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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> cleveland against the world. let's go. >> when you are on the road. it is you against the world. >> he struck him out. a game six. >> game to game. come out and do your best. >> all about cleveland against the world because in two hours our indians fans will be sitting on the edge of the seat holding on to hope that tribe will get one more win. >> and maybe tonight. even though the tribe has a 3-2 lead in the series on the cubs there is a potential for another game tomorrow night. anything could happen. >> we are hoping for the win. we are all over downtown and hopefully the tribe will bring
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in the middle of gateway plaza where fans have been hanging out. how are you doing? >> danita, it is more true tonight. where else would you rather be than right here right now? the game one crowd of the world series last week were excited and different feeling because they know what is possible to happen top. more than 65,000 tickets between the cavs and the indians and thousands will fill every inch of gateway because here. when the indians do something they haven't done in a industry. win a world championship at home. only cleveland means anything is possible. the cavs set the tone. this is the latest baseball game ever played in cleveland. a record we hope is not broken tomorrow. let's end it tonight.
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that evening. and i want to go to jonathan walsh in title tracker 5 with the latest downtown. jonathan. >> thanks, we have been in title tracker for a few days and i forgot something. in order to track down a title we need the title tracker glasses. how about it. we need these things. they will let us see a world series title. mark my words. right now kinds of people packing downtown at 4th and prospect. we have the fans lining the streets and packing the patios and carrying signs and rooting on the tribe. they are tailgating by the bus and we are seeing the streets filled with red, white and blue tribe colors and tribe pride. this land is ready for that
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and see. reporting live in the title tracker on the ground. i'm jonathan walsh let's go high in the sky with our very own john rudder. reporter: folks you are getting a triple play this afternoon. the most difficult spot you will encounter is right here 90 as you are getting off at east 9th. this is where we are seeing the most traffic back up this afternoon. you can see the right starting to back up and the traffic on carnegie and on east 9th is backing up as well. let's go to the news 5 traffic map and you can see a lot of red, most of that red is on the downtown streets. red on the stroll way as you approach downtown. the streets are the main areas where we are seeing that red. i will zoom out to take a look. you can see 77. slow traffic and 71 is looking
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afternoon or evening there was a vehicle on 71 near the turnpike i don't believe there were injuries. we are making calls and traffic is moving and traffic is look at the video. that was about 4: 50 this afternoon. a lot of smoke in that area. and heavy backups. the area is clear and we are keeping an eye on things and the blip on the screen. we will keep you updated if things change but for now back to you. all right, john and jonathan. thank you. well there's a lot of excitement around the fact that tribe has one more chance to play in the world series and in progressive field. there is a lot more focus to bring home a championship and win the last game. >> that is what we are hoping
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indians just finished warming up. >> i got to tell you this is a sleepiness night for indian fans and a ton an them said i can't sleep and winning a world series after cavaliers one. the only people that are not anxious are the indians, warm and relaxed and ready to roll and they should be. they have been so dominant at home so far. 5-1 in the playoffs and the second best record in the franchise history at 53-28 and terry francona even think you have seen the best of team. >> we are still growing and that is not something to apologize for. it doesn't mean we can win. i have just noticed as we have played. guys seem to be understanding it more and more and i think that will do nothing but help us moving forward. not just today or tomorrow but
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night as any kid that gross up in north america i would say have a chance to play in the backyard and says i will win the world series for my team. cocoa krisp. it is his birthday, 37, november 1st. send it back to you. happy birthday cocoa. >> mark johnson, we want the game time forecast. >> we can do this. a little bit on edge here. that's okay. my colleagues over here, down and keep me grounded. 77 degrees downtown. windy summer and 75 in bedford and 77 in north royalton. near record highs. hopkins at 76 and at 3:17 this afternoon we touched 80s. two degrees shy of a record high. i'm telling you. it is a good omen. dry weather in the power of 5. here is the game 6 forecast.
