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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and pundits predicted a hillary clinton victory. and donald trump may have been a little surprised. cnn reports that he actually had a concession speech prepared that had to be quickly reworked into a victory speech. before 3 this morning, trump and his family and friends made a dramatic entrance at a new york hotel and the crowd going wild when the trump received a call from hillary clinton. he said that he congratulated her on trump calling to be all democrats and republicans to come together. his tone a little more optimistic than in the past. >> every single american will have the opportunity to real his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women in our country will be forgotten no longer. >> reporter: clinton will speak to her supporters later this morning, bucking tradition.
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world leaders, russian president putin sent him a tell firm congratulating him. and uk prime minister sent her well-wishers saying that the u.s. and the uk will remain close partners. and let's go to john kosich. it is exciting and historic for the nation and for ohio too. >> reporter: no question about it. looking at a 2% clear applicants average of donald trump leading the state of ohio. he took it by eight and a half points that is something that no one saw coming. and the other thing that was historic. he won the state by 354,000 votes. that is something that obama could not do in 2008 or 2012 and clinton could not do in 92
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that big was when george w.h. bush one in 1988. trump won pennsylvania and leading in michigan. another interesting number looking at when you see it come into play, and that is something that we've been watching during the course of the morning much this is a popular vote in the united states. and we're looking at only 150,000 vote difference in the entire united states separating donald trump and clinton. he has the margin as far as the electoral college concern quo look at a situation like we had in the year 2000 where al gore won the popular vote and george bush won the electoral college it is incredible i believe. a key was the key no republican ever won the white house without wing ohio.
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winning ohio. so that was a big deal. and we picked it right again and that will keep our bell weather status for another four years. >> reporter: here we are. thank you very much. we'll be breaking down the results of local issues too coming up. first, let's get a check on weather and traffic. good morning. 6:03 now on this wednesday. and we're watching a few rain showers this morning. it is light to moderate ac they've is pushing into the through the eastern part of the state. there you see the rain work its way through. and you see the heavier pockets of rain. and a lot of that should start to move further south and east up a bit as we head to the 8:00, 9:00 time frame so the school day planner, rain to the south at about 7:00. the lunchtime, cloudy and chilly. the temperatures, we're not moving much at all. only in the upper 40s and cold tonight.
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couple minutes. a stalled out car into the traffic center right here at bellaire and 130th. a side street should not be too bad. and the ride 71 north to fulton, clocking in at 61 anywhere. and you notice the drive times still look good despite the fact that the roads are extra slick out there. and that is the and the roads are slick. so give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go. let's look at donald trump's first 100 cities in office. meg, he's promised to make big changes. >> reporter: it is no secret that he plans to get down business in the oval office. he said that he wants to slash
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hours. he wants to have the obamacare plan repealed immediately, calling it a cat feet the next order of business, immigration. he will remove illegal immigrants with criminal records and cancel visas to countries that refuse to take them back. and he wants to renegotiate nasa and withdraw from the trade deal. he said it is the worst trade dell signed ever. and he plans to nominate a replacement for justice scalia. and during his acceptance speech, he vowed to fix our inner cities and finally support veterans. he'll be sworn into office january 20th. no surprise to in this morning that ohio republican
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>> and sarah was there and said that he has a new mission. >> work hard and make a difference in people's lives. i think our goal now is to put the campaign behind us and figure out how to find common ground to old problems and there are plenty of them. >> in his victory speech, he praised strickland for giving his best and during defeat. issue 32 the income tax passed. it the city's first income tax hike in three decades. and cleveland issue 33 passed and that will change the make upof police civilian review board. and also 108, the metropolitan school levee also passed. >> and the fate of lakewood hospital is passed.
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replace the hospital with an outpatient center and emergency room. >> this is loud -- allows the lorain heroin and alcohol agency to hire for workers. let's talk about issue 118. it is good news as the school board is preparing for another special meeting tonight. the renewal levee givers the school again million. the district may still face cuts to make up for a huge budget deficit. and the meeting starts at 5:00 at the parma school district administration building. police say a 23-year-old woman was shot in the head. this happened just after 8:00 last night on east 101st street and taken to university
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an update on her condition for you. a deadly police-involved shooting in ashtabula. one person is dead and officer is hurt. >> we're told this started with a robbery and appears to have ended in a shooting on fort and prospect. you see the car there. the homeowner said that he believes the deceased suspect was in the car. and the injured officer taken to ashtabula county regional medical center. we're working to get you information this morning. and now a check of that forecast. thank you very much for waking up with us on this monday. break down the weather timeline today into tonight. pockets of rain primarily to the south and the east of the greater cleveland area. it will be windy for all of us this morning. and the wind will stay with us this afternoon. we'll dry out but still cloudy and still chilly with the temperatures only in the 40s. and tonight, the clouds clear and the temperatures drop.
