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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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all right you can do better than that. shake it up a bit. yeah, it's very windy out there especially along the shore way we've seen gusts about 50 miles per hour. still have our wind advisory, cuyahoga, lorain, medina, erie, huron, ashland, rich land counties through 8 p.m. this evening and again because you're not in the advisory does not mean you're not going to have gusty winds out there. look at the current wind gusts these you new, 45 in elyria, 45 in akron, the gusts right now in the city that will continue through the evening gradually subsiding overnight tonight. as far as the rain goes most of it is gone. we're actually seeing quite a bit of sunshine but we do have a couple of isolated sprinkles trying to develop and move towards mansfield and ashland and canton over the next couple hours. current temperatures 60s that's mild.
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you down a bit. just the spring coat by 10 p.m. we're down to 50, 51, 52 degrees with a partly to mostly cloudy sky. but it's going to get much colder. my weekend forecast coming up. well one day after his campaign saving win our governor is back on the campaign trail once again. >> there are only four states voting over the next month but john kasich look to go keep his momentum going. the governor getting an early start in his birth state. >> yeah, born in western pennsylvania launching his keystone campaign. pennsylvania voters won't go to the polls for another six weeks but there are 71 delegates john kasich would like to win. he's involved in a legal fight though. he's looking to block an effort to take him off the ballot. now,
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signature were thrown out they were short but argue the challenge should never have been allowed because it was filed 13 minutes too late. john kasich didn't talk about that today. he talked about how he will win the delegates over at the cleveland convention. >> they're going to wonder about who can win a general election, who can win ohio and i can tell you those folks can. >> they don't have the right to tone. >> john kasich is off to utah for three events on friday. they vote on tuesday along with arizona and then things really slow down with only two states over the following four weeks. we're learning that the republican debate that was scheduled for next week has now been cancelled. this comes after trump said he would be pulling out of it. now, it's a matter of what's next. here now a look at where the candidates have made their marks. abc news
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followed by cruz with 42. marco rubio has suspended his campaign but was able to round up 169 delegates before that announcement last night. there are only 19 states left. as for the democratic candidates they still have half of the states to still hold their primaries. right now hillary clinton holding a commanding lead over bernie sanders with 1,599 delegates to 844. well among the insults and mud slinging there was a lighter moment as a john kasich rally. it involved this dog and should there be one alongside the president in the oval office. >> reporter: well john kasich was trying to make a point about having friends in washington, and it sounded pretty good at first. >> john kasich's recent town hall in north canton got a
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fact checkers found a mistake that probably deserves a presidential pardon he quoted the nation's 33 president truman. >> you know what truman said you a dog. >> but according to historians he never said it. instead the quote comes from a fictional truman. so the statement was rated falls. he didn't have a dog when he was president but every command other chief since has and if elected maybe governor kasich would too. he had this one at the recent signing of an animal cruelty bill. well prosecutor mcginty lost
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he's targeteded violent offenders but last night he lost to his democratic challenger by more than 18,000 votes. we have been covering this race, and some say recent high profile court cases to blame. >> reporter: right, his challenger o'malley told me that's the reason he got into the race. he said he and others were upset about the way mcginty handled the rice case among other cases after the decision not to indict officers in the 12-year old shooting death last year. protesters rallied outside his house. o'malley defeated mcginty last night with 56% of the vote. >> i think if this had been any other situation mcginty would have won and probably wouldn't even have had a challenger. it pushes the system to say ultimate warning you've lost your office others may follow if
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>> now, the campaign sent me a statement earlier this morning wishing o'malley well and proud of the work his office has done. the voters in jackson township have spoken and they do not want a multi occupancy complex built in their town. 73% majority voters say they don't want an apartment complex built in a single family neighborhood. they protested and with a grass-roots effort received enough signatures for it to be put on the ballot. >> it sends a message to the trustee that is we will not accept whatever zoning they want to put in place. >> town officials and the property developer did not offer comment on the results. the results aren't finalized quite yet but this was the second highest turnout for a primary election. 41 and a half percent of ohio's registered voters cast their ballots over the last month.
