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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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save a life and it's difficult. >> and notice at 5, cleveland firefighters dealing with their sixth deadly fire in two months. while the -- why the urgent situation is prompting them to reach out to the community. >> and teachers in trouble. the parents are demanding answers. >> first, a lot of you are waking up with friday flurries and let's get a check on the forecast. >> and good morning. this is where we're at. seeing lighter snow falling now is tapering off in areas like north homestead and strongsville and north royalton and into areas like millersburg and clark, good morning. you're seeing the purples signify a moderate small. we're looking at one to three inches in total here and when is that going to end? i am thinking after the morning rush hour. seeing things quiet down. the temperatures right now, 27
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, good morning, cleveland, 30 degrees and it's cold out there. the snow stops and by the time lunchtime arrives, we'll see sunshine breaking through the clouds and that is a look at the forecast, kristen. how are the roads? >> they're looking fine. and no problems here and look at 71 and 77 looks great. the turnpike and there are no issues there. restrictions on the turnpike westbound from salt springs road. and crocker to the inner belt, a 14-minute ride and heading outside, and you can telld radios are slippery out there and traffic is starting to build a tad, corrina. >> and thank you. breaking overnight from the live deck, a bomb threat inside a monroe falls middle school. the threat found on a bathroom wall, according to a post on the district's facebook page. the police and fire immediately
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to make sure it's safe for school today and a band concert scheduled for last night cancelled because of this and farms -- officials say they're investigating and they will keep parents updated. a wrong way crash on the inner belt bridge on the southbound side of the 71-90 split. a ford taurus slamming into a u- haul truck and that is pretty damaged and ems crews called out to the scene and it was clear this morning. >> and parents are demanding answers. >> and there is an investigation into allegations of misconduct and sarah finney is live with more. the schools are taking this seriously. >> reporter: the teacher was pulled from the classroom on wednesday. the north homestead police department is aware of the situation but it's not actively investigating because, they say, there is no evidence of criminal misconduct.
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the superintendent said that multiple sources came forward accusing the teacher of inappropriate behavior. they wouldn't say if it was parents, teachers, or students. an e-mail was sent on thursday and we're not reporting a name of a teacher at this point, but he's been with the district for 10 years and coached sports. they're asking parents and students to remain calm. >> there is no cause for alarm. safety and security is the first private and that is the most p mission, making sure our students and staff are safe, and i believe that they are. >> reporter: the teacher is on administrative leave until the district's investigation is complete. and more information about this investigation is supposed to be released by the school district and that is on monday. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> don't worry about it, little marco, i will. >> and light hear about it, big donald.
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overlapping speakers ] >> oh, my. didn't take long for the republican debate to go off of the candidates searching for everything from education to common core and the economy, but not without taking aim at each other and again, donald trump was the main target for the three others on stage. he came under real fire for his off-the-record immigration conversation he had with the new york times and his refusal to release the tapes. to know. >> and you're the one. ted. i have given my answer. >> and in the end, our governor kasich called himself the only adult on the stage. on sunday, the political spotlight turns to michigan again for a faceoff between clinton and sanders. they'll be in flint for a
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crisis. the debate is to start at 8:00 p.m. meantime, donald trump is establishing two campaign headquarters in ohio. his office ising set up in a building in pearl road and middleburgh heights and there is another office set up in downtown lorain and his campaign is eyeing the ix center as a possible location for the big rally before the march 15th primary. >> and i feel like cleveland in general, especially this area has been getting more and more dangerous. >> and people on cleveland's west side feeling uneasy after targeted by thieves. a walgreen's, burger kings and mcdonald's held up by a man with a gun who threatened to shoot employees if they didn't hand over the cash and police are working to see if person.
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a man who ran over his girlfriend's father and they say he was fighting with his girlfriend when she got into a car with her dad. he rammed the father's car and when he confronted him, he hit him and took off. that father is recovering from a fractured leg. reporting a man escaped from a house fire in amhurst. several people called 911 yesterdayar they saw smoke billowing from the house across the street from the kfc. the homeowner thinks it started because he put too many logs on his wood burner in the basement. and that fire spread so quickly, it could have been deadly. and a man's dog didn't survive. it was the sixth fatal fire in two months. the numbers taking a toll on cleveland's firefighters despite their best efforts day in and day out. and let's bring in nick foley here.
