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tv   News Channel 5 Sunday 6pm  ABC  September 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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news channel five at six is brought to you by mr. hero. news channel five begins now with breaking news. investigating a shooting involving one of their officers, it happened in the 1000 block of florida avenue near kenmore boulevard. exact details are unclear right now. we have a crew headed there and people have more information tonight newschannel5 at 11 and news at five app. it is been five days since the arrest of an alleged serial killer in ashland. we are learning the number of his make ends could be growing, shawn grate is a suspect in the deaths of three women in the kidnapping of a fourth. investigators are trying to determine if he is connected to the -- he's connected to the
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her recent are the cases ? >> one of the 2007 case in marion and the other one is 2015 and mansfield, they are investigating a connection but no additional charges for -- being filed at -- been filed at this time. the attorney general's office confirmed west that the bureau of criminal investigation was in marion county on friday but declined any further comment. for the team's body was last year on township road, 40- year-old shawn grate appeared via video friday he's charged with two counts of murder and kidnapping and a suspect in the death of a third woman. his bond was set at $1 million. his next court appearance is scheduled tomorrow morning at 7:45 a.m. a massive explosion in the heart of new york city, a
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injured dozens of people, she surveillance video captured the chaos, debris slide everywhere is -- as pedestrians frantically running for cover. it was so loud. shaking my body. manhattan -- . manhattan is willing at -- from last nights explosion. debris flying clear across the street. it was like a boom in the window. the explosion so powerful authorities are shocked no one is kids -- killed. boom, he was like oh my god -- god. police found what is believed to be a bomb and another device a few blocks away. a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone attaches currently being investigated.
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-- -- discounting anything at this point. it may be extreme mistakes lower -- slam make isis, but we have to be -- it may not be islamic isis, but we have to be clear someone wanted to her these folks. he -- it was intentional, a violent act and criminal. the governor insists there's no additional threat. whoever placed with these bombs, we will find and they will be brought to justice. period . multiple officials tell abc news that they are exploring the possibility that the explosion in yesterday's explosion in seaside park are linked to the same -- willing to the same bomber bomber bombers, it may appear to be a similar type of
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in the fbi is investigating a stabbing rampage at the minnesota mall is possible act of terrorism, after isis claimed responsibility for last nights violence that left at least nine people injured, police say the man it was eventually charged killed by an off-duty police officers -- officer. plans scattered showers and storms throughout -- scattered showers and storms throughout your sunday forecast, the end of the wet weather soon. but not temperatures on the mild side if you don't have the added cloud cover and rainfall 78 cleveland dry in elyria, 71 ashtabula, moore is getting wet farther south and cooling is down as well, 72 akron. ashtabula, runs of showers and thorpe -- thought storms the thing is much as inch. puddling if it came it quick.
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it pick up -- big pickup. pockets of heavier rainfall from your locks -- lock six lexington, l mira, you are up next, watching shreve and south of coshocton, dressed in shower activity moves closer to you. the rain will be ending 70s if you are grilling -- if you are grilling up and humidity taking a drop off, we talking summer temperatures as -- temperatures as we start fall. i changes -- changes ahead. we call it the opener so there's hope every -- so there's hope every year that the browns are going to do well. so we say that. fans are in disbelief after the browns below their lead and lose to the baltimore ravens. and do -- and the basket -- andy baskin, the first part look promising. they go up 20-zero and everything -- good -- for good and this must be the best quarter they played and --
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sudden, and then everything went crazy, josh on the touchdown pass, it -- curtis left shoulder, the player of the game is -- play of the game is this, the browns and still had a chance after him account came back to my through it in the 5- yard line, and then he got called for taunting the browns had to take the ball back back in to miss -- two missed field again and throwing it interception, that ponting call has everybody asking questions including terrel pryor -- to help prior. i'm just ball and >> it and look at our players that's all i'm -- that's all i'm saying. if i get up and drop the ball clearly i wasn't trying to drop it on anybody. that's all i'm trying to say . i heard different sites, that they called it, we want to make sure we do a better job of making sure we get the ball. and go from there. the other big story, cameron