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tomorrow, a rebound day and i'll talk more about that in a bit. the election was not all smooth sailing, the major problems at polling place across the nation. some of them turning violent. and busy for months, a local woman -- mying -- missing for months, a local woman disappears without a trace and now the u.s. marshals
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someone with an assault rifle shot two people.
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dunn and told to go other locations. it is not sure if it had anything to do with the election. a student apparently knocked part of the alarm off with a soccer ball and one was trying to fix it and it went off. a nonprofit group is suing county because a glitch in the electronic system forced them to switch to paper roll books. and the county board of el extension. one texas man was arrested because he was caught trying to vote for a second time. he was booked on suspicion of a felony charge. and this week's earthquake in oklahoma is prompting regulators to shut down more fracking wells. 7 wells will shut down by
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the oil terminal. here we're dealing with chillier temperatures, jd. it is a cooler morning and we have some rain in some areas. the wind that is the biggest thing. the rain is not helping matters either. and we'll check in with kristin. we'll check in with her in a couple minutes. here's the big green wall. you see the green and the radar, it is mainly south of cleveland and the canton area and youngstown and it is moving its way down to the south this morning. and that is a closer zoom 9/11 inspection. and there's the -- zoom-in inspection. and there's the rain. and from about the ravenna area to just along the lakeshore area, a few more showers here. that are tracking been to the south. and this will start to wrap up
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hours. this is the latest version of futurecast. this is where we should be around 8:30 in the morning. notice the cloud cover and the temperature, we're not going to move much at all, we're going to slip a few degrees in the temperatures. even by 3:45 this afternoon. we're only in the mid-40s and the breeze out of the northwest will stay with us. so it will wined up feeling much cooler. and overnight tonight into of high pressure nudged its way in. and that means for tomorrow morning, it will be cold for many of us in the 30s for tomorrow morning. but by tomorrow afternoon with the sunshine, we should warm it back up into the 60s. and the headline today, 15 degrees cooler than yesterday, plus the wind not helping much. check the current readings that we have in a few select areas this morning. akron 48 and wooster 46 and the wind at 15 miles an hour and at
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this is hour by hour. in the cleveland area, we'll go with 49 or so and that will be about it but feeling like the low to middle 40s. and this is another shot of cold air friday night into saturday and that will drop the temperatures down to near 30 for saturday morning and could squeeze out a few showers that may become snowflakes. we'll look at your 7-day forecast in a bit. and kristin is all ready to go. i'm happy that we're not dealing with snow this view because of the rainfall that we're dealing with here. but we're drying out in the greater cleveland area. the bigger picture showing 71, a concern of hydroplaning. and let's pupil our maps. 77 and 90, you're back home. the time was 6:00 a.m. the bad news it will be closed again tonight into the
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and 77, good to east 18th, prospect and hop back on 90 ease. and now to terance. she has not been seen for months and now the police in canton are concerned that a missing woman is in danger. >> the u.s. marshals are trying to find her. her name is erica hall. we spoke with her family that says that erica is a happy, bright young woman and she that led to heroin after her dad died. and her mother has not seen her since february. >> i just want closure for me and my girls and i don't want us to have to live like this. it is hard. >> the police started looking for erica shortly after she vanished. and the u.s. marshals joined the hunt after she failed to
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and now there's a $2,000 reward for information. and the tip cans remain anonymous. -- tips can remain anonymous. the cuyahoga county medical examiner tells us that a woman may have been pregnant at one time and may have a child. a man found her body in a vacant field last month. her body so badly decomposed that all we know is she is a white woman in her 30s 40s and about 5 feet 8 inches tall and now the police are asking for your help. >> it will helping the family if they're missing somebody t is not a bother to us. just call our investigation unit. >> the medical examiner believe that's the woman has been dead for weeks if not months. former akron officer eric paul earned an early release
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and gps monitoring. and ordered not to have contact with his ex-girlfriend. he pled guilty to assaulting her and stalking her. at a hearing last month, she begged the judge not to let him out. but he said that he's changed for the better. the police need your help identifying this bank suspect. he robbed the bank just before noon last friday and did he no and took off in a maroon ford taurus. if you know who he is, call the police. a former euclid middle school basketball coach will be in court today. he's charged with several counts of sexual misconduct he's accused of having a relationship with a 14-year-old girl last year. about the same time he resigned for the school system. this man, 25-year-old