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for nine p.m. and 67 at ten and i will be fine as long as i get my snacks. i'm a binge eater when i get stressed. oh, my goodness. they is. okay. we can't hear you. mark. we have our methods of trying to predict the outcomes of the game and people have tricks. we all try to play psychic but sometimes you with your gut. >> sometimes you rely on luck. >> yes. >> and fate and whatever you may be crossing your fingers to bring the outcome and then again as news 5 lauren brill will tell us a lot of smarter people take another approach. lauren. >> the question everyone wants to know the answer to is will the indians win the world
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analytic approach. >> the cubs won in 1908 and the indians in 1948. >> to find the answer to the question who will win the world series? we asked mathematician ed fang that is known for his algorithms. >> there is a couple of factors. by team rankings in baseball. and the expected run and also the schedule and starting going to the world series! >> many are surprised that the indians made it this far. >> the bigger surprise this is a they are doing so well without cosco and salazar. >> they would have had a significant edge starting them instead of brouwer and tomlin. >> even though they are up 3-2 and the cubs are the favorites with the 66% chance of winning
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kluber versus hendrix the cubs have a 63%. >> kluber is a stud. and we have known that. >> kluber has the advantage. >> the indians are the favorite to win the series with a 65% chance of winning according to fang's calculation. >> you know the only equation that equals the answer question is playing the game. >> now fang tells me that team he favors went 57% of the time and take it for what it is worth. in my opinion there is some things in sports that you can calculate. one being who has the most heart. reporting live from progressive field lauren brill. let's just play the game.
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can call themselves
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progressive field. we don't want to put all of our eggs in one basket knowing that the indians still have to win one more game before anybody calls them world champions. >> we are being cautious but did you know that a few cities have been able to call themselves champs in one year. newschannel 5 went digging into the numbers. derrick, what did you find out. reporter: i found out this that basically it depends if you include the metro as opposed to a metic. it has happened just 14 times. st. louis 2004. the boston red sox broke the curse sweeping the cardinals in the world series. just a few months later the
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field patriots was seconds left on the clock against the st. louis rams. >> unbelievable. >> pointing out that patriots don't play in boston but in foxborough that is outside and they probable make the same argument about southern california. the lakers took home the 3rd straight nba title. anaheim angels won the world series and 1988 dodgers to that list, the 1980 new york mets an pittsburgh pirates and steelers and the 1935 detroit lions and tigers and red wings. it is exclusive club cleveland will hope to join tonight. >> and if you want to ben the rules you can say that we did this. we know we won the world series back in 1948 and the browns one that year and that was before they joined the envelope fl. derrick waller.
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history here? i get it. >> would love to be on that list though. i would love to make that list. >> this is the year. >> yes. >> we shall see a few short hours and for now we will send it back to the studio frank and lee. last night our investigator showed you how recent problems with the home energy assistant program had people frustrated just trying to get some >> tonight just in time jonathan walsh brings us details on changes that everybody knows in agencies. >> i am up all hours trying to get through. >> that was before we got involved with the case and now she has help with her utility bills. >> what goes through your mind when you are drying to help people and they are having
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know that there was a problem with the customers getting through. >> after we informed the council about problems. elizabeth and others were having, they went into action. >> we changed the voice recording and they are put to different areas so they don't get to be able to appointment. >> starting today november 1st walk ins can start at 6:30 a.m. one of the big message from the council when you feel like you are or will soon have problems with paying your utility bills it is willing to help. be pro active. they told me they are ready to help for the winter crisis. >> we are trying to make improvements to get to the customers that need our
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agency going to county agencies thanked us for contacting them about problems the customers were having and acknowledging that they would make appointments that they did not require one causing a jam and they are working with the agencies to better inform the customers and remember delores henderson? >> improvement? i can't really say. >> while me did not see any improvement development services worked with and know the change on the web site since we started asking questions. red, bold face verbiage about what is needed. jonathan walsh on your side investigator. we are less than two hours from first pitch. i am pitching it to you. a breaking ball. here we go and out of the park. give me a score. what do you think. >> 5-1. tribe.
