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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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and daring. >> overnight donald trump elected the 45th president of the united states. hillary clinton calling to concede and congratulate him. and we're breaking down how its votes were split and what is next. but we want to start with the victory speech. and we're going to sarah in our election war room. >> reporter: people may be waking up this morning and scratching their heads because the polls, pu clinton victory. donald trump may have been a little surprised. cnn reports that he had a concession speech prepared that had to be quickly redone for a victory speech. his large group of family and
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grand entrance. he wants to get advice from those that did not support him. >> working together, we'll begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. i've spent my entire life in business, looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. that is now what i want to do for our country. >> reporter: clinton will speak to supporters morning, bucking tradition. and a half hour ago we told you about russian president putin sending trump telegram congratulating him. and the u.s. and uk will remain close partners. and corrina pysa and john kosich join me in the war room. you have spent many years covering donald trump.
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city and covered him for four years and interviewed him many time. he's a unique character and he's our president. >> reporter: and you're still with us. you've been watching this all unfold and he appreciate you being here. so historic for the nation, but specifically ohio. >> donald trump this time yesterday he had a 2.2% real politics lead in the state of ohio and he ended up with an 8 and a half percent victory check out the margin of victory in ohio. 350-h had -- 354,000 votes he won it by. we had to go to 1988 to see george w.h. bush won in ohio. i started looking at this number. when i looked at the mar given
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margin of victory in the united states, it was just a couple thousand votes, and it is less than 3,000 votes divide. if you remove ohio from the process and the equation, you'd would be looking at a tie among the entire united states and the popular vote. and it has shrunk further. and we have got a lot of votes coming in from california, washington we could see this race tighten as far as the popular vote. we note electoral vote is gone. trump is president. >> reporter: we'll look at local issues coming up now. but first national weather and traffic together. >> reporter: the rain in some areas is in the south in akron
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and you can get an idea of where things are this morning. the temperatures will not move much at all today. the rain over the canton area is coming down heavy if not steady at time. and heads up there as you move further to the south to the new philly area and it continues to move from north to south this morning. and we'll track this rain four and it may cause issues on the roadways. so be careful and steady rain through about 7:00, 8:00 this morning and maybe some let's take a look at our weather index maps right now. you see the blue, we may be responding along 77. and we're seeing heavier pockets of rain right now. so the commute into the city, along 77, especially in the north canton and akron area, be extra careful. and we'll pull up the speeds along 77. so slow it down and the highways are slick. and you see that the cleveland
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the southern counties. this is 76 and 77, the central interchange looking wet. i'll have another traffic check a little later. now that we know donald trump is the next president, take a look at what he promised for his first 100 days in office. >> reporter: is it no secret that he wants to office. he said that he wants to slash that 100 days to 24 hours day. he said that the first order of care is the obama okay he'll ask congress to repeal the program calling it is a catastrophe. the next order of business, immigration and he will remove illegal immigrants that
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not take them ever. trump said that he plans to nominate a replacement for justice scalia on the supreme court. in his acceptance speech, he vowed to fix our inner cities and infrastructure and finally support veterans. he will be sworn into office on january 20th. meg shaw, news 5. morning, ohio republican rob portman was reflected to senate by a landslide. he said that he has a new mission. >> work hard to heal the nation and make a difference in people's lives. i think our goal now is to put the campaign behind us and figure out how to find common ground. and there are plenty of
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praised him for being gracious in defeat. issue 3 2, the income tax, that passed. the city's first income tax hike in 3 decades. and cleveland issue 33 passed. it will change the makeup of the city's civilian police review board and 108, a renewal of the metropolitan school levee passed. >> and the hospital decided. it passed with a slim margin. they will replace the hospital with an outpatient hospital and emergency room. and there will be more programs and hire additional social workers. it will cost homeowners about $42 a year. issue 118 for parma school district.
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general fund more than $8 million. and it may still face cuts to make up for a huge budget deficit. and the meeting is at the district's building. we need to get to other news this morning. a former euclid middle school basketball coach will be in court and he's charged with several counts of sexual misconduct. he is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14- year-old girl. he resigned as assistant for the school system. this man, 25-year-old justin howl is charged with sexual battery. he's accused of having a relationship way student while he was working in the ridgewood local school district. the sheriff's office said that howl was fired last month and arrested on monday. cleveland police said that a 23-year-old woman was shot in the head. this happened just after 8:00 on east 101st street.