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relationship with a student while work in the ridgewood local school district. the sheriff's office said that he was fired last month and arrested monday. and demolition finally underway at the civil gilford fire station. in august, the roof collapsed. and the department's insurance company declined coverage because an investigator said it had faulty construction. and the department hired its own investigator to contest the findings. and they'll a new built, the trucks are being stored at a private trucking company. the gill ford fire department is getting ten new trucks. the levee will fund street resurfacing and repairs and park improvements and the upkeep of buildings in the city. a woman gets into a cleveland uber only to discover
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voice. can't get that song out of your head? now researchers have an explanation for it. we'll explain coming up on good morning, cleveland on
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a california woman gets in an uber car in cleveland and discovers that her driver is the man from aol. >> no way. do it again. >> welcome, you got mail. >> mind blown. he recorded the aol greetings in 1989. he so keep an eye out for him this morning. anyone still have aol? leon bibb does. >> you got mail. seriously i have aol. things are looking okay on the highway. but we're contending with that rain. look at this the radar, jd has been showing you this, the
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along 77. the strong winds also and issue. the weather not working us this morning. this is along the lakeshore especially west of cleveland. and the odot view and south arlington. it is wet. >> it could all be colder and worse on the roadways. >> you're so positive. >> we're doing okay today so far. a little wind anybody. put on a few extra layers. i'm doing the best i can to spin this for you. the temperatures will top out in the 40s and the winds out of the northwest at ten to 25. you don't like today, crumble it up and throw aside. look at tomorrow. sunshine and 60. it is a one day sale. friday, saturday and sunday here's another push of cooler air and 53 on friday and evening showers that could turn
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saturday morning and look at saturday's high 38 degrees so there's cooler air on way. >> i'm going pretend that you did not say the s word. some 40 million americans are living with anxiety disorders. anxiety over your health can lead to heart disease. people and should say about their health likely to die from heart problems. have you ever had a song stuck in your head playing over and over. we have all been there. >> it happens way too much. >> researchers in england have figured out why. it is called the ear worm effect. and it happens with fast, simple socks and easy to remember songs. bad romance from lady gaga is
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worms, as long with kate perry and can't goat you out of my head. this may make your skin crawl. studies say that no matter how much you clean your house, the bugs are not living. there are 600 types of sin secretaries and spicers. -- insects and spiders others. rural area homes and hopes with basements and cats or dogs have an even wider variety of bugs. >> is the video gone? >> yes. let's talk about what is coming up this morning. 6:26. the news of donald trump's presidency hitting the global market. how this is affecting stocks. shot in the face in his own driveway a barberton man shares
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. donald trump will be the. >> 45th president of the united states. he pulls off one of the >> we have team coverage on all the late breaking developments. there's sarah on the surprise victory and meg saw standing by with fallout from trump's upset. >> reporter: some political pundit getting a taste of what it is like to be a meteorologists in snow season. one thing says within thing and then something else happens and you go, what happened here? the rain showers still continue
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and that is moving from north to south. the yellows and the oranges indicating some slightly heavier pockets of rain that we have, name a long i -- namely along i-77. the rain should kin for the next hour or so. a few lingering showers and the clouds are not going to budge much and neither or the temperaturers. it will feel like the middle 40s, thanks to the north early wind at 10 how are the roads shaping up this morning? >> we have a clerk to talk about tonight. 77 at 90 and 8:00 p.m. the start time and it will wrap up tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. and the drive times in the akron and canton area not too bad still at a half hour from 77 northbound to the interchange. and we'll pull up another odot view. take a look at our highways. slight improvement there.
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still wet. i'll have another traffic check in less than 10. it's my honor. it's an amazing evening and amazing two year period and i love this country. thank you. thank you very much. >> donald trump clinches the presidency in a major upset. he outperformed hillary clinton in states coast to coast. >> and trump accepting the job in a hours ago. >> reporter: this was historic. take a look at this map, red across the country, including important battleground states like florida and ohio. pennsylvania was a must win for clinton. but it went red too. and just before 3:00, trump, his family and supporters made a dramatic entrance at the hilton at new york city. trump said that clinton called him to concede and he
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her supporters till sometime this morning and trump calling for unity during his speech and looking ahead to his presidency. >> we're going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports and schools and hospitals. we're going rebuild our infrastructure infrastructure which will become none. >> protests breaking out in some country. they are chanting impeach trump and some people burning dumpsters in oakland. >> news of donald trump's presidency sending global markets tumbling, the and the largest drop in years. and meg saw is tracking the latest from the tech center this morning.
