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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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newschannel 5 at six starts in two minutes. newschannel 5 at six brought to you by mr. hero. get a roman burger 7-inch deal for 5.75. live, always investigating, always on your side, newschannel 5 starts now. all new at six. an exclusive 5 on your side investigation in the work on a massive shore way project in cleveland. that's right. newschannel 5 has uncovered information that o dot is spending millions more on improvements than thought. the work to extend west 73rd how over budget are we talking. >> this project, the west 7 third street extension that connects it to edge water park will cost 20% more than initial estimates and you all are paying for it. >> we are kind of like a cleveland commercial.
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back in the city and buying up the brand new lake front homes. >> we love it. we love the people. we love the neighborhood. we love the access to the beach and the restaurants up here. it is the reason we moved here. >> and the west 7 third street extension makes it easier to enjoy the lake front. but according to o dot data, the project is costing taxpayers $25 million. 20% more than initial estimates and that number could grow. back in 2013 an initial bid from hinckley great lake's construction put the price tag close to 21 million. i learned the contract has been changed before and odot says because of soil conditions and many scheduled adjustments so i went to district 12 headquarters to find out more. amanda mcfarland declined to
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says that we always anticipate the possibility of unexpected situations. she also claims the project's high cost is unusual for o dot. back near west 7 third street brant says that purring more new construction it is worth the costs. >> stuff happens. there is things that happens that you didn't bargain for and you have to -- it is the price of doing business. and back here certainly is a beautiful project but no clear expectation from odot as to where the extra $4 million will come from. i will keep asking. live in cleveland. derick waller. akron police are trying to figure out why this woman got into a fight with her husband and got out of the car and walked across several lanes of traffic. are and kill. >> tonya johnson was hit last
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and pulled over and she got out of the car and jumped over a concrete barrier into oncoming traffic. the family is trying to comprehend how it happened and she don't believe she was suicidal. we were holding hands and i was looking to the left and she opened the door and got out of the car and just start walking. i have no clue, no idea. she wasn't mad or crying. >> johnson, a mother of three children was a firefighter with the canton fire department for 18 years. and right now an akron family desperately searching for la-ron harris. drove his car in a river. he was driving a woman home after a night out before the car ended up in the water. they made it out of the car but harris is nowhere to be found. two local brothers wrongfully in prison for a receiving money.
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about 2 million. in addition to the combined 1.6 million that they got from the state in april. bridgeman spent four decades behind bars and his brother locked up for 27 years. a cleveland judge dropped the charges when a key witness in the case recaptained his story. to the power of five, chief meteorologist mark johnson watching a storm to cause problems. winter storm going our way. if you are going out. a dry evening. dry weather on the power of five. bruce springstein. no travel problems getting there and back. chilly, downtown. look at this. inland currently 50. and lower 50s for dover new philly and clouds increasing and here comes the winter storm. but the good news for the evening anyway is the rain is still been eight hours away. here it is approaching, approaching.