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hospital. and at last check she was in critical condition. we are making calls this morning to get an update. a deadly police-involved shooting in ashtabula. and we need to talk about this and within person was dead and officer was -- one person was dead and one officer hurt. this was a shooting on the corner of prospect. the homeowner said that they believe that the deceased suspect was in that car. the injured officer taken to ashtabula county regional medical center. but we not know his injuries. and akron police officer gets an early release from his sentence. he will be put on electronic monitor and he has been ordered not to contact his last month. she begged the judge not to let him out. but paul said that he has changed for the better. grafton police and the fbi
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identifying this bank robbery suspect. officials said that he robbed the bank and trust on main street, ordering two tellers to give him money. he did not show a note or weapon and he took off in a maroon ford taurus. if you know him, call the police. here's a look at your forecast. rain chances going to calm down as we head to the mid- morning and early afternoon. and what is out there now will continue to move from north to south. and the heaviest greater canton area moving to new philly this morning. and there are a few lingering showers back along the lakeshore in the northeast sections of ohio. and a detailed check of the radar still to come in a couple of minutes. the election was not all smooth sailing. the major problems at polling place across the nation. some of them turning violent. missing for months, the local woman disappears without
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two polling sites in los angeles were put on lockdown. someone with an assault rifle killed one person and hurt two others and then started shooting at officers. one polling location, eventually reopened and the voters were told to go to other near locations. it is not clear if the shooting had anything to do with the election. and in madison, wisconsin voting at one high school was extended an hour after a fire alarm forced people to evacuate a student knocked part of the alarm off the wall with a soccer ball and another tried to fix it and the alarm went off. the county board of election wanted an extension. one texas man was caught voting for a second time. he tried to say that he worked for the trump campaign and
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felony charge. and oklahoma where this week's earthquake is prompting regulators to shut down other fracking wells. it will be shut down by monday. the earthquake happened sunday and it damaged dozens of building in oklahoma but did not damage the oil terminal. and 5:15. and let's get a ch forecast. the winds have changed coming in today. it will be breezy and much cooler and the rain is i don't know going this morning too. you can see it on the radar picture. and most of this is moving from the north to the south this morning mainly out of the cleveland area. so as you look at the power of 5 radar network, a few showers on the east side of the county and the heavier vain down south from akron, canton to the new philly area. and we'll show you what is going on.
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concern. and the heaviest batch of showers. and we can take you out street level now. and we'll show where you some of the heavier vain heavy rainfall in here and pockets of heavy rain that my snarl some traffic this morning. and outside of that the bigger story is 15 degrees cooler than yesterday and it was about 15 degrees cooler than the day before so you get the theme here. we're dropping in temperature. most of us are in to around 50. and those are pretty much the highs for today. steady temperatures through the most of the afternoon. here is our futurecast showing us the rain that we have this morning that will continue to push its way down to the south and the clouds will hold tough through the day today. and you toss in the stronger northwesterly wind and it will feel a lot cooler. and the sky clears out tonight and the temperatures will fall to the 30s. and the five-day temperature trend shows us warming up a
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friday into saturday and dropping the temperatures even more. talk about the rain and the roadways. how are things looking this morning. this is 77 and 30. the the do the view showing that we're not in the best of conditions in the akron/canton area. let's pull these up and take a quick peek along 77. ponding the main concern, akron and canton along 77. but slick spots through the northeast ohio. take a look, we have okay travel conditions for part. the drive times are checking in fine. and we're giving them the green light. this is 77 and 71. it is early yet. so we might see rush hour start earlier because of the road conditions. she has not been seen for months and now the police in canton are concerned a missing woman is in danger. >> her name is erica hall.
