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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and a drive bye shooting at a house in akron. the latest details coming into the live desk. >> and a muggy start. we're under a fog advisory and let's check in with somara theodore. >> and that is right, a dense fog advisory. and this is a look at our visibility. we're starting to see some improvement in cleveland and still down to a half mile in elyria and the areas under advisory are lorain county, medina and cuyahoga county. be careful and vigilant whole you hit the roads. the rain is up and out of here, the last of it and in is all we have left. not bad after the rain yesterday and this is a look at the primary 2016 forecast. tada and i put my vote in and i think we won. temperatures, 61 degrees this afternoon and mainly cloudy and some sun will breakthrough and we're not talking about yearn until tomorrow. >> and fancy, and who have a project happening in fairlawn. they're doing road winding on
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lane restrictions in there and that is between 77 and ham up to road and into the greater cleveland area, the fog and 71, 77 and 90 all i will show you what i mean. and visibility is a big concern and that is some traffic starting to build. and breaking news from the life desk here and cleveland police on the scene after several cars were set on fire and this is in the neighborhood of endora and lampson road and off of euclid. -- euclid. and one person shot in a drive by shooting in a house party in akron and this is before 1:30 this morning at the corner of fernwood and wildwood. someone drove by and opened fire. and eight shell casings found near that intersection. and no word on the condition of
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say that they are expected to survive. and we have to talk about the battle for the buckeye state. if you plan to vote in the primary, whether it's your first time or been awhile, you may have questions. >> and meg shaw is live at the cuyahoga county board of elections with the answers. today, underage voters will get a chance to vote, too. >> reporter: jackie, i spoke with a few 17-year-olds on monday. after that judge's decision ruling that they can vote in today's primary election and that is a game changer. more than 16,000 17-year-olds are registered to vote. if you're 17 planning to vote today, you must turn 18 by the time election day rolls around in november. >> we have had close to 100 people that have requested ballots previously and some of them have voted in the presidential primary and they will be counted. we segregated those aside in
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friday and so those votes will be counted. >> and all right, let's get some important information you need to know if you plan to catch the your vote. the polls open in about 30 minutes and at 6:30. closing at 7:30 tonight. you must be registered to vote and bring a form of i.d. like a driver's license, utility bill or bank statement. and if you had an absentee ballot, you can return that until 7:30 tonight and the board of elections tells us that 15% of registered democrats have requested republican ballots this year, a record high and that having governor kasich in the race is contributing to the number and live in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel 5. and today's voting in several states, a do or die battle for john kasich. >> and many looking into ohio as a last chance of republicans
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this is happening in berea where he will be anxiously a waiting the results. >> and -- awaiting those results. >> and sarah phinney admitted he may not end up winning enough delegates to secure the delegation. >> and. >> reporter: kasich said the ultimate goal is to prevent trump from becoming the nominee and he will be here to watch the result comes down. if the polls are accurate, it's going to be an interesting night. a tight race is suspected to be and now kasich and trump have been canvassing ohio in the recent days. kasich spending time with mitt romney yesterday in north canton. a win in ohio could bring new life to his campaign. last month, kasich said if he couldn't win here, he would drop out but he's backed away from that in recent days and is making a last-minute push to show the contrast between he and trump. >> and i am carrying a torch for you and i am responsible to
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i am here to be a good role model as best as i can for these kids and my daughters. i want to tell you something, i will never take a low road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. >> whoever runs will get ohio's 66th delegates and is considered a symbolic win. the demographics in ohio are a country. live at about, w, sarah finney, newschannel 5. >> and they want rubio focusing on his home state of florida and that things got heated last night when a random guy got on stage and told the crowd he doesn't think rubio will win. >> and ted cruz focusing his attention on illinois. he also had some protestors show up at his rally there and thanked them for being there and pointed out he's not asking anyone to punch him in the face. and sarah palin canceling a campaign event with trump in florida after her husband was seriously hurt in a snow mobile
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and she's back in alaska where he is reportedly in intensive care. and as we are sure you know, ohio is a key state in presidential years in part because of our 66 delegates. >> and we're a battleground state and can swing any direction in the general election. here's what is at stake today, folks. five winner-take-all states, 358 republican delegates will be decided and nearly 700 democratic delegates will be, too. >> and while everyone is paying close attention to the presidential race, residents in jackson township are getting fired up over a possibility of a change to their quiet neighborhood a group of neighbors are fighting a proposal to build apartment and condos in areas known for single family homes. they have been passing a petition around and got enough signatures for it to be printed on tomorrow's ballot. >> people move to jackson township because they like it's residential and single family
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units in the backyard. >> there is a need for more housing in jackson township and regardless of the outcome of the vote, he knows -- the developer knows the property will be built. and sheriff's deputies saying this woman, 61-year-old debra metz under arrest in a murder-for-hire plot. she tried to hire someone to kill another person and is in jail as the county prosecutor's review the charges and we're working to uncover in information on the plot and we will bring you information as we get it. and that man was driving the wrong way on early saturday morning. when he hit another car injuring two people. and police say it was twice the legal limit and he faces charges. this is the second wrong-way driver crash in the area in the past month.
