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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  November 13, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, united healthcare, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored
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solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. the army roars into keep order as the philippines government admits it has been overwhelmed by the scope of the typhoon. harvest hits drug a record high. the poppies fueled a deadly trade the authorities simply cannot stop. >> i assure you i am not an alcoholic. i am not a drug addict. have i drunk? have i done drugs? yes, i have. >> despite the vision he -- the
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admission he bought drugs, the mayor of toronto calls himself a positive role model. welcome to our viewers. in theernment philippines has admitted it has by theerwhelmed devastation. officials say the country faces the largest logistical operation in its history. in one of the hardest hit areas people are becoming more desperate despite the arrival of military troops. >> this 13-year-old girl has just been brought in, badly injured and deeply traumatized. for six days she was trapped in theruins of her home,
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bodies of her family lying around her. has been able she to say is her name, rebecca. the doctor sets to work feeling her wounds, but he'll me has the most asic supplies. >> we have no equipment. we lack medical. we need your help. >> outside others are not waiting for help. they are helping themselves. at first glance it is hard to tell what is going on here until you realize this is a petrol station. this is diesel in the tank, and you can see what they are doing, mixing it up and filling in bottles. you need this for your car?
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motorcycle? have you run out of fuel now? looting, it is very patient and well ordered. the truth is it is the only way for people to get fuel here. these are strange days. readon the streets them and soldiers appeared. yesterday the disaster zone took on the appearance of a war zone. told me the city was about to be attacked by communist rebels. >> it's clear what is going on. now they say they have some sort down. man pinned >> we never did find out, but the army does appear to be here in force. back at the hospital, it's little consolation.
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their short of everything. short of everything. these people are waiting for consolation they cannot have. and baby has a high fever diarrhea, but even drinking water she desperately needs has been rationed. in time rebecca physical wounds will heal, but for her and so there will be live before and after the typhoon. thate heartbreak caused i -- caused by that typhoon, and eight is not being distributed to some of the more -- aid is not being distributed to some of the more remote areas. churches have been playing a critical part. >
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>> a place for prayer is now a place for sanctuary. pews where they once note to warship are the spaces they call home. the goodr is like shepherd with his flock. he never doubted this is what he should do. >> the churches is like the church before. we have to save the lives of people. >> six days on, and he has not seen any official aid here and does not aim his person as for what many have described as looting. -- does not lame his hisshioners -- blame parishioners for what many have described as looting. >> you want to live, so for me it is not a sin. >> there are more than 300
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families here, more than 2000 people. unlike some of her neighbors, her family survived the typhoon intact. they described how they clung to each other on a neighbor's roof. all around them there are families of similar stories. she said she would take me to her home. in her house for 10 years in the area more than double that. behind what iss standing. >> we felt all alone after the water came in. we were asking and asking, but it seemed no one was around to help. our childrenp with
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and house. there were no doctors around and no food. >> there is one thing that stayed the same when all around them the world is upside down. government on the iforts to get aid to people, spoke to the philippines ambassador to the united states. , and our very much commiserations for your country. heard the pastor saying he understands why some people have taken to looting, because they have so little. is that something you can sympathize with? becausen understand
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this is for their own survival, and i can sympathize with that. i understand order has been by military and the decreased the looting dramatically. has been impossible to bring in drinking water. there is quite a number of people who need antibiotics. >> it is almost a week since the typhoon, and still the people haveaying they do not basic supplies. they don't have enough clean water. they don't have enough food. why has it taken so long? first a could not bring it there because the airport had
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been damaged. they can only take a limited number of flights. them told not bring municipalities because there were bridges that collapsed, roads that were impossible. most of the roads are now passable. >> what about helicopters? >> there is a limited number of helicopters. they were trying to land, but because of the whether they were trying to turn back. >> we have seen video of american airplanes tying to land to take people out. >> they wanted to land the
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aircraft that was bringing in relief goods. it brought out some u.s. citizens. this is a limited number of flights. somewere able to bring in and not enough to feed everyone. >> thank you for coming. clearly the infrastructure has a terribleated. situation for people in the philippines. afghanistan's drug harvest surged to a record high. the drug control agency says production of opium poppies shot up compared with 2012, making it more than the combined out but in the rest of the world. our afghan correspondent has ofe on the human impact these numbers.
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>> flowers picked in afghanistan where most of the opium poppies are grown, but these are not opium poppies. they are the only crop that brings a higher price. saffron. the fragile flowers are carefully weighed and act apart theeveal a red cord to give taste and color of a spice that is literally worth its weight in gold. farmer used to grow opium poppies, and now the government is sponsoring saffron growing, and desperate attempt to reduce poppy growing. nothing else has worked, and signs of the failure to stop poppies are everywhere. afghanistan has more than a million addicts living on the margins of society.
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some drugs.o see in a storeroom we found losing sex of opm and in its refined form, heroine. opium and in its refined form, heroine. a record harvest in the year they leave is a mark of failure. border to the iranian with police trying to stop the flood of drugs out of the country. search of somem trucks, but most are not searched at all. the deputy said he thought up to every day -- every day up to 10 trucks get through.
