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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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newschannel 5 at six starts in two minutes. newschannel 5 at six brought to you by mr. marrow. get a roman burger 7-inch deal for 5.75. like. always investigating. always on your side. newschannel 5 starts now. tonight at least two local police departments are trying to sniff out crooks that are stealing expensive perfume. >> this video released to muse exclusive details. >> police released this crime bulletin to newschannel 5 hoping to identify two women stealing from beauty stores and, detectives say this type
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>> she is the one in charge of grabbing all of the perfume. >> take a look at this surveillance video. the two women are on a mission to steal pricey perfume. >> if you are not sure what she wants. >> one angle shows a ralph lauren fragrance box and she is grabbing more. the women took the boxes to the second suspect and opened them and put the bottles in a bag and both of them left the store, a costly scheme. >> two or three ounces being ninety dollars, we had $12 taken for the tune of $1030. >> the two women stole more than one thousand dollars worth of fragrances on the same day. >> it is surprise that they can do all of that and get away with it. and i hope that they do find them. >> detective brian vince has noticed a spike in retail thefts and believes there is a
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habit. >> stolen merchandise is so easy with the new different apps coming up. take a pick and meet somebody in a different city and exchange the product and your done. and police believe that these two women will keep pilfering perfume until they are id-ed and arrested. in macedonia, bob jones, newschannel 5. some of the county crimestoppers will offer a reward up to $2000 for information lead to go to perfume band its. 330434 cops if you recognize them. >> police trying to find the kids that hit up burlington coat factories. the two men steal the clothing and make a clean break. they have taken clothes from middleburg heights and north ohmsted. one of them have a bleached afro and another skunk lifeline on the side of his ahead.
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convicted of killing his wife in 1997 will not get a new trial. a summit county judge made the ruling in the case against douglas parade. sentenced to 26 years to life in the death of margaret parade. the rules says he has not proved that a bite mark discovered in 2013 would overturn his conviction. we knew it was a matter of time but now johnny manziel is cleveland browns. minutes after the announcement the employees at the prostore took his merchandise off of the shelves. it comes out after video of his partying and domestic violence violations and his ex- girlfriend in dallas. the past couple of weeks, team management made it pretty clear that manziel would not be this season. team.
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is on there crying and wining about his ex-girlfriend. >> manziel has not been charged but the case has been sent to a texas grand jury and the nfl is looking into the incident. time for a check of the weather and jason, you have great news those of us that have plans this week. >> not too bad. we are clearing things out. look at the sunshine over downtown cleveland. keep in mind much of the day we were sacked in with cloud cover. this is welcome sun and it is chilly. downtown cleveland 36 degrees. we got the mack tournament tonight. akron plays and ohio university and my alma mater. good luck bobcats. and cooler along the lake shore. heading into the city from south of basically route 82, certainly through portions of medina and summit and stark county, it is much cooler.
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chilly, anytime you are within four or five miles of that lake erie line it will be cool. notice the cooler air mid-40s. down through dover. here is a look at the hour by hour. temperatures along the lake shore, cooler, warmer inland and we end up in the 30s under partly to mostly cloudy skies. overall nice evening and even a better weekend. we will talk about that coming up. ohio's constitution won't be amended to make marijuana legal. attorney general mike dewine rejected the petition. they got the required signatures from registered voters but legal mistakes in the language. the group plans to resubmit the petition. in an ever changing world where technology can change in the blink of an eye considering the way drug dealers transport drugs. law enforcement officers
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nowadays, drug carriers are having the cars custom-made. they are finding drugs drug compartment. >> usually it is an illegal sell or operation of drug mechanics. >> recent stats show that ohio have been major drug trafficking stop with carriers driving i-71 the most. >> the reported overdoses in deaths on the rise. >> parents trying to fight the addiction and heading on. there is a way to check their children for drug use and keep it confidential. jonathan walsh shows us more. >> the business is called any lab test located in medina. those that run the drug screening have seen a big increase in positive tests including heroin.
