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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  November 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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if there ever was a d day, a h hour, we are in series. good afternoon, everyone. so here we are after taking a commanding lead in the world series. indians have watched the chicago cubs storm back and chip away to what has become in earnest the best of seven series. the winner takes all tonight. nick looks at what it will cost you if you want to buy eighties for an up close look at the game. it's game seven of the world
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the first time in 68 years. either way, history had be made and the indians turning to their ace one more time. >> incredible for the indians posting a 4-1 record during this postseason run but the former -- on the other side heindricks will get the starts for the cubs. probably the favorite to win this year's cy young award. you want progressive to watch this game, well prices are on the up and up. stubhub and others listed record prices. average ticket was $1800 for game seven. after the game the average ticket was $2800. how does this stack up? history comes with a high price tag. the average price tag is more than eight of the last
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>> thank you. other news now. it was a police chase in akron which led to a major drug bust. officers spotted a suspicious man during surveillance yesterday. akron police tried to stop him. he drove away. the chase was on. akron police said hi man bolted and took off on foot. he jumped from a bridge to the railroad tracks below. they took to him the hospital and then while they searched his car they found 24 pounds of cocaine. developing right now, cleveland police are investigating an incident that sent two officers to the hospital. cleveland police report a fight broke out near west 6th street and st. claire last night. during that fight two cleveland officers trying to bring peace to the scene were assaulted themselves.
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once they showed up those who were fighting took off. police were able to recover one gun and one man was arrested. police are trying to find a man who stole a squad car. we brought to to you as breaking news. the police car was near lee and miles road in northeast cleveland. it came on the heels of stopping a suspect who was driving a suspect. they suspected it was stolen. the suspect led police on a chase in a >> suspected stolen vehicle which it turned out it was stolen and used in several armed robberies in cleveland. when gl when they stop him they slammed an officer to the ground and drove off in his cruiser. he crashed the police car and took off running. >> very important one. i think we're going to go ahead and grab that win. under all of this sunshine that
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have high pressure building across allowing our temperatures to be off the chart at the noon hour, folks. look at it. 7 # for greater cleveland. mid-70s acrossed board for summit county. that will continue to rise. upper 70s for daytime highs. we are not in the clear just yet. a little bit of rain out towards the county. north kingsville. you can see it's moving east fairly quickly here. now spotty showers locations throughout your afternoon but the bigger weather story is we have our next cold front that's going to provide us widespread rain and it's going to be a close call here. it looks by the 11:00 hour we'll start to track in a few rain drops. really going to track in. we're celebrating tonight around 1 a.m. you can see 66 degrees but a lot of rain in the
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totals and how long the rain lasts. leon? >> thank you. in this election as in all electionings every votes counts and should be counted, of course. the county is especially crucial in swing states like ohio where the votes could be very close. but some absentee voters are starting to to wonder where are they ballots in pontiac michigan, the ballots were seven ohio counties were sent october 12th. but weeks later many >> for us it's frustrating because we did receive the applications. we did process them and we did mail them out. >> ohio secretary of state jawfn houston says if you are still waiting on your ballot, go to his website and track it. he said if it appears it stuck at a post office he promised the voter would have until saturday to request a new ballot.
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finalize guidelines. the board is deciding how cannabis had l be grown, packaged and distributed. they want it to be 18. growers will have to preuf they have enough money to bring production. they must be in place by may of next year. another deadly attack on police officers, two officers shot and killed in an apparent ambush in the state of iowa. the gunman suspected is now behind bars. new details today on what may prove the flight's pilot was not in control. the deadly alabama pipeline explosion could lead to a gas shortage which would include a gas price hike.
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say police. the latest on the attack there in iowa. >> the man plies believe is now in custody. police have identified had-year- old scott michael greene. >> there's an officer down. >> two police officers shot and killed in their patrol cars in the suburbs of des moines this morning. >> it doesn't look like any interaction between these officers >> . coo torgt police the attacks occurred about 20
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10:06. the -- sitting in his car on patrol alone. >> his officer hit -- >> killed while responding. >> these guys were gun down doing nothing wrong. somebody out there shooting police officers. >> shooting come as officers killed by lines are up dramatically this year by 48%. sherry preston. abc news, new york. in the meantime through are new detail on that missing airlines plunging out of control toward the sea when it made it's last satellite communication. a new report today from the centrallian transportation safety bureau details the final moments when it's been missing in march, 2014. the jet filled with majors up to 25,000 feet per minute. one aviation expert told cnn the report ruled out theories that the pilot had control of plane in it's final moments.
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police officer adoesed killing an unarmed black man starts in south carolina. cell phone video of walter scott's death shocked this nation last year. scott was shot in the back while running from a traffic stop. shortly after that footage went viral. michael slager was charged with murder. the jury is expected to be seated today. opening arguments could begin later this day. an investigation is underway into a baltimore bus crash that killed six people, left several others injured. we hear from the man who barely survived the deadly crash there in baltimore. here's virginia necessary vanessa. >> dry conditions right now. tracking that warmer air but a cold front moving back in. i'll show you hour by hour when the rain and temperatures drop. about 25 degrees.
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right now officials are investigating that deadly bus crash that killed the lives of six peek. a school bus crashed into a mustang. five people were killed.
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driver of the school bus. behind the wheel of the ford mustang was a retired washington, d.c. police officer. that person was able to walk away from the horrible crash. >> i just looked up and i still see the bus going down the street. and at that point i just had to close my eye and get myself together. and then people came to the car and starting helping me out. >> the school bus had no children on board. one witness said it never police involved in baltimore continue the investigation whether the driver had a medical emergency or mechanic malfunction on the bus as well. they are investigating the aide who was also aboard the school bus there in baltimore. we can soon be seeing higher gasoline prices. the east coast oil experts say monday's fatal pipeline explosion will cause a gas shortage.
