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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and new details from the live desk. and much more as we get it. and crews putting out a house fire on cross burn and west 1 30th and we learned that cleveland police officers were responding to an alarm in the area when they spotted this fire and when they got there, two people were coming out of the home and iseral officers went upstairs to paycheck up the people inside. a mother, four kids and another person made it out safely and there is no word on what caused the fire. and also overnight, know armed robbery. possibly spanning three crime scenes in lakewood. police investigating at the walgreens on west 117th and detroit and a sign said it's closed until further notice and police on the scene a couple of blocks away at the cvs and three women arrested nearby at a house. a walgreen's bag laying on the ground and not clear how this might be connected but we're getting more information on that and we'll keep you updated. and let's get a check of the weather and this is a look
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let's zoom on in. the clouds areno not there now and this is the thing, the clouds are moving in and making out for a mostly cloudy day and that is the conditions we're dealing with and 40 degrees in cleveland and 41 in menner. good morning, millersburg, you're waking up to 38 degrees and we're off to a chilly start and that is going to get better and this is a look at the improvements for the day and hour, the temperatures rising into the upper 50s and 59 for the high today and a mix of sun and clouds and we're talking about the rain chances later on and our kristen, how are the roads? >> no major issues now. this is what the inner belt looks like and a lot of cars out there at this hour. and i want to talk about some work going on with the opportunity corridor and this is in concord township and lake county and they working on the extension at capital parkway and 44.
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in each direction and something that might get in your way into lake county and also, we're looking fantastic and there are no problems to report. heading outside now, 90 in the shoreway and, again, very comfortable for your early monday morning commute. over to you. and happening, a father due in court accused of killing his three-year-old daughter. the community is trying to figure out why this happened. sarah phinney is live with more. sarah? >> reporter: the girl's father is to be arraigned in a few hours in municipal court. last night, a small group gathered to remember the toddler, saying prayers and lighting candles. haley mike said she brought joy to everyone she met and lit up every room she went into. according to police, haley was found dead friday with cuts and bruises all over her body. her father and his live-in girlfriend are both charged in connection with her death. bender is facing accusations of
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and neither had a criminal history there is a go fund me page set up to help the family cover the funeral expenses and the father is to appear before a judge at 9 and live in canton, sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and for you this morning, students are working with a greater cleveland jewish community to create a positive campus, or a dialogue on campus and this is after the associate professor posted a slu of anti- semitic -- semitic rants. the college president is allowing the professor to keep her job defending her freedom of speech but that her views don't represent the college. and university of akron getting slack for -- flack for hiring a search firm. they sent a seven-page letter to the firm calling for a search for a new president and rather than a -- [ indiscernible ] the same one elected current president as a finalist.
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over why they gave him a vote of no confidence. and professors at the university of akron prepare to strike and full-time faculty members will steak a strike authorization vote today and they have been in contact negotiations for more than a nor with -- year with little congress. it doesn't mean they will strike but gives them a right to call one. and we will learn more about cleveland clinic's groundbreaking uterus transplant today. they successfully comet ploughed the first uterus caption atlanta last month and this morning, the doctors behind it will discuss what is ahead. and they will speak at 10:00 a.m. at the intercontinental hotel. >> and the race for the white house, we're monitoring primary results coming in. on the democrat side, big wins for bernie sanders. he took maine, kansas, and nebraska and hillary clinton wins louisiana bringing her
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and now for the job job, donald trump won kentucky and louisiana leading with 384 delegates. hot on his heels with 300 is ted cruz who takes maine and kansas. and we're in the -- in the race for the white house, the candidates faced off in flynt, michigan -- fli in, t, michigan. the battleground has significance and both candidates seem eager to make their message stand out for his role, sanders and clinton called for the resignation of the republican governor. >> and his dereliction of duty was irresponsible. he should resign. >> i want us to have an absolute commitment to getting rid of lead. >> and right now, hillary clinton has a large lead in pledge delegates but michigan is the prize tomorrow with 147