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they can get a rapid screening done with urine for $49 and a hair sample test that runs 189 dollars. the idea is to be proactive if children are taking drugs so children can get help. any positive tests are sent off for another verification and more review to help avoid false positives. they are monitored having blue water so the specimen can't be diluded with clear water. >> if they have suspicions it is better to test and know they were wrong and it comes out negative or if the child needs help and it does come out positive and they can take the next step to ensure the children have a good quality of life. >> one of the biggest things to remember is once you have your result, they don't go to the cops, they don't go on any medical records, they stay within your family so you can
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becomes an even bigger problem. i'm investigator jonathan walsh, newschannel 5. >> david muir has a special report at 10:00 followed by newschannel 5 at 11. late this afternoon a judge ruled on a lawsuit filed against the ohio secretary of state. teens in that age range can vote for nominated candidates in primaries, that according to ohio. the judge had argued that did not include the president. houston will appeal if there is a closely election or if ineligible voters determine the outcome. a bizarre turn in the race for the white house. from marco rubio. in a response to a question about stopping donald trump, the florida senator says voters here in ohio should vote for john kasich, not him. marco rubio says john kasich is the one with strong support in
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delegates away from trump. the voter in ohio is motivated by stopping donald trump and comes to the conclusion that john kasich is the only one can beat him and i expect that is the decision. while the other candidates momentum. the gop got another nod. dr. ben carson made it official today after donald trump mentioned it in last night's debate on c c nn saying as contentious as it is they have buried the hatchet. >> it is politics. it is a tough business. i used to think real estate in manhatten is tough. this is tough business this politics. carson is the second former
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support last week. donald trump is holding a rally at the ix center. democratic front-runner will be here tomorrow. holding an event at the old la vet institutional baptist church and governor john kasich will be at strongsville recreation center for a townhall at one p.m. on sunday. still ahead on newschannel 5 at six. what is next for first merit bank. >> huntington bank is making a move to buy its competitors and how it is coming together. a group of cleveland cops and group of kids coming together to help establish a library to call their own. if you see news happening.
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text or email us. or tweet us. we are learning more details tonight about the future of first merit bank after huntington's bank move to
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the company plans to close 107 branches in northeast ohio. the deal has to be approved and fit does huntington won't close branches until next year. they will offer current first merit employees jobs. the kids and the cops about a wonderful relationship of community policing. >> and little kids get together with grown-ups that are police officers and the kids say mr. policeman, tell us a story, there is a heart felt story there. well here is our leon bibb with a story that will make you smile. this is the story of the cops and the kids and a pile of books to take a long time for anybody to read. at a city police station the pile of books came into the free library. the police headquarters the kids and the cops got together. others grown-ups too. >> there are sponsors for the
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several across the city. >> it is about reading and community and about police with the young folks. >> bigger kids there. chardon middle schoolers that collected the books for the cleveland police department little free library. they brought in 1,000 books. so many of the stats reached the sky, well almost. every kid scampered. mr. policeman read me a story. >> start up the dump truck. off of your horn when you are ready for the bulldozer. >> the kids heard about other free libraries in cleveland. the kids were told come in and read a book and take a book home for keeps. >> people coming in the districts, we want them to read a book rather than sit there and do nothing. >> the free library at the police headquarters and other
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the kid can read while his or her parents meet with police and talk about grown-up stuff. >> nice work. >> helping kids learn. the cops know books and they know education always helps kids do the right thing. in the reading circle, the little ones, the city cops and the people from the f.b.i. and the nice big kids from chardon and they all lived happily ever after. the end. wouldn't you love to have leon read a story with that voice. with leon bibbs. >> that's right. >> on newschannel 5. a great story. beautiful. >> not a bad night, jay. >> pretty good. the clouds earlier, chillier and temperatures in the 30s. we are in the 30s but we have the sunshine. tonight, a wonderful opportunity for sunset picks. >> all right. so send them in. tweet me and put them on facebook, instagram, whatever
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it should be a nice evening for sunrise sunsets. we see it right now overlooking down cleveland. we will have a few high clouds here and there. the clouds must be enough sunshine picks. here you go. it is chilly downtown cleveland. not too breezy. only about north, five to ten and move in. 39 in solen. the real warmth to the south. akron playing at the cue tonight in the mack tournament, that game begins in about 12 or 13 minutes. those folks made their way into downtown cleveland. a big temperature difference if you have folks rooting on ou, tonight they have a later game again it will be chilly there as well if you are heading in from the south. so clouds are leaving us. clearing skies moving in. that means a chilly night. i wouldn't be surprised if some spots tomorrow morning wake up in the lower 30s.
