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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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police cues a man of egging a house more than 100 times why he says though they have the wrong guy. plus opening day less than two weeks away and native american groups again calling for the remove of chief wahoo from banners the loophole they have just found. but first we want to get you more on the breaking news. firefighters battling a stubborn tire in south akron. look here live pictures on the ground from our overnight news tracker on scene. this is on lovers lane. the fire department tells us this is a vacant building. the fire started around 4:15. you can see still very active. firefighters on scene trying to get those flames under control but still pretty intense out over to you. and happy st. patrick's day y'all.
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is slyman's restaurant getting ready to serve up hundreds of those famous corn beefed sandwiches. so we've got everything you need to know about the events happening downtown today but the big question how is the weather going to be looking? okay. well, the weather is actually shaping you up to be nice. we're going to see a nice golden st. patrick's day. riot now we are looking at some cloud coverage. unwed that chance for an isolated shower today. but i today. otherwise we're staying dry. temperatures 47 degrees in cleveland, 44 in medina. 43 in mansfield. how warm is it going to get? we will be a good ten the high. it's going to be very
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so for anyone hanging out downtown be sure to have a nice sweeter. how's traffic? he. >> things looking pretty good. one disabled vehicle but i turned on our predictor. that's going to clear out around 9, 10 o'clock but again once that morning commute hits once more people starting hit the roads the big times we're starting to see 6:0045. heading outside now to get a live look at some cameras this morning here is four live looks at 71. that's a look at traffic. they double handcuffed me like i'm a criminal. i have no criminal history. >> developing this morning after a year long investigation into the egging of a local house, more than 100 times, police have is made an arrest. we're live
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man accused says hold on a second, police have theing wrong guy. >> reporter: that's the story he's sticking with. now, jason kozin is the guy you're going to hear from. he was arrested on tuesday charged with felony vandalism. he's admitted he's had some disputes with the neighbors but he denys any wrongdoing in fact, confident that a grand jury will see things the same way. this house has been hit with eggs, onions grapefruits, even paint balls. hundreds of times over the course of a year. now, cameras on the home and still nothing but he says he lives in the house across the very for two years and this week a picture from inside his new home police with guns drawn arrest him and another picture where he was served with a search warrant by a swat team. he says he's not the one police want and ads
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egged. i got hit with the egg, the back of my house was hit with eggs. i have all the documentation, the cops have it. >> now, police would not go on camera but told us this case has a lot more to do with just egging a house in fact they say they showed force because he made several threats against police officers. now, he said he's hired attorneys and expects to start a civil suit against police. akron police investigating attempted luring a 9-year old was waking home yesterday afternoon when she says two white men in an old white pickup truck came up to here. she says the driver was older and white beard and glasses and ran back to the school and told them what happened. and this eye glass theft video we showed you yesterday. the designer glasses worth more than $34,000.
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the middle of the day saturday at clear vision on route 303. this morning cleveland police looking for two masked thieves behind another smash and grab. this happened on west you see the van backed too the front they then grabbed an atm, shoved it through the van's side door before taking off. so again police looking for them. and right now a suspect under arrest after this meth lab bust in bruins wick. the lab was found and the bomb squad called into detonate three of the pressure cookers used to make meth. native american groups once again calling for the indians to get rid of the chief wahoo logo calling it racist and outdated. the group along with the cleveland council member questioning whether indians
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have the proper permits to be hung on the poles outside of the stadium. >> someone said that you are nit-picking on this permit issue how do you answer to that? >> i think it's nit-picking issue, that's a dangerous -- it's a danger to the public i think they should take them down. >> the mayor's office is looking into whether the indians banners has the proper permits. we've contacted the indians and they believe that is the case. well new this morning dominion gas company wants to double the cost it charges residential customers. they want to replace ageing pipelines in the next five years but an agency is filing a brief against the proposal. the group is calling for a review of the expenses and revenues and a decision on the proposal is expected next month. also new this morning avon local schools reporting their drinking water is clear of any
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northeast ohio tested positive for high levels of led avon schools wanted to ease parents minds and decided to volunteer test water at each school. we back as acceptable drinking water quality. well a lot of you might not instead you're planning to join others expected to be downtown for the celebrations. maybe you may line up outside of slyman's restaurant for traditional corn beefed sandwich. police say look have your fun but let's be safe. >> reporter: their message is pretty simple. if you see something say something. if an officer isn't nearby you can use the hashtag cle saint pats on twitter. the crowd here at slyman's of about 30 or 40 people is pretty calm and cleveland police hoping the crowds at the st. patrick's day parade will also be we would be behaved. there have been issues in the past.
