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tv   Live on 5  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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step in the road to the white house today. super tuesday. and the candidates are making their final pitches as people in 12 states head to the polls with hundreds of delegates for both parties. we have super tuesday team coverage with crews at home and across the nation tracking where our governor is and what happens to his campaign if he doesn't win delegates today. >> and we have a look ahead to the fall election with new details from just released ballot initiatives to bring medical marijuana to our state. but we are kicking things off with the action happening right now, super tuesday and our marcy gonzalez is live in texas, one of the states with the most delegates up for grabs. marcy. >> reporter: the most delegates are up for grabs in texas where there are long lines at the polls and a lot riding on what happens today. on the biggest day of voting until the general election.
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tuesday push from the candidates. >> we are so excited about tonight and the choice and the message that you are going to send to america. >> reporter: with 12 states voting today and 1610 delegates at stake marco rubio and ted cruz are focused on stopping lead. cruz voting today in texas, bring him a much-needed win. >> there is no doubt that any candidate that can't win his home state has real problems. >> reporter: while donald trump went into the polling well ahead nationally among republicans, a new poll out today shows hillary clinton stands to easily beat donald trump if they face off in november. >> i haven't started on hillary yet. she can make america great. >> reporter: clinton hoping on a win. >> bernie sanders in vermont. >> bernie sanders got one vote working on my wife.
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today's outcome he says he is not backing down. and the candidates are already looking ahead to another big voting day two weeks before clinton and rubio will be there campaigning and waiting for all of the super tuesday results. live in austin, texas. marcy gonzalez, abc news. thank you, marcy and with polls predicting donald trump could clench the republican nomination. parties are opening up with the unstoppable campaign. the senator nebraska because of his dividing americans and john cornin said he would be an albatross around the down races and paul ryan broke his silence disavow support from the leader
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>> this party does not prey on people's prejudices. we appeal to their highest ideals. this is the party of lincoln. we believe that all people are created equal in the eyes of god and our government. this is fundamental. and if someone wants to be our nominee, they must understand this. >> donald trump did disavow the kkk leader on social media. we have to let you know >> another winter storm impacting our area. a wintery mix over lake erie and northern ohio all about the rain and nasty travel, you notice the yellows and oranges where we have moderate rainfall moving in, wrong time because everyone wants to get where they need to go coming home from work or school. but it is a surge of warm air out ahead of the lows in western ohio. temperatures.
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in akron and canton. we dropped in cleveland to 46. we had 51 degrees last hour. further west you go, the colder you are and we will see temperatures falling back quickly as we head through the evening hours. your hour by hour notice by 9 p.m. at 39 and still light rain here. scattered rain showers but the snow arriving in lorain county. erie and huron and spreading eastward. in the meantime, there it is, rainy if wet, we got our own john rudder in storm tracker five on the west side. john. >> reporter: if you have been trying to move west trying to get in the heavier bands of rain further west and we have gotten there. have a look where the blue circle right in the middle of the yellow on your screen there near sandusky, south sandusky and huron. have a look outside. the rain picking up, you can see the wipers going and you can hear the rain slamming off
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want to use caution when you are out here driving in these conditions. roads saturated with water can be a danger for hydroplaning. if you are traveling and don't see tracks that could be a sign that they are hydroplaning and you may. so be slow and steady. visibility an issue out here because this rain is falling at such a rate and the moisture on the roadway is getting kicked off where you are encountering larger patches of traffic and vehicles are passing you on either side. soggy out here so use caution when you are on the roads. back to you. back to super tuesday team coverage. john kaisch is two super tuesday states and john kosic has been following the governor and he plans to stay in the fight. >> and he remains in michigan where he is campaigning over
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two weeks from today. he spent the morning in alexandria virginia where newt gingrich stopped by. and talked about the republicans that ran outsiders and promises that they could not keep that infuriated those that elected them. voters are looking for more outsiders and kaisch tackled on how to tackle donald trump. >> you won't beat donald trump by insulting him because all you do is enrage his supporters and make them even more firmly committed because of personal insulting attacks. that is not how you win. you know how you win? you win by being patient, being calm and waiting for that moment. waiting for that moment and i hope that it comes. >> and those last few words the most telling because of the political experts barring any surprises. tonight, see the best hope for stopping a donald trump