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university hospitals they are saying he had chest and ribs and lung problems sounded like upper respiratory that we are not quite sure. that's what we know about cameron erving as of right now, plenty more and the game coming up in sports and dogs on the run facebook live around 7:00. still to come a touching tribute for -- a touching tribute for browns legend to -- jim brown how they -- how they are saying homage to another hero. celebrating a bit the
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hillary clinton and donald trump are weighing in on what happened and critics are pouncing on their very different perspective . mary bruce with more. the shockwaves from new york city rippling across the -- rippling across the campaign trail. just before i york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. donald trump in colorado addressing a rally calling the explosion a bomb before officials even confirm the cause. he better get a very -- very tough folks,. hillary clinton pounced. i think it's always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions. the former secretary of state
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she arrived back in new york taking a more cautious approach. when the investigation -- investigation unfolds i will have more to say about it. it's just racist -- raises the stakes on the need to be really, really smart in dealing with challenges like this to make sure we are doing what we can to stop any lone wolf attacks in the united states. trump said --'s vp candidate is urging caution speaking from florida. whatever the it is terrorist attacks whether it is inspired by terrorists abroad or whether it was homegrown violence, we are here and vigilant. the subject likely to remain a hot topic for the candidates as world leaders including president -- including president obama to send on new york for the beginning of the united nations general assembly. both clinton and trump are taking heat on national security from former defense secretary robert gates that in the wall street journal kate writes that trump is beyond
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commander-in-chief . both campaigns are busy trying to win votes in the buckeye state, elizabeth warren campaign for hillary fenton and cleveland state university earlier today she counted clinton's plans to meet mission-critical community colleges. trump plans to return to ohio this week he is scheduled on wednesday in toledo and this will be his second stop since winning the republican national
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back to the browns, the team taking time to honor one of the greatest players in nfl history today. the statute -- statue of legendary running back jim brown was unveiled before today's home opener. meg shaw has reaction from the big reveal.
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intelligence, integrity that is jim brown. thousands of players come and gone in the organization. but one will always remain. number 32 -- jim , jim brown. his legacy with made permanent with the eight foot foot tall bronze statue. . the fantastic moment for me because i feel it throughout my body. particularly in my heart and -- in my mind -- and my mind. team owner praising jim selfless nature. he's not out throwing -- calling press conference he is behind the scenes. that is what i really loved and respected about jimbo. considered the greatest nfl player of all-time, but today was so special because he was
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all. this represents the highest moment of my life. i almost melted. anthony smith traveled for the ceremony all the way from texas. i kissed the concrete when i first got here. smith tells me he became a cleveland fan after watching jim brown lead the team to their 1964 super bowl championship. 1966 i said go browns and i have never wavered. the bottom of my heart. in cleveland, meg shaw newschannel5. local art -- artist david deming's sculpted the statue, he also created statutes four gym told me, the -- larry doby and al lerner. it of that at least the wind pulled off held off and the home. the water -- whether needed to be caught -- -- operate. right now you can see in cleveland we have added cloud
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clouds. even showers and thunderstorms have erupted farther south. this is sunshine for you in cleveland. quite a different picture with that sick or clouds in place. look at the puddles on the ground. wayne county, some of you picking up as much is an inch. portal coming up in a few minutes. right now let's focus on the here and now 75 degrees, this is where we should be this time of year, some of us reached a lot of humidity still hanging around. 66 degrees dew .65 and higher, it will -- feels sticky. winds on the call site, sticky warmer air and that exactly -- that exactly moving. seven -- 78 for us in cleveland pope, but 72 in -- pope but 72 in akron sunday night plans, you will want the rain gear. drier toward -- dryer toward ashtabula and south of you showers -- showers and thunderstorms,
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showers over and over and williams field headed toward away from us here in northeast ohio into pennsylvania headed off to the north and east into line still. as far as causing issues on the roadway, new line, cold brew, looking much better, but not completely done you may see another round. heavier showers, a few thunderstorms mixing in north of akron, to stole. venice, light rain lexington moderate rain. south, also watching shower activities, red is heavy rain. moving toward shreveport, already there or soon -- or soon. dressed in toward coshocton, at this point it's dry a lot of clouds, but you -- , but you will have that increase in 15 to 20 minutes, moving at 25 to 30 miles per hour but slowing of an sitting over the same areas and dumping