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nearly as many as all four states combined this weekend. meantime, the republican presidential candidates are looking to ohio for march 15th. donald trump has a rally in cleveland and it's set for 2:00 p.m. next saturday at the ix center and doors open at 11 a.m. you must register for the online. >> the second one. and traffic cameras are causing more drama in our area. a fight over ticket signs. the battle is between a citizens group and the city. they're issuing tickets and that is because ohio has a law banning traffic cameras and at an east cleveland, there is no officer on the scene. >> and i am just a regular guy going through work and still like i am being harassed here
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needs is they need to find other ways to generate revenue. >> on the other hand, east cleveland city officials argue the new law is a violation of the state constitution and they're challenging it until it's resolved. the traffic cameras are staying put. and this morning for you, the lorain county sheriff putting out a hoaxed warning. they say a message is be passed around by students and closed due to a threat by isis. it includes a link to the schools closed and that sends out a pornographic image. check the school's website for closing information and check our news net 5 app. and to a serious case of falls. more than $48,000 was taken from the keybank account. someone in oregon used his driver's license matching his name to withdraw the money. the bank's fraud department is investigating this. legal trouble is not
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he was spotted in vegas this weekend with unfamiliar cases. scott disick posted this photo of the two hanging out at a night club and this photo of manziel and brown's player, recognize that guy? josh gordon at a ufc event and social media. he's still facing possible domestic violence charges stemming from an incident with his ex-girlfriend. >> and 5:08 now. and fighting childhood cancer, getting a big boost from northeast ohio. >> ahead, raising more than $105,000 at least 150 people they cut off all of their hare for the foundation. the proceeds from the event will benefit a fund created in memory of rebecca meyer. she was only six years old when she died from brain cancer. and today, cleveland police and firefighters will face off for a good cause and they will battle in a pancake eating contest to raise awareness for the free pancake day, raising money for the children's miracle network.
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the time on your monday morning is 5:08. i'm jackie fernandez. >> and i'm terrence lee and we morning. a member. >> and watching your favorite shows sounds like fun. why it's anything but binge and could leave with you the blues.
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. welcome back. breaking overnight from the live desk. the day before the two-year anniversary of the disappear of malaysia air flight mh-370. dozens of families filing suits against the airline in a court. 239 people were on board when that plane vanished. the authorities say it went down in the southern indian ocean. relatives requesting from 755,000 to $1.23 million in compensation. and right now, skies over the u.s -- flags are at half- staff to honor nancy reagan.
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country are expected to fall suit and condolences pour in as the nation mourns her death. she died sunday morning from heart failure. she was 94 years old and she will be buried next to her husband at the reagan presidential library. and one day before her death, ron ron's son en-- ronald reagan's son endorsed kasich for republican. >> and they claim the label of reagan conservative but most do not live up to his father's principles and called john kasich the exception. >> and that kasich will continue his father's legacy. >> and wagner was fired and police arrested him in november for allegedly checking and punching a -- choking and punching a woman. he started working for kasich's campaign the same month and they did not know about the charges until a reporter called on saturday and he was immediately fired.
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and a father and daughter grateful to be alive after the plane crash. and they have the emergency parachute to thank. >> they were returning from a college tour when something went wrong. >> and coming from the university of rhode island and something went wrong. >> and we landed. >> and they landed feet from the building and both walked away with just a couple of scratches. and the university where doc doc went to school -- dzhokhar tsarnaev is saying no to hollywood. >> the school will not allow the production. the production would be too disruptive to staff and students. that movie will star boston native mark wahlberg and chronicle the boston bombings. dzhokhar tsarnaev returned to the dorm room after the bombings and taking time to get rid of evidence. a man credited for a missing e-mail died. ray tomlinson has direct e-mail
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for a technology tomorrow in -- while working a technology firm in boston. he was inducted into the internet hall of fame in 2012. he was 74. and right now, iditarod mushers are making their way across alaska. the competitive sled dogs race will include a nearly thousand- mile course over dangerous terrain. the winner is expected to cross the finish line in eight days. >> spent look at the screen now. you recognize any of the people? taking the polar plunge in michigan? this is in chicago. for a second year in a row, you guessed it. that is lady gaga and her fiance. -- fiance. they took part to raise money for the special olympic and raised $1.5 million. the air temperature was 40 degrees, much warmer than years past. and here at home, warming up, too, somara. >> and definitely. that is in our forecast. and this is what you need to know. we're talking about the clouds and this wind and we're talking about the rain. i will break it down for you right now.