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he said they were tirelessly, as the drugs are often built into the vehicles, and they can't take apart every truck. i minivan arrived to give space to a coffin collected at the border. one place close to the border is called windows village since so many young men have been killed carrying go into iran drugs. they say only women and small , captured andeft hanged as smugglers. this scars afghanistan and the world outside. devastation of opium. the united states has estimated
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the islamist military groups as foreign terrorist organizations. the white house said the groups are responsible for attacks on the churches and mosques which have led to the deaths of thousands of people. u.s. agencies have been instructed to block is this transactions. now to the continued problems of president obama's health-care overhaul. this afternoon numbers were released for enrollment in the first month, and the numbers were disappointing. just over 106,000 people have signed up, and only 27,000 managed to do so on that website. fewoke with mark just a months ago. how bad is it? but i think it is pretty bad. they were expecting half a million people to sign on.
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he says it is showing things are going to get that her, and all of that may be true, but this comes after an appalling launch of the website. i think much worse than that, it's not just the enemies of obama turning on this. friends.his >> how damaging is this politically? >> it could be everything about is legacy. if it goes down it will be a terrible black mark against him. we know that because though clinton is running away from it. he believes it, but he also must think, i want to give hillary some distance.
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>> or a conspiracy. still to come, it was the fight which forever changed the sport of toxic. tonight we look back at the tragic outcome. by francisa painting bacon set a world record for the most expensive art work ever sold at auction. thanainting fetched more 142 million euros. triptych of 1969. >> the presale estimate was around $40 million, up at after 40 minutes of frantic bidding, it had reached 10 times that.
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with the additional fees, the total was more than 142 million dollars. >> the previous record was just so this isillion, quite extraordinary. it may be many years. >> the three studies of lucien freud were only brought together in the 1980's. part of the value lies in the fact it is the study of one iconic artist by another. he is regarded as one of the most important artist in a half century. >> he moves it by cutting the head in half and showing it going across the panel, showing ,he feet moving and the hands and in each individual panel you see that movement.
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>> the sale made more than any other auction. they can regarded this as one of his favorite works, and it may be some time before it is seen again. >> just when you thought the story of the toronto mayor couldn't get any more surreal, ford admitted to buying illegal drugs. this comes after an earlier admission that he smoked crack cocaine while in a drunken stupor. he still thinks he is a positive role model and has no plans to step down. a warning there is flash photography. >> for the mayor the problems are mounting.
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the city council heard a new ad- ish and. >> have you purchased illegal ?rugs in the last two years >> a question which prompted the mayor to think long and hard about his reply. photographed outside a notorious crack house he spent many months denying he used illicit substances until he changed his tune. barely had he finished apologizing when a video emerged of him threatening to kill someone. behavior the mayor blames on his heavy drinking. >> do you think you have an addiction problem with alcohol? >> absolutely not.
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>> do you think you have an addiction problem with substance abuse? .> absolutely not >> mr. ford took time earlier this week to sign a limited edition bobble head doll made in his likeness. such a hit the mayor is now thinking of joining the growing market for t-shirts aced on his indiscretions. -- based on his indiscretions. >> i hope he is gone soon. suggest theolls majority of toronto voters now believe the time has come for him to step down. colleaguesr of his is that they will see more embarrassing revelations to come. >> i don't know what is what. largepite the unusually
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skillet in population, he thinks there is not enough room in his to reside. >> unbelievable. now a fight took place 31 years ago tonight. he was defending his title against south korea. he ended up winning the fight, but his opponents suffered injuries. mancini explains in his own words what happened that night. >> i felt our strengths would overcome and my ability would be able to defeat him. him screaming,
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taking on the low -- banging on the lockers. you try to stay strong. sports officials call it positive. i always thought it was dreaming. i said, it is on. fights you have no idea. i ran across the ring, and i noticed he was still slow. on the chin and dropped him. when you see a guy go down you feel like a shark smelling blood. he staggered back, and the was onestopped it. it
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of the greatest moments of my career. i never knew he got carried off by a stretcher until i saw it on tv. immediately after the fight we were in my hotel room, and i was laying on my bed, and my mother was weeping over me. i said, why are you crying? my trainer came up and said, it don't look good. he said, you had better prepare yourself for the worst. this.elpless after i said, you are going to be ok. we drove to the hospital. they told me he was bleeding in the brain. eventually he would pass. he died five days after the
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fight. i was heartbroken. i was sad, and i was depressed. i fought for righteous reasons, but after that fight there was nothing righteous about it. boxing changed forever. the sunsetted for a long time he had animosity. i felt it was important for his fiancée because she was the one who had to spend the rest of her life with this man. the sun finally wanted me to have peace. we spent that time together. that is something i will always cherish. his story.tells
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you can find updates on our website. thanks for watching. we will see you tomorrow. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, union bank, and united healthcare. >> my customers can shop around, see who does good work and compare costs. it can also work that way with health care. with united healthcare, i get information on quality ratings of doctors, treatment options, and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me and my guys make informed decisions. i don't like guesses with my business and definitely not with
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our health. >> that's health in numbers. united healthcare. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" wass
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