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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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give us a plan. . good morning to you and now at 5, it's primary day here in ohio and polls open in 90 minutes. >> and we have team coverage this morning. everything you need to know from where and how to vote and what the results will mean for governor kasich and the presidential race. >> and breaking news overnight. a drive by shooting at a house party in akron. the latest details coming into the live desk. >> and first, a live look outside. and it's foggy out there. get a check on the forecast. hey, somara. >> and that is the most critical topic. the fog, in fact, the rain and heavy winds we saw yesterday and this is a look at the visibility map. check out elyria, cleveland and into that critical mark. that well it really changed- from-within the time from me walking to this map and this is when you have issues driving.
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three/4 of a mile there. mansfield improving and still okay. and a foggy start indeed, and this is what we're left with and you can see some rain in akron and canton is light and as well as lake county, ashtabula and chardon. and parts of geauga county and this is missile -- fizzling out and moving on out of here and the current temperatures feeling like 45 degrees and 54 and 56 in akron and over to you, kristen. and start out talking about brim replacement work and you're looking at the map now. shaker boulevard and state route 87, westbound and that is going to be closed and the detour is buckeye road and east 10 3rd and i want to show you the cameras. somara has been talking about the fog in the greater cleveland area and this is 71 and 271 right now and 72 know and 80. and what i am seeing here is 71 and 77, looking rough when it comes to visibility. the akron area, we're okay and
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cameras and over to you guys. and breaking overnight, one person is shot in a dive by -- drive by shooting and a house party here and it happened at the corner of fernwood and wildwood. fire. eight shell casings were found and more farther down the road and no word on the condition of the shooting victim. and a battle for the morning. if you plan to vote in the primary, whether it's the first time or it's been awhile, you may have questions of what to do. >> and meg shaw is well i with more and today's a big day. underage voters can vote. >> reporter: i spoke with a few 17-year-olds on monday and they said that a judge's decision toa, low them to vote in today's primary is i game changer. right now, more than 16,000 15-
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are registered to vote in the state and if you're 17, you must be 18 by the time election day rolls around in november. >> and we have had close to 100 people that requested ballots previously and some have voted in the presidential primary and they will be counted. we segregated those aside in case -- the ruling came out on friday and those votes will be counted. >> and let's get to what you need to know if you plan to vote today. the polls open at 6:30 this morning and you have until 7:30 tonight to cast your vote and you must be a registered voter here in ohio. when you had to the polling location, you need to bring a form of i.d. like a driver's license, utility bill or bank statement. an absentee ballot, if you have one of those, you can return it until 7:30 tonight and the board of elections said that 15% of registered democrats requested republican ballots this year and that is
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our governor in this race for president is contributing to that number. live in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and our team coverage continues. today's voting in several states, a do or die battle for our governor john kasich. >> and many looking to ohio as the last chance for republicans to stop donald trump. and kasich's watch party happening tonight and that is where he will be aphusband -- anxiously awaiting results. >>. and he admitted he may not end up winning enough delegates to secure the nomination. >> and kasich said the ultimate goal is to prevent trump from becoming the republican nominee. and as you said, kasich will be here tonight to watch the result comes down and if the polls are accurate, this is going to be a tight race. both candidates have been spending a lot of time in the buckeye state and kasich with romney in north canton and a
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life to his campaign. last month, kasich said if he didn't win here, he would drop out and backed away from that statement in recent days and is making a last-minute push to show the contrast between he and trump. >> and i am carrying a torch for you. i am responsible to have a good reputation for you. i am here to be a good role model as best as i can for these kids and my daughters and i want to tell you something. i will never take a low road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. >> and whoever wins ohio will win all 66 delegates and that is considered a symbolic victory. the demographics in ohio are a good representation of the nation. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and for the other gop contenders, marco rubio focusing on his home state of florida. and things got heated when a random guy got on stage and
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rubio will win. >> and ted cruz is focusing on a different state, illinois and had protestors show up at the rally there and cruz pointed out he's not asking anyone to punch him in the face. >> and sarah palin canceling a campaign event with trump in florida after her husband was seriously hurt in a snow mobile crash. she's back in alaska where he is in intensive care. and by now, ohio, as you know, is a key state in the presidential elections and in part because of our 66 delegates. >> and we're a battleground state here and we can swing in any direction in the general election and this is what is at five winner-take-all states. 358 republican delegates will be decided and nearly 700 >> and the presidential race is getting a lot of attention this morning. residents in jackson township are fired up over the neighborhood.