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the rain is ending tonight. the week's little front is dry a, but it is very -- , but it is very weeks. the noticeable difference with the francis it they humidity, 57 and comfortable, cleveland 66 akron. the picked before the rainfall is and isn't, it disappears and it's better to new philadelphia showers and storms through at 11:00, impressive numbers of half an inch to an it's time to talk about sports. we are talking about disappointment, 25 -- five unanswered points, 25. are you kidding me, remember that how do you start it's how you finish, brown shut out for three straight quarters in the home opener against the ravens. the very first possession on third at nine josh josh mccown to corey coleman. they look up for 21-yard
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down, first nfl touchdown, browns procession turned off -- candle to -- browns procession penndot to isaiah. offensive create a monster -- creates a monster hold, crews on through. second-longest in browns history 14-zero cleveland, feeling good after joe -- brown threatening again, then dump his left shoulder stays in there and touchdown to coleman 20-nothing browns -- [-left-square-bracket-open bracket, extra return, touchdown baltimore, two field goals in the fourth and take the lead, as a 32nd played down five, great catch what is -- for single check it out, ladarius web another -- for talking. what are we doing? really you're going -- are going to throw that's ridiculous -- that ridiculous -- -- that's ridiculous, next line -- that ridiculous, next line mccown in the end zone, it's kickoff,
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an two touchdowns, he threw two interceptions one of which ended -- and the the grange for the brown and the head coach thing the law does not fully rested mccown -- in the accounts parents. and of the last ball we just to let up its own josh it's not on josh, at the end of the day he's got to protect the ball, but -- , but again i know we -- he was trying t the guy battled and i know we -- he -- we played for the rest -- he played rest. all of us had things here and there that we should have done differently that would've helped us with the outcome different, and we will look at that and make those connections correction. the people rally from the lost a look ahead to the next game which is in miami against -- i guess it -- against the dolphins did he is seen an improvement from game one -- won -- one to game number -- on to game number two and he expects the progression to continue.
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also brown center of -- kim irving left the stadium in an ambulance at the comfort and his chest and ridge, he is in the stable -- stable condition. it means in -- and the tribe tried to reduce the magic number to five today, did not happen. bowers -- by -- bower trailed him in -- by our trailed him in the set. the coast that thankfully can clos to first base, three batters later bases-loaded roberts -- well worth it picture martinez in the like, he hit three batters in the like. in the fifth, bauer facing justin upton, post them on the ball, bowers had his head and because that's all this crash, tigers beat the indians nine- five magic number stated seven indians off tomorrow starring a few weeks with the
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a big night for tinseltown and tv sets the 68th annual emmy awards is tonight. right here on five. this is a live look area and the stars are starting to arrive. hbo game of thrones leaving
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second year in a row. behind that the people versus -- versus o.j. simpson pursed and -- first and nominate include abc blackish poor comedy series and funnyman jimmy kimmel returns as host. special-needs to have energy and needs to be funny and needs to end on time. newschannel5 has complete coverage of the emmy awards the countdown starts right here at seven followed by the award ceremony at eight and remember to stay tuned for newschannel5 at 11.
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seven-day forecast, and look at all the sunshine, today's rand -- rainfall will be ending tonight. just slower in the southern beginning on thursday with a high of 86. we get back to summer. thanks for watching have a great evening.
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. three potential terrorist attacks on u.s. soil, including a bomb blast in new york city. the moment an explosion rips through a manhattan neighborhood, dozens injured. police warning people to get back. >> everybody get off of the street! >> a second pressure cooker device found nearby. and now, the investigation. >> we know there was a bomb. that this was an intentional act. >> the manhunt under way for a bombmaker on the loose. the charity race attack the same day, detonated with a cell phone at a benefit run for marines. authorities working tonight to determine if all three bombs are connected. plus, the stabbing spree inside a minnesota mall, a suspect in a security guard uniform invoking allah, stabbing nine people before police took


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