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even that is a stretch. live in the newsroom, john kosic, newschannel 5. to the general election now, details to bring medical marijuana to our state have been released. the 2016 ballot proposal was posted this morning. we wanted to know. under the proposal who is a allowed to use medical pot. megan hickey has the answers. tell us what you know. >> reporter: the proposals gives a long list of debilitating medical conditions that would qualify for a license where patients could get it from the store or grow it at home. cancer, debilitating pain, hiv and epilepsy, a fraction of the conditions that could qualify patients for using medical pot. >> it is kind of like you need a driver's license or a passport to get into a bar to get alcohol. it makes it easy for the police
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>> the director of the marijuana project, the nbp drafted the initiative that included 5 medical marijuana businesses and allows a designated caregiver to grow it at home for a fee of $40 and it could be reduced for low income patients. well many patients say the announcement is a blessing, dr. christina reyes told me smokeable medicine is not the healthiest treatment for many conditions on the list. >> for me it flies in the sense of common sense. >> reporter: and it could be a slippery slope if other conditions are approved as the proposals suggests. >> any doctor to write you the license if approved by this division, we could get any diagnosis on the list so i think there is a lot of danger in that. >> reporter: the line between medical and recreational use will be hard to distinguish. >> you have no way of knowing whether they are using it for recreational use.
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will be sent to the ohio attorney general's office. the ohio ballot board will have to approve before signatures are collected. if you want to stay updated on this we have it for you. check it out, the news net 5 app, you click on that and it is user friendly sometimes and while you are there check out the super tuesday coverage. we lay out how all of the delegates are up for grabs with texas 155 for the gop and we will have the voting information throughout the course of the night. and just so you know, the polls close at 7. lee. a teenager in shackles faces a judge standing accused of opening fire on his fellow classmates inside a school cafeteria. the new details emerging from the investigation today. next on 5. plus, only on 5, a heroin epidemic have claims hundreds of lives in ohio and there is a
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saving lives. a high stakes battle between privacy and security reaches the hall of congress. what the f.b.i. director had to say about forcing apple to unlock a terrorist's iphone. >> the senate got to meet about the vacancy in the supreme
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nominee for the job. i want you to check it out right here. the international space station. kelly just closed the door on a year-long mission. it is the been a half hour since the hatch closed. as kelly hitches a ride home with a russian cosmonaut. we will have a lot more on their mission and highly anticipated homecoming. right now we have developments out of southwest ohio the teenager accused in monday's shooting in a high school went before the judge. >> the 14-year-old boy is charged with multiple felony charges including two counts of
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flanagan is in the newsroom with the latest. >> the hearing lasted a few seconds. the boy's attorney instead a denial of charges, the juvenile equivalent of a not guilty plea. this is video entering the courtroom this morning and we have learned in the past few hours, that the boy apparently was carrying a handgun all morning before he jumped up in the cafeteria and opened fire. madison junior high school. four students non-life- threatening injuries. the butler county sheriff believes he obtained the gun from a family member. today all schools in that district were closed. >> at this point our plan is to return to school tomorrow. we believe that getting kids back into school as quickly as best for them. >> and in about 45 minutes or so, the schools will be open for students to walk the they so wish. investigators say they do have an idea of the motive for the
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not releasing it. the boy will return to court on april 5th. frank. a wrongful death lawsuit filed in the chardon school shooting is moving forward. the families of three students killed and the student paralyzed filed the lawsuit contending that it could have been prevented. osama bin laden had a secret fortune to fund his campaign. indicating that he left $29 million to his relatives but wanted most of it to go to al qaeda. the document is more than 100 seized five years ago in the raid that killed a terrorist at his compound in pakistan. in the meantime president obama confronted republicans senate leaders about naming a
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they met in the oval office. mitch mcconnell maintained that the senate will not consider any nominee that president obama makes. harry reed says this has never happened before. >> they won't hold hearings and we will continue to beat the drums. all we want them to do is fulfill their constitutional duty to the job. the white house says president obama has not yet finalized the list to replace the justice. a legal fight between apple and the justice department over a lost iphone. the case pitting the tech giant against the f.b.i. taking center stage in washington. f.b.i. director james comey appearing before the panel on electronic devices. the f.b.i. insisting that they are not asking apple to create a magic
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iphone be long to go to san bernardino shooter for clues. >> there are no demons, the company is not evil. they all care about the same thing in my view, the companies care about public safety, the f.b.i. cares about innovation and privacy. we devote our lives to stop people from stealing our innovations to breaking into devices. >> apple is refusing to break into the iphone of syed farook saying it would create it vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals. apple has asked the court to have this case thrown out saying that one phone compromises the security of millions of others. well, things went down hill quickly today. >> yes, they did. the rain is here but it could be worse because we are 100 miles too far south for the heavy snow. you want to know where it is? let's show it to you.
