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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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all-new today on "right this minute." >> great viral videos on this hump day, including a hutchback surprise. >> that is mom coming up to say, hello! >> the story behind a kay beinger's close call. >> that is just spectacular. >> an rough, and then -- >> it gets scary. >> see why this is a very bad sign. >> around -- >> believe it or not, it's a rap about reverse mortgages, and -- >> the least likely guy to do a music video. >> now the internet's newest star reveals the real story behind that shoot. >> when i was off camera i ran away from those girls.
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the web with -- >> millions of hits. >> now we solve the mystery behind one clumsy lady. >> there is so much beauty on this beautiful marble that when you live on one of the best ways to see it is from a kayak especially if you're in vancouver island, british columbia, these videos sent to us by our friend brad. this is lucas, out there. and when he needs to get a better look at what's happening under the water -- >> no. >> no! >> anyone? no. okay. >> he sees a bunch out there. particularly harbor seals. right now it's the pupping season. the little pups come up to the kayak. hi, how are you? >> if you want to have an adventure like this you can go
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penn island, british columbia, and hanging out with the wild coast adventure, you may have caught something like this. >> oh. >> whoa! >> so magnificent. >> every single -- >> please tell me you got that. >> whoa! >> it was up close and personal. >> that is mom hello. >> you were impressed by that? >> watch what i can do. >> incredible. that breach caught by a number of angles. >> that is just spectacular. >> see the kayakers in the background, reverse, reverse. just a gorgeous, gorgeous scene
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lives by all kinds of things we take for granted like machinery, elevators, and they just work until they don't. and when they don't, it gets scary. this comes to us from shenzhen in china where this guy was trying to go from the ninth floor to the first floor, as the door opens he makes to walk through the doors but they kind of stop and then he looks through the doors, you see, as there goes the first floor -- >> oh, snap -- >> you see now speeding up in fa building, and the elevator is now rocketing up towards the top. he's pressed himself up against the wall wondering what he should do. you even see as he tries to press a button and then suddenly -- >> whoa! >> wow. >> it hits the -- >> hit the roof of the elevator, and came crashing back down. >> it was going that fast? >> there are no bars for him to hold onto. you know sometimes elevators
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grab onto he had nothing. >> do we know his injuries? >> yes, we do. pretty severe. in fact he got concussion and a broken hip. as well. in fact he's like on the floor, managed to pull out his phone and get help. the weirdest thing about this is, building management admits this isn't the first time they've had a problem with this elevator in fact a pregnant woman was trapped inside the elevator for a number of hours, this is just the latest stairs every single day. >> there are few things that every cool video must have. cinematography. honey. >> it's raining in los angeles. >> you always got to be ready for the rainy day. with a reverse mortgage. >> rumor people -- the truth will be found. >> i'm sorry, this is the hit of
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>> it's my business helping people and believe it or not, you get to keep your house and that's a sure shot. >> wow this is incredible. did dr. dre do this? >> no. but a stand in. ? reverse mortgages they're good mortgages ? >> he is the owner of integrity first mortgage, and this video is wild because i mean let's be honest he's the least likely guy that we seek to do a a rap music video at that. >> i forget to let you know this money. >> that's not all. he's here to save the day. >> secret identity is super reverse mortgage man. >> i don't even have a mortgage i want to call this guy. what can you do for me. >> apparently the marketing strategy is working. it was all directed by his son
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live via skype right this minute we've got john, ladies and gentlemen. >> woo-hoo! >> whoo. >> so your son mike put all of this together but ar he brought you the concept were you a little hesitant at first? >> he warned me a year before that he'd be doing it. i happened to be in l.a. for business and he sprung it on me. i enjoyed the heck out of it. >> is it because of the checks? >> when i was off camera i ran away from those girls. >> whoo! >> smart move. >> how would you prime, subprime? >> it was probably be prime. instead of paying out the bank pays you. you get to keep your house -- >> i heard that your daughter-in-law wrote the lyrics. >> she did. i couldn't have come up with them. >> what are your colleagues saying about this? >> well, everybody's for it and the biggest thing they like are the girls. >> so what's next? you have any other trailers or videos coming through? >> that decision to my son.
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>> i got to tell you guys, this is not primary -- my marketing efforts, right, but it's a heck of a lot of fun. >> it's unique. >> seems to be working. >> got our attention. >> all right well thank you so much for joining us. >> you guys have a great day. >> thank you. >> this is 2015. take a look at this poor dog. throat has been slit. >> first of all it wasn't cut. they call her shiver because they said they got a shiver down their spine because of her case. shiver was tied up around the neck by wire, now this video is put together by orphan tech greece by the woman who helped rescue shiver. -- >> all the pain she had known. >> they said this dog was the
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encounter. she's playful. she was kind. and as you could see here, all that tender loving care improved her state. >> i just can't believe anybody has the heart or lack thereof to do this. to put a dog in that -- and leave them and leave them. because this dog for sure was going to die. >> exactly. it wasn't like that dog was a stray and something bad happened to it. this was done to this dog on purpose but as you could see here that neck has healed up and she >> look. >> it's incredible that the dog would trust another human being after this. >> well, we have an update. the person who rescued the dog reached out to shiver's forever family, a family in holland decided to take her in and adopt her and changed her name to jade. gave her a jewelry necklace. she immediately chewed it. >> of course she did. so they had to replace it with rhinestones. >> look at it. cuddling with the family cat. >> yes.
