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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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rushed here to uh. police telling us they're fought sure if he will survive. when we were on scene around 10 last night the father's clothes were still on the ground. officials say a woman was leaving the clinic with her boyfriend when they began arguing. she got out of the vehicle and got into her father's car. investigators tell us the boyfriend became upset and rammed the back of that car. you can see the damage and the tire marks on the ground. then police say the father stepped out of the car and was run over by the suspect. cpd knows the identity of the suspect but aren't releasing that information just yet. the investigation is ongoing. again the father is in critical continue here at uh. well now let's get a check looking? >> well dry to start out there. so for everyone getting ready to head into the morning rush hour you're not worried about any snow. this is a view from space
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so it is going to be a cloudy start and cold start. 19 degrees in medina right now. 19 in ravenna. we're looking at 23 degrees in cleveland. norwalk 22 degrees out there. very chilly as we head throughout the day. so the morning time the clouds here it's right after lunch maybe a little bit before for our more western counties that are going to start to see the snow moving in. that's right we've got snow in the forecast and that's going to be affecting that evening commute home. highs today in the mid-30s and we're going to talk about accumulation a little later on. we are still incident and accident free. look at the turnpike it looks great and the inner belt final re minder about that construction happening in cleveland. is it it started yesterday and down to one lane east 100th.
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dennisson and this is 71 and 480. we are starting to see some spots build and air tracker 5 nothing too bad that the hour. the traffic has been moving along at top speeds. we'll start to get a little bit slower. we've got an update just coming in on the man accused of fatally shooting a canton k-9 officer. he was indicted on multiple charges related to the k-9's death. he faces up to 57 years in prison if convicted on charges of aggravated robbery, assault, assaulting a police dog and more. jethro was shot multiple times on january 9th and died the next day. he also shot at two police officers. right now a local college campus is on alert after three different robberies in one
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the suspects described using the same get-away car. >> reporter: it's important to note that none of these robberies actually happened on the campus of case western reserve university but investigators still believe that these suspects targeting college students. in fact three agencies cleveland heights, university circle and cleveland police departments on this case. now, the first robbery taking place back on february 7th at the intersection of murray and edge hill. a 21-year old student there robbed at gunpoint by two men. then just monday a 22-year old student walking home along south overlook thrown to the ground by four men who took everything he had and then tuesday yet another robbery this time right in the front of the university circle police department in broad daylight and while students understandably on high alert some say they still feel safe. >> i have to walk to practice at like 5 in the morning by myself sometimes and i always see cops out so like i can't really say
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because i just see the cops everywhere. >> reporter: now, police tell us that in all three of these cases the suspects described as leaving the scene in a dark gray suv possibly a ford escape. police urge college students to always be aware of their surroundings and walk together if possible. back to you. right now a stark county man is locked up accused of stalking a family member and what police -- when police confronted him the situation turned scary. police found him in his car across the street from a rite aid and then locked himself in refusing orders to get out. when he did that's when this struggle started. >> he started pulling away and reached into his pocket fear for our safety we tried to pin him against the vehicle, and ultimately separated and deployed tazer on him. >> records show the same guy was arrested at the same drugstore back in 2014 accused of stalking the same woman a tazer was used
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now, he is back in jail on $50,000 bond. well, a cleveland man also behind bars this morning accused of making serious threats against two political figures. federal investigators say a 30-year old allegedly called the secret service sunday night saying he was going to kill the president and hillary clinton. when agents showed up he admitted to making those calls and drinking alcohol but says he never wanted to hurt anybody. he lives with his grandmother and she told us that he also stole more than $1,000 from her of his defense attorney says if convicted he faces up to five years in jail and a $1,250,000 fine. a local teenager also in hot water today with police and school officials. according to the chronicle telegram a keystone high school student made a threatening joke at lunch yesterday. while officials not revealing what the threat was
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the student is still facing some serious consequences including ex expulsion. the elyria driver made famous for this slow speed scooter chase is indicted. he was stealing magazines from a store he was already band from. he's been order today undergo a mental health examination after pleadinging. we now know the name of the victim involved in this deadly head on crash in akron yesterday. laura bird was killed. state troopers say a driver going west lost control and hit the car she was ridding in going east. no charges have been filed. well new from the live desk this morning manzel reportedly on the celebrity guest list for a big ufc fight in las vegas
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some commenting here you know, an interesting pr move the fact that it's in vegas maybe not so great for his image but he's also an athlete making an appearance at a big sporting event. well odot officials hosting a meeting today inviting the public to discuss changes along route the 18 in medina. a widening project is planned to improve traffic safety and reduce congestion. that meeting is from 5 to 8 tonight. more than 400 cleveland state students have now signed an online petition opposing the university's decision to buy a new house for its president again. the university sold the home in 2014 after his divorce and then started paying for him to live downtown at the 9. but he says that apartment is just too small and wants another home.