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man and -- will spend the next two years in prison. mitchell pleaded guilty and he was arrested more than a year after skipping his sentence hearing in 2049. he was a man caught on the video posted to youtube kicking the animal. and 608 on tuesday. >> coming up for you on this election morning, a hot toy on the shelf is now becoming a hot target for thieves. a warning from two victims in akron. >> and many families dealing with the lost of -- loss of a loved one.
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change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king
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the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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. mother theresa will officially become a saint on
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the vatican just announcing the details on her ceremony. mother theresa beast known for running her india-based charity supporting 4,000 nuns and ran thousands of orphanages and homeless shelters. >> and also breaking, three police officers in the hospital after an overnight shootout in chicago. the suspect is dead. police initially investigating reported drug activity. that led to a foot chase. a man opening fire right on the officers. one of the officers returned fire. the three officers were taken to the officer and they're expected to survive. and. new information in of the death of a police officer in maryland. the police chief saying that undercover narcotics officer was shot by fellow officers during a shootout with the gumman who attacked his place. and -- his police station. the two brothers recorded it on the cell phones. all three were arrested and are facing dozens of charges.
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well am half of the people who from a disability. and law enforcement needs to focus on policies with those with disabilities and health concerns. and russian president putin said he is withdrawing his forces from the war-torn country starting today. the first planes reportedly started pulling out in the last hour. putin said the military achieved the goal now that peace talks are underway and he said despite the military withdrawal in the ground, the diplomatic forces remain dedicated to helping with peace talks in syria. and happening right now, families in california desperate to get the bodies of the loved ones back. the los angeles county coroner said the office is backlogged with close to 200 bodies stuck in processing. the chief medical examiner is resigning out of frustration over understaffing in his department.
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waiting for autopsies to -- still waiting for autopsies to be performed and death certificates to be signed in order to plan funerals. and the wild presidential primary season is to get more intense. today's results could give us clear front runners or can lead to a brokered convention. donald trump is making a last- minute pitch to ohio voters. true to form, going on the attack against governor kasich's economic record. >> and your governor is totally overrated. he hasn't done a thing and without oil, you would be in worse shape than any other state in the union. believe me. >> security at youngstown regional ain't was extremely tight and not interrupted by protestors and no reports arrested. >> and we we're still months away from the rnc. with the increase of protest at political events, plans are in the works to protect protectors and their rights. legal activists gathering how to discuss and eliminate potential conflicts with police. the national lawyer's would go
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things. >> and we have seen mass civil liberties violations, we have seen mass arrests. settings. sometimes having an observer things occurring. >> and legal actives will work with protest -- activists will work with protestors after the arrest to help them navigate the legal system. >> and we don't get it, shut it down. >> and. one of the big of the crowds and dozens taking part in the come get out the vote on march and asked for candidates and promising to work toward 15 an hour and discrimination. 6:15 and let's look live outside and show you how the weather is looking somara. >> and it's still foggy out there and that is why i am
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and we have to be careful. and the lowest on the board and into mansfield. and they're under a dense fog advisory. and this is burning off and that will expire around 9 a.m. until then, take your time driving and you can see the clouds and the rain that we have left over and is minimal day. and this is drying out and that is the last of it. and pushing through on the future cast, by 9:15, search dry and this is when we allow the temps to rise and some sunshine. and into the evening hours and this is a look at the next round of rain and there is going to be early wednesday morning and we see that rain arrive. it will stick with us throughout much of the day and
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and becoming scattered showers. if you have plans on thursday, keep that in mind and some temperatures, 45 degrees in cleveland; 55 in millersburg and 56 in new philadelphia. the power of 5 forecast showing the temperatures on the cooldown and this weekend, we have a chance of seeing snow flurries. >> thank you. and i never want to hear that. and we're dealing with fog, the best morning commute and the visibility issue, 71 into the city and -- into the city and all major highways impacted with that fog and that is blanketing our area and this is the jennings freeway here and that does no the matters. and that is where you're going to come across it. and we'll show you the difference. and depends on the spot you're in. the bottom right, 71 and 271. definitely worse off on the right. 71 and 271. if you think that you have problems with potholes, listen to this.