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say about the same number of officers will be on the streets today as in years past but they will be deployed differently. officials believe that will help awareness and response time. of course the public square construction is adding a new element to their coverage. >> the congestion is going to have crowds standing still and things can happen but also it's going to be easier for us to kind of i'll use the term hold some of that ground. we also have some technology in place will help us with visibility. >> reporter: and the crowd here at slyman's is growing. doors opened at 6 and the owner says st. patrick's day is pretty much their version of march madness. >> exciting time of the year for us. you know, we anticipate it and we get geared up for it, it's pretty awesome. >> reporter: they say they plan
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there is some corned beef sandwiches left. if it's still left they'll stay open. so good to know, right? >> is that even a possibility. >> i don't think. >> i'll put an order with you, right? >> yes. >> okay. good. >> thank you. and if you're going to be stuck inside during today's parade you can still watch it online. we'll live stream the entire thing. thanks for being with us this morning. coming up for you on this thursday morning a family's dog assumed to be gone for good found alive five weeks later, how the german shepherd managed to survive after going overboard. plus the former uber driver accused in a michigan shooting spree is now suing the company, why he says they've ruined his
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breaking right now from the live desk sea world just announcing the end of its breeding program. the killer whales currently in their care will be the last generation. the change is made after the documentary black fish gained national attention. it highlighted one hail in capitivity that has killed several people. right now the uber driver behind bars in the shooting spree that left 6 people dead is he says the company ripped him off and ruined his life. he says he wasn't paid back wages, overtime didn't get a christmas bonus and was force today work when he was sick and says he's the reason divorcing him. two hospitals in washington is usualing patients to get
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because a former technician is charged with stealing a syringe and replacing it with something else. hospitals say the risk for patients is low but they want them to get tested. a warning from donald trump over his quest to rib the presidential nomination. now, it is not a lock that he can win the 1,237 delegates needed before the party's convention this summer and if that's the case a brokered convention could take place and someone not leading delegates could become the nominee which he says is a bad omen for cleveland. >> i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think you'd have riots. you know we have -- i'm representing a tremendous many, many millions of people. >> senator ted cruz is second to trump in delegates also opposes the brokered convention. and as the convention is closing in here it is a race to
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of new hotels in the area. and those hotels booked up but the guests still a mystery. right now the host committee is responsible for placing reservations at their properties. some of the rooms contracted the drury hotel set to open next month. as to how much they'll go for here's what the general manager of the hotel says. >> we don't feel that it's the right thing to do to price gouge when there's opportunities like this. we want to make the city look as good as possible because we're not just looking at the rnc, we're looking at what happens after that. >> right now the host committee is work to go place delegates interest groups and media in more than 16,000 rooms. let's turn to severe weather in the south parts of texas still complete under water this morning. look at that. flooding there. buildings surrounded, roads turning into rivers even an interstate had to be shut down. take a look at
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much the entire town under water there and that's forced people who live to seek higher ground. you're not seeing things, yes, that is a group of guys they moved their entire living room to their roof. a tv couch there's even a guy there sweeping the roof slash floor. >> the chair is that a file cabinet? okay. they got the office, they got the living room. this is interesting. washer and drier. all right let's go ahead and take a look right now at the satellite and radar. this is what we're waking up you to in northeast ohio just some cloud coverage. no rain. yesterday our rain chances were pretty high for today i'm bringing them all the way down here maybe a stray shower this afternoon other than that it's shaping up to be a lovely day only thing of course there's a catch there's always a catch, right, we're going to be seeing breezy conditions. here
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friday you can see we were dry all the way through this but tomorrow morning the real weather head line temperatures in the 30s, it is going to feel so cold tomorrow. we could see a few flakes out there. no accumulation, but i mean, it's really something to think about judge that go sunday is the first day of spring and we're going to be in the 30s so winter making a come back, her final stand. friday evening we get another chance for some stray showers and saturday it's shaping up to be quiet looking out your window it will be sunny. currently temperatures 47 degrees this cleveland we're looking at 44 elyria, wews 44, 48 in new philadelphia. thursday through saturday you can see temperatures drop we go from 57 today to the 30s by saturday a chance for a few flakes on your friday, and again that's a stray shower. and then
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for snow that's the first day of spring. it's not until wednesday where we finally get that warm up. that's a look at your power 5, 7-day forecast. over to you. giving you a live look outside at 480 right now. it looks like some volume is building on 480 but no real issues. canal road is going to be closed under 90. they're doing some bridge deck work today that's going to start at 9 a.m. and last until about 3 p.m. this afternoon. be aware if you're heading in that area you might want to take an alternate route. big picture things looking pretty good. we did see the slow downs a little bit on 480 but no issues to report. heading south there is one closure we want to tell you about but morgan avenue is closed in akron because of this fire both the east and the westbound lanes at beardly street. we've got more on this breaking story we're following.