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could break up what some calling the cleveland water department monoply. >> a judge says westlake could get its water from another supplier. the ruling opens up the possibility that other cities could consider leaving the cleveland water system. he claims not only were prices a problem so was customer service. >> as a result of many complaints that we've received in our city, it was important for us to take a look at other options. >> absolutely have a choice just like everything else in life. i think we should have a choice with who our supplier is. >> cleveland water headquarters issued a statement saying it's disappointed with the judge's ruling and will appeal the case. it is friday eve, everybody. and we are happy you're here with us. so do you need some extra cash in your wallet, do you want to make it rain this
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how to get some unclaimed funds. >> plus time to move, after super tuesday many reportedly
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it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. welcome back. nasa astronaut scott kelly back in houston after landing this morning. he got to see his family for the first time in a year. also on hand to greet him second lady of the united states who brought him beer and apple pie. well scott kelly and his crew returned to earth less than 18 hours ago. he spent 340 days in space which is a record. 6:12 right now. then there
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your screen. today's gop debate will only feature those four candidates, trump, rubio, cruz and kasich. carson says he sees no path forward and will not northbound tonight's debate. now, that it appears carson is dropping out of the race all eyes on governor kasich and whether he should follow suit. >> yesterday our governor told a crowd he's suspending his campaign. >> i didn't ask him to confirm anything i just said a very nice personal conversation with ben, he's motivated in many, many good ways. i have great regard, respect for him. >> most polls say ted cruz has the best chance of beating trump. now, looking to stop donald trump need to figure out how to do it. if he fails to get enough delegates there would be a contested convention. >> so while he has the
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the popular vote here roughly 65% have voted for other candidates. experts say the effort to save the party would likely cost the gop the presidency but might save them the senate. >> this is really the big thing for the party because of the third of the senate that's upfor reelection 24 of the seats held by republicans and many of them showing in the polling they are not clear winners at this point. >> whether there's a fight or a trump nomination what happens here in cleveland this summer is going to be a major turning point. apparently the results of super tuesday hitting home for a lot of americans. >> google searches of how to move to canada have spiked more than 350%. a dj in canada is helping too. he pro mode a website promoting an island in canada.
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as a joke now has more than 800,000 visits. >> well, i mean, this is not the caribbean, it's not an island there so we have a winter here. >> realtors reporting more calls. well, we've got a winter here too. right now doesn't seem like it. it's very active looking at this satellite and radar lots of clouds but no snow. our next weather maker is heading towards us. 9:30 a.m. still cold, snow free and after lunch it starts to move in. we're seeing light snow here kind of sprawlings out sticks around from thursday into friday morning as you can see on the time stamp we're still seeing a little bit of snow. here's the thing in terms of accumulation you're looking at about 1 to 3 inches in total between today
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point i wanted to show you is by friday afternoon we're sunny, dry, clearing out so as we head into the weekend we'll start off with some sunshine temperatures though really really struggling. it's cold down to the teens today. 20s again tomorrow, saturday more snow moves in look at that. very few flakes out there. and here is a look at the power 5, 7-day forecast. for everyone making weekend plans the snow is impacting your saturday but not your sunday. temperatures going to be cool as we rise through saturday then a little bit more mild on sunday. the sunshine kicks into gear and we will see highs reaching the 50s by monday and the middle of next week we're looking at the low to mid-60s. the that's a look at your power 5, 7-day forecast. let's get that live odot camera a look at 480, traffic starting build right now.