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>> [ indiscernible ] how beautiful she has grown and how much she has changed. [ indiscernible ] >> a guy takes his girl on a sky driving adventure. >> whoo! >> all right, girls. >> go! >> but see why it's not the free-fall that takes her breath away. and if you want to be like this strong horse -- >> you strain hard >> s that's all about going beast mode. >> this is the most bizarre -- man, my feet are killin' me. same time tomorrow, fellas!? dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles absorb a hard day on your feet for comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. dr. scholl's work insoles. ? ? ? you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner.
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>> are we as well? >> yep! >> how high are we getting? >> as high as sky diving can take us because that's where they're at. >> i'll a little nervous. >> having a good old time. >> all right. >> let's do this man. >> justin first. and now one of their friends. >> whoo. >> all right, girls. >> go. >> that's so cool and you scream for about five seconds, and your body like equalizes. and then it's all -- >> as she's coming down there's something waiting for her
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? >> still hasn't gotten any better. ? i remember for love ? >> awkward guy behind >> this is one situation where three is definitely a crowd. >> oh, >> whoo! >> barely caught our breath when he takes her breath away. one more important question -- >> oh -- >> there they are. the happy couple. congratulations to becca and justin. >> this is -- this little girl
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woo-hoo she made it. now it's time to go over that second gate. >> oh. >> wow! >> i know. she falls right over the pony and then on her head holding herself up. but this is part of the reason people are loving this video the pony helps her. it stays there, and it kind of nudges her. >> ah. >> are you kidding me? >> come on. >> and they call it >> it's so cute. someone else don't worry came over and helped her out a little but this is insane. awesome. >> so how do horses get big and strong like this? you train hard your have your protein shakes you hit the field with your weights and you do stuff like this with your cape. >> this is the most bizarre --
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>> this horse is definitely in beast mode. >> beautiful people, a horse and a board. >> i didn't think that was possible. >> this next one is just as freaky bonkers cool. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a brave guy's on a death defying journey. >> down in to this newly formed lava lake. >> and the excitement mission could yield an eruption of rewards. plus mom's got the camera rolling while giving her daughter a driving lesson. >> i have a feeling that this could be internet gold. and my gosh was she right. see how things get hilariously tense when they hit the road. ha, ha, ha. stipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? [ simultaneously ] she does.
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entertaining. they set up a camera. >> that's mom. mom had a feeling that this could be internet gold and my gosh was she right. >> put it in first gear. >> she's giving some instruction here. mom's patience, though, is about -- [ indiscernible ] >> she also may not be the best person to instruct -- >> i was going to say i don't think she's given her the classroom portion of learning how to drive. the part where you give her the mechanic >> [ bleep ] [ indiscernible ] >> they both are panicked in this situation. i'm getting panicked watching. >> this is a big part of the problem though the person learning to drive can't be so afraid that they freak out and can't drive. >> but the teacher in these two helps to calm everybody down and
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>> but there's one big test coming up. [ indiscernible ] >> megan still getting a kick out of it. >> how do i stop? >> hit the brake! >> she gets -- >> that's it. >> megan obviously needs more practice. this is only her second driving lesson in twelve months. >> all i know is i need her create a youtube channel i want to watch the entire thing. >> no. i am living vicariously through one of our favorites. he is in the middle of the messiah volcano in nicaragua. >> it is a sight. >> he and a team of scientists and experts have descended down
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lake. the goal was to set up 80 sensors inside so that they could then predict volcanic activity. >> how deep are they right now? >> well, to give you a bit of an idea, the height is the equivalent of the empire state building in new york. >> so if anything goes wrong they have nowhere to go quickly. >> literally journey to the center of the earth. >> yes. they, in fact, talk about that in their snap chat story. the ris because they're excited about the potential. their goal is to create an early warning system in volcanoes around the world, to be able to notify the millions of people that live in the danger zone so that they can know when -- what the activity inside is, so that they know when they've got to tell those people to evacuate, get out of there. >> getting used to the equipment, understanding how it all works.
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something is weird about that. >> been over 3,000 people. [ indiscernible ] >> the explorers of our own planet. going where no man had gone before. >> the heart beat of the planet. >> she's the girl whose videos are a real trip. >> gotten millions of hits. >> see why her comedic commitment got the web falling
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the 100 feet, it's totally fine. >> on the excursion you got your camera going, beautiful scene and you happen to catch this. >> poor girl. >> head first, lands right in the water. obviously the embarrassment is killing her. she's not popping right back up. >> but what happens in the restaurant. >> or it could happen in the movie theater. >> i've seen that one before.
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familiar that's because they've gotten millions upon millions of hits. if you haven't figured it out already these are fake falls pratfalls and they're being pulled off remarkably well by a girl named paige. >> this girl is jim carrey, john ritter, caliber expertise. >> oh, oh, oh. >> she takes whatever is around her, and makes it so spectacular. >> i love that one. >> falling in front of all of those cute guys at the beach. they all have to help her. >> i see what you did there, girls. touche. >> you found a new move. >> going to put this in your repertoire? >> uh-huh. >> she's so good when we first saw one of the first ones i thought it was a genuine painful fall but once you see them all put together -- >> and she does get hurt in some of these falls she's committing all the way like in this one here she jumps into a bush caused some real damage.
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her -- >> oh. >> insurance company must love her. >> she's gotten a ton of attention from her falls -- >> it's a trip, man. >> good stuff today. thanks for joining us for more awesome viral video content check out
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