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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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news 5 at 6:00 is brought to you by mr. hero. >> news 5 on your site starts now. >> the shocking new images following a police chase inside the city of cleveland. >> it is a great risk to the greater population. >> police chases are being brought into question. will only see on news 5. high- speed police chief of cleveland street and with a violent crash expect that the city cops had nothing to do with it. that chase initiated by a suburban department put innocent bystanders in danger. derick waller investigates and you learn cleveland's own police department would not be allowed to do that. >> reporter: the city has very
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but there is nothing stopping a department from continuing their chase into cleveland. i've learned some efforts to reduce that have been put on hold. >> i think it is dangerous for everybody. >> reporter: it is new video of a runaway u-haul. it happened september 1 and it left a big mess to clean up. the driver suspected in a jewelry store burglary in strongsville. captured and charged but the accomplice talked and rolled out of the moving van just moments before still not found. this dashcam video shows that man lying on the busy street and even in a mcdonald's parking lot coming in and out of oncoming traffic >> i think the issue is regardless of the jurisdiction they generally are at high risk. >> is also president of the
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police chiefs. >> they are drafting a countywide chase policy. they are expected to put forth its own recommendations. >> everybody is different. i don't believe that there is really a one size fits all policy that you can create. >> reporter: but neighbors in cleveland say something has to change, especially since the cops can only pursue in cases exceed 35 miles-per-hour or leave city limits. >> it is not no man's land. lorain avenue has people who live on it and walk on the sidewalks. they cannot be running at highway speeds chasing criminals from the suburbs down our city streets. >> i just got off the phone with councilman michael who has been pretty vocal about this.
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chases. i reached out to the police and neither agreed to answer questions on camera today. derick waller, news 5. >> derick, thank you. we move onto an epidemic in ohio looked at how severe opioid addiction is. >> these numbers will shake you up because since summer there has been 407 busts related to carfentanil and the alarming part is here in ohio. the associated press mastication law-enforcement agencies across the state confirming at least 343 incidents where carfentanil was confiscated. it is linked to at least 236 overdoses just in july alone. officials say there have been many more since. news 5's bob jones first exposed the danger of carfentanil this summer.
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>> reporter: they tell me there are several open investigations on the people who brought the drug to akron and overdoses do seem to be down and still the number of people have died is alarming. it is 5000 times stronger than heroin. the smallest dose of carfentanil can be deadly as proven by many cases in akron in which the large tranquilizer drug appeared to be cut with harrington. >> we find people that are actually did so quickly that they are still standing up. they have died and they haven't even hit the floor. >> reporter: it has been hitting akron hard leading to hundreds of overdoses since july. just look at the latest numbers. 134 fatal overdoses in akron with 73 deaths tied to carfentanil throughout summit
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>> every day we have overdoses. >> reporter: the lieutenant told me his officers are slowly but surely making progress in the carfentanil battle. they suspect it is coming to akron from china after people buy it online. >> i think a group in akron of maybe a dozen people figured out you could get on the internet and have this stuff shipped right to your home. i think these are the people responsible for it. >> reporter: the unit has charged 30 people with possessing o >> we have indicted federally one person with several more cases to indict federally. >> reporter: akron police say the number of daily overdoses in the city does appear to be dropping. one reason is the good samaritan law which allows people to call 911 without
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the battle for the buckeye state in how a as both residential campaigns now focus on ohio. >> and the margin of victory in cuyahoga county will be a key factor determining who carries the state. we have a new poll that focuses on the county. >> reporter: donald trump will carry a lot of counties in the state and hillary clinton to carry fewer by the same spread. the keeper trump will be victory. a new poll looked at those who have already voted and those looking to cast ballots on tuesday among the early coach. these will be the first numbers that you see on election night with hillary clinton leading 3- 1. the gap is smaller on tuesday the still in clinton's favor. a statewide poll yesterday showed trump with a five-point lead in the bottom line is get
