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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  November 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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out to vote early because the rain is on its way. don't let that be an excuse though. we're tracking it all. grnchts the timing on this moves to the area. the temperatures today are still going to be on the mild side. clouds will thicken up. that front comes through. and it all changes tomorrow. we'll talk about that in just a bit many a check on roads now. >> thanks so much. sorry to cut you off there. no big issues. a couple of cameras. a little bit busier along 71
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>> same story many traffic still relatively light many we transition to 271. some overnight work that might get in your way. 8 p.m. tonight. right at that 480 eastbound split. just that left lane will be closed. work will wrap up at 6 a.m. our drive times right where we should be of thelet pull up one more view. just to double check at 271 right at cedar. traffic so far so
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only eight votes. four for clinton and two for donald trump and one for gary johnson and a surprise write-in for moint. clinton won 14-17 but trump defeated clinton 16-4 votes. taking that 32-25 lead in new hampshir make sure everything goes smoothly. sending people to county. live in cleveland. good morning, sarah >> reporter: good morning. staffers will be in three counties including here. 500 personnel -- that's less than the number of personnel four years ago because a differing court
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department doesn't think they'll notice a difference. they'll looking for discrimination. most of the 500 will be monotord. others will be on servers. they are limited to certain places where federal court orders have okayed their presence. voter intimidation. the staffers will also be in franklin and hamilton counties. that's where columbus and cincinnati are. as well live in cleveland. news 5. >> thank you so much and stay on top with the news 5 app. it's free. we'll have live results, interactive maps detailing the races. and starting at 7:00 tonight. host a live webcast. >> special coverage at 7:00 as well. local results all evening long and have complete
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many parents too worried about the mernler of two high school. >> their concerned about a lack of information and which teacher answer coaches will still be on the job. following the story this morning and one community member very outspoken. >> he took the mic and spoke for a long time. very -- a lot of emotions there. that's the city's former mayor. the akron native even fighting ba meeting. the district roantly voted to merge kenmore high school can garfield high school. it will save the district about $1.3 million a year. now when the school -- two schools come together nearly 11 # 0 students under one new building. many are angry and worry about
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coaches. >> in my opinion you haven't said what's the right thing for the students. is there any study that has said if we put more kids white or black or hispanic, we pour more kids into a bigger school, it's really going to help those students. >> he got a standing ovation after that long speech there at the meeting you just saw. they will decide this month where the new high school will be located. construction is expe 2018. thank you. 6:05 right now on your tuesday. this morning we are just learning a cleveland police car was set on fire. the cruiser was an undercover officer's car. saturday's fire but ruled an arkansas son. they think it was the person who set fire to another
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recording kindergarten students usings the bathroom is denied many he was sentenced to 56 years in prison after pleading no contest to the charges. they say he put a camera in the bathroom. >> we now know the names of victims. 4-year-old kristen bravinsky was shot in the head by her boyfriend. police have be for domestic violence. he has protection against holz. that expierd back in october. this man here is mind bars this morning accused of disoonting money to isis. his name is aaron daniels. federal prosecutors say he was trying to leave columbus, ohio, to join the terror group. he sent $250 to an isis operative and created both
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in joining. >> this is my thoughts. this is what happened. we got in contact with the wrong organization. they were going to help him achieve his dream. he has desire to learn more about the religion that he was affiliated with. that was his desire. that's all he shared with me. expwhr daniels who is 20 years old faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. glmpleght a girl getting a special badge for a special donation. they planned a magnolia tree. the driver pleaded in the to several charges in the case. he's due in court tomorrow. and the city of north
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addiction. the old walking woods. we enjoyed yesterday for sure. changes coming just off to our northwest. there's a colt front. still about 10 hours away from getting here. it's going to bring rain with it and somen cooler temperatures as well. here's the forecast for today. about 9:00. 54 degrees. we s the cloud will continue to increase. temperatures mid-60s. that's it for the high. then the front arrives after 4:00. the rain shows up as well. the temperatures will start to fall in quickly for this evening. overnight lows into the 0z and for some tomorrow we're going to struggle to get 50 degrees. more on that still ahead. >> all right. who's getting soul custody of
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other. so what happens to the candidates accounts once the ballots are count snd well they have relead heavily on the families throughout the campaign. >> will that family support sway voters? here's gma's first look. in this morning's gma first look, there's a candidate's secret weapon, their family. >> he will make fantastic president. >> she's strong enough to be president. >> the potential first families pounding the campaign pavement for are through their children, through their spouse. we want to get a human connection to that individual. families give us that connection. >> best change maker i ever met in my entire life. >> bill clinton has tried to capitalize on that love but in a rare move for political responses she's been mostly absent from the trail. >> it's hard to say whether
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negative. she's really -- had been a neutral factor. wall to wall coverage as
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funeral for the other officer 24-year-old justin martin will be today in hiss home state of iowa. the suspect in the shooting scott greene is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. >> once a wealthy real estate tycoon. he was wheeled into the courtroom in a neck brace. he's already behind bars on weapons charge and now he's being charged in the execution-style murder of his friend.