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too bad though i haven't seen any accidents this morning. you can see the slowing right there at 71 and 490 east. nothing too certaining though and i want to talk about drive times, 480 eastbound, 71 to 271, 8 minutes, 63 miles per hour. in the cleveland area 12 minutes for you a little bit slower it was at 13 before on the inner belt on 90, and if you're taking 76, 77 northbound 14 minutes. yeah slow but smooth nothing a -- not seeing a whole lot of issues. our usually spot 71 and 480, we're seeing some traffic building kind of in spurts but
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spots 71 northbound and cars going slower on 490 and 77 all head into the city so not horrible but it is slowing down. well this morning we're learning a texas trooper who fired. the trooper was indicted by a grand jury in january and is accused of lying in an affidavit when he was found dead in her jail cell a few days after her arrest they have all been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case. in utah the state senate passed legislation repealing the death penalty. they expect the bill to pass the state house as well. the bill is retroactive to those already on the state's death row. >> the supreme court hearing arguments in what's being called the most significant abortion case to reach the justices in decades. it challenges tough regulations on abortion clinics in texas. those challenging the law say it places an undue
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>> part of the case that we're making is that there is no medical justification to this law. >> but supporters of the law say it's about protecting women's health and either way this final decision will most likely affect the rest of the country. now, to a 5 on your side investigation. did you know that there is money out there just begging for you to take it? >> you just need to know where to look. laura pernell typed her name into the ohio department of commerce unclaimed fund site. >> i looked up everybody i knew, and actually one of my employees here her husband had three different accounts that she claimed. >> records show that at the end of last year close to $12.3 billion were waiting to be collected and the ohio lottery tells us there's still tons of
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new this morning a man accused of robbing two homes says he was sleepwalking. >> the man had items from both houses with him on his person when he was arrested. he told police he was drinking and taking medication the night before and says he doesn't remember anything that happened. incredible video here. take a look if you have a few seconds to spare. an armed robbery you see him pull out the gun. the clerk fights back, she slaps the gun out of his hands, hits him with the cash register drawer and then she is not done. she is about to reach for a hammer and that is when he takes off. coming up next a rap star finally selling his mansion but you won't believe who's moving on up. but first a warning about a silent killer in your house carbon monoxide.
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it is odorless, colorless and tasteless and it can kill you. >> or one man carbon monoxide poisoning led to a close call with death. two days after a
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went off while he was asleep with his girlfriend. >> very lucky, very lucky. it could have had that not been up there working, i have one in the basement, but it might not have -- might not have done it. >> carbon monoxide is produced anytime you burn fuel. it is so easy to install a detector and a lot of fire departments will help you do it for free. now, another reason we need more vitamin d, a new study shows too little can speed up breast cancer tumors. it mainly comes from sunlight but it can be found in fish and eggs. will we see any sunshine today? no, no sun today. maybe some peeks but more the most part lots of cloud coverage. this is what's arriving after lunchtime this afternoon.
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can see we are drying out the last of the flurries left last night and seeing lots of cloud cover. a very cloudy start the to your day. well, we are going to see high necessary the mid-30s, so it's going to be a chilly day. teen and the low 20s right now factor in some of the wind making it feel more like the single digits jets ban real quiet morning out on the roads. if you take the train take the buses you need to park at the rta station the brook part station, parking might not be available. now, they're doing some repaving work at that spot. your ride in akron looks great not seeing any problems and as you make your way into the city just the slow spots on 71 north. let's head to our odot camera four a live look at
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now, time to toss it over to jackie. here's the question, can you height the high note. you can prove it. you can addition to sing the national anthem for a rubber ducks game. the open call is going to be march 12th from 1 to 3 p.m. you only have 90 seconds to wow the judges before they pull your mike but you have to preregister to do this and we have that information for you on our newsnet5 app. also trending today 50 cent mansion in connecticut finally has a new homeowner but they aren't going to keep it for themselves. >> the house will be converted into get ready for this, an assisted living facility. the new owner will modify zoning laws so it can be converted into a home for the elderly. >> so they can learn all things
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>> when we return, parents they are not happy about changes museum of art. plus local businesses upset companies. good morning
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breaking news overnight. the man accused of killing a canton k-9 officer. and then thieves targeting college students what they're going after. first let's go to meteorologist who's tracking a little snow. >> just really cloudy that's what that gray shading is but let's see where the snow is that's knocking on our door. ash scompland richland counties probably the first to see it. here's your hour by hour forecast what i want you to take away from this. highs going to be in the mid-30s, pretty much cloudy the snow will begin this afternoon and stick around as we head throughout much of the day. so i hope you guys in for it. it's not going to be a lot. we're looking at about 1 to 3 inches in terms of accumulations.