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satellite and with clearing. here it is in that gray overshadowing. we're getting cloud coverage moving into northeast ohio and mainly cloudy and some filtered sunlight in there. for the most part, we're looking at clouds and we talked about conditions, talk about the winds and 12 miles per hour in elyria and 49 miles an hour in cleveland and gusts in there about 32 miles an hour and we're getting hit hard every now and then by a breeze and current temperatures, 37 degrees in medina and 40 in leafland; 41, menner and into lewisberg and coshockton and expect the chill start and remembering here in northeast ohio this is where we finish the day the time of the -- this time of the year and as we push forward, i want you to notice a time stamp there and 6:45 a.m. and we have clouds moving in and a mainly cloudy day and a chance of showers and later on this evening, pretty quick in and out and a nice brush of
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we are talking clean, though, and here it is. i want to talk about your temperatures for tuesday and reaching into the upper 50s and the upper 60s by tomorrow. and are you digging that? this is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast and as we go into this warming trend, it's not like we're ending this. this is an all-week occasion. >> and i am excited about that and looking at our camera now and this is 90. you can see the city in the background. a beautiful early monday morning. not a lot of problems on the roads early -- earth. we have a couple of things to tell you about. there are two working house firers the map. this is west 130th and crossburn and they have closures because of that and that is closed between bennington and into enterprise and that is west 130th and these are in cleveland's west side, another at west 122nd and north and south on west 122nd and ending in that immediate area, spoke with cleveland
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they will last and not seeing major accidents to tell you about but we're looking fine on the inner belt and moving along. nothing huge is going on now. very early and that is the good news. all right, over to jackie and terrence. >> 5:18 and trending this morning, two brothers from pennsylvania played the powerball and they won. >> there is a big difference in their prizes. james' is for more than $291 million bob's on the left there, yes, just $7. and that is not a printing error. they bought their tickets on the way back from a fishing trip in georgia. james is a judge and he was eating out of a restaurant and realized he won and paid for everybody's breakfast. >> and hopefully james shares some with bob. he has plenty of it, right. an animal steps up the selfie game and can be in one place, los angeles. look at the photos in the l.a. zoo. you see this tiger looking
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tiger but a giraffe and that is a type-o, sorry, folks. the google teamed up with the zoo to install the motion sensor cameras. this is what i like. you see the eyes? they're fierce there. google has the cameras there and they automatically snap a photo when an animal comes near it and there are many cute photos, including this one of a slotting chilling. that is my favorite. >> a slotting for the win, of course. >> and i love that. did you spend the weekend binge watching house of cards? i know a lot of people do. somara would be one of them. >> did you? >> i did not binge watch it. >> okay. >> and if you finished the episodes and can't figure out what to do with yourself, you're not alone. turns out binge watching, goodness, are big. texas a&m study saying it's linked to feelings of loneliness and depression and that people who binge watch may not be able to control
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>> and that is true on see many fronts. i will speak for somara. >> and was -- i can't remember now. >> oh,. >> and i watched them -- you watched them and can't remember the show and sitting there with the branches watching your eyes turn red. >> and the memory.