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>> he was acquitted in a separate murder case in 2003. he was charged in this case after a documentary exposed new evidence. some are calling this the most anticipated case in los angeles since the o.j. simpson trial. it's expected to begin a year from now. the judge in the church shooting trials has the judge says his defense team -- needs further attention. he faces 3 # charges. he could face the death penalty. well actors angelina jolie are reaching a agreement. jolie will continue to have soul custody and for the first time tissue rather for
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will have visits with a therapist present. it is 6:15 on election day. here's your forecast. >> her we go. this is up and down to say the least. go through now to 4:00. it's all good. clouds will increase. temperatures should be mild then after 4:00, the rain moves in. the front comes into play. the temperatures will drop. that maybe a showers. a lot cooler for us. highs will struggle to each 50 tomorrow. so yesterday we were in the 70s. today the 60s. tomorrow, barely 50. it must be november in the area for sure. here's the satellite and radar picture right now. tracking the clouds that we have working their way in. no rain this morning. the rain is back well off to the west. still around the chicago area back to green bay as well. it's all going to work its way
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got to put that line of rain in our area between 4:00 and 5:00 this evening. as you step outside it is chilly if not cold in some areas. there you see the readings. 40 in some locals. 51 for cleveland. things are milder this morning. as you get out to vote do so earlier if you can to avoid those chaps of rain. temperatures in the upper 50s. the rain chancings start to go up. here's exact of the raib. i think we'll have the windshield wipers on for your evening drive. road conditions could be wet. flooding threat is low. severe weather threat is low. there are those typical areas that get slippery or water pond on the roadways. keep that in mind. as the front comes through tomorrow it's a different story. highs only around 50 tomorrow then for tomorrow night some areas falling down into the 0s.
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chilly side. a car actually spun out. police, fire and ems. it's in the grassy area off the exit ramp. causing a ditch right now. again we're waiting to hear more confirmation but one injury was reported. for now send things back inside. how are things looking the rest of the cleveland? >> checking in just fine. our drive time still low. a live view of the freeway. right at spring road. your transition on to 71 shouldn't be an issue. let's check the maps right now. some construction that might
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thursday. that 44 northbound ramp to state route 2 will be closed for that bridge repair. the area elsewhere. let's head to akron. this was yesterday. if you're just tuned in this is through september of next year. >> all right. right now police in new york are on high alert with extra security forces all across the city. that's where both presidential candidates will wait for election results. they'll give a concession speech. hillary clinton is going to be at jabbet center. well because of all the security or even schedules many are avoiding the polls they're opting for early voting or absentee. >> what if you didn't vote early and can't make it the polls? anyone admitted to a hospital after noon this past saturday can vote from their bed. there's a special ballot you
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the deadline. >> by 3 p.m. on election day. after 3:00 they are out of luck. >> and parents of sick children in the hospital can also vote through the hospital. maybe you wonder this what happens to president obama's social media accounts? his accounts will stay for the new president to use. the facebook and similar social media accounts will keep the followers also user names and urls but the time line won't have any posts. the new president can start from scratch the the archive tweets will be on the new handle they're moving to canada if their candidate loses the electionment well a new report
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kidding. >> no. not at all. job search website reports searches with the keyword canada has skyrocketed 58% this year. more than 30,000 in all and the most popular job title was engineer. >> oh boy. how a man is giving back to the our troops. >> thousands of dollars in damage from a salad dressing bott
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that woman from wyoming describing when her salad degreesing bottle exploded. >> after the big proof many e shh e thought nobody would believe her story. >> it's hard to explain i was attack -- in whiskey or something. >> i love that. well she later found out her branch dressing is under a recall. the company says bacteria in that product is causing the dressing to foam or even spew out or be possessed, explode. the damage to her carpet, the
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totally destruction. >> let get a check on the forecast. >> you have to be careful of the salad dressing. killer hair by the way. live look outside. the clouds are going to continue to roll their way in. one of those weird days tough plan extra for later. take the rain gear with you planner. how things will change for us as we go through the day today. no rain this morning. but have the gear with the kids they my need it this afternoon. temperatures will be mild and this is the last mild day for a little while. a quick check of the forecast. tomorrow's high 50. we try to rebound on thursday but then by friday