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upper 20s and lower 30s. it will be chilly. here is the battle zone. we got warm air, omaha 41. this is trying to push the cold air out and eventually it will. it will happen tomorrow as the temperatures really warm inland. along the lake shore. it stays cool. that is a spring-like trend. hour by hour, mainly in the 30s overnight. we will keep things dry with decreasing cloud cover. so clearing overnight. some sunshine for your saturday, check out these temperatures as you start the day. in the upper 30s. lower 40s but look at what happens inland, ravenna, kent, mid-50s and lunchtime, three, 4:00 readings, look at these, 60s. so tomorrow will be a nice one. i expect the car wash is crowded. the metro park is crowded. a typical nice spring day. we have had so many of them. seems on the weekends and as we
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there are the rain showers coming in and that will affect your sunday. so again, two days to pick from. saturday wins by a long shot. here is a look at the total precip, half an inch and maybe 3/4 of an inch. overnight lows in the mid 30s. clearing skies and chilly. again away from the lake tomorrow we will be warmer than folks along the lake shore. cooler lakeside, about 53, 54. so you split the difference. inland areas can see 60s with that sunshine out there. should be a nice day. clouds arrive lake saturday. spring, forward and so the sun sets get later. that makes you feel better. monday and sunday have rain chances in those days. warming temperatures slowly monday. should dry out for tuesday and other than that, relatively unsettled and notice the temperatures, not that bad, maybe cool down for big st.
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now, we are keeping thursday, st. patrick's day. academic challenge 7:00, sponsored by westfield insurance and competing for 20 grand in grant money. i heard the host is pretty sharp. all right. lauren is here and big move here no surprise at all. johnny manziel waved by the cleveland browns today. the team waving him earlier. manziel releasing a statement
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that and more after the break so stay with us. the browns adding free agents to their roster. they said goodbye to quarterback johnny manziel, shouldn't be a surprise. the team implied that manziel would not be with the browns next season not to mention it has been a tumultuous two years with manziel specifically his currently manziel involved with a domestic violence investigation that will be presented to a grand jury.
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in 14 games and 8 starts and 1700 yards and 7 touchdowns, he did release a statement saying "i would like to thank the browns for the opportunity they gave me two years ago. we hoped that we were building a championship team for cleveland. i will always remember the support i received from the organization, my teammates and especially the fans." the news broke the browns officially waved manziel, their vice-president of player personnel andrew berry and other members of the staff were in columbus checking out the up- and-coming talent. among the buckeyes was former ohio state quarterback cardell jones. he injured his hamstring running the 40th and did not throw in front of scouts until today. a lot of defaults confirming his arm strength that has been talked about for some time. cardell saying if he had to grade how he did today he would
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on to explain what he could have done differently to give himself an a. indians back at it in arizona taking on the colorado rockies. the indians falling 6-1 and will take on the san diego padres and cardell saying there were a few drops and some things off target and if he could have done them better he would have given himself an a plus. >> we will see where he goes in the draft. >> looking forward to it and cross are our fingers for him. how are we this week. >> good. tracking clearing skies. chilly in the 30s and sunshine for tomorrow. tomorrow will be a great day to get out and about and enjoy the nice weather for the final few days officially of winter because spring begins a few weeks from now. do we have of the seven-day forecast. there we go. springing forward and that means, okay, that means we have the sun sets later. so we are heading home from work. not too bad and rain showers for sunday. sunday is the soaker versus saturday.
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to monday. the morale of the story, the final several days here of officially wintertime. i see no cold air outbreaks until maybe the end of next week and talking about 40s for highs. no artic air and no you know what. >> don't say it. >> can't say on it air. zip it. all right. we'll be back here tonight for newschannel 5 at 11. have a great evening. newschannel 5 at six been brought to you by the ohio lottery cash explosion game,
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the nafta trade treaty -- 850,000 jobs lost. special trade status with china -- 3 million jobs lost. now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america 448,000 more jobs. only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while others supported unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals
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their money. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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ncy reagan breaking news this friday night. the new fights breaking out at a trump rally. both outside, and inside. the clashes captured on video. >> get them out of here. >> the new security concerns after the assault earlier this week. as trump's republican rivals mount a last-ditch effort to stop him tuesday night. celebrating nancy reagan. the former presidents. he first ladies sitting beside one another. the laughter among them. children. remembering mrs. reagan. hundreds of rescues. and the two storms hitting this weekend. the urgent manhunt right a brazen escape. an american city. neighbors on high alert. two violent prisoners. one accused of murder, breaking


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