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hour and beyond. this evening here you go. 37 for cleveland. by 6:00 p.m., 50 and 42 at ten and in the upper 30s for the canton area. tracking what could be a lot of heavy rain and even some moderate to heavy snow. all with this one winter storm headed towards northern ohio. this just in. school officials at gurney elementary in chagrin will continue use of bottled water until march. the school got clearance to use the water from the tap but will use the bottled water until the next school board meeting. to democracy 2016 much of the talk about the presidential race but three weeks out from the march primary, the democrat race for a cuyahoga prosecutor is heating up. it is a race that puts incumbent tim mcginty with former cleveland councilman
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this comes at a critical time with early voting. o'malley a former councilman and safety director and mcginty the former prosecutor talked about the tamir rice case and other investigations. >> let me know that mr. o'mally is dodging the questions to the newspapers and everyone else, what would he have done in the tamir rice case, would he indicted or not. would he have recommended or taken it to a grand jury? they never took it to a grand jury when he was in charge, first assistant prosecutor. and he has not answered the question whether he would have charged. i don't have all of the facts and information that mr. mcginty has but i can tell you that i would have fairly and impartially pursuant to the laws of criminal procedure
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jury and not tainted the evidence or releasing confidential information to the media. >> no republican running so the race comes down to the democratic primary. john kosic, newschannel 5. it has been a week since early voting began for the primary and 10,000 voters have cast their ballots. this just in. democratic president candidate bernie sanders will be in barea. scheduled to hold a rally at baldwin wallace university. tonight the republican caucuses get under way at 8:00 our time and the four remaining challengers are hoping to stop donald trump's win streak. after taking first in new hampshire and south carolina,
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caucuses and here is where they stand according to fox news. donald trump has 67, lech for ted cruz and ten for marco rubio and ben carson 3. donald trump spoke to the state capital and moved to north of atlanta. right now he is at another town hall and when asked when he is not in nevada. kaisch is focused on states that hold primaries. this year there will be plans in marietta in washington county on april the 7th. this is the 5th year the governor is taking his address out of the state capital of columbus and on the road. the speech is much later because march is a big month
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newschannel 5 investigating and today v.a. secretary bob mcdonald faced tough questions on capitol hill on the cincinnati v.a. happening on the nation's capital in a four month investigation by the script washington bureau and wcpo detailing veterans at risk and ethical misconduct involving v.a. leadership. mark greenblack has the late evidence. >> nepotism and mismanagement. senators told v.a. concerned about the widespread problems at the cincinnati v.a. investigation which prompted the v.a. to look closer itself. medical inspection to cincinnati. we do have a preliminary report from them. >> the secretary did not share
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that spoke out are safe. >> anybody that retaliates a whistleblower will be held accountable. dr. barbara tamack acting chief of staff, saying she cut services that veterans depend on like bill that needed back surgery but the v.a. says -- >> we don't have a neurosurgeon at the hospital anymore. >> ohio senator sherrod brown announced a new commitment. >> i am hope that we will visit cincinnati soon. >> we followed up about the v.a.'s allegations. >> we take them seriously and we are digging into them. >> deputy secretary gibson said that after a few days on the ground. investigators saw something which led them to for you to
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>> what is it? >> it is not appropriate for me to say now. for more on the investigation go to our web site. a popular eatery forced to shut its doors temporarily. and given drug laced food. if you have information to
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email us at elk and elk. serious lawyers for serious injuries. call 1-800-elk-ohio. all new at six. the future is on the line for a popular diner in the border of cleveland and lake wood. the opener open -- owner was told to clear out. >> he closes the door next week. >> and why the dinero clifton is being forced to move. >> here at the corner of west 117th and clifton.
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awnings has been a fixture for years. at lunchtime most days the dinero clifton is packed. >> i eat here twice a week and i'm from clifton. >> burgers and burritos. >> the food and great and the staff is too. >> and the rush for the owner to move to a new location is not there. >> i feel like i am being pushed out a lot sooner than i might have considering i have known the family forever. i was hoping they would give me more time. >> harry opened for business 30 years ago and next week the landlord wants him out. >> we are not planning on leaving that day. we are going to see how it goes. >> harry says he has been without a lease for years. construction on the building will force the restaurant to
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>> it is a difficult situation. >> the landlord says they are renovating the building and no choice but for the restaurant to close. >> we have been talking in the summer since the renovation so there is no surprise. >> the owner says he is in the process of buy this building and reopening the restaurant but tells me that likely won't happen until july putting his employees out of work at least temporarily. in cleveland, tracy carloss, newschannel 5. and tonight information involving four students from lake erie prep taken to the hospital after eating tainted food. lee jordan live in the newsroom. >> we have learned that of the four students sickened three were back in the classroom this morning. according to the school all four of the students are doing well. they were all taken to the hospital after cleveland police say they ate drug laced food and became sick. not clear what was in the food