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tires in and around the city of cleveland. our 5 on your side investigators went looking for answers. the mayor's office told us there is a small amount of cold cash pavement until the asphalt factory gets going in april. linda sanders, who is facing massive repair bills, had enough of this talk. >> and it's very upsetting and i, i put a -- i remember a number of years ago in saint petersburg. one thing i was amazed was how lousy their roads were. i feel like i'm living in saint petersburg. really. this is shameful. >> and our investigators have reported several problem areas. to get them higher on the priority list. if you want to report a problem pothole, go to our newsnet 5
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patrol. hoverboards are being stolen across want country, including in akron -- across the country, including in akron. 12-year-old scott got one for a birthday last week. the first time he took it outside, a 17-year-old boy stole it from him. >> he hits me on the head with it and run after pushing me off. >> five hours later, a 9-year- old boy robbed on the hoverboard on the steps of his house on bishop street by teenagers. akron police have not made an and american express data breach. account numbers, names and other information may have been exposed and the problem is traced to a third party accounts for fraudulent activity and they're asking you to do the same. >> and it's one thing you love most about his life. the president opening up about -- opening up about his relationship with michelle obama. >> and fear can be a dangerous
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and some say this goes too far. and you're watching good morning cleveland on
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time
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our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. . welcome back. time now is 6:22 and right now, forever 21 is under fire for a t-shirt that some say promotes rape. >> it reads don't say maybe if
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after an outcry bow a lot of folks -- by a lot of folks online, forever 21 removed the sold out. we have seen a deer- crossing sign when driving. look at this one on the screen. there is something different too. it warns of suicidal deer over the next few miles. >> and many say it's a -- [ indiscernible ] subject and the sign mocks it. the board of supervisors in iowa approved the sign and wanted more, too, but they're not sure when or even they will put them up. we want to hear from you. tweet us and let us know what you think about this. and get a check on the forecast this tuesday morning. >> and we're going to be on the lookout for any deer on the road and this is a live look. you can't see much in the way of building and droplets on there to help rain move through earlier this morning and this is a look at the visibility by the numbers.
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in that visual of cleveland there and into a half of a mile. we're seeing conditions improve and they're low in lorain, cuyahoga and medina county and wooster and this is a look at the radar. the rain is exiting the last of it and that is in abdomenover and ashtabula count -- in andover and ashtabula county. >> and the fog and some of the slick spots with the rain from last night. the traffic reminder, the traffic lights along euclid between maysfield and chester out this morning. we spoke with cleveland police later and talked to them several times this morning and still not repaired as of yet. we have a project in fairlawn. state route 18, they're doing road widening work there and expect between 77 and haines town road. and this is one of the foggier spots i found. 71 and 271 this morning. and this is in the medina area and she mention said, somara, the issues are in lorain,
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and more news this morning. it's a bitter, a plane, no, no, no. -- a bird, a plane, no, no, no. a goodyear airship flying over the area this weekend. that air ship has not been named yet but construction on the third of one is expected to start later this year. 6:25 and trending today, so many people are going to love this story. president obama commenting on what he loves about the first lady. >> and he loves her curbs. >> and he said that in a interview with "time" magazine. the president saying he thinks his daughters are lucky because is they have a great body image role model and that raising his daughters taught him the importance of empowering young women to stay healthy and to not give in to the body image pressures. and love that story. also trending, people are psyched about this woman's running magazine. for the first time, do you see it on the screen? it's featuring a plus-size model on the cover.