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building a proposal in an area for single family homes. they got enough votes for it to be printed on the ballot. >> and people move here because they like the fact it's residential and single-family. they like the fact that you don't have 173 units in your backyard. >> and the developer tells us there is a need for more housing there and regardless of the outcome of the vote, the property will be built. and this morning, sheriff's deputies saying this woman, 61- year-old debra metz under arrest in a murder for hire plot. -- plot. she tried to hire somebody to kill another person. she's in jail as they review the charges and we're working to uncover more information on the plot and we will bring you that information as it comes in. and we have learned a wrong- way driver who caused a crash over the weekend was intoxicated. the 37-year-old was driving the wrong way on early saturday morning had he hit another car.
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police say that his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and he's face thing charges and this is the second wrong-way driver crash in that area the past month. >> and we this morning, an akron man who allowed a friend recording him kick a straight cat will spend the next two years in prison. mitchell plead guilty to several charges, including participating in a criminal gang. he was arrested more than a year after escaping his hearing on an animal cruelty case in. he admits he was the man on the video posted to facebook kicking the animal. and 508 on your tuesday. i'm terrence lee. >> i'm jackie fern and said. fernandez. coming up, a hot toy on the hell iss is a hot target for thieves. a warning from two victims in akron. >> and many families dealing with the loss and they want their loved one's bodies back. why more than 200 people's
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the nafta trade treaty -- 850,000 jobs lost. special trade status with china -- 3 million jobs lost. now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america 448,000 more jobs. only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while others supported unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard,
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needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. this is what i came home for -- turning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. elected to city council, i've helped create 5,000 new jobs, took on big banks to clean up foreclosed properties. now i'm running for the senate and approve this message to offer bold new leadership for ohio. . 11 after 5 and breaking overnight, an amber alert
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may have been kidnapped and is believed to be in grave danger. the alert issued for 13-year- old adriana coronado after police found the body of her father badly burned in a rural area and they think he was shot and set on fire. adriana may have been with him when this happened. she was last seen two days before her father's death. and also breaking, three police officers in the hospital after an overnight shootout in chicago. the suspect is dead. police initially investigating reported drug activity. that led to a foot chase. a man joining -- opening fire on the officers and cooing to a spokesperson -- according to a spokesperson, one of the officers returned fire and killed the suspect. a woman was also arrested in connection with the shooting. the it three officers were taken to the hospital and expected to survive. new information on the death of a police officer in maryland. the prince georges county police chief said the undercover police officer was shot by fellow officers during a shootout with the gunman.
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brothers recorded it all on their cell phones and all three were arrested and face dozens of charges. and a new report saying half of the people who died in the hands of police suffer from a mental disability and the report said while police deputies or disputes with minorities are drawing criticism, law enforcement needs to focus on new policies for how to deal with those who have disables ormentality health concerns. and russian president putin said that he is withdrawing his forces from the war-torn country of syria starting today. the first started pulling out the last half hour. his military achieved the goal now that peace talks are underway. despite the military withdrawal on the ground, his diplomatic forces remain dedicated to helping with peace talks in syria. and right now, families in
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bodies of their loved ones back and the coroner said the bodies are stuck in a backlog of 200. and this is because of the understaffing in his department. families are waiting for autopsies to be performed and death certificates to be signed for them to plan funerals. >> and the already heated presidential primary season is about to get more intense. today's results could give us clear front runners or lead to a brokered convention. donald trump is making the last- minute pitch to ohio voters true to form and going on the attack against the governor's economic record. >> your governor is totally overrated and hasn't done a thing. without oil, you would be in worse shape than any other state in the union, believe me. >> security at youngstown warren regional airport was extremely tight. the rally was not interrupted by protestors and no reports of arrest.