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50s. weather is cooperating. a car spun out. that's right around that 71 exit ramp. speeskically right at that ramp. let's pull up the air traffic 5. that accident right now. they just transported one person so we know one injury. a car spun out right at that ramp in the dih the ramp slowly crawling by. we'll check back in with him soon glm all right. thank you. >> military pride. it runs strong and it runs for generations. >> certainly does. only on 5 this morning. a man who's family has a long history with serving our great country. wanted to do something special for our troops. his name is gordon king. that's his dining room table. it looks like a playground. but no that's his office.
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fixing them up for a good cause. >> people bring me their glove, gift them to me. i restore them, recolor, and ship them the department of defense and they are certified and go to the troops. they can take bats and balls but not drugs. his gloves are a tradition among the troops. soldiers come home but they leave the gloves behinder for the time now 6:26. the important local issues you need to know about. >> and is roller coaster season in trouble already? oh, no. what cedar point workers are saying this morning.
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it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> please make a plan to vote. >> election day 2016 is here. >> both candidates making a strong final push with dualing rallies jofer night. >> none of us want to wake up and wish we had done more. >> did you of think you'd hear a major speech close to 1:00 in the morning? are we crazy? is this crazy? crazy. >> the campaigning is over.
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so it's up to america to decide who will be the next president. >> good morning. you have 13 hours to vote. polls are now open. we have a clock in the bottom corner of your screen of the amount of time left glment now we've got team coverage for you all morning long to got you ready for electrician day l we want to start you off with the important election day forecast. the clouds will continue to increase today. i think the rain holds off until after 3:00 for the sandusky area. 3:00 to 4:00 for cleveland. here's that rain right now. well back to the west through parts of green bay and just around the chicago area. this is the main line. there are a few showers out ahead of that. if we track the main line of rape that would come through at around -- about 5:00 to 5:30.
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this afternoon. so a weather alert-esque in store with the light rain amusing in after 4:00. this could make for some soggy polling locations and slick spots on roadways for the evening commute. make sure you keep that in mind as we go through today. some changes for tomorrow. talk more about that in just a bit. how about thicks on the roads now? >> we're looking okay. let pull up those drive times. we your commute on 71 northbound 480 to 90 clocking in at a 7-minute ride. just a minute more. looking okay though. the weather is cooperating with us at least for this morning commute. let's check in with ron. we did have an accident along 480 right near brook park. that exit -- let's check it with him l good morning. >> good morning. you're looking at the scene right now.
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the exit. you can see cars are able to get by on the exit ramp but it's slow in that area. also some slow traffic on 480. one injury was reported. it happens they did load somebody in an ambulance. they have since left the sceneful the car is still on scene but the ambulance and ems and fire have left the scene. we'll keep you updated. back to you. all right. thank you. our polls have opened but three small towns. and then in the town of hart clinton won 17-14 but but trump defeated 16-4 taking the lead in the state, 32-25. glmpleght and you have until 7:30 tonight to vote. if the lines are long you will still be available to vote by 7:30 as long as you showed up to the polling
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you had to register ahead of time. you will also need some sort of id. if you have any questions, check out our election guy on the free app. both candidates were up late at midnight. donald trump was in michigan with his running mate mike pence and hillary clinton fired up voters in north carolina along with lady gaga and he said, donald, i support you. >> well later today both candidates will cast their ballots in new york state. voters are going to decide more than just the next president. they are a number of issues on bat. live looking add a breakdown of those other big
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>> reporter: good morning. we are at the gunning reck center. the parking lot is filling up. people are trying to beat the rush before 6:30 there was a small line that formed in the lobby. that's anticipated with people going inside. voters will decide on appear income tax increase. the first hike in decades. officials say that money will help offset state cuts. this is important. issue 32 affects everyone who works in the city. voters are being asked to help with addicts. $42 a year. you lou the county agencies to offer more programs and hire more employees.