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>> trump's leading. but again there is this big segment on both sides that we don't think is being counted. so this could go either way for ohio. >> reporter: the difference for the camps is trump absolutely needs ohio and clinton doesn't. but i stop here virtually assures her the presidency. john kosich , news 5. >> we have your source on with john kosich hosting our live webcast and hear your voice your vote election night 2016 begins at 7:00 and we will bring you local results throughout the evening as well. then news 5 at 1:00 will wrap everything up. now let's talk about the weather with tera blake . a little bit of sunshine trying to put us back from what
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cover hanging around. you can see the roadways are not too shiny with no rain call protected for most of us into thursday night. we do have a stray shower opportunity on the west side and temperatures now for the evening plans are 57 in cleveland with 55 in canton and a little warmer in new philadelphia at 64 degrees. shocked and is at 56 and this is quite a hours. we are 17 degrees cooler in cleveland then yesterday at this time and yes, the chill is back and daytime highs are only in the upper 50s. because of that first push of a cold front, we do expect that cooler air will be making its way into the forecast for tomorrow. we await our second front to the north to see what it means
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a news 5 of this investigation uncovered the ohio system that should keep you safe is completely broken. on your side investigator joins us now. sarah buduson, we are talking about background checks. >> in a world where information is immediately available on your phone you think a record check could spot a person with a dangerous past. think again. employers often ask the state to run your fingerprints through the database to see if you have a criminal background. our investigation found breakdowns in the database are so common curse they offenders are slipping through the cracks. they are so concerned they turned to the head of the union to sound the alarm. >> can you trust a background check in ohio? >> at the present time, absolutely not. there are so many flaws in the system. there is such a large backlog i cannot imagine the system is
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should to be safe. >> reporter: so why is the system so broken and why will not upgrading is one of the biggest problems? tonight at 1:00 our investigation will show you the system and how it puts your family's safety at risk. on your side i am investigator sarah buduson on your side, newschannel five. a cubs fan goes added with an indians fan. we will take a close look at the video that is and where does all the world chairmanship year end up? what we found out tonight and why it is causing controversy. plus, a local woman held hostage in her own home why
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only on 5 30 animals invaded a home for years. >> she tried to get rid of them on her own but she did not know where to turn for help. join us now you spoke this woman and she said she barricaded herself inside her own house? stroke that is right.
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and opossums of stars and downstairs. her name is janine. she is 86 years old and what made matters worse is her late husband had become a compulsive quarter -- quarter -- collector. she says those animals got in from unsealed parts of the house. over the last three years she lived with the smel the noises they would make. >> they would drop things on the floor and role like marbles if they found something they could role. >> reporter: the county stepped in and removed 25 live raccoons and eight possums. officials and volunteers also cleaned up her entire house and for that issues thankful.
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it certainly wasn't the outcome we were hoping for last night. after the indians lost there was a fight between the cubs fans and an indian and going viral. the cubs fan got into an argument near eagle street in ontario but the indians fan sucker punched him. he was out cold for a few minutes before police arrived. once he was treated at hospital, he did not want to file a police report. >> sadly, it is the chairmanship gear flying off store shelves but we all know thousands of the same hats and jerseys were also made for cleveland. the question tonight's work is all about merchandise going? news 5's mike brookbank uncovering answers. >> reporter: a lot of it will be destroyed more this year
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it is a case of what people think should happen. >> i think it ends up maybe overseas somewhere where nobody really realizes what it is. >> reporter: and the reality of what will happen to the world series championship merchandise . >> it is very disheartening. nothing like this should be destroyed. it should be given to people who need them. >> i have seen these shirts. it was able to be looked up and this isn't correct. >> reporter: the chicago tribune purporting this year the losing team's license world series care will be destroyed. >> keep it around until next year and just change the numbers or something. >> reporter: instead of being donated to humanitarian groups like world vision. >> it should not be destroyed.
