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tv   Live on 5  ABC  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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have a wonderful weekend. >> we will see you tomorrow at four,. newschannel 5 starts now. >> as a mother, i am terrified basically to have to talk to my elementary student about drugs. >> tonight all new at five, a weapon for parents in the fight against rising heroin use in >> talking about tests that can be kept out of the public eye and in your hands to help a child in need. investigator jonathan walsh joins us in medina. that have suspicions about their kids. >> reporter: parents need to know this is an option. >> we will flip your hair over. >> reporter: angela demonstrated a test examining
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she has seen an increase in positive drug results. >> unfortunately i have seen it here in my facility, children as young as two being exposed to drugs. >> it includes 8000 tests, screenings for cocaine, marijuana, opiates, meth and on and on. parents come in curious about their children. >> it is better to test and know that they were wrong and it comes out negative or the out positive. >> there are times that the lab. >> we guide them into the process and we help them understand that mom or dad is just concerned for them. >> rapid drug screens dug with urine costs $49 and hair tests $189 but the hair gives you a ninety day past history of drug use and privacy is protected.
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health record. we don't report it to the police department or anything like that. >> and angela suggests that if you do bring your child by the lab don't say you are coming, say, hey, we have to swing by a place. that way there is less resistance for parents trying children. the police came to my door at 1:00 in the morning. and said my son was gone. >> tonight inclusive abc investigation david muir is giving us a look at the heroin epidemic. we have a preview at 5:15. a cleanup under way in the construction site for american greeting. no word on how it started but newschannel 5 wanted to know who is responsible for the propane tank that caught fire and exploded in this busy
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megan hickey has been at the site and joins us with updates. there today. >> that's right. and much of the debris remains roped off and still untouched to give you a sense of where we are. we are clear across the street from where the explosion happened and at least 14 teams of investigators on the scene trying to figure out what went wrong. >> a piece of shrapnel in front of the doors of the crocker park la fitness. a reminder of yesterday's booming explosion. >> it looked like a bomb off. >> there was smoke and fire and a piece of shrapnel landed in frost of the front door of la fit in the. >> the construction crew was replaced with teams of investigation. none would comment on their initial findings. although a construction worker
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heard about issues with the 1000-gallon propane tanks in the past. >> i heard there were some leaks. >> we confirmed that a ameri gas owned the tanks. many workers said how lucky they were that no one was injured. >> such an adrenalin rush and i am happy i got out of there alive. >> i received a response from the tanks. they keep them maintained in accordance with fire safety standards and that working with the state fire marshal. megan hickey, newschannel 5. an akron hospital security guard stabbed on the job last month walked out of rehab to a cheering crowd.
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injuries when a psychiatric 18th. 33-year-old andrew wallace pulled a knife and stabbed the unarmed guard in the stomach. belcher thanked his co-workers recovery at home. enforcement agencies have adopted new standards when it comes to use of deadly force by police. the new standards allows officers to use deadly force when defending themselves or other people from serious injury or death. the first four agencies to adopt the standards are medina, cold water and colerain police department and the montgomery county sheriff's departments. all of them must adopt the standards by next year. >> it is official. johnny manziel is out. the browns released the troublesome quarterback after two drama filled and disappointing seasons. brown used first-round pick in
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he was a texas a and m standout star. johnny football was his sheikh nimr al-nimr and in his procareer he became better known for his parting lifestyle off of the feel including a lengthy rehab stay. he faces criminal charges for a domestic violence incident in texas. now to democracy 2016, donald trump getting an endorsement for friday afternoon a former rival. and chris flanagan has the latest. >> reporter: dr. ben carson throwing his support behind the businessman. the billionaire businessman comes one week after carson ended his bid for the white house. meanwhile, today the two were in west palm beach florida today where they made that announcement. carson gave his support to donald trump.