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with the increase of protests at political events, plans are in the works to protect protestors and their rights. legal activists are gathering to discuss how to eliminate potential conflicts with people. the national lawyer's would go will have boots on the ground watching for several things here. >> we have seen mass civil liberties violations. we have seen mass arrests. they occur in these types of settings. times -- sometimes having an observer there can be a deterrent to certain things occurs. >> they will work with protestors after their arrest to help them navigate the legal system. and we don't get -- take down! one rally in cleveland remained peaceful but gathered one of the biggest crowds we have seen in cleveland fighting for a new minimum wage. dozens took part in the come get our vote march that called on candidates to earn their vote by promising to work
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rights for all workers, as well as addressing racism and discrimination. and as you head to work or another day of fog. >> and we're starting off with foggy conditions and we reached the critical point in cleveland proper and you're going to see foggy roads. visibility is low in elyria and elsewhere, we're okay. the rain moves through quickly. you heard the thunder and saw lightning. a taste of spring and summer with. you can see the bulk of the showers and they have since moved through and they're moving out of here and well of the with a few straight showers through portage. and this is as we push forward, dry with a lot of cloud says and that is when we will get an opportunity to rise in terms of temperatures. we lose the clouds quicker and farther south; therefore, you will be rising to about 60 degrees and sooner than the
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shore to be cooler today and tougher to break out of the 50s and the next round comes in late tonight and arriving in the early a.m. hours of wednesday and that is sticking around for a damp day and things dry out. by thursday, we're looking at scattered pop-up showers in case you're heading to saint patrick's day festivities, remember that. the current temperatures, 48 degrees in cleveland; 54, medina and showing things that may take you by surprise. and we'll talk about that later, kristen. >> how is that possible? we want to talk about the lights. they're out along euclid avenue. the traffic lights between mayfield and chester. cleveland police at the scene directing traffic and we're talking about the fog and the greater cleveland area. look at this. the orange indicating the fog that we're dealing with and 71, 77, 90 and you're going to be seeing that visibility an
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i will show you what i mean on the odot camera. 71 and 71 right now. you can barely make out the cars going by. if you think you have had problems with potholes, a local woman has blown out five tires in and around the city of cleveland. our 5 on your side investigators went looking for answers. the mayor's office tells us there is a small amount of cold patch pavement until the asphalt factories get going in april. linda sanders who is facing massive repair bills has had enough of the talk. >> it's very upsetting. i remember a number of years ago in saint petersburg. one thing i was amaze side how lousy their words -- roads were and i now feel like i'm living in saint petersburg. really. this is shameful. >> our investigators have reported several problem areas to get them high or the priority list.
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click on the pothole patrol. terrence and jackie. >> thank you. alert now. one of the hottest, most popular toys for kids. >> and they're becoming popular targets for thieves. the hot toy, the hover board and we're seeing them stolen across the country, including in akron. the 12-year-old michael scott received a hoverboard as a birthday gift last week and the first time he took it outside, him. >> and he punished me off of it. he hits me on the head with it and runs. >> and five hours later, a nine- year-old robbed of his hoverboard on the steps of his house bien to agers and so far, akron police have not made an arrest in either robbery here. and american express warning customers of a possible data breach. account numbers, names and other information may have been exposed. the problem traced to a third party, service provider.
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accounts for fraudulent activity and asks you to do the same. and president obama revealing what he loves most about the first lady's looks. >> and if you're not praying attention while driving -- paying attention while driving, deer can be a problem. one warning sign went too far. we'll show it to you. we're showing it to you now. we'll be right back.
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wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, your dream home evolves too, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. see how you can save with ring video doorbell
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. right now, a lot of people not happy. we're forever 21 and they're selling a t-shirt that some say promotes rape. >> and the their is 20 feature has a phrase on the front saying this, don't say maybe if you want to say no. obviously when people saw this shirt, there was an outcry on line. forever 21 responded by removing the 30 and labeled it sold out. and this is different and treat ofius, too and warns of suicidal deer the next few miles. >> and suicide is a subject and the board of supervisors in mitchell county on, illinois, approved the sign and ordered more, too and why not sure when or if they will put them up and this is somara. and let's look at that forecast for today. you're going to had to vote in the primaries.