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>> reporter: we're over eight weeks into the new year and we're on pace here. and while there are programs in place to help the firefighters cope with the stress of seeing and wetnessing that firsthand, they're hoping the people in the public will take advantage of preventive programs available to them as well and this is coming on wednesday and the man and his dog lost their lives. newschannel 5 obtained stats since 2004, more than 60% of the fatalities came in houses that didn't have working fire detectors and still, no word if the home was operational or not. the programs like operation save a life provide detectors to people even if they can't afford one. but the acting chief said that his fees will do all they can. >> and we'll risk a lot to save a lot and that will be the human and people in the home error errors -- in the homes and their pets.
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comes out of it, once we do that. >> reporter: the city gave out 1700 free smoke detectors in 2015, and they hope to get to 3,000 here in 2016. and in downtown cleveland, nick foley for newschannel 5. >> thank you. and cleveland police have a new tool to help the hearing impaired. in seconds, officers can -- a live interpreter online for sign language. this is a significant improvement from using written messages to get the information out. >> and this is a huge change and provides a sign language interpreter 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving them full access to communication. >> each of the five districts will be equipped with the ipad and a. [ cheering and applause ] on it. -- and a app on it. exciting news happening in summit county today.
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akron's children's hospital plan to announce a project to create and expand childhood safety programs and that project will focus on child passenger safety, helmets to accidents. safe walking routes to school drivers. >> and we today, all eyes will be on the unemployment numbers. statewide numbers will be released by the ohio department of job and family services. the feds released their jobless 8:30. and costco is raising the entry level pay to $13 an hour and tailers are under pressure to boost wages. earlier this year, wal-mart increased pay to $10 an hour. morning. >> we made it, everybody. controversial decision. >> and they came in and told me that i can leave but i need to
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nursery in the hospital. >> her new born baby girl taken from her arms for using what she considered medicine to treat her nausea. the latest ohio marijuana proposals, could they have stopped it. >> and stopped turning into a dangerous -- [ indiscernible ] you don't want to miss what
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. welcome back. time now is 5:13. breaking overnight from the live desk. police in ashland county searching for a man accused of assaulting an officer before getting away. dwayne sears was arrested on multiple charges in miflin township. when he got to the police department, he reportedly attacked the 25-year veteran of the force and took off. that officer is recovering. searings is considered armed and dangerous. he has a long criminal record now. and this year, the political action conference is going on in maryland. a number of conservative leaders upset over trump's success would not mention his name and instead, focused on what the party accomplished. >> and it's not just about winning elections.
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lawmakers are pushing positive reforms across this great country. >> and trump is scheduled to speak saturday as the party's current front runner. john kasich, our governor will be speaking there today. >> and we president obama revealing the first family's plans after the white house. they plan to stay in washington, d.c., see the youngest daughter sasha can finish hose. he said transfer -- high school. transferring while in the middle would be tough on the teenager and his older daughter melia is going to college in the fall. as for who gets to move in, reports say that kaitlin jenner is routeing for ted cruz and nominated herself for political office. she wants to be the trans am bass door for the republican candidate if he wins the presidency and jenifer calls the texas senator a, quote, great constitutionalist and very articulate man. despite this, she's not officially endorsed him. and officials say that did brie discovered in africa is most likely from missing
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a traveler found parts of the aircraft off of the coast of mozambique and there are reports that it has the words no step on it and could be a part of the tail. the plane vanished in 2014 after taking off to malaysia with 239 people on board. and some light snow is falling out there this morning. >> and this is a look at the radar and parts of cleveland and into akron. lighter bands of showers pushing into the southeast and light go farther south and that is coming down moderately and that is going to head straight for newcomer's town and travelling into 77. and that snow is picking up. again, a total accumulation from one to three inches. the timing on this, if you live along the lake shore you should be done within the next hour or so. farther south, that will stick around later in the morning and
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we push through and that is out of here by the end of the 5:00 hour. i would give it more time than that and maybe a couple of more hours and we should start to see a clearing out and that is bringing more rain in and a chance of snow and that is through saturday evening and here's a look at the weekend forecast. and we're seeing a quiet sunday and some chance of a precip on saturday and mild and chilly in the 40s. the power of 5 seven-day forecast, showing a warm-up next week and that is going to feel more like spring, even though it's not spring yet. >> thank you, somara. and let's look at the quick look here and the snow on the side and odot is out doing what it does and we're getting accidents into the 5 on your side traffic center this morning and two of them, actually and that is where that
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this is at 140th street and lakestore had boulevard and another side street here. princeton road and dirky road. they're expected to come in. the side streets are probably not taken as well of as the highways. and come look at the tv screen. this is a scary situation here. caught on camera in chicago. a fifth -- fist fight about to break out here when a biker yells at the driver of a white suv for being in the week lane and that driver gets out and attacks the biker, punching him and canning return hearing him in the face and he was wearing a go pro camera during the entire situation. >> and i didn't know if he was going to stop kicking me. >> my face is numb on the upper lip but it's gotten better now. >> the detectives are trying to track down the driver but the car is registered to a woman and complicating the investigation.