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it is in south akron. so just check out these live pictures it is lovers lane you heard john mentioned that the fire department says this is a vacant building but yes, they're still on scene. i want to show what you it looks like live from air tracker 5 over the scene, a source tells me this is the former lovers lane automotive building. as you can see it looks like the flames right now just about out but still we saw the smoke had a good view of it. firefighters it started around 4:15. so it we'll keep you updated. we have to get to some heart breaking news frank sinatra junior has died. he suffered a he
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he followed his famed father into the music industry. here in ohio the family of a junk basketball player confirming the teen has succomb to his injuries from a pick up game. >> he was attempt ago dunk when a support pole on the base board snapped. he passed away. well check out this new video an unforgettable experience for customers on a charter fishing boat. they reel in an 823-pound mar marlin. it took them 6 hours to reel in that big fish. after pictures testify taken to the fish auction. no word yet on how much they got for it but i'm pretty sure it was a lot of
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an 18-month old german shepherd was missing for nearly they assumed she was dead. she went overboard from a fishing boat but she survived island. she was found by a naval staff and reunited with her family. >> unbelievable nearly 5 weeks. go to the island the navy saying that she was hungry, clearly but i'm sure she's so happy to be back with her family. >> the family was very elated too. coming up next escape inmates on the run until a how he's now being awarded. >> plus many of you gearing up for march madness today. as we head to break here's a live look
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the cavs with a day off after a close call. james had the night off to rest. the cavs ahead of the mavericks until the very end. under ten seconds
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and they hold on for a 99-98 win. march madness officially starts today with the first four playing games and president obama revealing his tournament bracket. he plays kansas, north carolina, texas a and m and michigan state in his final four. only once has he successfully predicted the men's national champion which was north carolina pack in 2009. maybe this year he'll get it right and go out with a bang. >> we shall see. let's get a check on the forecast. >> all right so let's talk by the weather headlines. today is going to be sunny, it's going to be breezy, rain chances significantly low. i wouldn't worry about rain too much. snow question mark question mark question mark. i know that's the big question. spring is on sunday. we'll talk about that a little later. highs reaching the upper 50s today.
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look at your forecast. over to you. keep an eye on a closed road in akron due to a fire morgan avenue both east and westbound lanes closed. we have a crew on scene and tell us that lovers lane is closed at clay. north i want to tell you about a closure lee road in shaker heights, the northbound lanes closed. outside a live look four live looks at 480. trending today a homeless man in san francisco is getting a hefty reward after helping police catch two jail escapees. >> he's been approved to give $100,000. he says he's going to use that money to help his son and his disabled daughter.
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taking the heroin epidemic into their own arms, if you will. plus the next gop debate now in the dumps why two candidates say they're thought going to attend.