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happy and bright, young woman and they became addicted heroin and pain killers after her dad died. >>i want closure for me and my girls and i don't want to us have to live like this is hard. >> the police started looking for her startly after she vanished and the u.s. marshals joined in because she did not show up for a court date. and both fear she is in real da offered for information. call the police if you know anything. we have new developments about a woman's remains found on the east side. the cuyahoga county medical examiner said that she may have been pregnant at one time and may have had a child. her body was so bodily decomposed, all we know she is
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miss 40s about five feet tall. the police need your help to them solve this case. >> just call the investigation's unit. i would hate to feeling like my loved one was someplace just waiting to be identified. >> they believe the woman has been dead for weeks if not months. demolition is underway at the gilford fire station. in august the roof collapsed. the department's because an investigator said it had faulty construction. and the department hired its own investigator to contest the findings till a new garage is built. and now the trucks are being stored at a private trucking company. a levee will fund street resurfacing and repairs and the upkeep of buildings in the
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a woman gets into a cleveland uber only to discover her driver has a famous voice. can't get that song out of your head? researchers have an explain for it you're watching "good
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a california woman gets in a uber car in cleveland and she discovered that the driver is the man behind the aol voice. >> do it again. >> welcome, you got mail. >> i would have lost it. i would have lost it. he worded that and several other aol but only got paid $200 for it and he's turned to the road. so keep an eye out cleveland uber drivers. >> he used to work here at news 5. he was an editor. >> makes him even cooler. >> you got mail. >> the radar along the traffic map showing that 77, we're seeing the heavier pockets of
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and we're seeing an accident here in the akron/canton area. and that is in ridgewood and massillon. traffic is still light so 480 eastbound, the 3-d city zoom and 77 and 271, and eight minute commute. and we've been showing you these all morning long and four odot cameras along 76, not looking the best out there. take a look outside and show you it is morning. you got wind. look at this. plenty of it it is chilly this morning. and it is in the 40s. and the wind hits you and feels worse and a cold rain going on between akron, canton and nudging into the new philly area. and here comes some moderate pockets of rainfall from north to south this morning. and the rain will continue to move that direction over the next few hours. today's temperatures, we're not warming much at all, around 50.
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morning. and that is about it for the high today. and tomorrow a nice rebound. and check out the full 7-day forecast here. another system comes in friday night and brings the chance for a few showers and some much colder air as well. 5:25. in the health headlines, some 40 million americans are living with anxiety disorders and new research says that anxiety offer your health can risk heart disease. the study people anxious about their health are 48% more likely to die from heart problems and 73% more likely to get heart disease. have you ever had a song stuck in your head playing over and over and you cannot turn off? >> it happens every morning. researchers in england said they have figured out why. the ear worm effect.
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songs. lady gaga's song is number one. >> that is great because they'll be playing over and over in our heads this morning. >> and i'm going play them during commercial break too. this morning, the news of donald hitting the global market. it is already affecting stocks. shot in the face in his own driveway. a barberton man shares his incredible story survival. and this is a look at last night's winning lottery
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republican candidate overcoming all odds to to be the next president. >> i look very much forward to
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great again. >> i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and help so that we can work together and unify our great country. and giving the american people his word. >> i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. donald trump will be our 45th president of the united states pulling off one of the biggest political upsets in history. >> and we have team coverage on all the and here's more on the surprise victory. and meg shaw and john kosich are standing by with indepth analysis. but first we want to give you and update on the forecast. we have some rain in some areas, mainly from akron to canton and now in the new philly area. there are a few showers out there too this is youngstown and south of ashtabula, all of that is moving down from north to south as well. there may be some pockets of heavier rain, namely around
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77. so heads up as you head out this morning. forecast today, this has got the hourly conditions for the sky, the wind and everything else on here. take a look. we're not moving much today, upper 40s and windy. we still are tracking the accident in the akron/canton area long 77. let's look at the ponding you may come across 77 in the north canton area. slow your speeds down and we have the closure at 77 and to avoid it, keep on 77 and get off east 14th, 18th, prospect and then you can hop become on the eastbound lanes of 90. a wet commute for you. so slow your speeds. it's my honor. it was an amazing evening and amazing two year period. and i love this country. thank you very much.
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presidency in a major upset. he outperformed hillary clinton in states coast to coast. >> he gave his victory speech a few hours ago. he proved the polyesters wrong. >> reporter: pollsters. even florida, iowa and ohio, he won. donald trum presidential elect three hours ago shortly after he took the stage at the hilton hotel. he said that clinton called him to concede. trump talking about the plans for the country and also calling for you know at this time. and leaders from around the -- unity. and leaders from around the world reaching out to him, including russia and the uk. >> we'll get along with all other nations willing to get along with us.
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we expect to have great relationships. no dream is too big. no challenge is too great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. >> and protests breaking out in some parts of the country. about a hundred people marching in the oakland area, some even burning dumpsters. we are certainly going to keep an eye on we are in the war room. what a night. >> is it the most stunning preliminaryup set in modern time. he did not come from the military to be elect the president. he is number 45. this race was called around 2:30 a.m. and it is november 9th. and you go back to october
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presidential debate. and tonight he's the president. he struck a nerve with the disenfranchised voters. people that doesn't feel they had a voice. we saw this in ohio with some of the counties that he carried. hillary clinton only carried 7 counties in the entire state. when you look at jefferson and into cincinnati, the coal country and the steel country, he had a message that resinated with a lot of the people. and they feel they had not been heard in years and they feel they have a voice and now they have a president. >> we have been talk about this the past couple weeks. this 1 going -- this is going to spark a conversation, it already is in social media.