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marco rubio saying to the folks here in ohio republican voters go ahead and vote for john kasich because that's the only way to stop donald trump. >> i have never stopped to john kasich. i you asked me a question and i'm giving you my observation. john kasich has a better chance of winning ohio than i do and if a voter in ohio concludes that voting for john kasich gives us the best chance to stop donald trump there, i anticipate that is what they will do. all right. the polls released today donald trump leads in ohio and florida with kaisch and marco rubio hitting the closest competitor but john kasich was behind donald trump by two 2 percentage points. hillary clinton letting her surrogates run the campaign trail and attending the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan and bernie sanders is
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air tracker 5, the tracker over the wreck slowing down traffic in the eastbound lanes of i-90. >> reporter: air tracker 5 we mlk. you can see this is two car accident. a lot of damage to this front car and it spun off the different way. you can see this other car is being loaded on to a tow truck but ems and fire trucks are currently on the scene. now, many people are ready to kick off the weekend and can see about three lanes are still open but want to show you this wider view of deadman's curve just towards your east. you can see traffic is building. it is definitely a slow go of things. just for your evening commute. you can see for miles and miles the cars continue to be backed
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to get this scene cleared up quickly. thanks vanessa. developing. police in pennsylvania are still trying to track down two cookout and executed six people. police have no suspects and no new breaks in the case. they are urging any witnesses that might have information that could lead to the killers to come forward. the death toll yesterday was five people. but one of those killed was a woman who was 8 months pregnant. the medical examiner ruled the death of her baby a homicide bringing the number of victims to six. meanwhile flooding continues in the deep south. heavy floods there stretching from texas to georgia. take a look at the video. now from all of the states, louisiana, mississippi, texas, georgia, they are just getting pounded with flood warnings and
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right now. at least five people have died, some places the unprecedented rapid rise in water forcing emergency evacuations. the national guard rescuing 3500 families using black hawk helicopters and drivers from submerged trips and in louisiana the governor declaring a state of emergency. >> this truly is a state-wide event. i have to imagine that when we add up the damages, it will be in the millions of dollars. now some bayous and creeks near shreveport will crest at levels not seen in 25 years. five people have been killed in the storms in the south. the south expecting more rough weather through saturday morning with up to a half a foot of rain in the forecast stretching from new orleans over to jackson, mississippi. frank. a little bit closer to home. let's talk about what is going on. did you picture that right there happening today? >> a little bit of sunshine moving in. not too bad.
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much of the day, frank and lee, cloud cover, clouds were socked in and off the last few hours in the now at 4:00, we started to increase the sunshine. this is not bad. now, don't let the sunshine fully. maybe you're looking at your house wouldn't -- window and saying there is sunshine. chilly do you want. 37 degrees. notice what happens inland. 42 stolen and akron and canton in the mid-40s and the closer to the lake erie shoreline, we chill things off. west lake 36. 35 avon lake. marble head, sandusky in the upper 30s. temperatures across the area. cooler near the lake and that is a very spring-like weather pattern. because the lake stays cold, we may warm up the lane but again along the lake shore it stays chilly. here is the big battle zone. warm air to the west. cooler air to the northeast. our 60s and 70s, we will import
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about that. hour by hour, temperatures in the 30s, we keep things dry. back at the desk. there was laughter and tears. >> former president, first ladies and many more vips gathered to celebrate the life of former first lady nancy reagan in california.
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reagan next. this just in, 17-year-olds will be 18 before the general election will be allowed to vote for presidential nominee in the ohio primary. a franklin county judge just ruled on the lawsuit. the ohio law says voters in that age range can vote for nominated candidates and primary. developing in california. first lady michelle obama and former president george w. bush were among the dignitaries that celebrated the life of nancy reagan.