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lee. >> 7-2. >> i'm liking it. here is the key. tribe has to win by one run. >> we have to score one more run than the cubs and i think we win. >> high thin clouds and no worries about rain. power of five radar is dry here and nearest rain showers along the low pressure and warm front well off to the north and east and there is snow quebec canada. it is summer. 77 in fremont and mid-70s at hopkins and 78 degrees in downtown. still 78. winds. we got sustained winds and 5 and 15 miles per hour and we could see a wind gust upwards of 20 during the game tonight out of the southwest. 76 degrees. it is that cookie in my throat.
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per hour. 56-degree. dew points and the humidities is climbing. 80s is the high and 46 our low and the record, we missed it by two. 1950 hit 82 and 25 on this day for the record. low in 1954. and sunset time 6:22. hey indian fans we will start at 72 degrees near first pitch and at 65-degree for the game end and hopefully a celebration staying mile an southwest and headed toward center field and right field. we have the warm surge coming in. tomorrow we get one more dry day and more and then the front arrives and brings with it tomorrow night late on and off through the day on thursday. rain showers and some of you could see moderate to heavy rain and maybe a half-inch to an inch of rainfall by the time thursday is done and much cooler air moving in. 61 tonight.
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tremendous evening. tomorrow 77 and still warm and akron partly sunny and tomorrow a sun, cloud mix 76. the overnight low for thursday temperatures falling through the afternoon through the 50s. it will be brisk and cool, friday 52 and saturday and sunday in the 60s, should be dry we can say it enough. a beautiful night and a winning evening. >> could not get better. the only thing that would make it better if the indians win tonight.let go inside the stadium. andy baskin on the feel with another look ahead at tonight's game. andy. reporter: i got to tell you they just played tom petty's song the waiting. that is what the day has fell like for the fans. we are getting closer.
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as the cubs take batting practice and minutes away and
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come back with >> absolutely picture perfect. gorgeous night as mark johnson likes to say.
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a closeout game. josh tomlin on the hill and so much has been said about a pitcher coming back. i had a chance to catch up with anthony who is a cleveland native and my question is it overrated the question of saying do short rests matter? >> it is a weird place. i think the team thought we would be here at training early and the team is here and they are here but i don't think the rest of the world thought they would be. >> they could get to the world series. michael brantley has to be productive and the rotation had to stay healthy and he didn't and here they are. this is a the big shock and we know i wrote it and said it, it is a bullpen oriented game and
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credit and maybe not enough and you have to give so much credit to terry francona because it has been important. his ability to keep it loose is important and here we are. >> final thoughts on tonight's game. i feel like they get it done. don't hold me to that. i thought they would lose game 5 and not a good match-up wrigley would have been tough with flower going against tomlin's ability to command the curve ball. if they get a lead nail it down late. >> and terry francona said earlier that every player is available for the indians. you would think every player but corey kluber that will pitch game 7 if they need him but it will be awesome if they end it tonight. >> yes. hoping to end it tonight with a
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spotlight. >> for the record the two of us did choose the indians in six. >> yeah, we did. >> what do we got. >> i'm going to say 5-2. >> the tribe and as we say to you. we say whatever happens be smart and safe and we will see you at 11. news five at 6 has been brought to you by the ohio lottery cash
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tonight, breaking news. the new poll. with just one week left, donald trump, hillary clinton, where this race stands right now. clinton, president obama, vice president biden, all turning back to trump. trump revealing a change in tone, his closing argument tonight. tonight, the latest on the e-mails, and the $20,000 bought with money from his own charity. the deadly collision during rush hour. two buses, a kashgs at least six people killed. we're on the scene tonight. the new and chilling images just released. the killer cornered by police. he unloads his ak-47 on the officers. the state of emergency at this hour. the deadly gas pipeline explosion right here in america. that line reaching from new york all the way to texas. neighbors warned. and what now for gas prices?


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