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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  March 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now, at 4:30 breaking overnight, new information about a hit and run accident, an argument leaves a father fighting for his life. >> plus armed thieves putting students on alert. >> and people flocking to get weapons. first let's get a check of the forecast. >> good morning, northeast ohio. this morning we're waking up to dry conditions out there.
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now you're looking at the radar. so we do have a little bit of cloud cover down toward mansfield but otherwise dry. the lake effect snow dwindled out yesterday. stepping outside it is cold. very cold start down to the teens, it's probably feeling even cooler when you factor in the wind. around 6 a.m. we'll see a lot of clouds. we'll start to see temperatures rise a bit through the afternoon reaching the low to mid-30s and then another round of snow moving in. we are incident and accident free, a perfect way to start out your friday eve. the inner belts checking in fine. let's head outside and get that quick peek at 77 right now.
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few lonely cars. an argument outside the cleveland clinic turning violent. >> a man runs over his girlfriend's father and takes off, that father rushed to the hospital. what are you learned? >> reporter: well, police telling us a they're not sure if the father are will make it. this happened around 10 last night just outside of the main campus of the cleveland clinic. the woman was leaving with her boyfriend when they got into an argument. she got out of the car, and investigators tell us the boyfriend got upset and rammed the back of that car and the father got out and was run over by the suspect. the dad's clothes still on the ground when we were there last night. police department say they know the identity of the suspect and not releasing that information. the investigation issen ongoing. just coming into the live desk new details about overdoses
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an inmate now charged with bringing synthetic marijuana and heroin right into the facility. already serving time for a heroin conviction. now, a total of four inmates suffered drug induced seizures. it was back on tuesday. they are under arrest and in jail. in january 6th other inmates overdosed at the facility. you full facility searchs, drug tests and enhanced pat downs now taking place because of all this. a house fire in canton leaves a dozen people homeless including nine children. firefighters tried to put out the flames for more than five hours. the home started to collapse. thankfully nobody was injured here. the cause of the fire still under investigation. and new details this honoring about that school shooting in ohio earlier this week. the family of the suspected shooter says while
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love their son. they released a statement last night saying quote: we're praying for the immediate recovery of all the victims. he is accused of shooting two students this week. both expected to be okay. so far police have not released a motive. right now thieveses targets students at case western reserve. >> three violent robberies in just one month some of them happening in broad daylight. three different police departments working on this case. >> reporter: yeah, these incidents go back to the first week of february. while they all didn't happen near the campus of case western reserve university, investigators believe that the suspects clearly targeting these college students because they walk around in this area, and in each of these cases they got away in the same get away week.
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first robbery happened back on february 7th. and later than that a 21-year old student was robbed at gunpoint and this monday a 22-year old student walking home thrown to the ground by four men who took everything he had and tuesday another robbery this time right in front of the university circle police department. students say it's more than a reality check. >> maybe i'm a little bit more mindful of having both my head phones in. it's university that it had to happen up here. >> reporter: now, investigators say that all the robberies -- i should say all the students robbed described the suspects as getting away in the same vehicle a dark suv. >> thank you. we have some good news for students at the university of akron they are getting some money back. the university
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facilities fees to try to fix a $60 million budget deficit but a review found those fees violated a cap so the university is refounded more than $4 million and students will get up to $240 based on how many credits they're taking. right now guns have people flocking to lake county. a new report they lead in concealed carry permits. state law alaws people to get those permit necessary their home county or an adjacent one and lake county has bullet a reputation of being easy to work with. >> about 64% of the people who apply in lake county from out of the county. >> they've got their process down so it's efficient, and it's everything that you'd like to have in an experience with a government agency.