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accident free now as we zoom in and a construction reminder for everybody in cuyahoga county. they're doing work on the opportunity corridor project, and that is a woodland avenue resurfacing work happening. right lane closed between east 110th and east 89th. be careful in the area and that is part of the morning commute. and we're looking okay. 77 looks great, 490 and 71 and backups won't start for any longer. the live look the at 90 and just gorgeous outside. the weather is not getting in your way and somara's been talking about how it's gushy and beautiful this morning. >> and i know. throughout the day, these are live pictures and going to get better and better as far as temps, go and you can't feel that and let's talk about what is going on right now. you're waking up mostly clear conditions and you head outside
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be seeing a nice sunrise and the clouds are filtering in and we're looking at a mostly and mainly cloudy kind of day. some sunshine is in there in terms of precip and talk about the rain chance and there is a slight chance of rain and quick throughout your monday and this glass flipped. clearly, nonetheless, we'll be seeing rain chances go up on this thursday and we will see them decrease into the weekend. that is a look at the forecast. over to you. and 5:24 right now. this is a first for apple. over the weekend, its customers were targeted by a campaign. the first-ever campaign against mac users. ransomware is one of the fast of the growing threats and the encrypted data on infected machines and asks users to pay ransoms and hard to trace digital currentsy to retrieve the data. amazon is coming to akron. the retailer will be near the
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allow you to pick up or return orders. and members can do one-day pickup. and new this morning, panasonic wants to change the way we cook. they're creating a countertop induction. rather than using a flame or electronic heating source, it will create a electromagnetic field and use less energy and doesn't require preheat time and there is no word when this will hit stores. >> and coming up on your monday morning, all of the political news you missed this weekend, including -- [ indiscernible ] and let's look at the numbers.
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. a kent toddler found dead in her home and her father is due in court to face murder charges. >> and ohio's own action hero. governor kasich returns home and picks up a big endorsement and first, let's start with weather and traffic together. week. >> a great week ahead of us and forecast. let's take a tour and a few cities this morning. sandusky, the high storied if -- for today, 58 degrees and and ashland, 61 degrees there and 60 in wooster is expected. we're seeing some sunshine and
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cloudy, 59 degrees and in westlake, 60 near cleveland and 61 in parma and canton, 62 degrees for the high today and looking at the low 60s and the high is 59 and that is what we're reporting. i am going for it at the airport. you know, we're seeing a nice warm-up here. and that south wind is helping things out. i checked the temperatures in the south and in charleston. 65 degrees now. and thank you so much, somara and looking at the traffic predictor. this shows us what traffic conditions will look like the next four hours. you see our time clock there and you see the yellow, the reds, reds being the most the cars backed up and yellow. a slowdown and we're seeing slowdowns on 90. i would say from west 65th into the city and 71 goes well before the road and there you go. you see it there and this is showing us what traffic conditions will like like the
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and outside, light go for a live look at 90 and still calm and comfortable. that can change and as we head into rush hour. over to corrina. and thank you. breaking news coming in for the live desk here. you're looking at live pictures. firefighters working to put out their second fire of the morning and this is at west 122nd and lorain. you see the crews still working on this fire, working to put out hotspots and we'll keep you updated on that and new details on their first fire of the morning. this is on cross burn and west 130th. we learned the cleveland police officers were responding to an alarm in the area when they spotted the fire and when they got there, two people were coming out of the home and several officers went upstairs to wake up the people inside. a mother and four kids made it out safely. and overnight, a robbery, possibly spanning three crime
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police investigating at the wall gripes on west 117th and detroit. they were robbed by gunpoint by two men dressed in all black and got away with an unknown amount of cash and police spotted one of the suspects and were not able to catch him. and police on scene a couple of blocks away. they're investigating how this might be connected and we'll keep you updated, terrence. a father is due in court facing murder charges for the death of his three-year-old daughter. >> and the community is coming together to remember little hail, making sure her memory is -- haley, making sure her memory is not lost in this tragedy. sarah fenny has more. >> reporter: family members will miss the toddler with all of their hearts. her father set to be arraigned in municipal court. the three-year-old was found dead friday with cuts and bruises all over her body. her dad, 22-year-old matthew
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her death. history. a small group gathered last night to remember haley. family members are asking for prayers for her and her siblings. >> and she's happy. put a smile on everyone's face and -- remember every time she came in. >> and there is a go fund me page set up to help cover funeral expenses. her father is to be arraigned before a judge at 9 this morning and live in canton, sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and the man accused of hitting a cyclist and driving off starts in chardon today. the police say he hit a 26-year- old college student on the bike, left the scene and lied to police and 911 dispatchers about what happened. he was driving with a suspended license at the time. the bike ryder cited for failure to yield. you can expect to see a huge crowd at the city council meeting.