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they discovered a driver had a warrant out for his arrest. when they asked him to step out, he tries to drive away. you can see that one deputy jumps into the driver's door hanging on for life there and that suspect made it about 500 feet before being stopped and arrested. and right now, dangerous situations like that traffic stop have police officers across want country struggling to attract new officers. applications are down 90% in some applications and towns. a major factor is the so-called ferguson affect. heightened media coverage over police use of force is scares away a lot of people and with unemployment rates dropping, people considering law enforcement are now looking at other careers. >> and police organizations have to compete more vigorously with private sector yearly salaries of 30 to $40,000 this
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large pool of candidates. >> and especially with an increase in police officers killed in the line of duty; however, they don't finish in the top 20 of the most dangerous jobs. and a new proposal could pave the way for ohio patients with extreme nausea and they wanted to know what about pregnant moms? the lorain mom said the new born baby girl was ripped from her arms for using what she considered medicine to treat her debilitating medicine to treat the pregnancy. >> i did a lot of research on it and decided to do it. and not smoke it because of the carbon monoxide. >> the little girl tested positive for a marijuana biproduct and holly briefly lost custody of her. the scenario could be challenge said by a new medical marijuana proposal saying a pregnant woman could qualify with a permission of a doctor. opponents said it's a step in the wrong direction and getting a doctor to sign off would be difficult.
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burger joint coming to cleveland. the faces behind the brand. >> and a hole in one. you're watching good morning
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. welcome back and the cavs host the wizards at the q. the tip time is 8:00. in the meantime, lebron james is back from miami and talking
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tweets, rather, and a snapchat video workout. >> and doy want to explain? >> right, that is what i was asking. no, you don't want to talk at all? >> i was just saying. >> hope -- [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> i know. and i don't want to explain it. >> that's cool. cool. and i am okay to leave when i want to leave and be back at work on time. >> and he was in miami when he got two days off and why did you go there? he said i don't have to explain myself. and nothing like chrisening's new golf course and 11-year-old hit an amazing shot in front of tiger woods at the new course outside of houston. this is the first shot on the first hole on the course's first day. the crowd went nuts and he got a big hug from woods himself. the best part, he ended up beating woods by two strokes on that hole. and now, let's get a check
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>> and this is a look at the radar and this is moving in and out and should be ending this morning, wrapping up soon and let's get closer to see where the heaviest snow is falling now. the deepest purples are moving into areas like new philadelphia and right now, on 77 and you looking at moderate snowfall and accumulation this morning will be three inches and throughout the next few hours, the highs will reach the mid-30s and we should start to see some sunshine breaking through later this afternoon. >> and thank you. a busy morning here in the traffic center and some accidents. and this is one, an accident at princeton road and dirky road. tracking another at 283 and lakeshore boulevard there and nothing minor and not a lot of cars out there. look at the snow. it's blanketing our viewing area and you can tell on our road weather index map, 71 and 77.