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and this is what you will face. no rains and that is the good news. i was able to put my vote in and being looks like we won. temperatures reaching 61 degrees and cloudy to start and sunshine breaking through the afternoon and we're not battling the rain until later on tent and -- tonight and we're going to talk about the timing on the rin -- the timing on the rain and over to you. and this is on euclid avenue and talking about it all morning long and that is an issue. the cleveland police directing traffic and we have a disabled vehicle on 90 westbound at west 41st and the fog and we dealing with visibility issues this morning and this is our odot camera showing you 90 and kenilworth now. better than some of the shots i have been seeing on 71 and if that is better, it's not looking good out there when it comes to the fog, jackie. >> and we this morning, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the
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over akron this weekend. and this is the video from our partners at the beacon journal and the air shift has not been named yet. the construction on the third one is expected to start later this year. and trending today, the ladies love this story. president obama commenting on a first lady's looks.
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. good morning cleveland and all of northeast ohio. it's finally primary day. >> and ohio again, a battleground and the focus of the nation's attention. our team is here to help you get through it all with today's big story lines. how ohio could change the race for republicans and democrats and what you need to know before you cast your ballot. >> and we know that weather will make a difference. and let's start with somara theodore and the primary forecast. >> and we're going to talk about that and first, i want to let you know the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory and that is for cuia hog a lorain and we're well below the critical point in cuyahoga county and visibility is is difficult. and we're going to see this
5:30 am
you're going to give a timing for the fog. and seeing some residual rain from yesterday that is moving out and let's zoom in here and all dry now. this is where we're seeing the majority of the rain this morning. as far as temperatures go and rain chances going up and into the afternoon and evening. and thank you. you have been mentioning the fog for everybody this morning. the visibility is a big concern on the roadways and you're looking at four shots of 90 and west 44th and this is 90 and kenilworth and you can tell how foggy it is out there and the headlights are okay and this will clear up later. and traffic lights are in euclid avenue and this is what we shot earlier. we watched as cars blew through the intersections one-by-one and i did have contact with cleveland police this morning and they said to their officers -- they said their officers are
5:31 am
>> and to the battle for the buckeye state. governor kasich fighting to stay alive in the presidential race. >> and the nation is watching this and a lot of people saying ohio could be the last chance for republicans to stop donald trump and sarah finny is joining us with more on the showdown. >> reporter: and the latest polls show trump and kasich tied. tonight, kasich will be here at the lou higgins center and watching the campaign again new momentum or end. he's been canvassing the state yesterday with the help of mitt romney in north canton. whoever wins ohio will get all 66 delegates. the state is scene as a symbolic victory. the demographics are a good representation of the nation and if victorious, it would be difficult for the other candidates to stop him from becoming the nominee. and kasich hasn't entertained the idea of losing to the new york billionaire here and calls trump dangerous for america.
5:32 am
broadcast across the world of the way we're picking a president here and i mean my kids are watching this. your kids and grandkids are watching what is happening here and looking at a scene of people pounding each other and you think they're not using that for propaganda to sunday a message to people that america's broken? >> d doors open at 7 here at the lou higgins center and the watch party begins at 8. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> and thank you. if you plan to vote today, maybe it's your first time, meg shaw is live at the cuyahoga county board of elections and what do you need to know when we head to the polls today. >> and we want to let you know everything that you need to take with you. and you could see long lines when you head to the polling locations and the board of elections said nearly 40% of registered voters are expected
5:33 am
you must be a registered voter in ohio and you need to bring a form of i.d. and it's going to be -- and if you requested an absentee ballot, return that to the offices today until 7:30. and a judge ruled ohioans who are 17 and will be 18 can vote in today's primary and those same rules, ply and they must be registered to vote. and more than 16,017-year-olds are registered in ohio and 15% of registered -- registered democrats have requested republican ballots and that is a high number this year and that having a goof in in this race for president contributes to the number. polls open at 6:30 and you can vote until 7:30. meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you.