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failure at the age of 94. lauren lister joins us simi valley california where reagan's funeral service was held. a big event today. >> reporter: big event, lee, it wrapped up a short time ago and i have to tell you nancy reagan was involved in the planning of this day for years. we are told decades, she wanted something short and sweet but also mem memorable and giving the touching tributes, laughter and a love later and it seemed to be exactly that. the life said the lord. >> a solemn procession. >> and a crowd of one thousand guests here to memorialize first lady nancy reagan. >> accept our prayers on behalf >> family and friends remembering her life from hollywood to the white house and more than five decades by
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>> she really always was on his mind. >> that love playing a role in the services, former canadian prime minister brian rarooney reading a love letter ronald reagan wrote to his life. >> i love the whole gang, mommy and first lady and sentimental you and the fun you and the pee wee power house you. >> the guests including michelle obama and hillary clinton and george and laura bush and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger and maria schreiber and wayne newton and tom selleck and mr. t that began close with mrs. reagan during her just say no campaign. diane sawyer gave a reading. >> i will come back and so you also may be where i am.
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rest next to her late husband in this hillside tomb. reflect og mrs. reagan's life, her son ron reagan and patty davis and tom brokaw and treasury secretary james baker. lauren lister. newschannel 5. an investigation you will only see here. we have all seen the startling headlines about heroin addiction. an epidemic that reaches across the country. >> there's a special edition tonight 2020 breaking point, heroin in america. joins us in a crisis tearing apart families. >> reporter: in manchester, new hampshire. the deadliest year from heroin. in more than a year we are with a s.w.a.t. team about to go out on a bus. in this apartment, authorities
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money for their next fix. and if you think that's not my family, we met so many parents, families, blind-sided. sabrina. >> spencer's world was football. the boy loved to play. >> reporter: doug griffin. >> courtney was a lot of fun and bring a smile to everybody's face. >> reporter: four out of five new heroin users begin with prescription pain pills. >> spencer got hurt in a game, oxytocin. >> we see no boundaries, rich, poor, middle class, pills and heroin. >> spencer switched to heroin. >> the police came to my dog at 1:00 in the morning and then my son was gone. >> in so many communities across this country, the needles are everywhere. we see the needles and the tool kids they found and families discovering them. >> you got families calling you
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>> reporter: which is why chris is teaching middle school students, 11 and 12 how to use narcan as it is called to bring someone back from a heroin overdose. >> how many of you have seen the needles? >> the students have seen the needles everywhere. >> i saw one just like on the sidewalk and i was like what is that for? and my mom told me and i was like whoa. >> reporter: and some of the children reveal it is in their own home. >> these kids are 11 and 12- year-olds and that is where we are. >> and just look, this young girl practicing how to administer the drug to save someone practicing on a teddy bear. >> definitely eye opening. you can watch the full investigation, breaking point heroin in america tonight on newschannel 5 when 2020 begins at 10:00 and stay with us for newschannel 5 at 11. just in time for t gif, the sun is sneaking out there behind you, jay. >> not too bad.
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are heading west. the sun has been trying to get to northern ohio and now it is. temperatures though certainly on the chilly side especially along the lake shore in the upper 30s and akron, look at this, 47, 49, down to the akron canton airport near 50s. we are much warmer the further south. warmer inland and cooler near the lake. a very spring-like message that you will hear us say a lot in the next several weeks because the water of lake erie is cold this time of year. cold versus warm. notice here, this time of the year, very tough for this cold air to stick around. it will retreat and we will open up the doors on warm airs through the upcoming week. temperatures warm along the lake shores. mid to upper 40s canton and we do cool off 30s and 40s and many wake up tomorrow morning with readings in the mid-30s. a little bit of fog but for the most part clearing skies. overnight lows in the middle 30s.
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cooler to start and then out. 30 to 35 by your saturdaymor. tomorrow will be a nice day. a mixed bag of clouds and sunshine and more clouds through the afternoon and cooler along the lake shore. i would suspect that areas along the lake erie shoreline may not get out of low to mid- 50s. mean while, basically route 82 and south, certainly akron, canton and medina and new philly, ashland can see 65 tomorrow. we will talk about what happens beyond that as we head through the final few days of officially wintertime and st. patrick's day. all of that coming up in the
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more live on 5 after this.