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decided by voters. affirms the existing agreement but some groups are underring people it vote against it because they say it will lee the clinic on the hook for millions in liabilities. i know your head might be spinning because that's a whole lot of information. i have tweeted out some links with the full stories from our news 5 website just follow me lots of info buzz great information. we'll have live results, interactive maps and john will live host our webcast starting at 7:00 p.m. here on news 5 you are going to your -- local results all-esque long and have complete noks 2016
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>> approaching 6:36 on your tuesday. a developing story in akron many partners, students and community members fired up over the decision to combine two high schools. live in the newsroom with reaction to the decision. >> the issue that many folks is have -- or question is what will happen to the students, the staff, the coaches, the program when those two schools become one. akron's public said he's not sure if any cuts will have to be made made -- will be relocated within the district. now just recently the board anonymously voted to combine kenmore and garfield high school. they're being consolidated as part of an $800 million renovation. it will save about $1.3 million. the students and stuff aren't happy about the
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bye to one -- good-bye. speaking out at monday night's meeting. he says he's embarrassed. >> this community will continue to slide because they will not have their own community school as was promised. >> reporter: akron public school plan to consolidate other schools within the district. they are holding meetings for parents about those well. news 5. all right. thank you. still to come here a new effort to end the teacher strike in louisville. what the school board and union presenting ideas. >> a trip to the polls could be giving your wallet today. which businesses are offering freebies. we'll tell you how you can get
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$10 this week. show that voting sticker. doesn't matter what state. it is only valid this weekend from friday the 11th to sunday the 13th. >> still to come one akron neighborhood on edge after multiple homes are hit on a shootout. >> live to new york and check in with both
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the rain chance is like. not expecting severe -- not expecting thunder but some pockets of light to moderate rain as times. dropping into tomorrow. heads up many we've got some change coming. moving their way in. where's the rain right now? t well back to the west. had th is the line here. it will work its way in. to about that 4:00 mark. walk you through it here with our neighborhood. watch our futurecast. kind of see how this imacts your area. clouds working in again. from west to east. the rain may be a few spripg les already possible
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i think after 3:00 to 4:00 for our far western counties. it's after about 4:00. now small towns like new philly even around the youngstown area. the front continues to march across the area and as mentioned behind that system, the cooler air will filter in for tonight and into tomorrow. to break that down for you, the better part of coverage area. from 4:00 to 6:00. it may be soggy in some polling places. then tomorrow, there's the change. a high temperature just around 50. 30s for tomorrow night. >> thanks so much. for the most part we're okay on the highways this morning. pretty much in good shape. we do have some traffic restrictions in place. two northbound lanes on 21 closed between chestnut. keep that in mind. the bigger picture showing we are looking okay.
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the northbound lanes just past east 30th. we did have an early accident. >> things clearing up for the most part along 480. you can see the tow truck is on scene. getting ready to move. it did appear that they loaded somebody in an ambulance. things should be cleaning up couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank for keeping us updated. both hillary clinton and donald trump will be new york in watching those results come in. we have team coverage at both candidates headquarters. at the clinton headquarters. good morning.