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>> uh-huh. >> and the question is why. the answer? three words, corrina, winner takes all. >> and nice to have company here. the winner takes all and that is the case not only here in ohio but in florida, too and a last stand for governor kasich and senator marco rubio as well and we're talking 99 delegates up for grabs in florida and askics in ohio. whoever gets the prizes gets the whole pot rather than proportional in all other states. if trump loses ohio, he will not get the delegates he needs to win the republican nomination. interesting to note here, kasich has a 43% approval rating from ohio democrats and some analysts are saying we could see democrats voting for kasich to try and stop trump, jackie. and corrina, many wondering and asking who has the best chance of getting ohio's delegates. the newest polls give clinton and kasich a good shot of winning our state and client
5:35 am
bernie sanders in the polls. and that poll puts kasich ahead of donald trump by five points and they're tied in the quinnipiac poll. and it won't be presidential candidates on your ballot today. there are a number of other races and issues here. the biggest is probably the senate primaries. former ohio governor ted strickland is considered the front runner and is taking on the cincinnati councilman and an occupational therapist from cincinnati. and incumbent rob portman is challenged by a retiree from the columbus area and the win every will face off in the november election. corrina. and breaking overnight, one person is shot in a drive-by shooting in akron and this happened before 1:30 this morning and someone apparently drove by and opened fire. eight shell casings were found near the intersection and farther down the road.
5:36 am
shooting victim but police say they're expected to survive. and a tornado swept through southwest ohio and it was all caught on camera and take a look here. you can see the frontal -- funnel has the moves behind the trees there and another shot shows it spinning behind a row of houses there. the national weather service confirms an ef-1 with 105 miles an hour winds. and look at the damage that it left behind. the the roof was torn off here and the man said that the pets were home at the time and they're all okay. the national weather service will be out assessing the damage later today. and the city of beechwood is accused of breaking ohio's public records law and that is of the mayor's calendar. the mayor faces scrutiny over his pay and vacation time. several residents requested copies of his day planner and got it but with hundreds of redactions. the ohio's auditor said the city is in non-compliance and
5:37 am
the audit of the city. and this is one of the most anticipateed restaurant openings of the year and has a date. >> the latest restaurant opening, april 11th. the chef made the announcement on his facebook page and that mable's barbecue is on east 4th street down the street from his mother place. and lit can will -- it will serve the barbecue. if you wonder what that means, it's influenced by eastern european flavors. >> and that makes sense. he better have a barbecue pierogi, right? >> and briskets, spare ribs, pork and beef. ands in -- next on the brink of sainthood, the vatican ready to approve mother theresa and how son they plan to make that official. >> and researchers say just -- the band aid. why it's best to go cold turkey.
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. good morning and welcome back. all right, so, we have the rain move in and out last night and we have more on the way but it's not until tonight. what i want to let you know is we're under a dense fog advisory. for cuyahoga, lorain and medina county and light talk temps as well. temperatures, 52 degrees along the lake shore and we're seeing warmer the farther south we move. mansfield, 61; norwalk, 60 for
5:41 am
we're having trouble losing the clouds and we're seeing the dense fog advisory. the temperatures not rising too much and you move into akron and canton and alliance around 60 degrees and that is the news about the temps and talk about the rain in a couple of minutes for now. over to you. >> thank you. and 5:41 now. are you ready to quick smoking but not sure you can do it? >> and that is time to throw in the cigarettes and go cold turkey. a new study said that it's best to quit all at once. and they took 700 smokers, split them into two groups. those going cold turkey and a group cutting down on the number of cigarettes they smoke a day and those who stopped at the other group struggled to cut down and many gave up. >> and i agree with the study for 25 years and my dad did it cold turkey and has been smoke
5:42 am