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shows a drug eliminating breast cancer in just 11 days. >> the presentation happened at the european breast cancer conference. a british trial was set up to look at the effects of two common breast cancer drive. it shows the growth of breast cancer. with the drug the cancer disappeared in two weeks. the breakthrough comes amid a report that more women are choosing to have both breasts removed after a cancer diagnosis but that does not seem to be leading to longer survival. some people think the only way to crack down on crime in one area of cleveland is to cut down a row of trees. we'll explain the connection. a case that proves you should never ever disrespect your mother. >> never. >> how police say a call about
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his momma led to his arrests
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the clean-up and investigating continues after a propane tank caught fire. exploded at crocker park yesterday. today we found a team of investigators at the construction site where the blast happened but not saying anything. we learned that ameri gas owned the tanks but not commenting. >> suspicions about what kids are up to to have them tested. labs keep the results off of the child's record so the privacy of the record is protected. in the meantime big changes for the browns. a two year relationship with troubled quarterback johnny manziel officially came to an an end. the team released the ones
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possibility of criminal charges after domestic violence incident in texas. now only on newschannel 5. >> 500,000 vehicles use the corridor a day and now the trees are being cleaned out. >> reporter: several reasons the ohio department of transportation is taking a chain saw to the i-90 corridor. tree trimming crews are busy working along and around i-90 from the innerbelt bridge to deadman's curve. you may notice the bare embankments. >> they have had issue with graffiti and things happening. >> josh clemons says they are clearing the overbrush and trees. so nearby businesses complained
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good hiding place for people to break in and vandalize businesses and homeless camps popping up. this shows several recent vandalisms and auto thefts. being cleared. >> the campus district is safer shelter than here. >> there have been homeless encampments at different points and so o dot responds to communities when that is happening. >> dan la guardia owns lake effect studio that backs up to the highway. >> it keeps the visible and that cuts down on the bad stuff that is going on. >> reporter: and not far from the innerbelt dead ash trees are being cut down infected with the emerald ash bug.
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the more brush o dot clears the more litter you can see along the i-90 corridor but district 12 personnel said there is a major litter clean-up along the corridor and highway just in time for the rnc. live from the innerbelt, paul kiska, newschannel 5. police arrest a man they say robbed two pizza hut restaurants because he disrespected his mother. >> the brooklyn officers were called to a home on ridge road last month after a report that jerry moran was making threatening phone calls. they suspected that morian was responsible for pizza hut robberies. it happened last month and he ended up making a full confession. this is what it looked like earlier, frank and lee, we had the cloud cover here. the low clouds. this is about 9 or 10:00 this morning.
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today, the clouds begin to recede and the temperatures stay chilly and check it out. you see the tops of the buildings. there's your sunshine and wow, now we have got blue skies. that is what the meteorology books look at in the definition of increasing sunshine. that's what we saw today. temperatures in the upper 30s. along the lake shore, that's the key because inland we are warmer. cooler along the lake, no question. 47 down in akron. there's the 10, 12-degree temperatures difference only over 35 miles per hour. notice here the picture through cuyahoga county, 30s along the lake shore and towards lorain county and western cuyahoga, 35 in west lake. you compare that to medina county and brunswick and hinckley. temperatures in the 40s. in fact through some mitt county and stark county as well. we are looking at the readings through 50s and wooster, along u.s. 30.
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will be in the 30s tonight. here is the big bubble of warm air. 60s and 70s here through portions of the great plains. the question is will that eventually import itself here to northern ohio. i think we will get close to that but i don't think 70s will happen anytime soon. here is the hour by hour, we stay dry, clearing skies and temperatures in the 30s. seven-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. back to the desk. we caught up with a local adventure. is this election year miracle. how the oreo has rivals agreeing on something.