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area here on video. there it is coming down. accidents, they are going to get a good half a foot, maybe more just to the north of detroit and again that is 100 miles to our north. in the global realm of things. that's the width of a hair on your head so when the low decides to go north, then we miss out on this which i'm okay with. we are going to get a little of that and it should not am to what they are going to get in detroit and further north into lower michigan. let's show you john rudder that is live. this is the warm side of the show in nor walk and he has been following the heavier bands of rain and now, look at the roadways and the visibility hydroplaning and puddling of the water. it is wet, it is going to cool down very quickly and as we do cool down overnight tonight, any water on the roadways could easily freeze up quickly in a flash freeze which is what i'm
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more on that coming up. let's go to our power of 5 live doppler radar. this is all rain across northern ohio moving northeast. here is some of the moderate rain that john rudder in storm tracker 5 have been driving through. lorain over towards avon. avon lake into rocky river and bay village. we will slide into cleveland. steady rainfall and into the canton area. cold air wraps in around the cold system and rain between now and 7 and 8:00 and 7 and 11 rain to snow from west to east. by 11:00 p.m. if you are staying out late, it the area. here is the way the storm looks right now. the area of low pressure is right about here. so we are on the warm side as we get moisture coming up from the south. the actual stationary front is along the lake erie shoreline. warm air here, 50s and 60s today.
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6 to 8-inches of snowfall there. here is the low. it will move this way and cross over the northern most counties of the state and once it does, rapidly cooling down. look at this, look at the temperatures, 24 in chicago. we will we will see lows like that by tomorrow morning and cincinnati down in the 40s. this is a rapid shift from warm to cold. as far as the snow goes, not a major winter storm. a trace to two inches expected by noon tomorrow. still could be a messy morning commute with the water freezing up underneath on the road surfaces and you get snow on top. be aware tomorrow morning's rush could be a little bit slow. rain, rain, rain. whoops, changing over to snow as temperatures fall back in
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down by 11:00, a lot of us will be in the lower 30s, all right? really freezing then. 25 degrees tonight. rain to snow, a trace to two, it will be blustery all night long. quite windy. tomorrow, 27. that's it. that's more winter like, isn't it? on the second day of spring, what the heck is this? breezy and colder. a little morning lake-effect snow especially cleveland and east. intermittent and i don't expect a lot of accumulation, 26 for akron. it is rain changing over to some light snows. less than a half-inch. tomorrow scattered light snow and drying out and a high of 29. i got better news for next week, should i give it to you now, lee and frank? >> yes. >> let's have it. >> let's wet. wait until you see the seven- day forecast. >> he is not going to tell us. all new at five. after our exclusive investigation revealed where ohio falls short helping firefighters battling cancer,
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the first responders are getting a lesson in prevention. all new at six, privacy versus security in a legal battle apple versus the f.b.i. one local city is taking on tumbler to find out who is
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of nude underage girls. today's news brought to you by levin furniture and mattress stores. akron police are now offering a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a woman wanted in a violent hammer attack. this is a sketch of the suspect. police released it today. described as heavyset black woman in her 40s. her hair breaded and has purple highlights. akron police say that she attacked a woman with a hammer and stole that victim's purse. it happened outside the victim's dodge avenue home back in december. anyone with information is asked to call akron police.