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emphasize that having a positive body image is fantastic and every body can be a runner's body. so many times when you want to start running, you think i can't do that and that is not for me. you have to be a certain body type. they're completely debunking the myth with the cover. >> and many people are saying let's see more of this, too and let's put a positive body image out there. a lot of people say plus size is normal size. >> it's curvey and sexy. we like it. and coming up next, a touchdown in ohio. what the national weather service will be out looking at damage today. >> and the most anticipateed restaurants. >> oh, yeah. >> and now michael simon, our famed chef, has finally set a date for when this will open.
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the nafta trade treaty --
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with china -- 3 million jobs lost. now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america 448,000 more jobs. only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while others supported unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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. good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio it's finally primary day. >> we have team coverage to help you get new it all and today's big storylines. how ohio can change the race from democrats and republicans and what you need to know before you -- [ indiscernible ] >> and we all know that weather can make a huge difference if had who comes to the polls. let's start with somara theodore. what can we expect? >> we can expect this for your tuesday primary voting day. you can vote until 7:30 p.m. the temperatures will rise to about 61 degrees today.
6:30 am
cooler along the lakeshore and highway patrolly cloudy. -- and mainly cloudy. if you're standing in line, you don't have to worry about rain. it's humid, though and some sunshine breaking through the afternoon. we're talking about rain and 10 to 15 minutes. stick around for that. kristen, over to you. >> thank you. and people no major accidents right now. just the construction projects and the fog can get in your way. this project here is in the cleveland area. and bridge replacement work happening on state route 87 and known as shaker boulevard. and westbound, it's closed at wood hill. the detour is buckeye and east 10 3rd and the work on north marginal road resurfacing and eastbound traffic is what it's restricted to. marginal. and traffic light says still out along euclid avenue between mayfield and chester. we watched as cars one-by-one blew through the intersections this morning and not treating the life of a four-way -- lights at a fire four-way stop. and -- at a four-way stop.
6:31 am
this is a look at 71 and state route 303. the rain crops are out there and it's not -- rain drodrops are out there and it's not foggy. and the battle for the buckeye state is coming down to the wire. governor kasich fighting to stay alive in the race. >> and a lot of people saying ohio could be the last chance for republicans to stop donald trump. and sarah fin's joining us now and how the showdown is -- sarah phinney is joining us today and how the showdown is shaping up. >> reporter: the latest polls show trump and kasich tied and they're at the lou higgins center and watching the results come down. and he'll either be celebrating new momentum in his campaign or seeing it end. kasich was yesterday in north canton and the buckeye state is seen as a symbolic victory. the demographics are a good representation of the country. if havicitoreous, it would be
6:32 am
in recent days, kasich hasn't entertained the idea of losing to the new york billionaire for america. >> and think of the images broadcast across the world. president here. my kids are watching this, your kids and grandkids and they looking at a scene of people pounding each other. you think they're not using that for prop gapped on to send a message to people -- propaganda to send a message to people that america's open? >> the doors open at 7 this evening. >> thank you. the primaries important today. the emphasis comes back to you the voters. if you plan to vote, meg shaw is live at the cuyahoga county board of elections with what you need to know before headingpo the toll -- to the polls, meg. >> and polls are open and it's 6:30 and the polls are open.
6:33 am
to know so when you get to the polling location, you're ready and you could see long lines with nearly 40% and of registered voters expected to participate in today's primary and that is important info and you must be registered to vote here in ohio. and utility bill or bank statement. if you requested an absentee ballot, you can return that and officers often -- up until 7:30 tonight and the judge ruled ohioans 17 and who will be 18 on election day, can vote in today's primary and the same will go apply there and the 17- year-old must be registered and have a proper i.d. and what about you or many of you who say you are registered democrat who wants to vote for a republican candidate? you can do that. don't worry. you will be considered a
6:34 am
vote in another primary election. live in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and thank you. and why slowio so important? well, simple as three words. winner takes all. >> and the magic words and that is the case not only here in ohio but florida, too and a last stand kind of for governor kasich and senator marco rubio in florida and 99 delegates up for grabs in florida and 66 in ohio. whoever wins, they goat the whole pot rather than being proportional in other states. if trump loses ohio, he will not get the delegates he needs and interesting to note here, kasich has a 43% approval rating and some analysts are saying we could see democrat voting for kasich to try and stop trump, jackie. and many wonder coming has the best chance of getting ohio's delegates and the newest polls give clinton and kasich the best shot.
