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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking now at 4:30. caught in the act. within the last hour, police arrested several people were breaking into a discount store. plus an other addicts. the grass roots effort to come pat the herring addiction in ohio. -- to combat the heroin addiction in ohio. instagram worthy picture. >> totalliment. good morning northeast ohio. in this live shot, you saw we are starting off the dry
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notice the concentrated rain. north of us in detroit, and south of us into ohio. do have lighter action falling to the north eastern corner of ashtabula county, and north of lake erie, small shower there, and holmes county is hit by a few stray sprinkles, but it will shift throughout the day. temperatures in 70s, and high of 81 expected. kristin? >> reporter: no accidents right now to tell you about on the highways. north america ramp closures in macedonia. we have it at road 281. further south, another ramp closure, again 10:00 p.m.
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and it's quiet. nice start to, what is it? wednesday morning commute. >> that's right, corrina. >> thank you. a man shot at 6th street. cleveland police are seen on the scene investigating here. we know a man was shot, but we don't know how badly he was hurt. i'm making calls, and the same area hit by a smas string of them in northeast ohio, and a burglary bust in cleveland. four people arrested for breaking into the family dollar store in st. claire. police say they used a crow bar to break out. they hid it in a nearby house. three juveniles and a young
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of the smash and grab. one car here left on top of the other on 90 westbound. the left lane is blocked because of this, no word on injuries. jackie? >> corrina, we keep telling you about the number of heroin overdoses. sto is there's a grass roots effort to stop the epidemic in summit county. a former addict has a consent. steve brennan has a flyer with 30 number, all are former addicts, and they hope to change someone else's life. >> we don't have a magic wand, but we are able to share our experience with them and our hope.
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and six people have gone into treatment. and terrence, there's a powerful drug mixed in. >> yeah, it's called carfentanil. the d.e.a. said they know that's how dealers are it's so dangerous investigators are wearing gloves and masks when they handle anything they believe is heroin. new information about hazing at a high school. madison school said they a problem at the john carroll football camp. lake catholic is investigating a hazing incident at that camp. they forfeited their first game last week because so many
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mercy medical center in lorain is issuing an apology after losing the remains of a stillborn baby. they are investigating how it happened. there's no regulations on labeling fetal remains. mercy has not responded to our request for a copy of their policy. the search for who murdered to men in a home with several children the three kids, ages 4, 2, and 11 months were found in the home. a woman was also inside. a neighbor says the woman ran to her house for help, and her hands were still zip tied. >> she said she walk in the door, and someone put something over her head and zip tied her hands, and that's about all she could say and blood everybody she said. >> it's awful.
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as 35-year-old joshua weatherspoon, the son of the late nba player. with the holiday weekend approaching, starting today, your beer is getting stronger. >> ohio will officially take the cap off the alcohol content. nick, all the brewers are ready for the change. >> they change in deed, and breweries here that feature the specialized beers, they have been waiting for this for quite some time. it's been 14 years since the state changed their laws, and now house bill 37 will go into effect today, and basically it removes the state's current 12% alcohol by volume limit on beers it basically paves the
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array of crafts that exist. supporters said it could make more jobs and allow the breweries and restaurants to be more creative. >> it opens up the opportunity to be more things we didn't do before, and it allows us to have more freedom for what we put on the menu it will be a your glasses to the new change, be aware, usually the higher the alcohol volume it usually means higher prices. supporting in ohio city, nick foley, back to you. >> i wish you could have seen our producers face, a big smile. just smiling about it.
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for the kings. it's 4:37, and here's what is ahead this morning. donald trump making a visit to mexico. who gave him the surprise invite. he's known for his rapping, but now chris brown has a longer rap sheet. the developments breaking overnight on his latest arrest. a health alert as kids are getting back to school. the threat in the classroom. that's ahead on good morning
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good morning, and welcome back. hope you're ready for your wednesday. let's look at the hour-by-hour forecast. looking very different from the last few days, and we will
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threat for showers and thunderstorms will begin. stray showers expected this morning, and then this afternoon, we have a chance for the thunderstorms to spark off the highs today, and really going to struggle to make it into the 70s. the highs we will reach is the low 60s. >> no trouble spot to tell you about. >> you're looking at 77 and pershing. coming up, i will talk about a closure in lorain county on state road 18. let's talk about democracy 2016. donald trump will travel to mexico city today. he has accepted the mexican president's invite, and later today he will be flying to pheonix to deliver a major speech on immigration. there's speculation that his deportation stance will soften in the attempt to win undecided voters. and mexico's president has extended the same invitation to
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know eye state -- buckeye state today. only members of the american legion can go to the event. up next, the new leading man in the bachelor nation. the controversial issue for season 21. it's finally here. the release date that every purple spice obsessed fan has been wanting. all the facts you need to know.