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right now you can see the full report. still ahead gone in 71 seconds, new video of this fast moving gun store robbery. wait until you see what they got away with. plus you how the police and fire departments plan on keeping the peace. and we're off to a very cold and quiet start. we've got snow in the forecast. we'll talk about that come up in your power
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here it is the radar got some snow out to the west should be arriving after lunch. a little bit more locally you can see we have some lake effect
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right now we're under dry conditions. and clouds will thicken up as we head throughout the day. the temperatures going to the low to mid-30s by this afternoon. it's a cold one and we'll talk about accumulation in about five minutes. well the convention here in cleveland is sure to take many more twists and turns. >> now, the city wants to headache sure we're prepared for whatever happens. fire departments have created a special task force for the rnc. >> it's not that there's any definitive threat or indication it's going to be bad, we just have to be prepared that if something does go bad we can handle it appropriately. >> police cleveland fire and police department working how they can collaborate together and other cities.
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being left out, at least that's the way they're feeling. we asked officers to weigh in. brian muntine says a suitable patrol bike is sold in cleveland but the city is asking for parts about a company that's only made in seattle. >> i would see no reason whatsoever to get a bike that really you don't -- there's really no history there when there's a local dealers in the area that specifically sell and market a law enforcement bicycle. >> we reached out to the city but a spokesperson tells us the city will not comment until a bid has been accepted. up next you can not mess -- cannot mush without the slush. >> sorry producers i messed that up. drastic measures alaska is
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and going pro, a local
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breaking overnight from the live desk nasa astronaut scott kelly is back in houston. he got to see his family for the first time in a year. also on hand to greet him second lady of the united states dr. jill biden and kelly's identical twin mother. he returned to earth less than 18 hours ago. he a record. wondering what he ate for only four candidates will take part in
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carson says he sees no fast forward and will not take part. trump faces off again against fox news anchor megan kelly. and we'll have complete coverage and analysis on tonight's debate right here at 11. also today former presidential candidate mitt romney and will share what he thinks with about the current state of the presidential race. he recently criticized gop frontrunner. in flint michigan a women's group has a strong message for the state governor. they took out this add in three newspapers that says not welcome here and they're urging people to put this sign outside. last year more than a million people signed an online petition for
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now, to unbelievable video ten criminals storm into a gunshop to steal weapons. a group of guys jump out, tie a rope to the door and yank it off. they run-ins breaking cases and grabbing guns and riffles right off the rack. police say they got away with more than 50 weapons. at last check three of the people that you see on your screen arrested. now, abc news reporting a shocking treat from a restaurant employee, the workers say a hotel representative played the video of andrews at his dinner table in nashville, and this morning that representative admits it did happen but claims his friend started watching the video and asked him to stop. she is suing mariot for $75 million. deflategate returns to court. it will kick off around
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that decision. three judges will hear the case in new york but espn reports neither brady or goodell will be there. we also learned there will not be a decision today. they say desperate times call for desperate measures and alaska needs snow for the upcoming dog sled race. so the alaska railroad was called to help bring in 7 freight cars filled with snow. this has never been done before. the race is saturday. because of the lack of snow it has already been cut from 11 to 3 miles. let's take a live look outside our beautiful city of cleveland there and some nice trees. any ways tomorrow we could see some snow later today. >> yeah, everyone seems to be getting their shortage. well we are going to be seeing some snow later today. let's take a look at what's going on as we head out the door.
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radaro the satellite is on as well and that's what this gray fuzz is. we're looking at cloud cover and then you move a little bit farther up north and ashtabula also seeing some cloud cover. as we head through this morning you can see we're pretty dry, the clouds will really begin to thicken up so the overcast is going to build in and after lunch, we'll start to see the first signs of some showers moving in, snow showers moving into northeast ohio and those will stick around throughout the evening. in terms of accumulation you're looking at about 1 to 2 inches, 1 to 3 by tomorrow morning. not a lot. very similar to what we saw over the past few days. light snow, moderate at times but again, it could make for a little bit of a he's seer commute this evening. so keep that in mind of temperatures not doing much.
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temperatures on friday evening. so if you've got any plans for friday night it's going to be another cold one. here is a look at saturday. we're going to get another round of snow moving in. again that's pretty light, 1 to 2 inches. your 7-day forecast, we are going to be seeing temperatures in the 60s next week. we just got to hang tight and get through this cold. >> amazing. thanks so much. okay? there's a lot of wires out here. she's already. she did not fall. all right , we're looking at a 10-minute delay on the westbound train this morning. it's set to arrive at 5:09. elsewhere our roads looking fantastic and we are all green on 77, 71 looking great. look at 490 moving along at top speeds. let's check on akron 76 is looking fantastic. just a few cars out there.
