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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  March 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a violent night on cleveland's west side, three homicide investigations. and a school shut down after bed bugs spotted in classrooms. first let's get a check of that forecast. good morning. >> good morning. so we're here's a look, and all of this is headed our way.
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restricted to ashtabula county across the lakeshore down into mansfield. heaviest of the rain and it's still not heavy by any means but moderate in lorain, so this morning seeing some of the darker greens on the radar. this is going to be a very damp and wet day. in terms of temperatures, you're like okay, does this mean we have to lose the great temperatures we've been seeing, we're going to stay throughout the 50s. not quite as warm as yesterday but not too bad. still mild and the warmth will return. we'll talk about that in that 7-day forecast but for now how the roads? looking pretty good. you mentioned the rain so extra slick especially on that east side. 90 eastbound i'll keep a close eye as the morning goes but for now it's really quiet out there.
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ride takes you into the city. at 71 you can kind of make out the sheen be on the roadways. so shiny and wet. over to you guys. 7 people shot on the city's west side in less than 9 houfrmts we begin with the most recent. this was the scene of a double shooting at daily bar. the two victims had already taken themselves to the hospital when police got there. both us. that followed a violent night on the west side of the city. police investigating two homicides. this one happening near west 58th around 9 last night. one died before he could go to the hospital, the other two were taken to metro. and an hour before that two men shot here police only finding one of he
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stomach and neck and died at the hospital. now, someone else had taken the other guy to the hospital. this morning the teenager -- a teenager is safe after being kidnaped from cleveland. >> you'll hear how they escaped only on 5. a convicted sex offender grabbed her from the train station at the superior stop. dragged her around town for hours and tried to sell her for sex and tried to force her to take drugs and here's what she did to escape. she got the eye of a restaurant worker who are called 911. >> there's no telling how many victims will come forward and say hey, i ran be into him. he had my hair like this and pulling me back or pulling me whoever he was going. >> the suspect carlos brown 26 years old.
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on probation for corruption of a minor. happening today bed bugs shut down alliance high. the entire building will be inspected and chemically treated today. a statement posted on the district's website says 4 bed bugs were found over the last four school days at the high school so a pest control has already inspected and treated the rooms. the superintendent says the discoveries do not mean the school is infested. they likely came from outside of the school and they don't pose dangers to the students aside from being a nuisance. also students at youngstown east high school going back to class. they'll be returning in small groups over a big fight over a pair of shoes tuesday. officers were called in tuesday using pepper are spray. a cleveland man who fatally shot another at a bar is to be sentence this had morning.
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21-year old was found guilty of aggravated murder charges. the bar shut down after this and several other violent crimes in the last two years. and that bar where the murder took place is set to reopen. neighbors not happy about this decision. >> reporter: well, after a string of violence in and around club fly high as you mentioned in the last several years a judge recently order that had that are bar could reopen, but neighbors who live in the area wonder if conditions will make a difference at all. now, the club has been witness of two murders since 2013, one man killed outside and in january of 2015 another murder inside forcing city officials to shut it down. but now a judge says the bar's owner can reopen as
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of the bar and has hired security guards onsite, operating surveillance cameras. now, neighbors like brian howard wonder if that will affect the violence. >> it won't change. >> we spoke to the owner who told us he is an active member in the community, and says that he will open something just not clear what and when he will do . still ahead how the governor is feeling the burn. >> and do you feel like you're your dna. temperatures in the 50s. we going to be warming up like we were yesterday. that's a good
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and rain after we come back from break. you're watching good
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this is the setup that we're dealing with this morning, cold front. in front of it we've got rain. let's focus on the rain. zooming in all right. so here's who's waking up to showers right now. as i said earlier pockets like akron canton, and it is coming down a little bit heavier in some areas than most. the darker greens just off of lorain
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again this is moderate. how much rain we talking as we head throughout the day? more than likely not more than an inch and a half of rain but it's going to make for a slick and wet morning commute. >> thank you. well in health news this morning doctors at the cleveland clinic say their study on uterus transplants will continue even after the first ever done surgery in the u.s. failed. doctors removed the implanted uterus after the woman had complications. the clinic has nine other transplants planned. more than 200 people went to the hospital the last week of february that's more than double the week before but the number of cases this year is down. well, do you sometimes feel
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money at work. well you may be able to blame your dna. >> a new stud says short men and overweight women could have it the worst. so for the study the researcher only looked at people's genes and family income and nutrition did not impact the results and found for men a guy who is is 3 inches shorter than another man would make about $1,600 less a year. okay and for women height didn't impact success but weight did. a woman who is about 14 pounds heavier than average will make about $1,600 less per year. researchers say they hope their work will help scientists look into it.
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to the north stopping by for super. the white house preparing for the first day dinner. and a look at the second most interesting man in the world. after ten years the actor is raising his last glass. so who will replace him. that's
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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(a recess was taken.)ing overnight, the heaviest rainfall in eastern texas, arkansas and here in louisiana. some people losing everything in the floods. the governor declaring a state of emergency and calling into the national guard. the flooding threat stretches from
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well in the race for the white house a pivotal moment, hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking the stage. sanders is back pedalling his stance on on lynn's ongoing email scandal. the steaks high for both of them and neither held back any punches >> if you get indicted -- >> oh for goodness. that is not going to happen i'm not even answering that question. >> the next big test for both of them will come tuesday when democrats and republicans vote in florida, illinois, north carolina and ohio. >> and for the gop the latest poll show john kasich with a five point lead over donald trump. trump has 29, cruz 19.
