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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  November 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon, everyone. i am leon bibb givenning this broadcast with breaking news. catch a man that stole an oakwood police officer's police cruiser. police say the cruiser was later recovered in the area of cloverside and east 160th street in the southeast side of cleveland. we are working to find out more. we will bring you updates at they, indeed, do come in. it is cool seeing the fans, . >> and we are standing tall
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we rally with our boys of summer, hoping to win a world series here in the fall. the title could be won on our soil, cleveland. just one win away from world series victory. we have team coverage for you today, of course. newschannel5's meg shaw is at progressive field but first we start with tara molina live outside the gateway plaza right now. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: leon, talk about a amazing day to be in cleveland, right? we have big things set to happen behind me here today. you can probably see there are not too many fans milling about quite yet. it is a little early in the day. we did see our john kosich making magic happen with a camera a minute ago, but we did catch up with one fan, ken bush, from brunswick. he is spending the whole day in cleveland today to soak up the energy of is city.
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i could not sleep thinking about what would happen tonight. we are going to win tonight. there is not going to be a game 7. >> reporter: i could not sleep last night either, ken i bush. i am -- kenny bush. we are loving the confidence. everyone is hoping for a big win. let's seal this deal and win the world series. but, guys, we are talking to fans who traveled across the couny a lot aren't even going to the game. tennessee, florida, texas -- even out of the country -- just to be in cleveland for this magical moment. everybody is hoping for big things, leon. this excitement will only build throughout the day today. >> you can count on that build, indeed. many thanks, tara. much of the focus has been on the indians fantastic pitching staff. taking the mound tonight, one
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pitchers. meg shaw has more on the star josh tomlin. >> reporter: what a night this will be for josh tomlin, coming off an incredible game 3 where he pitched in front of his ailing father at wrigley field. one of the biggest games of his life, undoubtly, next to friday. the 32-year-old is going on three days rest compared to his normal five, but he says it is not a problem. he says he is he says the key is listening to his body on days like this. from the start of the post season, all the guys said it is just another game on the schedule, but now one win away from the title, here is what title had to say about treating the game any differently. >> i know the atmosphere is not the same but it is still the same game. it is still 90 feet to first base. it is still baseball.
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>> reporter: first pitch tonight 8:08 right here at progressive field. the cubs are starting arrieta on the mound. let's hope we are planning a citywide celebration at the end of this game. live at progressive field, meg shaw, newschannel5. >> thank you, meg. hoping to bring extra good luck to the indians, the last surviving member of the indians last championship game will be at the game. eddie robinson baseman on the historical 1948 team. he is now 95 years of age and living comfortably at fort worth, texas, but he will be at progressive field rooting for the cleveland indians. the last time they took it all put 1948. he was a key part of the team. he boasted a strong bat and had a good glove. we will indeed need that again tonight, of course. and the news gets letter in
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prices are dropping a little bit. a stubhub boat shows tickets start as -- quote shows tickets starting at $600 compared to $800 yesterday. if by chance you do go to the game seven -- please let that not happen -- those ticket would begin at $1,200. they could go as for a game seven were that to happen. and cleveland is rallying to cheer on the nba champions cleveland cavs. they move the game at the q from 7:00 to 6:00 tonight so the fans can stay downtown and watch the indians game following the cavs game and the cavs plan to fast break from the q to progressive field next door to watch the indians win.
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reminder about parking. there will be no parking near gateway plaza. on street parking around progressive field and the q is banned, including prospect, carnegie and east 9th street. the restrictions are in place until 2:00 tomorrow morning. how are we looking with the gametime temperature, and how does the rest of the day look? we are eight hours away from the big game and we are seeing a lot of sunshine across the board. the lower 50s but highs today are reaching the upper 70s. the warm air is moving into greater cleveland. right now 69 degrees. most spots mid to upper 60s. you can see the cloud cover. it is working to the south right now, allowing us to see high pressure for the southern and western communities, from wayne county to richland county where you are seeing a lot of sunshine. it is also more filtered as the
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control over greater cleveland. first pitch, temperatures in the lower 70s, well above normal, with a slight south breeze at 10 to 20 miles per hour that. will affect the players just a tad bit, but by 9:30, 68 degrees. after the game 67. still warm air pumping in. hour-by-hour, leon, we will track a little rain coming up in the week. >> thank you, janessa. breaking news for you now. the woman's bo man that admitted to the killing has now been identified. the coroner was that of candace cunningham. police say shawn grate led them to her remains near a burnt house. the discovery was made after he was arrested with the deaths of two women in ashland. grate's try date is now set for november 6 of next year, 2017. here is a crazy story. this guy was arrested for the
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authorities say he somehow got away from a ohio state trooper after being arrested the first time for a traffic stop. he was a handcuffed at the time -- he was handcuffed at the time and ran off. he took a ride on a transit and bragged about his escape while showing off the handcuffs. someone heard the bragging and dialed 9-1-1. rta had surveillance footage of it and someone arrested him outside a casino where he was arrested for the se stories continuing to make headlines at the noon hour, a deadly overnight crash. how two buses collided, killing six people in the state of maryland. plus, an increditable story. a ohio has been crashed his car and with us left there for days, but managed to survive.