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new details on the breaking news we've been following from the live desk firefighters spending the morning battling a fast moving fire in south akron. we're just learning an arson
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the building fire on lovers lane it is still going, a few flames still shooting from the roof but mostly under control. we learned a 55-gallon barrel was set on fire right outside the building. apparently spread. a source tells me this is the former lovers lane automotive building. it is vacant. it started just after 4 this morning. flames were shooting from the roof as you see. crews really had a tough time getting it under control and as you saw they're still out there putting out hot spots. good morning from march madness st. patrick's day, it is feeling a lot like spring and spring is around the corner on sunday. here's look at your forecast. we're going to take you through your st. patrick's day. 49 degrees to start we're in the upper 40s, partly cloudy throughout the day we lose some
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temperatures this afternoon reaching 57 degrees but it will feel cooler because it is going to be extremely windy out there this evening i said an isolated shower i think we could see he a few sprinkles in a few spots but other than that remaining dry temperatures this evening 45 degrees. that's a look at your forecast. over to john in traffic. things starting stack up. this is usually where we see our back ups start to occur and right now on 71 our typical spot we're tracking cars going at about 29 miles an hour. a little bit north checking out the shore way things looking pretty good. going down south though as we head to that fire there are a couple of closures going on right now. morgan avenue both east and westbound lined closed also lovers lane closed. four live looks at 71.
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on the ground good to have you with you. if you're still picking out your clothes for the green. it is st. patrick's day pack downtown cleveland. >> our annual parade considered one of the best. cleveland also has a couple of unique traditions, lining up at hey there. >> reporter: hey. the line is building here at slyman's. people waiting to guessed the corned beef sandwiches. they're able to go in ten at a times but it looks like it's going to take a while and this is the start of a busy day for many people. thousands expected to be downtown for the 149th st. patrick's day parade about 11,000 people will be marching and of course the big crowds means police on high alert. cpd is working with multiple agencies to pull off a layered security plan.
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officers in uniforms and regular clothes will be stationed all around the city. police and organizers asking the public to remain aware and let them know if you see anything suspicious. >> if you see it and it looks questionable get ahold of somebody, anybody in a uniform, parade committee member, so that we can get the message to the police and have them check it out. >> reporter: and if you don't see an officer or parade organizer nearby you can get ahold of officers on twitter by using the hashtag cle saint pats. as for the people here they'll be here for a while but the co-owner says they'll remain open until all the corned beef is is gone. so might as well make your way out here. back to you. and if you are going to be stuck inside during today's parade you can still watch it online. we will be live streaming the entire parade on and on newsnet5 app.
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well, developing this morning it is a mystery that has plagued a euclid neighborhood for a year now. who is egging this home here. more than 100 times. well police now say they have their man but the suspect even neighbors think they've got it all wrong. so let's go live in euclid. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a story that got lots of media attention over the last several months. euclid police arresting jason kozin on tuesday charging him with felony innocent. now, this home was egged many times by eggs, grapefruits, onions even paint balls hundreds of times over the course of a year. cameras on the home and nothing. he says he's lived in the house across the street for two years and
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home as police arrest him. now, another picture from last april when he was served with a search warrant would a swat team. he has no prior criminal history says he has nothing to do with any of it. >> let the jury decide. i have my evidence, a lot of evidence against police and whatever evidence they have on me that's what the jury is for so --. >> reporter: now, police would not go on camera. they say that they showed force against him because he's made threats against police in the past. now, this case is going to a grand jury. it will decide if it's doing to indict kozan and go further. in south euclid we are hearing about a case of extreme vandalism. police were called to the library where kids are were throwing furniture and threatening staff. one of the boys challenged officers to a
