on and then we can have a good look round the place. danny: so what happened, your old man get the wrong day? only he seemed a little bit surprised to see you. so who's that, then? my sister. johnny does play things close to his chest. so there's another one like you, er, tucked away, then, is there? no. right, do you want tea or coffee? or is it all them lattes and espressos where you come from? did you hear me? - ruby? - ( door opens ) ( sighs )
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- let's think. - let's just run. there's no point talking like that. it was bad enough when he found out we were skimming cash off him. when johnny allen finds out we've lost his motors... we ain't lost them, they've been nicked. - we haven't got them, have we? - ash: yeah, they've been nicked... which means he can put in a claim, so it's not the same as last time. i mean, they're bound to be insured. last time he was actually losing money so he got the hump, yeah. but this, well... it's just a bit of misfortune, isn't it? come on! i mean... we can sort this out with a little bit of goodwill on both sides! - johnny allen?! - goodwill? what are you on, ash!? ash: in this situation, honesty's the best policy. so which christmas cracker did you get that one out of? - you got any better ideas? - ash. - right, i'll have a word and... well, and then... - you'll die. - mr. allen, can i have a word? - no. mr. allen, it really is important. what part of "no" didn't you understand?
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mr. allen, we've lost your motors! jim: right, go on, my son, you bang the tape on... and then we'll be under starters orders. ( clatters ) - thought you said dot was with pauline this morning. - she is. so who's that, scotch mist? - all right? only me! - oh, hello, sonia, love, thought it was do-- dorothy, er... patrick and me were just going through some... security tapes from the shop, you know? - that's right, isn't it, patrick? - oh, yeah, man. we've had an outbreak of thieving in the shop and we have a serious task ahead of us today. man: welcome to "tips of the turf, - the inside track"... - how did that get in there? don't mind me, just going through some bits. probably best not to mention this to dorothy-- it's all in a good cause, but you know how suspicious she can get. course, yeah. - what's all this? - oh, i've just been going through some old photos.
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look, here's one of you with your trumpet! wonder we didn't have the council round, serving a noise abatement order. here's one of your mom when she was a nipper. what's brought all this on, then? sonia? - what's the matter, sonia, love? - nothing. i'm just a big softy, aren't i? must get it from you. - ( footsteps ) - sonia? sonia, love! here, martin... - has anything upset sonia? - how do you mean? well, she seems a bit on edge, that's all. - nah, not really, nah. - ah, i take that as a "yes" then, do i? - are you up to anything today, jim? - well, i got... only if you're not, and don't make a big fuss about this, - but i think sonia'd appreciate the company. - what's going on here? i'd be there myself but i'm on the stall all day and i've got all these deliveries to make.
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- please, jim. - yeah, yeah. cheers. sorry, mate, i had no idea. gus, it's not your fault. - it's his flipping brother! - he's not his brother's keeper! maybe you should have spoken to gus before, then he could have spelt out a few home truths to the lowlife! i know, there's lots of things i should've done. bacon butty's up! he's proper gutted, isn't he? this was big-time for mickey. first real love and all that. the worse thing is i think it was the same for kareena, but what can you do? he says there's no point talking to her, she reckons there's no point talking to him, so it's all going to go down the pan just 'cause nobody seems able to bang their heads together. - stall him. - do what? just keep him talking. spill ketchup on his shirt, just give me one minute. it's only come out in the paper this morning, how can it be gone already?
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hang on a minute. you are having a laugh, aren't you? what do you think this is, some sort of creche or something? oh, come on, you must have something else for me, i've got to move out of me old gaff today. no, no, no, i've tried all of them. well, how much is it for a night? what?! for a b&b? yes, yes, yes, i know. all right i'll have it. billy mitchell. no, no. i know where is it. i'll be over later. did you not hear me? we're not open. so, why don't you go out and come back in - about three or four years, eh? - i'm looking for mr. allen. and who's asking exactly? - is he around? - i didn't quite get a name. - i'll come back later. - yeah, you do that. in about three or four years, yeah? - so you've lost her? - well, not exactly lost her... - where is she? - well, i dunno!
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that sound's pretty lost to me! i don't think she was impressed with the gaff! she took one look at the place and the next thing, she's vanished! - yeah, well, you better hope she reappears, and fast! - yeah! ok! - this is a wind-up, right? - this is not a wind-up. some new scam, then? i worked out the last sneaky little stunt you tried to pull and now you're trying another one!? mr. allen, will you please just listen to him? this is not a scam. - how old are you, adi? - 28. and do you want to get to 29? right now, mr. allen, to be honest, i'll have to get back to you on that one. - this is definitely a wind-up, isn't it!? - we wouldn't be so stupid. i don't know. the manic depressive there is not exactly mensa material, is he? if we were going to rip you off surely we'd have come up with something better than this? we're having difficulty believing it's happened - and we're the ones it's happened to. - oh, no, no, no. i'm the one it's happened to. they're my cars! we're being honest with you! after trying your best to shaft me over the illegal use of my cars... yeah, well, we put a stop to that as soon as we found out about it.
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mr. allen, we did not steal your cars. and we came to you as soon as we found out about it so that you can make all the necessary arrangements. and what arrangements would they be? you know, contacting the insurance company, informing the police. do i look like an office boy? hey? can you see me behind a desk filling in claims forms? now, that really would give everyone a big laugh, wouldn't it?! now you seem to have at least half a brain, so let me spell it out to you in a way that the rest of these missing links might understand. this is not about insurance. this isn't about me renewing my acquaintance with the old bill. this is about a contract! i give you my cars, you return them to me! or the equivalent value thereof! now, just tell me if i'm going too fast for you two doughnuts? ash: we can't do any of that, mr. allen. and i want all that done by tonight. one or the other-- my money or my cars by 6:00.
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all right? ( theme music playing )
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