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there is new video of a deadly crash in baltimore. six people were killed where a school bus crashed with a city bus. we are told the bus hit a car, then continued into traffic and crashed into the city bus. >> it was very hard to look at. to see people removed from the crash. it was a mangled mess. it really is. >> police say the driver and aide were on board the school bus.
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to be on the city bus. eight were taken from the hospital with injuries from minor to critical. we continue to follow the story. bill cosby is back in court today in the latest attempt to get the sexual charges against him dismissed. cosby's lawyers say his accuser's memories are unreliable. his attorneys want them to take competency and memory tests. several days ago the lawyer said the actor was legally blind and would be unable to recognize any accusers. his trial is set to begin june 5th of next year. now to an amazing story. an ohio man survived for two days after being trapped in a serious car crash. a dead deer on the road led go highway workers to the car hidden just off the highway. 2 scene was claremont county in southwest ohio. the driver missed a curb, hit a tree and landed in a ditch. despite being in the car
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when he was taken to the hospital. let's check in with janessa, how are we looking? >> leon, we are seeing a lot of sunshine and warmer air. from nashville to the cleveland area, we are talking upper of0s 2070s. i will show -- 60s to 70s. i will show you in my seven-day forecast how long that is
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welcome back. let's take a look at the two divides between the two candidates as we get ready to
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alleged emails via huma abedin via her luz anthony weiner. clinton says they could be duplicates of the ones they have already seen. >> i am sure a lot of you are asking what this new email story is about and why in the world the fbi would jump into a election with no evidence of that is a good question. >> in the meantime clinton's campaign manufacture says fbi director's comey's comments on clinton's email investigation in, his words, a double standard. today is the first day you can sign up for obama-care health insurance if you don't have it. be mindful, many insurers backed out this year. the deadline to sign up for coverage next year is december 15th.
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weather situation, a big day in northeast ohio. >> a big day. >> we will play baseball, win a title and be celebrating long into the night. >> i really like how we are claiming that already. let's just claim it. we are not talking act game seven of anything. it will be a wonderful night for the cavs and tribe. we will have a late night so get the coffee brewing now. >> i love it. the weather is roaring this morning. i mean, it is a winning forecast throughout your af you know, we owl know i like the snow and cold weather, but we are not talking about that today. you are getting spoiled here. look at our highs right now. 71 out toward the west, toward norwalk, 69 in greater cleveland and good afternoon, ashtabula, lower 60s. we will continue to pump in the warm air. my moisture we are sees is well
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north. dover/new philly is seeing some of that activity. the warm front is shifting to the north. any disturbance we are seeing in the next 24 to 36 hours will be isolated activity. that is our next cold front and it really doesn't enter until about thursday. so cavs and rockets, temperatures will be in the lower 60s. the big story for the indians to 70 degrees for the first pitch. still, have the coat handy for after the game as we feel a little chill with the southwesterly flow moving in here. the seven-day forecast, look at it folks. we are spoiled with 70s until wednesday afternoon. you will see the drop in temperatures by thursday. remember, we are on the radio, i love being here on a tuesday because it is our pet of the
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>> there he goes. he is a cutie. >> he is so handsome. this is murray. he is about 2 years old. he is a pit bull mix. he game from a situation where he wasn't getting the best care but his personality does not betray that. look, he is wearing his gear for tonight. what he really wants is to be home with somebody so he can watch the game, right, murray. >> how cute! he is excited about tonight, right? >> yes. and he i don't think anybody will be disappointed when they get this charming, sweet boy into their home. >> and he is well behaved. >> he is well behaved. he knows basic commands. he just needs to put on a few pounds and have a home that will love him. >> you can call at the apl. what events do you have? >> we are back at south park mall this saturday.
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of every month. we are there from 11:00 to 3:00. you can usually find us in center court. >> awesome. we will be right back.
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welcome back. will the indians win tonight. >> what a time to be in cleveland. definitely. here are the stats -- take care, everybody, and
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ly, sarah. thank you for having me. my name is bob travisano. i am the compromise administrator for over 14 years now. i would like to speak today about world-related injuries. fortunately for most of us we get up, go to work everyday and come home at the end of the day without incident. on occasion, unfortunate things happen and sometimes people are injured on the job. most injuries, fortunately, are relatively minor and don't require much in the way of medical attention. however, for the occasions
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more significant or maybe significantly more than just a minor bump or bruise, medical attention is required. most employers when you are injured on the job will direct you for an immediate evaluation or assessment of your injuries at a physician or clinic of their choosing. that is fine to get an initial assessment or evaluation and for documenting the injury. however, what most injured workers don't know, and what everyone should know, is that on the job and have a compensable work-related injury, you can treat with whatever doctor you choose as long as the doctor is ohio bureau workers comp certified. your employer can suggest or recommend who you treat with but they can't direct or force you to treat with a physician you are not comfortable. to learn more or have questions about workers comp situation,
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>> thank you for tuning into this week's edition of legal tuesday. for more information, log onto the website. we will see you next week on
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it's november 1st, time for new viral videos "right this minute." >> for every pumpkin, i'll donate $200. >> a charity bull fight has a famous youtuber on the run. but he's not going to let this challenge beat him. >> see what happens when the bull feels the same way. >> oh! hunters set up a camera that >> something they never saw coming. >> what had them shaking in their boots. a clerk goes to help a man on a scooter, but -- >> this is just ugly. >> the moment he lungs and his bike pays the price. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including a bride and groom's big day. see the surprise has people


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