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. new at 5:30, another wrong- way crash in cleveland. this is in the middle of the inner belt bridge. the latest details from the
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>> excuse me, i if have given my answer, lion ted. i have given my answer. >> and a showdown in motown. the republican candidates on the attack. did anyone get their message out through all of that noise. >> and we waking up the snow across northeast ohio and it's been light and steady all night. will it affect your morning? >> the snow is on the ground and roads are slick and that will affect the morning commute and the good news, it's stopping and still moderately falling over stone creek and that is where who see the heaviest parts of coshockton and seeing the moderate snowfall and in and out quickly. by the time the morning wraps up, we should see this and this is a look at the day planner and in temperatures of term -- terms of temperatures, a high of 85 and the light snow ending this afternoon and in the
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new and we're talking about another chance of rain-snow mix. >> and why the's been busy in the traffic center and fly accidents and this is coming in at 76 eastbound and before exit 27, gilchrist road and that is early yet and they're coming in. the side streets were soft, i would say, and that is odot sent a job of keeping them salted and look at the traffic indicator showing us what conditions are looking like in the morning. slowdowns on 90 and 71 and 77, and typical slow spots more so because of the snow. the odot cameras are looking slick and that is, i should say, can be dangerous if you're speeding. and bragging overnight from the live desk here, a wrong-way crash on that inner belt bridge and this is on the south side of the 71/90 split there and a
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haul truck and ems crews were called out to the scene and i spoke with ems and that scene is cleared before 4 this morning, terrence and jackie. and a north homestead teacher told to stay home after rumors start flying. >> and right now, we don't know what happened but that he's accused of inappropriate behavior and sarah phinney is live with more looking into the allegations. >> reporter: and the police department is aware of the situation and that it's not investigating because there is no evidence of criminal misconduct now and that could change if more information comes out and according to district officials, the high school teacher was placed on leave after information from multiple sources accused the 32- year-old of inappropriate behavior. parents were notified yesterday. the superintendent doesn't believe there is cause for alarm or concern and we're releasing the teacher's name now. he's been with the district for
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track and football. the district hopes to know more information by monday and the teacher is on administrative leave until the district's investigation is complete. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. and this is -- sometimes there is times when you can't save a life and it's difficult. >> and the cleveland fire chief getting emotional after the deadly blaze this week, and these deaths are taking an emotional toll on them. and they're doing everything they can to prevent this from happening again. >> and their job is to fight fires and save lives and in 2016, two months in, our cleveland firefighters have witnessed six fatalities here in cleveland. the latest, of course, coming on wednesday and when a man and his dog both lost their lives in the home after the man was cooking in that house and
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since 2004, more than 60% of the fatalities in cleveland came in houses that did no the have working fire detectors and frustrates people like michael odom, who said that grams have been in place that will provide and install detectors even if people can't afford them. >> and this gram is in existence for 25 years, operation save a life and we have occupants who go to bed at night without a properly operating smoke detector and that bothers me. >> reporter: the cleveland firefighters distributed more than 1700 smoke detectors last year and hop to distribute 32 thousand in 2015. >> and thank you. if you need a free smoke detector, cleveland residents can use the department's save a life program and that is a phone number we have for you on the newsnet 5 app. >> and they're referring to my
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i guarantee you there is no problem. >> donald trump basically mocked everyone with personal attacks. >> this little guy lied so much about my record. >> here we go and here we go. >> he has lied. >> lots of boos and insults throne around and coming off of an insane debate and again, marco rubio and ted cruz teamed up on donald trump. and governor kasich tried to avoid the bickering. >> and when we talk about this, there is one person on this stage and one person who is a candidate for president in either party that restored economic strength, growth, a balance budget, paid down debt and cut taxes. and no series, reality. >> and now, the candidates will head back out on the campaign trail and casingic will be in michigan looking to -- kasi consider, h will be in michigan to sway voters.
5:36 am
with a special guest, arnold schwarzenegger and he will be with kasich at a rally and he's raffling off a chance to meet the former governor. that will be at the botanical gardens in columbus at 2:30 in the afternoon. and a new controversy. could the lead poison water be causing miscarriages. >> and can the way you sleep make you look older. how your beauty rest could be causing wrinkles. income for you on good morning
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good morning and welcome back. we're paying a visit this morning to ron and canton. on the radar now, you had some snow and it's tapering off for you and we're down to a few flurries now. other than that, we should be dry throughout the day and there is a cloudy start for you and some sun this afternoon. highs in akron and canton and about 35 degrees. and tonight, it's going to be 22 degrees, dry and cold. forecast coming up. for now, over to you, kristen. >> and sorry to be the bearer of bad news here in northeast ohio. our average price is $1.90 per gallon and 13 cents higher than monday, according to gas buddy.
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production to prepare for spring and summer. to find the best place near you, check out our app and go to the traffic section. and apple is serious about keeping prying eyes out of your iphone. a user who has been beta testing the new ios software found a feature that will notify you if anyone is remotely monitoring your phone. apple making headlines, of course, is refusing to help the fbi hack into the san bernardino shooters ' iphone. and apple with new details and no more head jacks and that is set to be unveiled in december and much thinner than the. >> i-by-phone success and we'll have two sleepers and require wireless headphones like beats jackie. and i don't like that and to sleep on your side or belly,
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dermatologists say it's giving you wrinkles. if you put pressure on your face while you sleep, fluid builds up in that area and you know you have seen that when you wake up and they say sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid aging, terrence. and on this friday, ready to fly. north korea making a nuclear threat and what it means for us in the u.s. >> and taking on concussions. agreeing to donate her brain to science. why she believes this can help women. good morning cleveland is back
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. 5:44 on your friday morning. just in to the live desk, grizzly bear numbers looking so good, wildlife officials don't consider them threatened anymore and saying they can be taken off of the endangered list. the bear population in 1975 is just 136. now, get this and that is about 700, according to the u.s. fish and wildlife service. they're protected by the endangered species act and could be hunted in yellowstone.