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it hit the pipeline. that caused a fire. one person was killed. four others remain in the hospital. this is the second time colonialian pipeline has been shutdown in the last two months. they're in alabama. . >> listen to this. college student learns the hard way not to leave his car unlocked. freshman college student says he was only away from his car for just a few minutes. when he returned he noticed something missing but the thief did not take the cell phone nor even his thief did leave something, an apology note scribbled on a napkin. >> yeah. just said i saw candy dm your cup holder: i didn't take anything else from your car. i'm sorry. i'm hungry. i just got a kick out of that. i thought it was funny. >> that student in kansas posted the note online. that's gone viral. the candy maker even responded. they're going to send him some
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guy. he's learned his lesson about leaving his car unlocked. just somebody stole a kitkat. it's a good can by bar but that's a this effort. >> are we able going to be steal this victory tonight >> >> i believe. so i think tonight is going to be a wonderful night for us to go ahead and celebrate a championship. another one. we're going to do it. >> it's a late evening rain. after we grab that win tonight, i want everybody to have that umbrella handy. we're when we're out partying and having a good time in the streets of greater cleveland the rain's going to start to fall. i'm going to show you contact timing coming up. you're sitting under a dry air. we have warm air that's pumping in across the greater cleveland area. i want to show you our temperatures this time yesterday. in out the upper 60 toss lower
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start. right now good afternoon. 72 degrees. we're looking at daytime highs returning to the upper 70s across the boards. winds are starting to rev up as we track our next cold front. i am tracking a few isolated rain drops. you're probably noticing the big cumulus county. but any rain that you're currently seeing is moving east fairly quickly. look that bubble of warm air from the central plains to the southernly flow. that's allowing for the big time warm up. it's going to be short lived throughout your afternoon. we're going to track our next -- very strong cold front here. the winds will start to stir up and it's going to everyone an equal opportunity to see scattered rain throughout your overnight to your thursday. so you're dry for all of your
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early plans. we're looking okay. when the rain starts to move in. 10:45 to 11:00. start to notice it out towards the island and the county. the darker green, the yellow that's heavier downpours. as it slides through here around 1 a.m. to about the 2:00 hour, it does make its way to greater cleveland and it's more widespread. so out on the streets tonight you're going to notice the rain start to rev up here. it's way into your early morning. kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning still noticing the widespread rain. then high pressure's going to be building in once again. under an inch in most spots. today i want you to enjoy all of the sunshine. 77 degrees. and for game time here you go. forecast will be in the lower 70s. to about 65 degrees.
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forecast. coming up but first we're also on the radar. cleveland star. 102, 98.5, mark what's happening if your garden? >> the holidays are here at city garden center. i love the theme. you've got the european christmas market place. what's that about? >> we -- we were really trying to celebrate the market place. when you go to europe you see out of the also celebratinged european team. >> a lot of countries and they might have. >> all of the ornaments that they -- typically of country. you'll find them. this is all european made. this was a russian hand painted >> . beautiful. >> hand painted a lot of the glass. >> each one kind of represents christmas differently. >> yeah. >> a little bit of a difference. >> the traditions that the countries have from
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germany. so there's, you know, a whole array of countries and each one is different in the way they're representing a typical christmas day. >> you can choose your heritage and decorate accordingly. >> awesome.
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the i conic film major league with the indians win it all. hollywood version. well charlie sheen said believeland my bag is packed. he played wild thing vaughn in the movie. in the world -- a strong bullpen. although we enjoyed the hollywood movie. let's win this one for year. that's the picture that i like. >> that's going to do it for us. and that's a lack at day weather forecast. let's put it all together. we might have a little bit of rain but it will come late. be well and go tribe.
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northeast ohio's premier christmas shop. 5,000 square feet of space in the nation's largest hardware. it is just beautiful here i happened to be with the director of marketing. she told us all about what you can find here. >> welcome. >> this is great. ki >> everybody can. we can spend so much time and we have the most beautiful decorations here. the most beautiful guestware. like you said over 5,000 square feet in the largest hardware store. >> you have an open house coming up november 4th and 5th. tell me about that. >> we do. the weekend actually. november 4th and 5th. we have an all-day open house on friday and saturday. so from 8:00 to 8:00 on friday and 8:00 to 6:00 on
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beautiful christmas shop. you can do the scratch and save and anywhere from 20 to 100% off your totally purchase. can you believe it >> getting it for free? >> there is a chance. basic include you come and pick out your items. you go to the register and they'll check and tell you what you've won. also friday night from 5:30 to 8:00 the family night going on. santa will be here. kids crafts. we have a magician. we have face painting. we have a balloon on saturday, from 10:00 0 5:00 live music here on the christmas shop and you'll get some is samples and some demonstrations as well. >> that's so much fun. i know you have a lot of unique gifts here as well. i feel like i can probably find something for everybody in my family here. what are some of the things they can find. >> one of the things that we're really proud of is we have the largest splay of christmas ornaments in northeast ohio. we have over a thousand ornaments and many can be personalized for free.
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exchange this year. it's so much fun to personalize a little orangement. >> i love it. >> well this is going to be so much money. you have to come out.
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it's november 2nd, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a guy who may have had too much to drink stumbles towards some tracks and decides -- >> it would be a great idea to take a nap. >> see how an angel tries to save him from an eternal sleep. >> got to go. >> elephants stick together to >> uh-oh, lost my footing. >> the moment the herd rallies to save the baby in the middle. a bride dazzles in a dress costing -- >> $633,000. >> why the couple who cut this cake probably don't need a new toaster. >> it's just so over the top. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bring the best from


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