6:35 am
the monmouth and university and quinnipiac university polls and that is putting kasich ahead by five points and they're tied in the quinnipiac poll. and the biggest issues is the senate primaries. the former ohio governor ted strickland is considered the front runner taking on cincinnati councilman and an occupational therapist from cincinnati. on the republican side, incumbent rob portman is challenge handled by a retiree from the columbus area. the winners from each race will face off in the november election. and to our other top stories, a tornado sweeping through in southwest ohio and all caught on camera. and you can see the funnel cloud as it moves behind the trees there and another shot shows it behind a row of houses
6:36 am
105 miles per hour winds that tore the roof off of his home. the man living there said only the pets were home at the time and they're all okay. and people new this morning, the city of beachwood is accused of breaking ohio's public record's law over the mayor'sical ender. and the mayor faces scrutiny over the pay and vacation times. and several residents requested copies of the day planner. they got it with hundreds of redactions and ohio's auditor now said the city is in non- compliance and will look at the issue during the audit of the city. and it's probably the most anticipated restaurant opening of the year and no you we have a date. >> and it's opening april 11th. the two cohosts made the announcement on his facebook page. mable's barbecue, the name, down away from the other
6:37 am
it's influenced by eastern european flavors and some insider news here and after testing the batch, the flavors are better than expected and that man knows. >> of course it's going to be better than expected, right? and. next on the tuesday morning for you on the brink of statehood, we now know when mother theresa will be elevated in the catholic church. >> and the cost of love. how much do you pay to date? the shocking numbers are next, somara. >> and before you head out of the door, i want to show you your day planner. this is what you can expect. you don't have to worry about the rain but the fog hitting the roads and that should burn off by this afternoon. leading way to sunshine in the evening, highs around 60 and we have rain moving in overnight. we'll talk about the power of 5 forecast. you're watching good morning
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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. 6:40. i have exciting news into the live desk here. a champion crowned in the 2016 moments ago. dallas and cv and his six dogs crossing the finish line here to win the 1,000-mile race across alaska, his third consecutive iditarod win, by the way. the fourth win in five years. congrats to him. you probably had your heart breaking yesterday.
6:41 am
heart's -- you could not swipe to your heart's contend. tender tweeted they had a technical glitch that got rid of matches and user's history accidentally. if you log out and sign back in, they said, your matches will be restored and you can find that true love. if you use tinder, the goal is to meet someone, go on dates and maybe settle down? >> yes, and going on dates can cost you more than your nerves, too. the average person, get this, spends 20,200 on dating before they settle down and this is over a span of 5 1/2 years, too the average, $294 and the ladies, 93. >> and that is a lot to spend on the date for the ladies. >> 93? >> uh-huh. >> and maybe they're buying cocktailing. and on this tuesday morning, are self-driving cars coming to ohio?