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the proposal to get rid of the village police department. and that move, the mayor said, would save them $81,000 a year and they would be covered by madison township police. and if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- . >> excuse me, i am talking. >> the dereliction of duty. >> with the stakes high, tempers flare at the democratic presidential candidate faceoff for the latest debate in flint, michigan. the auto trade a hot topic after thousands of manufacturing jobs move leave seas and a new poll has clinton with a double-digit lead over bernie sanders and michiganers are not the only ones hadding to the poll. mississippi is set for the republican and democratic primary and idaho and a republican caucus in hawaii. and our primary is the following tuesday, march 15th. >> and that means we're 8 days
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both sides will be in ohio for last-minute campaigning. hillary clinton will be in cleveland tuesday night and is scheduled to speak at a rally at cuyahoga community college at 7:00. we have a link to rsc is -- rsvp. and ohio governor john case sick scheduled to visit broadview heights. he has a rally where the former california governor arnold schwarzenegger announced he's endorsing kasich for president. >> and i want john kasich to be the next president of the united states. >> thank you, arnold. love you, man. >> and that is from arnold's snapchat. kasich drew a big crowd in the event and said that positive is key to winning the race. 5:34. new this morning, lorain county's fbi office is closing down. the local office will shut down in april, despite police and local law enforcement to keep it open. the decision is to close the office related to budget issues and concerns but they will
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with police agencies in the county. and ohio is in a state of decline. the overall average household income in the state dropped more than the national average since 2000. and ohio's the second largest in the nation, fallling from 19th highest income to 35th. ohio lost over 400,000 private sector jobs. a majority of the state's new jobs were in the sector with generally low wages. >> and right now, police are looking for a stolen car belonging to the sun of cleveland's police chief. officers said calvin williams jr. left the 20 heaven silver impala running at the gas station on lakeland boulevard and someone took off in it. a gun was in the car at the time. reports that that belongs to williams jr. and it's not known if he had a permit for it. and two cleveland teenagers are on the run.
5:36 am
connection. and cleveland police -- two other suspects carjack a woman on east 116th. and the other two were last seen driving a stolen 2009 mercury milan. morning the death of nancy reagan. she will be laid to rest. >> and we'll have peanuts, the key to preventing obesity. >> and a spring like protest ahead tomorrow. >> and that is right. we're going to look up at that soon.
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good morning. welcome back. check it out. akron-canton there is no green on the screen and pretty much clear, but we have clouds moving in and you're in for a cloudy day like the rest of us. where cleveland has it warm, akron-canton has it warmer and this is a look at the forecast today. highs around 61 degrees and a slight chance of showers this evening and over to you. and part of a brand new workweek and go grocery shopping. >> yeah. >> andive you why are, this is something to couple. you can start the week off right by eating more fruits and veggies. >> and they say you're supposed to eat more than 1 cup of fruit
5:40 am
many americans don't do that and said -- add them to your cereal, soup and yogurt and how about featuring a different veggie every week. >> and cauliflower. if you're graving something nutty instead and watching your weight, peanuts and peanut butter can help you drop pounds. according to a new study, eating a snack three to four times a week lowers your body mass index. bmi and they followed middle school children and believe the findings may hold the key to childhood obesity. >> and this is the thing, not everyone can eat peanuts. introduce peanuts into your child's diet early in life. british scientists have been working on this for years and said babies fed peanuts or peanut butter in the first year are 74% less likely to develop an allergy and that it's important to talk to your pediatrician before giving your
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>> and somebody the number one step there. and 5:40 now on your monday. a challenge to the first amendment. how a lawsuit over a sex tape could change the celebrity news you read on mind. >> and tender letting you hook up your friends. >> what? >> and a spring like week is on tap. another check on weather and
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. it's 5:44. and breaking overnight, our sister station in columbus just reporting a suspect is in custody after a nearly four- hour standoff with newark police. and we'll keep you updated on that and i will switch up my monitor with brand new video coming come out of sidney. a triple shooting at a factory in australia leading to a seven- hour standoff. the gunman is dead after shooting himself. another man is also killed. three hostages rescued from the building here and two men were shot and one undergoing emergency surgery. jackie. and corrina to the morning top stores, condolences continue to pour in for one of the nation's midwest memorable first ladies.