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he tried to kick out the back window and i kicked a holding cell and broke the lock. family of an inmate who died at the cuyahoga county jail and now suing. he died in march last year after he was taken to the hospital in full cardiac arrest. the medical examiner says he died of overdose but his family is saying their son did not get the proper treatment and the jail new he had taken drugs brought in. well the city of cleveland policing and mental health. that is one of the things the justice department says cleveland police need to work on so last night the mental health advisory committee held an open meeting it was to get input on concerns. two are more meetings are scheduled saturday and also next wednesday. new this morning in the
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buyout huntington needs to sell off some of the branchs. the bank has to do it to get regulatory approval. this is in addition to the more than 100 branches that are closing in five states. and also new the new director is making history. here's a photo of she is the center's first female director space. she flew three shuttle flights. welcoming up if you're a dominion customer your gas bill might soon be going up, the new charge that is not sitting well with customer groups. >> well an ohio hospital is
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of the most vulnerable newborns. how's that forecast looking? >> dry but windy. take a look right now. it is going to pick up throughout the day. 25 miles an hour in cleveland, 26 in wews, a breezy day ahead. we'll talk more about this snowflakes in the 7-day but first a live look at slyman's. if you're
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a revolution near blood test could predict if you will develop all timers disease. researchers say their tests identifies proteins that begin seeping into the blood stream 20 years before symptoms appear. even though there is not a cure detecting it before damage is effects. i think we all can agree here there's nothing sweater than c you uddling a newborn baby. mercy health anderson hospital uses volunteers to help babies born addicted to heroin through the withdrawal process. more and more babies being born addicted to the drug and when nurses don't have time to sit and hold babies for hours cuddlers a vital resource. >> they don't have a nervous system yet to settle themselves
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sleep is when they're in somebody's arms and you can rock them. >> it may not always be peaceful but the babies do bring them of course a lot of pleasure. so it is good for both parties there. the president's supreme court nominee head today capitol hill, we'll share what's happening today. plus chipoltle is sends out some goodies. details next.
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we are following breaking news, plus something is rotten in the city of euclid, eggs to be exact. plus get your green on it is st. patrick's day. we're at slyman's the place to be waiting for the corned beef sandwich. but first we have a quick check on your weather and that you traffic. let's go ahead and disappear. a live look right now at the radar and sat light. you can see we do have a lot of cloud coverage of what's going on?
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taking place throughout the day. the good news we are in for a beautiful thursday. i did say we could see a spray sprinkle or shower or two. as we push through thursday morning dry temperatures rising, notice no cloud coverage. they're helping the temperatures to rise to the upper 50s but we have a lift gift, that is wind. so it is going to be breezy today. going to be cold temperatures in the 30s and it's going to be a stark contrast between yesterday and tomorrow. so that's why i'm letting you know the chill down is coming and as we head through friday we stand a chance to see a few flurries. no accumulation. saturday, quiet, sunny, cold. here is a look at your current temperatures 44 degrees walking outside your door in medina, ravenna is also 44 down in new philadelphia we're looking at 48 degrees.
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today then a chance for a few flakes on friday, don't forget spring starts on sunday. that's a look at your forecast, john, how's traffic? starting stack up now 647 seeing our typical slow downs spots. 71 near the metro curve also seeing slow downs on 77 near the interchange of 490. heading up north 90 be aware there is construction going on on north marginal road. the detour is setup to put cars back out onto 90. be aware there is going to be some added traffic this morning and throughout the day because of this construction. outside to take a look at our live odot cams here's four live looks at 77. we've got some new details about that fire in akron we've been telling you about all morning. is it started
6:48 am
here's a look from air tracker 5, the fire is just about out right now but fire crews as you see still there. they're putting out hot spots. we've learned a barrel sitting outside the building was set on fire. the flames then spread to this building a source tells me about a this is the former lovers lane automotive building. the fire started just after 4 and when we got there flames were shooting from the roof. this is what it looked like. it took about two hours to get the whole thing under control. an arson investigator is on scene. we'll stay on top of this and keep you updated. >> reporter: we are in euclid where police made an arrest on tuesday charging a man with felony vandalism accusing him of egging a house more than # 100 times in the last year but he's denied any wrongdoing. in fact, he says he's confident that a grand jury will see things the same way.