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car off the road at 77 and 480. haven't seen it as of yet. we're going to send air tracker to see if he can find it. but right now slow moving on 71 into the city. cars going about 30. and your 3 d cities 4 80 eastbound 77 to 271 we are clocking in right now as 8 minutes still not bad 63 miles per hour. try 60, that's the speed limit. right now it is time to look at our odot cameras we are looking at 77, i believe, yes, four live looks. we lost one of them. >> we just arrived at 480 and 77 interchange. we heard you mention that car off of the road. we've had a chance to look around a whole lot but it does look like it's impacting traffic. you can see 77 and
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building but not a whole lot of issues that we're seeing. doesn't look like cars slowing down or stopping on the highway. we'll keep an eye out. and they can in with you. let's get to breaking news from overnight. an argument outside the cleveland clinic turns violent. >> a man runs over misgirlfriend's father and takes off. the father taken to the hospital. >> reporter: police telling us they're not the sure if the father will survive. this all happened around 10 last night just outside of the main campus of the cleveland clinic. officials say a woman was leaving with her boyfriend and they started arguing. she got into her father's car. investigators tell us the boyfriend became upset and rammed the back of that car. police say the father then got out and was run over by the suspect.
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of the suspect but they are not releasing that information just yet. an investigation is ongoing. >> thank you. now, to an update on the man accused of fatally shooting a canton k-9 officer. he was indicted on multiple charges and faces 57 years in prison. jethro was shot multiple times back on january 9th and died the next day. police say he also shot at two police officers. his arraignment is tomorrow. we'll keep you updated. new this morning a dozen people now homeless including nine children after a house fire. firefighters battled this blaze for more than five hours last night and according to the canton repository the house started to collapse but thankfully nobody was injured
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the cause of the fire. now, new information on the overdoses at the halfway house. an inmate is facing new charges after he was found with synthetic marijuana and heroin. he was already serving time for a federal heroin distribution conviction. three other men also suffered drug induced seizure and were taken to the hospital and then to the supplement county jail. right now thieves targeting students at case western reserve. three violent robberies in just one month some of them happening during the day. we're live on the east side and three different police departments working on this case. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. these incidents go back to the first week of february and while they didn't all happen near the campus here police believe that these suspects targeting college students because they walk and live around this area on -- ask come by here on a continuous basis. i should say in all three of these cases police believe that the suspects used the same vehicle.
6:35 am
first one dates back to february 7th at the intersection of murray and edge hill, a 21-year old student robbed at gunpoint by two men. then just this monday a 22-year old student walking home along south overlook thrown to the ground by four men who took everything he had and tuesday another robbery this time right in front of the police department. students we spoke to say it's more than a reality check. >> maybe i'm a little bit more mindful. maybe i don't walk with head phones at all. >> reporter: now, investigators say that the students robbed described the men getting away in a dark gray suv possibly a ford escape. cleveland university are circle and cleveland heights police departments all working this case. back to you. >> thank you. candidates facing off again tonight. you're looking at the four men who will be on stage,
6:36 am
says he sees no path forward for the nomination but stopped short of officially ending his campaign. >> and the city of cleveland is making sure they're prepared for whatever happens. fire departments across northeast ohio creating a special task force for the convention and preparing for every possible scenario. but some local businesses they say they're feeling left out of the party. >> bike shop owners believe bids for police bikes get favor or a company in seattle. >> a police sergeant says a suitable bike is sold right here in cleveland but the city is asking for a specific bike that is only made by a certain bike company and he says he thinks the city preference for that is bazaar. >> i wouldn't see no reason whatsoever to get a bike that really you don't -- there's really no history there when
6:37 am
area that specifically sell and market a law enforcement bicycle. >> we reached out to the city for their side of the story and they told us they're not going to comment until a bid is accepted. coming up next i am mine knit tee for a former clinton staffer. plus tires go high tech. let's tech in with weather. >> i want to give you a sneak peek. check it out saturday some scattered snow showers to start. temperatures reaching 35 degrees even warmer by sunday with a lot more sun. that's the a look at your power 5 forecast. stick around we'll talk more
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good morning. and we have some great news for students at the university of akron. you're the university have recently increased its facilities fees to make up for a budget deficit but a review found those fees violated a cap put in place by the state. now, the university is refunding more than $4 million. so students they're going to get up to $240 based on how many credits they're taking. well new this morning for you the cleveland my see you yum of art is taking some heat after
6:41 am