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out has been suspended until investigation. well it is a police matter. so the police will be responsible for taking care of any additional things that need to be taken care of and what we have done in the school is followed procedures to make sure that everyone is safe. and the school says they are going to implement some programs to educate students on incident. well forget the horseshoe casino, it will now be called jack cleveland casino as of may. the name change comes with the separation from caesars and thistle down will be changed. as for the key holders there will be a seemless transition as you head on down to the
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>> yes. >> yes. >> a seemless transition. >> don't let anything stop us. >> calm before the winter storm now. it is not going to be a major blast of monster snows for most of us but it will be a combination of rain and sleet and snow and wind. you might hear some thunder. >> some thunder dunder. >> quiet for the most part and breezy along the shoreline. but dry weather on the power of five. your evening is dry. whatever you want to do, you got 8 hours before the rain arrives. chilly on the lake shore. 35 euclid and mid-30s for north
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30s. but inland in the lower 30s. no lake breeze effect. not too shabby for canton. akron at 50. look at the contrast, 16-degree difference. it is like early april in northern ohio. winds out of the northeast at 17 miles per hour. again that lake breeze kicking in. coming into the northern most counties of ohio. today, 41 the high. average is 39. close to average. 27 the low. we should be at 25. this was a pretty close to average kind of a february day. snowfall still at 20.6. number two. least snowiest cleveland ever so far. here is the low pressure really getting going moving out of dallas. this has got a lot going with it. tornadoes in the deep south. heavy rain in the tennessee and lower ohio valley including northern ohio and heavy snow on the northwest side. looks line the heaviest snows will just miss northern ohio.
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the low moving up through the state and again if you want heavy snow you need to track this low to go here in to west virginia up towards pittsburgh, an ohio river track, not an ohio 71 track. that's the scenario. a 71 tracker further west. we will get wrap around snow. rain. arriving just in time for the morning rush. it is going to be a wet and slick morning commute. morning. look at this. we get a lot of rain, over an inch of rain and wrap around snow for thursday, mid-morning through thursday evening. generally one to three inches and a couple of spots, could get more if the track shifts further east. we will add more. stay tuned. 38 tonight and dry and rain moving in after midnight two or three in the morning. 48 tomorrow, rain heavy at times and windy and a murky day.
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akron and canton. rain coming in after midnight. let's do 51. rain heavy and the snow arrives thursday. one to three, maybe four inches in a few spots. 38 and a little morning flurry on friday. a dry milder weather weekend. sounds good. andy, you don't have to worry about the rain or the snow. >> trying to get here before the rain gets here. at least that's what mark says. that's an early morning. i will try to get out before. talking about spring training and we will talk about one guy that will be key and the live coverage on thursday. but the other big story of the day no doubt, the bedbugs and how do they affect the cavaliers. that
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makes me itch the caps lost against detroit. what happens to kyrie irving. he says he didn't sleep because there was bedbugs in his hotel in oklahoma city. >> our team did not play the best because of the bedbugs from the hilton we stayed at. i got it from the top of my head.
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to the bed and i was freaked out and i was nauseous and it was bs. >> urge what a way to get knocked out of the game because of bedbugs. we have coverage from good year. one of the things that hurt the indians was missing the catcher and we will hear from him and how he is waiting to play a full season. tuesday and time to meet one of cleveland's finest athletes. they have lofty goals in the pool at saint mary's in sandusky. this swimmer helped to win the first conference meet. jimmy kate. >> that's right. he is one of the leaders that helped us to achieve that goal. >> he is also on the baseball team and amazing athlete but also amazing student and member of the community.
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member of the national honor society and academic challenge and nominated to the united states naval academy with 4.5gpa and he is on track to being a nuclear engineer. >> i am broadning my science and keeping up my grades in calculus and algebra so i am
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force. mult tornadoes reported already. the devastating damage. we're on the scene. about to power right up the east coast, 45 million in the path. also breaking, the new surveillance images of the alleged uber gunman. where he was in the hours before the rampage. the race for the white house, and tonight, the showdown in nevada. donald trump lashing out at ted cruz. and what trump said when asked why he's not taking on marco rube roe. breaking news on the zika outbreak, right here in the u.s. tonight. authorities now confirming more than a dozen new cases of the disease sexually transmitted. late details coming in now. and the reporter on the field, the "dancing with the


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