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welcome back, everyone. back to school time can bring a lot of concerns for parents. >> this year you can add another thing to your list that you didn't want to think about, but now you have to. >> super lice. meg shaw is looking into the new strain, and meg, it has made it to northeast ohio, and
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infestation has begun, super lice is town. you need to check your kids and yourself. the super lice is so bad, it's now in 48 of the 50 states, and that's a dramatic increase from 6 months ago where only 25 states were infected. it's called super lice because the creepy little crawlers are resistant to most treatments so long, the lice have developed a resistance to the treatments. what can you do? the owner of picky pannings lice removal in aurora says go all natural. >> we use all natural vegetable- based enzymes which are not toxic, but they break down the skeleton of any insect, but it just so happens we work on
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most common way kids can get lice from their classmates are head-to-head contacts. they are hugging classmates they have not seen all summer long, transferring the lice. be on the lookout the first couple of weeks of school. i don't know about you guys but i have been working on the story all morning, and i'm scratching myself. i know i don't have lice, but the feeling is this. >> that's exactly right. kids have to hug friends like this, arm's length. from lice to the zika virus. where it continues to spread in florida, officials said there's three new locally contracted cases in the miami area, and there's 16 travel related cases all over the state so far, and
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could combat zika virus. they are used to treat cancer, hepatitis c, and an infection. the cdc wants all babies exposed to zika to have their hearing tested even if they seem fine when they are chris brown was released on $250,000 bail. new video of the singer arriving at lapd headquarters. there was an hours long standoff at his mansion. he threatened a woman at gunpoint. the woman said brown pointed a gun in his face, but in an instagram video, brown insists he's innocent, and says he's being unfairly demonized.
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defacing my name and character. i'm a father, and one of the best out here. >> brown will be in court on the current charges in 3 weeks, and he has repeatedly found himself in legal trouble since his felony conviction in 2009. fans are concerned about selena gomez's health. she says she is taking time off. she said she is dealing with panic attacks, anxiety, and from her battle with lupus. she has not said how long she will be out of the limelight. the biggest food fight in the world happening today in spain. the tomato throwing festival is always the last wednesday this august. that's today. tens of thousands of people from all over the world
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traditional that someone climbs a pole in the square in town to retrieve a ham. there's an hour's worth of tomato throwing. >> look at her go! >> wow! go get that ham, girl! >> that looked like so much fun. >> live look outside, and beautiful image here in downtown cleveland, and yesterday was a great day to eat outside, and today, not so much. let's get a look at your satellite and radar, and yo you have there. great opportunity for rain, and now the bulk of the rain is still to the north. shifted a bit on the back end, and farther south as well. we will zoom in here and look at what we are dealing with this morning. if you're going to hit the road soon, you are in good conditions. ashtabula, tracking it over the lake right now, and the bigger picture will show you, we have stronger rain opportunities
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69, and that seems to be the magic number on the east side, and 66 up in orwell, and headed out to areas like ashland, 60 degrees there and 66 at mohegan state park. it's cool but mild morning, and as we head throughout the day, rain chances develop here, and around lunchtime, expect those very looking at skies. the threat then for thunderstorms farther south in the afternoon. we are going to be getting much needed rain, but not a lot. we are going to be under the rain we need. here's a look at thursday afternoon, and some rain chances still lingering. i think we will clear out and dry out just in time for the holiday weekend. kristin? >> thank you so much.
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yesterday, state route 18 closed between west road and white head road, and this section could be closed until september 23rd. you're going to take 58 and 53 then to 301 to get you get back on 18. let's head outside to check on 480. looking good. we are nice and quiet. here's transportation boulevard. back to you, jackie. bachelor nation, there's a new leadin nick is the new bachelor. >> i'm ready for it. i had an interesting journey throughout the process, and it hasn't worked out so far, and hopefully this time around, maybe things will end on a more positive note. >> nick brought quite a shock for the fans of the franchise. a lot of people wanted luke
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and he's on bachelor in paradise right now. you can catch it here on news channel 5. a lot of mixed reaction, and a lot of people didn't like this guy. >> really? >> uh-uh. >> we will see. it is still summer, but so many people are already itching for the flavors of fall and their pumpkin spice latte fix. >> starting today you can get it at mcdonald's, and you have to wait until september for the they have not released a date, but last year it was september 8th. tim horton's and dunkin' donuts have already released theirs, and the kcups are out in stores. >> you have tried that? >> no, i tried dunkin' donuts, and it reminds me of my grandmother's pie, not get
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i'm terrence lee. >> and i'm jackie zabielski. the amazing play you need to see here, and the former player headed back. do you ever wonder what color car gets the most speeding tickets? we will have the surprising results when we come back, and now a look at the wall street
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good morning, and welcome back. let's break down your day because there's rain chances in here. we start off this morning in the 70s. a gloomy start. a lot of cloud coverage and then around 10:00 a.m., we will see the showers popping up throughout a few neighborhoods. headed throughout the afternoon, and this front is going south, and we will see the threat for thunderstorms. after that, we may get peeks of sunshine. >> this is going to help everyone avoid getting a speeding speeding tickets? you may think it's red, but you're wrong. it's actually black. ohio troopers wrote more than 612,000 tickets last year, and of those, 105,000 were to drivers in black cars. drivers inred cars only received a little more than 70,000 tickets. >> that's a shocking study, and it's mind blown. let's talk about the indians and their winning ways
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>> this is thanks to a little luck. >> oh, it nailed it, and he caught it! are you kidding me? >> wait a minute! >> yeah, he caught it there. that was with his cast. impressive, and that move helped the indians hold on to the 5-4 win against the twins, and the same two will face tonight. this will excite fans. remember cococrisp? it looks like he will be returning to the indians. the team will make a waiver trade tomorrow. coco crisp. all right, here's a look at what we are working on for 5:00. desperate to get you back. the new deals chipotle is offering up. dog lovers know this, and now science may prove it the one reason it's not just what you say but how you say it when
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we will be right back.
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new at 5a new concern for parents. super lice. it's incredibly difficult to get rid of and what you can do to treat the situation. beer lovers rejoice. how a new law can change your experience and the concerns it's raising good wednesday, everyone, i'm terrence lee. >> and i'm jackie zabielski. we want to say a big happy birthday to corrina pysa. make it a good one. >> they layed the pressure on thick, -- they laid the pressure on thick. i'm going to do my best. we are on the dryer side of


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