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calm and comfortable start to you. >> thank you. when it comes to baseball bats everyone knows sluggers but remember the name say better cat. a company makes bats and been mlb certified for three years but this season owner rob roberts says he's getting more calls from pro players so we will all be seeing more major bat. >> we like the swing of that. >> oh, yeah. what do you do when you get a few days off, maybe you sleep, binge watch fuller house on netflix. >> probably not that one. and if you are lebron james you hop onto a plane to miami to hang out with your bestie dwayne wade. look at his moves as they
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look at those. you like that. >> this is their alone time when they get to work out hard. and of course you know, lebron lived there for four years before moving back. >> he's got some nice moves. >> they literally got two days off. they should practice in cleveland today and play tomorrow but immediately he went to the sunshine miami. >> hopefully they beat the wizards. it would be 4:51, happy you're here with us. flying high over cedar point. views of their newest record breaking roller coaster. >> and signs that americans getting who are serious about moving anywhere else but america during this presidential election. >> and let's take a look at how
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good morning, here's a look at our wind speeds right now pretty calm. so that's the good news and as we take a look at our radar it's also pretty quiet out there, just some cloud coverage for now. throughout the day things going to be pretty cold. temperatures going to be in the 30s, snow begins around 5 p.m. overto you. right now we have our traffic predictor turned onto our computer system. so in the
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see backups on 71, 90 eastbound and 77. you see the orange and red and yellows indicating that we're going to see those slow slow rides into the city. elsewhere we're looking okay when it comes to our drive times. we're still at 13 minutes on the inner belt on 90 eastbound. these four live looks at 76, still pretty lonely out there. new developments this morning on another challenge to ohio answer new traffic camera rules have been rejected. ohio law gives cities the right to issue tickets from traffic cameras. a judge didn't agree with that. the city now plans to appeal to the state supreme court and could join did it's appeal. several cities challenging this new law. things changing at one of the cleveland's most iconic places. >> the west side market will soon be open on sundays. do you like that news? >> yeah.
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how you feel like this. and look at this packed house last night. besides adding the hours on sunday there will be more parking space but you're going to have to pay for the parking. not everybody is happy about that but a lot of folks like the idea of adding additional parking. >> we're worried about customers being able to park. why would you -- every week i say, hey, i haven't seen you, hey, i haven't seen you, and every week they tell me i was here last week but i couldn't get in. >> all right. so here's the date to remember april 3rd the market will open on sunday from noon until 6. well, here is something to get excited for for spring cedar point releasing this video of its newest roller coaster. it was record today give you a look at the dramatic views of lake erie from the highest point.
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are you looking, nervous? >> nope. >> it's a so-called dive coaster and a 90-degree first drop. here we go, hands up. you will hit speeds of 75 miles an hour and you're going to flip upside down three times before it's over. this ride will open may 7th. that is going to be fantastic. >> if you say so. i'll be on the ground. well, it is now 4:57 and ahead at 5 for you super tuesday prompts another candidate to step away from the campaign trail what governor kasich is saying about ben carson possibly stepping out of the race. plus free money sitting around for you waiting to claim it. you don't want to miss our exclusive investigation that could net you millions. come on
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we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it'
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american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech.
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after three robberies after the past month, why police believe students the target. >> i don't know what's wrong with the boy. you i just don't know. >> plus a cleveland grandmother left in disbelief, a member of her own family locked up for threatening the president. but first we begin with news breaking overnight a father in critical condition after being hit by a car. >> and the driver allegedly his daughter's boyfriend who then took off. how did it get to this point? >> reporter: it started with an argument that certainly escalated. the father sent here to uh. police telling us they're not sure if he'll survive. when we were on scene around 10 last night the father's clothes were still on the ground. officials say a woman was leaving the cleveland clinic with her boyfriend and they began arguing. she got out of the vehicle and into her father's car. investigators


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