the popular studio play gallery. the website says it's getting a major renovation and it will reopen in late may but parents concerned that the new gallery is going to feature more electronics and screens. goal google is changes the mobile payment game. the app connects to cash registers of participating businesses via wifi and blue tooth. the an akron based company unveiling a tire that offers drivers a 360-degree motion. it connects to the car using magnetic limitation and stopping and starting is done using magnetics fields. welcoming up next, a big
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and we're taking you on the first ride. raven. and we're gearing up for our after show. catch us on facebook starting around 7:30. good morning cleveland cleveland
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. welcome to the morning spread. >> it is 15 minutes of everything you need to snow to start your day and let's start with weather and traffic. well, we're not facing any snow walking out the door yet but your main battle is the cold. temperatures 22 degrees in elyria, 19 in medina, so down in the teens in some spots. pretty cold low 20s throughout much of northeast ohio. how warm 12 going to get today i'm thinking 35 degrees. right now we're not seeing any snow. we are seeing cloud coverage, this is the satellite and superimpose that radar here it comes knocking, it's almost here. here's a look right now at the future cast notice the time stamp as we continue to push through here it comes just after lunchtime the snow starts to move in. this is not going to be a major system. we're looking at one to 3 inches in terms of accumulations between
6:46 am
it is at 10 p.m., you can still see it hanging out but by tomorrow at 11 we're dry and going to see it -- start to see some of the clouds dissipating moving out giving way to evening. friday night 9:15 p.m. you can see pretty cold temperatures in the 20s round 2 of snow comes in on your saturday morning but that's power 5, 7-day forecast let's break it down headed into the weekend pretty cold a lot like winder exiting the weekend feeling a bit more like spring with temperatures ending off in the 60s in the middle of next week. we are getting a report of an accident involving a couple cars at west 65th and lorain. we're trying to send air traffic 5 there. we're seeing slow spots on 71. 77 not looking too bad right now. if you take the brain or busses the brook park
6:47 am
available they're doing some repaving work at that spot. elsewhere we're okay, let's head to our odot camera this is the typical slow spots where the lanes out of commission because of construction. let's head to air tracker 5. >> 65th street and lorain avenue can't tell the severity of the the accident but you can see police on subpoena we've got fire and rescue so traffic is going to be tied up.
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he got to see his family for the first time in about a year also on hand second lady of the united states dr. jill biden and his brother former astronaut mark kelly. and new details just in on the assault of james holmes. he wasn't supposed to have any interaction with other prisoners but another inmate reportedly attacked after a security gate was left open. he was transferred to an undisclosed location. the inmate behind the
6:55 am
do more harm. new this morning a former hillary clinton staffer is ready to talk about the email scandal. >> he was granted immunity by the justice department and he's the one who setup the private email server. overnight clinton's press secretary tweeted the campaign is please that had he's cooperating. today just four gop candidates will be in detroit or tonight's debate. carson won't be there and says he sees no path forward for his campaign. romney is ready to speak out about this year's race too. he's giving a speech at 11:30 this morning. cnn says he's not making an endorsement or announcement instead he's going to use the time to go after donald trump and praise ted cruz and marco rubio. this morning we'll learn more about what led to the
6:56 am
police sea six people were killed and two others were wounded. today is the deadline for tech companies to support apple in its stand off with the fbi. they're fight ago court order to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. briefs expected to be filed today. deflate gate returns to court today. three judges will hear the case in new york but espn reporting near brady nor goodell will be there. the judges expected to make months to rule. here's a look right now we are seeing some snow headed our way. arrival time on that probably just after lunchtime. so i hope you are ready for that. other than that we're dry. here a look at your day planner, highs reaching 35 degrees this evening. again the snowfall is going to pick up just after lunchtime. just check ago couple of accidents. the weather didn't
6:57 am
this is the back up here 71 and 4906789711 backed up northbound but the other accidents should be cleaned up this afternoon. so on good morning america it is thursday so that means it is deal and the steals time and we all love those, right? so today everything is under $20. >> so in other words no one bother me at 8:05. the gmc post show we're so excited to do and can't wait to see you join us too.
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good morning, america. waging war against the front-runner. mitt romney blasts donald trump calling him a phony and a fraud as the billionaire gets closer to capturing the gop nomination. trump joins us live. new overnight, major arrests in that brazen gun shop robbery. at least ten suspects caught on camera swarming a store smashing display cases and getting away with an arsenal of weapons. the massive manhunt. smackdown, hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit suing a website about his private tape. we have what the former pro wrestler is saying as he prepares for the biggest fight of his life. the 11-year-old hitting the shot of a lifetime in front of


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