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>> he doesn't have answers and has to make them -- . >> and donald trump wrote checks to hillary clinton not once or twice or three times, but 10 times. >> if last night's debate is any indication, there could be chaos in cleveland when the republican national convention comes to town and this is setting up two parallel conventions like the democratic convention in chicago of 1968, a year of violence, political turbulence and civil unrest into the convention floor. and the best hope is to stop his momentum is a broken convention in cleveland. >> when there is a candidate who can't be disciplined by his political party, we'll see if his supporters know how to engage in protest that doesn't provoke police violence. >> and police at that 1968 convention were poorly trained whereas cleveland police are
5:46 am
and we can expect protests like this. hundreds gath or said outside candidates and the republican party itself to respond to the flint lead water crisis. >> and we heard about health affects from the tainted water. a michigan woman is bringing up a new concern. she moved to flint in 2014 as they changed the water supply and shortly after, she was pregnant with twines and at five weeks pregnant, she lost a twin to a miscarriage. the other at 13 weeks. after coming home from the hospital, she found a letter from the mailbox laying out the drinking that water. >> and i am like are you serious? i am coming home to losing my babies and it could have been the water that did this? >> officials are investigating if the water crisis caused an flight. -- in flint. >> and north korea is readying
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he wants them ready to fly coming after the u.n. security council posed sanctions against them for the test. they have already had missile interceptors ready to go. the nfl player's association getting grilled. and the attorney did not get to finish it before he was peppered by questions by three judges. the nfl is appealing a september ruling that -- and court experts believe the league could win the appeal. and she's best known for her 1999 world cup celebration and brandy can chastain is hoping to make an impact in another way and donating her brain to researchers, studying concussions and cte. most of the research has been focussed on men and the nfl and she wants more information on how this disease affects women. and kids all over the country are preparing to take
5:48 am
this weekend but this weekend is special. it's the debut of the redesigned organization is of the s.a.t. and the iconic vocab lair questions and tested as a part of reading questions. and the penalty for guessing has been thrown out. at 5:48, and let's look live outside this morning. the clouds are hanging low around downtown cleveland this morning, somara. >> and check that out and we're seeing a lot of cloud coverage and those are some of the snow flurries that are left over on the lakeshore and farther south and that is some good news and they're still in our northeast ohio area and into stone creek and 77 into carol county and you're seeing moderate -- moderate snowfall and roads are slick and not much accumulation about you that happened in the morning hours and you have to
5:49 am
and this is a look. it's pushing to fill up quickly and i give it more time than that and the later portions is where we should see everyone drying out and saturday morning, a chance of snow and into saturday evening and a chance of rain and snow and that is going to be a mixed bag of weather and this is that look at your sunday forecast and that is kind of quieting down and some more sunshine in there and that should be helping things and this is a cold start this morning. thirty in cleveland and 27 in renner; 31 to millersburg. and areas in coshockton and new philadelphia and not warming up much. the highs are a lot and yesterday, warmer in the mid- 30s and this is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast, and showing 35 degrees for friday, saturday, and sunday and moving into the 40s. we have a chance of a precip on saturday and we head into the remainder of the week and that is looking nice out there and
5:50 am
temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s and mid-60s the farther south you go and that is good news. >> and that is. and we have three accidents into our traffic center and the latest one going to impact you the most and this is in akron. 76 eastbound at east market and before the gilchrist market. and that is on the farthest left lane and i will show you 76 in east market and the cops are blocking that area and hopefully they will get this cleared up. it's extra slick in that spot and according to the police, when i called them, they should be there for some sometime and no injuries to tell you about. the accident involving a semi before the gilchrist exit on 76 east. terrence and yacky. and there is one place on this manet. google rejects it and that will
5:51 am
>> and that will propel any career. and our partnerships spotted kayla quinn filming on main street and leaving many folks to speculate she could be the newest bachelorette. and we went to the women's store and her alma mater western reserve and earlier this week, she told bachelor ben she loved him and he didn't say it back and support her home. >> and we know that fuller house, stephanie tanner, will be one of the stars and kim fields will be dancing. . >> true. and we all grow -- two more >> and entertainment tonight said it will be an oc star mischa barton and ginger zee. >> that will be good. >> and i don't believe that one. the show films in l.a. and there is no way she's going to do that with a newborn. l.a. to new york, a six-hour flight.