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here in new york state about 3 hours ago after a whirlwind final campaign trail day. hitting north carolina, pennsylvania and also we are told that when she -- here later today, in the center behind me you can see that there will be an election room party. hillary clinton talking about shalterring that glass ceiling. this one definitely i will also say just a few blocks away from here is adrian baker. >> thank you so much. right here in mid towp manhattan, donald trump will be celebrating no matter who wins with a huge party, on election night party at the hilton hotel many before that happens he's going be hoping those
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country including most recently grand rapids, michigan, tens of thousands attending. that number or those numbers reflect at the polls today. we'll see. he's scheduled it vote right around 10:00 this morning. there are no issues. >> the u.s. justice department is sending people. live at the center in cleveland. good morning. a steady flow of people have been arriving and heading inside to vote. i spoke to a woman who said it took her 10 minutes to go in and out. not too bad at this point but as you minged the the u.s. department of justice is
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to ohio. the justice department doesn't think they'll notice a difference. they will be watching out for civil rights violationsment most of the 500 of staffers will be monitored. others will be observers. the observers will only be in certain areas. this all comes as concerns increase across the intimidation. they will also be at franklin and hamilton counties. that's where columbus and cincinnati are as well as here in kiahoga county. >> all right many thank you. major news this morning for voters in battle ground states. one election day they are planning it break all of the rules here and release up to the minute results before the polls even close. this goes against the decade- old tradition following
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could influence people who haven't made it it yet to vote. and the u.s. supreme court will not issue an order to prevent trump support frers intimidating voters on election day. ohio law already prevents voter intimidation. democrats pseudolast week one court issue a restraining order against the trump campaign but another court blocked it. and the civilian police will now be in the hand of votersment . issue 33 does not address this. the office of professionalled its. that office is charged with investigating sillian citizen complaints rather and out of 470 last year and this year, the review board
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of them. stay on top of the election night action. live results and interactive maps detailing the races and a live webcast. that starts at 7:00. >> your voice yorks vote. that starts at 7:00 too. bring you local results all throughout the evening and complete democracy 2016 coverage on news 5 at
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many people upset about the school board's decision to combine two high schools. the district recently voted to combine kenmore and garfield. they have rebuilt or republican
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underway. when they become one, nearly 11 ?0 students will be in one new building. the last new high school to be built in the district. but many community members are not happy. they're worried about a lack of and which teachers and coaches will be on the onof. they will decide this month where the new high school will be located. construction is expected to start by the fall of 2018. >> right now some cedar point workers reason dpens the law. the union's contract has very specific requirements and they have not been met. that's a violation. no word yet when the yeup and cedar point will be meeting again. the police chief of north hill village has been facing disciplinary action for two years. he suddenly resigned but mayor antecity law director won't say why.
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was trying to -- hard rock casino before resigning. he was going to retire at the end of the year. now, he will remain on paid administrative leave until december 31st. people in akron not feeling safe in their own homes. four houses were caught in a cross fire of a shootout. one of those homes hit with four round. shell casings all over the street. they think two groups were shooting new information. the school board and union have different ideas and they have submitted letters. they think both sides need to two to the compromising table.
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a consistent state football player is -- nathan holley is charged with holding a woman against her will. kent state say he's been suspended from the team indefinitely. and this morning we are learning a cleveland police car was set on fire. the cruiser was an undercover they ruled it an arkansas son. another car on fire. old a mile down the road. >> the appeal for a former ohio teacher who was found guilty of secretly recording kindergarten students has been denied. he was sentenced to 56 years in prison after pleading no contest.
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the begin bathroom. going to be a mild day. rain later on. make sure you have the rain gear with you. you'll need it after 4:00. seven-day forecast will show tomorrow's a cooler day. a little bit of a rebound on thursday. sunshine high near 60. another system set to come in for friday night. basically a little moisture out. a lotting at the overnight lows. some areas could see a snow flake or two. it has to be november at some point >> no. >> stop it. >> each day is a blessing. >> where did the summer go? you see the flashing lights in the background an accident 90 east right near chester avenue. that exit there. traffic seems to be flowing okay right now. that accident off to the right- hand shoulder. although i did check some other cameras and we are seeing a backup leading town it. >> all right. we'll see you back here in 23 minutes. here on news 5.
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. good morning, america. fight to the finish. donald trump and hillary clinton pull out all the stops overnight. crisscrossing the country to make their final push for the white house. clinton holds her biggest rallies yet. >> there will be no question about the outcome of this election. >> calling on the president, the first lady and some major star a prayer. >> bon jovi, lady gaga and bruce springsteen, all there. ? can't start a fire without a spark ? >> donald trump hits five battleground states in one day. >> i'm asking you to dream big because with your vote, we are just hours away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. >> the billionaire predicting a victory and claiming a private


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