6:42 am
take our state into the future. >> and we're gearing up our after she. you better believe we're of going to talk about that and you can weigh in starting at 7:30 on facebook and good
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hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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. sprint. state is underway. the opening is 15 minutes ago. our team is here to help you prepare. >> and sarah phinney is watching why the nation is watching the ohio primary closely. >> and what you need to know before going to the polls. >> the polls are open across the state of ohio. if you haven't before, i have things you need to know before heading out to your polling locations. if you want to vote in today's primary election, you must be registered here in ohio. you will need to bring a form of i.d. with you such as a driver's license, utility bill or bank statement. they work and if you requested an absentee ballot, you can return that to the board of election and at 7:30 tonight. what about the 17-year-olds? the franklin county judge ruled that ohioans currently 17 and
6:46 am
the same rules apply and you must be registered and have a proper i.d. if you're a registered democrat, with many of you voting republican today, you canvo do that and you will be considered a registered republican until you vote in the next primary elections. and the polls are open tonight until 7:30. sarah phinney is live with debra wallace where she is checking on the heated race between john kasich and donald trump. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, meg. john kasich will be here at the lou higgin's center on the campus tonight to watch the results come down. the latest polls show a tie between trump and kasich in ohio. both candidates have been canvassing the buckeye state. kasich is making several appearances with mitt romney. if trump is victorious, it would be difficult for the other candidates to stop him from becoming the nominee. and recently, kasich hasn't entertained the idea of losing
6:47 am
here and calls trump dangerous for america. the kasich watch party begins at 8 and doors open at 7. live at bw, sarah phinney, newschannel 5. and people thank you. it's not just the presidentual candidates on the ballot. >> the cuyahoga county prosecutor's race will be decided as well. tim mcginty is being challenged by the former policy director mike o'malley. whoever wins today's election will be the prosecutor. there are no republicans running. and if you live in jackson township, you will see a housing battle on your ballot. a group of neighbors are finding a -- fighting a proposal to find a complex in an area known for single family homes. there needs to be more housing in jackson township regardless of the outcome of the vote. he knows the property will be built. and let's get a check on your primary election day forecast. >> and let's do it. right now, you're looking at a live look in downtown cleveland. check it out and see there is a lot of fog out there and we're
6:48 am
this is a look at the visibility under a dense fog razor -- advisory and seeing improvements in lorain county and not the case in wooster and mansfield to a half a mile. and you can see some sprinkles pop up and the bulk of that has moved out and we're not worried about a rain for your election tuesday and in the future cast, we move forward and you will see that we start to clear up. we're dry and cloudy and that is not until around 5 or 6 when we will pick up some sun before it starts to set, right? and into wednesday morning, the next round of rain is heading into us. and that will move through on wednesday. by thursday, what we'll be seeing is scattered showers throughout northeast ohio. and not quite widespread rain. we might get sunshine in between the clouds and rain and that is good news. the power of five seven-day
6:49 am
the first portion of the week and that isda. friday and sunday, the cool down and overnight, not during the day, the temperatures fall at or below freezing and we stand a chance to see some flakes. in the way of accumulation now, not going any, it's too warm on the pavement and we'll see snow falling and that is a look at the forecast. over to you. >> and i am ignoring that part of the forecast. fog advisory. it's not impacting our drive time speeds. the 13-minute ride for you, eastbound crocker to the inner belt and checking in to 10 minutes and richmond and a 98- minute ride for you, 77 northbound and that is rockside to downtown. and let's go outside. the fog is an issue here at 76 and state route 21. others on 71 and starting to improve. over to corrina. >> and thank you, kristen. breaking news into the live desk here. the cleveland school closed because of damage to the
6:50 am
the school district telling us mary and bethuen elementary school on molton avenue off of superior closed to students and staff today. the polling station at the school is open. and breaking overnight, one person shot in a drive-by shooting in a house party in akron. this happened before 1:30 this morning at the corner of thorpewood and wildwood. someone drove by and opened fire. eight shell casings were found near the intersection and farther down the road. no word on the of the shooting victim. the police say that they're expected to survive. and 6:50 right now and the morning sprint. police are investigating a murder plot. the 61-year-old debra matz is under arrest after investigators said she tried to hire someone to kill a 32-year- old man and a 7-year-old girl. she paid $1,000 to an undercover officer to kill both of them. she is in jail as the county prosecutor reviews the charges. >> and new information in the deadly crime spree in lake county. juan ross dell pleaded guilty to 16 counties -- counts, including aggravated murder,
6:51 am
last july, he tried to rape a 14-year-old girl and broke into a home and killed her. she he shot a jogger in the park before being arrested after a shootout with police. he is in the u.s. illegally and he will be sentenced next month. the man who took a five- year-old son and hid their identities for 13 years pleaded guilty. an attorney said that his son julian was always taking care of and the child had no idea about the fake identities. the fbi started investigating when julian's college associate security number. hernand -- a fake social security numbers. and the ohio supreme court will start using gender- mileeral families in court. this is after last year's supreme court ruling legalizing gay marriage. the court forms will no longer use words like husband and wife. and this will include divorce, cases. and self-driving cars could be on the way to ohio. columbus is a finalist in the national competition called the
6:52 am
will bring a futuristic transportation network to the capital city and the winner is selected in june. they're going to get $40 million to upgrade roads and to connect cars. and late into the night in the west coast, this got heated. you're about to see it, getting into an altercation with trey lyles from the utah jazz. he headbutts lyles and takes the swing. they were both ejected from the game. the cavs lose 94-85. and ohio state and akron face off in the first round of the n.i.t. and it will be in columbus at the value city arena. the tipoff is for 7:00 p.m. tonight. and don't go anywhere.