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race is just sinking in for millions of americans, especially if you're waking up right now. the marks around the world are stunned. this is the biggest fall since 9/11. and many investors bet heavily and hillary clinton. south major stocks down 4% or more. the reason? investors hate uncertaintity and donald unpredictable. so what is all of this mean for you? unless you own shares and it will not affect you that much. but it likely that your 401(k) and pensions and retirement accounts will take a hit today and the next couple days. don't panic, you're in this more the long haul unless you plan to retire in the next couple years. you should not feel the devastating infects. and the plunge did -- affects. and the plunge did not come out
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would put out of longstanding trade agreements. >> it wasn't just the presidential election that the voters decided yesterday. there are lots of issues too. there will be a special meeting tonight to discuss the budget crisis there at 5:00 administration center. another levee on the ballot was for the city of lorain. firefighters getting support at the polls here in lorain county. all three fire levies and it will bring $113,000 a year for the next five years. fire levies passed in avon and lorain township too. and now there are reports being recalled that a cleveland
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to the polls. the deputies investigated and found there was never any begun and just second hand information being passed around correctly. some people would not let anybody stop them from voting, including this guy. he came to the polls on a lawnmower. and the push to make marijuana legal nationwide taking a major step forward what the state added their name to the list of supporters. yo trump's overnight victory is bringing some big anxiety the website american flooded causing it to crash.
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i'll have a traffic check including the drive times in a tad. voters in california, massachusetts and nevada approve recreational marijuana initiative. this is a major boost to the campaign to allow pot
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states pass medical marijuana provision. and that is the biggest step for medical marijuana restorm since colorado and washington approved the drug's recreational use. and people not happy with the results of the presidential race may be trying to leave the country. >> canada's citizenship and immigration website crashed. if you clicked on the site, this is what you saw, an error, the resource that you're looking fo it may be americans flooding the site. one of the biggest talk of the election was a cake. >> donald trump served up quite the deserve at his party last night. a life-size cake of the republican. it look a bit sad and doesn't
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around the corner from the trump tower and the new york hilton. returned away at the polls. the big problem that newschannel5 uncovered on election day and how it will be handled in the future. and what exactly will a donald trump presidency look like? we'll look at his first 100
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the people have spoken. trump is the next president of the united states. >> and we take a look at what truck's first 100 days in office will look like. and here's jd. thank you for waking up with us. it is 6:45 this morning. this is what to expect in the next few hours. and the temperatures in the upper 40s. and there are still a few rain showers out there. the winds are also on the stronger side too. so you'll want the jacket if not the coat. and this is the rain on the
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the oranges. we had the heavier rainfall to canton. and then to new philly in the next hour, hour in and half. but more rain is just up the road from you. and here it is again just watching it move from north to south. and ravenna, you're getting good showers right now. and it should clear your area in the next 15 to 20 minutes. pockets of rain and windy this morning. and as we head to the afternoon, i think we start to but still cloudy and windy and chilly. and overnight, the clouds clear. the temperatures falling into the 30s. a cold night for tonight this is the overall setup for today. and there's an area of high pressure off to the west. and the high will build in for tomorrow. what that will do for us is raise the temperatures. this is a cool day for sure with the highs in the upper 40s a mostly cloudy sky. and tomorrow the high pressure moves in and clears the clouds away and the temperatures should be close to 60 the next
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friday. and that drops the temperature down friday night into saturday. we're talking overnight lows flirting with the 20s in some areas. this will be the chill for friday night into saturday. we're talking some temperatures below freezing in some areas. the average low is around 39. if it gets cold enough, there could be a few spotsy snowflakes in there. -- spotty and the wind not helping much at all. especially on the roads this morning. absolutely. it is wet and windy. that is the theme for your morning commute. and the yellow on the newschannel5 traffic maps shows you may be dealing with strong winds west of cleveland. and avon lake and rocky river. and let's move on of the and the driven on 71 still looking okay. and fulton to 90 still in a three minute commute and we're noticing a slow spot on 77 as
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okay and traffic -- looking okay and traffic is building. i'll have a final traffic check a little later. america will no longer settle for anything less than the best. we new reclaim our country's destiny and dream big and bold and daring. >> overnight donald trump elected the 45th president of the united clinton calling to concede. >> and we're breaking trump's victory speech. >> reporter: many people waking up a little confused and shocked today. hillary clinton has remained silent. she is expected to address her supporters this morning. he tweeted about ten minutes
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woman. his bio says president elect of the united states. i want to show you some footage just before 3:00. trump and a large group of his family and supporters made a dramatic entrance at a new york hotel and the crowd going wild when he received a call from hillary clinton and he congratulated her on a tough campaign. and now he calls for democrats and republicans and independence to come toge for our land i will be president for all americans and this is so important to me. for those that have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there are a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help. >> reporter: and world leaders are contacting trump overnight.