6:49 am
euclid, this house has been hit with eggs, onions, grape fruits even paint balls hundreds ever times over the course of a year. now, cameras on the home and still nothing. jason kozan says he lived in the house across the street for two years and this week a picture from inside his new home as police gun drawn arrest him but he insists he had nothing to do with any of the vandalism. police said this is a lot more to do than just egging a home. they say they showed force against him because he has a history of threatening police in this case. now, he also says that he has hired his own attorneys and will file a police department. akron police investigating a attempted luring, a 9-year old was walking home yesterday other than when she says two white men
6:50 am
she ran back to the school and was able to tell them what happened. two sisters facing charges in a major drug bust ask one used to be a reserve police officer. the two accused of having and selling marijuana and mdma. police tell us the role in the department was volunteer and she was removed because of this investigation. and video you will only see here on 5 of another major drug bust. investigators carried out simultaneous raids at several homes and a mexican restaurant in stark county. 11 people arrested in what the fbi is calling a major crystal meth ring. officers seized nearly $100,000 and guns. several children were also taken from that home. and if you're still picking out your clothes for the day don't forget the green, right? >> yeah, no matter how bright it is. yeah, thousands of people getting ready for st. patrick's day of course and some
6:51 am
slyman's this morning hopefully in line with those hoping to get a taste of ireland this morning need to come down here and get in line yourself because it is a very long line. people have been waiting for hours. we met one man who got here at 4:30. he's been coming here since he was a kid. listen to why he keeps coming back. >> we come here every year. there's times we've came here he's had heaters up and takes good care of his customers. so that's why people keep coming back. >> reporter: thousands of people will be downtown this afternoon for the st. patrick's day parade. police on high alert using a layered security plan, the same amount of officers will be on the streets as in years past but they'll be deployed differently in hopes of increasing awareness and response time. officials asking people to alert authorities if you see anything suspicious.
6:52 am
they run out of corned beef but that will likely be before their actually closing time and like i said before, everyone who's been asking for sandwiches you need to come down here and wait with these good people, okay. i'm not bringing sandwiches back for three. >> i'll remember that. >> and she's not wearing green. you're going to get pinched. >> this is dark green. >> is it, we'll see in person. >> whatever. well, if you are going to be stuck inside for that parade today you can still watch it online. we are going to be live streaming the entire thing on and on our newsnet5 app. dominion gas customers may be paying more for the same service. they want to replace ageing pipelines. the new rate would be nearly double the
6:53 am
the ohio consumer's council has proposal. also new no led in the drinking water at avon schools. the school tested the water after other districts began samples taken earlier this month came back as acceptable drinking don't go anywhere. we will be right back in 60 seconds.
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sea world with a major change, it is ending his controversial breeding program. the park saying the killer whales they currently care for will be the last generation. they've also partnered with the humane society and creating new exhibits. the change is made after the documentary black fish
6:55 am
highlight a whale in captivity that has killed several people. the new supreme court nominee will visit capitol hill and meeting with democratic senators. some gop senators say they will speak with him. all eyes will be on the nation's capitol today as governor snyder testifies by the water crisis in flint. and the governor plans on taking full responsibility. he calls the crisis a failure at all levels of government and also says he took action as soon as he became aware of the issues last october. debate cancelled after donald trump says he won't show up. he says he has another engagement he's scheduled to speak in dc. governor john kasich said he
6:56 am
the man charged in the killing spree is suing uber for $10 million. he accuses the ride sharing service of ruining his life. as we told you earlier this week he told police an uber app on his phone took control of him last month. new technology that could curb gambling addiction to be unevaluated. a news conference on the play my way system is set for later today it allows a money limit to be set before they start betting. a handful of casinos worldwide has similar technology in place but this would be a first for the u.s.. chipotle handing out 11 million coupons. the company still trying to recover after a
6:57 am
scared off customers. there's also a coupon for free chips and salsa too. hour by hour happy st. patrick's day temperatures around 57 degrees a nice mix of sun and clouds. over to you. some closure to report lovers lane closed at clay, morgan avenue closed because of that fire. things looking like they're starting back up. >> all right. thanks. good to have you with us . >> nailed it. >> nailed it. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, aim at hillary clinton. >> and the last person hillary clinton wants to face is me and i mean i know that for a fact. >> as he backs out of the next debate his chief rival saysim and the president prepares for an epic showdown over his supreme court nominee. breaking news, seaworld's stunning announcement, the end of the orca park now partnering with the humane society. the tides now shifting. is this the end of shamu? family first. a major league star drops a baseball bombshell walking away team and $13 million after management stopped him from taking his son to work. did the team go too far?


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