6:53 am
the nafta trade treaty -- 850,000 jobs lost. special trade status with china -- 3 million jobs lost. now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america 448,000 more jobs. only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while others supported unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. . welcome back to the morning sprint. from the live desk, three police officers hurt in a
6:54 am
the suspect is dead. police investigating the reported drug activity which led to a foot chase. a man opening fire on the officers. according to a police spokesperson, one of the officers returned fire killing the suspect. a woman also arrested in connection with the shooting. the three officers were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. and let's get caught up on the other top stories today. >> and starting with russia. pulling out troops from syria this morning. the first place around 4:45 this morning. russia's president said that the military achieved the goal and no you that peace talks are underway and despite the military withdrawal on the ground as the forces remain dedicated to helping with peace talks in syria. and a maryland police officer killed by friendly fire. the prince georges county police chief said that officer colston was shot by fellow officers during a shootout with the gunman sunday. the chief said the two brothers recorded it all on the cell phones. all three were arrested and
6:55 am
>> and new video shing the caliama video smooting -- showing the kalamazoo shooting spree coming into an end. he is charged with killing six people and injuring two others. he told police he was being controlled by his uber app and claims it told him to kill his victims and he's going 32 you a mental -- going through a mental exam. and sarah palin's husband was seriously injured in a snow mobile crash. she's back in alaska where he is in the icu. and investigators blame the condition of a track for a train derailment in kansas. amtrak said an engineer noticed a sig kent bend in the rail and quickly jumped into action, slowing the train down before it hit the bend. time. at least 32 were taken to the the hospital. and happening today, congress demanding answers water crisis. the state appointed emergency manager will be questioned and
6:56 am
and this just in to our newsroom. mother theresa will officially 4th. the vatican announcing the details on the ceremony and mother theresa is best known for running her indian-based charity supporting 4,000 up ins and ran thousands of orphan -- nuns and ran thousands of orphanages and shelters. a.m. for the clouds to burn off and this is a look at the forecast. the lakeshore in the 50s. akron-canton reaching up to 50 degrees this afternoon and we're seeing a lot of clouds out there around 4:30. i would start looking to the skies for more sunshine than cloud ratio changing. and we do have the rain chances as we head into your wednesday morning for that commute tomorrow, kristen. >> and that commute has been rough with the visibility. >> yeah. >> and because of the fog. in lorain and medina county and cuyahoga, right? >> yeah. >> and you're looking now, i thought of this. and this is 271 and broadway avenue. the police on the scene and
6:57 am
in that spot and we're seeing slowdowns on 271 northbound and some cars going about 28, 30 miles an hour. kind of slow in that spot. >> and coming up on gma, donald trump will be there talking about today's primary election. >> and they're talking about all things primary. if you're trying to get on "good morning america," i know polling location right now. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> and in political news, the bachelor will be on gma as well. >> close our ears. >> spoiled. >> okay. >> and ah. we'll see you on facebook at 7:30 for our post show.
6:58 am
the nafta trade treaty -- 850,000 jobs lost. special trade status with china -- 3 million jobs lost. now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america 448,000 more jobs. only one
6:59 am
disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while others supported unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
7:00 am
good morning, america. primary as voters head to the polls in five states. gop front-runner donald trump looking to clear the field. >> you're gonna be dead in three, get out tomorrow and vote. >> sarah palin addresses violence at his rallies. >> what we don't have time for is all that ass little thuggery stuff. >> bernie sanders eyeing another hillary clinton upset. >> people come out. we're gonna win here in ohio. >> a fight to the finish in some of the tightest races yet. john kasich join us this morning. breaking overnight, severe weather alert. a tornado tears through the


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