5:45 am
on sunday morning and a family spokesman said that heart failure was the cause. she married ronald reagan in 1952 and is remembered for bringing hollywood glamour to the white house. her crewade against the love they shared. >> and the love between the two of them would start all over again. >> and she'll be laid to rest next to her husband at the reagan presidential library in california. and former president jimmy carter is done with the cancer treatment. he told the sunday school class he teaches in georgia and he had an aggressive form that spread to his liver and brain. the doctors will continue to perform scans see the cancer doesn't return. and opening statements start in the hulk hogan trial against hulk gawker. whether he's suing for invasion of privacy.
5:46 am
2012, and is asking for $100 million in damages. the site claims that he is a public figure and the sex tape is newsworthy and is expected to testify in the case. and peyton manning will officially announce he's tiring today. he has played 18 seasons and four super bowl trips and won two titles. he will have a space in the hall of fame and this announcement is expected to happen at the denver broncos headquarters. and donald trump getting help from his old buddy bill belichick and this is posted by his girlfriend over the weekend. they had dipper with trump in florida after the primary wins on saturday. and ump and the patriots have been connected for years and he's friends with the owner robert craft. and last season, tom brady kept a make america great again campaign hat in his locker. and the attorneys for bo berghdahl wants to meet with
5:47 am
and on the campaign trail, trump has been calling him a trader. his attorneys want to interview trump about the statements and said that the defense team may end up deposing him. and parts of california are bracing for more severe weather and the storms have triggered floods and forced water rescues in san francisco. thousands of people in the los angeles area don't have power this morning after strong winds knocked down trees and power lines. farther north, a winter storm warning is in affect in the sierra nevada mountains. the forecasters predicting more than 3 feet of snow will fall by this morning and that is not what it looks like here. >> and the exact opposite. and this is a live look of canton. no rain falling or snow falling. i would say we're good and factoring in the temperatures today and that is a bonus. and we have clouds to talk about and that is going to be windy out there and gusty. we're talking about rain entering the forecast. not only today but throughout the midweek.
5:48 am
and we have been clear. the clouds are creeping into northeast ohio and we are out for a cloudy day. a lot of clouds out there. and we will get some sunshine being filtered through and as far as winds go, 12 miles an hour in elyria and we're talking about 12 in canton and that is someone in a few spots about you there is going to be gusts as you head out of the door and that is 32 miles an hour wind gusts and temperatures are 40 degrees in cleveland. and this is the real weather maker and 42 in menner; 37, ravena and that is a chilly start and throughout the day, we'll start to get improvements and at 7:15 a.m. point, you can see the temperatures in the 40s on the rise already and clouds continuing the push in. we'll get a good amount of clouds. into the evening, you see that chance of rain into the forecast again and that is quick, in and out, light showers. light to moderate showers and
5:49 am
hey, i am like, you know, a tuesday and this is even better. upper 60s for your tuesday. let's look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast and see how long this great weather is lasting. is it too good to be true? i think not. we're seeing the temps in the upper 60s by tomorrow and throughout the mid-week. we do have some rain in the mid- week forecast. wednesday into thursday, and picking up a few inches as well and we'll talk about that later on and just enjoy today. upper 50s and over to you, kristen. >> and isn't that a special treat? it's hard to wake up. and we're looking okay. however, we have a couple of working fires on cleveland's west side and this is in cross burn and west 130th and side streets are closed and farther northwest, 122nd and lorain. another house fire there and
5:50 am
of lorain. and 76 and 77, checking in fine and go to state route 8 and back to you. the cavaliers wrapping up their home stand after crushing the wizards and celtics. special supporter. robinson suffered multiple strokes and said his one wish was to go to another cavs game n. february, lebron support him tickets with one signed shoe. and we captain sign off this video in the newsroom. a blogger performing surgery on two unlike lille -- unlikely patients. that is a bar there placed inside of a three musketeer --