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42,000 absentee ballots and 68,000 provisional ballots were still outstanding. the highest turnout was for the 2008 prime hear with 46% of voters turning in their ballots. a political battle of a different kind is starting brew in washington over president obama choice to replace supreme court justice scalia. >> i have fulfilled my constitutional duty. now, it's time for the senate to do theirs. >> this morning the president choose merrick garland who is currently the chief judge for the court of appeals for the district of columbia. there has been a lot of push and should have. they believe it should be the next president who makes the nomination. >> instead of spending more time debating an issue where we can't agree, let's keep working to address the issues where we can. >> some major cases that were scheduled to be heard by the
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include texas's lawsuit over the president's immigration executive order and the birth control mandate in the affordable care act. a sheffield lake man has pleaded guilty to supporting isis amir said rahman al-ghazi changed his plea in court today after i tried to buy an assault agent. al-ghazi is scheduled to be sentenced at the end of june. we are expose ago security breach involving state medical records. a cuyahoga county man telling news channel 5 he got easy access to multiple people's private medical history. the big question now how did this happen? >> reporter: it may have been humor record but the man who does not want to be identified filed a workers' compensation claim and when he went on the state's website to look at his own medical records he was able to see files belonging to complete strangers.
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the doctor, and it also has at the bottom the symptom or clinical description. >> we blurred these medical records because they're supposed to be confidential. they do not belong to the man reading them off his computer screen. >> i don't see the youngstown service office ever. i've never had any communication with them. >> the man showed me two different documents meant for someone he will's eyes one with another patient's name, doctor and medical diagnosis. >> the medical facility i did not know about up until now, the patient is not me, and the physician i have never heard of up until now. >> the man also showed me documents proving he hurt his leg on the job in november. he's now on disability and says he has not shared this information with the state fearing retaliation. >> i don't fear retaliation from my current employer, however, if i were ever to get a job in the future nobody would hire the person who made their wc rate go
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agency to audit them. >> a workers' compensation spokesman told me an lapses. the injured worker is worried humor record means his private information could be popping up on someone he will's screen. >> it's not about pointing fingers and saying you're wrong. it's just fix it. there's no monetary gain for me. i'm not looking to write a book. i just want this fixed. >> and a workers' compensation spokesman tells me they're taking this breach very seriously and that workers supposed to double-check things like names and social security numbers when they're entering this. he also tells me that files incorrectly filed about 300 to 400 times a year but he says that's in an office that handles about 26 million files a year. and still ahead at 6 another atm stolen from a convenient store in the middle of the night.
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a long list of similar thefts. police looking for the masked thieves. city officials ironing out final details and keeping tomorrow's celebration safe for he have one. and it's time for fun with colors, well green means rain and white means -- what's come your way this weekend. stick around. and if you see news happening let us know about it you can text or email us at 5
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here we go again tonight cleveland police looking for two thieves behind another smash and grab. it happened on west 47th earlier this morning. you can see a van backing into the front door shattering glass everywhere. they grabbed the atm shoved it through the van side door look at that before taking off. well is is 1 people arrested today all part what, if the fbi is calling a major crystal meth ring. federals investigators carried out simultaneous raids at several homes and at a
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of the 11 people arrested was carlos alias who would allegedly import five pound of the drug every month. their kids were taken by a family member n all investigators say they seized nearly $100,000 plus several guns. and the fbi also arresting two women for distributing ectasy after a year and a half long investigation. the two now facing charges, investigators say they would drive the i'm not sure they would drive to michigan and canada. well, i hope you're ready chris, tomorrow the town will be painted green with pride as festivities kick off. >> always ready. we have more on how law enforcement plans to tomorrow. >> well, city officials got
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plans for keeping celebrations relatively quiet and peaceful along with using the city surveillance cameras to keep an eye out. they'll be on the look out for anyone who is highly intoxicated or anyone who might be drinking and driving. there could be a problem when it comes to the congestion down there. >> bunt congestion is going to have crowds standing still and things can happen but also it going to be easier for us to kind of i'll use the term hold some of that ground. >> city officials also warning for those who park downtown if you see a meter with a cover on it, don't park there or you'll be towed. definitely looking for a little luck of the irish tomorrow. back to you. >> indeed. so do not remove the cover. >> don't do that. >> i won't remove the cover. >> because you probably thought about doing that. >> just be safe, enjoy.