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winning lottery numbers. we are going to head out west.
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for the late nancy reagan and dealing with rain showers. a big storm system crashing into southern california. heavy rains there and notice the pink area up here. that's through the mountains there, the sierra nevada mountains towards lake tahoe. they could get up to a half a foot of snow with a big winter storm coming through. we have flooding issues across the gulf coast. the maroon areas indicate flash- flood warnings and more rain showers across the coast. unfortunately for folks in panama city or destin. not the best for them. tomorrow night academic challenge. join me for a new edition tomorrow night at 7:00. we welcome teams from smithville and triway. $20,000 in grant money on the line.
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we are back after this. scott kelley just announced his retirement. it is effective april 1st. time for another tour. the marching band of shaker heights is going international. >> has concert dates in spain.
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directors and 150 other people that will tag along for an oversecret service. >> shaker heights has the largest band in ohio. bound for an international engagement. >> a northeast ohio city is filled with music. the notes say ohio high filling the roof tops. one of the rhythms of shakier heights, not only for those that here it but part of the heart beat of the music makers. >> it is a means of expression for me. a big stress relief. >> and shakier heights marching band finished with football season and band practice any way. upcoming a big show. the band has top billing, so big is the band in practice several directors are traffic cops ensuring the flow is smooth. >> you guys come on in. >> not too far out.
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stage far away. >> it opens your mind. >> when you get to spain you perform er. > in spain, audiences await. every three years the shaker country. tour. >> i am a senior and i went to turkey my freshman year. >> most of the 400 will go to spain. they ripple through the musicians. the last week of march these students will play five spanish cities. a pause will come because high school marching bands are mostly in the united states. celebrated as extra special treats overseas. these kids will be piped pipers parading through five cities and drawing in big crowds for
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>> so when you walk into spain you are going to be the big show. >> absolutely. we will probably close the city down. >> who takes 450 people on a trip to spain over spring break to perform at the 2,000 year old aqueduct? >> with the kids and directors and school administrators will be parents and others in the community, a shaker shadow group will number 150. >> the band program is a family in a city. and how it can bring families together. >> if you got kids in shaker school you participate and this is exciting. >> something else happening. in shaker heights every 5th and 60s grader is required to learn a musical instrument so these kids have been playing for years. that's not typical in the state of ohio but in shaker heights they will tell you quite
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district are both hitting high notes. >> it builds better students and teaches them responsibility and gives them creativity. >> 25 years ago. a philosopher called music a pleasure. the kids agree with every breath. >> music is kind of a universe the language. a lot of people can recognize the songs without knowing the language. >> the greatest feeling in the world is hearing that opening cord to star wars blasted at you. >> i love how you can choose to express the same written music in very different ways based on the feeling that you get from the piece. >> the students will take what they have been taught. >> a lot of the kids have been playing since they were in 4th or 5th grade, they have already bought into the discipline. >> allows them when they go off to other universities to actually take that knowledge and be better in environments
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>> bound for spain, ohio's largest marching band is working musical rhythms and establishing rhythms of their own line and -- lives and communicate it in spain. >> the marching band and 150 others will leave for spain for a week. the young musicians will be in madrid, and other cities. sure that the spanish audiences will shout excellente. so strike up the bond. i'm leon bibb love that. >> . >> what a great tradition. >> drum majorette. >> i was a flyerette. >> we have video on news net 5. here is what is going on
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we have scoured out the news and here is what happening. downtown cleveland. that is not the only spot where we have the sunshine. we have also got it here in downtown akron as well, nice afternoon and certainly warmer as you head south 12 degrees and look at this picture in wooster. beautiful shot. wooster high school. the clouds that we had around much of the day, those have been scoured out as dryer air is moved in and the moisture lingering tough and we will have one of those incredibly nice evenings for sunset photos. jason nicklas tweet me. we would love to share them for the next several days. should be nice for the sunset shots. get out and enjoy. 37. it is chilly and you will need the coat. inlands again much warmer, a nice transition from the warm air to the south and the cooler