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arrangements scheduled for a pastor gunned down at church. services for william reverend schooler will be held in dayton. facing murder charges in connection with his brother's death. the motive is not yet known but court records show that daniel schooler had sued the pastor over inheritance dispute that was five years ago. daniel has a history of violence and once shot his nephew in the arm. the couples that had a bear removed from their property is also under investigation for how they treat dozens of dogs. the new investigation and their response next. will ohio be ready. mosquito season before you know
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be coming up with a zika plan. national carpet mill super
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super tuesday and voters are choosing candidates they want to represent their parties in november's presidential election. headed to the races. donald trump and hillary clinton expected to dominate. hundreds of delegates are at stake. the first polls close at 7. we will check that news net 5 app for all of the results. governor kaisch spent super tuesday in virginia and mississippi. not expected to fare well in the contest but kaisch believes he is the man to take on donald trump and defeat the democrats in a general election. kaisch has vowed to stay in the race at least until after ohio's primary in two weeks. and this fall, voters in our state will have their say in allowing medical marijuana. today the exact wording of the ballot initiative was revealed and allowing patients to buy marijuana from a store or grow it. several conditions covered debilitating pain and epilepsy.
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the wet weather moving in. mark is tracking the rain. when is it going to turn to snow? >> it is a complicated weather maker here. the low is near toledo. it will slide directly east here by midnight. behind it, we have wrap around cold air and snow. but in the meantime, the short- term, the next few hours it is all about rain. the heart of the rain right next over our viewing area. cleveland, wooster and canton, notice the mild temperatures. the surge of warmth ahead of the low right here. all the way up to the lake shore. mid-40s cleveland and 57 akron and 56 canton. dover new philly at 61. that is going to change. we are going to chill down. look at this, 50s with rain at six. 40s at 8:00. 30s for everybody. quickly cooling down below freezing for cleveland and canton as we head through the evening hours.
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snow after about 8 or 9:00. we will give you snowfall expectations for tomorrow morning. all when we come back. we got john rudder in storm tracker 5 on the west side. take it away. a slop fest out there. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. really raining and seeing moderate rain. as we move west, we saw that rain pick up and that is dissipated and heading back east. to give you an idea of where we are at and what we are dealing with. that blue circle on the screen. check it out. intermittent bands of rain we are dealing with and there is the big clump of rain that we are dealing with. the wipers are not working quite as hard as at the top of the 5:00 hour but seeing wet roadways and you will want to use caution and potential for hydroplaning out here.
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progresses and back inside to a dry studio. all right. be safe. new questions are surfacing about animals on a stark county property. one day after a one thousand pound black bear was tranquilized. bob jones has been digging into concerns and got reactions from the owners. behind this fence there are dozens of dogs. the couple that lives here breeds the dogs and own a pet shop and facing restrictions as part of ongoing investigation as to the department of agricultural. the same agency that converged on the property to siege a black bear named ben. investigators say he was taken because jeff and susan fitzgerald because he failed to make safety upgrades. >> i will do everything in my power no matter what it costs to get my bear back.
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state is monitoring all of the dogs. jeff estimates that they have 80 of them. the fitzgeralds had a high breeding license for dogs but revoked in january. that means they can breed more than 9 dogs or sell more than 60 puppies. investigators cited them for not maintaining vet records and neutering dogs without a vet license. she has been on the license for a long time. >> dr. melanie buterro had a complaint against susan. examined a new terred puppy and challenged her. >> it is not legal for her to perform that surgery. >> jeff says his wife stopped new terring dogs and angry about the posts suggesting that he runs a puppy mill. his cages are clean and the dogs healthy. >> do you run a puppy mill? >> no, far from that. my animals are cared for.