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the mlb is making a big mistake. >> reporter: also shredding shirts is majestic which makes a lot of team gear. the company told news 5 the small amount it shipped to local stores will be sent back and destroyed. a spokesperson for the sporting- goods store said all of the world series merchandise will be donated to world vision and possibly headed for places of the eastern ukraine. >> the kids have these shirts and a they do for them. >> reporter: some big-name retailers target tell me they do not buy chairmanship gear so that have to worry about sending merchandise back. mike brookbank, news 5. >> i guess we are going to ukraine. >> that is where we are the champions. i like it. there is some sunshine in this cloudy forecast.
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up tonight as well. i love it when you get those clouds at sunset. it doesn't get more beautiful than that. thank you, wooster for this great shot. we have some chill moving in as temperatures drop off. a little more cloud cover east and 54 kirkland and for this evening plans if you are grabbing a bite to eat it is 55 in madison and picking up on a little bi has just popped back up on the power of 5. chagrin falls will be having light rainfall driving on 422 into cuyahoga. solon and orange may have a little bit of light rain action, but that is really it. temperatures for the south 56
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ashland and 54. hour by hour we expect our temperatures to drop off but not significant because we are keeping added cloud cover. yesterday was upper 70s being squeezed out by the first cold front that hit in a second is ushering in these darker blues that will keep your highs tomorrow down into the lower 50s. is interesting because it doesn't actually clear into ohio. it goes east allowing the high pressure system to move in for your weekend. here is the beautiful sunshine protected and friday will look beautiful on the chilly side. snowfall to the north moving in but not for us. not yet. for hour by hour when it comes to additional rainfall we have
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here is your light rain and maybe noticing some pitter patter on the windows. it should be gone on friday morning with sunshine to start the day. rainfall not impressive only around 1/100. heading into downtown tonight for the game jackets are suggested because of the temperatures. it should be 52 heading in the browns taking on the cowboys mostly sunny and nice and mild. it was a sure focused tonight with the wind. 50 is your heart on friday with 60s here this weekend and i am loving monday and tuesday back in the middle and upper 60s. maybe even still golfing weather in november. >> i like seeing all of that
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couple of days. i feel like i haven't seen you guys for a month. >> we are friendly talk together. the cavs our home tonight. they are getting ready for a game and they are still talking about what is next for the indians. we will tell you that straight
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it was a great play by our guys. they never give up. >> life goes on after losing the world series austin. davis is one of three agents. the indians picked up the options with carlos santana next season for $12 million. this team is basically intact for next year and that is the great news. >> it is a up over here and be with these guys and be with this team and this stuff in the organization in general. but is going to take a while. is going to hurt for a while. >> having met group intact means a lot for the boyce park yesterday i spoke to jim told me who said there is a familiar feeling when it comes to this team. >> does a wonderful opportunity. this will help them grow and
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>> reporter: does it remind you of the early days a little bit? >> it does. to see the people generally excited. it is so great. >> reporter: the cavaliers our home tonight looking to start the season 5-0. today lebron james's talking all about the indians. >> looking at the game last night it was unbelievable. friday was one of the best games we have seen in a long time. both teams will try to get better for next season. i think the indians did a great job this year and another will probably come back better next year as well. >> don't forget tonight at 7:00 it is the hugh jackman show behind the scenes and what is going on taking on the cowboys this sunday. it'll be an interesting week. you would think there's a lot of
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first energy on sunday. that would be an interesting. >> i listened to your radio show today and the cubs fans were upset about that. >> if somebody offered you 10 times the value of the ticket what would you do? >> have a great night. seatmate on news 5 11:00. >> news 5 at 6:00 has been brought to you by the by how lottery cash explosion game
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tonight, breaking news. donald trump, hillary clinton. the new polls just out. there is new hope for both of them in unexpected states. where this race now stands. plus, melania's moment. her solo speech today. and the big plan revealed for president obama, the first lady and hillary clinton on election eve. the stunning and discovery at a home. a woman missing for months. allegedly chained inside a storage container. tonight, she's been rescued. the realtor under arrest. and authorities say, it does not end there. the moment that caused national outrage. tonight, that officer on trial. the man killed, walter scott, his mother on the stand. the plane crash. the chopper overhead, capturing it all. >> clearing a building. >> the incredible moment that comes next. and your money tonight. a new warning.


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