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lead victory for him tonight. and now we have something about the huge market jitters too. >> it sent the global market tumbling, the largest in years. >> reporter: good morning. the shock of this presidential race is just sinking in for millions of americans. marks around the world now stunned. this is one of the biggest falls since since 9/11. and that is because investors bet heavily on a clinton victory. futures on the dow jones industrial average plunged more than 800 points and all three major stock exchanges down 4% or more. and the reason, investors hate uncertainty. as we know, donald trump is unpredictable. so what does all of this mean for you? it is likely that your 401(k) and pensions and retirement
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maybe the next couple of days. but don't panic. unless you're going retire in the next couple years, you will not feel the devastating effects. the biggest casualty is the u.s. dollar against the mexican pace sew. it will regain some of the ground this morning and it is still trading at 8% lower. up next, trump's victory is bringing big anxiety, the website americans flooded. and one aspect of donald trump's party causing quite a stir on twitter. we'll tell you about the sweet little face that surprised a
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good wednesday morning. we're tracking the rain in some and this will continue to move from north to south and should be out of here around the mid- morning hours. and the temperatures, we'll struggle to say the least. only in the upper 40s. and nice rebound returns tomorrow. but that too is short lived. more details on that in a few. we have a couple accidents this morning. follow me on twitter this is 277 and west waterloo. 76 is in bad shape too. and 77 not much better.
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windy. the high-profile vehicles will need to hold on to the steering wheel. i'll show where you coming up. 5:41 on your wednesday morning. i'm terance lee. >> and and the and i'm which people lead to the
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we're learning more about a deadly involved shooting ashtabula county. >> reporter: one person dead and officer injured after a shooting in ashtabula on the corner the fort and prospect where the block is taped off with the police tape. the bureau of criminal investigation is on the scene. and we're told this incident began with a robbery investigation and it appears to have ended with a shooting. and the person that died was in a car matching the description of the suspect in the robbery. three ashtabula police officers responded to the robbery.
5:45 am
released. an occupant in the car was shot and killed. and the bci told me that and air soft gun was recovered from the car. and we see several shell casings from where we are. and the bci processing the scene right now. >> we'll look at this and look at it for any criminality on the part of the age, if the officers were wrong. and we collect put the case together and it is presented to the prosecutor for him to make a determination on what he wants to do. >> reporter: we do not have an idea on the deceased person. and we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. megan hickey, newschannel5. a man is facing severe charges this morning. the police said that william ellis is accused of having sex
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weeks. he will be arraigned today. i know that he was with me. had i not turned to face him at that moment, i know i would not be here. >> this father from barberton survives the unthinkable. someone attacked him in his own driveway and shot him in the face this is a story that you'll see on newschannel5 this morning. and some of the images are disturbing. his name is chris barry. he just got home from he was moving his wife's minivan and found himself face- to-face with a loaded gun and the manholeing it pulled the trigger. >> it tore through the cheek all the soft tissue and took the bottom of my earlobe off the side of my face. >> doctors reattached his earlobe and he has 60 stitches and he still hears ringing in his ear.
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with nothing. crime is storms in summit county is offering up to $2,000. we have the number for you to call them and the description of the suspect. closing arguments are set to start in the case of a police officer on trial for shooting and killing a man during a traffic stop in ohio. the former university of cincinnati officer testified yesterday that he feared for his life during the traffic stop. antidepressant hearing is set for 9:00 this morning. he has pleaded t murder and voluntary manslaughter. i'm overwhelmed. we did it. thank you, ohio. >> ohio republican rob portman re-elected to the u.s. senate by a landslide. he delivered his victory speech from cincinnati and said that it time for them to get back do business. >> i'm going to treat my colleagues with the assumption
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>> during the speech he sprayed strickland for giving it his best and being gracious in defeat. donald trump's stunning upset win of the white house, not the only victory for the gop. republicans also keeping control of congress the last time they had the house and the senate was 1928. leading up to election day, democrats were banking on trump wants. but he -- incumbents. but it turned out that he may have helped carry party and they want to help pass legislation to reverse some of obama's policies. a cooler day out there today, right, jd? yes. the wind will probably be the worse thing. it will cut through this morning and this afternoon. and they said you can see how the wind is blowing other than
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the state moving from north to south this morning. and take a closer look at this weather wall this morning. we have rain moving through now and it should be out of here as we go more towards the end of the afternoon. but nonetheless, we'll have some issues on the roadways this morning, especially up and down 77 with the rain falling. if you're coming in from the west, things are not that bad but spotty showers here and there. and we'll get a detailed look with ch few minutes. you see the more moderate rainfall that we have this morning. and we have to go straight north to south. so the overall time frame, new philly, you're looking at rain for the next hour or sox and the rain shower chances start to decrease after about the mid- morning today, around 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.. and the rest of the day, i cannot rule out a shower, but most of us should wined up staying dry. the temperatures and the winds together and the yellow numbers what are it feels like when you step outside and look at