and new video from the shooting spree. and the gunman is blaming an app. >> and the cavs played late into the night and some must- see moments from utah and the player throne from the game. we'll be right back. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. welcome back. approaching 5:45 and breaking overnight from the live desk. cleveland police on scene after several cars were set on fire in the neighborhood of endora and lapsing roads and this is off of euclid. we're making calls and we'll keep you updated on that. and tensions soaring as north korean leader kim jong-un orders tests of nuclear warheads and multiple missile launches and among them, missiles that re-enter the atmosphere from space. south korea said the north doesn't have that technology yet and this is five days after north korea tested ballistic missiles. >> and 5:45 right now. the morning's top stories and we're learning new information about a train derailment in kansas. >> and investigators blaming the condition of the track. an engineer noticed a bend in the rail and quickly jumped into action. >> and notice that there was
5:46 am
and put the train into emergency braking early and in that process and that was probably responsible for the train of -- the real -- not being worse than it was. >> 140 people were on board at the time and at least 32 were taken to the hospital and four are still in the hospital as of last night. and this morning, the calia moo zoo shooting spree is coming to an end. and this is the video of the arrest in february. he's charged with killing six people and killing two others. he said he was being controlled by his uber app that told him to kill his victims. he's going through a mental competency exam. and this next story will make your stomach turn. kelloggs is investigating a nasty viral video. this weekend, a clip was posted showing a worker urinating on
5:47 am
and it happened in memphis in 2049. and kelloggs calling it a disgusting act of disrespect. the customers -- the fda is getting involved and launching a criminal investigation. and information after dogs sniff out two guided missiles heading to the u.s. turns out they were not real and were used for training. and they found the missiles on a plane in serbia and that plane was heading to portland, oregon. and police say in north carolina, they're charging trump with enticing a riot after a protestor was punched there. one of several rallies where protestors said they were attacked and trump said he never caused violence and his team has been gent well those opposing him. and a republican leader speaking out about the violence. house speaker paul ryan didn't mention trump by name but said it's time for candidates to take responsibility for their environment at the rally and that using voter anger for
5:48 am
and happening today, mother theresa is coming one step closer to sainthood. pope francis is expecting to canonization today. the vatical will announce when take place but they're reporting it will be on september 5th. mother theresa is best known for her charity that supported 4,000 up ins and orphanages. she was awarded the noble peace prize in 1979. and we're learning that the pope will visit the auschwitz concentration camp this summer and it will be during a trip to poland in july and he will deliver remarks to survivors. he is not the first pontiff to visit the nazi death camp and john paul ii visited in 1979, and pope ben travelled in -- pope ben ben travelled in 1976. and you're taking a live look at the cuyahoga county board of elections.
5:49 am
it is and it's prompted the national weather service team. and let's go ahead and get a look at the counties. lorain county, parts of medina county and cuyahoga county and you're seeing fog to a itical point. and we're seeing it dwindle in wooster and canton and keep monitoring the situation and let you know who is seeing the fog again. and this is a look at the radar. the last of the rain is sweeping through. it's light and we're looking at a light drizzle there and that is in southern ashtabula. we're drying out for your tuesday and this is going to be one of the dryest days for the remainder of the week. by 9:00 a.m., this is dry and by 5:45 p.m., it's taking time for clouds and the fogs to burn out and we will see sunshine this evening once they do and in the wake, we'll get the temperatures rising. it's going to be cooler along
5:50 am
and rain returns to the forecast and this is the other round i was talking about. it's moving in late, late, late tonight and honestly, more like early wednesday morning and that will sleep through. thursday, a few lingering showers and for any of the saint patrick's day festivities, just keep that in mind and have the umbrella on hand and the temperature is in the 40s and 50s. and today, we're into the upper 50s and 60 degrees this afternoon. the thunderstorms are likely for your wednesday and we're talking about snowflakes on friday and sunday and as the temperatures at night drop below freezing. and that a look at the power of 5 forecast. >> and absolutely not and we want to mention it might be difficult. some of the construction projects could get in your way and you're dealing with the visibility issue. and on to shaker boulevard.