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and uk prime sent her well wishes and saying that the u.s. and uk will remain close partners. so what will trump's first 100 days in office look like? meg shaw has more on that. our new president elect making big promises for his first 100 days in office. he wants to slash the 100 days down to 24 hours. he has vowed to make obamacare his first repealed, calling it is a catastrophe. and next up on the list is immigration and that is a big one. but he plans to remove all illegal immigrants with criminal records and cancel visas for the countries that refuse to take them back. and he'll renegotiate nasa or
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and he plans to replace justice scalia. and during his acceptance speech, he also vowed to fix inner cities and rebuild our infrastructure and said finally support veterans. he'll be sworn into office on january 20th. i'm overwhelmed. we did it. thank you, ohio. >> oh reelected by a landslide over strickland. he said it is time for the senate to get down to business and he praised strickland for giving it his best during the campaign and being gracious in defeat. >> and portman's win helps the senate stay in the hand of the republican. and the gop controls the white house, the senate and the house of representatives. the last time happened was
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the income tax passed that is the first income tax hike in three decades and issue 33 lass passed and it will change the makeup of the city civilian police review board and issue 108, a renewal of the cleveland metro school district levee also passed. in lorain current issue 35 passes. and the future of lakewood hospital is decided. voters were in favor of issue 64 that allows the cleveland clinic to move add with the current place to replace the hospital with an outpatient health center and emergency room. we're learning of some voting problems in stark county. and some absentee ballots will go through the scanner to be
6:52 am
ballots. if they put in an x instead of a filling in the circle it will not be counted. they stay is a common problem and is not illegal. hundreds of people showed up at this precinct only to be turned away. early voters were allowed to vote there. but election day only people with the board's euclid avenue location were not allowed. and the director said that more will be done to election. the morning sprint
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the crimestoppers is offering $2,000. we have the number and the suspect description on our newschannel5 app. a 2-year-old woman was shot in the head. and it happened left night around 8:00 on east 101st street. and she was taken to university
6:55 am
and we're making calls this morning to get an update. police in canton worry about a missing woman. they think that she is in danger. her name is erica hall. but she came addicted painkillers. and heroin after her dad died. the police started looking for her after she vanished and the u.s. marshals beyond when she did not show up for a court date. and now they fear that erica is in real danger. and $8,000 reward is being tips can remain anonymous. police officer eric paul was released early from prison and will have to wear a gps monitor and ordered not to contact his ex-girlfriend. he pled guilty to assaulting and stalking her. she begged a judge not to let him out. but paul said that he's changing for the better. grafton police and the fbi need your help identifying this man wanted for a bank robbery.
6:56 am
trust. he ordered two tellers to give him money but did not show a note or weapon. then he took off in a maroon ford taurus. if you know who he is, call the police. a former euclid basketball coach will be in court today. he's charged with several counts of sexual misconduct. it will be a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl last year. he resigned as an educational assistant for the school system. this man, 25-year-old justin howl is charged with sexual battery. he is accused of having a relationship with a student while he was working in the ridgewood local school district. the sheriff's office said that he was fired last month and arrested on monday. one last check of weather today. rain showers out there this morning and the temperatures are the high today which is around 50 and we'll be in the 40s through the afternoon and the breeze write wind not
6:57 am
helping it feel warmer at all. and the bad news is here comes another front just in time for the weekend. bad timing on that one. overnight lows falling into the 30s. it will be a cold start both saturday and sunday morning there. could be a few showers friday night and for. >> some, i would not be surprised if a wayward snowflake goes floating by. but i don't think it will be anything of a great concern t is a cooler weekend of 40s and 50s so we're seesaw phase. >> why are you deliver is bad news now? i thought you were mr. positivity. we have not seen any major accidents. but give yourself plenty of time this morning. make sure that you hold on to the car door in the parking
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just saying. gma is next.
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good morning, america. the most stunning upset in american history. donald j. trump elected the 45th president of the united states. >> i will be president for all americans and i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> the political outsider billionaire businessman, reality tv star completes a slashing and populous campaign by promising to heal and unite america. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> trump winning in an unprecedented victory over hillary clinton. her campaign defiant till the end. >> we can wait a little longer, can't we? and she is not done yet. >> but hillary clinton conceding early this morning in a phone call to donald trump. her supporters emotional.


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