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holding steady out of the northwest at 23 miles an hour so. so the wind will stay up there in the lunch hour before easing back a little bit this afternoon. still wind speeds between 10:00 to 20 miles an hour later on today. and we'll walk you through hour by hour with futurecast and you see the lingering shower through 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning and that should go by the way side. and the temperatures are not going to move much. only in the mid-to upper setup changes tomorrow with the highs in the south and we should get back to 60 tomorrow under a sunny sky and the canton forecast today, only 49 and north winds ten to 25 and a few morning rain showers. cleveland, 50 for today and the evening temperature down to 45 and the overnight low down to 39. how are the roads this morning? they could be better. we're seeing the strong wind. the yellow on the traffic maps showing some strong winds along
5:51 am
especially along 90 and the shoreway. and the rain cause something issues on the roadways and tracking a couple accidents this is northbound and ridge land and massillon road and we're seeing another accident in the city of cleveland and columbus at center street. and let's pull up the odot view of 77 and east archwood. not much improvements for you and the slick spots causing an issue for us. voters in calirn massachusetts and nevada approved recreational marijuana initiatives. this is a major boost to the campaign. a few other states passed the medical marijuana provisions. this is the biggest step for marijuana reform since 2012 which colorado and washington first approved them the recreational use. people not happy with the presidential election might be trying to leave the country.
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saying that the resource that you're looking for cannot be displayed. twitter users suggested that americans flooding the site with requests because they're not happy with the results of the election. and one of the biggest moments of the social media was the cake. >> donald trump served up quite the dessert t is a life side cake of the a bit sad and doesn't resemble trump. his party took place around the corner from trump tower in the new york hilton. while you were sleeping, trump won the presidency claiming victory around 3:00 this morning. and we're going to talk about how the big upset is being felt around the world.
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we'll give you a quick check of the 7-day forecast. tomorrow is rebound day. then here comes another system for friday, saturday and sunday. our travel times are low
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there. maybe some high surface spots along 77 and the akron and canton area. look at 71 and 90. the drive time right where we should be. and we'll pupil -- pull up the odot view. and we'll have another traffic check in a bit. this morning we're learning a voting problems in stark county. a certain number of absentee ballots would not go through and the board of elections a team of workers was there all day literally copying entries on to new ballots. if someone put an x instead of filling in the circle, every one of them needed to be corrected and they have someone from the same voting party fill out another duplicate ballot. they say it is a common problem and it is not illegal. there was confusion at the ballot box at the cuyahoga
5:56 am
hundreds of people showed up but they were in the wrong precinct. only those that have the you cannily avenue location as the home precinct are allowed to vote there. and voters said that wasn't clear on the county website. >> i do think they should have explained in a little more details so i could have known. >> and the board of elections director pat mcdonald acknowledged the problems and cut the confusion during the next election. the cuyahoga county board of elections it walking back records that a shooter was going to be a gun to the polling place. and the deputies found there was never any gunned just secondhand information being passed along incorrectly. and local firefighters received support at the polls in lorain county.
5:57 am
for a year for the next five years. and it also passed in avon and elyria township. talk about dedication. some people would not let anything stop them from voting like this guy in cleveland. he showed up at the polls on his riding lawnmower. no excuses. coming up this morning, donald trump pulled off one upsets. he showed a different side during his speech. what will a trump presidency look like. and we'll look at his -- look like? we'll look at his first 100
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donald trump elected the 45th president of the united states. and hillary clinton calling to concede. >> and we're breaking down how the votes are split and what is next. and we want to begin with the victory speech. sarah is in the election war room. >> reporter: some people may be waking up a little confused
6:00 am
and pundits predicted a hillary clinton victory. and donald trump may have been a little surprised. cnn reports that he actually had a concession speech prepared that had to be quickly reworked into a victory speech. before 3 this morning, trump and his family and friends made a dramatic entrance at a new york hotel and the crowd going wild when the trump received a call from hillary clinton. he said that he congratulated her on trump calling to be all democrats and republicans to come together. his tone a little more optimistic than in the past. >> every single american will have the opportunity to real his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women in our country will be forgotten no longer. >> reporter: clinton will speak to her supporters later this morning, bucking tradition.


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