5:51 am
and look at how they removed the fluffy insides with a scalpel and pair of tweezers and this final im-- final inflammation video has 500,000 views on youtube and there is one there that he calls a >> okay. >> and that places chocolate >> and very nice. there is great movement there and such control. if anyone from the cleveland clinic is watching, let us know what you think, if they're good technical moves, you know? and flavor flave is in the house. >> you're going to see how he does it in a second and high is in salt lake city, utah, and having them give him a forecast. i try to do this impression, watch. >> yeah, boy, yeah, and -- i really hear you, you know what i'm saying? you see it there and that is in
5:52 am
degrees and -- take it here. >> yeah. we get it and he originally stopped by to talk about how important it is to stay in school and they're like you're here for this interview and it's fun to do. >> and you can see her face. friends and playing matchmaker? tender is about to become a virtual matchmaker. >> and adding a share button. right now, it's being tested out and let's you send a profile to a friend. >> oh. and they have an opportunity to swipe yes or no and see if you have a match and share, the share will come to you through a link and text message and that link will disappear after 72 hours. >> and, you know, another app, bumble, which is one where you match the girl from the
5:53 am
told me they have a new feature on that where you can use it to find friends. and that is a bff finder. i like that, too and they're innovative and i wonder come will catch up. >> and that is why married couples are together. why not do it on tender now. >> i like that. and an ohio village is about to vanish. >> and why residents may vote -- and thanks but no thanks. the university where a marathon bomber went to school does no the want hollywood on campus. that story is 60 seconds away
5:54 am
. good morning and welcome back. take a look at the current temperatures. forty degrees to start in cleveland and this is our normal high. and we're starting off warm, right?
5:55 am
35, coshockton and many of you picked up the smartphone and said the upper 50s, low 60s and i am here to confirm that today. we're heading in that direction. the highs in the upper 50s and look at the day planner. notice how we're not seeing snow or rain but some clouds. and a lot of clouds out there and again, we're in the upper 50s. >> and back to you. >> and thank you. and a reminder. a traffic alert and we're working on the extension on 44 and the road between auburn and and in each direction. we have work to tell you about in cuyahoga county, woodland avenue and this area is -- the right lane between east 110th and east 89th and that is the westbound lane and check out 480 if we can and traffic is
5:56 am
and that is the woman right- hand camera on the screen. 5:56 right now and today, grants are up for grabs to help improve relationships. and the ohio office said local and state governments can apply for up to $30,000 that money will go toward different communities and that is enhance and create the stronger protection. and one week after the pastor was killed. the schedule was fatal shot and flew in from l.a. and it won't stop the church from moving forward. >> and people, you know, had their moments and people --
5:57 am
member and -- to move on and have services as normal as possible. >> he pleaded not guilty to murder charges. >> and we we're working to learn how a child was injured on the cleveland metro park toboggan chutes in strongsville. and this happened after six on saturday night. that child was treated and released from the hospital. the park officials tell us they offered sent and assistance to the child and the family. the toboggan chutes are closed for this season. a tiny western village along the ohio river could vote to dissolve itself this month, after a flood in 1997, more than half of the population in ohio was forced out. a recent funding cuts to the local government made by the governor and local lawmakers severely restricted finances. voters will decide on the primary and will face a court- ordered desolution from the state auditor's office. and a group of firefighters are burning up fort myers beach. and they looking good. the group have been singing and
5:58 am
children's charity and have done doing it for nearly 30 years. last year, they raised more than $10,000 looking good, fellows. love that. and ticket refusing to pay thousands of fines. why they say the tickets are illegal. >> and in vegas without the disguise, johnny manziel not slowing down. those stories and more next for
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