5:51 am
and that detour is buckeye and east 10 3rd and they doing restructuring there and that detour for westbound is south marginal and that is fog here and there is no major incidents and there is an telar -- altercation and with that swing at him. there it is and both players kicked out of the game. and he stayed on the court after the game and working on his shots. lebron james' sons show they take after pops. >> they do and they taking the internet by storm. they're hitting three, taking
5:52 am
ronnie only 11 years old and bryce is 8 and the two boys were in alabama for a basketball tournament and they clearly represented the -- [ indiscernible ] >> and that is so smooth with the moves too. and ohio state and akron face off tonight. and that game is in columbus and tipoff is after 7:00 p.m. tonight and see it on espn. the winner will play the win every of the game between florida and north florida. and next, are self-driving cars coming to ohio? the new competition that can take our state into the future. >> and the cost of love and mom
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. welcome back. time now is 5:53. if you use tender, you probably
5:54 am
the app had an hour's long outage. >> you could not swipe to your heart's content. >> what? >> and i know. and twitter -- twindev what it's called. is come they tweeted they had a technical glitch and matches and history. if you log out and sign back restored. >> and you go with the neighbor the next -- . >> and i love it. if you use tinder, the goal is -- goal is to meet somebody, go on dates and maybe settle down? >> right, going on dates can cost you a lot more than your nerves, too and the average person spends 20,200 bucks on dating before settling down. this is over a span of 5 1/2 years, too. the men spending more dates with the average being 224 bucks and the ladies, 93 and i know somara would agree with that.
5:55 am
is any i think the high of the day i might have been on, maybe 40 bucks at the most and go ahead and take a look at the hour-by-hour forecast and through your tuesday, it's going to be a dry tuesday and that is the good news. we're battling fog this morning. for all of the drivers on the road, please be careful. we're looking at some sunshine, though, peaking in this afternoon and evening. the highs rising to the upper 50s and low 60s farther south and we're talking about wet weather chances going up and for your wednesday, they're height high and that is because the rain returns tomorrow and a chance of more flakes. kristen? >> and they're still out into euclid avenue and there is a graphic between mayfield and chester and they're directing traffic in that area and we're out there earlier and into the city and no major incidents and
5:56 am
seeing and that is fog. and that dense fog advisory issued for this morning and akron, looking nice and clear and into 71. and one of the places there is not too bad and some spots and over to -- . >> jackie and terrence. and i was about to -- . >> thank you. and let's look at headlights from around ohio. >> the ohio supreme court will use gender neutral -- in family court and this is after last year's supreme court ruling legalizing gay marriage. and they will no longer use words like husband and wife. and this will include divorce, cases. >> and columbus is a finalist in a national competition called the smart city's challenge and that will bring a futuristic network to capital city. the winner will be selected in june and bring $40 million to
5:57 am
and portland. and once they expand to akron, it comes with a hefty price tag and they need $9 million. and she told the partnerships they have set aside 5 million for the project and they're asking for 4 million from the state. the school said the new campus makes sense because one in four students is from summit county. and information on a deadly crime spine in the county. roswell pleaded guilty to 16 counts of aggravated murder, rape and kidnapping. last july, he tried to rape a 14-year-old girl and broke into the woman's home and killed her. he then shot -- in the park before being arrested in a shootout with police and he's in the u.s. illegally and will be sentenced next month. and next at 6, the presidential primaries are not the only thing on the ballot today. >> and a surprise in syria and issuia getting out of the conflict. why their job there is done and
5:58 am
tuesday morning on good morning cleveland. today is no ordinary day for the sims family. today is the day where marc sims' has paid off. and since his family has supported him from day one, she's beautiful! marc's dream is more than just his achievement... it's theirs as well.
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protect it with auto insurance from american family insurance. . new at 6, it's primary day here in ohio. the polls open in 30 minutes. >> and we have team coverage this morning. everything you need to know from where and how to vote and what the election means for governor kasich. >> and breaking news overnight.
6:00 am
and a drive bye shooting at a house in akron. the latest details coming into the live desk. >> and a muggy start. we're under a fog advisory and let's check in with somara theodore. >> and that is right, a dense fog advisory. and this is a look at our visibility. we're starting to see some improvement in cleveland and still down to a half mile in elyria and the areas under advisory are lorain county, medina and cuyahoga county. be careful and vigilant whole you hit the roads. the rain is up and out of here, the last of it and in is all we have left. not bad after the rain yesterday and this is a look at the primary 2016 forecast. tada and i put my vote in and i think we won. temperatures, 61 degrees this afternoon and mainly cloudy and some sun will breakthrough and we're not talking about yearn until tomorrow. >> and fancy, and who have a project happening in fairlawn. they're doing road winding on


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