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>> this is my holiday. >> it's your holiday. >> i get one day. so i'm wearing green somewhere. i'm not going to show you though. first of all our tower cam has some green in downtown akron and some shining through the building. my socks green. yes, that's right. sunshine indeed . we've seen the sun come out a welcomed sight. there it is. akron absolute stunning sunset for us later on in the next hour or so. we still have one or two isolated showers to deal with. remember earlier at 5 o'clock i drew this little box hand drawn, sorry it's not evenly perfect chance and notice what's happened over the last 30 minutes or so. yeah we're getting some green here. mansfield to ashland could move i don't think the showerses
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the next couple of hours. we've got some sunshine in cleveland look at this temperature 59 degrees. beautiful weather, clouds in and out. look at all the sunshine focused in on northern ohio with a few little sprinkles trying to redevelop along this little frontal boundary that came through. we still have gusty winds. our peak gust ashtabula 51 miles per hour, cleveland had 49 miles per hour at 2 p.m., 46 in lorain and akron mid-40s or canton and youngstown. we still have the wind advisory for all these counties here in brown until 8 p.m. but everywhere you go it is going to be gusty. ashtabula 32 miles per hour. 33 ravenna,
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blustery everywhere you want to go. look at this, a west wind this is the sustained wind speed at hop kins 29 miles per hour. then you have a gust to near 40. 61 the high today, 50 the low, 46 and 30s where we should be. snow fall still stuck at 25 inches. going to add a little bit more to that this weekend. we've got an area of low pressure right here it's going to slowly edge east over the next two days and once it gets east of us some of this colder air is going to begin to spill in. so your saint patrick's day tomorrow we'll mention an isolated shower mainly during mid to late afternoon hours so your parades look pretty good and then this front drops in and by friday much cooler with isolated snowflakes but tomorrow for the wearing of the green 49 at
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lower 50s by evening a few showers and 38 degrees. 45 degrees tonight, a few clouds breezy and cool. how's that? tomorrow 57, clouds, some sun an isolated shower during the afternoon. akron and canton slightly milder for the parade tomorrow 52 or 53. tonight 41, tomorrow an isolated shower 57. now, here's your weekend. we get colder. friday isolated rain drop mixing with wet snow 39, dry saturday but cold 38, sunday isolated flakes 39, monday scattered snow, maybe enough to sweep off the windshield. >> well you get a time out is that what you're mom called you an isolated flake? just asking. i owed him one. i owed him one, people.
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today. >> yeah, adding players, subtracting players. coming up next i'll let you know some of the familiar names of that been
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a busy day for the browns's front office adding and subtracting players today.
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in the third round in 2012 and has spent the last four seasons with the jets. they released dansby. this past season was his 12th in the nfl. he played two seasons with the browns and recordeded 201 tack ankles in 28 games. he's the only active nfl player with at least 40 career sacks and 15 interceptions. the team say goodbye to receiver dwayne bowe. he had an impressive tenure with the chiefs but did not do much in cleveland. also tomorrower are browns tight end dre signed with the bills today. the cavs returning home from a four game road trip. they went 3 and 1 on that road trip suffering a loss monday night to the jazz.
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home for one game before they pack up again. as for tonight tip off is at 7 p.m.. and the good year ballpark hosting the angles, indians trailing 6-3, meanwhile the option pitcher first hold a little break as he's one of the several players not feeling so well. >> so since he was sick we were going to do this in a few days but since he pitched yesterday and sick we figured look, we'll send him home and talk to him that way it doesn't disrupt his throwing program so when he comes back in a couple of days we won't give him a day off and send him down. we talked to him send him home let him get better and then he'll go on the other side. >> lots of players sick, coaches sick. >> something's going around. >> yeah. thankfully they're far from us.
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down for the weekend. 30s for highs with just a few flakes here and there friday and again sunday into monday. i'm not expecting any major accumulation but it's just going to be a reminder it's still march by the time you put on that winter coat this weekend. >> mother nature is in charge. we'll see you back here
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tonight, the supreme court showdown. the president names his pick. a judge who took on timothy mcveigh after oklahoma city. who took on the unibomber. but now he faces republican leaders who have intention of taking any action. tonight, the phone call the republican leader who called the judge. the race for the white house. fresh off major victories for donald trump, tonight, trump's new warning. could there be riots if republicans try to block him at a contested convention? new details emerging tonight. the young, undercover detective shot and killed by a fellow officer. pierre thomas, standing by. the deadly storm hitting in the middle of the country. drivers losing control. and now five confirmed tornadoes.


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