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>> state agents say it would be up to the humane society to take the dogs if conditions were inhumane, something that the dog warden did not see during an inspection. the dogs at that time and the surroundings were clean. all new at five. brand new details about an exclusive 5 our side investigation. we have been telling you flames are far from the danger that firefighters face. in fact they are at an increased risk for cancer. sarah buduson has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: lee our investigation uncovered the connection between cancer and fighting fires. at this seminar today, area firefighters learned how to reduce their risk of getting a deadly disease on the job. the class was led by steve westca. a former firefighter that battled and beat cancer, not once but twice. >> the second time that i had
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pneumonia and it happened to be also the week of my wedding. i was told sunday before i was getting married congratulations. you got cancer again. we have always been telling you how ohio fails to protect firefighters with cancer. we found it is one of 16 states without a law that recognizes the link. since our story aired last month an ohio senate committee has held a hearing on the law. two local mayors have voiced their support. our side i'm investigator sarah buduson, newschannel 5. thank you, sarah. ohio officials arepre for the zika virus ahead of the mosquito season that begins in may. there were leaders that met to talk about the outbreak. the zika virus is transmitted through the bite of infected mosquito.
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reported right here in ohio. a surprise consequence of the heroin epidemic and how it is actually saving lives. an uneventful year in space and only a few hours before scott kelly returns home.
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lottery numbers. it's world of weather time. what is happening in your world and before the rain arrived. we had a beautiful sunrise coming in from ted. tarma this morning and pink as flamingos love this coming in autumn mcconnell. edge water, the iconic willow tree and the ice coming up to the shoreline and the break wall. excellent job there. finally dave says the beginning of the meteorological spring you say? the squirrels are interested and they can come out of their
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their nest if you will. mark johnson on facebook.
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we will be right back. only on 5. a surprising consequence of the heroin epidemic sweeping our area. >> life saving organ donations on the recall.
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how others are helping others in the wake of tragedy. >> putting the epidemics into perspective. 49 people died from heroin overdoses died from the drug fentanyl and many families are trying to cope by saving lives. >> adam was amazing young man. he was a football player and a former boy scout. >> marlene shay says her son was an athlete and had an injury and started to take pain pills and then got hooked on heroin. he died from an overdose and he was 21 years old. >> when adam got his new license at 21, he made the decision to be an organ donor and we thought that is
5:46 pm
who knew six months later we would be honoring that decision. adam's family donated his kidneys and pancreas saving the lives of two women. >> extremely generous sowl. >> life bank handles donations in northeast ohio. >> our overdoses have increased by 50% in two years. >> the life bank hospital clinical officer told me there is a major shift in the cause of death in donor candidates and it is connected to the heroin crisis. >> in 2013 deadly overdoses resulted in 19 donor candidates and 25 in 2014 and that number heroin. >> the organs are viable. we do many tests with each of our donors and just because someone passes away through an overdose and drug usage, it doesn't necessarily rule them out for organ donation. leave no doubt, life bank and this mom would love to see
5:47 pm
>> it is a horrible tragedy but this is something that can allow them something beautiful to come out of a devastating thing. >> he gave the gift of life. he really did. adam's mom does speaking engagements talking about the importance of organ donation. one donor can save up to 8 lives and help up to 50 people. first responders have a valuable tool in the fight against heroin overdoses. we learned good news about the drug. a rebate from the companies that make narcan will extend to next year. that means fewer of your tax dollars may go towards paying for it. in 2012 more than 10500 doses were administered. >> a bill to prevent states from modifying labels has
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there was a 14-6 vote for the measure. vermont is required to require labels this summer and other states considering the law. it would block the laws and create new voluntary labels for companies that want to use them. >> mark gave us a teaser. >> you want warm weather. >> yes, we do. >> next week is looking good. this may be the warmest air of the year coming our way. next week. >> next week. got to wait. >> got to wait. in the meantime we got a big cool-down coming in overnight tonight and tomorrow. 20s yikes. cleveland downtown, it is wet. big showers. north of us 100 miles it is heavy snow over a half a foot will fall and michigan and ontario and here in northern ohio on the warm side of this thing. we got generally 40s, clouds and scattered rain moving through right now. here it is.