5:52 am
>> maybe. and we're getting a first look at the abc shows returning this fall. >> and some include the batch lover, of course, and dancing with the stars and fresh off of the boat, agents of shield and once upon a time. and "grey's anatomy," scandal, how to get away with murder and renewed with quantico. >> and some shows still at risk of being cancelled. agent carter, american crime, castle, nashville and galavant. >> not nashville. coming up next, vandals causing thousands in damage. the windows in at least 50 cars. police need your help to track them down. >> and no the too hot or cold. goldilocks finding a bed just right. just not in her house. that story is 60 seconds away. don't miss it.
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. good morning to you. 5:53 and this morning for you, professors at the university of akron prepare to strike. full-time faculty members will take a strike authorization vote on monday. they have been in contract negotiations for more than a year with very little progress and that vote doesn't mean professors will strike but gives leaders the right to call one. and water main breaks affect the university of akron and kent state university this morning and in kent, it shut down the student center. >> and crews repaired the brake last night. and water in the buildings nearby might be discolored. and in akron, a line spewed huge clouds of steam and it cut heat to 40 buildings on campus and they're told to bundle up and this morning, our partners
5:55 am
back on and a good thing. it's cold. and it's cold out there and looking at the radar and that snow is still falling and we got some school closings and delays by two hours and into tuscaroras, crawford, richland and cuyahoga county and download our news net 5 app and this is ending and know whereing up this morning. let's -- and wrapping up this morning and along 77 toward newcomers town and that is in carol county and coming down moderately. again, and by the end of the morning. we will start to see this really wrap up and the hour-by- hour forecast, showing the temperatures in the low to mid- 30s and we should get snow in there. and good morning, somara and three accidents to tell you about and most in the eastern portion of the crewing area. we have one at 140th and lakestore had boulevard and this is at princeton and dirky in the burton area and this is
5:56 am
gilchrist exit and involving a semi. no one is hurt in that area. it's slippery and make sure you're careful. and that is an accident showing still at 76 and east market and that is clearing up soon. and let's get to the story of the morning for many of us in the news on i room. and youem see on 5. and it doesn't necessarily come with a happily ever after. >> and one of the deputies said we have -- we have us a goldilocks here and i guess so. >> he was watching his home for a couple when he discovered a break-in wednesday morning. he crypt up the stairs and that is when the fairytale began. he spotted a woman sound asleep in a bed. >> and had one of their coats on, the covers pulled up and comfortable as can be and all i could see was long, black hair
5:57 am
>> and by the time deputies got there, the 21-year-old was awake and trying to leave. she said she got out of the car because she was concerned her boyfriend was drunk and went to the home for help but it was not her home. >> and she put on the electric blanket. >> and 5:57 now. light talk about cleveland's west side and bursted windows in the tremont neighborhood and this morning, police might be closer to cracking the case. and they're hoping that you recognize the car and if you do, call them. the oldest african-american theatre in the u.s. is making cuts to continue operating. it's coming 13 full-time and two part-time positions in the theatre and administration and operation is staff and temporarily discontinuing the program. and -- they plan a new program in the fall. and a police department
5:58 am
and what experts are saying. >> and setting up shop. donald trump is moving into iwhere he is opening new offices.
5:59 am
. we save lives and sometimes you can't. it's difficult. >> and at 6, cleveland firefighters dealing with their
6:00 am
why the urgent situation is prompting them to reach out to the community. >> and plus, a local educator removed from a classroom for misconduct and parents want answers. >> and first, some of you yarn waking up to a few friday flurries and let's get a check on the weather and traffic together and starting with somara. >> and the snow is tapered watch coming to a stop and some spotty flurries out there. the roads are wet and slick and something into the portions of the viewing area in it us -- tuscaroras county and into 77 and north carol county and this is prompting a few of the school delays. and let's look at the temperatures. 27 degrees in medina; 30 in cleveland and 25 in ashtabula and waking up to 20 degrees and a chilly start and a chilly


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