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south, we are well in the 40s and mid to upper 50s. so the cloud cover is leaving us and this is typical this time of year especially for springtime. the cold air to the northeast and the battleground that a lot times is the recipe for severe thunderstorms. that is not really the case at least for our next of the woods, we know as we head through the latter part into march and april. i do expect that to change in the next couple of weeks. here we go this evening we are quiet temperatures falling from the upper 30s to the low to mid- 30s and inland will start in the 40s and eventually though make their way into the 30s by saturday morning. so here is your weather headlines. clearing skies and weekend warming and with that at least sunday will come with a pretty good dose of wet weather sunday to monday. hour by hour. quiet overnight and not much
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40s to start the day tomorrow. we'll enjoy plenty of sunshine so outdoor plans out at the metro parks to be packed tomorrow with more spring fling type weather and that cabin fever as you head in the weekend with the nice weather. 60 wooster and ravenna. tomorrow afternoon, in this the cloud cover comes in through the latter part of the day. once again cooler near lake erie. there is the wet weather. i think we will spike in the 50s. as far as the total accumulation for rainfall, it is not all that much, maybe a half-inch, maybe 3/4 of an inch tops for sunday into early monday. lows on the left, 30s. highs tomorrow, 50s along the left shore. we are 60 or better, akron and canton, a nice day tomorrow. especially if you get away from the lake just a bit, lit be cooler along the lake shore. seven-day forecast, here we go. the temperatures near 60s tomorrow, near 60s on sunday. again sundays your wet day.
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do you want to be out and about, saturday and sunday, saturday wins. spring forward saturday night. monday more wet weather. staying relatively mild until we head to next week. a little cool down and that includes st. patrick's day. guys. >> here is what is coming up at six. drug dealers and carriers getting stealthy when it comes to transporting illegal drugs. tonight law enforcement officers are catching onto the way they hide drugs in vehicles. the update in the push to make medical marijuana legal in ohio. the attorney general ruling that proposed change to the state's constitution can't go forward. we will explain why coming up. >> it is usually the kids that have to ask parents for permission to do something.
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place, the tables are turned. now all new at five. the role social media plays in
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and that means the rules need to keep up with technology. a new survey finds that kids want their parents to ask for their permission before posting their pictures online. a team at the university of washington heard from kids from 249 families and the message was career. >> they weren't saying that they shouldn't post them but wanted to have some control on my image. >> the survey found that a lot kids are embarrassed about what their parents post about them online. could it be the great uniter. one thing that presidential rivals from both parties are agreeing on and it has to do with a popular cookie. oreos should be made in america. that is what hillary clinton and donald trump and bernie sanders can all agree on. they all have spoken out about plans to cut out 650 jobs from nabisco and move the jobs to
5:57 pm
it is opened by a company that says they have new state of the art manufacturing facilities in mexico. clinton says they should have to give back tax breaks and donald trump vowed never to eat another oreos. >> don't mess with the oreos. what is going on at six. a lot this friday afternoon. all new at six. epidemic. >> a new and confidential system to test kids for the highly addicting drugs. drug testing for your children have gotten easier for things like cocaine, marijuana, opiates, heroin, meth, and other drugs. two women stealing pricey perfumes. and they have made off with
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newschannel 5 at six starts in two minutes. newschannel 5 at six brought to you by mr. marrow. get a roman burger 7-inch deal for 5.75. like. always investigating. always on your side. newschannel 5 starts now. tonight at least two local police departments are trying to sniff out crooks that are stealing expensive perfume. >> this video released to muse exclusive details. >> police released this crime bulletin to newschannel 5 hoping to identify two women stealing from beauty stores and, detectives say this type


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