5:49 pm
and here is the rain showers and here is the snow beginning to wrap into fort wayne and toledo. coming our way. if you are driving anywhere anywhere across northern ohio in the next three to four hours it will be rain. akron and canton, the i-77 corridor and the i-76 corridor and route 71, it is soggy and soaked. but notice the cold arctic air beginning to spill in. 31 in toledo. they have dropped, 40s here marble head to sandusky. knocking on the door is the cold air and lit stream quickly. you will get a good ten degree drop within about 20 to 30 minutes. once the cold air moves in. here is the warm side of things. youngs town at 59. wait a minute the front is sinking. jefferson 33 and 38 in ashtabula. madison, mentor you are in the 30s. the cold air is creeping in
5:50 pm
here you go. 38 ashtabula airport and 46 elyria and 50 millersburg and mid-50s for the canton area. everyone will cool down tonight because we got artic air behind the low and the front. within the next 6 hours we will be in the 30s and some of us in the 20s. could be some quick freezing of waters on the untreated surfaces. the rain coming down could flash freeze by tomorrow morning in the sidewalks and parking lots. be careful. much colder air. snowfall from the system, not impressive but still could slow you down if you are traveling overnight. generally a trace to maybe as much as two inches by noon tomorrow. that will do it. not a big winter storm but an impactful one. 25 tonight. rain to snow and a trace to two. it will be blustery. tomorrow you will need the winter apparel.
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morning lake-effect snow. nice a major squall scenario but enough to sweep up the old windshield in a few spots. breezy and colder. akron and canton. overnight changing to snow less than a half of inch by dawn. breezey, 26. tomorrow a few morning flakes here and there. 29. are you ready for the seven day? well, it is going to be cold. thursday, one to three additional inches-flurries on friday. light snow saturday. 40s and 50s, 60s and beyond. through the middle and end of next week it is above normal. 60s to near 70s coming our way. very nice. thanks, mark. here is what is coming up at six. another atm stolen in the middle of the night. two businesses left with massive holes where a wall used to stand.
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plus a daughter that was killed because of a wrong-way driver and the father that says there could be help for this. nearly a year in space for astronaut kell's. we -- kelly.
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space. tonight the nasa astronaut that has brought us stunning new perspectives of our earth like these is coming home. >> scott kelly has spent the last year in space as part of a study on the long-term effects of space travel. in a couple of hours he undocks from the iss to return to earth. here is lauren. >> reporter: astronaut scott kelly tweeting photos of his last sunrise from space. after more than 10,000 sunrises and sunsets he is headed back to earth today. this after 340 days orbiting earth on the international space station. kelly is the american that has spent the most time in space.
5:56 pm
it is not like i'm climbing the walls or anything to get out of here. i recognize the importance of what we are doing. >> reporter: yesterday kelly handed over command of the iss to start the process of leaving. >> which of course is always bittersweet when you leave this incredible place. >> reporter: he said goodnight to earth one last time posting this photo on twitter. >> last year this rocket launched beginning kelly's journey. >> the year in space starts now. >> the point of the mission to figure out if humans could survive a trip to mars. that would require a year-and-a- half in space. back here on earth all year scott's twin brother retired astronaut mark kelly has been undergoing testing. scientists will compare the two men when mark returns. mark telling us ... >> i had the easy part. >> does scott think humans can make it to mars? >> from a subjective perspective, i think absolutely.
5:57 pm
tonight and testing begins to understand how the long time in space has affected his body. before this only four humans had spent a year or more in orbit on a single mission. lauren lister.nbc news los angeles. what is going on at six? >> all new at six, a back and forth fight over taking child porn off the internet. >> and it involves the girls from twinsburg high school. local police stonewalled their investigation and after weeks of reaching out, the web site is responding. and stunning numbers from the cdc about who isn't getting
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two minutes.
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mr. hero, get a deal for 5.75. live, always investigating, always on your side, newschannel 5 starts now. right now at six. a wet and foggy ride home. it is making away for snow to move in and just a few hours. >> storm tracker 5 out there monitoring the conditions as the latest storm moves in. take a look. traffic conditions around cleveland. the top screen not bad. here in the bottom right, this is i-75 and west 40th and i-71 of west 130th. you can see the traffic moving slowly. chief meteorologist mark johnson tracking the storm that is coming. moving over all of us during the evening hours. it will transition from rain to snow very quickly and a big drop in temperatures. let's deal with what is going on right now. let's come over here to the power of 5 live doppler network. a mess. greens and yellows and oranges.


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