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say they could windup voting for another candidate. and he had an unchecked visitor, one of the his rivals showing up here. a bernie sanders impersonator in the crowd. >> on behalf of all the american people i want to thank you for bringing a little class to the republican debates. hold on, hold on let me finish. i'm not talking billion fair clients but regular clients. >> thank you, bernie. >> they took a selfie. >> i like that, the old flip phone. for the second day former first lady nancy reagan is lying in repose.
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set for tomorrow before she will be buried next to her husband at a hillside tomb. canadian prime minister and his family in washington, d.c. of day two of their three-day visit but their two year old son already making the show. he was pictured making faces and tonight he's attending a star studded state dinner, the first for a canadian leader in nearly 20 years, and this little son just wearing sneakers looking so cute. and the dinner will feature vegetables from an ohio farm. >> the white house did not reveal the specific farm but they did reveal the menu.
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lamb chops, de dessert pecan are you hungry now? >> i am so hungry. let's go ahead and take a look right now at the weather headlines. we're in for a damp it's going to be so much cooler tomorrow than what we've been seeing but don't worry the warm up returns. stepping off camera because i want to go and do a little bit of a radar tour. this morning lake ashtabula in the darker greens, and then we head on over down towards mansfield, you can kind of see the darker greens your way. so we're going to be seeing on and off rain as for akron and canton i know you're in the dry and in the clear now
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much longer. how much rain we expecting? about between 1 to 2 inches, the timing on this rain, again like i said, it's sticking around throughout much of the day. you can see we start to develop not just dark greens but yellows meaning heavier rain at times and then this afternoon it should be more widespread meaning everybody should be seeing it. it will start to decrease though for your friday. that's when things improve. by friday we will start to see the temperatures drop though for now they're in the upper 50s to start. we'll be in the 50s throughout much of the day. your power 5, 7-day forecast, it is a little bit cooler but notice we rebound very quickly over the weekend. >> i enjoyed yesterday so much. all right. we are issue free right now. taking a look at 77 and 71, 77 right now all
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speeds not seeing any problems. and 480 eastbound clocking in at 63 miles per hour. let's take a look at our odot camera showing shine on the highway this morning. it's raining and you need to be extra careful. well getting out of town seems to be good for the cavaliers. they played late last night to beat the kings. 120 to 111. the coach blaming himself for love's struggles shuffle. love? well the browns staying quiet during the first day of the new year. >> johnny manzel still here.
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san diego. schwartz is heading to kansas city after the browns pulled their deal with him. well let's take a look at what's trending this morning. you've already seen the new barbies, what about ken? >> what about ken or steve? that's the african american one, by the way. well, any way meet normal ken, the toy maker created the total based on a 19-year old man. you can see no rock hard abs here. this doll is a little more realistic they say. >> i like that, okay. it looks good. >> okay. i might rear the story behind this picture too. >> okay you all remember this guy right, the hot felon, yes
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went viral with people photo shopping and creating memes. he served his time and went to jail and now he's out. his agents saying they're considering so many options here from movies to modelling. and he was in jail for weapons charges and served his time. and who doesn't know this guy he is like the james bond of beer >> but just like hollywood replaces 007 every few years the same is about to happen to this guy. >> i don't always drink beer but when i do i prefer -- >> yeah, he had a good run nearly 10 years but say goodbye to the most interesting man in the world. before that this guy is going out in style. his final add starts airing today.
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and i love this, his parting words stay thirsty, my friends. >> they say they want to bring something fresh. >> we should put in your application. let's take a look at how
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good morning and welcome back.
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rain this morning. areas like mansfield and ashland good morning. we should see the rain pick up in the next half hour or so so it will become from light to more moderate. this is the later portion of the day, the afternoon. so around lunchtime it will be raining and after lunch it will still be raining. temperatures going to be in the mid-are mid to upper 50s today. temperatures in the 40s and i have really good news about the warm air returning. we're going to talk about that a little later. >> to be clear it will be raining, we got it. new this morning for you a former akron children's hospital nurse is facing felony charges after getting caught stealing prescription pain-killers while on duty.
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admitted to stealing fentanyl because dealers mixing it with heroin it's been in the news lately. she is out on bond and due back in court on the 25th. the university is going to make the campus smoke and tobacco free by july 1st, 2017. it is limited now to 20 feet away from buildings. and get excited cheese and chocolate lovers because reports a new location is being opened closer to cleveland. the now store is going to be in summit county so you can get all the cheese and chocolate you want.
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twinsburg new photo scandal >> and you're never too old to get your high school diploma. we meet a woman crossing the stage 7 decades later. that's ahead at 5 for you on good
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. violence on cleveland's west side, i've got the latest. and our team is spread out across northeast ohio to help you get ready for the day. first a check on weather and traffic together. >> good morning. we enjoyed some great weather yesterday. the past few days have been great especially since it's not quite spring yet, but here's a look at what we're waking up to this morning showers being pulled in from the southwest. so yes, this is on its way towards us. let's zoom in,


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